How to Design a Business Plan (A basic Template)


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TOPIC - Business Planning

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How to Design a Business Plan (A basic Template)

  3. 3. NAME OF THE COMPANY Enter your company name here
  4. 4. VISION What is your big vision? • Please share a 5 year vision • Do you wish to make a hospital or save lives?
  5. 5. MARKET How big is the market size for your product/service (in Rs Crores)? •Mention the current market size for 1 year How fast is it growing (%)? • Please mention numbers wherever possible • Take assumptions where perfect numbers are not available. • After the workshop, you can check and validate your assumptions.
  6. 6. CUSTOMER Who is your target customer? What problem are you solving for him/her? •Your customers can be individuals or other companies. • Everyone cannot be your customer, be as specific as possible. • Assign 1 member in your group the role of a customer and discuss issues. •
  7. 7. PRODUCT Describe your product/service How will you make it? •Are you saving time, reducing cost or giving convenience to customers • Idea ≠ Product (1 lakh car is an idea, Nano is a product) What are the alternatives to your product/service and how are you better? • Inputs for making product and output that customer gets are both important.
  8. 8. SALES How will you sell? Where will you sell? •Sales can be done in multiple ways (online/offline, direct/indirect etc.) • Mention steps for the sales process • Assume 1 team member is a customer – how will sell to him/her? • Even a website has to sell!
  9. 9. MARKETING S No. Step Cost No of Cust. Month 1 2 3 4 5 • Mention at least 5 ways of marketing to your customers - how much it will cost, along with how many customers are expected to come, when will you do this. • Think of your launch plans, how you will introduce your product in market.
  10. 10. DEVELOPMENTS What are your future milestones? Mention month/year when task will be completed. What has been the progress till now (is it a concept, or prototype is ready)?
  11. 11. PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE Product 1 ____________________ Product 2 ____________________ Product 3 ____________________ As your consumers and competitors Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 grow, what extra/new products you will launch and when will you launch them.
  12. 12. COMPETITION Who is your existing & likely competition? What are their strengths/weaknesses? Why are you different? * If you think there is no competition, there will be 3 that you don’t know about! •Win your customers by beating the competition!
  13. 13. PARTNERSHIP Who are your key distribution and technology partners (current & future)? How dependent are you on these partners?
  14. 14. REVENUE MODEL What is your revenue model? Average no of customers per month = Average payment by a customer = Total Revenue = • You can have more than one revenue model, mention numbers for all. • It can be product/service sales, advertising, fees, commissions etc. • Revenue = Value (payment by customer) * Volume (no of customers)
  15. 15. FUND PLANS How much money are you raising and at what valuation? What will the money be spent on? * Money How long will it last? will be required to cover planned costs in business.
  16. 16. FINANCIAL PLAN TEMPLETE Profit & Loss Revenues No of Units Sold Price per unit Total Revenues Variable Expenses No of Units Variable Cost per Unit Total Variable Cost Fixed Expenses Manpower Marketing Travel Telephone Rent Capital Costs Miscellaneous Total Expenses Profit Before Tax Tax @ 30% Profit After Tax April May June July August September October November December January February March