Negative Effects of Technology on Young Children


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Negative Effects of Technology on Young Children

  1. 1. photo by henriksentThe NegativeEffects ofTechnology onYoung ChildrenBy AlexaScarcello
  2. 2. Technology is becoming increasingly present in thelives of young childrenphoto by frances bell
  3. 3. In 2006, 90% of parents said that their childrenyounger than 2 had consumed some type ofelectronic mediaphoto by kenleewrites
  4. 4. Nowadays, moreyoung childrenknow how to playa computer gamethan ride a bikephoto by chiotsrun
  5. 5. By 2010, two-thirds of childrenaged 4 to 7 hadused an iPhonephoto by courosa
  6. 6. Technology is changing thephoto bysethstollface of childhood
  7. 7. The question is,how does technology affect these developing minds?photo byrussrobinson
  8. 8. “We really don’tknow the fullneurologicaleffects of thesetechnologies yet”Dr. Gary Small
  9. 9. However, we do know thebrain is highly sensitiveto stimuli…Spending more time with technology and less timeinteracting with others could lead tocommunication deficitsphoto bymollybob
  10. 10. There is a lackofreplaced by a shiny screenphoto by demandagreal interaction
  11. 11. It can preventyoung childrenfrom formingnormalsocialrelationshipsphoto bypocketwiley
  12. 12. It has also become commonplace to respond tochild boredom by simply handing them a devicephoto byslolee
  13. 13. “Although 81%of our users feltthat childrentoday spent toomuch time onsmart devices,it hasn’t putmost of themoff using themto entertaintheir baby.”James MacFarlanephoto byreebob
  14. 14. “Learning aboutsolitude and beingalone is thebedrock of earlydevelopment…and you don’t wantyour kids to missout on thatbecause you’repacifying them witha device.”Sherry Turklephoto byalinixx
  15. 15. Childrentoday do notknow how tobe alone, asthey areconstantlyentertainedwith sometype of devicephoto bydemandaj
  16. 16. Therefore,they can only ever feellonelyphoto bycelinesphotographer
  17. 17. There is also the problem of thephoto by TheClownPrince29“’zombie’ effect”
  18. 18. Jane Healy believes thattelevision might “suppressmental activity by puttingviewers in a trance.”It’s startling how a screen can render a hyperactivechild motionlessphoto by Lars Plougmann
  19. 19. Now, young children even run therisk of becomingtechnology addictsphoto byPublicDomainPictures
  20. 20. Young technologyaddicts experiencethe samewithdrawalsymptoms asheroinaddictsandalcoholicsphoto by Alan Cleaver
  21. 21. They becomeobsessedphoto bymindaugasdanys
  22. 22. Children as young as 4 have beenreceivingphoto bytetraconzpsychological treatment foraddiction to smartphonesand iPads
  23. 23. As technology becomesincreasinglyWe must carefully assess the detrimental effects itmay have on their developing minds and theirfuturepresent in young children’s lives
  24. 24. All photos are licensed under theCreative Commons agreementand sourced from flickr andGoogle Images
  25. 25. Sources
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