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influence america influence america Presentation Transcript

  • Back to basics: simple ideas to reshape the future of BC’s communities Michael A. Goldberg Fullerton Professor of Urban Policy – Sauder School and Associate Vice President International The University of British Columbia Annual General Meeting The British Columbia Chamber of Commerce Prestige Inn, Salmon Arm, BC 8:00-9:00 am, Saturday, 29 th May 2004
  • Toward Better News
    • Things have been rough in “ Heartland BC”
    • We are inundated with bad news to prove it
    • Instead, I want to look at the upside today
    • To do so requires a reality check first
    • So, this is where we start
  • Canadian and BC Settings
    • Economic restructuring
      • Goods  services
      • Natural  human resources
      • Goods  information, knowledge, thinking, ideas
    • Demographic restructuring: aging, immigration, urban not rural growth
    • Inter-provincial migration positive now
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  • Canadian and BC Settings (continued)
    • Social restructuring: lost high pay low skill jobs; growing income and skill inequality
    • Declining populations in resource regions
    • Declining incomes in resources regions
    • Global integration, deregulation/reregulation
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  • The Challenges Facing BC’s Two Economies
    • Southwestern BC Challenges
      • Congestion
      • Governance
      • Leadership
      • Restructuring
    • “ Heartland” BC Challenges
      • Declining resource rents, incomes & population
      • Infrastructure and poor access to markets/people
      • Increasing global competition in core markets
      • Aboriginal land claim uncertainties
      • Poor access to venture and other capital markets
      • Softwood, pine beetles, fires, …,
  • Some Difficulties with Past and Current Views of BC Economy
    • If resources are the BC economy, how can Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo & Kelowna prosper given:
      • Softwood and pine beetle disasters
      • Previous low lumber and pulp prices
      • Forest fires and floods
      • Unsettled land claims
      • Mining malaise
      • Collapsed fisheries
      • Growing environmental controls & demands
  • Heartland & BC Weaknesses (Often Self imposed)
    • Outmoded economic models and metaphors
    • Little strategic thinking or visions for future
    • Rent-seeking, not rent-creating, economic culture and tradition
    • Complacency : waiting for good ol’ times return
    • Victim thinking; no responsibility for local future economic future
  • So, Let’s Look for Different Sources of Prosperity
    • Customer not production driven
    • Improve extinction rates
    • Innovation
      • New ways or processes to do old things
      • New technology to do old things
      • New things to do for old customers
      • New things to do for new customers
      • Not just technology, but new ideas or ways of seeing our world, customers, products, services
  • A Way Forward: Thinking and Acting Strategically
    • Strategic thinking and action is 4 things
      • Seeing the world as it really is, which is not a pretty picture right now in much of BC
      • Responding to changed reality by developing new choices and metaphors for the future
      • Making choices among new alternatives
      • Seizing the chosen opportunities
    • Today let’s discuss new effective choices
  • Thinking – Acting Regionally and Cooperatively: Governance Issues
    • Need regional gov’ts as regional fiduciaries
      • NIMBY – NIMTE are blocking regional needs
      • Presently no one speaks for regions
      • GVRD, GVTA, RDN, CRD, CORD…not regional
        • Enshrine NIMBY – NIMTE in their structures
        • Fail regional needs: transit, economy, narrow bounds
      • Sydney is extreme, but possible cure
      • Canada-US Joint Commission another
      • Provincial intervention is key
        • Appoint both Boards with accountability to PLA
        • Elect both Boards at large in region
  • Elements of New Thinking
    • Build on traditional economic strengths to embrace / facilitate the emerging economy
    • Need new deeply held metaphors and themes
    • Must build BC economy on industries & firms:
      • With responsive and innovative cultures
      • Eager to compete & win in global economy
    • Move from AM to FM to better hear emerging and actual economy signals
    • Need new measures and goals for new futures
  • Core Strategies to Move Ahead
    • Generic strategies
      • Cost leadership
      • Differentiation or Niche
    • Commodity (cost) strategy when price is given
    • Differentiation - niche strategy to differentiate product-service and add value to customer
      • Branding/quality of assurance
      • BC Hothouse
      • VQA
      • BC Tree Fruit – Sun Rype
  • Opportunity & Possibility in BC
    • Examples Galore
    • Kamloops: among biggest bandwidth; major IT and software centre potential
    • Prince George: Aboriginal health leader; transport-logistics hub; renewable resource CoE; education-research hub; oil refiner ($73M)
    • Prince Rupert: major trans-Pacific port; oil & gas; transport-logistics centre; forest centre
    • Nelson: tourism, service, education centre
  • Opportunity & Possibility in BC (continued)
    • More Examples
    • Nanaimo: tourist, consulting, tech, retirement and second tier convention and meeting centre
    • Gold River & Tumbler Ridge: follow Elliot Lake
    • Hundred Mile House: Viewscape3D Graphics
    • Kimberley: 4 seasons tourism; retirees
    • Valemont: renewing & investing in tourism
    • Whistler: from a garbage dump to #1 resort
    • Chemainus: lumber->galleries, culture...
    • Cranbrook: Rockies/Kootenays tourist gateway
  • Opportunity & Possibility in BC (continued)
    • And Even More Examples in Kelowna -- the Okanagan
      • Summerland Agri-Foods Station & spin-offs
      • Penticton Observatory and IT spin-offs
      • Kalamalka Forest Research Centre in Vernon
      • UBC-Okanagan
      • Wines and fruits
        • Sun-Rype ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity)
        • Wine Research Centre
        • Mission Hill and Burrowing Vintourism Owl Complexes
        • Aurora Golden Gala Apples
      • Four season recreation
      • Retirees
      • Hi-tech: Kelowna Flightcraft, Limnology Research Corporation, and Summit Environmental
  • Moving from Opportunity to a Prosperous Future Reality
    • SUM: All BC can do it,
      • If we drop hope o f return t o past & embrace new and often different futures
      • If we are creative and innovative
      • Think about customers, not production
      • Work together and share responsibility for our futures
      • In short, if we stop whining & start doing
  • Investing in Our Future
    • Communities must build shared visions
    • We must invest in people and ideas
    • We must continuously embrace change
    • Business, labour, government and academia must cooperate to innovate
    • Need leadership and effective governance
    • Spread such vision & leadership across BC
    • You are precisely the people who do it
  • Conclusions and Extensions
    • Conclusion
      • BC must focus on innovation, not on past
      • Extinction threat is best innovation & change agent
    • What we lack is vision and leadership
      • Little leadership & cooperation: n o “BC Inc”
      • You can and must provide it
      • No one else will
      • So, get on with business, its your business