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Journalism toolkit

  1. 1. Embedding videos (embed code Journalism Toolkitunder YouTube videos and free tool thatShare option on Vimeo) allows you to allows you to create word clouds. o create maps This is useful when you need to emphasize some o about specific key words/ terms used in the story you are event to show covering. the pattern of an event. It can Embed sounds by using allows you to be embedded as creating pages; publish mini stories especially well. with; when you need to use photos/videos/t multiple sources like Twitter, weets and share Google, Facebook, YouTubeInclude power pointpresentations yours and others use it to draw attention to your cause.via (embedding) @- search for users with “@” who do similar things to what you do and start following them. Include other documents in #- start using hashtags these users are using to draw attention to your your posts via cause/story/movement. Tweetdeck and Hootsuite- are desktop applications for Twitter. to search for trending for free online material Tweetmeme- aggregates popular links, categorizing them in to categories, subcategories and channels. Twitcam- allows you to tweet while you are stream live; social news sites social bookmarking site 1
  2. 2. Online SecurityBypass proxies for blocked sites: HTTPS- by adding “s” to the usual “http” - to access blocked blogs (hypertext transfer protocol) you can access - hides your IP when browsing blocked sites and encrypt traffic between online and access websites anonymously your PC and the site - to access blocked websites free software that protects users fromUltrasurf- free proxy tool for Windows. It can open surveillance.Its free to download. If blocked or for somemost of blocked websites. reason not accessible in your country;Bypass proxies can also be used to protect your IP;;address. http://tor.anonymity.cnFirefox and Google Chrome especially if used in“incognito mode” too can keep you safe from hackers. Orbot- is an application for androids and other smart phones to access web, do instant messaging and e-For maximum secure online browsing: mail without being monitored or blocked by mobile - block all cookies internet service provider. Its similar to TOR but for - disable search savings mobile. - disable login information storage Orweb- works with Orbot to provide access to bypass - block all pop- ups web filters and firewalls. You can stay anonymous - disable location tracking with Orweb. It keeps no local history, disable flash,Use cached pageswhen accessing blocked pages- this allows and safe from malicious contentyou to retrieve copy of a blocked page from search engine ( rather than the blocked site itself . 2
  3. 3. Gmail: - access your gmail account directly from - if accessing via mobile phone - Gmail uses “HTTPS”- secure connection which keeps your messages encrypted - Refer to Gmail’s Security Center for complete checklist - Check when you logged in to your account by scrolling to the bottom of your page- you will see IP addresses - Always sign out especially if on public secure e-mailservice that encrypts all yourcorrespondence.Similar toGmail. 3
  4. 4. Useful online online digital activism tool how to use new media in organizing and reaching out reports on online peoplesecurity and more and it is available in Spanish this is a database to human rights tactics for-zen-peacekeepers/zen-peacekeeper-guide- to-twitter/-zen peacekeeping guide to free software for bypassing firewalland filtering 542-Reporters Without Borders, Handbook Cyber- Dissidents and website with resources on website that documents internettechnology for democracy building, improving human censorship worldwiderights. an extensive website resources for activists, support and moreDiaspora- social network for activists personal blog by Patrick Meier on resistance through digital website with resources andhow- to guides to online security, internet privacy for Truthout.comactivists and media 4
  5. 5. Few useful notesAuthentic journalist’s strategy for covering a planned action Use Google to learn about search optimization:or event: title is important and especially the first word ( Know what the action will look like. Highlight certain words in bold (Ex: war on drugs)2. Understand the goal of the action. Continuity (keep updating; keep tweeting- its3. Understand the larger aims of the useful to share same links often)movement/organization. Timing- when you post material online (after 7AM4. Determine the audience of your coverage based on and before 11PM)numbers 2 and 3. Meta tags5. Identify which types of messages/stories will speak to ( audience. Select the media tools that you will use for documentingthe action and amplifying the stories. 5