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A presentation of Signia\'s Corporate Advisory Services.

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Signia - Advisory Services

  1. 1. SigniaOverview of our corporate advisory services.
  2. 2. Contents- Overview- Middle East- Corporate Advisory- Corporate Structuring- Fiduciary & Trust- Banking- Accounting & Taxation- Family Office
  3. 3. Advisory Services Overview Signia is a private advisory firm based in Abu Dhabi. We are focused on delivering professional corporate services, strategic advice and financial consulting, across international markets. A core specialism of the firm is the planning, delivery and implementation of international corporate structures for the purposes of asset protection, tax- mitigation and commercial effectiveness. We establish offshore IBCs within the key international jurisdictions, UAE Free Zones and UAE onshore entities. As corporate advisors, we provide insight and strategic advice for foreign investors seeking to do business with the Middle East market and for local clients who require consulting services on their business affairs. We approach each assignment with a sense of partnership, offering our clients strategic advice on all financial aspects of their business affairs.
  4. 4. Middle East Advisory We have extensive knowledge and relationships within the Middle East, enabling us to advise foreign corporate and private investors in their business with the region. In particular, we advise on the following: - Establishment of a permanent establishment or branch office, - Registration of Free Zone companies, - Obtaining the necessary licences and visas, - Arrangement of all associated premises, banking and initial PR, - Sourcing suitable local sponsors and joint-venture partners, - Advising on the commercial aspects of potential contractual relationships. The Gulf is a rich source of capital for outward foreign investment and this is well documented in terms of the level of publicised acquisitions and investments made around the world. Seeking investment from the Middle East is a challenging but potentially extremely rewarding exercise. There are investments made at all levels and we see the potential market as split between the following categories of investors: - High Net Worths either directly or via their family office structures, - Corporate investors, both large private groups and publicly listed, - Institutional, including regional Investment Funds, - Sovereign Wealth Funds. Above all in our assignments in this regard, we hear a very similar response to all of the proposals put to the region, namely that a good investment becomes a great investment if there is a sufficient level of synergy to their local activities, or the opportunity of bringing the opportunity to their local market.
  5. 5. International Corporate Advisory For our corporate clients seeking to enter into new markets, raise capital or restructure their business, we provide advisory services in the following key areas:

Planning; the preparation of Business Plans and Feasibility Studies. Such documents are prepared professionally and in compliance with the regulatory regime appropriate to each assignment.

Raising Capital; acting as corporate advisor in the process of debt finance and equity capital, gaining access to our network of high-net worth private investors and institutional investors including funds.

Acquisitions; the provision of corporate finance advisory services in the fields of joint- ventures and acquisitions, including the origination of deals, market-research, target search and due diligence.

Markets & Sectors; our expertise lies within the UK, Middle East, Russia, and Europe as a whole, across all sectors.
  6. 6. Corporate Structuring The structuring of international trading activities is one of our core strengths. We advise on all aspects of planning, establishing and maintaining corporate group structures around the world. Such structures are established for one or many of the following reasons: • Asset protection, • Tax mitigation, • Confidentiality, • Special Purpose, • Commercial effectiveness. Our client base comprises High Net Worth Individuals, Corporates and Investment Funds. Even the simplest form of corporate structure such as an overseas Holding Company requires careful planning and structuring of each of the elements from Officers to Commercial Agreements with the rest of the group. This is where we take particular care with our clients to understand their current and future requirements and to develop a structure that achieves all of its goals, is compliant and flexible to cope with change.
  7. 7. Fiduciary & Trust Within the framework of international advisory services, an essential element of providing effective and efficient advice is the ability to establish and manage overseas registered entities in- house.

We specialise in the registration and management of companies of a number of key taxable and non-taxable jurisdictions and the establishment and administration of Trusts.

We utilise often intricate offshore planning structures for commercial planning, tax-mitigation and asset protection. Such services are an integral part of the wealth and advisory services that we offer.

The primary jurisdictions we cover include the UK, Cyprus, Middle East, Seychelles, Switzerland, and Jersey.

In addition, we have excellent relations with offshore private and commercial banks where we place our clients and maintain the relationships. In many cases we are official representatives of the banks.
  8. 8. Banking Advisory• The establishment of safe, reliable and effective banking is one of the most important relationships for any business. 

This has indeed become even more significant in recent years.

Within our banking advisory services, we assist our clients in the following:

- introduction to our network of international banks,
- advice on your current banking relationships and a risk assessment,
- banking jurisdiction comparisons,
- on-going advisory roles throughout on banking matters.

We work discreetly with International Business Units and Private Banks.

Our bank relationships are always long-standing and formalised.
  9. 9. Accounting & Taxation Our accounting & taxation services are provided by experienced and qualified professionals registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW). 

Areas of expertise include residency and domicile tax planning, capital gains and estate taxes, corporate taxes mitigation strategies and advice on the taxation aspects of clients’ investments, asset protection and business objectives. Our clients receive a personalised service, delivering the solutions that best suit them.

Internal and external accounting reporting are part of our core services. Often overlooked, individuals and businesses benefit enormously from a solid, well thought out and real-time accounting system. We have developed online specialist systems over the years to keep you closely in touch with your finances.
  10. 10. Family Office The Family Office provides advice and assistance to private individuals and their family for all the matters relating to the protection and development of their wealth. Our services are independent and specialise in clients owning significant assets who are seeking a truly personal approach to the management of their wealth.

Wealth creation and preservation are the key goals sought by all of our clients. At key stages of our their development, we support the key professional functions namely:
I. Analysing additions or changes to existing portfolios,II. Liaising with private bankers, lawyers and other professionals,III. Tax planning and investment structures,IV. Succession matters. Since we are independent, we are able to connect our clients with our own in-house and select network of trusted professionals with whom we have an established record of partnership in services.
  11. 11. ContactMr Alexis S. Chiotis BA(Hons) ACAEmail: Tel: +971 (0)55 378 4922Web: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.