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Medicinal mushrooms article article # 4

  1. 1. Ganoderma – Outstanding Medicinal MushroomNOVEMBER 24, 2011Article by Lynne FishIn the event you take only 1 medicinal mushroom, allow it to be Ganoderma. Alsoknown as Red Reishi in Japan or Lingzhi in China, Ganoderma Lucidum is really akind of mushroom that???s renowned because of its fantastic medicinal properties andit has been utilized in conventional medicine throughout Asia for hundreds of years.Documents confirm it???s been in use for more than 2000 years.You will find twoparts to the mushroom, the red fruit physique, and the root method.Reishi Gano or RGcapsules contain pure Ganoderma Lucidum powder from the fruit (that???s the reddisc-like component within the picture).Ganocelium or GL capsules include pureGanoderma Mycelium powder from the root (they???re the long straggly bits).RGcontains more than 400 different nutrients, whilst GL contains over 200. So we???retalking about some very power-packed capsules.And just why is this specificmushroom so great for you?Speak to any practitioner of herbal, traditional andChinese medicine, or any nutritionalist or naturopath. In their wealthy armoury,medicinal mushrooms function strongly. There???s grounds for this. Firstly, they???rea natural product (well, that stands to reason).But mostly it???s simply because thenutrient-rich Ganoderma Lucidum medicinal mushroom is the most nutrient-rich ofall of the medicinal mushrooms.Ganoderma contains a vast array of Polysaccharides,Organic Germanium, Adenosine, Tripterpines, proteins, ganoderic acids, anti-oxidants, proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It???s also classed as anadaptogen, which means it can enter and clean toxic cells. Phew. That???s a lot for asingle plant. You are able to see why practitioners and users sing its praises.Theimportant advantages of Ganoderma reach all parts of the bodyMore and more clinicalanalysis into Ganoderma is confirming exactly what the practitioners of old alreadyknew. That Ganoderma can assist reduce the incidence and the effects of numerousmajor illnesses and types of conditions.Here???s a snapshot of some of thesestudies.??? Cardiovascular illness ??? in inhibiting platelet aggregation and decreasinghypertension.??? Immune system ??? in specific, in cancer research, recordingpositive immune-modulating effects and reduced side-effects from chemotherapy andradiation.??? Blood sugar balance ??? with a blood sugar levels lowering effect,elevation of plasma insulin levels, and enhanced liver metabolism of glucose.???Anti-inflammatory effects ??? showing comparable effects to hydrocortisone.???
  2. 2. Liver protector – studies with Hepatitis B Patients discovered Ganoderma decreasedthe elevated levels of liver enzymes to regular range.??? Oxygenation ??? a reductionin altitude sickness by oxygenating the blood.And here???s great news especiallywhen you have a busy lifestyle.Ganoderma will be the most alkaline food within theworld. You most likely didn???t know this, but most of us have bodies that are in acondition of acidosis. Sadly, that???s not good news. In short, we eat too numerousacidic foods and drinks too many acidic drinks (although they may not taste tart).Thebody operates at its very best and most effective when in a slightly alkaline state. Butacidosis means that rather than being in a peak fighting state, it???s fighting with 1hand tied behind its back.Ganoderma helps restore the body???s pH balance to it???spreferred alkaline condition. With regular use, it???s back to a fair fight. And withsome 150 illness that can???t survive in an alkaline body, it???s a fight you truly wishto win.You might really feel fit and healthy now, but what happens when lifestylecatches up?You???d be living under a rock not to know that chronic disease is on therise. And also the seeds are sown early on. It???s just that we don???t see itcoming.Diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, obesity and many other conditions are byand big a result of the body???s own immune system below stress. The major organsthat clean our cells become overloaded with a toxic mass simply because of lifestyleand consuming options and can???t cope. This happens over numerous years. It???sdisease by stealth.So the organs have to shop those toxins in our cells until they areable to get around to dealing with them all. Envision it???s a bit like rubbish bins onthe street. Unemptied, the bins overflow, and turn nasty. Prior to you know it,you???re dodging and weaving about mess. And also the smell! Well, envision yourpoor body having to storing up its waste in various parts of you and how inefficientthat makes its functioning!And once the cleaning functions are impaired, there???sonly 1 way to go, and that???s downhill.But a lot of this is reversible. Just becauseyou‟ve chronic disease, doesn???t necessarily mean you???re condemned to have itforever. An alter of attitude, diet and way of life, along with regular use ofGanoderma can and it has been shown to reverse many conditions.So now you realizemuch more about Ganoderma, do you think it could assist you to too?If you want more informationon“>Ganoderma Lucidum, don‟tread just rehashed articles online to avoid getting ripped off. Go here: GanodermaLucidum
  3. 3. The Most Deficient Mineral in the American Diet is Not CalciumNOVEMBER 24, 2011Article by Paul BlakeThat is right the most common mineral deficient in the U.S. diet is magnesium notcalcium. Of the American population 95% are deficient in magnesium. Of all theminerals our body needs magnesium is the most important, not calcium; withoutenough magnesium our bodies cannot even assimilate calcium. Calcium that is notassimilated into your body can lead to arthritis, gallstones, kidney stones, arteryplaque, brittle bones, and calcium spurs. All of these have been known to disappearafter taking extra magnesium supplements which assists in their absorption.Some of the conditions where magnesium may be useful in prevention are:Premature Aging, Arthritis, Aggressive Behavior, Alcoholism, Amyotrophic LateralSclerosis, Alzheimer‟s Disease, Heart Arrhythmia, Asthma, Attention DeficitDisorder, Autism, Brain Damage, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Cerebrovascular, ChemicalSensitivity, Chronic Fatigue, Cluster Headaches, Cocaine-related Stroke,Constipation, Cramps, Diabetes. Fibromyalgia, Fluoride Toxicity, Head Injuries,Central Nervous System Injuries, Heart Disease, Heart Attack, Atherosclerosis,Cardiovascular Disease, HIV, AIDS, Hypertension, Kidney Stones, MagnesiumDeficiency, Menopause, Migraine Headache, Mitral Valve Prolapse, MultipleSclerosis, Nystagmus, Osteoporosis, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Pregnancy-relatedProblems, Eclampsia, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), Psychiatric Disorders,Repetitive Strain Injury, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sickle Cell Disease, SIDS, Sports-related Problems, Stress, Stuttering, Tetanus, Tinnitis, Sound Sensitivity, TMJ, ToxicShock, ViolenceAre You Being Treated for a Disease That is a Just a Magnesium Deficiency.Magnesium deficiencies have been found to occur in around 11% of hospitalizedpatients; it was found that 52% of patients in coronary care units, 42% ofhypokalemic patients, 65% of ICU patients, and between 25%-39% of patients withdiabetes have inadequate levels of magnesium. “The higher percentage of fat andsugar in the American diet requires greater emphasis on magnesium-rich Foods”Look For These Symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency:
  4. 4. Arthritis, Insomnia, Fatigue, Body tension, Headaches, Heart-Disorders, Low Energy,High Blood Pressure, PMS, Backaches, Constipation, Kidney Stones, Osteoporosis,Irregular-Heartbeat, Anxiety, Muscle Cramps or Spasms, Irritability, Confusion, Poordigestion, Rapid heartbeat, Seizures, Can be synonymous with diabetes, Cause cardiacarrhythmia, Hypertension, Asthma, Chronic fatigue, Chronic pain syndrome,Formation of kidney stones.Do you have trouble sleeping, do you wake up with muscle cramps and spasms, orfeel too tense to sleep? Your sleep problem may be as simple as a Magnesiumdeficiency. Are you startled easily by noises, are you highly nervous, overly sensitive,on edge all the time, do lights seem too bright? Do you suffer from muscle spasms,muscle cramps, muscle jerks, muscle tics, eye tics, do you have hiccups? These are allcaused by a deficiency of and can be solved by taking Magnesium. These are signsthat your nervous system lacks Magnesium, which is essential for its properfunctioning.Do you suffer form low energy, chronic fatigue, do you become easily fatigued andweak; you may have a Magnesium deficiency. Each cell in your body usesMagnesium as a key to energy production. Magnesium can restore higher energylevels.Yes. Excess calcium in the diet can deplete magnesium from your body. Milk is oneof the worst culprits, the ratio of calcium to magnesium is eight parts calcium to onepart magnesium; impossible for the body to utilize the calcium, excess calciumdepletes the magnesium in the body even more.After oxygen, water, and basic foods, Magnesium may be the most important elementneeded by our bodies. Magnesium is responsible for activating over 300 differentbiochemical reactions necessary for our body to properly function.Magnesium is essential in the regulation and use in your body of the followingminerals calcium, potassium and sodium. When you do not have enough magnesiumin your body to regulate these minerals you may experience the following problems.Low energy, poor bone formation, muscular difficulties (such as cramping, ticks,spasms etc.), poor activation of B vitamins (and all the problems associated with eachof them), irregular heart beat, problems with your kidney, adrenals, brain. inability to
  5. 5. physically relax. This is how essential magnesium is to maintaining a normalfunctioning healthy body.Your heart is a muscle that is constantly tensing and relaxing. All your musclesincluding your heart use calcium to tense up and Magnesium to relax. Without aproper balance of Magnesium your heart may suffer from an irregular beat or even gointo a spasm called a heart attack. What can Magnesium do for your heart? It canlower blood pressure, stabilize irregular heart beat, enable the heart to pump a largervolume, relax constricted blood vessels, decrease the frequency of angina pains, keepblood platelets from clumping together, and increase beneficial HDL cholesterol.Some allergies may be due to a need for magnesium for instance if you have anallergy to wheat, it may be relieved by adding more magnesium to your diet.Do you suffer from PMS, too much calcium and not enough Magnesium can causePMS. Without enough Magnesium, you can feel as though you are living your lifewith the brakes on. Add Magnesium to your diet and you will feel as though youaccelerated your whole life.Warning Note:The majority of magnesium supplements are rock minerals and we cannot absorbminerals in that form it must be from food to be absorbed by our bodies. It is a basiclaw of nature that humans cannot absorb anything that has not been through a livingplant first.If your magnesium supplement says the following it is a rock mineral and you cannotabsorb it.Magnesium Carbonate A component of soil/ an antacid and laxative. MagnesiumChloride Ammonium chloride processed with HCL/ fireproofs wood; catharticMagnesium Citrate carbonate processed with acids/ a catharticMagnesium Oxide Soil often concentrated by high heat/ an antacid, cement, andlaxative
  6. 6. To get your magnesium from a supplement it must say this on the label. FoodMagnesium from Enzymatically processed plant material/ only used as Food.Magnesium in Produce in the United StatesSince the Industrial Revolution food processing has refined out a large portion ofmagnesium (and many other important minerals and vitamins). Eating these processedfoods like sugar, flour, white rice, causes magnesium loss via urination. Drinking softdrinks that have caffeine and phosphoric acid in them and coffee increases themagnesium loss. Other factors that can deplete your body‟s levels of magnesium aremental stress, high perspiration, and medical drugs of all types, diabetes, chronic pain,diuretics, and a diet too high in calcium.Poor U.S.A. Farming MethodsFarming methods in the U.S.A. have also done little to help you obtain enoughmagnesium in your diet. See the chart below from the statistics of the Department ofAgriculture showing the drop in minerals like magnesium from our produce due topoor farming methods from 1919 onward.Food Sources: (as I said above most of the magnesium has been stripped out ofcommercial produce by poor farming methods)Apples, apricots, avocados, bananas, blackstrap molasses, brewer‟s yeast, brown rice,cantaloupe, dulse, figs, garlic, grapefruit, green leafy vegetables, kelp, lemons, limabeans, millet, nuts, peaches, black-eyed peas, salmon, sesame seeds, soybeans, tofu,tortula yeast, watercress, wheat and whole grains.Paul Blake is a doctor of herbal medicine and a master herbalist. He used naturopathicmedicine to treat his own case of cancer eighteen years ago. Visit Paul‟s websiteon Herbal Remedies, Natural Healing Herbs for more interesting information onimproving your health, or visit Paul‟s Health Blog for additional articles andcommentary on nutritional healing.Vitamin Importance-Why Women Should Take a MultivitaminTHURSDAY,NOVEMBER 24, 2011 @ 05:26Article by Vivian Waterman
  7. 7. In a perfect world women would get all their vitamins from the food they eat.Although it is not impossible for most of us it is improbable. The fact of the matter isthat we live busy high paced lives. We dont always eat the right foods and thereforedont always get the vitamins that we need.Vitamin importance is extreme for women and that means that if you arent getting thevitamins from the food you eat you should be taking a multivitamin to supplementthem.Women are especially susceptible to vitamin deficiency as many of us tend to puteveryone and everything before ourselves. This means that we tend to our spouses,children, household chores, and work before we take the time out to take care ofourselves. Vitamin importance takes a backseat to these things as a result. What is theanswer to the loss of vitamins in our busy life? Take a multivitamin.Multivitamins can play a big role in restoring the vitamins that you are missing.Vitamin importance no longer needs to be ignored. There are many vitamins availabletoday and it is good to even take a general multivitamin. It may be more beneficial ifyou take vitamins specifically for women as these will contain the vitamins that youneed most. There are even multivitamins available for different stages of life. Youmay not think that it makes a difference but you actually need different vitamins moreat certain points of your life.A multivitamin will provide you with much needed vitamins and minerals. Forexample calcium is found in vitamins and is important to prevent osteoporosis. It alsohelps to build and maintain healthy teeth and bones. Most women don’ t get enoughcalcium in their diet which makes a multivitamin very important.A multivitamin will also include other vitamins that are crucial to women. Vitamin Cis needed for healthy cells and muscles among other things. Vitamin B complex isneeded to regulate your body’ s functions and also helps to reduce stress. Vitaminimportance for women can easily be addressed with the right multivitamin.Remember that it is best to get your vitamins from the food you eat. However if youare super busy and know that your not getting the vitamins you need find a goodmultivitamin supplement to keep yourself healthy.
  8. 8. Are you one of the millions of women that don‟t get enough vitamins from your diet?If you dont get enough you can get some great information on the importance ofvitamins atWomenLivingHealthy for tips and information.And don‟t forget to checkout VitaPal for great deals on tons of vitamin supplements.Pecan, the Healthy NutNOVEMBER 21, 2011Most people don‟t realize it but pecans are used in a wide variety of ways. Thesedelicious meaty nuts are mainly eaten whole but can also be used in delectable recipesthat tempt the palate. Here are a few of the great benefits, besides the great taste, ofmaking pecans the number one addition to your holiday and every day dishes.Pecans are probably the least touted of all healthy nuts, simply because they do notgrow as widely as most other nuts do. However, it has been scientifically proven thatthey are as good, if not better, for your health than most other typically touted nuts.Pecans contain a very high level of anti-oxidants, substances that help boost yournatural immunity. About a handful (five to ten pecan halves per day), are enough tomake your body stronger and healthier. Pecans also contain “good fats”, which mayhelp raise good cholesterol and lower the bad cholesterol which could damage yourheart.Pecans are also very rich in oleic acid, which is considered to be one of the bestnatural substances for defending women against breast cancer.Studies have shown that women who included pecans in their diet were much lessprone to having breast cancer than those who did not. Women are not the only ones tobenefit; pecans are also considered valuable in aiding men with good prostrate health.What a great excuse for having another slice of that pecan pie this Thanksgiving!Pecans are also one of the richest sources of protein in the plant-based food world.This makes them an excellent replacement for meat, especially for those who followor prefer a vegetarian eating style. The newest dietary guidelines from the U.S.Department of Agriculture state that eating 4 to 5 servings of nuts each week (and thatincludes pecans) will bring you one step closer to putting your diet in line with currenthealthy eating recommendations and a trimmer waistline.
  9. 9. Although the research proving the pecan‟s tremendous health benefits may be recent,pecan-producing trees dotted the landscape long before the discovery of the “NewWorld” and enriched the diets of the native tribes living in the central and southernregions of the United States.Today, pecans are available from coast to coast in nearly every supermarket andexperts have confirmed the variety of benefits pecans have to offer. So enjoy somepecans at your next holiday gathering, at the office party, or even while you watch thegame!Victoria Gates is a proud supporter of small American businesses such as the 5-Generation family run Pearson Farm. Pearson Farm has met the audit standardsestablished under the Georgia GP Food Safety Program. You can find out more abouttheir operations and location by visiting on the web.Coenzyme Q10 promotes heart and whole body healthNOVEMBER 20, 2011Article by Stefania ConstantinCoenzyme Q10 was discovered in 1957 and is a liposoluble substance with thecharacteristics of vitamin, present in every cell of the body, which fulfills two majorfunctions: the production of energy and the powerful antioxidant.Coenzyme Q10 is part of ubiquinones class, group of liposoluble compounds with awide distribution in nature that are present in all animals and plants organisms, as wellas in aerobic microorganisms. Coenzyme Q10 is a compound naturally synthesized bythe body, being present in all cells and tissues. It is absolutely essential for cellfunction. In humans, coenzyme Q10 may be intracellular biosynthesised, but may alsohave exogenous origin of food intake. As food sources high in coenzyme Q10 we canremember meat, fish, soy, nuts, almonds, peanuts, mentioning that approximately 14-32% of coenzimatic content is lost during processing by burning food, but remainsunchanged if these products are boiled.Normal values of CoQ10 in blood and tissues have been well established bynumerous researchers around the world (when its level drops by 25% below normal,there are diseases). CoQ10 deficiency can be caused by insufficient dietary intake,
  10. 10. difficulties of endogenous synthesis, excessive use of it by the body or anycombination of these three factors.Coenzyme Q10 present in food is absorbed from the intestine into lymph and thenpasses into the bloodstream. Its absorption is poor, 60% of the oral dose beingexcreted in feces. Moreover, because of liposolubility, digestive absorption of CoQ10is highly dependent on lipid absorption present in food. In blood, CoQ10 is distributedin lipoproteins: VLDL (very low density lipoprotein), 58% in LDL (low densitylipoprotein), 26% in HDL (high density lipoprotein) and 16% in other lipoproteins.CoQ10 plasma levels are higher in men than in women. Component of mitochondrialrespiratory chain, CoQ10 is the only mobile component, not fixed to the internalmitochondrial membrane structure.Clinical studies show that this substance is very effective in the fight against freeradicals and protects against damaging effects of UV rays on the cell membrane. As apowerful antioxidant, coenzyme Q10 is able to reduce the size of cancerous tumors, tominimize the consequences of stroke and vascular, and applied to the skin, penetratethe cell layers of it and protects it from oxidative degradation and thus the appearanceof wrinkles.What is Coenzyme Q10 With Sublingual Lemon Flavor?CaliVita proved innovation in this field and made a new type of Coenzyme Q10,Sublingual CoQlO with a fast and effective absorption avoiding gastric barrier.Tablets have a pleasant lemon flavor in a dose of 30 mg, dissolving in a few minutesunder the tongue and directly entering in the bloodstream through blood vessels underthe tongue, being so completely absorbed by the body.The product is recommended inany situation where digestion and absorption of lower tract digestive system aredamaged, blocked or reduced.What benefits brings Coenzyme Q10 from Calivita? 1. Significantly improves theimmune system. 2. Improves symptoms in heart disease. 3. Stimulates metabolismand promotes weight loss weight. 4. Positive influence on male fertility. 5.Significantly reduce hypertension.6. Has positive action on the stomach andduodenum. 7. Has beneficial effects in respiratory disease, in asthma and allergies. 8.Acts effectively in psychiatric disorders, especially schizophrenia and Alzheimer‟sdisease.9. Slows down the aging process. 10. Combats infections caused by Candida
  11. 11. albicans. 11. Useful in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, diabetes and some dentaldiseases.12. Reduces the side effects of chemotherapy.13. Because it is a powerfulantioxidant, can reduce cancerous tumors.Difference between coenzyme Q10 and other vitamins is that the former issynthesized in the body, while traditional vitamins must be obtained through dietaryintake. After the age of 20 years, the production of coenzyme Q10 in the body isreduced, and its requirements are growing. Therefore we need to supply either fromfood or from supplements.Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects. Pregnant women and nursingmothers should not consume CoQlO without medical advice in advance.Stefania write blog articles for Romanian Calivita blogs where you can find CoenzimaQ10 Sublingual and Coenzima Q10 Sublingual at lowest price online.Rev up your cleansing with raw foods and juicingNOVEMBER 24, 2011Article by nutritionists agree on the benefits of eating raw foods. The only thing they differon is how much. Dr Bernard Jensen, one of the pioneers in colon health, suggestsincluding 60% raw food in your diet. Need some motivation to implement this? Readon!Firstly, what is raw food? Raw food is any plant based foods that has not been heatedabove 47C. A wide variety of food including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs,flowers, leaves, seaweeds, superfoods and sprouts can be eaten this way.Eating raw food ensures that you get the full nutritional benefit of your food. Cookingcan destroy up to 80% of food‟s nutritional value. Heat sensitive nutrients like vitaminC, the B vitamins and most anti-oxidants are lost. Good, healthy fats are convertedinto bad fats and trans fats. Proteins co-agulate and the bioavailabilty of protein foodsare diminished.Raw food is full of life giving enzymes! All work done on a cellular level in yourbody is carried out by enzymes. Large quantities of enzymes are needed for digestion.
  12. 12. Eating foods high in enzymes puts less burden on your body to produce its ownenzymes and can assist with the digestion process.One of the key factors in maintaining a healthy bowel is ensuring that you havesufficient fibre in your diet. Fibre provides the bulk that is needed to put enoughpressure on the bowel wall to stimulate bowel movement. One of the best forms ofnatural fibre is the cellulose found in fruit and vegetables. Cooking destroys the fibrein food so that the remaining amount may be insufficient to stimulate the bowels intoaction.Raw foods are great for cleansing. The reason for this is that they provide your bodywith a vast amount of nutrients without introducing toxins. The majority of raw foods,especially green foods, are also highly alkalizing. This helps your body correct itsinternal pH balance and empowers your body to get rid of acidic wastes that may havebuild up in your tissues over the years.Some of the advantages that raw foodists report include: increased energy, clearthinking, improvement in acute-chronic health conditions, improved appearance ofhair/skin/nails, loss of excess weight, better quality sleep, improved immunity, stablemoods, better stamina in exercise and an increase in the size of your compost heapThe easiest way to increase the amount of raw food in your diet is by drinking freshlyvegetable and fruit juices daily. Besides being delicious, the nutrients in vegetablejuices are easy to absorb and easy to consume. This is particularly valuable for peoplewith digestive troubles. As an added bonus you achieve all of the benefits from eatingraw foods listed above.Motivated? Here is how you can get started. If you are used to eating mostly cookeddiet it is recommended that you move over to raw foods slowly. The reason for this istwo-fold. Firstly, raw foods are high in fibre and any increase in fibre needs to beintroduced slowly to allow your body the chance to adjust. The high fibre content alsomeans raw foods must be properly chewed in order to ensure the break down andproper digestion of these foods. You know you have chewed enough when you tongueno longer feels solid particles in between your food. Secondly, raw foods are verycleansing. If the rate of cleansing happens to fast you may feel discomfort commonlyreferred to as the „healing crisis‟. If this happens you can either push through it ordecrease the amount of raw foods in your diet.
  13. 13. For delicious, mouth watering raw food ideas that will feed the whole family, alongwith practical advice, tips, recipes and „cooking‟ coursesvisit Some raw food favourites include raw pizzas, rawpasta, berry smoothies, butternut soup, sushi, essene bread, chocolate brownies,mango cheesecake… mmm. As this is a new topic for many people we have addedsome pictures of raw food below to tempt your appetite.To your health,Tracy Venter ( Hons.Biochem. Stellenbosch University)Website: Organic Food Buying GuidesNOVEMBER 7, 2011For any people who do not get the organic things they need from the local market,online organic food works fine as well recepies for organic food. I am certain thateven the most committed organic food consumers have sometimes failed to placeonline organic food purchases because of the high costs. Yes, organic goods are notcheap, and in the event you include the shipping costs, the expenditures may be alsohigh for your spending budget. Nevertheless, I encourage you not to give up aroundthe opportunity to switch for an organic diet plan and enjoy the advantages of clearfood. Right here are a few things that you simply can do.You can purchase online organic food with each other with some friends, neighboursor co-workers so that you split the shipping costs, you purchase in bulk and thereforeenjoy some special discounts. That would decrease the sum you spend on organicgroceries.But, you should meet and discuss things ahead of time so that you have the list readyfor that purchase.If the shopping team fails, and you have limited access to fresh online organic food,here is exactly what you can perform. Try to make a list of essentials, foods that yousimply can purchase at lesser costs, and that are not heavy and costly to ship. You cantherefore obtain organic nuts, raisins, almonds, raw seeds, pastas and herbs. All theseought to be portion of one‟s diet plan, and if they‟re organic, that‟s all the better. Evenlittle nutritional changes issue around the long term. Perhaps, your diet plan wouldonly be partially organic, yet at least you restrict the quantity of chemicals you ingestfrom foods.
  14. 14. Within the meantime, don‟t rely exclusively on online organic food suppliers alone,simply because you will find restrictions and drawbacks to Internet buying. Try thelocal market regularly. Make some connections with people who generally sell thereso that you find local suppliers. There may be some amongst these who‟ve organicgoods like fresh eggs, fresh meat and the like. I know you might not have that muchtime to spend just looking around for your food, however your health and also thehealth of your family is really worth the effort.On the long term, you might also think about shifting to another portion of yourcountry, in a much less polluted area, exactly where you are closer to nature. There,you would have the ability to even grow some organic foods, or access to naturalgoods would be simpler. Online organic food orders would no longer be essentialthen!The Author is a literary master and have written tons of books on love and romance.He is involved in all sorts of websites and niches. He loves to write so he writeseverything on his websites. Check out his latest article about Pregnancy After 40 onhis website. Yes, his website is all about Pregnancy After 40 Risks. See you there!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Organizing Organic Food SalesNOVEMBER 6, 2011Stock clearance is the reason why we have organic food sales; in fact, there is nocoincidence, because a drop in price ensures that no products are wasted. The problemwith organic food is that it does not last for too long, it quickly loses freshness anddecays. The factors that make organic food so healthy, are the ones responsible forquick decay: the all natural structure means that there are no preservers to make thefood last.Without the use of preservatives, organic food can only be kept fresh with specialpackaging, and even so, the solution is for a very short term. Therefore, organic foodsales are the right way to prevent food decay and make money. Therefore, if you wantto buy organic food at lower prices, you should keep an eye on hypermarkets or localmarkets and see when there are notes with organic food sales.You have to be smart to shop well at stock clearance, because of the need to savemoney.
  15. 15. Organic food is normally a bit more expensive than non-organic products, and duringthe sales periods, there is usually a price balanced between these two food categories.Therefore, the financial advantage becomes a shopping opportunity. Yet, there is onetrick you need to be aware of: quality status.When you buy something at the organic food sales, you may have to consume theproduct right away, as the expiry date is probably very close. Even if they are stillfresh when you buy them, their condition could rapidly decay. Consequently, organicfood sales should not encourage you to buy in bulk, on the contrary. Then, onlineorganic food sales are often tricky, because of the same possibility of lower qualitywhen a whole day is lost with the delivery.Online orders are fine, only if you can have the items delivered the same day.All in all, organic food sales are are an event to enjoy more in supermarkets than inlocal markets. In markets, small quantities are supplied by local farms without stockcreation, whereas large stores buy in bulk and store the products for a limited periodof time. Shoppers have two options: buy discounted items that are no longer 100%fresh at lower prices or go for more expensive top quality. Follow your own judgmentto decide which is more convenient!If you love this article, you will also love another article written by this article‟sauthor on cash registers for sale and cash register POS.