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Why drupal Why drupal Presentation Transcript

  • Why Drupal? Deep insight into Drupal. Learning curve. Getting things done. www.wearepropeople.com
  • What is Drupal?www.wearepropeople.com
  • Drupal is a free software package that allows you to easily organize, manage and publish your content, with an endless variety of customization. – Drupal.org www.wearepropeople.com
  • In fact it’s a platform that can be extended with modules, themes, and custom code. www.wearepropeople.com
  • Why choose Drupal? •  Extensible •  Flexible •  Scalable •  Secure •  Open Source •  Large community support •  Multilingual www.wearepropeople.com
  • Drupal is amazing It could be true. But...! www.wearepropeople.com
  • FAQ Q. How do I do this sort of stuff…? A.  There is a module for that! Q. Is this possible with Drupal? A.  Everything’s possible with Drupal. Q. How much time this will take? A. Depends on your demands. www.wearepropeople.com
  • Top 5 mistakes beginners make (Borrowed from LevelTen Interactive) 5. No Man is an Island 4. Reinventing the wheel 3. PHP in WYSIWYG 2. Killing Kittens 1. A Rube Goldberg Website http://goo.gl/orpg8 www.wearepropeople.com
  • Learning Curve www.wearepropeople.com
  • Famous illustration www.wearepropeople.com
  • www.wearepropeople.com
  • How to start: Options: 1.  Training 2.  Internship 3.  Self-education www.wearepropeople.com
  • Useful resources: http://drupal.org http://drupal.org/planet http://drupalsun.com http://nodeone.se/en/learn-drupal http://drupalize.me IRC #drupal, #drupal-support Lullabot Drupal Learning Series www.wearepropeople.com
  • Open Source www.wearepropeople.com
  • Acquia Ranks as the No. 1 Software Vendor on the 2012 Inc. 500; No. 8 Overall With Three-Year Sales Growth of More Than 10,000% www.wearepropeople.com
  • Commerce Guys got 5M from VCs. Drupal Commerce sites number is 20000 and growing. www.wearepropeople.com
  • Community www.wearepropeople.com
  • 114 already officially registered events www.wearepropeople.com
  • DrupalCons & DrupalCamps www.wearepropeople.com
  • DrupalCon Munich BAD Camp 3 days 1652 attendees 3 Keynotes 100 sessions 102 sessions 10 trainings 7 trainings Code sprints 1800 attendees! Code sprints www.wearepropeople.com
  • Contribution back to community (Getting famous) www.wearepropeople.com
  • ygerasimov twistor franz www.wearepropeople.com
  • Certified to Rock rating www.wearepropeople.com
  • Dmitri Gaskin dmitrig01 15 years old Drupaller In 10-th grade. 7 years in Drupal. Coding from 8 years. www.wearepropeople.com
  • Questions? Contact me: http://facebook.com/asgorobets http://slideshare.net/asgorobets asgorobets@gmail.com Drupal.org - asgorobets www.wearepropeople.com