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  1. 1. Swayam Virtual Office, 09CEI015 B.E. C.E. Semester- VII Prepared at Swayam Infotech Private Limited Prepared By:Harsh Joshi Suresh Karia Chirag Jikadra090590107028 090590107058 090590107045Guided By: Industry Coordinator:H. R. Kamani Anand PatelCE Department, GKBIE. Chief Executive OfficerRajkot. Swayam Infotech Pvt. Ltd Submitted to : G.K. Bharad Institute of Engineering, Rajkot.
  2. 2. INDUSTRY DEFINED PROBLEM/PROJECT (IDP) STATEMENT FORM STUDENT PARTICULARS NAME HARSH M. JOSHI SURESH L. KARIA CHIRAG D. JIKADRA MOBILE NO. +91 9428439650 +91 9586000890 +91 9726021748 EMAIL chiragjikadra@gmail.comCOLLEGE NAME G.K.BHARAD INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING Rajkot – Bhavnagar State Highway , Kasturbadham (Tramba) – Rajkot ADDRESS Ph : (0281)2785159 Email : Website : BRANCH Computer Engineering SEMESTER 7th TEAM NAME HEURISTICSSIGNATURE OF STUDENT INDUSTRY PARTICULARS ---------------INDUSTRY COORDINATOR---------------NAME Anand Patel 4th Floor, Amar Arcade, 1 Manhar Plot, Lodhawad Chowk, Rajkot-360001CONTACT ADDRESSMOBILE NO. 9998470575EMAIL ---------------INDUSTRY---------------NAME Swayam Infotech Private Limited. 4th Floor, Amar Arcade, 1 Manhar Plot, Lodhawad Chowk, Rajkot-360001ADDRESSCONTACT NO. OFFICE 0281-2464594 MOBILENAME OF INDUSTRIAL ESTATE COMPANY LOGO 2nd Floor, ACPC Building, L. D. College of Engineering Campus, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad. (Gujarat)India-380015. Phone: 91-79-26300699, M:990995933
  3. 3. Project TitleSwayam Virtual Office (SVO)AimFull automation and administration of the Swayam Infotech PrivateLimited.Market Potential and Competitive scope o SVO provides the automation of the IT industry so it provides the administration of the company faster and efficient then the other IT industries. o SVO provides the management of the IT industry. o It provides the Easiness for the high authority administrators to manage the company. o Watch on the employees will be easier. o No need to do the paper work for the credits and debits it can be done by this piece of software. o It Provides the faster management of the employee with the accurate results. o No chances of the payroll clashes as it is fully automated. o No companies have such a automation in the Rajkot so it reflectes the company toward their clients differently.
  4. 4. Process Description o Incremental Process model is the best model for this software which gives the professional touch to this software as per its requirements. o Software contains one executable file which will provide the installation of the client application and the server application both aside it. o High authority manager become the admin and they can manage the client who are connected to that admin so as a hierarchical management can be possible. o Managers can handle their child clients as per hierarchy to provide industrial management of IT companies. o SVO can take screen shots of the Employees so that administrators can have a watch on them. o Employees can Report back their work and they also can report the queries back to their administrator. o Administrator can also be able to send a report to their employees and also can set their To-Dos List everyday. o Administrator has to use the GUI version of the SVO so it is easy for the administrator to manage everything. o Clients have to read daily their To-Dos everyday and they have to work as per their schedule and they can also report their queries regarding any changes. o Administrator can report any queries or can stop the client from doing any other activities which are not related to their work and also can give warnings. o Administrator can manage their payroll of the clients and employees 24x7.
  5. 5. DFD for SVO(SWAYAM VIRTUAL OFFICE).Resources Minimum Requirements:-  Processor : Minimum Pentium II – 450 Mhz  Operating System : Windows 2000 (server professional), windows XP, Windows NT 4.0 server, Win 7  Memory : 96MB (128 MB Recommended) for Windows 2000 Professional, 192 MB(256 MB recommended) for windows 2000 server  Hard Drive: 500MB free on the drive where the OS is installed  Additional 100MB free Space
  6. 6. Software Requirements  Visual Studio 2010 Express Required.  .net Framework V4.0 Required.  My Sql Database.Limitations o SVO is a Windows Based Application developed in C# with .net so it will execute only in the Windows Platform. It will not run in the other operating systems. So cross platform working of SVO is not possible. o It can communicate in the LAN but It cannot communicate through the internet. o Limited for It companies o SVO will not work on the lower versions of the windows series of operating systems as it is developed in the Visual studio 2010 o Company’s requirement is fulfilled but It can also have the other facilities which can be added later as their limitations for this version of software.DurationThe whole project will be completed along the time duration of July 2012to May 2013.
  7. 7. Role Specification Analyst  Harsh Joshi  Chirag Jikadra  Suresh Karia Designer  Suresh Karia  Chirag Jikadra Coding  Harsh Joshi  Suresh KariaReferences Anand Patel (CEO of Swayam Infotech Pvt. Ltd) Hiren Kamani(Guide GKBIE) Software Engineering by Roger S. Pressman (Book ) Edraw max (For DFD)