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They asked us not to judge, and we judged them

They asked us not to judge, and we judged them

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  • 1. Audi Alteram Partum
  • 2. What is 19 (1)(a)? What is Audi Alteram Partum? Straight Second round shortlist if you know this.
  • 3.   Do you feel taken aback at society’s inability to understand your point of view? Do you have an opinion on controversial issues like LGBT, drone wars, Ramdev, religion?
  • 4.  19(1)(a) is the space for us to  Form opinions  Hold opinions  Express opinions  Deconstruct opinions  19 (1)(a) is the forum provided to those, who not only have the originality to come up with an opinion, but to also express it
  • 5. Facilitate group discussions and debates on a broad intellectual spectrum  Coordinate with Media Cell and contribute to opinion columns under pseudonyms  Our meetings are held on dates significant to our cause of revolutionary thought such as Bastille Day, Boston Tea Party day and Guy Fawkes Day  We arrange guest lectures: one of MF Hussain’s last lectures on Indian soil was held in IIMA in association with 19 (1)(a)  Arrange social gatherings which are limited to 19(1)(a) members and alumni 
  • 6.   Only EXCLUSIVE club on campus: Participation in discussions is limited to the members Only club to have been founded by a faculty member: Prof. Sebastian Morris, who takes the only Philosophy course on Campus
  • 7. Noted danseuse Ms. Mallika Sarabhai: “19(1)(a) is where I learnt to fearlessly express my opinions. The medium of dance was merely incidental.” Chairman of ICICI Mr. KV Kamath: “To be able to manage a huge bank, you need to first manage your own thoughts. Audi Alterum Partum became my motto for life.” Director of IIM Calcutta Prof. Shekhar Chaudhuri: “I consider it to be among my greatest shortcomings to not be able to replicate 19(1)(a) in IIMC
  • 8. Political Incorrectness  Fearless opinion backed by logic and the ability to express it  Enthusiasm is not enough; we need revolutionary Ideas  People who call a spade a spade 
  • 9. They asked us not to be judgemental, and we judged them