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Will RFID replace Barcodes
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Will RFID replace Barcodes



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Will RFID replace Barcodes Will RFID replace Barcodes Presentation Transcript

  • Will RFID Replace Barcodes?
    • Prepared by
    • Ashwath Shetty
    • Darshan Parekh
    • Jerrin Jacob Mathew
    • Puneet Nangia
    Will RFID Replace Bar codes?
  • Agenda
    • What is RFID?
    • Perceptions of RFID replacing Bar codes
    • Performance Issues
    • Technology issues
    • Use or Misuse
    • The Privacy Issue
    • Implementation Failures
    • Other Alternatives
    • Questions
    Will RFID Replace Bar codes?
  • “ Any society that would give up little liberty to gain little security will deserve neither and lose both” Will RFID Replace Bar codes? - Benjamin Franklin View slide
  • What is RFID?
    • RFID
      • Contact less Technology
      • Consists of Tags, readers and a Database
    • International Status
      • US Govt. was first to adopt RFID
      • Wal-Mart has enjoyed great success with implementing RFID
      • Procter and Gamble is using RFID
    • Domestic Status
      • GS1 Australia
      • Pattie Foods Australia (Frozen foods)
      • 40+ companies in Australia implementing RFID
    Will RFID Replace Bar codes? View slide
  • Perception of RFID replacing Bar codes
    • Small and Tiny
    • No need for Line Of Sight
    • Holds more information than the ordinary bar code
    • Automatic broadcast of their identification number when scanned upon a frequency.
    Will RFID Replace Bar codes?
  • Performance Issues with RFID
    • Performance
      • Are warehouse’s RF-Friendly? “RF-Unfriendly” materials like nylon and synthetic materials
    • Degradation occurs through bending of the tag.
    • Park and Lee(2007)
    Will RFID Replace Bar codes?
  • Technology Issues with RFID
    • Limitations on actual read tags
    • The signal is easily distorted by metal compounds or static producing products such as nylon.
    • More Data, More Problems
    • No fixed standard
    • High cost in manufacturing. It is more labour intensive to manufacture RFID tags than barcodes
    • Cancer concern
    • Problems with nested tags
    Will RFID Replace Bar codes?
  • Use or Misuse
    • Bar codes are used everywhere. Imagine if RFID is used everywhere
    • Track my movement
    • Can Shopping habits be stored?
      • Price Discrimination
    Will RFID Replace Bar codes?
  • Will RFID Replace Bar codes?
  • The Privacy
    • Metro the “Future Store” was forced to install a de-activator
    • RFID in University
    • RFID in bank notes
    • RFID in Employee cards
    • RFID in Humans
      • The Baja Nightclub
    Will RFID Replace Bar codes?
  • Big Brother is watching
    • The Government and RFID
      • USA, UK, Germany are some of the countries that have implemented RFID
      • British RFID Passports were hacked within 6 months of use (Boggan 2006)
    • Privacy-Rights Advocacy Groups
      • CASPIAN
      • ACLU (American civil liberties union)
      • PRC (Privacy rights clearinghouse)
      • Foebud sells RFID blocking equipment
    • Verichip
      • Human Implants
    Will RFID Replace Bar codes?
  • RFID Implementation Failures
    • Unisys implemented RFID but only 30% of their tags were read by scanners.
    • Virgin Atlantic’s RFID implementation did not deliver any business benefits (O’Brien 2006)
    • Wal-Mart’s early roll outs has not met demands due to lack of supplier ROI
    • Ford and Exon Mobil wanted less expensive and weak secuirty.
    Will RFID Replace Bar codes?
  • Other Alternatives
    • Bluetooth
    • UPS has implemented Bluetooth and WiFi together to achieve significant business benefits
    • Printed Electronics
    • Low cost printed electronics could transform RFID industry
    • What is wrong with using Bar codes for item identification?
    Will RFID Replace Bar codes?
  • Conclusions
    • Why replace bar codes?
    • RFID is still considered a “nascent” technology.
    • RFID delivers desired results in pallet identification
    • When adopting new technology companies need to consider social issues
    • In its current state, RFID cannot replace the bar code
    Will RFID Replace Bar codes?
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    Will RFID Replace Bar codes?
  • Questions/Suggestions Will RFID Replace Bar codes?