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jhonson and jhonson

  2. 2. Overview of Johnson & Johnson A Broadly Based Health Care CompanyJohnson & Johnson is the world’s mostcomprehensive and broadly basedmanufacturer of health care products andservices for the consumer, pharmaceutical,and medical & diagnostics markets.The Corporation achieved this leadership byconcentrating on a unique form ofdecentralized management, following theethical principles embodied in our Credo andmanaging the business for the long term.
  3. 3. Overview• Headquartered in New Brunswick, NJ• Companies in 57 countries, selling products in more than 175 countries• 2011 sales were US$ 65 billion• Over 110,600 employees worldwide• Extensive worldwide research and supply chain capabilities• More than US$280 million pa philanthropy
  4. 4.  Founded in 1886. Founded by : ROBERT WOOD-1 JAMES WOOD JOHNSON EDWARD MEAD JPHNSON
  5. 5.  This is the illustration of the fist building of johnson &johnson company This factory was been set up beside the railroadBy 1907 , J&J expanded from a single building to 35 buildings .By the same year 2500 employees were working .
  6. 6. Robert Wood Johnson-1 :1887-1910James Wood Johnson :1910-1932Robert Wood Johnson-2 :1932-1963 Philip B. Hofmann :1963-1973Richard B. Sellars :1973-1976James E. Burke :1976-1989Ralph S. Larsen :1989-2002William C. Weldon :2002-
  7. 7. Mission/Vision Statement Johnson & Johnson, a globalcompany, posts that "The fundamental objective of Johnson & Johnson is to provide scientifically sound, high quality products and services to help heal, cure disease and improve the quality of life."
  8. 8. Sales Results By Segment Pharmaceutical 47 Medical %Devices & 35Diagnostic % 17 % Consumer
  9. 9. Consumer Health Care• Skin care• Baby care• Wound care• Oral care• Over-the- Counter-Drugs and Vitamins
  10. 10. Medical Devices & Diagnostics• Diabetes• Ortho-clinical• Chordis• Depuy• Vision care
  11. 11. Pharmaceuticals• Duragesic• Risperdal 1• Risperdal 2• Concerta• Topamax• Procrit• Aciphex
  12. 12. RoC® BRILLIANCE Starts working immediately to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness and is clinically proven to smooth and tighten the look of delicate skin around the eyes.NEUTROGENA Rapid Clear® SorePimple GelInstantly cools to soothe sorepimples and clinically proven toreduce the size, redness andswelling of sore pimples in just 8hours.
  13. 13. CompetitorsAbbott Laboratories: Abbott laboratories is engaged in discovery, development, manufacture and sale of a variety of health care products through four business segments: Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Nutritional and Vascular products.• Merck & Co. Inc.: A top competitor is Merck & Co. which offers treatment and medication four adults and children over a wide range of application. Merck has a strong position in the world of pharmaceutical with such advancements as Gardasil, the world first anticancer vaccine, Diabetes medication eye disease treatment and multiple Cardio Vascular drugs such as Cozaar and Hyzaar.
  14. 14. • Novartis: Novartis offer over 60 pharmaceutical products including one of the most well known drugs, ritalin, and has received more approvals than any other pharmaceutical company in the industry since 2000• Pfizer: Pfizer has tow segments: Pharmaceutical, which develops and produces products that treat cardio vasular and metabolic diseases, central nervous system disorders, cancer, eye disease etc. and Animal Health, which disvovers, develops and sells products for the prevention and treatment of diseases in livestock and companion animals.
  15. 15. STRATEGIES• Strategic Acquisitions Johnson & Johnson has maintained a stable financial position by utilizing cash reserves to finance timely corporate acquisitions. Its’ Triple –A Credit Rating represents a company able to take advantage of opportunities that arise without being limited by burdensome levels of debt.
  16. 16. Product DiversificationThe Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical portfolio, and ts large Medical Devices & Diagnostics (M,D &D) and Consumer Health divisions serves to reduce dependence upon any one area. The company plans to continue this broadening through 2008-14. This diversification allows a wider range of choice when pursuing opportunities with the greatest growth prospects.
  17. 17. Positive Revenue Growth ProjectionsThe potential of an impressive number of new product launches and the promise of achieving forecast sales is said to bode well for Johnson & Johnson, helping it weather the recent decline in prescription pharmaceuticals and projecting a turn- around through 2010. An increase at 1.8% CAGR across 2008–14 is believed to be achievable.
  18. 18. Distribution Strategy• Currently all product purchasing is online and delivery is directly made to user address
  19. 19. SWOT Analysis• Strengths:• Broad diversity of products. Not reliant on a sole product line for majority of revenue.• Repeat customers. People tend to be brand-loyal. If they buy Tylenol for their headaches, they tend to repeatedly buy Tylenol.• Strong brands. "No more tears" shampoo, Band- Aid, Tylenol, Visine, etc.• Generally smart purchasing of companies. For instance, it didnt purchase
  20. 20. WEAKNESS• A conglomerate of relatively independent companies. Sometimes they can go off the reservation, such as what appears to have happened with McNeil Consumer Healthcare and the making of the childrens medicine now being recalled.• Several of its big drugs have lost or will soon lose patent protection.• Many of its products are commodities. For instance, other adhesive bandages exist, not just Band-Aid. OPPORTUNITIES• Development of personalized drugs that work best on specific genetic profiles, such as Gleevec from Novartis• Continued smart purchasing of companies with complementary products.
  21. 21. THREATS• Increasing pressure to move to generic drugs.• Stiff competition instants, especially from Abbott Labs , Boston Scientific, and Medtronic , and having to keep one step ahead of everyone else.
  22. 22. Environmental Analysis• Political factor• Economic factor• Socio-cultural factor• Technological factor
  23. 23. Future• Over the past two decades, Johnson & Johnson has continued to set and meet a series of long- term targets across a range of environmental impacts – including Pollution Prevention Goals, Next Generation Goals, and its most recently completed Healthy Planet 2010 Goals.. The next step in its evolution was to go bolder and broader with Healthy Planet 2015 Goals.. At the heart of Healthy Planet 2015 Goals are 15 of the boldest and broadest sustainability goals we have set to date and extend well beyond environmental stewardship to include an emphasis on improving people’s health, increasing corporate transparency and encouraging collaborative partnerships.