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Heal gel presentation

Heal gel presentation



OTC Skin Therapy product

OTC Skin Therapy product



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    Heal gel presentation Heal gel presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Healgel is a carefully & scientificallydeveloped gel for cosmetic skintherapy & scar appearanceCreated by leading British surgeons
    • “ It’s elixir of life for the skin. A close-up after a 14 hour day is actually possible with Healgel, it tightens the skin around my eyes immediately.” Thandie Newton BAFTA winnerwww.healgelshop.com
    • About Heal Care ProductsHealgelis an innovative skin care product developed by a group of renowned UK plasticsurgeons and healthcare professionals who together have over fifty years of combinedclinical experience in treating complex skin injuries and formulating successful skinpreparations. “This formulation has proven so effective in helping our clients that it seemed logical to make it more widely available for everyone to enjoy its benefits” Prof Peter Butler MD FRCS (Plas)
    • Brand Values & differentiation* Innovative and advanced skincare product developed with cutting-edge technology* Dermatological approach* Promotes skin recovery by building tone, reducing scar appearance, reducing redness and rejuvenating* Reliable and well tolerated* Paraben free* Positioned as a household product for natural healing “ With two young, accident prone kids in tow HEAL is as essential a part of my travel kit as my wallet. At long last a cream that actually lives up to it’s promises” Mariella Frostrup - TV presenter
    • What is Heal Gel* What is it? An advanced formula gel* What does it do?- Protects and rejuvenates the skin layers thereby helping inthe natural healing process.- Effectively reduces the appearance and reddening of scarsflattening, and making these more supple.- Calms and soothes.* Who created this magic in a jar?Five leading British Plastic surgeons, with the help of arenowned skin biochemist. They wanted an advanced formulathat would help shorten the recovery time so that their patientscould return to their normal lives as fast as possible. It tookthree years of trial to perfect the formula..*Isn’t there anything else that you can buy that does that?Not all in one jar.*How does it do it?The advanced formula contains a group of key essentialingredients which have soothing, repair and scar protectivefunctions.
    • What is Heal Gel* Why do we want it?Because the slightest problem on or under the skin, especiallyof the face, distresses us, we know that scar colouring and theassociated discomfort following the trauma will go quickly toleave the least possible traces behind.* How do we use it?Apply the advanced formula to any area of troublesome, butunbroken skin, two or three times daily as you need it.Do not use it on open wounds or severe burns.We haven’t ever seen any allergic or untoward reactions toHeal, but be sensible as you would with anything; test it on apatch of normal skin and leave for an hour.Use with care near the eyes.
    • The Survey "Every year hundreds of people have undergone surgery of some type which may leave a scar. Our experience has shown that those who use Healgel have reported that they have a significantly reduced scar appearance using the product” The feedback from patients who have used Healgel showed: 94% reported that Healgel was very soothing 82% had a reduced appearance in their swelling85% said Healgel was highly effectively at reducing skin discoloration following the procedures * A total of 141 people were surveyed
    • The science The product owes its effectiveness to a formula which promotes the natural healing properties of the skin Arnica Montana A plant derived ingredient which is well known for its effects on bruising is used as a natural skin stimulant to help in the reduction of skin discoloration.1 Madecassoside An herbal ingredient used for its soothing properties on the skin and to increase the skin tone. Haloxyl TM This key ingredient is easily absorbed into The the skin structure working to promote the reduction in swelling associated with injury. Soothing Glistin Glutamylaminomethyl Indole This is a peptide – a little chain of amino-acids, like proteins but shorter, in fact so tiny they can be absorbed readily by the skin. It Group maintains the structure of the skin to sooth and condition thereby reducing the irritation often associated with scars such as burning or itching sensations. Biodynes® TRF® Derived from yeast, this essential key ingredient has cellular renewal activity the results of which can be seen in as the reduction in puffiness and swelling around the scar.
    • The science What’s the secret of Heal?2 Collaxyl® Vinci02® More peptides to help repair the surface and undersurface layers of the skin, and stimulate the undersurface cells to make the protein collagen. The Oristine® This peptide’s job is to encourage the enzyme SIRT1, which helps regulate the way cells age and deal Repair with stress. Signalline® This tells the signalling enzymes of the body Group to pass on the message to regenerate the surface and undersurface skin layers and produce more collagen.
    • The science What’s the secret of Heal?3 Polysilicone-11 A silicone that stays on the surface of the skin as a gel and seals it, so that the rest of the ingredients can work undisturbed. It also softens and flattens the visible surface of the wound. Plastic surgeons have used silicones for The years to improve scars, and they are very successful in flattening early, red scars when the wound has fully healed. Anti – Methylsilanol Hydroxyproline Aspartate scarring Hydroxyproline is an amino acid, a big part both of collagen and of elastin, the protein that controls the elasticity of connective tissue fibres. It helps keep group damaged tissue from losing its texture and stretchiness.
    • The Recommendations “My Scars were read and itchy“I was staggered. It’s remarkable. I mended so quickly! I wasvery surprised at how quickly it helped a quite complicated scar. - this has made a world of a difference ”I used it four times a day and I would say that within 3 weeks itwas almost there. It was very, very good indeed.” R.S., patient F.K. London“I was amazed at how soothing and comforting the product felton my tender skin after my operation and it reduced bruisingwithin days. It smells divine and has a consistency that sinks “I used Heal on our daughters appendixinto the skin. HEAL is truly amazing and is certainly a product scar which was red and itchy. The itchingthat I will always have in the home.” F.K., patient stopped almost immediately and the scar faded faster than I could have imagined. ”“I’ve tried many scar creams over the years, but they all feel C.M., mothergreasy and don’t rub in well. I was amazed to see the differencein my acne scars after using HEAL for three weeks. The skinnow feels soft and comfortable around the scars, and it wasreally itchy and red before.” F.B., beauty client
    • The Surgeonsmeet Peter Butler MD FRCS (Plas) is a consultant plastic surgeon in London, and at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA. He currently leads the UK facial transplant team and he has a research interest in skin healing. Martin Kelly MD FRCS (Plas) was a consultant craniofacial plastic surgeon in London and honorary lecturer at Imperial College, London. He spent two years at Mount Sinai, New York, studying the effects of free radicals on the skin for his higher degree. Patrick Mallucci MD FRCS (Plas) is a consultant plastic surgeon at University College London and the Royal Free Hospital, London. For his MD, he studied how to make delivery systems that go through the skin work better. He often appears on television news and documentaries. Simon Withey MS FRCS (Plas) is a consultant plastic surgeon at University College London and the Royal Hospital, London, and is on the academic committee of the European course for head and neck reconstruction; he teaches plastic surgery trainees at the Royal College of Surgeons. He has a lot of experience in techniques to repair difficult wounds. Norman Waterhouse FRCS FRCS (Plas) has a national and international presence in facial and aesthetic surgery. He is a former president of the British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons and the Royal Society of Medicine, and he has published over fifty scientific papers, including some on healing damaged and scarred skin. Colette Haydon is a doctor of dermo-cosmetology, a specialist in skin technology, and a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. She has worked with L’Oreal/Lâncome and the Wellcome Foundation. She founded the London company Elixir de Beauté Ltd in 1988, and creates and tests products in its laboratories.
    • Contact UsFor Sales & Samples please contact your representative:Heal Care Products Ltd4 Dyers BuildingsHolbornLondonEC1N 2JTTel: 0203 006 7358Fax: 0870 780 0136