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The dominican republic
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The dominican republic


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Published in: Travel, Self Improvement

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  • 1. The Dominican Republic By: Ashley Hohnstein
  • 2. Language• Official Language-Spanish• Popular Phrase- A buen hambre no hay pan duro• Translation-When you are really hungry no bread is too hard to eat• In the U.S. Spanish is a popular language and many people choose it as their second language.
  • 3. Food• Popular Dish- Chicharrones De Pollo• What it is- Basically, fried chicken• Ingredients- There are many versions, but traditionally, it’s a mild dish because people in the Dominican Republic don’t tend to like spicy foods.• Fried Chicken is a classic U.S. dish and this is just another variation
  • 4. Music• Popular Music- Merengue is the most well known in the U.S. and was invented in the Dominican Republic
  • 5. Economy• Resources- – Agriculture, – Silver, Gold, – Ore, – And much more• Best Tourist Spots- – Cabarete, best for sports enthusiasts or people looking for a tan – Santo Domingo, Capital of the Dominican Republic• Statistics- – About 5 million tourists are expected to visit Santo Domingo (capital) – The Government has invested around 100 million dollars in the tourism zones
  • 6. Economy Continued• Exports- – Cacao – Sugar cane – Tobacco – Coffee• Imports- – Petroleum – Industrial raw materials• The Dominican republics biggest trading partner is the U.S. we get many things from them including exports listed above.
  • 7. Current Standard Of Living• Current standard of living-• 42.2% of the population falls below the poverty line• Life expectancy- – Female- 79.55 years – Male- 75.16 years• Health Care details- – Surgery- the DR is ahead of many other Latin American countries – Care for tourists- The DR has gotten many great reviews from out of country practitioners as far as caring for tourists who have had accidents while visiting the DR – Medical insurance is highly recommended – State Healthcare system is free but does not meet all needs, facilities, trained staff and medicines are often lacking
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