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This is to illustrate the steps to start a FOSS project.

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How to start Project

  1. 1. Presentationon Open SourceProjectContributionArun PrakashApril 16, 2011
  2. 2. ILUGC 2337 Members 8921 Emails 2708 Threads 69 Zero Reply Questions 174 One Day One App 111 Tips 71 Job Posts 12 Meetings 39 Foss Events Foss Labs in 30 Colleges
  3. 3. Mailing List Statistics
  4. 4. ILUGC Administrators Founder : Prabhu RamachandranCo-ordinators : Bharathi Subramanian Shrinivasan
  5. 5. Event Management Web tshrinivasan AT gmail dot com startedsystemPredictive text entry Desktop? santhosh dot thottingal at RedHat team is workingwith ibus gmail dot com on this.e-Gov 2.0 Stack for Web gaurav dot paliwal1989 at StartedPublic/Private Clouds gmail dot comLinux Desktop Testing Desktop nagappan at gmail dot com StartedProjectMago Desktop nagappan at gmail dot com StartedPseudo Video Streaming Online Video baskar at linuxpert dot in Not yet startedin Dspace Training CrowdSroucedIndia Bus Routes data collection / srik dot lak at gmail dot com StartedMapping Project Routing Web application
  6. 6. IVR /IVR Based Exam Results SpeechManagement system / malan dot in at gmail dot com Started Telecomm unicationLibreOffice Enhancements Desktop tshrinivasan AT gmail dot com Not yet startedMS Exchange Calendar Sync for Desktop tshrinivasan AT gmail dot com Not yet startedThunderbirdCreate Information awarenessand sustainable livingcommunity model development Web kathiresanp AT gmail dot com Not yet startedusing Crowdsourcing andInfographicsOpen source tool for easilymanaging packages on offline Desktop StartedDebian based computers
  7. 7. Python based project Web velappanv AT gmail dot com In Discussionmanagement system InstallingSchoolOS GNU/Linu feedback AT Started x at every schoolEduvid Web/HT narendra AT Started ML1WPS - One wikipedia per school Distro narendra AT Started creatingSVG-Edit for Desktop .deb narendra AT Not yet Started package DesktopPort ekalappai to Linux (Involves mugunth AT Not yet Started c, c++, Qt)
  8. 8. DesktopDesktop Client to upload the (Python, tshrinivasan AT Not yetdocuments to GTK or Started QT) Desktop,OverView Presentation tool - Python,FOSS Alternate to OpenGL, alanbell AT ubuntu DOT com Not yet started Quickly, GTKProjects for Vidyasagar - Desktop( bama AT annauniv DOT edu, Startedassistive technology projects Python) chorse AT gmail DOT comConcatenation of ogg audiofiles for phrasal pronunciation sundarbecse at yahoo ProposedWhy is it needed?
  9. 9. More Projects at ,
  10. 10. Most Important FOSS Topics* Installing and basic Commands* Version Control Systems* Editing Mediawiki* JQuery* Ruby On Rails* Device Drivers Development* HTML5* BTRFS* Anonymous web ( TOR, Privoxy, I2P, FreeNet etc. )* OpenStack development* BIND9 configuration* F(L)OSS for teachers* F(L)OSS in e-governance* F(L)OSS in data center automation (Puppet, Chef, CfEngine, Func etc.)* Spinning / Remastering of Linux distros* Open Source Health Stack (OpenEMR, OpenMRS, Tolven etc.)* Jython* Perl* Simple GUI programming using GTK.* OpenOffice Introduction* Network Security
  11. 11. Mentor List tshrinivasan AT gmailT Shrinivasan Linux, Python, PHP DOT com sudharsh AT gmail DOT Linux, Python, Version controlS Sudharshan com basics rajmahendra AT gmailRajmahendra Java technology DOT com dhilip DOT jec AT gmailDhilip S Linux, Python DOT com psprabhugsundar AT gmailPrabhu Linux, Version Control (SVN) DOT com sivaji2009 AT gmail DOTSivaji Drupal com selva DOT infobees ATSelvamani Python, Glade, Pygtk gmail DOT com
  12. 12. baskar AT linuxpertBaskar Linux, DSpace, LTSP DOT in bala DOT mailbocsBalaji Linux,Python AT gmail DOT com vcbuddy A T gmailSivakumar Linux, Version Control DOT com jaganadhg A T Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning,Jaganadh G gmail DOT com Python, Semantic Web dhasthagheer AT LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), JQuery, JavaDhasthagheer A gmail DOT com Script sagarun AT gmailArun SAG Fedora,Python,Django, Git DOT com naga2raja AT gmailNagaraja T Linux, Python, GCC DOT com govivasanth ATVasanth Govind PHP, MySQL, Javascript gmail DOT com
  13. 13. Linux, Ruby, Rails, MySQL, pingmagesh AT gmail DOTMagesh Javascript, JQuery, com Wordpress(CMS) Linux, PHP, MySQL, Python,Senthil RSK Email Glade, PyGTK , Android , Web Security openSUSE / Ubuntu Linux,Nagappan Alagappan nagappan AT gmail DOT com Python, GNOME, Mago, LDTP, Automated testing rajaram.shyamala AT gmailShyamala Drupal DOT com Natural Language Processing, Human Computer Interaction, Voice Driven Computing, prabhumailz AT gmail DOT Speech Recognition, SpeechPrabhu com Synthesis, Machine Translation, Speech Translation, IP-Telephony, perl, Python, Linux
  14. 14. ijeyanthan AT gmail DOT Google Technologies - GoogleJeyanthan com Chrome Plugins Gnu/Linux,Ubuntu,Python,Ruby,J arulalant AT gmail DOTArulalan.T S,JQuery,CDAT(Climate Data com Analysis Tool),Postgres Linux,C,C++,Qt4,OpenCV, Hadoop/MapReduce,CFD L.mohanphy AT gmail DOTMohan L Modeling and Simulation and com Statistical Modeling/Simulation using GNU R suji87 DOT msc AT gmailSuji.A Linux,Ubuntu,PHP, MySQL DOT com Linux, PHP, MySQL, HACKING malan DOT in AT gmail TOOLS, JOOMLA, WORDPRESS,Lakshmichandrakanth DOT com SERVER / NETWORK SIMULATION, SHELL SCRIPTS
  15. 15. LAMP, VIRTUALIZATION, chidambasakthi AT gmail CLOUD COMPUTING,SERVER /Chidambaresan Sakthi DOT com NETWORK, REAL TIME PROJECTS velappanv AT gmail DOT Linux, Python, ProjectV Velappan com Management, Agile manimani1014 AT gmailR Manikandan PHP, MySQL, JS, Jquery DOT com Perl, Pywikipediabot, formal sundarbecse AT yahoo DOTSundar grammars, web information com extraction