Quick Content Monetization Tips for High Volume Publishers


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If you publish a lot of content and don't always have time to monetize each piece, this slide show provides you plenty of practical suggestions and tips to make the most of making money from your content.

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  • Quick Content Monetization Tips for High Volume Publishers

    1. 1. Quick Monetization Tips for High-Volume Content Publishers PRESENTED BY ALLCUSTOMCONTENT.COM
    2. 2. The High Volume Publisher DilemmaYou’ve probably heard that it’s importantto carefully monetize all your content.You should always make sure you neverleak any potential earnings from yourwebsite.But what if you publish a LOT ofcontent?
    3. 3. So What Do You Do?It’s not always possible to monetizeeach piece of content and keep upwith the volume, so what should youdo?Here are some ideas and tips foryou…
    4. 4. #1: Contextual AdvertisingThere are plenty of contextual adnetworks like Chitika.com andGoogle Adense out there.All you do is add some code andthey display relevant advertisingon your content pages. Thenwhen a visitor clicks an ad, youshare in the ad revenue
    5. 5. Pasting the Code Isn’t EnoughOf course, if you want tomaximize your earnings, justpasting in the code isn’tenough.Always use the tracking toolsavailable to ensure the bestperformance for your ads.
    6. 6. #2: Sell Advertising If you want to keep all the advertising profits, you can skip the networks and sell to advertisers directly. Just remember, it takes work to find advertisers and to manage customer service.
    7. 7. Get Repeat Advertisers Remember to provide your advertisers with plenty of value. Work to get them the best exposure and the most clicks on their ads as possible.
    8. 8. #3: Keyword LinkingInstead of having ads appearon a page that are related toyour page’s topic, you canalso automatically insert linkson targeted keywords.There are a couple of ways toaccomplish this…
    9. 9. Ad Link Network There are ad networks like InfoLinks.com automatically insert advertisements on keywords in your content. Like with Adsense and Chitika, you get a percentage of the advertising revenue when visitors click the ads.
    10. 10. Make Your Own Automated Links If you want full control over the types of products that are promoted through your site, you can usetools to automatically insert your own affiliate links. A WordPress plugin called PrettyLinkPro.com manages this well.
    11. 11. #4: Sell Your Content as a Membership One of the simplest ways to ensure that people pay to use your content is to charge for access. You can set up a membership using scripts like Amember.com or a WordPress plugin like WishlistMember.com
    12. 12. Just Monetize It!No matter how you chooseto monetize your content,make sure to test whatworks best for yourbusiness.Then when you know whatworks, keep testing it tomake it even moreprofitable.
    13. 13. Need More Help with Volume? We can help you write the content … If you want to concentrate on monetization, we can help you create plenty of original quality content. It’s easy at… allcustomcontent.com/save We’d love to give you a hand, so you can spend more time getting your content to make you money.