Assorted articles and letters by elder don ellis


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Assorted articles and letters by elder don ellis

  1. 1. Assorted Articles and Letters By: Elder Don Ellis Plus the Song "Her Glory is Departed"
  2. 2. INDEXName PagesThoughts on Hagar and Sarah 2-4Rewards - Mathew 5:12 5-7Knowledge of Old Test. Saints 8-10Imagery 11-12Self Taught 13-15Born Again/New Covenant 16-18Redemption of the Body 19-24"Her Glory is Departed" 25-26 1
  3. 3. THOUGHTS ON HAGAR & SARAH Paul uses these two women in an allegory.They represent the two covenants that God hasgiven to an elect people, separated from otherelect children. Hagar, the maidservant of Sarah,Abrahams wife, represented the old covenant.Hagar could have children when she chose.Sarah could only have the children that Godgave her by promise. As Hagar is representedas Mount Sinai which is the law, Sarahrepresents having children only by grace. Thechurches of Galatia received the Spirit throughgrace. This is the Spirit of worship, in that youlove God because he brought you to the place inexperience where you felt you didnt need a lawto be free from you guilt, but you needed aSaviour. It is not of work but by the grace ofGod. He provided you a Saviour who is JesusChrist. You were able then to be free from yourburden and to love this Saviour with all yourheart.Acts 8:37: Phillip has been instructed by theSpirit to go to this eunuch and minister to him.This is now likened to Sarah. Here is a manselected by God to become very interested inspiritual things. No doubt he is searching for aSaviour but doesnt know what to do. Phillip isguided to him and preaches Jesus to him. Nodoubt baptism is taught for he requests baptism. 2
  4. 4. Phillip answers him, "If thou believest with allthine heart thou mayest." God is the one whocondemeth and it is God who justifieth. This isthe new covenant law written by God in theheart and when this person becomes dead tothe law then he can love Jesus with all his heart.This is a person that can believe the doctrine ofpure grace and can embrace the teachings ofthe true church. These are precious members ina church. We would love to have our housesfilled with them but we must wait with hopebecause it is God 3who adds to the church suchas should be saved. When we then lose thisSpirit of worship and we seem to be losing ourhappiness and fellowship with God, we becomedesolate, barren and not able to bear the fruitsof the Spirit. We feel something must be done.This is a dangerous time in our Christian walk.Our carnal mind will take over and begin to bringabout a change in our lives. The allegory saysthat Abraham then took Hagar to bear children.We turn to the laws of God and begin to makeourselves perfect by the flesh. We must makeourselves do things that will please God. Thereis an adage that goes like this, "Instant God, justadd zeal." Law ministers will teach that youmust keep every law and do it with greateagerness and also cheerfulness. You must puton happiness because Christians are supposedto be happy. You must also try to save others.You must join a crusade against sinful things. 3
  5. 5. You must show pubficly that you detest sin. Inso doing, you will please God and he will blessyou in this obedience. Also, you will expectthese endeavors to attract other people to yourcause.In Isaiah 50: 11 , "Behold all ye that kindle a fire,that compass yourselves about with sparks:walk in the light of your fire, and in the sparksthat ye have kindled. This shall ye have of myhand; ye shall lie down in sorrow." This ishaving children by Hagar or the law of works.Pauls remedy for this problem is found in Gal.4:19. When we find that we have lost our peacewith God, Gal 5:5 is the answer. We are foolishto lose this fellowship with God but we have anadvocate with the Father, Jesus Christ therighteous. This Spirit that we began with is themother of the true church but we must wait onGod. 4
  6. 6. REWARDS .. Mathew 5:12In Mathew 4:23-25 Jesus is preaching thegospel of the Kingdom of Heaven and healing allmanner of sickness and diseases, showing hiskindness, compassion and power to his peoplethat come to him for help. 5:1 "and seeing themultitude", of his born again children, heseparated himself, went up intO a mountain andbegan to help this people called his discipleswho had a different problem than the otherpeople. They were burdened with sin,mourning, had poorness of spirit, and hungeringand thirsting for righteousness. Jesus explainsthat this is a good blessing, a happy condition,and one that they should treasure and not try torid themselves of. They were to continue in thisbecause they were his disciples or followers.They were to imitate and glorify his life. I feelthey had the new covenant law written in theirheart and mind and this brings about this type ofsuffering. With these things in our heart andmind, seeking relief, we try to follow Christ. Weseem different to people around us and they willin different ways persecute us. Men willseparate themselves from you; you dont have towithdraw from them. We can "rejoice and beexceedingly glad for great is your reward inheaven", the I1Kingdom of Heaven" here in ourlives as we endeavor to be disciples. If thisreward is in heaven above after our death, does 5
  7. 7. not every one of the elect get the same throughthe gracious work of Christ? Luke 6: 19-20, "andhe lifted up his eyes on his disciples and saidblessed be ye poor for yours is the kingdom ofGod" or heaven. If the kingdom of God wereours here in our lives, would we not rejoice evenif we felt to be poor? Luke 6:26 reads, "woeunto you when all men shall speak well of you,for so did their fathers to the false prophets. "In 1Pet 4:12-14, "If ye be reproached for thename of Christ, happy are ye, for the spirit ofglory and of God resteth upon you: on their parthe is evil spoken of, but on your part he isglorified." If the spirit of glory and of God restethupon you, is this not an exceeding great rewardeven though you are evil spoken of? Acts23: 11, if God said to the Apostle Paul , "be ofgood cheer" would he not be filled with the verygoodness of God to even speak to him? Itwould make all his sufferings, persecutions,disappointments, and his pitiful condition seemas nothing. Also to be given the vote ofconfidence from God himself that as you havetestified of me in Jerusalem, so must thou bearwitness also at Rome. Could not a disciple beexceedingly glad and leap for joy at being giventhis charge from God himself? Was not God hisgreat reward? 6 I
  8. 8. In John 14:18 Jesus is going away and it hascaused a sadness and confusion among hisdisciples. He is their comforter but they are toget another, so verse 18 reads "I will not leaveyou comfortless, I will come to you." Jesus istruly our High Priest and stands at the right handof God making intercession for the saints, butdoes he just wait up there until we arrive inheaven? Does God just sit up there or does hecome among us in the Kingdom of Heaven?Verse 21 "He that hath my commandments andkeepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and hethat loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and Iwill love him and I will manifest myself to him."That moment in our lives would be worth all thesufferings we will ever have in His service. Wewould literally leap for joy and be exceedinglyglad for great is our reward in heaven. It wouldbe the earnest of our inheritance here becausewe believe and trust in Jesus Christ. If thistremendous honor is just the earnest of ourinheritance, what must it be to be there!It is even a joy to write about these preciousscriptures. By experience, down through theyears, I have found that they are so. 7
  9. 9. What was the Knowledge of Old Testament Saints? Hebrew 11 :39-40: We know that O.T. Saints received or obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise, God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect. There was something lacking in their faith and knowledge and that which was lacking was the truth about Christ. They looked forward to a glorious day; they looked for a Messiah, a prophet. They knew God and knew of God but could not see the glory of Christ. Col. 1:24-27 explains that here was a mystery that was being fulfilled that was hid from ages and generations but was made manifest. It was no longer signified or in obscure parables or figures but is not preached and witnessed by the Holy Ghost. Also it is manifest to people that are already saints. The glory of this mystery is that it is Christ in them the hope of glory. In Acts 17:23-30, Paul is preaching to Pagan children of God and people.under Moses law, devout people and they were offering on an altar to the Unknown God. Paul declared unto them the truth of this unknown God whom they were ignorantly worshipping. Now, the gospel of Christ for them begins right here. All these devotions to God were by imagination. God winked (or overlooks) this until this time and now demands that the children of 8
  10. 10. God repent. Proof that they were Gods childrenwas the qualification - "if haply you feel afterhim."Romans 1:8-11: Paul preaching to saints, calledand beloved of God. Their faith .was spoken ofthroughout the whole world. Faith in what? Ibelieve God is the object. Verse 8 explains thathe was to impart to them some spiritual gift tothe end that they may be established. Theywere to be established in aspects of the truthfulfilling the words of Paul in Romans 16:25,"Now to him that is of power to establish youaccording to my gospel, and the preaching ofJesus Christ, according to the revelation of themystery which was kept secret since the worldbegan." 1Peter 1: 10-13: "of which salvation the·prophets have inquired and searched diligently,who prophesied of the grace that should comeunto you." This grace was the truth aboutChrist. His sufferings and why he suffered andwhat it accomplished. Verse 13 reads,"Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, besober and hope to the end for the grace that isto be brought unto you at the revelation of JesusChrist." Now in laboring with the churches ofGalatia who had begun in the Spirit and hadfallen from this grace and turned back to the lawfor righteousness and needed the gospel ofChrist again to bring repentance unto life. Theyhad lost their revelation of Christ, which is the 9
  11. 11. grace in the gospel. Gal. 4: 19, "My little childrenof whom I travail in birth again until Christ beformed in you. " Oh how I would like to see thispowerful work begin again in the true church.Luke 4: 17-21: Here is an Old Testamentscripture written in Isaiah 61 :2, which seemsplain enough to us but was mystery to the Jews.It probably gave them a looking forward but wasnot easy to understand, because this experiencedid not begin until the new covenant law waswritten in our hearts and mind and we began tosee that we dont need laws to save but we needa Saviour, a complete Saviour. Now that Hewas there in person , he could say, "This day isthe scripture fulfilled in your hearing." To themthese were gracious words proceeding out of hismouth.Then they tried to kill him because he brought inthe gentiles who were considered unclean andcommon. Mathew 13:15-17 denotes abeginning also. 10
  12. 12. IMAGERY The text I would like to comment on is Ezekiel8:12 and the 8th chapter in general. In 8:12 wehave the word imagery. There were ancientmen in the dark using their imaginations. Nowthe whole story could be wrongfully taken thatEzekiels using his imagination. I believe it is inparable form and a real truthful story of the greatcrimes that Israel had committed against God.They were captive in Babylon and didnt reallyknow why they were captive. The ancientprophets and Priests had used imaginaryreasons and didnt speak the truth. As Ezekielwas confronted by the elders of Israel, God gavehim a vision in a powerful Spirit for the purposeof seeing the temple and the things the ancientshad been teaching Israel; things that thepeople loved to hear. It is like a Primitive BaptistElder preaching doctrines of grace and crying"peace, peace" when there is no peace withGod. They did this in the darkness of their mindand imagination. I think we have seen the samethings. I talked on this chapter at an associationa long time ago and the only comment I got wasthat I believed God drags people into the churchby the lock of their hair.Now these preachers have this excuse, "TheLord seeth us not and has forsaken us." There 11
  13. 13. are greater abominations than this: womenweeping for Tammuz. I pondered this for a longtime. I learned that Tammuz was the god oflove, like Eros, and that he had lost his lover andwas very sad and alone. My good friend wasmy mother-in-law and as most of the women,watched soap operas. On this show there was apopular doctor that had an illness and had died.This made her very sad and she couldnt enjoythe show like she had. Later she was watchinganother show and low and behold there was thatdoctor as a different person. There she hadgrieved for his death and it was all imagination.This came to me as a vision that we can followthese things and grieve and have moreemotions for these imaginary people than wehave for our Saviour, Jesus Christ. We canworship false gods that are imaginary. When Ipreached this at the church I was trying topastor, I became the "bad ole bear" that said itwas a sin to have a television.These visions of Ezekiel can be seen today inour churches and have caused the abominationof desolation. 12
  14. 14. SELF TAUGHTMy call to preach came as an experience thatrevealed to me, by Gods Spirit, that I was agreat sinner as compared to a Holy God. If I wassaved it was done by a Savior and only by Hisgrace. This gave me a great desire to knowmore about this God and Savior. My desire toread the bible was all consuming and I spentendless hours reading. I was not going tochurch, just reading the bible. One evening Iseemed to be at a loss to know what to read. AsI had not read the mysterious book of revelation,I began reading. After Betty, my wife had goneto bed. I read all twenty-two chapters. When Ifinished I was so puzzled by what I had read. Itseemed so impossible to know what it meant. Iturned back to the first verses and the 1stchapter 3rd verse seemed to speak to me, that Iwas blessed to read bit was not able to hear orkeep them. It is called revelation. I realized I wasto study and the meaning would come byrevelation. As 0 was studying later in Acts 18­9& 10 these verses impressed me tat I was tospeak what I was learning , or preach to othersabout it.I asked a lot of questions of the preachers butnever seemed to get an answer that satisfied .As I read in Galatians 1-10& 12 it came to me 13
  15. 15. that the true meaning of the scriptures is by therevelation of Christ.I came to learn that the Holy Ghost had thesetruths spoken by Holy men of old and that IThis Holy Ghost or Spirit is still alive and veryactive. 2 nd Peter 1-15-21. I have found that thisbible is like a light in a dark place, which is mymind and heart. The day dawning and thedaystar arising in our hearts are the revelationsof Christ and the scriptures of the bible. I beganto realize that this scripture was true and I coulduse it for understanding. This does not make mespecial , but I do feel many of Gods childrenmiss a great blessing by not using it. We wantshort cuts such as commentaries, tracts, articlesof faith, ideas of men etc. I have been temptedto do this but was brought to realize the more Iread of men that they are disagreed on thescriptures. I feel I was also taught by the Lordnot to prepare what I was to say but to trust inGod to just preach what I believe and to myamazement after many struggles and trials Hegave me a sweet liberty of mind.After about a year of trying, I was down in themountains of Kentucky in front of a large crowd,I lost my self-need and I preached over an hour.First God taught me that I could not preach, thenHe taught me to trust in Him for preaching. 14
  16. 16. I was ordained an Elder in 1955 and as far as Iknow never preached the same sermon twice. Ihave found preaching the bible is like dippingwater out of the ocean. If I get lifted up withpride and believe too many compliments myliberty is taken away and I stand abased beforelarge crowds.Thanks for reading this. I perceive that you alsoknow something about God. I believe you willunderstand what I am trying to say. Incidentally Iam not very popular, but I am given tounderstand that this is to be expected. All themen who wrote the Bible were killed for whatthey preached, including our Lord and SaviorJesus Christ. 15
  17. 17. Answers to Questions: Born Again and The New Covenant If a person worships a false God, an image oridol, is he a child of God? This can be answeredboth ways. I suppose worship denotes that hebows down, performs rituals, chants and suchlike. Yes, it is very possible he is a child of Godor born again. On the other hand, he could verywell be one of the non-elect just caught up in theexcitement of the moment and also be under agreat amount of peer pressure from the rulingpowers. Daniel and his three Jewish friends metsuch a peer pressure from the King of Babylon.He made a golden image 92 feet tall - veryimpressive to anyone elect or non-elect, evenPrimitive Baptist. Now the Jews in the OldCovenant were not the only ones born again.Even Nebuchadnezzar worshipped God in thepreceding chapter, Daniel 2:47, saying, "Of atruth it is that your God is a God of gods, and aLord of Kings, and a revealer of secret. " Nowwe should not say that because the Hebrewchildren did not worship this image, this wouldindicate they were children of God. Rather itdenotes that they were loyal, faithful children ofGod. On the other hand, those that boweddown at the sound of music and worshipped wasnot evidence that they were the non-elect. Wehave born again brethren that are afraid to stand 16
  18. 18. up against peer pressure and afraid what menmight do to them.John 12:42-43, "Never the less among the chiefrulers also many believed on him; but becauseof the Pharisees they did not confess him lestthey should be put out of the synagogue: Forthey loved the praise of men more than thepraise of God." This can be found in themajority of the born of God. This loyalty andcourage is found among true disciples.In Acts 17:22-30, this is an example of peoplewho worship in ignorance false gods. Someworship or obey rituals, sacrifice their babies, dopenance, dance and revel and such becausethey think this pleases this god. Verse 30 reads,"and the times of this ignorance God winked at;but now commandeth all men everywhere torepent" (winked at means to overlook and notpunish). This command went out to all thatheard, both elect and non-elect they were allguilty of worshipping idols and gods many. Thecommand could only be received by the bornagain in verse 27, "That they should seek theLord, if haply they might feel after him, and findhim, though he be not far from everyone of us."God has a people in every nation and people intribes and in every annal of time. The bornagain could only worship that which they 17
  19. 19. imagined. We get the Greek word Hades that istranslated Hell meaning grave. Hades was thegod of the underworld. They saw their lovedones die, and could only imagine where theywent. God winked at this until the truth as it wasin Christ Jesus. Paul preached the resurrectionof Christ to those that felt after him and believedthe gospel of Christ. Now we should not saythat because some mocked that it was a signthat they were the non-elect. What a time itwould be if every child of God would believe thegospel! Thanks be to God that we can believeaccording to the working of His might power. 18
  20. 20. The Redemption of the BodyThe redemption of the redeemed body or theadoption of the body into the Spiritual realm orfamily of God, called the resurrection of the electchildren of God pertaining to the body.The resurrection of the dead is such a greatmiracle that brings great imagination to thecarnal mind, yet is by another grace miraclewhich is called faith that6 we can rejoice andeven find rest to our souls in the resurrection ofthe body. In the beginning of the creation , God,who is a Spirit, spoke into existence the worldand the seas. In Acts 26:8, Paul writes, "Whyshould it be thought a thing incredible with youthat that God should raise the dead?" We seekto prove by the bible (which is our source oftruth, and not imagination) through the examplein Christ, that the bodies of the elect family ofGod, or rather them that sleep in Jesus areraised by God in the resurrection of the dead.Romans 8:23 reads, "and not only they, butourselves also which have the first Fruit of theSpirit. Even we ourselves groan withinourselves waiting for the adoption to wit theredemption of our bodies." In 1 Corinthians6: 13, "now the body is not for fornication, but forthe Lord and the Lord for the body." 19
  21. 21. In 1st Corinthians 6:20, "for ye are bought with aprice therefore glorify God in your body and inyour spirit which are Gods. " The great price withwhich God bought with a price was through thesuffering, the agony, pain , bearing the burden ofour sins and to finish the price, Jesus died onCalvarys cross; he died and his blood wasshed. Such a great price must imply that we aregreat sinners, but this price was paid for to claimour bodies in the resurrection of the dead.Jesus did not suffer and die for the Spirit bywhich we were quickened when we were deadin trespasses and sins (Ephesians 2: 1). Paulwrites in Colossians 1:27 about this mystery thathas been hid by God from ages andgenerations. This mystery was that the electcould be born of the Spirit of God and stillworship Pagan gods. In the dispensation of thegospel, when the Gentiles might come into thekingdom of God, Paul revealed this mysterywhich was that Christ was in them , the hope ofGlory. In Colossians 1:28, he now begins toperfect in knowledge of the truth and calls fortheir obedience to the faith and practice. In 1CorinthOians 15:34, the Corinthians are doubtingand trying to imagine the raising of the bodyfrom the dead and Pauls answer to them is,"awake to righteousness and sin not, for somehave not the righteousness of God. I speak thisto your shame. But some man will say, Howare the dead raised up, and with what body do 20
  22. 22. they come?" Verse 36 reads, uThou fool , thatwhich thou sowest is not quickened (or givenlife) except it die." Paul now is using naturalthings as examples. Verse 37, uand that whichthou sowest thou sowest not that body that shallbe." The spiritual side of this allegory of thesowing is the human body that dies and is to come forth by the power of God in theresurrection of the spiritual body like untoChrists glorious body. The natural picture is thesowing of a grain of wheat. When the grain ofwheat dies and germinates, it brings forth a newgrain of wheat. It is not talking of bringing forth anew blade or stalk, but a bare or naked grainjust like the one planted. Verse 44 reads, "it issown a natural body it is raised a spiritual body."There is a natural body and there is a spiritualbody. Verses 39-41 are explaining that as weare different people and all are of corruptibleflesh, we shall all be raised in the power and·glory, yet being the same body or person. Paulis not saying birds and beast are going to raisefrom the grave and be glorified. Let us not befools and forget that Paul is writing about thosethat Christ died for or bought with a price. Alsoremember, that Christ is the first fruit of thosethat sleep (1 Corinthians 15). This is accordingto the law of the first fruit offering. The sheavesthat were brought to the temple were aguarantee that the rest of the crop would be justthe same as the first. Jesus is the first fruit of 21
  23. 23. the dead that in the resurrection, the dead electof God will be just like Him. It was predestinatedin our eternal doctrine that we were to befashioned like unto His glorious body that hemight be the first born of many brethren. Nowwe should not imagine what happens to animals,pets, or the non-elect, but we should continue togive glory to Christ for his atonement and we dolook upon electing grace as being right and givethanks and humble gratitude for his love for us.Why then should we imagine what happened toall the rest? Is it not a form of saying to God,"What doest thou?" These things belong toGod. Let us be concerned about the promisesof punishment in our own lives.Ephesians 1: 13 reveals a truth that when thecovenant children of God believe and trust inChrist they are sealed with the Holy Spirit ofpromise which is the earnest of our inheritanceuntil the redemption of the purchasedpossession. The purchased possession is ourbody and not the Spirit that we were quickenedwith. This Spirit is not unbelieving or untrusting;it is our carnal being that is disobedient. Theearnest of our inheritance is out portion ofheavens blessings themselves. Disobediencewill not take away our heavenly home becausePaul writes this is ours until the redemption ofthe purchased possession. 22
  24. 24. This is the last comment concerning the raisingof the body or redemption , which means to buyback or claim. Men in bible days were seekingto overthrow the faith of some, telling them thatthe resurrection was past. Men still seek thesame thing and are enemies of the cross ofChrist by seeking to take away the glory ofChrist and to make light of his suffering. In 1Thessalonians 4: 13, Paul writes, "but I would nothave you ignorant brethren concerning themwhich are asleep or dead that you sorrow noteven as others which have no hope."Remember the apostle and brethren in 1 Peter;they received a lively hope by the revelation ofChrists resurrection. Verse 14 reads "For if webelieve that Jesus died and rose again , even sothem also that sleep in Jesus will God bring withhim." In this verse the word bring means to leadto a destination. Acts 8:32 translates the sameword bring as "being led." In the resurrection,we are merely following Christ out of this grave.The Lord himself, or the power of the Godhead,shall descend from heaven with a shout with thevoice of the archangel , and with the trump ofGod and the dead in Christ shall rise first andthose that remain still alive will be changed also.We both shall rise and meet the Lord in the airand shall we ever be with the Lord.SCRIPTURES FOR STUDYMathew 27:58 - Jesus body was gone 23
  25. 25. John 2:21 - His body raised in three days andHe became our templeRomans 8:231 Corinthians 6: 13, 201 Corinthians 15:12-13,15-19,23,29,32,37-38,42,44, 49,51Philippians 3:21Ephesians 1: 14Colossians 1:222 Timothy 2:18-191 Peter 1:3, 191 Peter 3:21Note: Strongs Concordance #1391 - Glorious ­Dignity, Favorable, Recognition, Manifestatian ofwhich calls for praise or splendor 24
  26. 26. Her Glory is DepartedA Song From the Daily Book - Author UnknownWell may thy servants mourn, my God, the churches desolation:The state of Zion calls aloud, for grief and lamentationOnce she was alive to thee and thousands were converted,But now a sad reverse we see, her glory is departed.Her pastors love to live at ease - they covet wealth and honor;And while they seek such things as these, they bring reproach upon her.Such worthless objects they pursue, warmly and undiverted;The church they lead, and ruin , too - her glory is departed.Her private members walk no more as Jesus Christ has taught them;Riches and fashion they adore - with these the world has bought them,The Christian name they still retain , absurdly and false-hearted ,And while they in the church remain , her glory is departed. 25
  27. 27. And has religion left the church, without a trace behind her?Where shall I go? Where shall I search , that I once more may find her?Adieu ye proud, ye light, ye gay, l l~seek the broken-hearted,Who weep when they of Zion say, her glory is departed.Some few, like good Elijah, stand, while thousands have revolted;In earnest for the heavenly land, they never yet have halted.With such religion doth remain, for they are not perverted;0 , may they all through them regain the glory thats departed. 26
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