Customer Value Maximization


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Engaging with customers for any marketer today, is a challenge. With the rapid progress on technology and change in preferences, consumers have redrawn the engagement framework on how, where and when they wish to interact with brands. Currently Social Media amplifies this trend. Our belief is that the future communication companies need to be a hybrid version of advertising and software development mindset to be able to engage or even understand consumer.

Xerago is a new age communications company, that maximizes consumer value by managing the entire consumer engagement process, right from acquisition, conversion, retention, upsell and cross sell on the Internet & Enterprise space.

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Customer Value Maximization

  1. 1. Customer Value Maximization Customer Value Maximization
  2. 2. Challenges with Customer Engagement Audience Data Fragmentatio n New Channels Laborious Old New • Mass Media • Addressable Media Social Media Demanding Consumers • Applied Creativity • Applied Science Accountabil • Fuzzy ity Devices • Precise Analysis Measurement • Test Panels • Predictive Models Technology Privacy Customer Value Maximization Source : Forrester Research – EMM 2009
  3. 3. Marketing Today : Less ART more CRAFT Left brain approach : Analytical strategies grounded in deep audience knowledge Integration : Marketing mix orchestrated around customer segments Common processes : Six Sigma for efficiency and quality assurance New tactics: Pull not Push Inbound: Identify opportunities when customer visits a touch point Event-triggered and sensory: Respond to changes in customer behavior; sense need Measure results with Finance : One method --not 1000 Excel files Customer Value Maximization Source : Forrester Research – EMM 2009
  4. 4. What is Customer Value Maximization Demonstration of value maximization using metrics From all customer impacting initiatives that are measurable – your analytical, direct and interactive marketing programs Leveraging our extensive process, analytics, creative and technology knowledge and capability Deployed using the Xerago Engagement Framework Remarkable proof points for some of the largest brands in the world. Customer Value Maximization
  5. 5. Customer Value Maximization Feedback Loop Analytics Creative Technology Campaign Management Adobe Air / Flash / Flex Unica Sales Force Automation Silverlight Omniture Event Based Marketing Widgets CoreMetrics Customer Lifetime Value Mobile Portals Interwoven, Vignette Call Center Solutions Enterprise Portals Joomla Segmentation / Churn Models Jive SBS -Page Views Process -Clicks -Leads -Sign-ups Measurement / Reporting -Open Rates -Bounce Rates -Active Moderators Analytics -Delivery Rate -Revenue / Order -Hours / Campaign -# Days Active -Video Views -Usage -Service Queries -Cross-Sell -Referral Customer Value Maximization
  6. 6. Deployed using the Xerago Engagement Framework X-ray your Analytical, Direct and Evaluate how Interactive effectively your Realize Marketing Marketing opportunitie Augment Programs to Programs meet s for short customer ascertain your goals and term value behavior current objectives maximizatio measurement customer using our n by re- capability, if challenges and Customer architecting necessary, to Grow business objectives Value specific ensure value, Outsource ongoing Assessment marketing objective demonstrating management of your initiatives demonstration measurable lift marketing programs, of value with a specific continually increase project / maximizing business initiative value Customer Value Maximization
  7. 7. Events triggered. Value maximized. Customer Value Maximization using  Process  Analytics  Creative  Technology A consumer bank with 50 Running Analytical Marketing Programs for the Bank for 6 years million customers, a sophisticated user of Xerago designed 40 campaign management triggers and managed the delivery of customer interventions Assessment revealed opportunity for event Response rates based marketing ranged between 10% and 60% - ROI in 30 Xerago is now deploying days 200 marketing triggers – largest implementation in the world Customer Value Maximization
  8. 8. Campaigns automated. Value maximized. Customer Value Maximization using  Process  Analytics  Creative  Technology A large Loyalty Company 1000 campaigns. 200% increase. 25 million emails per run. in Europe with over 50 million members was Xerago set up campaign running complex management platforms campaigns to members and provides ongoing support and guidance to manage campaigns Assessment revealed huge process Campaign overhead due to Management is now manual interventions fully automated and velocity has gone up Ongoing campaign 200% without any velocity increase is increase in headcount happening through further intervention Customer Value Maximization
  9. 9. Customer experience improved. Value maximized. Customer Value Maximization using  Process  Analytics  Creative  Technology A Consumer Internet Category defining customer experience . Customers love it. company, the leader in its category saw plateauing Xerago revamped the sales entire customer experience and simplified customer interaction Assessment identified need for customer experience With the same inbound improvement on portal traffic, daily revenues went up by 28% within 3 Xerago subsequently did days of launch a similar revamp for 300 other portals from the same company Customer Value Maximization
  10. 10. Search Advertising organized. Value maximized. Customer Value Maximization using  Process  Analytics  Creative  Technology A large Consumer Internet services Xerago re-organized theSame SEM budgets. Lesser work. More leads. More revenues. company was one of the account, figured out that only largest Google Adwords 1.8 million keywords were advertisers in the country needed, automated keyword management and optimized the campaign Assessment revealed that with 2.5 million keywords, the advertising while effective was sub- Within 26 weeks, for the With visibility of keyword, optimal same ad spend, client ad group and advertising saw response lift by 12% effectiveness increasing, Xerago is continually maximizing ROI from ad spend Customer Value Maximization
  11. 11. Portal yield generated. Value maximized. Customer Value Maximization using  Process  Analytics  Creative  Technology The eBusiness arm of one Same portal. 30% increase year on year, six years in a row…. of the largest financial institutions in the world Xerago set up a framework to was a sophisticated user measure effectiveness of all Xerago continues to of Interactive channels content changes as part of a derive more yield portal revamp from the portal every passing month Assessment showed that value from channels could Direct revenues from BillPay, be increased through better Remittances and Alert management of the portal subscriptions, lead acquisition, and Cost-save initiatives like Statement on email, Online Banking sign-ups have increased month on month Customer Value Maximization
  12. 12. Social Media monitored. Value maximized. Customer Value Maximization using One of the world’s largest  Process  Analytics  Creative  Technology Consumer Technology 1000s of conversations. 100s of campaigns. One Dashboard. brands has a challenge engaging with customers Xerago aggregated web because sales are done analytics data and social Xerago continues to through channels media conversations to set up derive increasing a customer dashboard levels of insights month on month Client recognized that given brand salience, there was a Marketing team was able to huge amount of conversation correlate spends to response, gain on social media which could insights into biases and serve as a weather vane perceptions and optimize spends Customer Value Maximization
  13. 13. Portal content managed. Value maximized. Customer Value Maximization using  Process  Analytics  Creative  Technology One of the largest banks in the world had country Millions of changes. 100s of stakeholders. Center of Excellence. specific and LOB sites – each reaching 100s of Xerago set up a process to Six sigma level of web pages. simplify and optimize excellence in content flow and managed deliveries covering the same. almost 10 countries and 15 languages. Content needed to be managed across multiple Businesses across many countries, portals, multiple countries, were confidently able to load huge with complex workflow. volumes of changes with full confidence that the queue would be managed effectively and smoothly. Customer Value Maximization
  14. 14. Xerago knowledge and capabilities Xerago’s analytics, creative and technology knowledge and capability encompasses some of the leading platforms in the world. Analytics Creative Technology Customer Value Maximization
  15. 15. About Xerago 6 year old firm, managed by seasoned veterans in marketing, analytics, creative, interactive media and technology Physical offices in Chennai, London, Mumbai and Singapore Services delivered by skilled resources using cutting edge technology Over 100 resources in house and growing every day World-leading and Custom developed technology platforms Secure environment – meeting highest Infosec standards Work offshore. Or over VPN directly on remote servers without physically moving data out of client data centers. Clients include some of the largest brands in the world Customer Value Maximization