5 things audiences hate about presentations


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Top 5 of the most common mistakes made by speakers.

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5 things audiences hate about presentations

  1. 1. Do you remember Steve from another presentation* ?* see: Break the rules of presentations
  2. 2. As part of his job he visits top- seminars all over the world..
  3. 3. ..to learn from experts, thought- and industryleaders. In-depth knowledge is a very valuable asset! (Remember Allan, Steve’s boss?)
  4. 4. Being part of the audience so often…
  5. 5. Steve gets annoyed by commonmistakes many speakers make.
  6. 6. See him asleep?
  7. 7. ..and him?
  8. 8. ..and her?
  9. 9. How about allthese people?
  10. 10. Falling asleep is something Steve can’t afford! Any idea what we paid for his seat? He’d better stay awake!
  11. 11. So please help Steve* to stay awake…* ..and everyone else in your audience!
  12. 12. ..by avoiding the 5 most common mistakes speakers make.
  13. 13. Here they are: I like charts. They make things relative and measurable!
  14. 14. Technical malfunctions
  15. 15. It can happen to anyone: bluescreens, badworking projectors, low batteries.Please arrive at least half an hour upfront tocheck the equipment. And also verify if colorsand contrast on the projector match those ofyour computer screen.
  16. 16. The next mistake is very common amongst high executives and politicians… How can there possibly be a similarity between me and a politician?
  17. 17. Irritating non-wordser..you know?
  18. 18. It’s okay to say “uhm ” now and then, but it’sgetting very annoying if you say it every 20seconds.You should practice in front of your colleaguesor your camera, and note any disgressions.
  19. 19. And because many speakers only think about themselves.. I would never be succesful if I’d only thought about myself! But enough about me, what do YOU think of me?
  20. 20. ..lots of their speeches lack interaction!
  21. 21. We, your audience, are not there for you, butfor your story. We want to learn something andexpect you to help us.Please involve us in your presentation: Askquestions, let us calculate in our heads or ask usto imagine. Help us to remember your message!
  22. 22. Some speakers have so much to talk about, that there is .. When you’ve reached a certain level, everything you do is very important. (and so is everything you say!)
  23. 23. ..no room for in-depth, re-vealing and eye-opening content
  24. 24. We expect you to be the expert on the subject.There’s no need to prove it (again).Don’t bore us with lists, facts and statistics.Instead, show us your knowledge on the subjectby telling stories and showing best practices.Persuade us that your ideas can be beneficial forus!
  25. 25. Now, guess what the #1annoyance is.. Don’t tell me it’s a sleeping audience!
  26. 26. Reading your powerpoint slides out loud
  27. 27. If you are reading your slides, why would webother attending a live seminar?We came to hear you speak, not to read yourslides. Besides, we read faster than you canspeak, so reading your slides looks kind of silly.Don’t use your slides to help you through yourpresentation, use them to help us through yourpresentation.Take time to prepare your presentation.Wethink we are worth it!
  28. 28. So next time, please your audience… They paid piles of money to attend your presentation!
  29. 29. …by avoiding these 5 mistakes.. Reading your slides out loud Lacking in-depth, revealing & inspiring content Having no interaction Using irritating non-words Having technical difficulties
  30. 30. ..to keep your audience awake.
  31. 31. Arthur Sevensternarthur@excellentpresenteren.nl www.excellentpresenteren.nl
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