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beer brands

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  1. 1. 1.San Miguel Pale Pilsen2.Guinness3.Miller Lite3.Coors Light4.Yuengling5.Sam AdamsMany breweries are constantly fighting for brand recognition. It’s simple – If yourconsumer can recognize your brand label on a tap or in the fridge at a bar, they willlikely purchase it more than a brand they do not recognize / trust. A recent report,published by Millward Brown (a division of WPP), ranked the top 10 beer brands of2011.The beer industry is driven off of volume. The more that you sell, the more valuable your brandbecomes (and vice-versa). According to the study, consumers in mature beer markets began todrink more ales (which are less gassy) and saw it as a substitute for wine with food. In emergingmarkets, Western brands continued to retain value as the “classy & quality” status symbol.Since the economy is still sluggish, beer vendors have done what they can to combat lower pricesand alternatives to their brand. In effect, major brewers have developed portfolios of quality, high-end beer and packaged them nicely in order to compete on retail shelves (so when you pick up a 6-pack you buy a more profitable product from the brewer).Without further delay, here is your list – with the dollar value associated with each brand: Rank Name Brand Value Brand Value % Change 1. $8.8 billion 12% 2. $7.2 billion (12%) 3. $6.6 billion 26%
  2. 2. 4. $5.5 billion 5% 5. $4.6 billion 68% 6. $4.5 billion (6%) 7. $3.4 billion 9% 8. $2.5 billion 8% 9. $2.0 billion NA 10. $1.9 billion NANot surprisingly for US residents, Budweiser and Bud Light remained atop the list. Last year, BudLight was actually ahead of Budweiser; however, because of distribution and local taste preferences,Budweiser has enjoyed some additional global recognition. Let’s also not forget the Bud Light justbecame the official beer of the NFL.Stella was one of the only other brands that appreciated from a global perspective. The studycreates some of their success to being innovative with their marketing techniques. For example,Stella has created an iPhone app that lists all the bars in which it is being sold.
  3. 3. TOPLIST - To vote, click your favorite!Rank Food and Drink Votes New Drink Brands Brandy Brands 1 Hennessy V.S 6663 2 Rémy Martin V.S.O.P 1030 3 Martell V.S.O.P. 351 4 Louis XIII de Rémy Martin 343 5 Hennessy X.O 285 6 Gloria 7 185 7 Martell V.S. 146 8 Martell Cordon Bleu 138 9 Hine Rare VSOP 138 10 Hennessy Paradis 126 11 Delamain Extra 97 12 Rémy Martin Grand Cru 96 13 Martell X.O. 95 14 Rémy Martin X.O Excellence 86 15 Rémy Martin Extra 85 16 Rémy Martin Club 84 17 Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal 83 18 Hine Antique XO 83