Successful searching prelim geography


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Successful searching prelim geography

  1. 1. WHEN YOU ARE SEARCHING…• Always keep in mind your CARS checklist • Credibility • Accuracy • Reasonableness • Support
  2. 2. DEVELOP GOOD SEARCH TERMSIt is good to start your search by think about search terms that will assist you in finding the most relevant results.Most search engines will allow you to tie together word by putting inverted commas around them, “New Zealand Earthquakes”You can also add other terms using the + symbol or words such as AND , OR and NOT, such as “New Zealand Earthquakes” + 2011Remember that most search facilities have an Advanced Search button which allows you to specify date ranges, country of publication and language.
  3. 3. START WITH YOUR SCHOOL LIBRARYYour school library has many resources you can access, including• Books• DVD’s• Articles• Periodicals• Online MP4’s• Podcasts and more…Access the library through your school homepage or by clicking this link
  4. 4. USING SEARCH ENGINESTry some different search engines…• Sweet search – a search engine designed for students. Fact checked.• Boolify – an easy to use search engine.• Noodle tools – use one of the suggested search engines or scroll down to “I need to do research in a specific discipline” and select “I need in- depth information about a country or unrepresented territory”
  5. 5. ACCESSING YOUR LOCAL LIBRARYYour local library has access to databases that cover many subject areas.Liverpool Library has general or subject specific databases. By searching using the “Select a subject” function, you can access databases on Environment and Geography, such as • Encyclopedia of Environmental issues • Encyclopedia of Environment and Society and many others
  6. 6. STATE LIBRARY OF NSWYou can also access databases through the State Library of NSW.Some of these are for public access and others require you to become a member of the State Library. This is easy to do online and they post you your membership card.You can search for databases that are relevant to geography by clicking on the “Find Databases” tab and typing in geography or any other search term relevant to your assignment.As a member, you can also access newspaper files, ebooks and many other resources.
  7. 7. NATIONAL LIBRARY OF AUSTRALIAThe National Library of Australia has two great places to visit;TROVE – gives you access to Australian and online resources: books, images, historic newspapers, maps, music, archives and more.You will have to use search terms specific to your task to access relevant resources.E-resources – gives you access to a number of databases. A number of these require library membership. Some resources you can read online, others you will have to locate.
  8. 8. JSTORJSTOR allows you to search journals, primary sources and books online.You can start by using an advanced search with your specific search terms and narrowing your search to “Geography” publications.It is easiest to tick the checkbox that includes only content that you can access online.