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This is the testimonial of various CrackVerbal students collated from across popular forums such as Beatthegmat.com, Pagalguy.com, and GMATClub.com

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  1. 1. CrackVerbal Success Storieslostphoton111:(http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/gmat-and-related-discussions/57811-gmat-experience-750-q50-v42.html#post2259409)GMAT Experience 750 (Q50 V42)I would like to share my experiences in GMATpreparation and hope that it would be helpful toat least some of the aspirants.For the sake of background, this is my second attempt at GMAT. The firsttime I scored 710 (Q50, V36) AWA 4.5, but was not happy with mypreparation as well as the score and decided to write GMAT again.Books referred (I would say that all three books are a must) : I am a strongadvocate of refering only very limited material but doing it thoroughly1) OG 122) OG Verbal3) Manhattan SC : Very helpful in developing concepts in SentenceCorrection (the biggest pain area for me)Some important learnings for me in the process:Solve only the official material, i.e. OGs. I realized that most other materialis nowhere near the original GMAT. Besides solving questions from othersources confuses you even more and affects your concepts negatively as onestarts thinking a lot even for simple questions.Since for many aspirants, the OG material may not be enough. I wouldsuggest solving the same material twice, it helps in testing and reinforcingthe concepts.Tests taken:GMATPrep 1: 710 (before starting preparation)GMATPrep 2: 760 and 770 (with a few repeat questions)Again, I believe that one shouldnt solve any other tests as most others arenot true reflection of actual GMAT. Infact poor scores in these examsnegatively affect the confidence of the student.
  2. 2. Class Attended: CrackVerbalI was looking for a verbal only class, which was comprehensive, shortduration and focused on improving the concepts. Crackverbal fit the bill andwas very helpful in improving my verbal score.Some important pointers (in a nutshell): All this is common knowledge andmost of us already know it, but still I would like to re-emphasize:1) Solve OGs thoroughly, so that you understand all the concepts in detail. Ifneeded, solve it twice for topics you are weak at. (This includes OG Verbaltoo)2) Manhattan SC is must for developing concepts of sentence correction3) Solve only the Official GMATPrep tests or atleast consider only GMATPrepscores as true indicator of your performance in actual GMAT. Dont getdemotivated by poor scores in Manhattan/Kaplan/Princeton etc.4) Remember confidence is very important: And confidence comes frompractice5) Dont solve unnecessarily complicated questions, because A) they wouldnever come and B) They negatively impact the concepts that you have built6) Clearly understand what are your strengths and weaknesses (even beforeyou begin your preparation) The strength/weakness may not only be interms of content but can also be in applying concepts or examinationtemperament). Always understand your weak point and work on it tomaximize results7) Remember that not all questions are tough in GMAT. You will receive verysimple questions if you are in 30s in Verbal, so you need to access what yourtarget score is and then prepare accordingly. There is no need to getpanicked if you cannot answer questions from a huge RC about some LatinAmerican tradition. Remember (unless you are targeting 780), you will makemistakes and its ok to do the toughest questions wrong. What is importantis not to do silly mistakes in simple questions. Make sure that doesnt happenand you can easily score 700+. Accuracy therefore is the key.8) Dont get panicked if you start feeling that you did poorly in Quant anddont let it affect your Verbal. Focus on the question you are solving with theclear aim of solving it correctly, nothing else should come to your mind
  3. 3. 9) After finishing the test, I felt that I did worse than my first attempt and Iwas almost about to cancel my score but thankfully I didnt. So at times youfeel that you have done badly but you dont. So dont think about how muchyou score, just go ahead and solve every question in its own merit (this is aslight repetition of the previous point, but is very important)10) Dont try to analyze basis the question as to how well you are doing inthe exam. At times you receive some very simple questions in the middle ofthe exam, that doesnt mean that you are doing poorly. There would besimple questions even when you do extremely well and solve 10s ofquestions correctly in succession11) Focus more on the initial questions to ensure that they are not wrong sothat the algorithm sets you at a higher level. However, try to map time after35 minutes. You do not want to encounter a situation when you have tosolve 10 questions in 10 minutes12) Do not panic if you are not able to understand what the answer to anyparticular question would be, just guess and go ahead. Its ok to guess if youare stuck rather than to waste lots of time. Not only does it wastes time butalso causes frustration and you find it extremely difficult to concentrate onfurther questions and ultimately causing you to panic. So dont get stuck onany question, just guess13) Keep track of the time during the 8 minute break. I didnt and lost 1minute from my verbal section :(14) Eat light and maybe have a chocolate before the exam. That helps de-stress you!15) Sleep sufficiently long a night before so that you have the mentalstamina to take the 4 hour long exam16) Last but not the least, dont consider GMAT as a life and death issue. Asevery bschool website say (which is true as well), GMAT is just one of thefactors in your Bschool application, so dont kill yourself too much on it. Chilland take it easy.All the Very Best!
  4. 4. skvignesh(http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/gmat-and-related-discussions/40477-my-successful-gmat-experience.html#post1549367)My Successful GMAT experience - 49Q 40V 720- AWA 5.5Hi All,Completed my exam in the previous weekend (30thMay 2009) at Cochin Centre and the experience has been good enough (eventhough the result is not amazing) that I thought I will share them.When I first thought of GMAT preparation, I realised that verbal would be theproblem area. As everyone who reads this passage might realise, sentencecorrection remains a problem. I just managed to keep that as an exceptionand managed the show around that. I did improve a lot on my sentencecorrection so that only the highest level of SC remains a problem.Ok a formal chronological listing might help everyone so I would start. Pleaseforgive me for being long.One of the first things that I did after deciding to take GMAT was to joinpagalguy and other forums. I also downloaded the GMAT prep and took thefirst test to see where i stood. I slept half way through the verbal and when Iwoke up and completed the test, I ended up scoring a 490 (I dont rememberthe split).I went ahead and purchased Kaplan Premier Program, Princeton Review andOG 11. Manhattan seemed costly and so avoided it.I then started collecting material both soft and hard copies from wherever Icould. It was at that time that I heard of Arun and hiscrackverbal.com course running in Bangalore. I wanted to find moreabout it and attended the informal meeting that he keeps conducting.The meeting not only helped me clear some practical doubts aboutGMAT, but also helped me to understand that verbal is a problemwith most (indians) of them who attended the meeting.The next few days was good, in the sense I completed the Math "syllabus" inkaplan and almost the entirety of pricenton (just glanced through it). I alsoattended the crackverbal program which actually threw out many expectedand unexpected advantages. The first advantage was to actually classify thesentence correction problem into various types and finding an approach to
  5. 5. solve each of them. Even though I later re-took the sentence correction class,the first class had actually got me started off.Then came a period when I lost interest in GMAT. This was mid february andI was planning originally to take the GMAT by the first of May. Almost theentire February and a good part of March was wasted in terms of mypreparation for GMAT. The only preparation activity that I was doing in thisperiod was to take an occassional problem that my colleague and friendSushant would throw at me. Then came the realisation that unless I fix up adate, I will never start off preparing. This was when I planned and took the30th May date. Since Bangalore as always was full, I took the Cochin option.I never realised how this decision would help me later on.Full fledged preparation started after that. I started working on variouscontent that was available with me including 1000 SC, OG and a bit ofKaplan CD material. I also started studying a bit of sentence correctionlessons. This was the time I realised that just by preparing I would notimprove much. Constant help and support from Arun, Aruna andAnurag of CrackVerbal kept pushing me, with help, ideas and even anoccassional prod. Having prepared enough (I couldn’t take the book bookbook thing anymore ), I wanted to test my position and so I took theGMATprep again. The first attempt had been about three months prior to thisattempt and so I remembered nothing other than the AWA. I gave the testwith AWA and I had scored a reasonably OK 46 Q 35V 670. It was at thispoint that I realised that I needed more test practice. I took the MGMAT freetest and then I did the second best thing in the entire preparation series, andthat was to purchase the MGMAT exams.I started taking MGMAT every weekend at a timing similar to my real GMAT(13.15 - 17.15 hrs) and every time I took the AWA along with the exam toactually simulate the experience. I scored the following in my MGMATsMGMAT 1 47 Q 35 V 680MGMAT 2 47 Q 35 V 680 (exact same)MGMAT 3 46 Q 36 V 680 (something is crawling)MGMAT 4 47 Q 39 V 700 (verbal is finally moving)MGMAT 5 50 Q 38 V 720 (Finally I saw my range)MGMAT 6 51 Q 35 V 700 (I doubted my Quant score in the last two exams -things got easier because of lack of questions I believe)But by the end of this I was feeling confident of two things. First is the factthat I could take the four hour test without any trouble, I just could sitthrough it very easily. Second was that my verbal is becoming better. Eventhough I got a 35 in the last test, I knew that I was ok there.
  6. 6. I had three days left for the exam and so I took the GMATprep 2. I scored a47 Q 41 V 710 there. This made me feel confident. I started the entirejourney with a 720-740 score in mind and I was always counting on myabilities to reach there. A 50 Q 40 V 740 was my target.Ohhh... having done all that I had my exam centre about 350 kilometresfrom my place and during the journey and also during my stay in the hotel, Itook the same gmat prep 2 math section (i just clicked something in verbal)thrice and got some 48 49 50 kind of scores with repeated questions. I knewfor sure that hitting a 50 in Quant might be really difficult. My only hope ofreaching a 740 was hitting 41 in verbal and 49 in Quant.I had a few friends in Cochin and the day before the exam I went aroundmeeting them. On the day of the exam, I think there was some unknownfear developing. I realised this when I watched a comedy strip and startedreally laughing. In the midst of the comedy I started feeling fearful and Ithought may be its good to spend some more time relaxing (I had almoststopped watching any TV in the last few weeks before GMAT - I did have myshare of entertainment in games and internet).D-Day.I was quite cool on that day, never had any exam day pressures, I alwayshad at the back of my mind that I could retake this exam and that kind ofhelped me keep my cool. Had my breakfast at 07.30 lunch at 11.45 andreached the centre before 1 hour. The guys at the centre (Rajagiri College)were very cooperative and allowed me some time to settle down. It was thenthat I learnt the two breaks were to be for 10 minutes each and not just 5. Itook my time to read the instructions and had a nice chat with the guy in thecentre. I learnt a bit about the general exam procedures.The grand thingI got into the exam hall with three other candidates taking the exam, allthree were from the morning batch and so they were almost completing theexams. Took the AWA cool. I had my own template made up from whatAbhinav had taught us (Crackverbal again) and I had also practised them onthe MGMAT and GMATPrep essays. They were cool and I was feelingconfident after the essays (I havent got my AWA scores yet though - Edit -got my scores it is 5.5).By the time I started math, everyone had left and I was all alone in thecentre. This was something I had dreamt of. I always verbalised math
  7. 7. problems and since I knew that it would not be possible to do it in the realGMAT, I had curbed this habit. Now I had a full hall to myself and so I gotcomfortable back again with my verbalising. Took the math cool, I got aparabola question in between and so I felt things are going fine. at about the30th question, I felt things were getting easier and easier, so I was worried.But I did not allow this thought to eat up my mind. I kept telling myself thateven if i screw up my MATH, I would still end up scoring a 47. Kept my coolcompleted 30 seconds before the final time and took the 10 minute break.Had some peanuts in the break, just to ensure that I dont feel hungry, had alot of water and did some pranayama in the break. Started the verbal sectionand got a boldface somewhere around the 10th question. This made me feelhappy, one RC was particularly short which made me feel anxious, but thatwas a thick passage so I convinced myself that things arent going really bad.by the mid of the exam I started reconciling with the clock and found that Ihad almost 2.5-3 minutes for each question. I slowed down a bit to improvemy accuracy and by the time I had about 3 questions I had only 5 minutes.Had to rush up the 39th question and then take 40th and 41st cool.I had filled all my profile information in MBA.com before the test and so itwas just next next next in that section. After about 15 seconds I saw the720 . Felt happy about that but I was a bit surprised about a 49 and40 only adding up to 720 (considering that 50 40 would be 740).I started the entire journey with about 720-740 as my target so I was happythat I atleast reached my range.My short profile, 30 Year old, Indian male, I am a Cost Accountant (ICWAI)by qualification and I have about 4 years of experience in the governmentsector (Indian Railways) 4 years in a manufacturing concern in the Accountsand ERP implementation roles and now about 3.5 years in an IT MNC as aLead Business Analyst. I hope that a total of 11-12 years of experience and a720 would help me to get into one of the schools of my dream. At the startof the preparation, and even now, I would not consider myself a super-mathguy or a great exams guy, so a 720 from me should tell everyone here that,if you stay cool, know your weaknesses, and keep your vision, you canachieve a good score (I am not saying that 720 is good but thats what I hadas a target )I have plans to apply to Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, ISB and LBS. IIM-A,Nanyang (Singapore) and IIM-B are still in my list too. I strongly believe indestiny and I think I have never remained as cool as I was on the GMAT dayon any exams previously and not even in a few job interviews. With the way
  8. 8. things have gone, I think god will take me there, sorry for gettingphilosophical, but I think thats the way to look at it.Thanks to Crackverbal, Manhattan GMAT and last but not the least PG forthe direct and indirect help.A word to people prefering to verbalise the exam in India, a weekdayafternoon appointment at cochin might be a good idea. They even informedme that if you take an afternoon appointment, you can take it in the morningif the slots are free. I had accomodated myself in a very good small hotelcalled Bluehouse nearby, it was an excellent stay which helped things too.
  9. 9. rsriram84:(http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/gmat-and-related-discussions/42977-my-tryst-gmat-730-v.html#post1615129)My tryst with GMAT- 730 ( V-38, Q-50 )I had taken up the GMAT on the 29th of this monthand had scored a 730. Though,its not a god levelscore, I am still content with it. I would like to sharemy experience leading to G day.Well, to start with, my profile-X- 80.6%XII - 75.4%BE - 82.9% (SRMVEC,Chennai)Work ex- 25 months as of date in a product development company inBangalore (Yes, Yes. I’m part of the prestigious IIM fraternity too!)3 CAT screw ups, some B school interview calls that I could not convert andan inability to make a transition to a consulting/research based job is whatmade me take the GMAT plunge. Arun(PychoD) happened to convene aGMAT coffee session in mid April.. That was the time when I did nothave a clue as to what the GMAT was all about. Once I came homeafter the meet, I had pretty much made up my mind that I would betaking up the test sometime in June/July.As with most people taking up CAT, I also wondered about all the fuss madew.r.t. GMATs toughness in general and the verbal section in particular. Ithought I was 700+ material and used to have the impression that even if Iwere to be woken up in the middle of my sleep, I would still manage a scorein excess of 700. Well, it did not take much time for me to disown this belief.In the first week of May, I took the GMAT Test Prep 1.I fell flat on my face by scoring a 620(Q-49, V-26). I was shocked. Itbrought me back to ground zero. After analysing the test, I found that I wasnot able to complete the Verbal section and that I made many silly mistakesin the Quant section.. I figured out that I had to work hard on the verbalfront while at the same time consolidate on the Quant front. The idea was totouch a figure of 750/760 to offset the disadvantage of being an IIM. Ibooked the GMAT appointment - 29th July, it was!I went on a book buying spree in the first week of May - OG-11, Kaplan
  10. 10. Premier,Kaplan 800, Kaplan Verbal workbook.. Downloaded soft copies of1000 SC/RC/CR, Spideys notes , Rajat NDAs notes and what not. That Iused every single material of these would be a BIG BIG LIE. Anyways, Istarted with OG-11 in the month of May. Took my own sweet time andcompleted it by the end of MAY. Found that my accuracy in Quant was 85%+and in Verbal 70%+. I decided to take up GMAT Test Prep 1 again. This timeI scored a 690 ( Q-50, V-34)The test obviously had some repeat questions and I didn’t read too muchinto the score. After this, I completed the Kaplan Premier book.. I found thatmy accuracy in Verbal still hung in the mid 70s..A timely bonus at my workplace in the month of June made me decide toextend my relationship with Arun. I joined CrackVerbal in the first week ofJune. In the month that followed, things became very hectic at my workplace.I tried to solve questions from the 1000 series whenever I got time in office.I went to office on a couple of weekends and took the complete printout ofOG10. In fact, we got a mail from the management warning the employeesnot to use the printers in a irresponsible manner! Fortunately they did not(or did they?) track down the black sheep. I tried to squeeze out time andspent 2 hrs a day solving OG10.I took up PowerPrep 1 in the middle of June and scored a 690 ( V-34,Q-49)I found that many of the questions were from OG10/OG11. And I wasfrustated that with just 40 days left, I was still not able to hit a 700. I spoketo Arun and vented out my frustation about my inability to do so. He askedme to just concentrate on the preparation and not the score. However, I wasdesperate to hit a 700. Atleast once, to get my confidence going. I continuedsolving OG10. I spoke to TFA(Pavan) in the last week of June. I had heardabout the Manhattan test series.. After he gave his personal opinion, Idecided not to take any more PowerPreps since it would not be a correctindicator having many repeats from OG10/OG11. Having gotten throughIIMK, he helped me out with his MGMAT account. Till July 18th, I had takenup 4 MGMATs.MGMAT1-690 (V-34,Q-49)MGMAT2-710 (V-37,Q-49)MGMAT3-750 (V-41,Q-51 - This was a BIG confidence booster. For thefirst time, I felt I had it in me to score a 740+)MGMAT4-710 (V-39,Q-48 ) [reality bites]I found the Manhattan series to be awesome. Their Quant was tougher thanthe actual GMAT and the verbal part was close to the actual test. I enjoyed
  11. 11. every MGMAT test that I had taken up. I used to analyse every test properlyand made sure that I did not make the same mistakes again in the next test.By mid July, I had completed OG10 and was confident that I would hitaround 710-720. But it was still 30/40 less than the score that I aimed for. Iread in many a threads that Kaplan 800 was the stimulant needed to takeone from a 700ish score to a 750+. I took up kaplan 800 and finished it in aweeks time. I revised all the questions that I had marked in OG10/OG11while solving those questions the first time around. I also brushed up theconcepts which I learnt from the MGMAT tests. On the 25th of July, i took upthe last mock- GMAT Test Prep 2 with the aim of touching a 740/750 score.At the end of it, I was in for a BIG shock.I had scored a 680(Q-49,V-33)I was devastated.. I started doubting my capabilities!On the 27th, Abhishek (the_hate) took up the GMAT and scored a 750. I wasso happy for him. He reassured me and asked me to keep my cool and justrelax. After that, I decided not to think about my probable score. Thought I’djust give my best shot and accept whatever score comes up. Had given mycent % on the prep front. And that is what mattered in the end!G day experience-While booking the GMAT appointment, I had no other option but to select themuch dreaded afternoon slot. The time frame was one when my consciousgave way to the subconscious! I had taken up all the mocks in the afternoonslot just to be in the correct mind frame. I had practised AWAs while takingup the MGMATs and I did not have much problems on the day either.. I wenton to the quant section, and after solving the first 2-3 questions, I grew inconfidence.. I solved the first 10 questions in 12-13 minutes and completedthe entire section with 9 minutes to spare.. I had guessed only 1 questionwhich figured somewhere between q20-q30.. At the end of it,I was totallyconfident or overconfident I should say.. I started thinking that there isnothing in the world that would stop me from getting to a dream score of750.. I went back to the room after just 4 min into the break as I did notwant to let go the momentum..As soon as I started the verbal section, I found it very tough to concentrate..My mind was just thinking on the final figure (whether I d reach 740/740)rather than concentrating on the exam.. I tried to bring my mind back to theexam but found it very tough.. I took a lot of time to solve the first 10-15questions.. With 35 minutes remaining, I had 21 questions to solve.. I waspissed with myself for being so complacent.. A trait which led to my downfallin the last two CATs.. I somehow brought my mind on track and startedsolving the remaining questions seriously.. I was fortunate to see a couple ofquestions which I had solved in one of the OGs.. I did not spend more than
  12. 12. 20s on those questions.. With 10s to spare, I completed the section..I filled out the questionaire and clicked on the "Submit Score" button.. Iclosed my eyes and prayed that I get anything above 720.. When I saw a730, I heaved a sigh of relief.. It could have been much better.. It couldhave been much worse.. I have but myself to blame for not getting to a 750..But then its OK.. I am quite content with it....When I started my preps for GMAT, I thought I d score high so that I have agood backup option in place should I manage to screw up CAT for the 4thstraight time.. I have to start my preparations for CAT again but will beapplying to ISB,NUS and Nanyang at the same time..Have a few ppl to thank-Arun(PyschoD)- He was the first person to educate me about theGMAT... He has been a constant throughout my preparation.. Hisencouragement,motivation and tips helped me a lot in my preps.Tarun and Ashish- My offline study partners.. We had a solid study groupsort of a thing.. We used to share questions, strategies,etc and motivatedeach other to increase our performance levels.. Cant thank you enoughguys..TFA- Bhai, thanks a lot for your tips and the MGMAT thing.. Cant explainhow helpful it was in my preps..Abhishek(the_hate)- Needless to say, if not for his encouragement, I wouldhave been brooding over my mock scores and would not have reached evena 700.Thanks buddy..CrackVerbal- The faculty,the content,the discussions and the peergroup that I got there was more than helpful..Some general pointers that I d like to give-1) My score in verbal is not high but of what I have practiced, I feel there isno substitute for OG.. Completing OG10 and OG12 properly and solvingKaplan 800 should ideally help a person in getting to a 40+ score3) I strongly recommend the Manhattan test series. Although it costs around40$, you will have your every penny worth. The tough quant sectionprepares you well for the main test.
  13. 13. 4) Dont be hell bent on taking 10-12 mocks. IMHO, space out your mocks insuch a way that you dont drain yourself out. Even if you decide to take 7-8mocks, ensure that you learn from every mock and see an improvement inevery exam. At least I tried to do the same wrt my preps.5) Talk to people who have taken up the GMAT recently..Read debriefs inforums. I have found them to be very helpful. I spoke to 3-4 people who hadtaken up the GMAT within the last one month. I tweaked my prep plans attimes based on their experience.6) Dont take your mock scores to your heart. Instead learn from every mock.In my case, I scored 50 more than what I did in the last mock-GMATTestPrep 2.7) Take these pointers of mine with a pinch of salt. There are gurus whoscore a 750+ with minimal efforts - with ease. They’d wonder whats the bigdeal in a 730 score. In my case, I had to work hard for this score. I justwanted to share the experience of an average guy who got to a decent score.Cheers!!SriramEdited- Got my AWA score.. Have scored a 6.0
  14. 14. hprashi:(http://www.beatthegmat.com/v28-v33-in-2-months-t72350.html)“Hi,Wanted to write this post for quite sometime now.A little background about myself - An engineerfrom India, 24 yrs, 1.5 years work exp as a RiskAnalyst at a MNC bank.I started my preparation in August. As I was not a natural in Verbal,concentrated much of my time practising and reviewing verbal. I used OG 12and Manhattan Sentence correction. I hardly spent any time on quant. I tookthe GMAT Practice tests and almost always scored between 700-730 with aquant score of 50-51 and verbal score fluctuating between 33 - 38. I feltcomfortable with that score range and decided to take the GMAT(bigmistake!!). I bombed. Scored 660(Q50, V28!!!)I was naturally shocked and devastated. Later, I sat back and thought whatwent wrong and realised that even though I was scoring 33-38 in verbal inpractice tests, I was not very clear on why I chose the answer option that Idid. After practising and reviewing OG, I was able to feel the difference in myapproach, but was not consciously clear of how I was solving the problems. Iwas going with my instinct instead of following logic and rules most of thetime.I decided to take the GMAT again. This time, I decided to take someprofessional help as I didnt know what to do to improve my verbal score.And so, I joined CrackVerbal, Bangalore. I love the way verbal istaught there! Arun made it fun and interesting. Within no time I hadmy confidence back. I went through OG 12 and Manhattan Sentencecorrection, in addition to the CrackVerbal material. I started scoring in the730-780 range in GMAT practise tests and Manhattan Tests, with verbalscore ranging from 38-44! I was now much more clear on what I was doing,and was able to eliminate the wrong options with much ease.After I consistently scored around 750, I decided to take GMAT again. Iscored 700(Q51, V33) this time, thereby touching the 700 milestone!“
  15. 15. gmatknight:(http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/international-indian-mba-schools-accepting/20585-how-can-we-improve-gmat-5.html#post1416745)“Psychodementia (Arun Jagannathan) has afantastic bootcamp program in Bangalore andspecializes in University Applications.www.crackverbal.com I know a person fromBangalore who got a 680 on the GMAT and was desperate to crossthe 740 barrier to bolster his chances to get into an Ivy Leagueinstitute. Gained significantly from our Psycho! “cobbie:(http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/gmat-and-related-discussions/44566-gmat-study-group-2010-bangalore-14.html#post1988278)“Hi Puys,i have attended the GMAT bootcamp atCRACKVERBAL in Bangalore (April 2009 batch). Iscored a 710 on my GMAT (Q48 V40) and I owea great part of my success in the verbal sectionto crackverbal. I strongly suggest Crackverbal to our PUYS.A point to note is that a 30 point increase in your GMAT might makeyou eligible for a scholarship 40 times the amt you spend onCrackverbal.I wish you puys all the very best. Feel free to drop a line abt urfurther queries.Muthu “
  16. 16. idream:(http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/gmat-and-related-discussions/35094-got-700-51-34-5-a.html)Special thanks to Psychodementia (ArunJagannathan) for all his help, guidance andsupport during and after my prep.Psychodementia , you rock !For people not so confident in Verbal, I would recommendCrackVerbal . Though i did not attend the bootcamp as such but itook guidance (not only Verbal but all aspects of GMAT & MBA) fromthe mentor himself and his ideas have really helped me in tangibleways.