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About me♥

  1. 1. ♥About me♥ By: Alissa
  2. 2. Childhood My name is Alissa I am 11 years old My birthday is March 30,1999 I was born in Brownsville,Tx
  3. 3. My Best Friends ♥My best friends are Audrie, Joe, Raul, Gleen, Ashley, Juan, Areli, Annette, Desree, Hector, Erica, Danny, and Kasey. They are the coolest people in the world. I love to be with them because they are always making me laugh.
  4. 4. My Family My family isn't very big. I am an only child and my parents are divorced. I am with my mom (Grizelda) during the week and with my dad (Ernest) on weekends. I love my family more than anything.♥
  5. 5. My Role Model ♥My role model is my aunt Celia. She is very smart and pretty. She is in college studying to be a teacher. She is 19 Years old, and she is my moms sister.
  6. 6. My Favorite Singer My favorite singer is Chris Brown. My favorite song from Chris Brown is Yeah 3x. I love to listen to Chris Brown Because his songs have a fun rhythm.
  7. 7. My Pets I have two puppies named Cookie and Midnight. They are outside at my dads house.
  8. 8. My Favorite Places to Eat My favorite places to eat are Buffalo Wild Wings, Pizza Hut, Mc Donald's, and What-a-burger.
  9. 9. My Favorite Movies My favorite movie is Takers. It has a lot of action, and a lot of cool people come out in the movie.
  10. 10. Places or Cities I have visited San Antonio Fiesta Texas Sea world South Padre Island
  11. 11. My Favorite colors Black Green Blue Red Pink
  12. 12. Favorite Holidays My Favorite holiday is Christmas. Because Christmas is the holiday we get presents and everyone is nice. I like not going to school on Christmas
  13. 13. Favorite Television Show My Favorite show is Degrassi. Because the show is super cool and has a lot of drama. The show is about high school kids.
  14. 14. Favorite foods Pizza Wings Burgers Spicy Chicken Sandwich Tacos Steak French Fries
  15. 15. My favorite books Fear Street Goosebumps Because of Winn-Dixie Where the Red Fern Grows
  16. 16. Your Personality Happy Excited Fun Depressed Angry Sarcastic Sweet
  17. 17. Thank you