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Chunwen Chen Portfolio_2012

  1. 1. Chunwen ChenPortfolioInternal Communications | External CommunicationsEvent photography | News report writingE: c.chunwen@gmail.comM: +31 (0) 657 777 884 Last updated April 2012
  2. 2. ►Philips Consumer Lifestyle • Training booklet • Online consumer experience ►Danone Baby Nutrition • Internal newsletter • Corporate presentation ►Danone Place Schiphol • Internal training • Health & Nature activities • Article ►Chinese Radio & TV • Event photography • News report
  3. 3. Philips Consumer Lifestyle Social Media Webcare Training BookletInternal Communications The booklet is designed for internal use to train new Webcare agent in global team, and also to be used as guidance in BGs around the globe. Communication channels: intranet, sharepoint group, e-mail, print More 1.1
  4. 4. Trainingbooklet 1.1
  5. 5. Philips Consumer Lifestyle Re-design the Universial Code Finder website consumer experience • Suggested a new interface for the website, based on study of consumer’s feedback • Simplified the steps to for consumers to find remote code that match their electronic devices • Reached higher KPIs: Web Goal Completion Rate from 62% to 65% within 3 months, Net Promotor Score from – 2% to +10 % within 6 months New look More 1.2
  6. 6. Websiteinterface 1.2
  7. 7. Danone Baby Nutrition DBNews – internal newsletterInternal Communications A divisional quarterly newsletter, sent from Executive VP, to 11000 employees in all CBUs over the world. Distribution channels: corporate intranet, e-mail, plasma screen, available in print at Danone Place Schiphol (headquarter of Danone Baby and Medical Nutrition) Feb 2012 edition More 2.1
  8. 8. Feb 2012 edition 2.1
  9. 9. April 2012 edition More 2.1
  10. 10. April 2012 edition 2.1
  11. 11. Danone Baby Nutrition Danone Baby Nutrition Profile 2012Internal Communications A corporate standard presentation for internal use educate employee about the company, in terms of its history, culture and strategy etc. Distribution channels: corporate intranet 2.2
  12. 12. Danone Place Schiphol WHO Code Induction TrainingInternal Communications A compulsory training for every emplyee at DPS to understand the new company policy of marketing breast milk, after Danone entered the FTSE index. Communication channels: e-mail, event banner, training meeting, take-away package Event banner Physical display More 3.1
  13. 13. Event photos 3.1
  14. 14. Danone Place Schiphol Health & Nature activitiesInternal Communications Diverse types of activities take place every month, attract 400 employees at DPS, to promot Danone as a people-focused company, who concentrate on building healthy working environment for employees. Communication channels: e-mail, event banner, and plasma screens. Physical display More 3.2
  15. 15. Example activityActivity announcement is designed andsent through plasma screen and e-mail 3.2
  16. 16. Danone Place Schiphol Article to share with Group Danone in Paris for corporate newsletterInternal Communications We Embrace Wellbeing in DPS on initiatives which improve energy levels, morale, productivity and overall wellbeing in each individual At Danone Place Schiphol (DPS), the headquarter of employee. Danone Baby Nutrition and Medical Nutrition, we have established a dedicated Health & Nature team, who Positive feedback on our initiatives actively organizes health & nature related activities on a What do DPS employees say about our initiatives? To monthly basis. This helps to create a sense of wellbeing date, employees are very positive about their experience and a healthy working environment for all 400 of our Health & Nature activities, according to both the employees at this location. Since 2009, we have recent Danone People Survey as well as a Wellbeing successfully engaged an average of 60 to 70 participants survey conducted at Schiphol. They appreciate the per event to our Health & Nature activities. overall initiative and give praise to the activities they participated in. Various activities to engage employees “Glad that these topics are being linked and that is being The enthusiasm of our employees that participate in the actively supported with people and time and resource, it activities becomes higher every year. This has also does help me to see the company has an interest in me manifested in the excellent results of the latest Danone as an individual. Thank you!” People Survey. The diverse selection of initiatives gives them many opportunities to get involved. By promoting We can say we really fulfilled our promise “to make efforts such as free offer of Actimel and fruit, lunchtime Danone Place Schiphol a healthier and greener place to talks on specific health & nature related topics, relaxing grow”. chair massages, a corporate rate at a nearby gym and a monthly “ Take-the-Stairs Day” etc., we are committed to promoting Danone’s health mission and the spirit of wellbeing to all of our employees. This is not only for the purpose of ensuring that tasks are performed wisely in day-to-day work, but also to strive towards a healthy work life balance in line with our overall mission to “Bring health through food to as many people as possible”. As a people-focused company we concentrate 3.3
  17. 17. Amsterdam International Fashion WeekChinese Radio & TV July 2011Event photography Designer Sheguang Hu Show More here: m/photos/chunwen 89/sets/721576270 81877921/ 4.1
  18. 18. 100 Lions Dance in Amsterdam to Celebrate 100 Years Chinese in the NetherlandsChinese Radio & TV July 2011Event photography More here: /72157627169315504/ 4.1
  19. 19. Chinese New Year Celebration in Den Haag City HallChinese Radio & TV January 2012Event photography More here: tos/chunwen89/sets/7215 7629080825169/ 4.1
  20. 20. Chinese Radio & TVNews report Dance Forum Taipei Performed Orchestra, uses traditional instruments. According to our interview with Yang, he mentioned that this new in Amsterdam dancing style attempts to integrate Eastern dancing By Chunwen Chen language and ancient Chinese music into a new form of modern dance style, which expresses the charm of Saturday night 10th September 2011, Dance Forum Eastern modern dance to audiencs. Taipei, one of Taiwans the most prominent dance companies, gave a spectacular show in the This performance given by Dance Forum Taipei is the Tropentheatre in Amsterdam. The successful openning of an ongoing festival Taipei Today which performance brought up an exciting moment in the lasts for several months from 9 September utill 17 theatre which is located in the centre of Amsterdam. It December 2011 in Tropentheatre Amsterdam. During was so wonderful that all audiences stood up while the festival, there will be continual performances by could not stop clapping for a few minutes at the end of cultural companies from Taipei, including Dance Forum the show. Taipei, Guoguang Opera Company, Taiyuan Puppet Theatre and Cinema Taiwan. The show, Eastern Tale directed by choreographer Ming-Lung Yang, is inspired by an ancient Chinese story Yu Ji and Xiang Yu. However it closes with three different endings. The story in the performance describes what happens to Yu Jia and general Xiang Yu who is defeated by Liu Bang. Despite the new design of story ending, there are several creations that deserve for attention. One is that the new dancing style in show is a combination of using the elements from Chinese opera and martial arts. Besides that, the background music, played by Taipei Chinese Source: 4.2
  21. 21. Chinese Radio & TVNews report CinemAsia Film Festival Kicked off with magnificent sea view. Like the majority of low- By Chunwen Chen income citizens in Hong Kong, the increasing property price smashed her dream. To achieve her dream, what The 4th CinemAsia Film Festival opened on Thursday she has done by hook or by crook, however leads her to evening at Het Ketelhuis located in Amsterdam, with the a road of no return at the end. Some said this film is too Hong Kong director Pang Ho-Cheung’s latest film bloody and gives the audience an unpleasant feeling. Dream Home(維多利亞號) starring Josie Ho and Eason They wondered what the purpose is of producing this Chan. During the kick-off ceremony, festival director film in such a horrible way. Film producer Conroy Chan Doris Yeung presented with an inspiring speech which explained that this film is an expression of our brought extra pleasure to the audiences. Due to dissatisfaction on the social problems caused by the particular circumstance, actress Josie Ho was not able property price, it enables the audience to realize the to participate in the opening as planned, while she disparity between poor and rich in the Hong Kong created a short video by which her wishes from Hong society. Kong are carried to the ceremony. Conroy Chan, the film producer of Dream Home, was also invited as a Besides Dream Home, still 8 movies produced by special guest and got involved in the Q&A section with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan directors, will be shown regard to his film, at the end of the ceremony. during the Festival (from 20th to 30th May 2010). Films from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan etc. are brought to the audiences in the 4th CinemAsia Film Festival. The main theme of this year’s festival focuses on “Underdog Hero” which tells the spirits of social vulnerable groups who strive for their dreams in the society. Film Dream Home is the representative of this theme, it tells a story of a girl called Cheng Lai- Sheung(Josie Ho) who wants to move into a new house Source: 4.2
  22. 22. Chinese Radio & TVNews report Chinese New Year Celebrated in the ceremony. In the opening speech, they emphasised that the two cities (Eindhoven and Nanjing) have built Several Cities in the Netherlands the friendly sister relationship in the past years, and still By Chunwen Chen look forward to maintain a long-lasting relationship in the future. The year of the Rabbit has arrived, on the 3rd and the 5th of February 2011, the Chinese New Year was The Hague Continue the Traditional Celebration celebrated in several cities: Eindhoven, Rotterdam and The Hague in the Netherlands. The local celebrations Before the celebration of Chinese New Year, the city of express people’s best wishes to the new year, the Hague claimed that the local celebration in China meanwhile they present the rich Chinese culture town, which used to be organized by Stichting through the event. Chinatown, is cancelled due to budget cuts from municipality. However, the government did not plan to Eindhoven Co-organized to Celebrate Chinese New stop the traditional celebration in the city hall of the Year Hague. On the 5th of Febuary , it was the ninth time to celebrate the festival at the city hall in the Hague. This This is the third time to celebrated the Chinese New event is pretty much welcomed by the local Chinese Year in the province Noord-Brabant. Following by community as well as the Dutch people. Every year, the celebrations in Tilburg and Breda in the last two years, grand event attracts thousands of citizens to the city this year’s event took place in Muziekgebouw in hall. People participated in the celebration activities, Eindhoven. The performances specially given by the including spectacular performance, traditional dragon professional theatre Group of Nanjing Little Red dance and Chinese market. Flowers, created lively new year atmosphere in the event.The Chinese New Year celebration was co- organized by the city of Eindhoven, the Jiangsu Representative Office, the Province of Noord- Brabant and SA Brabant Development Agency (BOM). Opening with the speeches of Mr. Rob van Gijzel, Mayor City of Eindhoven and Mr. Zhang Jun, Ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China, gave wishes to audience in Source: 4.2
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