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club freedom Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Clubfreedom Travel Program
  • 2. Global Head Office eCash International Inc. Trading as Clubfreedom.biz 12th Floor, 168-200 Connaught Road Central HONG KONG Phone # + 852 8120 4447 Email: admin@clubfreedom.biz
  • 3. Corporate Team The team is made up of a group of international banking and networking entrepreneurs with over 60 years of combined business expertise. After consulting to many international corporations in the finance and direct selling industry, they have taken this experience and blended it with a technology solution and connectivity to the Global Travel Market.
  • 4. What is Clubfreedom about? It is about giving the average person the opportunity to afford better than average travel opportunities. Join Clubfreedom for just US$150 (Plus US$15 set up fee) and receive a travel voucher that will allow you to further reduce the cost of already discounted 1-week vacation; vacations that can be enjoyed at a huge selection of luxurious resort and condo properties around the globe. If you choose to, you can sell vouchers to others and earn cash commissions.
  • 5. Clubfreedom Travel Your travel vouchers will be redeemed through Clubfreedom Travel www.clubfreedomtravel.com You will have the flexibility to choose where you go, how long you want to stay, and where you want to stay, with the choice of some of the world’s most luxurious resorts and condominiums!
  • 6. Program Overview Clubfreedom has designed a simple, but effective Compensation Plan which requires advancement through only four levels in each system. Feeder System Level 1   Level 2   Level 3    Qualified - Entry into Main System Main System Reservation   Planner   Standby    Traveller - Generates $8,000
  • 7. Step 2 Step 3 Qualified Feeder Qualification Board Sales 1 & 2 The Board splits when all positions on the Feeder Board have filled. The Qualified position advances from this Feeder Board to the Main Board with US$1,000 STEP 1 Step 2 Step 2 Step 2 Enter Here Step 3 STEP 1 STEP 1 STEP 1 STEP 1 STEP 1 STEP 1 STEP 1 Sales 1 & 2 Sales 1 & 2 Sales 1 & 2 Sales 1 & 2 Sales 1 & 2 Sales 1 & 2 Sales 1 & 2
  • 8. Planner 2 Standby 1 Traveller Qualifier 1 & 2 Res 1 Planner 1 Planner 3 Planner 4 Standby 2 Res 2 Res 3 Res 4 Res 5 Res 6 Res 7 Res 8 Qualifier 1 & 2 Qualifier 1 & 2 Qualifier 1 & 2 Qualifier 1 & 2 Qualifier 1 & 2 Qualifier 1 & 2 Qualifier 1 & 2 Main Board The successful Traveller re-enters a Board at a Reservation position with US$1000 US$6,000 credited to your Clubfreedom Travel Card each time you cycle; Plus a 7 day Luxury Vacation on a member's initial (1 st ) cycle. Qualified Participants from the Feeder Board advance to a Reservation Position on to Main Board - US$1000 x 8 The Board splits w hen all positions on the Main Board have filled.
  • 9. To Ensure Your Success
    • We recommend that you make a MINIMUM 2 sales as soon as possible to avoid delaying the cycle time & ensure no-one can jump over you
    • Aim to sponsor personally 5 to 10 people if you can
    • Our Freebee system helps you succeed even if you’re unable to make your 2 sales (you need to make at least one)
    • We have a Follow-the-Leader system to provide consistent repeated support from your referrals
    Example: Cliff sponsored You.
  • 10. Potential Income Projections
    • This is the gross amount.
    • An administration fee is deducted from this amount
    This table is for illustration purposes only . Not a guarantee or indication of your income. Your results may vary. It takes consistent effort and work to make this income. US$312,000 US$72,000 Annual Revenue* Monthly Cycle Frequency Weekly
  • 11. Receiving your Payment
    • When you cycle off the Main Travel Board you will receive a free private eCash Wallet bank account with eCash International.
    • You will also receive a Global Debit Card to access your account. The Global Debit Card is compatible with tens of thousands of ATMs throughout the world.
  • 12. Attributes of the Program
    • The US$150 travel voucher purchase is a one-time out of pocket expense
    • Everyone starts on the Feeder Table
    • Not direct sales, or MLM
    • No monthly auto-shipment, No inventory
    • No monthly sales requirement
    • Simple compensation plan (easy to calculate)
  • 13. Included Internet Resources
    • Fully Replicated website
    • Banners for online advertising
    • Splash Pages
    • Text Ad Creator (no longer will you struggle to write ads)
    • Lead Capture Pages
    • Personal Auto-responder system
    • Tell-a-friend System
    • Email Downline "back office" Feature
    • Help Desk system
    • Plus more!!!
  • 14. Additional Benefits
    • Freebee System: Designed to assist that participants can become a Traveller.
    • Jump-Over allows IDs that have made their 2 sales to jump to the top of the board from any position, if there are no qualified IDs above them with 2 sales.
    • Follow the leader means when you cycle you will find your sponsor and follow him/her onto the board they are on.
  • 15. Payment Methods
    • Visa Credit Card Payment
    • Mastercard Credit Card Payment
    • eGold
    • More payment methods coming soon, including eBullion and eCash Wallet…
  • 16. Program Review
    • 2 Sales / Freebee / Follow The Leader
    • Revolving System
    • Product is Travel
    • Internet-Based (Market to the World)
    • Repeat Customers
  • 17. Concluding Questions
    • Do you want to have the Freedom to Travel more?
      • What is your ideal vacation or trip?
    • Is this a Typical Business?
      • Our unique Travel Program is cyclic. You can continue to earn travel rewards for years! As more people enter our program the cycle time decreases . In our program you can purchase multiple positions.
    • Is this a Fair System?
      • YES! And if you think it’s a fair system your prospects will too.
  • 18. Clubfreedom Mission Statement
    • To its members, Clubfreedom offers a global market in which to pursue our tremendous home-based business opportunity, offering hope and fulfillment of financial and lifestyle freedom. Providing unparalleled service because of the advantages that the internet brings to the new millennium.