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QR Code Best Practices Checklist & Campaign Worksheet


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A best practice checklist and worksheet to help plan mobile marketing campaigns with 2D barcodes like QR code or Microsoft Tag.
(First presented at SES New York 2011 as part of my Smart Mobile Marketing session.)

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  • @adman511 The reality is that if you use your phone to access the Internet, the web page or mobile app can approximate your physical location to a small city neighborhood based on your WiFi connection. (If you're in a rural area, this could be discomforting on the paranoia note. However, WiFi usually sucks in those areas as well.) Some apps and web sites will ask you to provide your location, which roughly narrows down your relative proximity to a city block. For driving directions and mobile push notifications, the improved location accuracy is important.

    Specific to mobile barcodes, I can't think of a reason to provide reader apps with your specific location, unless you don't care. The analytics are very useful to the marketers when planning future similar or related ad campaigns. (See this case study example:

    The proprietary EZcode and Microsoft Tag formats and readers collect the most personal information about users scanning. They track 'device ID' which can in turn be used to determine how many times you've scanned a given code. As a result, they can do very cool loyalty campaigns as well as ensure discounts or promotion codes are only claimed once.
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  • Is it true that I can be tracked via a QR App on my Smart Phone? Don't want this but sure want to be able to read codes with it. Am I being paranoid?
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  • For easy sharing, feel free to use this short URL:
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Transcript of "QR Code Best Practices Checklist & Campaign Worksheet"

  1. 1. MOBILE TAG MARKETING CAMPAIGN CAMPAIGN NAME: DATE: CODE TYPE: CONTACT: STORED CONTENT: SUCCESS METRIC/GOAL:Best Practice Checklist□ Serve a business objective:□ Add value for the customer:□ Research our mobile audience□ Select an appropriate 2D code type (Factors: size, surface, tracking, scanning ease, reader audience)□ Minimize the amount of data stored in the code□ Confirm adequate Wi-Fi or Internet access in campaign area□ Be visually creative with the code□ Dont be "too creative" visually with the code□ Track campaign scan analytics□ Place codes in scannable locations□ Provide adequate time for users to scan□ Ensure proper code size:□ Assist users in finding a mobile barcode reader:□ Tell users what happens upon scanning:□ Provide a code back-up or alternative:□ Link to a smartphone-friendly destination□ Test codes to ensure scannability (Different smartphones, readers, context, lighting, speed, etc.)Notes: By Angie Schottmuller | | March 2011