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  1. 1. CONSULTATION SERVICESOur law firm advises its clients and prepares legal documentation for the purchase,leasing, sale, mortgage of real estate properties including commercial, industrial,agricultural and residential property. The firm also advises clients on the applicablelocal laws, such as stamp duties and requirements of registration. As an integral partof this area of practice, we also advise on licensing and regulatory approvals requiredfrom government and statutory agencies.The firm also represents clients in litigation filed against government bodies such asLand Revenue Authorities, Municipal Corporations etc and before various legalforums, in wide range of matters relating to land disputes of title land misuse disputes,land acquisition proceedings, sale of property, leasing matters, house tax issues, andmunicipal rules and byelaws.CONSULTATION, COUNCELING AND ADVICE ON...Identification of potential land pockets in MUMBAI, BANGALORE andMANGALORE Preparation of Term Sheet Preparation of Memorandum of Understanding Land sale contract Asset Purchase Agreement Joint Venture participation Arrangement
  2. 2. Project financePrivate Equity ArrangementVenture Capital ArrangementInvestigation of title7/12 extract / Record of RightsPherphar Phatrak/ Mutation CertificateLegal documentation and advice on Sale/Purchase/Lease of PropertyAgreement for saleContract of saleIrrevocable power of AttorneyDevelopment AgreementRedevelopment AgreementConveyance of landTenancy AgreementsLandlord and Tenant DisputesLand Use RegulationsConversion of Agricultural landDeposit of title deed/ Equitable MortgageMortgage and Finance AgreementsBuilding, Development and Construction ContractsHouse Tax disputesProjects and retail property transactions
  3. 3. Real estate investment and development projects Property joint ventures Property related acquisitions and dispositions Property related project finance Formation of Trusts and estate management Marketing of Real Estate Projects Institutional Marketing of Real Estate projects Issues related with Group Housing Schemes Special Township Development Layout sanction Building permission Building plan sanctionREALESTATE SERVICESOur consultants offer preliminary consultation and legal opinion specific adviceand provide decided case laws and precedents of the Privy Council prior to theestablishment of Supreme court, Supreme court, Various state High courts ofIndia pertaining to a particular case, issues and disputes.We have specialized panel of consultants at our law office on the issues of RealEstate, Land matters, Land Revenue, Land Reforms, Ceiling laws, Drafting ofAgreement for sale, Irrevocable Power of Attorney, Development Agreement,Redevelopment Agreement, SRA documents, Conveyance, Construction and BuildingProjects, Joint Ventures, Co-operative HSG, Trust, Leave and Licenses, Tenancy,Cyber laws, Company, FEMA, FCRA, RBI, Arbitration and Reconciliation etc.Fees shall be charged reasonably according to individual cases.
  4. 4. CONSULTATION OFFERED ON THE FOLLOWING LAW1). Land, Real Estate and Property Matters Indian Contract Act,1872 Specific Relief Act,1963 Transfer of Property Act, 1882 Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999 Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966 Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966 Bombay Agricultural and Tenancy Act, 1948 Maharashtra Agricultural Land Ceiling Act 1961 Indian Easements Act, 1882 Land Acquisition Act, 1894 Laws relating to Freehold & Restricted Properties Laws relating to Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act, 1961 Maharashtra Apartments Ownership Act,1970 Laws relating to Agricultural & Non-Agricultural lands Inam/Watan Abolition laws. Layout sanction Building permission Building plan sanction Liasioning with Mantralaya, Divisional Commissioners, Collectors, Tahshildars, Talathi
  5. 5. 2) Corporate and Mercantile laws Setting up of Business Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 Reserve Bank Of India Partnership and Joint Ventures Company law Proprietorship concern Contract, Tenders – Indian Contracts Act 1872 PPP Model Agreements BOT Agreements Construction Agreement Concession Agreement EPC Agreement General Conditions of Contract SHAREHOLDER AGREEMENTS/FRAMEWORK AGREEMENTS SHARE PURCHASE AGREEMENTS- TRANSFER OF SHARES SHARE SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENTS ASSET PURCHASE AGREEMENTS MERGER AND ACQUISITIONS
  6. 6. 3) Intellectual Property Rights Copyrights Act 1957 Patent Act 1970 Trade Marks Act 1999 Design Act 2000 Geographical Indications Act 2001.4) Information Technology Act & Cyber Laws5) Trust Laws Setting Up of Trust, Charitable Endowments, Educational Institutions Indian Trust Act Society Registration Act, 1860 The Bombay Public Trust Act, 1952 Wakf Act, 1995 Formation and Registration of Public Trust, Charitable, Educational, Medical and other Institutions Proceedings of Appointment of Turstee/s, change-report regarding constitution of the Trust Body Sale permission of Trust property.6) Succession and Inheritance Laws Indian Succession Act, 1925 Hindu Succession Act, 1956 Islamic law of Succession and Inheritance Will, probate, Administration and succession certificate
  7. 7. CONTRACTS MANAGEMENTParticipation in pre-bid conferencePreparation of prequalification documentsParticipation in tenderNegotiation, offer and acceptance of contractsDrafting, analyzing, vetting of contract documentsSound knowledge in understanding contract clauses and its implicationsTIME IS ESSENCE OF THE CONTRACTLIQUIDATED DAMAGESARBITRATIONCo-ordinate with the Project Management ConsultantsKnowledge of FIDIC, JCT, IIA, CPWD contract documentsInterpretation of arbitration, dispute resolution, time is the essence of the contract,liquidated damages and penalty etc.
  8. 8. DRAFTING CONTRACT DOCUMENTS Offer letter Acceptance letter Assignment of contract Award of Contract Contract Agreement General Conditions of Contract Performance Guarantee Bond Advance payment Bond Security Payment Bond BOT Agreement Building Construction Agreement Concession Agreement Construction Agreement Consortium Agreement EPC agreement Joint venture Agreement Item-rate contract Owner-Architect Agreement Owner-Builder Agreement Piece rate contract Percentage rate contract Procurement Agreement
  9. 9. Purchase Agreement Rescinding of contract Turnkey agreement Shareholder Agreement Fidic Contract Document- Red, Yellow, Silver, White World bank document Agreement for sale Agreement of purchasing assets IIA contract documents JCT agreementsENFORCEMENT OF CONTRACTSpecific Performance - civil forumWrit under Art 229 and 300 of the Indian Constitution
  10. 10. Our lawyers are well versed in the laws of different jurisdictions and have attheir disposal an extensive database of Forms/Precedents which are tailored tomeet the client requirements.Besides providing, basic Drafting Services, we also have an expertise in providingsecond opinions and editing of pre-drafted agreements. We even proofread theagreement drafted by the other party and analyse it to make sure that it does not havea clause that might be interpreted against you. We also analyse if a particular clausehas the same meaning applied to it in a different jurisdiction.The lawyers at are experts in drafting contracts that fit your businesspractices, processes and procedures at very reasonable rates.We have drafted contracts on multifarious categories. Some example of types oftransactions in which we can assist you in drafting or reviewing are:
  11. 11. DRAFTING DEEDS AND DOCUMENTS Adoption Affidavits Agency Agreements Arbitration Articles of Association Assignment of Business Assignment of contract Assignment of Copyright, Patent, Trademark etc Bonds and Indemnities BOT Agreements Broker Agreements Building and Engineering contracts Concession Agreement Confidentiality agreements Construction Agreement Consultancy and Service Agreements Copyright Agreements and Notices Employment Contracts EPC Agreement Family Settlement
  12. 12. Foreign Collaboration and Joint VentureFranchisingGeneral Conditions of ContractGiftGuaranteesIndemnityInfrastructure Development and FinancingIntellectual Property RightsJoint VenturesLabour AgreementsLease and LicenseLicensing of Copyright, Patent, Trademark etc.Memorandum of AssociationMemorandum of UnderstandingNon-disclosure agreementsNoticesPartitionPartnershipPartnership with Limited LiabilityPower of AttorneyPPP Model AgreementsProperty Transactions DocumentsReceipt
  13. 13. Rectification, Modification and Cancellation Release Right to Information Sale of Immovable Property Securitisation Security Documents Service Agreements Shareholder Contracts Trusts, Wakfs, Societies and Non-profit making Companies Wakfs WillsPROCESS FOLLOWEDOn receiving a request for drafting an agreement, we first take proper instructionsfrom you.We have a set of forms/precedents at our disposal and access to necessary resourcesto ensure that we get the right set of clauses in your agreement.We deliver the initial draft within 2 working days maximum and in case of rush jobson the same day as well.After receiving your feedback on the draft, we incorporate your ideas in a seconddraft.
  14. 14. COPYRIGHTS - DESIGNS - GI-PATENT - TRADEMARKSRegistrationAction for InfringementAssignmentLicensingSuit for Passing OffSuits for DamagesAnton Pillar InjunctionMareva InjunctionCONTACT USMYLAWHOUSE.IN301/5th Road,Chembur,Mumbai-400071Mobile: 9833843250Email :,