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2014 Business of Farming Conference: Social Media (East Fork Farm)
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2014 Business of Farming Conference: Social Media (East Fork Farm)


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Published in: Social Media
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  • 1. Social Media East Fork Farm Dawn Robertson
  • 2. East Fork Farm • Stephen and Dawn Robertson along with their two daughters Autumn and Madison have owned and operated East Fork Farm for 18 years.
  • 3. • We raise: – Pastured poultry for meat (chicken, turkey, duck, guinea and goose) – Free range chickens for eggs – Pasture raised lamb – Rabbits – Pigs – Pond raised trout – Milk cow
  • 4. East Fork Cottage Farm Vacation Cottages Meadow Branch Cottage
  • 5. Why a newsletter??? • Push to the customer • Guaranteed to hit their inbox You’ve got mail!!! • Can contain a little or a lot of information • Where we’ll be this weekend Asheville City Market closed for the Thanksgiving Parade. Come see us at the North Asheville Tailgate Market • Tell a story • Ultimately we do this to sell what we have
  • 6. Personal experience • Time spent – average of 2 hours • Frequency – depends on what I’m trying to accomplish – usually once per month • Challenges •TIME •Story line planning •Pictures •Just plain getting it done especially in the summer.
  • 7. What can come of the newsletter? • Winter 2011 – we still had product to sell and needed a way to market it. • Weekly newsletter and had customers place orders with drive through service at the UNCA campus. • After a couple of weeks – 4 other vendors joined us and we listed their products as well on the newsletter • Diane Saccone of the YMCA helped us with an indoor location • That market is now the Indoor Winter YMCA market that hosts 45 vendors All established from an e-newsletter
  • 8. Newsletter Tips • Newsletter signup on your --Website or blog --Farm table --Store front Note: get a phone number as well in case the email address bounces or is unreadable
  • 9. Newsletter tips • Always use your logo – It takes 5 visual / auditory experiences to remember a brand • Name clearly at the top (if it is not clearly in your logo)
  • 10. Newsletter Tips • Link to your website or blog • Tell a story – engage your reader • Pictures pictures pictures!!!
  • 11. Newsletter Tips Selling food? Include recipes!!!
  • 12. Newsletter Tips • Every newsletter state where you’ll be
  • 13. Newsletter Tips Add pricing information This is a great way for vegetable farmers to keep the customer informed of products available
  • 14. Newsletter Tips Keep it personal
  • 15. Success!!! • Statistics
  • 16. Website Why? • Place for people to “land” for semi-static information • Tells what you do • Pictures, pictures, pictures • Tells what your selling • Contact information
  • 17. Website – getting started • Intimidating and Expensive – $1000 and up for professional development • College student help – inexpensive assistance • Do it yourself!!! Keep it simple – Start with one page – Add your Logo – A little bit about what you do – Pictures, pictures, pictures!!! – Contact information
  • 18. Do it yourself website providors  • Hosting – free with website builder • Domain – free with website builder • Web builder - $12 yearly startup • Mobile website built automatically  • $30 / month • User friendly  • Free!!! • Hosting $7.95 / month if you want a • Lots of tutorials online to get you started • Can be used as a blog or static website
  • 19. Vacation Rental Marketing • • • • • Our website ASAP website VRBO • • • • Link cottage(s) on everything, newsletter, facebook, blog
  • 20. Questions