Basic affiliate marketing success for cb wealth formula


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Simple strategy for CB Wealth Formula

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Basic affiliate marketing success for cb wealth formula

  1. 1. 2010 Basic Affiliate Marketing Success for CB Wealth Formula Simple understanding distinction of winner and looser in affiliate marketing 1/1/2010
  2. 2. Basic Affiliate Marketing Success for CB Wealth Formula Affiliate marketing success comes from a representative’s ability to work smart, rather than an ability to work hard. So how exactly does a representative work smart in this industry? It boils down to two basic distictionwords: sales and marketing. These are the fundamental keys to raise your business to the next level. Most people assume these words mean the same thing. Ubnfortunately, successful achiever know the true meanings behind these words, and they succeed by saving themselves a lot of confusion, and grow their businesses enormously. ‘Sales’ is about the PUSH. Sales are about convincing, or pushing, a product to a customer. When you do that, you are convincing another person to take on your opinion – even if they don’t agree with your opinion. You can work as hard as you want to persuade the customer to take your option. However, no matter what, you can’t convince someone else against their will. ‘Marketing’ is about the PULL. Rather than forcing your product into someone else’s life, try something different. Get the customer to become interested in what you are offering. You can market your product, like a weight loss aid, by showing the benefits through different marketing channel. When your prospects see your market effect, they will in turn come and ask you how your product works. The dynamics of this type of conversation are completely different when someone is coming to you, rather than you going to another person. It is so different that the success or failure of your business rests upon it. You have got to identify your target market for your affiliate marketing opportunity. Your target market is the prospect who either wants to increase his or her income or someone who is looking for the benefits that your product offers. There’s a reason why a lot of affiliate marketing representatives seem like the shady used car salesperson. It’s because they were taught that everyone is their target market. This is totally wrong mindset. Not everyone is in your target market, because not everyone is interested in your business opportunity, and not everyone is interested in using your product! Treating every single person you meet like they are in your target market wastes your affiliate marketing representative time. For example, think about Mercedes-Benz. If you are selling Mercedes-Benz, would you go to a group of low income workers to sell your yacht to them? Of course not. You would go to people who have the money and would be interested in your product. Once you strengthen your ability to seek out your target market, you can market your product to them and achieve success. When all is said and done, your ability to market, rather then sell, will determine your effectiveness in affiliate marketing. You will be successful in your business with this knowledge and this skill.
  3. 3. Trying to earn quick money in affiliate marketing is considered to be the quickest way to fail in your affiliate marketing business. A lot of people get into this industry with this flawed, get-rich-quick mindset, and they fail to realize that affiliate marketing is really all about creating a slow, long-term, interconnected business. If you are in affiliate marketing with this get rich quick mindset, I strongly advise you to consider this fact: Would you rather burn yourself out making $1,000 a month for a few months, wearing yourself out, and then crashing and burning? Or, would you rather work steadily and build a strong, ever-increasing residual income of $50,000 per month or more for the rest of your life, even AFTER you’ve stopped doing affiliate marketing? The choice may seem really obvious, but greed often blinds our eyes to the rewards of being patient and waiting for delayed gratification Here are a few of the reasons why earning quick money is actually one of the worst ways to build your affiliate marketing business: - Quick money is short term: Affiliate marketing is a business where people build a huge income over a period of time through the efforts of many people. Think of it this way: would you rather use 100% of your own strength, or 1% of the strengths of 100 people? - Affiliate marketing is more of a teaching industry rather than a sales industry. Even though sales are certainly involved in affiliate marketing, it is not the best seller who wins the day. Rather, it is the best TEACHER that succeeds. Remember, affiliate marketing is all about duplication. It is not a one-man show. You can sell thousands and thousands of dollars every month, but you are still one seller and you seriously can’t do the same thing forever. Wouldn’t it be better to teach two people how to sell or consume a quality product and teach them how to teach others to do the same? Wouldn’t it be a lot simpler? - Affiliate marketing doesn’t provide huge commissions unless you have a huge team. Many affiliate marketing companies offer huge commission checks to the leader who builds the largest sales volume through their affiliate - not from their PERSONAL sales. Most affiliate marketing compensation plans also increase your payouts only after you’ve helped others to reach their goals as well. So don’t be selfish and focus only on yourself – help others succeed first, before you succeed. You have to get rid of the “get rich quick” mentality - not only is it totally destructive to your affiliate, but you might even get a bad reputation if things go sour. Make sure you are prepared to commit the next two to five years to your affiliate marketing business. Finding fresh affiliate marketing leads on the internet is ideal in today’s marketplace. The old systems of calling friends and families don’t work any more. You need to make the power of the internet work for your business. Here are several proven techniques for seeking out leads online: Writing articles is the best way to drive traffic to your affiliate marketing site online. When you write articles
  4. 4. about your business opportunity, you can connect with people who are looking for your product that will solve a problem, and you can connect with people seeking out business opportunities in the field your product is in. Using pay-per-click services costs a little bit, but it is a great way to pull in lots of leads. You can use these ads on Google AdWords and within just a few minutes, you will have your site posted on the sponsored sidebar on the Google search page. These are great for both increasing your subscriber base and for driving traffic to your purchasing website. Paid advertising on e-newsletters and e-zines connects you with a targeted audience. Using stand alone ads, you will be noticed by thousands of like-minded readers. This exposure is priceless. Social affiliateing sites connect you with thousands of people across the world. You can post articles on your profile and home pages to generate interest and drive traffic to your side. In addition, you can capture fresh new leads, and be indexed by Google’s search engine to increase your page ranking. In addition, online forums allow you to connect with potential customers and engage in conversation with the. If you are interesting online and you post useful information, people will click on your signature website listings, increasing customer interest. Finally, you need to blog regularly. The more often you post, the more often Google and other major search engines will crawl your site and push you to the top of the search results page. In addition, you can direct affiliate orders and capture new leads through your blog. Remember, banner advertising is declining in effectiveness; blogging is a valid way to promote your business online. Use these proven techniques to increase your subscriber database and increase sales for your affiliate marketing business. The right way to success in affiliate marketing is learn from the real expert to avoid their mistakes. You can find the solid sustainable business plan in