Quiz Istart Siliguri March 2013


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Quiz Istart Siliguri March 2013

  1. 1. QLOGO Monthly Quiz March 2013
  2. 2. Q1Which interesting thing canyou deduce about our exprime minister Morarji Desaifrom the fact that he hadpresented 8 union budgets –two of these were on hisbirth day ?
  3. 3. Q2What is aWinchester shirt ?
  4. 4. Q3 To Whom are YouCalling When You Dial 1947 ?
  5. 5. Q4It was expected that theOxford word of 2012would be related toOlympics and severalwords got shortlisted also– which include ‘Bolting’ &‘Jublympics’.What does these mean?
  6. 6. Q5Introduced in November2000, this 177mmX73mmentity have the feature‘Windowed SecurityThread’ & Latent Image.Its theme is ‘Economy ofIndia’.What is It?
  7. 7. Q6He used to sell soda in the footballgrounds. Eventually he had gotchance to play & proved himselfsuch a way that statisticians puthis name just after DavideGualtieri of San Marino & HakanŞükür of Turkey while ranking for aparticular parameter. Identify this Arjuna Awardeeperson.
  8. 8. Q7 Boeing, the US aircraftmanufacturer claimed that a new missile, ‘CHAMP’, was tested which cancollapse a country withoutcausing any physical harm to people. HOW ?
  9. 9. Q8What is so special about it?
  10. 10. Q9AirAsia, with a joint venture with Tata Sons & Telestra Tradeplace, will become the first foreign carrier that will enter the aviation sector of India after the Government allow foreign carriers to have 49 percent stake in the domestic airlines. Which Country does Air Asia belong to?
  11. 11. Q 10
  12. 12. Q 11This Country was formed when SIXBritish Self-governing Colonies, whichinclude Tasmania & Victoria,federated into One Nation on the 1stJAN 1901. The Supreme Governingauthority of the nation is QueenElizabeth II. The country will host the2015 Asian Cup Football Tournament.Which Country?
  13. 13. Q 12After sleeping at night on4th October 1582, whenpeople waked up nextmorning, they find thatwas 15th October.Why?
  14. 14. Q 13CONNECT
  15. 15. Q 14Shad Begum of Pakistan wasone of the recipients of 2012International Women ofCourage Award. Who is theother recipient of this awardin 2013 along with TseringWoese (Tibet), ElenaMilashina and RazanZeitunah(RUS) ?
  16. 16. Q 15 What has been wiped Out ? The OfficialXXX Car ofBollywoo d Since 1984
  17. 17. Q 16 According to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), which State ofour Country was ranked 32th,i.e. the Worst position amongall States & Union Territories in 2012 ?
  18. 18. Q 17Name The TOY
  19. 19. Q 18Finance Minister Mr. PChidambaram has announceda Women’s bank in India inthe union Budget, 2013.Which country created theFirst Women Bank, way backin 1989 ?
  20. 20. Q 19Identifythe Moviefrom the picture hint
  21. 21. Q 20Ben Afflect, the Actor, Producer &Director of ARGO, has beenmarried to Jennifer Garner since2005. Before his marriage, acontroversy called ‘Bennifer’attracted world widemedia attention.What the controversywas about?
  22. 22. Q 21 How would you connect the movie with a Well KnownCorporate Group Which have nothing to do with the Film?
  23. 23. Q 22In the latest ranking releaseby BWF on JAN2013, who hasachieved her career bestsecond rank with 80091.7444points while Li Xuerui holdsthe top rank with 94626.7153points?
  24. 24. Q 23Identify Identify the the LOGOLOGO
  25. 25. Q 24Identify the person With IndiraGandhi
  26. 26. Q 25After his Post Graduation inMedia Management, he joinedTOI & took responsible part inthe re-launch of the BengaloreEdition of the TOI in 1996. Laterhe worked for the Walt DisneyGroup also. He is a regular guestspeaker at several B‐schools.How do we better know thisperson who is the recipient ofSeven Limca Book of Records ?
  27. 27. LOGOQ Please send Your Answers to baarup@gmail.com