The dominican republic


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The dominican republic

  1. 1. The Dominican Republic By: Ashley Hohnstein
  2. 2. Language• Official Language-Spanish• Popular Phrase- A buen hambre no hay pan duro• Translation-When you are really hungry no bread is too hard to eat• In the U.S. Spanish is a popular language and many people choose it as their second language.
  3. 3. Food• Popular Dish- Chicharrones De Pollo• What it is- Basically, fried chicken• Ingredients- There are many versions, but traditionally, it’s a mild dish because people in the Dominican Republic don’t tend to like spicy foods.• Fried Chicken is a classic U.S. dish and this is just another variation
  4. 4. Music• Popular Music- Merengue is the most well known in the U.S. and was invented in the Dominican Republic
  5. 5. Economy• Resources- – Agriculture, – Silver, Gold, – Ore, – And much more• Best Tourist Spots- – Cabarete, best for sports enthusiasts or people looking for a tan – Santo Domingo, Capital of the Dominican Republic• Statistics- – About 5 million tourists are expected to visit Santo Domingo (capital) – The Government has invested around 100 million dollars in the tourism zones
  6. 6. Economy Continued• Exports- – Cacao – Sugar cane – Tobacco – Coffee• Imports- – Petroleum – Industrial raw materials• The Dominican republics biggest trading partner is the U.S. we get many things from them including exports listed above.
  7. 7. Current Standard Of Living• Current standard of living-• 42.2% of the population falls below the poverty line• Life expectancy- – Female- 79.55 years – Male- 75.16 years• Health Care details- – Surgery- the DR is ahead of many other Latin American countries – Care for tourists- The DR has gotten many great reviews from out of country practitioners as far as caring for tourists who have had accidents while visiting the DR – Medical insurance is highly recommended – State Healthcare system is free but does not meet all needs, facilities, trained staff and medicines are often lacking
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