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    • Isaac GQ Isaac GQ In context of big spenders, take Wartune as one of the best examples. Don't call them whales because they generate 95% of your revenue, thus attention is directed to them with relations to how to reward and neglect the player base that make up the rest of the game population. It's always to strike a balance between both rewarding the majority F2P that make up the population and the elite hobbyst, else the player base will never be a game prospect in which players believe the notion of making it F2P was meant to be. Comparing a "whale" to a hobbyst is definitely dillusional. Ice skating is physical activity that trains the aptitudes of the body, with a true sense of purpose for realizing their dreams. Game marathons pursue a game for virtual achievement and pleasure on a short period of time that doesn't value add to the quality of life. Creating the game account that permits access to everything that in the game is available to anyone, will influence how players will perceive the value of virtual goods that can only be accessed by a free account itself. This is called security of good possession. If the game account is free, then what kind of security does it give to the players to actually spend on virtual goods that they might lose everything on the next day if their account is being banned?  1 month ago
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