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Tutor Training Presentation, 1/9/09

Tutor Training Presentation, 1/9/09



Beginning of the term tutor training, Winter 2009 - Academics for Student Athletes, Oregon State University

Beginning of the term tutor training, Winter 2009 - Academics for Student Athletes, Oregon State University



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Tutor Training Presentation, 1/9/09 Tutor Training Presentation, 1/9/09 Presentation Transcript

  • Academics for Student Athletes Oregon State University
  • Introduction
    • First of the term training:
      • A chance for all of us to see one another again
      • Receive updates on the office, etc.
      • Update information, hours, etc
      • Review NCAA things, as always
      • Talk about the job – what works, what works better, what works best
    • We will also make time today to discuss your thoughts on last term – I am interested to hear everyone’s perspective.
    • Hopefully everyone will walk out of here better informed than you were when you came in! 
    • 4:10pm: Reminders on job expectations
    • 4:20pm: Discussion: experiences last term
    • 4:45pm: Working effectively with students
    • 5:10pm: Communication this term
    • 5:20pm:Upcoming trainings
    • 5:30pm: Go home!
      • I will stay to answer any questions
    • Goal today: discuss and debrief last term, discuss nuts and bolts of this term, and also plans moving forward this term to improve your experience in the program
    • Today will be centered entirely around your experience – past, present and future.
  • Reminders about Job Expectations
    • Arcane but absolutely necessary details concerning the nuts and bolts of working at Academics for Student Athletes
    • 4:10-4:20pm
    • Upload both your availability and your up-to-date work schedule into Braintree
      • Very, very few of you actually keep Braintree up-to-date with your work schedule. You must do this! It is extremely important for us to be able to see if/when our students will be meeting with you all.
      • When you guys do this, I can monitor work loads and readjust scheduling accordingly. When you don’t, I get more emails in my inbox about too many/too few hours than I can respond to, which is no good for all.
    • First timecard day this term: next week! Timecards will be printed and ready to sign starting next Tuesday, January 13 th . All timecards must be signed by Thursday, January 14 th .
      • The timecard binder will be at Valley Football Center Tuesday and Wednesday night, and in Gill Thursday night for those who cannot make it into the office during the day.
    • Pay stub delivery…
  • Electronic Paystubs
    • If you utilize direct deposit, you may elect to receive your paystub electronically via Student Online Services (instead of a paper copy sent to our office).
    • Student Online Services:
    • http://oregonstate.edu/students/onlineservices/
  • Employee Services -> Pay Information
    • This is my view of Online Services… won’t be exactly the same as yours but the click path should be identical!
  • Pay Information -> Consent for Electronic Payroll Earning Statements (Direct Depositors only)
  • Check the box and click submit!
    • Note the “View Electronic Earning Statements” link at the bottom of the page, as well as the “View History of Electronic Consent” link.
  • Discussion: Experiences Last Term
    • The Tutor Perspective from Fall 2008
    • 4:20-4:45pm
    • I am very interested to hear about what, if any, differences there were to your jobs/experiences with us last term.
      • Scheduling
      • Type of student
        • Academic profile and attitude
      • Student knowledge of tutoring expectations
      • Consistency of sessions
        • Did folks want regular once-a-week meetings or just occasional help?
        • Were there any/many cases of last-minute calls for tutoring?
      • Your sense of the effectiveness of your help
    • Conduct exercises to reinforce learning
    • Will have tutor trainings ongoing throughout the term (finally!) – MUST attend at least two. All will be Fridays 4-5pm.
  • Working Effectively With Students
    • Taking lessons from last term and improving this term
    • 4:45-5:10pm
  • Discussion
    • Things we can change this term to respond to last term
      • Help with tutoring methods/pedagogy?
      • Expectations of students/you/ASA office?
      • Scheduling?
      • Communication?
    • More on communication at the end…
  • Communication this Term
    • 5:10-5:20pm
  • New Interface – ASA Tutor Blog!
    • We’re trying to get on board with this “Internet” thing
    • Site (STILL IN BETA!!!): http://asastaff.wordpress.com/
      • RSS feed is mandatory
      • How to…
    • Use the talk pages to ask questions of me and others
    • Student privacy…
    • This page is for discussion about general aspects (logistics/scheduling, pedagogy, what-to-do-when, etc.) of your job – NOT ABOUT SPECIFIC STUDENTS
    • We’re trying to use technology to its fullest, but we must respect the privacy of our students at the same time
    • What Would FERPA Do? (from: http://www.nacada.ksu.edu/Resources/FERPA-Overview.htm)
      • FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their children's education records. These rights transfer to the student when he or she reaches the age of 18 or attends a school beyond the high school level. Students to whom the rights have transferred are "eligible students."
      • Generally, schools must have written permission from the parent or eligible student in order to release any information from a student's education record. However, FERPA allows schools to disclose those records, without consent, to the following parties or under the following conditions (34 CFR § 99.31):
        • - None of these conditions validate disclosing information on a blog viewable by the entire world -
  • PRIVACY 3 , continued
    • To ensure compliance, and that you guys have a chance to understand all of the ins and outs of FERPA, all must take an online tutorial on the law, print the results page at the end, and bring it in to me by next Friday, January 16 th
      • It will take no more than 15 minutes to complete.
    • Website: http://oregonstate.edu/dept/computing/train/ferpa/index.htm
  • Upcoming Trainings
    • 5:20-5:30pm
  • Trainings this term
    • I am moving ahead with holding trainings throughout the course of the term for you all!
    • There will be 8 trainings scheduled this term – you must attend at least two, you may attend as many as you’d like
    • You will be paid for any and all that you do attend
    • I highly encourage everyone to attend the last training of this term – it will be the Wednesday of Dead Week – we will debrief the term at that meeting
  • Dates/times/topics
    • Friday, January 16 th , 4-5pm: Differentiating instruction
    • Friday, January 23 rd , 4-5pm: Science/Math Tutor Forum
    • Friday, January 30 th , 4-5pm: Motivation and the college student
    • Friday, February 6 th , 4-5pm:Writing (and those who help with papers) tutor forum
    • Friday, February 20 th , 4-5pm: Assisting with test taking
      • ( “I studied so hard and knew it all but still didn’t do so well”)
    • Friday, February 27 th , 4-5pm: Social Sciences Tutor Forum
    • Friday, March 6 th , 4-5pm: Finals Tutoring Strategies
    • Wednesday, March 11 th , time/location TBA: debrief
  • Trainings, continued
    • Agendas will be posted to the blog the week of, and (hopefully!) we’ll have video from each training posted there afterwards
    • This is where the two-way, multipolar communication on the blog comes in – please do comment on agendas (I can revise them to cover topics you’d like to see), videos from training, follow-up questions, etc.!
  • Questions?
    • (But do stick around if you have additional questions!)
    • NEXT TRAINING: NEXT FRIDAY! Same time, same place.