Banking Off Adsense


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A brief intro on how to make money online using Adsense.

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Banking Off Adsense

  1. 1. Table of Contents Introduction 3 Adsense 101 4 What is Adsense 4 Power of Adsense 4 Adsense Guidelines 4 How to Create an Adsense Account 4 How to Create an Adsense Campaign 5 Common Adsense Mistakes 8 Adsense Tricks, Tips, and Advice 9 Placement of Adsense Campaigns 9 Adsense Blending 10 Run Campaigns of Multiple Sites 11 Target Keywords 12 Review 13 © 2009 ASANT Media 2
  2. 2. Introduction By acquiring a copy of this eBook, it is pretty evident that you have some interest in making money online. For 2 years now, I have been monetizing sites with the help of Adsense. I am not going to sit here and tell you that I am making six figures, but with a little bit of work and experience you will be surprised to see how easy it is to make four then five figures a year. Why You Should Read this Book? I am not here to fill crazy dreams into your head, but the tricks, tips, and advice I am about to share with you will teach you how to easily make hundreds if not thousands of dollars online. There are no gimmicks or crazy theories. Everything in this book has come from personal, past, and present experience. Trust me, if I can make money online, then anybody can. © 2009 ASANT Media 3
  3. 3. Adsense 101 What is Adsense Adsense is a Google managed pay per-click campaign. Using its internet search technology Adsense allows you to automatically display targeted ads related to surrounding content. It is free to use, and can be administered on most any site. Power of Adsense What makes Adsense so effective is its ability to successfully covert clicks. Whether you have a site about golf, finance, or whatever, Adsense will supply targeted advertisements. This obviously leads to a higher conversion rate. The ease and simplicity of Adsense also makes it a very enticing campaign for all different types of traffic. At times you will see these ads being run on, yet it can successfully make money on the sites with the smallest of traffic. Besides just placing ads on your site, Adsense also lets you monetize your RSS feeds, site search, videos, parked domains, and mobile content. Adsense Guidelines You cannot click on your own links or use any type of robots or automated services. Cannot encourage clicks. Ads cannot be placed on sites containing violence, adult material, drugs, gambling, and illegal activity. No more than 3 Adsense ads per page. How to Create an Adsense Account There is really nothing hard here. Google tries to make it as fast and convenient for you, but essentially you will need to do the following: © 2009 ASANT Media 4
  4. 4. 1. Create a username (if you already have a Google username, then you can link that one to your Adsense account) - 2. Complete all tax forms and paperwork. Google is a big and established company, so you should not have to worry about giving this information to them. 3. Start placing your ads How to Create an Adsense Campaign For this eBook we will be focusing on creating “Adsense for Content” campaigns, since all the other options are pretty much just one click install. Sign into your account and click on the top tab “Adsense Setup” then choose “Adsense for Content.” Now we will choose what kind ad type we want. Link unit simply just creates a list of links related to your content. Good to use in a small area or blend it with the navigation bar. Ad unit contains the text or image ads and is usually what you will use. You can choose for the ad to show text links, images, or both. For best results, it is good to choose both. © 2009 ASANT Media 5
  5. 5. We will get into the hardcore customization a little later, but for now we will go over the basics. With Ad units, you can choose size and colors. You can also save your color palettes so they can easily be repeated for other campaigns on the same site. At the bottom of this same page there are some “More Options.” While it is not necessary to change anything here, you can make your ad slot a little more efficient. Depending on the content surrounding the Adsense ad, sometimes there are no real matches or it is just taking a little longer to crawl your page. If there are no matching ads, then Google will display public announcements in that slot, which usually have nothing to do with your site. If there are no relevant ads, then Google allows you show the public ad, another ad from a URL, or fill the space with a solid color. Out of the three options I would rather show an ad from another URL. Simply upload an image to wherever you normally do it, and then copy and paste the URL into the box. The next step in creating your Adsense campaign is purely for tracking. We must now setup some channels where we can track which © 2009 ASANT Media 6
  6. 6. campaigns are be clicked on. Obviously we want to see what works and what does not, right? All you need to do is name your ad. I like to use the site initials followed by the ad size, and then location of ad (i.e. AM 300x250 Sidebar). Finally take the code and copy and paste it wherever you want the ad to show. That is pretty much it. © 2009 ASANT Media 7
  7. 7. Common Adsense Mistakes Before we can really learn how to make money using Adsense we need to look at some of the common mistakes people make that causes bad results with Adsense: Advertisement does not blend or mesh with site. Ads not placed in high targeted areas. Too little Adsense campaigns running on page. Too many Adsense campaigns running on a page. Lack of clear content and keywords. Site is not a single focused niche. Now we can learn how to really harness the power of Adsense to make money. © 2009 ASANT Media 8
  8. 8. Adsense Tricks, Tips, and Advice Placement of Adsense Campaigns Your placement of each campaign is probably the most important factor when it comes to successfully making money off them. Adsense has conducted research and came up with hot zones for ad placement. These can be used for any type of ad not just Adsense. White equals poor conversion rate and dark orange equals the best; however, these placements are not always accurate. It really depends on your niche and site layout. For all sites I always like to leave a 300x250 in the sidebar, one within the post loop (size varies on template), and then throw a 300x250 within an actual post page. Sometimes I will add a slot between the end of the article and comments section or between the title and article body. If the sidebar is narrow, then I will use a 160x600. Remember you have a three ad unit max per page, so make use of all of them. Be creative and think where your readers would click. © 2009 ASANT Media 9
  9. 9. Adsense Blending While you are not supposed to directly ask for visitors to click on ads, there is no harm in tricking them. The best ads seamlessly blend right into the sites layout. Almost making it feel like it was actually made for the site. Once again there is no full proof science to blending your ads into your site, but a common practice is to use the same text and link colors as your site. We already covered hot and cold ad placement zones, but the best ads really break into the content. On many big sites you will see an article split up by an ad. On my sites I usually show excerpts on my index page then I like have an ad show up after the second or third post. If you are using Wordpress an automatic way to do this is by using the following code: Place right under the <body> tag. Place somewhere within the loop. <!-- Post Break Code Part 1 of 2 --> <!-- Post Break Code Part 2 of 2 --> <?php <?php if ($postnum == $postnum = 1; $showadsense3) { $showadsense1 = 1; echo ' $showadsense2 = 2; YOUR ADSENSE CODE $showadsense3 = 3; ';} ?> ?> <?php $postnum++; ?> <!-- END Post Break Code Part 1 of 2 --> <!-- END Post Break Code Part 2 of 2 --> You can play around with both parts to get the exact placement you are looking for. Essentially play around with different colors until you find the one that works the best, but as long as you use many of the same colors that are already naturally on your site, then it should work out well. A good way to measure how well your ads blend on the site is to try to get somebody who does not know much about online monetization, ask them what sticks out to them, and what they would and would not click on. What sticks out or does not look like it would work to you © 2009 ASANT Media 10
  10. 10. might seem different than somebody who knows less about all this stuff. Remember not everybody knows how to create a website. Run Campaigns on Multiple Sites Probably the most used and popular method to successfully using Adsense is to run campaigns on multiple sites. With Adsense there is no need to make a different account for each site. They can all be created and managed from the same account. Depending on site traffic, content, and other related factors sometimes it just will not be possible to make more than a certain amount of money on one site, but what happened if you could create 1, 2, or even 10 more sites of different niches? You have probably come across many of these sites, but have not really noticed. Popular niches to do this type of mini sites are shoes, movies, and golf stores, but you can really do it with anything. Essentially you create a site focused on a single topic and update it every now and then with content leaving ads in high converting areas. For example, you can have a site dedicated to new basketball shoes that have come out or reviewing the latest golf clubs. These are usually high searched terms, which will help you with getting traffic. Usually these people are looking to find out something, so they are more apt to click on any other links they might see. Doing the Math You are running Adsense campaigns on one site that is bringing in $30 a month (a very realistic number). Take that multiplied by 12 and you are brining in $360 a year. © 2009 ASANT Media 11
  11. 11. Now say we made 9 more of these mini sites and each are bringing in $30. Now you are making $300 per month and $3600 a year off Adsense alone. As an experienced Adsense user, $30 is not at all hard to come by. Target Keywords Remember Adsense crawls your content to display related ads. Make sure that your articles clearly says what they are talking about. If you are talking about a golf club, then make sure to insert lot of golf club related keywords. Try to refrain from using slang or ambiguous words. Almost act like you are talking to a slow person who does not understand English and needs clarification and repeating. © 2009 ASANT Media 12
  12. 12. Review Hopefully by now you realize how easy yet powerful Adsense is, and how important it can be to successfully making money online. Before you go throwing Adsense everywhere remember these key things: Running Adsense on multiple sites increase revenue. Use distinct keywords in surrounding content. Test, test, and test ad placement and blending. Remember to use the channel feature to track each campaign. DO NOT CLICK on your own ads. Adsense can be used with most affiliate and other ad networks. Do not congest your ads all in one place. Use all the Adsense features for your other media outlets (feeds, video, etc.) People are making all types of different amounts of money using Adsense. With hardwork and experience, eventually you should find the right key for making Adsense work for you. If you still have any questions, concerns, or just want to bounce ideas off, then feel free to visit ASANT Media ( or contact me directly at We would also love to hear what you thought about this eBook: Was it to your liking? Did it answer your questions? Was something missing? Was it a complete waste of your time and money? © 2009 ASANT Media 13