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Evaluation presentation media

  1. 1. EVALUATIONWhat kind of media institution mightdistribute your media product andwhy? Blue Moon Productions
  2. 2. What is a Media Institution?A media institution is an established, often-profit based organization, that deals in the creationand distribution of advertising, entertainment and information services. When it comes to films, amedia institution may disperse the film in cinemas either nationally or internationally, dependingon the budget and also the size of the distributor. They also decide when the film will bereleased. The largest distributors are Warner Bros., Walt Disney Pictures and 20th Century Fox.
  3. 3. Because our film is a family comedy filmwhich is set in a school, we decided to lookat how other films of the same genre, suchas Easy A, Napoleon Dynamite and TheInbetweeners Movie were distributed. Thereasons why we chose to research on howthese films were distributed is due to thefact that they were made with such littlemoney which is useful for us consideringwe used hardly any money at all. Forexample Napoleon Dynamite was madeon a budget of $400,000 and theInbetweeners movie was made on abudget of 3.5 million pounds.
  4. 4. However unlike those films, our film is not going to be distributed by a big American distributor.We decided that our film should be distributed by an independent British distributor such as :•BBC films,•Film 4This is because our film is not a massive blockbuster film but it is a small independent film.However if our film were to be distributed by a much larger company then the choice would bethe Entertainment Film Distributors. To decide which distributor would be perfect to disperseour film we done more research on each distributor.
  5. 5. BBC FilmsBBC Films is the feature film-making arm of the BBC. It is firmly established at the forefront ofBritish independent film-making and co-produces approximately eight films a year. Working inpartnership with major international and UK distributors, BBC Films aims to make strong Britishfilms with range and ambition. They are committed to finding and developing new talent, aswell as collaborating with some of the foremost writers and directors in the industry. For thosereasons BBC films could be good to distribute our film.
  6. 6. Film 4Film4 Productions is a British film production company owned by Channel Four TelevisionCorporation. The company has been responsible for backing a large number of films made inthe United Kingdom. Film 4 also produce and co-produce a large number of British films suchas The Inbetweeners Movie and This Is England. Due to such successful films, Film 4 couldbe an ideal distributor of our film as it could also garner a huge audience.
  7. 7. Entertainment Film DistributorsEntertainment Film Distributors is a British distributor of independent films in the UK.Between 1990 and 2010, Entertainment distributed films made by New Line Cinema alongwith films from other independent production companies. One of the most notable series offilms distributed to date is The Lord of the Rings trilogy. They have also released manyBAFTA and Oscar winning films such as The Departed an Million Dollar Baby. Even thoughour film is very small compared to these films, if we were to be distributed by such acompany it would make our film more famous and recognized and thus make our film moresuccessful financially. However the likelihood of such a huge group distributing us is quitesmall.
  8. 8. So which media institution would distributeour film?We have decided that although each of the institutions would be an ideal distributor forour film as they have their advantages, the institution that would distribute our film isFilm4. This is because they have experience in distributing small independent films andthey have had a lot of success doing so. Furthermore we feel that Film4 is a morerealistic choice to distribute our film and they have the marketing ability to make our filmsuccessful and widely recognized, not just nationally but internationally as well.