Seira 57301 proposal


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Seira 57301 proposal

  1. 1. Proposal and Architecture Amber Seira Design 573
  2. 2. 01 Introduction This website is an online resource for a college statistic course. It is a course through the Ohio State University within the Department of Statistics. URL: Intended User The students enrolled in the statistics course 135, the lecturers, and the grad student TA‘s are the primary users intended to use this site. The primary tasks are to communicate all aspects of course manage- ment as it pertains to the student. 2
  3. 3. 03 Keys to Success The underlying purpose is to be an accessible external resource, en- hancing the student’s learning experience in a highly populated course. It would be valued as solution to provide students a more personal experience to their education regardless of class size. The site already has all the necessary content but an adjustment to the organization of the site would help to better serve the user.04 Mandatory Design Considerations What is actually required are links that will directly affect the educational experience for the students on a daily baisis. The client would keep all content that already exist but need to consolidate the navigation menu by streamlining the categories and combining content. The Ohio State University’s identification device needs to remain on all web pages in addition to the main page. The Department of Statistics do not re- ally have any specific branding but it would be important to have Ohio State color swatches/ schemes in the redesigned website. 3
  4. 4. 05 Current Solution As a user of this site, I know that all the necessary links are all accessible from the main navigation menu however there are links available in this menu that do not need to be accessed as often, such as the sylla- bus and pollicies. It has a main body content, Ohio State’s identifica- tion defice, title of the course and the following links as listed to the left. These links range from particu- lar details pertaining to the department’s 135 course, such as tutoring hours to generic resources of online textbook questions and help. 4
  5. 5. 06 Comparative AnalysisThis site has a navigational course, identification devices of the school the course is of-fered through, and a very clear and simple side navigation menu. 5
  6. 6. 07 Current Site Map Syllabus& Academic Sexual Student Policies Misconduct Harrasment Conduct Instructors Help Room Data Sets Zip Files AppletsDept. StatisticsStats 135 EESSEE Weblinks News Statistics References Polling Or- Sources Education ganizations Glossary Corrections Carmen 6 MyStat135 my Homework Lecture Checklist Notes
  7. 7. 08 Site Map Modification my Checklist MyStat135 Homework Lecture Notes Instructors Help Room Course Carmen Details Student Conduct Syllabus& AcademicDept. Statistics Policies MisconducttStats 135 Sexual Harrasmentt EESSEE Textbook Glossary Corrections Resources Data Sets Zip Files Lab News Activites Weblinks References Sources Applets 7