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  1. 1. MAPEH Fourth Year
  2. 2. A school sports intramural is an athletic competition within the four walls of your school. The word “intramural” came from intra, meaning “within” and murus which means “wall”. With this meaning, activities are within the school for the students to participate. This sports activity will be the application of knowledge and skills learned during the lower year in Physical Education. Student’s experiences in playing and officiating will contribute to the successful management of school sports intramurals.
  3. 3. Prepare the list of sports events to be played. List down available facilities and equipment. Prepare the entry forms of the participants. Prepare the different forms to be used in each event. Prepare the guidelines for the participating teams. Prepare the format for the team gallery.
  4. 4. General Manager - the highest official of the intramural; usually the principal. Athletic Manager - assists the General Manager, especially in managing the sports competition; usually the Department Head of MAPEH. Technical Officials - students who have the knowledge to officiate a certain sports event. Tournament Managers - assists the Athletic Manager in running the different sports events.
  5. 5. Tournament coordinator - see to it that ground facilities and equipment are ready before the schedule of games. Records - in change of all official records and results.
  6. 6. Schedule Eligibility Financing System in determining the over all champion Awards Protests and forfeitures Publicity Officiating officials Others activities
  7. 7. Officiating officials - these are the game official who will handle the different games. A good officiating official should possess the following qualities: ocomplete knowledge of the rules ogame experience oPhysical fitness oGood judgement oFairness oCourtesy ocourage
  8. 8.  Basketball  Referee  Administers a jump ball at the center to start each half  Calls fouls and other violation committed by the players.  Makes the final decisions after consultation with the umpire and table officials regarding calls and other violations.  Scorer  Keeps the list of players  Records the score, fouls, timeouts, and substitutions in the game
  9. 9.  Line Judges Call if the ball was touched by a player of the defending team before going out of the court  Check on the positioning of the foot of the server.  State whether the ball lands in or out of the court.   Scorer Sounds the buzzer to give signals Registers the data of the match and teams Recording starting line-ups of each team, the points scored, time outs, substitutions, final result, and signs the scoresheet.
  10. 10.  Draw a chart showing the officials of an intramural event.