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  • 1. RCampus A Course Management System What is it and how can it benefit our school?
  • 2. What is RCampus?
    • A web-based elearning platform for teachers to manage courses for student viewing.
    • A Course Management System (CMS)
    • A single access point for course information, grades, assignments, news, tutors, textbooks.
    • www.RCampus.com
  • 3. Features
    • ePortfolios
      • Students can submit and save assignments electronically at document center.
      • Electronic assignments can be easily assessed with pre-created rubrics.
      • Lifelong and free access to saved artifacts, documents, photos, etc…
  • 4. Features
    • iRubrics
      • Teachers can create subjective rubrics for assignments, grade coursework with rubrics, and automatically save grades in gradebook.
  • 5. Features
    • Registration
      • Automatic addition of students to class rosters (students self-register).
    • Coursework
      • Course information/assignments can be distributed to multiple classes.
  • 6. Features
    • Gradebook
      • Teachers can easily create gradebooks by copying class rosters from class pages.
      • Grades can be recorded on RCampus page.
      • Students can privately access grades and graded assignments with special notes from teachers.
  • 7. Features
    • eCommunities
      • Member-only sites for sharing information
      • Faculty groups, study groups, student clubs, departments
    • Free Website Creation
      • Personal: student and teacher
      • Group: faculty/student groups, departments, clubs
    • Tutor Connection
      • Students/parents can search for local tutors.
      • Teachers can create tutor page for students to post questions and get answers.
  • 8. Why Should We Consider RCampus for Our School?
    • We currently have to access two separate locations to post and share grades (Easy Grade Pro and Edline).
      • RCampus combines gradebooks, class rosters, and course pages for student viewing on one site.
  • 9. Why Should We Consider RCampus for Our School?
    • We have trouble communicating news, updates, concerns, etc… to faculty and staff.
      • RCampus allows faculty and staff to create private pages for posting information and sending messages to single or multiple colleagues.
      • Save paper and stress over making copies for office mailboxes.
  • 10. Why Should We Consider RCampus for Our School?
    • Parents want all assignments for grade levels on one page, instead of having to go to different teacher pages.
      • Teachers can create grade-level pages where daily homework can be posted by all teachers who have access to page.
      • Teachers can set alerts to remind themselves and students/parents about due dates.
      • Teachers can email parents and students from class rosters.
  • 11. Why Should We Consider RCampus for Our School?
    • We often cannot upload grades to Edline to share with parents because our server malfunctions.
      • RCampus does not require a server. As long as teachers have Internet access, grades and other information can be updated for parent/student viewing.
  • 12. Why Should We Consider RCampus for Our School?
    • We do not have a technology coordinator in our building to help with troubleshooting.
      • RCampus has how-to guides on all pages for creating and maintaining aspects of system.
  • 13. Why Should We Consider RCampus for Our School?
    • We are currently in a rut in many areas and have varying levels of ability with our technology tools
      • The faculty can learn how to use RCampus together to build comfort with CMS/technology and start fresh with a new, up-to-date, user-friendly system.