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Trivandrum Quizzing League Set 10 by Arun

Trivandrum Quizzing League Set 10 by Arun






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    Trivandrum Quizzing League Set 10 by Arun Trivandrum Quizzing League Set 10 by Arun Presentation Transcript

    • On the Quiz front
      • Research and Compilation
      • Yours only Arunkumar B
      • For Trivandrum Quizzing League
    • 1. Just Connect them to the world of search Engines (FAQ)
    • 2. Id X,Y
      • The term X is Medieval Latin, translated as In the year of (the/Our) Lord.
      • The X system was devised by Dionysius Exiguus to predict the date of Y
      • What X and Y are We Talking about ?
    • 3. Who about what ?
      • At that time I was kicked out of My apartment finding myself homeless for several days, and out of desperation I took the $200 for two days’ work. In his words, “it was either do that or rob someone, because I was at the end — the very end — of the rope. I preferred not to rob anyone
    • 4. Whose statue ?
    • 5. Which Term Connects them ?
    • 6.Very simple which political Phrase is represented by the cartoon ?
    • 7. ID X
      • Quarks Combine to form X
      • Protons and Neutrons are the most stable Xs
      • X was named by Lev B. Okun
      • X rose to fame because of a series of experiments conducted from September 2008 to December 2009 Id X.
    • 8. What is the connection of the canonical gospels in Bible and this piece of limestone unearthed in 1961?
    • 9. What is special about this inventory ?
    • 10. A bit too looong Id X,Y
      • X is a fictional character from medieval Arabic literature. He is described in the adventure tale Y. Some critics believe that this story was added to One Thousand and One Nights by one of its European translators, Antoine Galland, an 18th-century French orientalist who may have heard it in oral form from a Middle Eastern story-teller from Aleppo. However, Richard F. Burton claimed it to be part of the original One Thousand and One Nights . The American Orientalist Duncan Black MacDonald discovered an Arabic-language manuscript of the legend at the Bodleian Library however, it was later found to be counterfeited.
      • This story has been used as a popular pantomime plot such as in the pantomime/musical Chu Chin Chow (1916). Like many other folk tales frequently adapted for children, the original tale is darker and more violent than the more familiar bowdlerised versions. Popular perception of X, and the way he is treated in popular media, sometimes implies that he was the leader of the “Y": in the story he is actually an "honest man" whom fortune enables to take advantage of Ys
    • 11. Who Said I looked and Looked and Looked But I did Not see God ?
    • 12. He is a doctor born in Ashford, Kent England. An academy award winning film was loosely based on his life Which film ?
    • 13. What is Business Somebody learn it from her She is Dr Nayana Patel. What made her Famous ?
    • 14. What is her Importance in the field of literature ?
    • 15. For Which movie did this lady write the screenplay for ?