Session 104620 hitchhikers guide to people soft organization relationships-v2


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Session 104620 hitchhikers guide to people soft organization relationships-v2

  1. 1. HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TOPEOPLESOFTORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPSSession 104620COLLABORATE 13Sweta GanatraOracle Certified HCM SpecialistHCM Practice Lead(925)285.8486.
  2. 2. AGENDAOrganizational Relationships – Overview • Key Person Model Terms and Foundational ConceptsPerson Model Delta Features • Key Changes • Core table Impacts • External Module ImpactsChallenges & Solutions • Impact Analysis
  3. 3. Overview
  4. 4. ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPSWHAT • Defined as links between organizations and people working for themWHY • Report, track and retain persons and job movements • Determining factor in most search records, prompts, and selectionsHOW • employees and contingent workers now reside in one common structure • combine or separate records for reporting • provides a framework to allow HRMS to move Dependents, Beneficiaries, and Emergency Contacts into Person at some point
  5. 5. PRE 8.9 PERSON MODELOVERVIEW AND DRAWBACKS PRE 8.9 8.9 AND UP • Couldn’t track a person • Can track a person with basic unless they had a JOB record Personal Information • Couldn’t track students, interns, • Can track anyone with or without COBRA beneficiaries, external JOB record including Emergency training administrators Contacts • Didn’t allow the use of a single • Single unique tracking ID across ID for a person across multiple relationships to the • Repeated data entry of organization Personal Data when the person • Eliminates redundancy in tracking exists in multiple modules data
  6. 6. BASIC CONSTRUCTSPeopleSoft uses 3 main Organizational Relationships• Employee (EMP) - A direct employee of the company MUST have at least one• Contingent Worker (CWR) - A non-employee worker of these. (Contractor etc.)• Person of Interest (POI) - A non-worker CAN have more than one. (COBRA Beneficiary etc) CAN change over timeSeparation of Person from Employment and Job• A Person’s basic data is saved, establishing Person ID• A Person’s organizational relationships are added as next step (e.g. Employee, Contingent Worker, Person of Interest)• Job Data is added where applicable
  7. 7. PERSON MODELUNDERSTANDING THE DESIGN Organizational Instance: An relationship instance Organizational Assignment: An employment / job instance Person Checklist: A checklist is a list of additional components that need to be completed for a personPERSON Organizational Organizational Assignment Instance Assignment History Organizational Organizational Assignment Instance Assignment History Each organizational assignment can be associated to a unique benefit record number
  8. 8. EXAMPLE Drew Baker Takes a Course • Person Record created (POI Instance) • No Job Record created • Existing Person Record updated Joins the • Job Record created Company • Can have multiple Job Rows to (Employee depict concurrent jobs Instance) Returns to Consult • Existing Person Record updated (Contingent • Existing Job record updated Worker Instance)
  9. 9. Impact
  10. 10. PERSON MODELCORE PERSON TABLES DETAIL Record Name Category Description PERSON Core, Required Contains the ID and a person’s static data (such as birthdate and birthplace PERS_DATA_EFFDT Core, Required Contains a person’s core personal data that can change over time NAMES Core, Required Contains a person’s name data tracked across history and in multiple name types Organization Relationship Each person must have at least one organizational relationship defined. These relationships are PER_ORG_ASGN or Core, Required defined in one of two tables, depending on PER_POI_TYPE whether assignment data (JOB) is required
  11. 11. PERSON MODELFUNCTIONAL CHANGESCreating a Person • Several HCM Portal Components • Searches already existing persons, firstEMPL_RCD # • Unique identifier within an EMPLID for separate assignmentsBenefit Record #Multiple Instance – A concurrent assignment in addition to an existing assignmentPERSONAL_DATA is retained as a table with data from the Core and Extension tables
  12. 12. PERSON MODELFUNCTIONAL CHANGESJOB key structure has remained the sameESS • Ability for all person types (EMP, CWR, POI) to securely access their data online just like employees and add or update informationSecurity • A single person can have many different types of organizational relationships and security can be granted based on these relationships and their attributes
  15. 15. RELATED MODULE IMPACTSWorkforce DevelopmentBenefits AdministrationGlobal Payroll and Absence ManagementTalent Solutions • Recruiting Solutions • ELMPension AdministrationStock AdministrationCampus Solutions
  16. 16. PERSON MODELIMPACTS TO CUSTOM OBJECTSPERSONAL_DATA Snapshot Reporting TableEMPLOYMENT Table has been replaced by a real-time viewReportsInterfacesBatch ProgramsCustomizations / Enhancements • Objects/programs retrieving employee and non-employee informationAction Plan: Thoroughly evaluate custom code for person model touch points and update accordingly
  17. 17. IMPROVED FUNCTIONALITY IN 9.2Improved Talent ManagementTemplate-based hireNew Profile Management • Setup content catalogs for age related competencies, licenses & certifications, performance evaluations and tie in with Person profilesImproved Benefits FunctionalityEffective dating of dependent / beneficiary data • Dependent/Beneficiary type, Relationship to Employee, Dependent’s Student, Smoker, Marital Status etc
  18. 18. IMPROVED FUNCTIONALITY IN 9.2EMPL_STATUS is split in two categories: HR Status and PAYROLL StatusConfigurable job actions and action reasons • Creation of business validation rules that depend on organizational relationships and a person’s HR and Payroll Status
  19. 19. ADDITIONAL IMPLEMENTATION/UPGRADE CONSIDERATIONSData Cleanup issues when moving from an existing pre-8.9 database to 9.x • Same person may reside with multiple EMPLIDsA Person cannot be created with a future date • A Person can still can be hired in the future – the first JOB can have a future dateThe Hire, Rehire, Termination, Last Date Worked fields have moved fromEMPLOYMENT to the JOB level so they can be tracked historically
  20. 20. ADDITIONAL IMPLEMENTATION/UPGRADE CONSIDERATIONSDetailed data mapping exercise to tie current workforceto EMP, CWR or POI relationships • Map current non-employees to the new person model • More than one non-employee groups being mapped as CWRs
  21. 21. How to Get There
  22. 22. AUTOMATE THROUGH CONFIGURATION• Workflow, IB, Web Services• LDAP, OAM/SSO Integration MORE CONFIG = Less Drive ROI• BI Dashboards through MAINTENANCE within PS Automation = Lower Cost = More Stability• Portals and Content• Social Media Integration
  23. 23. OVERVIEW – ABOUT ASTUTECORPORATE OVERVIEW COMPETENCY OVERVIEW• Oracle Partner – Focused on PeopleSoft, • Lines of Business – IT Consulting, Oracle EBS, OBIEE and Microsoft Business Consulting, Temporary Staffing• Clients and Operations in USA, Canada, • ERP – PeopleSoft, Oracle Middle East and India • BI – Oracle, Microsoft, IBM• 150+ employees, Minority Certified, SB Certified • Portals – SharePoint• Global Delivery Model • Process – HCM, Financials, Supply Chain and Risk
  24. 24. OVERVIEW – PEOPLESOFT SERVICES IMPLEMENT INTEGRATE MAINTAIN OPTIMIZE UPGRADE • Implementations and Global Rollouts – All PeopleSoft Apps Turnkey • Upgrades – Fast Track Accelerated Upgrade for V9.1 Solutions • Application Management Services – Lifecycle Management • Project Management, Change Management Consulting • Fit-Gap Analysis, Business Requirements Gathering Services • Functional and Technical Design, Development • Testing, Training and Documentation (UPK) • Fast Track Upgrade Impact Analyzer Tools & • Upgrade Test Scripts, Performance Tuning Scripts Accelerators • Data SPII for Data Privacy Compliance
  25. 25. Recent Upgrades• National Healthcare Organization – HCM 8.8 to 9.1• Global Financial Services Firm – HCM 8.8 to 9.1• International Consumer Electronics Firm – FSCM 8.0 to 9.0• International Financial Services Firm – FIN 8.8 to 9.1• More information online at
  26. 26. Thank You
  27. 27. Questions?Comments?