Marketing Conferences That Work using social media
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Marketing Conferences That Work using social media



What I've learned about marketing my book and Conferences That Work via social media.

What I've learned about marketing my book and Conferences That Work via social media.
Presentation given at Brooks Memorial Library on May 13, 2010.



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  • Motivation for talk - bombarded by requests for info on marketing via SM, after Brooks talk in January. Used to run SEVCUG so offered to give talk.Cannot be an exhaustive talk about SM, much too broad a subject. I am not an expert on SM, but have learned a lot in the last six months. Feel free to ask questions.
  • - running confs for 30 years - 18 years ago created a new kind of conference, attendee-driven, called CTW - 4 yrs ago decided to write a book, published last November
  • How do I get CTW out into the world? Created website & integrated WordPress blog. Started posting to blog.
  • Initial marketing: Sent out lots of emails & review copies. Decent response.Research: Looked on Google to find places to market. Wasn't very successful. "conference format" is not an easy thing to search for < when you search for conference, what do you get? > Used Google Alerts. Discovered that PC was not a good search term for my brand. Found that CTW was. SEO doesn’t work for me - no significant keywords. (Recently tried competitor terms w/little result.)
  • I’m going to spend a little time on Twitter, because it’s so often misunderstood research: looked for participant-driven conferences like open space eventually I noticed a twitter hash tag #eventprofs. Describe how I learned about Event Camp on twitter. Describe how I learned about Event Camp on twitter.
  • NOT for broadcast! Like texting, but everything's public! Famous 140 character limit for Tweets; can be a nuisance but not a big problem. You can follow people on Twitter - means your Twitter software will show you their messages. Different from FB, not symmetric. Can just broadcast message, or can send it to one or more people (but anyone can read it) Can send private messages (DM) but both ppl need to be following each otherExplain hash tags.
  • Not about broadcast!
  • Effective social media is about conversations, engagement, and relationship… SM requires listening, connecting, and publishing.
  • - FB is good for rudimentary events. I'm rapidly losing interest in using FB for anything biz related. Poor privacy & security, poor tech support, company going over a line in trying to monetize the info of FB members. 400M users, 100-200M “active” LinkedIn good for maintaining professional contacts, & increasingly for discussions. 65M users Twitter 75M users, perhaps 15M active email 250B/day, at least 80% spam
  • LinkedIn can be used to find professionals you need (e.g. my book jacket copywriter).Twitter invaluable for finding people with whom you share something in common & meaningful communities for you to join. Not about followers. Klout & Twitalyzer.

Marketing Conferences That Work using social media Marketing Conferences That Work using social media Presentation Transcript

  • One man’s descent into a world of blogs, Twitter, and social networking sites in the pursuit of publicity for his book.
    • The story
    • What I’ve learned
    • Questions & discussion
  • How I did get here? View slide
  •   View slide
  • Initial marketing
    • Email
    • Review copies
    • Research
      • Google
      • Google Alerts
  • Event Camp 2010 in NYC
  • Twitter basics
    • A web service, available from any web browser or Twitter client
    • Like texting, but everything's public
    • 140 character limit for tweets
    • Following
    • Private messages (DM)
    • Hash tags (e.g. #eventprofs)
  • Marketing with SM
    • At this point, a question:
    • “What is the most important question you have / one thing you’d like to learn more about or discuss?”
    • Write your answer on a Post-it® note and pass to Annamarie.
  • What I’ve learned
    • may give you all you need...
    • …but will probably teach you more
    • Facebook is for people you knew.
    • LinkedIn is for people you know.
    • Twitter is for people you want to get to know.
  • Statistics
    • LinkedIn
  • Questions and Discussion
  • Credits
    • Thanks for EventCamp image by Sophia Negron Photography and CC licensed content from flickr users brooksmemorial, curtis.kennington, evergreenkamal, joanna8555, lorenjavier, marcobellucci, paraflyer, pigliapost, sectionz, technotheory !