Evaluating Websites


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Is that website true or false?

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Evaluating Websites

  1. 1. commercial Evaluating Web Pages education government
  2. 2. Web Evaluation Train your eye to find what you need to know about a particular web page. Think critically, even suspiciously, by asking a series of questions that will let you know if the site can be trusted. O Look at URL and domain O Scan the perimeter of page O Look for indicators of quality O What do others say? O Does it all add up?WEB PAGE EVALUATION CHECKLISThttp://www.lib.berkeley.edu/TeachingLib/Guides/Internet/EvalWorksheet.pdf
  3. 3. URL & DomainURL = Uniform Resource Locator address that defines the route to a file on the Web or any other Internet facilityDomain = Names that identify the type of organization operating the Internet Server. located after the .dot in URL
  4. 4. Examine the URL Before you click and search e.g. .http://www.fcps.edu/MarshallHS/Look for a personal name, e.g. jbarker following a tilde (~), a percent sign(%), or the words “users,” “members,” or “people.”What type of domain does it come from?educational, nonprofit, commercial, government.Is it published by an entity that makes sense? Who publishedthe page? [backspace to the end of the domain] e.g.http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/TeachingLib/Guides/Internet/FindInfo.htmllIs the page dated? What are the author’s credentials on this subject?
  5. 5. Identify who is sponsoring the site: Common Domains.org = nonprofit organization Advocacy perhaps trying to influence public opinion or promote a cause.edu = educational organization .edu, .org, .gov provide factual information.com = commercial (for profit) perhaps trying to promote a product or service News: .com provide information about local, regional, national, or international news.gov, .mil, .us (or other country code*) = governmental *“ca” Canada; “.es” Spain; “.uk” Great Britain; “.fr” France; “.de” Germany.
  6. 6. Other domains.net = For networks; usually reserved for organizations such as Internet service providersEntertainment: .org, .com …Museums could have: .org, edu, .govPersonal: .com, .edu fulfill a variety of reasons for an individualhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Internet_top- level_domains
  7. 7. WhoIsWho is responsible for creating andadministering and managing the content ofthe site:O URL http://www.networksolutions.com/who is/index.jsp
  8. 8. QuestionsO Why was the page put on the web? O Inform, persuade, sell, share, disclose?O Might it be ironic, satire, malicious, or a parody? O Tone of page, exaggerated, outrageous, overblown, arguing a viewpoint with examples that suggest what is argued is not possible?O Is the page presenting biased information? Misinformation? Propaganda?
  9. 9. Web Hoaxes, Scams,Misinformation, and Hate sites O Watch for statements that go against common sense. O Check for words that are made up or nonsensical. O Watch for images that look like they’ve been altered. O Look for exaggeration in the text. O Watch for sites that look official, but are not.
  10. 10. Web Hoaxes, Scams,Misinformation, and Hate sites Always check credible, reliable, and objective sources for health and medical advice and information. E.g. check with your doctor, medical (peer reviewed) journals. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention www.cdc.gov QuackWatch http://www.quackwatch.org/wgsearch.html
  11. 11. Don’t forward that email Watch for Urban LegendsO http://www.snopes.com/
  12. 12. AllegedlyO Best Buy is distributing free $1,000 gift cards to users who click an online link.O Halloween 2012 has been designated “national Kill a Pitbull Day”O The Make-a-Wish Foundation will donate 7 cents per e-mail towards the care of 21-year-old Bryan Warner, who is dying of lung cancer and a brain tumor.O A tooth left in a glass of Coca-Cola will dissolve overnight.O Accounts warn of death and disease caused by rat urine on soda cans.O Michael Jackson’s phone number was contained in the Universal Product Code (UPC) number used on the “Thriller” album cover.
  13. 13. AND
  14. 14. Plagiarism:How to Avoid It
  15. 15. Citations:How to Make Sense of It O OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab Keep it consistent
  16. 16. EZ PZO The Landmarks Citation Machine makes citing your sources easy. No reason not to cite.
  17. 17. Why Take Notes?I’ll Remember ThatCornell Note-Taking could help you
  18. 18. I Saved the Best for Last O George C. Marshall High School Library Media Center website