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6 Reasons Why Transcribing Your Content Grows Your Business
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6 Reasons Why Transcribing Your Content Grows Your Business


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Some of the many reasons why transcribing your content can help you grow your business.

Some of the many reasons why transcribing your content can help you grow your business.

Published in: Business, Technology, Education

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  • Hi it’s Alice from All Custom Content. If you’re a regular producer of audio, video or other multimedia content you may have wondered whether or not it was worth transcribing your content. If you’re not familiar with what transcribing means, it’s the process of typing the words that are spoken in an audio or video recording. Doing it yourself is a laborious process, but with the help of a professional transcriptionist, transcribed content can be a boon for you’re your business. This short video will show you some of the many reasons why.Of course, we happen to provide transcription services and if this video convinces you that your business can benefit from transcription, you can learn more about us at all custom content .com.
  • * While search engines are working to index video and audio more, it still doesn’t beat text. When you have text to accompany your multimedia content, you can more successfully target your chosen keyword phrases.* Of course, assisting peoplewith disabilities is a huge reason to have transcriptions done. Help people with hearing and visual impairment…yes, there are tools to help those who are visually impaired read PDF documents. While much of the world is blessed with Internet connections that can handle multimedia content, there are still plenty who don’t. Whether they in a rural part of the United States or somewhere else in the world, by only providing audio or video, you are missing a good chunk of your audience. * Mobile users are another segment you may unknowingly be excluding from your content. While modern mobile phones can usually handle multimedia content, those out and about on their 3 or 4G network may be weary of racking up their data just to watch a few minute video. * And yes, there’s the huge audience of at work surfers. They have their speakers off, so they can surf incognito. Or maybe they’re using public wifi and don’t want to disturb those around them. * And of course, the big thing is preference. Some people just prefer to read, so why exclude them when you don’t have to?
  • * If you prefer speaking, it’s easy to create written content. All you do is record your voice and the transcriptionist takes care of the rest, efficiently and accurately. * If you don’t like writing and you don’t consider yourself much a speaker either, you can still work around this. Interview someone and you’ll have the recordings and transcriptinos. * If you don’t have enough time to write, just record and have it transcribed. For example, if you’re in your car and you have a brilliant idea, you can simply turn on your mobile phone’s recorder and get your thoughts out. Of course, we recommend starting your recorder while pulled over to the side of the road so your hands-free.
  • Once you have your content in written format, it’s easier to repurpose for a number of uses like reports, articles, workbooks, scripts for presentations, email messages and more. * You can also submit written content to reach new audiences. For example, article directories, ebook stores like Kindle and so forth. * Just make sure you have a plan for your audio or video recording before you begin – divide the content into sections and make your cover the points you want to make. Then it can easily be broken up and repurposed into new content.
  • Here’s the big one. When you’ve got truly multimedia content in different formats your asking price is all the more justified. * Adding different types of media increases the thud factor* People have different learning styles, so offering varied media helps accommodate this.* Having a written record makes it easier for customers to refer back to specific parts of your audio and video, so they can understand it better and apply what they learned. * You can also usetranscriptions and repurposed content for upsells
  • * You can easily brand a PDF, add links and any promotionWhile you can promote in an audio or video, there is no link to click. People forget web addresses and a written document with clickable links encourages them to click through. *For example if you have a podcast and a lot of sites mentioned in the course of an episode, include those links in the in the transcripts. It’s also better exposure for your guests too if their interviews are going out there furthers. * Transcripts can also serve as a follow up and reminder for your listener / viewer to buy a product, so give them out and repurpose them readily.
  • Transcriptions are easy to reference* Improve the learning experience of your customers and readers. They can go back and refer to anything you said in audio / video. Read specific instructions, etc. * It’s easier to quote you. If you say something profound in audio or video, it’s not as easy to copy-and-paste and quote you.* Great reference library for yourself. To remind you of what you’ve said, snippets for new content and to get new ideas.
  • There you have 6 reasons how transcriptions can boost your business. If you’re looking for more exposure and better results from your marketing, we can help you transcribe your audio and video content. Find out about our monthly savings program at - we’d love to give you a hand.
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    • 1. 6 Reasons WhyTranscribing Your Content Grows Your Business
    • 2. Reach New Audiences• Search Engines• Limitations• Preferences
    • 3. Easy to Produce Written Content • Don’t like writing? • Not enough time
    • 4. Easier to Repurpose Content• Reports• Articles• Workbooks• Scripts• Email Messages
    • 5. Increase Value of Info Products • Multimedia • Learning Styles • Upsells
    • 6. Easy Branding & Monetization• Promotions• Links• Follow up
    • 7. Easy-to-Reference • Improved learning • Easy quoting • Self-reference
    • 8. Get Reliable & Affordable TranscriptionIf you’re ready to grow youbusiness withtranscription, we’re here tohelp.Monthly savings & perks