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BVCOE quiz Club meet
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BVCOE quiz Club meet


Quiz Club meet at BVCOE

Quiz Club meet at BVCOE

Published in News & Politics
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  • 1. 1.Who is the current Railway Minister Of India ?
  • 2. CP JOSHI
  • 3. 2. X was placed at top in the Executive Pay Chart of the listed companies for the fiscal year 2011-2012. He toppedthe chart for second time in a row witha package of 73.42 crore with a growth of over 6 crore to that of his last years package. Identify X ?
  • 4. Chairman and managingdirector of Jindal Steeland Power Ltd (JSPL)
  • 5. 3. Who is the leadingWicket taker in the T20 internationals ?
  • 6. Saeed Ajmal
  • 7. 4.Which commonly used word derives its origin from two Greek words ‘oikou’ and ‘nomos’ which means the rule or law of the household?
  • 8. Economics
  • 9. 5.Connect
  • 10. • Most No of Oscar awards -- 11
  • 11. 6.• Which famous Indian mascot was conceived and created by Bobby Kooka along with Umesh Rao, an artist with J.Walter Thompson Ltd., Mumbai???
  • 12. AIR INDIA Maharaja
  • 13. 7.In the Star Trek fictional universe, the fictionalcomputer OS known as “Library ComputerAccess/Retrieval System (LCARS)” is often seenused on a device known as “Personal AccessDisplay Device”. This device served as theinspiration of the name for a modern technologymarvel – more so because of their similarappearances. Name this modern gadget every one of you would love to own.
  • 14. I Pad
  • 15. 8.Unveiled to the media on the 3rd of August 2011 in Mumbai, Nissan’s new sedan shares itname with nickname of a famous retired Indian batsman. What is the name of the Nissan car?
  • 17. 9. It started as a small activity from the founder (an IIT Delhi graduate) tocreate a giant database of menu cards. It is now a restaurant guide for many Indian cities . Sometime back in 2010 they renamed themselves. This was done to avoid conflicts with eBay.Which popular Indian website this is ?
  • 18. 10. Which company added a soundlessdigital clock to its new model in 1980 to do something about the clock inits legendary selling line "At 60 milesan hour the loudest noise in this new X comes from the electric clock"?
  • 20. 11.Who is this?
  • 21. 12. PSY, K-POP star. Gangnam Style!
  • 22. 12.Which company founded in 1923 by the brothers Henry and HelalHassenfeld uses a stylized smile in its logo to indicate the fact that their business is fun?
  • 23. Hasbro (fromHassenfeldbrothers)
  • 24. 13.Who is the owner of this company ?
  • 25. Sunny Leone
  • 26. 14.Id the composer and this Soundtrack and moviein which it is featured ??
  • 27. MIND HIEST fromINCEPTIONBy Zack Hemsey
  • 28. 15. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)degree from The Presidency College, Chennai, hecompleted his Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from theMadras Law College and his Masters in BusinessAdministration (M.B.A.) from Harvard BusinessSchool. In 2009, He was shoed by Jarnail Singh, a Sikhjournalist during a press conference in Delhi. Singh,was dissatisfied with his answer to a question on theCBI clean chit to Congress leader Jagdish Tytler on the1984 anti-Sikh riots case. Who is he?
  • 30. 16.Connect
  • 31. All Are NestleProducts
  • 32. 17.Identify this iconic building in downtown New York
  • 33. The Friends Building
  • 34. 18.This is the episode listing of which television series ?1. Daughters are precious2. Break the silence3. Marriage or Marketplace4. Every life is precious5. Intolerence of love6. People with disabilities7. Danget at home8. Poisom on your plate ?Think before you drink10. Dignity for all11. Sunset years, sunshine life12. Every drop counts13. Idea of India
  • 35. Satyamev Jayate
  • 36. 19.When the Indian forces drove away the Portuguesefrom this colony, it became an independent country inthe eyes of international law. When the residents ofthe colony requested the Government of India foradministrative help, Mr K.G. Badlani, an IAS officerwas sent as the administrator. In 1961, Mr. Badlaniwas, for one day, designated as the Prime Minister ofthe ‘country’ so that as the Head of State he could signan agreement with the Prime Minister of India,Jawaharlal Nehru, and formally merge the countrywith the Republic of India.Identify this former Portuguese colony.
  • 37. Dadar and Nagar Haveli
  • 38. 20.India was the first Asian country to get a loanfrom the WORLD BANK on the 18th of august,1949.What was the purpose of this loan?
  • 39. Indian RailwaysReconstruction andDevolopement
  • 40. 21.‘Sleepy John is a Czech folk legend which tells the story of a useless fellow whocan do nothing but sleep. He happens to land in the kings court due to magic,where the court is discussing the strange disappearance of the queen everynight.The queen wears out a dozen pairs of shoes every night, yet no one has everbeen able to follow her. Sleepy john announces that he"ll follow her and find hersecret. He uses his magic to track her down, and discovers that she sneaks out ofthe palace every night to attend a feast in hell and ends up dancing with thedevil till her dozen pairs of shoes are worn out. John is rewarded with half thekingdom by the king for tracking her exploits, and the queen is swallowed by theearth.Where did most of us come across this story, in a slightly different form ?
  • 41. “Hawa Hawa” Song from theMovie Rockstar
  • 42. 22.Homo floriensis is a possiblespecies of extint human found onthe island of flores in Indonesia.The First set of remains to befound ,LB1, has an estimatedhieght of 1.06m, and a brainvolume of 23 cu in.What was the nickname given toHomo floriensis.
  • 43. HOBBIT
  • 44. 23.Who was made an honorary member of the BradfordCity Supporters’ Club because of the huge boost he gaveto the sales of club scarves since his arrival in 2002?
  • 45. HarryPotter
  • 46. 24.• Kimbra Hickey works as a hand, foot and leg model apart from being a part- time massage therapist.• Her claim to fame is a photo of her hands shot in 2004, but she thinks that she never got as much publicity as she deserved for the same.• She has been trying to inform as many peoples as possible about her contribution, and even carries around a Gala Apple in her purse at times so she can recreate her famous pose for people.• Where was the iconic photograph of her hands used ?
  • 47. Twilight :Breaking Dawn
  • 48. 25.According to the British tabloid press, Pippa Middleton is currently in arelationship with George Percy, heir to the duke of Northumberland. Heis known by a nickname, derived from his residence, Alnwick Castle,shown below. What is this nickname?
  • 50. 26.X used to sing in trains around the Sion stationin Mumbai where one fine day filmmakerAnand Surapur came across her and offeredher to sing for an album. It was in his officethat music director Y came across her. Y was soimpressed by the texture of her to voice thatshe offered her to sing the song Z. When X wasasked the meaning of her off beat song andshe says, "Z matlab Poora Satyanash"
  • 51. X = DurgaY= Sneha GanwalkarZ = Chee Chaa Ledar
  • 52. 28.X is an Austrian skydiver and aBASE jumper. He is renowned forthe particularly dangerous natureof the stunts he has performedduring his career. X spent time inthe Austrian military where hepracticed parachute jumping,including training to land on smalltarget zones.X ‘s current project is Red BullStratos, where he plans to jump toEarth from a helium balloon in thestratosphere in October 2012.
  • 53. Felix Baumgartner
  • 54. 28.FITB1. The Wizard and the Hopping Pot2. The Fountain of Fair Fortune3. The Warlocks Hairy Heart4. Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump_____________________________
  • 55. The Tale of the Three Brothers