Baking your banana


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Baking your banana

  1. 1. BakingYourBananaWhen bananas are baked their naturalsweetness is brought out and makethem taste even more delicious. In this recipe, bananas are flavored with butter, sugar andlemon juice and baked until soft and silky. Served with some vanilla ice cream and sprinkledwith chopped pecans or almonds this quick and simple dessert recipe makes an elegant dish.You can also put whipped cream on top and chocolate shavings. For a healthier alternative, topthis with yogurt and enjoy for a luxurious breakfast.There are many kinds of bananas available in the market and varieties differ in texture, size andflavor. Available the whole year round are yellow bananas and exotic varieties can be bought atethnic food markets. There is a lot of diversity in Hispanic, Thai and Philippine markets wherebananas are grown abundantly and exported around the world. There are red bananas,plantains, Lady Fingers, and burro bananas. You can use a variety of bananas to make thisrecipe even more fun and tasty. Or you can try different kinds of bananas each time you makethis recipe. Lots of ways to cook banana so feel free to view up some online video recipes here.Bananas develop and ripen furtherafter they are harvested, so they can bepicked while they are still green. This allowsthem to be shipped to far places with littlestorage problem. However, bananas aresensitive to cool temperatures, and bruiseeasily below 55 degrees F. Never keep thebananas inside the refrigerator whenstoring them. 60 to 70 degrees F is the idealtemperature for allowing bananas to ripen.Higher temperatures will cause them toripen too quickly.
  2. 2. Choose those bananas that are firm with a bright appearance and have no signs of injury orbruises when buying them. Bananas with green tips are not fully developed and should beallowed to ripen for a day or two or more whenthe solid yellow color is specked with brown.Ingredients4 bananas, peeled and cut in halves2 tablespoon butter, melted2 tablespoon sugar2 tablespoon lemon juice1. Put the peeled and banana halves In a bowland add melted butter, sugar and lemon juiceto it.2. In a greased baking tray pour this mixture and bake it for about 20-25 minutes in a preheatedoven at 180 degree F. Allow it t cool on a wire rack. Serve in pudding bowls.3. Chopped nuts maybe added if you want.