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  • 1. FOOTBALL CLUB PLEDGES SUPPORT FOR INITIATIVE PAGE 4 US OPERATORS READY FOR COMPATIBLE DEVICES PAGE 11 LOCATION-BASED CHECK-IN SERVICE PLANS TO TAKE PASSIVE AWARENESS BEYOND MOBILES PAGE 14MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 20:27 Page 1 BROUGHT TO YOU BY: OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 IN THIS ISSUE FC BARCELONA SIGNS FOR MOBILE WORLD CAPITAL ISIS CONFIDENT ON NFC HANDSETS By Steve Costello FOURSQUARE REVEALS FUTURE VISION DAILY D AY F O U R • T H U R S D AY 1 S T M A R C H By Paul Rasmussen Ericsson outlines vision Cont. on P4 f for connected future By Tim Ferguson two things. One, that’s quick growth of 10 percent. Two, you can also Elop outlines ans Vestberg, CEO of say, that’s 90 percent to go.” future with H number one infrastructure vendor Ericsson, used his Mobile World Live keynote last Vestberg reiterated company’s forecast that by 2020 the there will be 50 billion connected differentiate and can deliver the When identifying areas for future three-tiered focus night to outline the importance of devices, noting that this will services that customers expect.” growth, Vestberg said: “I think the technology in enabling the transform the world. “As we all The network head noted three next big thing will be enterprises “networked society.” know, when one person gets areas of focus needed to deliver transforming their businesses by In a presentation which was rich connected, their life changes. When high-quality connectivity: using these types of tools. And we with visual concepts of a connected everything connects, the world optimising the macro network, to are going to be there to support that.” okia CEO Stephen Elop future, Vestberg described progress in the industry in recent years as “mind boggling.” changes. And we are in the midst of this as an industry,” he said. Vestberg was joined on stage by get the best capacity and coverage from resources; adding to and improving the density of the “When one person gets connected, their N provided insight into where the company is focusing its efforts based around The executive noted that there Johan Wibergh, EVP and head of network to get “cheap and local awareness, location are still many areas of growth. business unit networks, who noted: effective” coverage where life changes. When services and monetising the Citing the fact that smartphone “Our job is really to support the possible; and adding small cells, to everything connects, ecosystem. penetration globally is around 10 operators, to create the best improve coverage in areas of high the world changes” percent, he argued: “You can say networks so that operators can traffic density. Nokia, HTC, Foursquare debate he CEOs of Nokia, HTC and Windows Phone future T Foursquare debated what the future holds for Windows Phone at Congress yesterday, with all expressing support for the platform – to differing degrees. “What we’re seeing is a very, very steady growth and adoption,” said Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO, who shocked the mobile industry a year ago by announcing a tie-up with Microsoft to migrate Nokia’s smartphone portfolio to Windows Phone. Nokia launched its latest operators, we’re saying here’s the “Of course over the last couple Windows Phone device, the Lumia next generation of products and the of years we got a little slower 610, at Congress this week. generation after that and the ideas for demand but with the new Windows Elop said consumers have been the future. As people see the whole we are seeing a lot of positive responding well to the Windows context of what’s happening, they signs. It will not be like [Microsoft Phone platform allied to the Nokia get very enthusiastic.” in] the PC market share, but I hardware. “They will look at it and Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, which believe it will be a strong third say ‘wow, this is a different point of produces phones running Windows operating system,” he continued. view.’ So our focus is getting those Phone as well as Android, said he Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley devices in people’s hands,” he said. believes Windows Phone has what said there has been good feedback The Nokia chief added that it takes to catch up with Android about Windows Phone from users, operators are also keen on the Nokia- and iOS, as it provides a “very adding that another strong Windows Phone approach. “With the good experience.” ecosystem would be welcomed. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Thursday 1st March PAGE 1
  • 2. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:10 Page 2
  • 3. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:10 Page 3 With Travel & Surf take all your friends on holiday! e Worry-frecross surfing a Europe. Enjoy worry-free internet across Europe for the price of a café con leche. Remember to enable your smartphone and buy your Travel & Surf pass so you can share all your best holiday moments straightaway. Send e-mails. Connect with Facebook. Send photos.
  • 4. NEWS @ShowDaily By Anne Morris Justin Springham By Paul Rasmussen Matt Ablott MANAGING EDITOR: Steve Costello DEPUTY EDITOR: Tim Ferguson Richard HandfordMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 19:30 Page 4 CONTENT EDITORS: Ian Channing Anne Morris Paul Rasmussen Tweet REPORTERS: Ian Volans Ken Wieland Rick Costello Telenor sets NGMN ALL ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES TO: Pakistan, around 85 percent of the adult population do not have access Samantha Burke PUBLISHER: ambitious targets to basic financial services such as details LTE Russell Smith, IntuitiveDesign UK Ltd., micro loans. Now, Telenor has around PRODUCTION MANAGER: 13 North St, Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Maldon, 17,000-18,000 Easypaisa outlets in rollout Essex CM9 8TF, UK, for mobile money the country, compared to just 9,000 ART DIRECTION & PRODUCTION: email: banking outlets. Skogen Lund added challenges Servicios Gráficas Giesa, Barcelona that the simple structure of the the operator’s flagship mobile service also means “we can operate financial service and is seeing our service at about five percent of PRINTED BY: elenor has set a target of double-digit growth month on what a bank can do.” T achieving 10 percent of its revenue in Asia from mobile month. Last year, more than 30 million Easypaisa transactions took Additional advantages are that transactions take place instantly, he technological financial services in the near term, “and I’m convinced we’ll get there,” said Telenor EVP Kristin Skogen place, involving a transaction volume of US$700 million. However, although Telenor has and the Easypaisa resellers are open at all hours of the day, unlike banks. Recognising the social- T requirements to successfully deploy and operate LTE networks have been outlined in a Lund during her keynote speech at been able to buy Tameer, the economic benefits of such a briefing from the Next Generation Mobile World Congress yesterday. regulatory aspect will vary service, the Melinda and Bill Gates Mobile Network (NGMN) group. In Pakistan, for example, the considerably country by country: “In Foundation also provided a grant of The industry body said that the By Ian Volans operator believes it has found a Pakistan we have a majority stake in US$6.5 million last year to extend it top issues facing operators were to formula that is not only helping the Tameer bank, but we know we will to rural communities. resolve global roaming by the use of unbanked but is driving revenue have to sort this out in different The Norwegian operator is also multiband/multimode devices, and and reducing churn at Telenor. ways,” she said. “In some countries working on other types of mobile the convergence of network Skogen Lund said Easypaisa, the we are not allowed to own a bank.” financial services, including the management systems. mobile payments service launched Skogen Lund said operators have a Tap2Pay NFC trial in Norway and Commenting on the global in Pakistan together with Tameer “phenomenal opportunity” to provide the mobile wallet joint ventures in roaming concern, Yuhong Huang, Micro Finance Bank in 2009, is now banking services to the unbanked: in Sweden and Denmark. deputy general manager China Mobile research institute, said that the scarcity of spectrum had led to FC Whilst care has been taken to ensure that the data in this publication is accurate, the publisher cannot LTE being given a large variety of accept and hereby disclaims any liability to any party bands in different regions. Barcelona to loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting from negligence, accident or any other “Development of devices that are Nokia’s 808 PureView device – cause. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system or able to support these frequency signs for unveiled on the opening day of the transmitted in any form electronic, mechanical, bands and in addition multiple show – has been crowned the Best photocopying or otherwise without the prior permission of the publisher. technologies is a prerequisite for Mobile ‘In-Show’ Device at this year’s global roaming, but it is a challenge Congress. A panel of judges to implement more than 10 LTE World declared the Symbian-powered j NOKIA Cont. from P1 A GSM Media Publication All content © GSM Media LLC 2007-2012. bands in current products,” said handset – featuring an astonishing All rights reserved. Yuhong Huang. Capital 41 megapixel camera sensor – the In an effort to minimise the In an effort to crack this issue, the winner in what was a close run environmental impact of our events, the GSMA created the NGMN has launched its contest focusing on handsets, MWC Green Initiatives multiband/multimode project that programme to promote devices and tablets launched this reduced material usage and waste at Mobile World Successful developers will also be members and fans better services involves the major chipset and week (HTC’s new One range was Congress. This item is printed on recycled paper. supported in commercialising their through mobile applications,” he said. device vendors so as to enable also highly commended). Other C Barcelona has launched a apps and given access to the two Dídac Lee, director responsible for effective knowledge transfer. “It is F devices that made the shortlist global search for mobile million supporters who interact with new technologies at FC Barcelona, the goal of this project to reduce included Huawei’s Ascend D quad- applications that enhance the the club through social networks. highlighted the potential of mobile complexity through an effective core smartphone, Asus’ PadFone experience of watching or following The club is also supporting the apps when he said, “There are no user equipment (UE) platform. This and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1. football matches. The news broke at Mobile World Capital’s “Mobile borders in the virtual world. It’s will be a prerequisite for improved Judges included analysts and a press conference yesterday where Entrepreneurship Competition” easier to sell an app to a supporter in end-user experience and mandatory journalists from IDC, CCS Insight, the city’s football club, one of the programme which is charged with China than it is to sell a physical to allow for global LTE roaming,” Nomura, Ovum, Mobile Choice world’s leading sporting brands, promoting mobile start-up creation product.” added the China Telecom GM. Magazine, Canalys, PCMag, Rethink announced its support for the and relocation in Barcelona. "When He also revealed that the club has Devising a plan to reduce the Wireless and CBS Interactive. Nokia Mobile World Capital initiative. two important brands meet, it’s a entered into an agreement with the complexity and integration costs has promised that similar Mobile app developers worldwide win-win situation," said Sandro R&D division of Telefonica to associated with network technology powering the PureView have been invited to submit Rosell, president of FC Barcelona. identify solutions to enhance 3G management was presented by camera will make its way to proposals through a special website “Barça’s commitment to new mobile coverage and capacity on Klaus-Jürgen Krath, senior vice Windows Phone devices in future. at Ideas will be technologies in recent times has been match days within the Camp Nou president radio networks, Deutsche reviewed by a panel of experts and clear, but we believe there is still a Stadium. “We want to have the first Telekom. “Operators face challenges winning applications will be granted long way to go,” said Rosell. “Today’s stadium in the world to solve this today of having to manage a variety an official licence by the club. initiative will allow us to offer our problem,” said Lee. of network and service production infrastructures, from mobile and fixed network environments up to apps will be achieved by P2P sharing. investments so that those closely converged networks and services Speaking during Wednesday’s But we need to help with the creation involved with the ecosystem could across many regions. This has an keynote session, Elop said today’s of a sustainable app ecosystem.” monetise their work. enormous impact on network attention on apps with global appeal Moving on to location services, the “We have provided billing systems operations, and is being targeted by would be driven by emerging Nokia CEO said that it would look to to 150 operators in 40 countries, and the NGMN with its Next Generation markets to become more locally contribute its technology to existing app developers using operator Converged Operations focused. Location services based horizontal platforms. “We are daily billing see a 5x increase in consumer Requirements (NGCOR) project.” upon horizontal platforms would faced with three questions: what, purchasing as against using credit Krath said that the NGMN had also come to the forefront, together who and where? The search engines cards. We have a clear approach to provided detailed operations with enabling app developers to take answer the first, social networks boosting this ecosystem by enabling requirements to all the leading telco advantage from the monetisation of provide the second, and our goal is to revenue sharing for operators and and IT vendors and involved the mobile ecosystem. respond to the ‘where’ question.” app developers.” organisations, and had asked “The apps we see now, we believe, “We can take our location Elop added that he wanted Nokia operators and industry will shift to being more focused on platform much further with, for to be a disruptive force with the stakeholders to support the person-to-person (P2P) at a local example, augmented reality.” creation of a third ecosystem, NGCOR effort. “The deployment awareness level,” said Elop. Recognising the importance of adding that shipments of the new will be driven by operators putting “Emerging markets will be the driver the app developer community, Elop Lumia handset were already the requirements in upcoming in this change, and the distribution of said the company aimed to make exceeding expectations in the US. tenders.” PAGE 4 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 5. QTEL GROUP | MOBILE MONEY Dr. Nasser Marafih, Chief Executive Officer, Qtel GroupMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:10 Page 5 Building the Customer Experience into the new wave of Mobile Money Services One of the most exciting digital safe and secure way, as well as over distance. futures for the telecommunications This convenient way of transferring money sector is the developing field of enriches lives and helps people to start their mobile money. own businesses and support their families “With more than 4.3 billion people currently using a overseas. mobile phone and fewer than 2 billion people operating a rowth of the Mobile Money market However, it is important that – in the rush G since 2008 has been driven by both the rapid availability of mobile services, and the continuing growth in mobile to fill this obvious need in the market – the appropriate steps are taken to ensure a customer-rich experience from the outset. bank account, there is a clear and urgent market for mobile money services. In emerging markets, the majority of people are ‘under-banked’ or ‘unbanked,’ with little or penetration, particularly in developing There is a significant need to educate countries. As the technology and services customers about the new and accessible no access to bank services.” evolve, we are beginning to realise the true ways to manage money via mobile potential for the service in not only technology. There are a diverse range of generating new revenue opportunities, but mobile money services that can be potentially fundamentally changing the way introduced – person-to-person transfers, people save, shop and send money around mBanking, mPayments – and we need to Partnerships play a key role. To provide creation of a regulatory framework that the world. introduce these to our customers in a clear, solutions for Mobile Money, we need to work enables us to propose a simple customer However, it is essential that we recognise comprehensible format. It is important to with major players in the financial and journey. our responsibility in delivering a seamless, remember that, for many people within the remittance businesses - device When we developed our Mobile Money secure customer experience with the “under-banked” sector, the range of options manufacturers, communications companies, solution, our aim was to provide a highly introduction of these services. For many can be as intimidating as they are financial institutes and merchants - to create secured service in full compliance with our customers – particularly in these unsettled encouraging. We need to ensure that the favourable conditions for our mMoney local regulatory agency, while optimising economic times – how their money is customer experience reduces the “fear services in developing markets. synergies between different operating managed is the most important customer factor” of managing money via a mobile. There needs to be an open and companies. To achieve this, we built a service question. Our ability to build trust in our customer interoperable ecosystem, where different centralised solution that incorporates a wallet With more than 4.3 billion people currently base will determine how successful we are as companies can contribute their core solution with the necessary tools to ensure using a mobile phone and fewer than 2 billion an industry in the long run. Convincing competencies to successfully introducing full compliance of the service with people operating a bank account, there is a people to trust you with their money, mobile financial services and bringing about regulations. clear and urgent market for mobile money especially when you are not a bank, is a the culture change necessary to make them a For international remittances, we have services. In emerging markets, the majority of challenging proposition. sustainable success. connected our platform to a hub solution that people are “under-banked” or “unbanked,” One of the biggest barriers is entering The work the GSMA is doing in this area is provides access to several remittances with little or no access to bank services. markets with established traditional essential, and as an industry we need to find corridors in South East Asia and the Indian In Indonesia, for example, there are remittance methods, where there is a need to new ways to collaborate and connect with the subcontinent that are relevant to our approximately 160 million mobile phone change customer usage and habits that have relevant institutions. It is worth remembering customers. customers, compared to 40 million banking evolved over decades of reliance upon what that the flow of finance around the world is We are taking the lessons learned from this customers. Relative income levels, regulatory are now out-dated practices. In this case, the not a closed loop system – we need to ensure implementation seriously, and forging ahead history and even geography have all played a marketing approach will be not only about that our own systems reflect this. with Mobile Money developments in our role in preventing or discouraging people creating awareness and developing pricing Regulators and monetary authorities, such operating areas, mindfully aware of the need from opening an account – in many rural plans, but will also include education and as central banks, telecom regulators and to balance the lure of the frontier with building communities the sheer distance to the nearest training materials and activities. governments, also have a role to play in this. capacity for this innovative service across our bank is a disincentive. Quality of service is obviously essential, as In many developing markets, there is little or footprint. We are optimistic about the evolving Mobile wallet services offer a convenient is the strength of the brand in the countries no specific regulation regarding mobile or ecosystem, and believe this sector will play a and secure way to help bridge this divide, where mobile money services are being electronic money in place. Extensive work is huge role in enriching people’s lives enabling people to make transactions in a introduced. required to engage with regulators for the throughout the developing world. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Thursday 1st March PAGE 5
  • 6. NEWS @ShowDaily The search for the UK’s Most Innovative Mobile Company, reported earlier this week in Mobile World Daily came to an end last night. The winner By Ian Volans was DataWind who have developed and are manufacturing the UbiSlate - a 7-inch Android powered tablet that retails for just $35. The company is aiming to ‘break the price barrier for computing and internetMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 19:32 Page 6 access’ and make digital connectivity affordable, especially in emerging markets around the world. Its Tweet onboard proprietary UbiSurfer web browser also increases data speeds by up to 30 times. The other three Panasonic unveils second finalists were blippar, P2i and NEWS IN BRIEF... smartphones as a route to QRpedia. diversifying out of their slow- Smart UK Project smartphone for assault growing home market. Toshiya Matsumura said that even though winner on global market smartphone penetration had RealVNC’s remote access reached 33 percent in Europe, the technology has been continent still represented a growth integrated in Sony Mobile practical advantage over the 5.3- opportunity while adopting a global Communication’s Android- inch Samsung Galaxy Note, which product strategy offered the based Xperia smartphones, aving unveiled the Eluga measures 83 mm wide. potential of scale that cannot be H enabling them to connect to (pictured) as its first Based on a Qualcomm achieved through a focus on Japan. vehicle infotainment systems smartphone targeted at Snapdragon dual-core processor Other features common to Eluga By Ian Volans so that drivers can access international markets on the eve of running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream devices include NFC, superfast their smartphone Congress, Panasonic unveiled a Sandwich), the Eluga Power offers charging and water- and dust- applications safely from the second smartphone here in 1080p full HD video capability. proofing to the international IP57 dashboard display. VNC Barcelona. Panasonic’s Swipe and Share standard. Automotive can automatically Toshiya Matsumura, general functionality allows users to The company has also detect, access and control manager, Panasonic Mobile wirelessly ‘throw’ pictures from announced an updated range of virtually any mobile device or Business in Europe, described the their phone to DLNA-compatible Easy Use Mobile Phones designed desktop computer from a new Eluga Power as the “smallest 5- TVs, or stream movies from their for seniors and children. Three vehicle’s touch-screen or inch smartphone.” Incorporating phone to a TV. The company sees from the phrase ‘elegant user- new devices will be available from fixed input devices such as thin-frame technology, the device the Eluga range as smart Internet oriented gateway’. July featuring 1.8 inch screens steering wheel switches and measures just 69 mm wide, making devices designed to act as hubs to Panasonic joins Fujitsu among with large fonts, large contoured head unit buttons and it compact enough to use single- interconnect a variety of other Japanese mobile phone keys and hearing aid menus. handed. The company sees this as a devices: the Eluga name is derived manufacturers who see compatibility. By Ken Wieland Boosting workforce personal devices, which become an Easy-to-use phone vendor integral part of the user’s 24x7 life Remote access for Doro has revealed further experience. Information architecture Android phones productivity details of its mobile interface design needs special application partners and consideration in the mobile world.” with BYOD senior content strategy. The On the security threat, Alvarez Swedish company revealed its commented, “S ecurity is a very first smart devices and important consideration for end mobile application strategy and concerns around security, users, enterprise employees and yesterday along with its new confidentiality, privacy, trust and management. A well-managed mobile interface - the Doro nderstanding the business so on.” secure ecosystem will facilitate a U Experience. Part of this new goals and objectives, and The starting point for enterprise much faster adoption of mobility.” development is the Doro building a step-by-step mobility is an excellent He counsels enterprises to be Selection – which provides a mobility roadmap that can fulfil the understanding of the information proactively vigilant and adopt a recommended choice of business objectives, are key steps to flows within the organisation. By strategic mindset towards security. StarHub CEO: applications and content for exploiting Bring Your Own Device – listening to and understanding the This approach needs to embrace the senior mobile user. BYOD – to promote workforce needs of the workforce, applications prudent policies, governance keep OTT euronews is one of Doro’s productivity. can be developed to ease pain points structure, a good understanding of By Tim Ferguson first applications and offers a In advance of speaking in within the enterprise processes. threats involved, and oversight of options open live feed covering the latest Congress, Fernando Alvarez Tabio, “The great promise of enterprise infrastructural and application-level breaking news and headlines VP Mobility Solutions Practice mobility can be lost if the end user activities. “Enterprises will need to in eleven languages leader at Capgemini, told Mobile needs are ignored,” said Alvarez. adopt a suitable device including, Itailan, Spanish, World Daily, “The challenge is to “Following appropriate user interface management program to tackle the French, German, Russian, leverage the advantages to boost principles is necessary for user ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Portugese, Arabic and productivity while addressing risks adoption. Mobile devices are challenge,” said Alvarez. etwork operators need not First application N Persian. become a ‘dumb pipe’ for so- partners called over-the-top (OTT) players. So says Neil Montefiore, Operator ‘Consumer Devices: Riding the Next Wave of Smart Devices’ session at marginalised by other technology players with over-the-top services (pictured) StarHub CEO, who points out other routes for operators to take. agility Congress on Wednesday, said operators will increasingly be able to become involved in new value such as Viber and WhatsApp, which target core elements of operators’ businesses. With barriers to entry so “One option is for operators to become an OTT player itself, to augment its various services,” he says. key to chains, such as financial services, eHealth or cloud computing. low for other players, operators need to be “much more nimble and agile “Another way is to form partnerships with the OTT players. The close remaining “As operators we have a key asset in terms of the relationship with the to stay relevant,” according to Alder. Telefonica Digital was set up with relationship that operators have with customers would allow them to relevant customer (both from a billing the aim of achieving rapid provide more value as well as a wider perspective and in terms of brand innovation and has an open offering of content.” trust) and we need to make the approach to partnerships with And with the latest generation of most of this relationship to unlock everything from start-ups to global policy controllers surrounding PCRF the revenue opportunities handset makers. “We recognise that (policy and charging rules function), presented by new digital services,” innovation can come from operators can also become ‘smart’ perators will be able to Alder said. anywhere and we need to embrace pipes and not dumb ones. PCRF, says O expand into new areas as connected devices become increasingly central to people’s The main challenge associated with these new revenue opportunities is keeping up with it and work with it when we see it,” Alder said. He added that operators need to Montefiore, can enable operators to ensure the best experience for speed and latency sensitive applications. lives - but they need to be agile in technological developments. “If we embrace opportunities presented “As the access channels become order to exploit these don’t keep up with the pace of by Internet technologies if they are faster [with LTE], and media opportunities, warns Telefonica innovation we will quickly lose to “out-innovate” online and app consumption becomes very easy Digital director of global partners relevance to the customer and then developers. “Telcos need to realise over the Internet, we expect to see and devices, Steve Alder. ultimately our place in the value that there are no longer any sacred more OTT players in the market In an interview with Mobile chain,” Alder said. cows in this space and everything is looking to cooperate with World Daily, Alder, who spoke in the Operators are already becoming potentially up for grabs,” he said. operators,” adds the StarHub CEO. PAGE 6 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 7. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:11 Page 7
  • 8. NEWS @ShowDaily Ascom Network Testing has signed an agreement with Aircom International under which Aircom will use Ascom Network Testing’s drive test analysis solution to validate and report key performance indicators to meet service deliverables for Aircom’s mobile operator customers. By Ian Channing Aircom will use TEMS By Tim Ferguson Discovery for indoor test post processing, drive test analysis,MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 19:33 Page 8 and LTE network diagnostic s. Tweet Atchik-Realtime together with MTS, one of Indias fastest growing mobile operators, has announced the launch of “Rock Network Qualcomm On”, a mobile community and NEWS IN BRIEF... dynamically depending on demand. entertainment service, “Means for being able to flexibility targeted at MTS India’s rapidly Aircom and Ascom dynamically move available launches growing youth subscriber base. capacity within the network is ink agreement Backed by Atchik-Realtimes key for becoming essential so the network Mobile community management team can be adapted in real time to the and technologies, MTS chose demands placed on it,” he said, changing Digerati the solution for its proven track adding that 3GPP standards already record of boosting ARPU and support this. mobile increasing end-user Operators also need to become initiative interactions. more efficient in terms of how demands network resources are used, energy By Tim Ferguson efficiency and automating common network processes. Convergys has announced the way in which network capacity is And as the world’s economy ualcomm yesterday Q worldwide availability of its etworks need to become allocated at individual base stations, begins to depend more on digital launched a major new N latest release of Convergys more flexible in the way in parts of the core network or in transactions, operators will need to initiative aimed at the CRM, powered by Microsoft they allocate capacity as the optical or IP transport networks, improve their understanding of European mobile development Dynamics CRM 2011. constant arrival of new devices, needs to change to cope with traffic flow to tap into new revenue community. According to Dr Convergys CRM 2.0, part of services and applications cause changing demands. streams, according to Bertenyi. Anatassia Lauterbach, SVP, Global Mobile community the Convergys Smart Suite, abrupt changes to traffic patterns Bertenyi, who is due to speak in “Applications generating the Operations, Qualcomm Europe, the service will allow communication and on mobile networks. the ‘Technology Evolution: traffic are largely unaware of the initiative, dubbed Mobile Digerati, utilities providers to That’s according to 3GPP chair Network Operations Evolution’ underlying network technology. is designed “to bring together transform their business with and CTO for Industry Environment session at Congress today, said Hence the burden of optimising the developers and companies from a comprehensive Business for Nokia Siemens Networks, Balazs networks need to become more traffic to the varying network Europe and European outlets of big Support System (BSS) that Bertenyi, (pictured) who told self-aware so they can provide the conditions will inevitably fall to the companies from around the world improves the billing Mobile World Daily that the static best user experience and change network operators,” he said. to work together on the European processes, customer service, experience”. and time-to-market for new Lauterbach makes the very valid revenue-generating services. Mobile capabilities to point that although the mobile industry is global, the user experience is local and it is only by boost mobile music understanding the cultural and working differences that the needs of the consumer can be met. QR codes and SMS marketing Qualcomm already partners with providing additional means to European companies, but Mobile he music industry needs to tap interact with music consumers. Digerati will go further by promoting Customer service release T into the unique capabilities of mobile technology to drive the uptake of mobile music services, Another area that could be better exploited, according to Dauchez, is payment. With a significant competitions for mobile developers across the whole of Europe. The first of these will launch in April in according to Axel Dauchez, proportion of the world’s Russia, running through to (pictured) CEO of online and mobile population not having a bank September, and the next will run music service Deezer. account, developing a global from June to November in Turkey. By Paul Rasmussen In an interview with Mobile payment model for mobile music There will also be Mobile Digerati World Daily, Dauchez, who spoke in would allow music services to events in three European cities. the “Media & Entertainment: The expand in developing countries. Talking to European operators, Future of Mobile Music” session at Mobile technology could also Qualcomm has identified the key Congress yesterday, said use of play a role in making digital music areas which are of most importance NFC and geolocation could be used more profitable due to its potential to European mobile subscribers. to differentiate mobile music to increase reach. “Mobile role by improving access and There are communications: IM, services and add an extra dimension technology enables artists and visibility of mobile music services. email, video, social networking, that would attract users. labels to target not only the local Deezer is already distributed on music, gaming and local content- Dauchez added that more scene, but a truly international base Orange, Belgacom and Everything location based services for example. mobile-focused marketing would of fans,” Dauchez said. Everywhere networks and is in Qualcomm is looking to work with also boost uptake, with band apps, Mobile operators can also play a negotiations with 10 other operators. European companies using its silicon and software expertise to enable them to develop solutions which will enhance the customer ‘Bring Your Own awareness so companies really start to monitor mobile devices family pictures from devices, due to the possibility of a device being experience in these key areas. “We design our silicon from Device’ heightens connected to corporate resources.” compromised.” scratch and we optimise our silicon However, Krishnamurti believes To resolve this conflict, architecture with hardware and BYOD is happening, regardless of Krishnamurti suggests companies software and the more we know security worries what companies might think, and presents challenges many IT departments have yet to fully should encourage employees to use their own handsets, but create a secure environment on these about local hardware and the more we know about what is required in services then the better we are in handsets to connect to corporate understand. devices so that corporate the whole value chain,” comments resources, such as email. “The blurred lines brought about information can be secured and Lauterbach. “Europe is a huge mployees using their own “This move towards ‘Bring Your by BYOD include the liability for managed appropriately. market, 900 million users, and the E handsets for work purposes are a growing security worry for corporate IT staff, claims, Own Device’ (BYOD) means that employees can accidentally download confidential information lost information, accidental sharing of corporate information with personal accounts and accidental “Enterprises should embrace mobile technologies and learn from their employees to ensure there is customer experience is European, it is local. We are getting more and more involved with operators to try Srinivas Krishnamurti, VMware onto their personal device and then deletion of personal information by complete separation of personal and understand what are the director for mobile solutions CTO sync it to the cloud,” says the an enterprise,” said the VMware and corporate data. Each party can requirements, what are the office. VMware exec. “There are some director. “These challenges bring up then customise the experience as demands from the user As the mobile world increasingly enterprises which have been a number of security issues, but they see fit,” concludes perspective? We are a B2B mimics the PC in terms of security tracking this area for a while, but they also make for frustrated Krishnamurti, who presented company but we are going towards threats, Krishnamurti believes that a others who are just starting to ramp employees. Weve heard stories of Mobile Enterprise: Maximising the B2B2C space but ultimately it is larger concern is the increasing up initiatives internally. I think there enterprises having to delete Workforce Productivity in the Age about the human being. That is trend by workers to use their own is a growing need for more personal information, such as of Consumerisation on Tuesday. what is real.” PAGE 8 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 9. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:12 Page 9 With Travel & Surf take all your friends on holiday! e Worry-frecross surfing a Europe. Enjoy worry-free internet across Europe for the price of a café con leche. Remember to enable your smartphone and buy your Travel & Surf pass so you can share all your best holiday moments straightaway. Send e-mails. Connect with Facebook. Send photos.
  • 10. NEWS @ShowDaily AdaptiveMobile has enhanced its Network Protection Platform+ (NPP+) with improved spam and rogue app By Anne Morris protection. Release 4.1 includes the ability to automatically update security signatures from the AdaptiveMobile Security Centre, allowing operators to proactively protect By Tim Ferguson subscribers rather than relying on them to report problems. Release 4.1 of theMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 19:33 Page 10 AdaptiveMobile NPP+ collects information from a variety of NPP installations, including network honeypots and Tweet suspicious sources as well as data from global customers and operators across the world, augmented by Telus: LTE opens door Brazil pick subscriber reports from its NEWS IN BRIEF... own SpamGuard app. This is then analysed in real time and Spam protection to greater collaboration of the released as updated mobile security signatures which are BRICs for automatically distributed to operators, delivering insight America and protection to reduce TE is set to break down the L churn from defrauded or barriers at the services layer, Movil frustrated subscribers, enabling operators to deliver protecting revenue streams. a raft of IP-based services in a more integrated way, said Telus CTO Ibrahim Gedeon. “The ability to leverage LTE is an opportunity that operators should here has been much talk of take advantage of by designing IP as a services layer and not just as transport,” said Gedeon. T the potential of the BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India and China) but for Latin American the security provided by the SIM card, “can transform the mobile device into one of the preferred In order to fully exploit the operator group America Movil, ways of payment in Brazil.” opportunities this will bring, it will The challenge, he said, will be to Brazil is the place to be. Brazil does present challenges, be crucial for operators to build smarter networks that will In an exclusive interview with however. The territorial expanse of simultaneously embrace a enable these services. “Telus invested Mobile World Daily, America Movil Brazil means that it’s difficult to collaborative approach with new in open APIs five years ago and this is VAS and international roaming balance network investment in the partners, Gedeon told Mobile the path forward to expose NGN director, Marco Quatorze, price-sensitive market. “Profitability World Daily. capabilities along with on-line (pictured) said the “exponential of data services is one of our main “The advancement of broadband charging and identity,” he added. “We demand for data services”, interest concerns at this moment,” technologies and collaborative will continue to find partners that fit in mobile-based financial services Quatorze said. business environments has our capabilities across the spectrum of and the opportunity for operators to Meanwhile, huge urban areas increased the opportunity to add devices, software apps, and retailers.” play a role in over-the-top services, such as Sao Paulo and Rio de value to the end customer,” he said. Gedeon said network operators means Brazil has huge potential as Janeiro present difficult capacity By Ian Channing “The ability to identify and will continue to deploy more a market beyond organic growth. planning challenges. “Sales of monetise the value has broken infrastructure in the coming year. America Movil expects data handsets are much faster than the down barriers with non-traditional “But beyond just popular access traffic in Brazil to grow by more installation of the network, so we partners like Skype and Emergis.” technologies lie more sophisticated, than 100 percent per annum over need to anticipate. And forecasting Gedeon said Canadian operator intelligent infrastructure systems the next few years while a recent is never an easy task,” he said. Telus considers LTE to be the first using policy, on-line charging, survey found that 52 percent of As an emerging country, Brazil wireless IP technology to transform subscriber management and RCS,” Brazilians who access the Internet also has a significant diversity of the core and the services layer. he added. do so exclusively through their customers from high-end consumers mobile devices. to those who have trouble charging a With a significant proportion of phone due to a lack of access to Scanbuy Mobile World Daily ahead of his conference appearance here at Congress this week. the Brazilian population not using banks, using mobile to provide financial services such as prepaid electricity. This diversity requires a flexible approach, so different segments are catered for. aims to Wehrs said more and more consumers are using smartphones stored value and mobile wallet services has “very good Government can play a role in helping operators in markets like mobilise By Ken Wielands to do price comparisons and make potential”, according to Quatorze, Brazil. America Movil believes a purchases whilst shopping, and who spoke during the ‘Regional review of taxes and facilitating access retailers are paying far more Focus: BRICS & The Challenges of to spectrum are two ways the the retail The Vodafone Foundation, working with Telecom Sans Frontiere, has attention to the mobile consumer Innovation’ session at Congress government can help. Taxes on deployed its Instant Network in Kaikor in the drought-stricken north of behaviour. The challenge is keeping on Wednesday. technical equipment and end user business Kenya. The Instant Network base station, designed and manufactured by up with the mobile consumer and He said the distribution of services are high in Brazil, while a Huawei, comes in three large suitcases and can be deployed in 40 minutes. ensuring a quality user experience. mobiles, the always-connected lack of spectrum in urban areas limits It provides GSM coverage over a radius of three miles and offers voice, data Mobile operators can do more to nature of mobile devices along with potential to improve services. and SMS services. The only mobile coverage previously available required a help the retail sector, said Wehrs, mile walk up a steep hill, and even then reception was chancy. The Instant “Mobile enables retailers to by equipping their phones with Network is used by Kenyan Red Cross aid workers in Kaikor and also by obile technology is connect with consumers anywhere technology that promotes mobile M local residents. Within days of the base station being set up the network having, and will continue at any time, allowing them to shopping and consumer interaction. was handling 8,000 calls a day. to have, a massive impact influence a purchase decision. It Technologies such as QR codes and on the retail business according to also allows retailers to offer NFC, which turn the smartphone Mike Wehrs, CEO of barcode firm customers real-time savings into a mobile wallet, will also have a Scanbuy. through special offers,” Wehrs told key role to play in the future. Mobile advertising on the up, says Velti “Mobile redemption is continuing to grow at approximately 16 percent onsumers are beginning to in the UK and 17 percent in the US,” C warm to mobile advertising. At least that is the view of Alex Moukas, co-founder and CEO of said Moukas. “Also, over 80 percent of consumers in the US and over 70 percent of those in the UK said they But challenges still remain, said Velti, a provider of mobile marketing would pass along promotional offers the Velti chief. Addressing concerns and advertising technology for a if they were incentivised.” surrounding consumer privacy is variety of companies (including Publishers and developers are one box still unticked, and more mobile operators), who pointed to an looking for new ways to monetise could be done – particularly in the uptick in ad click-through rates and their content and applications, US – to drive higher consumer mobile redemption rates of coupons added Moukas, and this is pushing engagement through opt-in and loyalty vouchers. demand for mobile advertising. marketing campaigns. PAGE 10 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 11. NEWS Roamware Mobile Horizon is a 5-phase roadmap for mobile operator services through 2020. The company detailed its By Richard Handford technology direction, including the launch of a Carrier Services Cloud that provides a full and integrated suite of capabilities to mobile operators including roaming & local services, fraud prevention, management and By Richard Handford customer experience management (CEM) to name a few.MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 19:34 Page 11 Etisalat has selected Jasper Wireless to wirelessly connect machine-to-machine (M2M) and consumer electronics devices across Etisalats Isis: partners making “significant Do the mobile network properties. NEWS IN BRIEF... Etisalat will use the Jasper Wireless platform to accelerate commitment” on NFC handsets numbers Mobile Horizon market entry of new categories of connected devices on its work for network and profitably connect Wireless and T-Mobile USA – who handsets during the panel session and manage a range of provision their own handsets, following his own presentation in mobile embedded wireless devices. he partners behind US although their availability is vital for which he talked about the potential of T Jasper Wireless ability mobile payment venture Isis Isis’ plans. The venture is due to mobile wallets to replace their physical health? extends to a variety of M2M have made a “significant launch in mid-2012 in Salt Lake counterparts, providing they offer connections and supports commitment” to deliver the NFC City, Utah, and Austin, Texas. interoperability, privacy and simplicity. Etisalats work in vertical handsets for its launch later this Availability of handsets has Afterwards, when quizzed whether markets, such as construction year, according to Michael Abbott, traditionally been seen as a the mobile industry will see “scores and infrastructure, retail, and Isis’ CEO, speaking at yesterday’s bottleneck for NFC-based services, of NFC handsets this year,” he gave oil and gas. keynote session on financial hence the interest in Isis’ supply the answer about a “significant esterday’s conference saw a services in a mobile world. The m-payment venture is backed by the three largest US line. The venture will be one of the most closely watched of NFC- based mobile payment launches. commitment” from partners. That initial commitment, he said, “will be the start of it and you will see scores Y lively debate between participants on whether business models for mobile health Urban Green Energy (UGE) is mobile operators – AT&T, Verizon Abbott was asked about NFC of them [handsets] over time”. stack up in emerging markets. Etisalat selects launching Fusion, a hybrid “It’s a business and has to be a Jasper Wireless renewable energy solution profitable business. At the same GSMA designed specifically for time we have to be sensitive. telecom stations. The new Customers expect affordable heralds Fusion system significantly mhealth services,” said Manoj lowers the operating costs at Kohli, CEO International & Joint another By Richard Handford off-grid telecom sites and MD, Bharti Airtel, during the panel benefits the environment at the session. If a service only costs the same time by reducing telecom record year consumer 10 US cents that sum has tower dependency on diesel to the lives of people around the programme, including the to be split between doctors and generators. Fusion is designed for MWC world.” formation of the Mobile World other service providers as well as to integrate seamlessly into As well as keynote speakers from Capital Foundation. And Mobile mobile operators, said Kohli. “I existing off-grid telecom across the mobile value chain, this World Live TV also returned, think it’s possible .If we make high- stations, which currently run he GSMA, organiser of the year’s event included tracks beamed across the city and volume mass-market services then T primarily on diesel generators. Mobile World Congress, is dedicated to apps, cloud streaming live keynotes from all partners will make money.” The complete Fusion system set to record its second computing, embedded mobile, Ericsson, Facebook, Ford and Tim Wood, Director, Mobile Health combines UGEs advanced wind consecutive year of record advertising, health, money, and Google. Innovation, Grameen Foundation, turbines, an array of solar attendances for the event. OSS/BSS. The GSMA’s Ministerial Next year’s event will be held at a agreed the mass market is important panels, and an advanced “The 2012 Mobile World Programme also saw record new venue, Fira de Barcelona Gran but said mobile health services in control system, into a Congress was a phenomenal numbers of attendees, with Via, from 25-28 February 2013. “We some sub-Saharan countries services dependable, low-maintenance success, by any measure,” said government delegations from 140 look forward to returning to the city were not sustainable. system which supplies free John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA countries and international next year and starting a new Alternatively, governments will energy twenty-four hours a day. Ltd. “The record numbers that organisations meeting in Barcelona. chapter of the Mobile World see sufficient benefits from mhealth attended this year’s event More details were also provided on Congress in the Gran Via,” Hoffman to invest in it. Wood said that was Green energy for underscore how central mobile is the Mobile World Capital concluded. not yet the case. He said health telecoms ministries were “very far” from spending US$2 on a messaging Veolia: gearing up for next NFC launch campaign rather than the same amount on conventional treatment. SFR, Bouygues Telecom and NRJ aggregator which could pull together “I think it can be done. Working Mobile in France. Descolas said he is a number of mobile wallets. closely with ministries is one way to ominique Descolas, Veolia’s eager to support other mobile Certainly there is a need for it,” commented Debra Sloane, D director of Digital Systems, told an audience at this week’s NFC Seminar he was eager to operators in their NFC plans. Meanwhile, Alberto Jimenez, Citigroup’s director of global mobile collaboration between players in the NFC ecosystem. A Booz study commissioned by the GSMA aimed Director, Global Public Sector Healthcarre, Cisco, on how to make the mhealth business sustainable. tell mobile operators about his solution s, was looking at NFC to put a figure on the socio-economic Finding the incentives to invest experience with deploying NFC in adoption differently. He said there benefits of NFC. Among its findings, are also important. As Dirk Roets, the French city of Nice. was a common misconception that the study said there was a greater GEO, GeoMed, pointed out: “The Veolia implemented the radio NFC’s challenges lay on the supply value from the industry working bigger picture is that the people who technology in the city’s public side, for instance in devices and POS together rather than a more will benefit most from the system transport infrastructure so that infrastructure. fragmented, individualistic scenario. don’t have the money to pay for it.” travellers can access travel In fact Jimenez says the challenges The service value per wallet was Mobile operators also need to be information and validate ticketing via for NFC lie on the demand side, US$114 in a fragmented market more responsive, regardless of their mobile handsets. including: lack of compelling value against US$128 in a collaborative questions of scale, to setting up Following the Nice scheme, the proposition; a perception that the set-up. The percentage of services. “There are real barriers, company plans to launch a commercial current payment set-up works fine; smartphones with active NFC was real basic things. It shouldn’t be hard pilot in the public transport sector of and too many small/new players also higher with a collaborative set- to roll out services but it took a year greater Paris in the first quarter of 2012, offering value-added services and a up: 89 percent against 79 percent to get a shortcode from an operator,” according to Descolas. lack of aggregation. Moreover, with the more fragmented approach, said Gustav Praekelt, founder and Veolia has worked with Orange, Jimenez argued in favour of an according to the Booz study. CEO, Praekelt Foundation. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Thursday 1st March PAGE 11
  • 12. NEWS @ShowDaily Research conducted by Mobidia Technology and Informa Telecoms & Media By Anne Morris into smartphone usage have found that total data usage on By Ken Wieland smartphones is much higher than generally reported throughout the industry. In fact, the conclusions show that Wi-Fi data consumptions exceeds cellular by a factor of two-to-one and that Wi-Fi accounted for 70 percent ofMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 19:35 Page 12 all smartphone-originated traffic within the sampled user base. Across the global smartphone user base Tweet sampled, 91 percent of smartphone subscribers use Wi-Fi for data usage purposes. NEWS IN BRIEF... BMW calls on operators to redefine Huawei and IBM join forces Wi-Fi outpaces embedded mobile business models ZTE Corporation and Etisalat cellular for smart Misr have reached an mobile office agreement to expand the change their mobile provider at services from BMW in the next year Egyptian operator’s network any time during the lifetime of a will include an advanced Internet as part of 2012 expansion he potential to embed car, and he has also called for browser, personal entertainment T plans to meet forecast mobile communications further progress with the solutions, server-based hybrid capacity requirements. This services in cars is huge, but standardisation of the embedded offboard-navigation (backend), e- uawei Device and IBM H contract is the second phase one leading car manufacturer says SIM (eSIM). navigation, features and message Global Business Services of the Etisalat Misr wireless there are still a number of Roaming costs are also still too dictation. (China) announced a ‘smart network expansion plan, challenges that need to be resolved high: “In the M2M sector and Next year, he expects embedded mobile office’ partnership Monday agreed by both corporations, to unlock the full potential of this between international operating mobile to have an impact on cloud at Mobile World Congress. Available covering the supply, market. companies, roaming is not services and online entertainment, for the China market, the solution installation and Michael Würtenberger, BMW VP acceptable any more,” he said. “It driven by the smartphone comprises tablets from Huawei implementation of SDR UMTS for ConnectedDrive and blocks economic growth and community. Device and business consultancy equipment and BSS solutions Infotainment, has called for mobile spreading of services.” expertise from IBM. Huawei also on a turnkey basis. The plan network operators (MNOs) to leave Other challenges highlighted provides cloud-based app is expected to expand to cover behind “well-known strategies” as by Würtenberger include management and back-office “In the M2M further infrastructure soon as possible, such as SIM-lock ensuring national network integration, enabling company sector and between development, which is a and high roaming charges. coverage to enable services such employees to access various major focus area for both “MNOs have to redefine their as eCall, allowing the selection of international business applications – including corporations in 2012. business models and their role the mobile operator with the best enterprise resource planning (ERP), internally,” said Würtenberger. He coverage at a given time, as well operating customer relationship management By Matt Ablott welcomed moves such as the as embedding customer companies, roaming (CRM) and supply chain GSMA Connected Car Forum to connectivity. management (SCM) – from their ZTE signs Egyptian is not acceptable Symantec has announced the bring MNOs and OEMs closer Embedded mobile technology is tablet device. Huawei also offers a deal any more. It blocks general availability of together, but stresses that MNOs high on the agenda at BMW: its customised UI (user interface). By Richard Handford Symantec O3 Cloud Identity still have their work cut out. “The ConnectedDrive service is now economic growth “We believe this collaboration and Access Control. OEMs are ready, even today, to available in nine countries, and the builds on the strength of two great and spreading of Symantec O3 will provide face all the challenges mentioned,” company is planning a worldwide companies and will address the services.” three layers of protection for he added. rollout of ConnectedDrive in 38 changing needs of the workforce the cloud: access control, According to Würtenberger, countries by 2015. within enterprises,” said Wan Biao, information security and customers should be allowed to Würtenberger added that CEO of Huawei Device, in a information management. prepared statement. The newly available Symantec Initially, the solution is targeted at O3 Cloud Identity and Access three industry sectors: consumer New report calls for Control provides companies The research was conducted in goods, energy and retail. According to with a single, secure access partnership with the Australian figures from Gartner, the need for point to cloud applications business models to Agency for International tablet-based office solutions is and services. In addition, Development (AusAID) and the growing. The advisory firm says 80 Symantec has formed a United States Agency for percent of large corporations intend connect women in the partnership with International Development their employees to use tablets by 2013. to deliver (USAID), with primary research developing world Symantec O3 for Salesforce, a undertaken by TNS. Orange and single sign on, access "Critical to eliminating the mobile management and strong phone gender gap is discovering the Visa link on authentication application, Among the top findings in the profitable business models – based By Ian Channing built on, study were: 77 percent of BoP in part on this new research – for mobile money’s social new report has highlighted women have made a mobile phone mobile operators for serving Security for the A enterprise platform. how providing mobile call, but only 37 percent have sent women who live on less than US$2 cloud connectivity to women an SMS, regardless of literacy per day,” said Maura O’Neill of the living on less than US$2 a day levels; 73 percent expressed an USAID. could bring substantial economic interest in using mobile solutions The GSMA mWomen Programme range is to offer its and healthcare benefits to the emerging world. The new GSMA study claims to be the first to for entrepreneurship to help support their families; and 84 percent wanted better healthcare commissioned multi-country research and primary fieldwork was conducted with more than 2,500 BoP O subscribers in emerging markets access to Visa prepaid accounts following an survey “the wants, needs, information – but only 39 percent women in Egypt, India, Papua New agreement between the two aspirations and mobile uses” of expressed a specific interest in Guinea and Uganda, with secondary companies. The offer applies to women living at the so-called base receiving information via their research contributions from other customers of Orange Money, the of the pyramid, or BoP. phone. parts of the developing world. m-payment service for users in Africa and the Middle East. The operator plans to offer Visa payment capability to Orange Qtel works with The Qtel Group also announced a Money subscribers in select frame agreement with ZTE which markets by the end of 2012. will make available new network The credit card giant launched the community solutions, including the latest innovations in WCDMA and LTE technology, across Qtel Group its prepaid service in October 2011 to boost mobile money services in emerging markets by operations in the Middle East, enabling account holders to make diet), mMoney and mWomen (life North Africa and Asia. Meanwhile P2P payments, retail and e- enhancing services targeting in a strong show of support for commerce purchases at he Qtel Group has women). Special mention was made increased economic development merchants where Visa is T highlighted some of the community benefit services it is launching in its key markets. of the work of Tunisiana with, a social educational network, which has in its key markets, Qtel Group signed an agreement with the World Economic Forum to supported, and withdraw cash at Visa-backed ATMs. The Orange-Visa alliance follows These include mHealth launched an American-English champion its upcoming regional another deal announced earlier in (personalised alerts and training service via mobile phones meeting taking place in Istanbul, the week by Visa to work on mobile information related to exercise and in Tunisia. Turkey in June of this year. payments with Vodafone. PAGE 12 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 13. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:12 Page 13
  • 14. APPS NEWS By Tim FergusonMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 19:36 Page 14 By Tim Ferguson AT&T exposing network to help app developers developers, allowing them to add functionality to their apps. By Tim Ferguson T&T is paving the way for “[With] the platforms that we A developers to build apps optimised for its network and cloud infrastructure. “The open, our goal will be to deliver those capabilities from the AT&T cloud enabled on the AT&T changes that are occurring are network so that users can take creating a lot of complexity for advantage of inherent reliability, developers as they look to optimise security and capabilities that are applications on next-generation pulled through when they build on networks. Our view is that we need top of the AT&T network,” he said. to think differently about how we AT&T is also providing tools for architect the network,” said AT&T app developers such as its “Just-in-time interaction” SVP, App & SVC Services, Jon Summers, at Congress Tuesday. recently launched Application Resource Optimizer, which allows mid the debate about to challenge native Summers outlined how the US developers to monitor how their A whether native or HTML5 and web apps operator is using web APIs to expose apps are using device and By Steve Costello web will win the battle of the the capabilities of its network – such network resources and how they apps, another approach was as messaging and billing – to can be improved. proposed at Congress on Tuesday. Scott Jenson, creative director for when the next bus is due. Bluetooth what I want, I’m going to use it and innovation consulting company Frog, envisages the native or Wi-Fi could access a restaurant menu or control a jukebox. then lose it’ type interaction. I need instantaneous functionality,” he said. GameTanium Mobile lands functionality of mobile devices - such as RFID, GPS, Bluetooth and “These are all examples of different technologies that are in Jenson said this approach will become more attractive as people tire on Android tablets Wi-Fi - being automated to provide use in phones today that each want of “app glut” - constantly mobile games, in return for a By Tim Ferguson users with services they need me to interact with them. And this downloading and managing apps - the subscription fee. without going through the process is a new style of interaction. It’s not declining size of devices and the loss he GameTanium Mobile GameTanium maker Exent also of installing apps. RFID could automatically provide information about a film going to replace native apps but in many ways I think it will supersede apps,” Jenson said. of screen interfaces which will mean other forms of interaction are needed. “We want to see the future but T game platform has been launched for Android Tablets at Congress. announced that Indian operator Tata Docomo will use its technology to launch a mobile poster or how much ketchup is left Jenson called this “just-in-time we’re being blinded by the The service provides users with subscription service to Indian in a bottle, while GPS could be used interaction”, something that apps paradigm of today. If we don’t unlimited access to a catalogue of consumers for the first time. to provide information about currently don’t offer in such an instant know what we want, we won’t get people playing on a tennis court or way. “It’s much more ‘I don’t know it,” he concluded. RIM: messaging apps an Foursquare and events in their vicinity that opportunity, not threat By Steve Costello they’re likely to be interested in. plans to take “It’s taking all the data we have passive and trying to make people passively aware of all the things that are he emergence of third-party awareness beyond going on without having to be in the app all the time,” Crowley said. “We’re enabling people to cut T messaging services “provides an opportunity, as opposed to a threat,” to the through this data stream in a way operator community, according to mobiles that I don’t think anyone has done before,” he continued. Alec Saunders, VP of developer relations and ecosystem The recently launched Radar development at RIM (pictured). feature within the Foursquare app Foursquare recently passed the “The consumer appetite for data- oursquare CEO Dennis already provides a basic version of 15 million mark of people that have driven messaging services is driving F Crowley revealed his vision for the future of the location- based check-in and recommendation this functionality, but Crowley sees it migrating to interfaces beyond phones, such as head-up displays. checked in using its service, with 1.5 billion check-ins having been made. “This is a big deal. This is subscriber uptake of data packages and higher-end smartphones, ultimately benefiting operators’ service at Congress yesterday. “It’s not science fiction. This is generating a lot of interesting data own bottom-line,” he told Mobile The company is working on ways where Foursquare is going and this points that allow us to do very World Daily. of using customers’ data to is a space where we’re really going sophisticated things,” the The executive noted that automatically alert them of places to dominate,” Crowley said. Foursquare chief added. consumers are increasingly demanding a richer mobile communications experience. “Ultimately, we believe that it will Nokia Store hits 13M be consumer choice which will drive mobile usage habits, and okia said that it had this daily download mark integrating a strong social element RIM has opened BBM to third- N month reached the milestone of 13 million daily app downloads from its Nokia Store. With Nokia now using Microsoft’s Windows Phone as its smartphone for example adding in-app purchase capabilities for Series 40 which stimulates engagement and interaction will play a key role within this.” party developers, enabling them to create apps which include social networking features powered by the The company noted especially platform of choice, it was noted that and Qt developers. Saunders said that RCS-e is an service. Saunders said that there are strong growth from feature phone the number of apps in the Windows Also noted were new partnerships “interesting development” in the almost 600 BBM Connected Apps users, with owners of devices using Phone Marketplace has grown by 300 with brands Kraft and Red Bull, and evolution of the industry as a whole. which have collectively seen 148 its Series 40 handset platform percent in the past 12 months: it now video-on-demand company “RCS-e represents an opportunity for million downloads since launch, generating a 250 percent increase houses 65,000 titles “and counting.” Voddler. “Our partners are operators to evolve their traditional delivering “richer, more integrated in downloads in a year: these Nokia said it has “expanded the recognising the opportunities with messaging business which has been user experience which is driving devices now account for more than range of revenue tools available Nokia to reach all consumers in all such a strong revenue generator for uptake, discoverability and 30 percent of the daily total. to help developers be successful,” markets,” the Finnish vendor said. them for many years.” interaction.” PAGE 14 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 15. NEWS Celcite Management Soluutions has launched iCOPS as part of its COPS-SON By Ian Channing platform. iCOPS covers all technologies, including LTE, and is a powerful web enabled portal that provides wireless networks operators with a broad and intuitive view of the entire radio network. iCOPS and COPS-SON use Celcite’s By Tim Ferguson Automatic Intelligent Correlation (AICTM) engineMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 19:37 Page 15 that enables a wireless network operators national, regional and other network executives to view the root cause for the worst performing network elements, analyse multiple network issues, and separate RF from operational Radwin pushes BlueRun issues automatically. NEWS IN BRIEF... non-line of sight kit Ventures Multi-technology predicts SON platform Emerson Network Power is demonstrating an utilising lamp posts and other street mobile AdvancedTCA (ATCA )-based furniture, there will be numerous telecom server blade which he rapid uptake of fixed and moving obstacles which will T growth promises to enable network smartphones has driven a impede direct line of sight operators to gain the cost and massive increase in mobile communications. The Radwin areas efficiency benefits of data, putting heavy strain on mobile solution claims to utilise sophisticated ‘workload consolidation’ with networks. This problem will be aggregation techniques to overcome simpler and faster network exacerbated when LTE comes fully the problems of multipath fading, security. Through workload on stream, creating even greater ensuring a consistent and high level services will see the development of consolidation, implemented capacity issues for operators. of communications. contextual networks that push on the latest Intel Mobile operators are looking to “Our technology is real non-line lexible screen technologies, relevant data and experiences to users. F architecture processors, increase network capacity and of sight, very predictable and m-commerce and “The social graph of today will operators will be able to coverage through the deployment of reliable, which is what operators “contextual networks” will be look fairly static and generic when make efficient use of network thousands, and eventually millions, need in the rapidly changing the big growth areas for the mobile compared with these pervasive and infrastructure and reduce of small cells at street level. The environment at street level. We industry in the coming years. That’s predictive networks of the future. commissioning and operating sheer number of small cells creates don’t do best path as most radio according to general partner and Users will seamlessly and expenses, at the same time its own problems – how do you systems do, we collect the energy co-founder of BlueRun Ventures, dynamically shift between deep- By Ken Wieland as expanding network successfully backhaul the traffic? from 30, 40 or even 50 paths and John Malloy, (pictured) who spoke focused communities versus the By Tim Ferguson capacity to handle consumer Fibre-optic cabling is not leverage these to produce one at the ‘Mobile Innovation: A Vision wide and shallow communities of demand for multimedia and practical and extremely expensive, strong accumulated signal. of 2022’ panel at Mobile World today,” he said. other rich content types. whilst normal microwave Equalisation of these paths is the Congress this week. Malloy said the mobile industry communications requires a line of key and this is our specialisation,” In an exclusive interview with can prepare for these developments sight between antennas. The comments Nativ. Mobile World Daily, Malloy, said by embracing the change and Telecom server Synchronica has launched answer, according to Adiv Nativ, At Congress it was announced flexible screen technology will lead understanding core strengths. blade Synchronica RCS as a vice president of marketing and that Spanish service provider to a range of new form factors for “Recognise that incumbents in Service, a ‘pay as you grow’ business development at Israeli Iberbanda has deployed the tablets and mobile devices while Internet services, media and solution for mobile operators company Radwin, is non-line of site RADWIN 2000 point-to-point 5.x interaction tech such as the enterprise software also face value wishing to roll out a fast and communications (NLOS). GHz systems to drive high-capacity iPhone’s Siri will change the way chain disruptions. Choose your cost effective RCS (Rich Because the small cells will be access services initially in Galicia people interact with their mobiles. partners and competitors wisely. Communications Suite) deployed at street level, probably and Navarra. Malloy also thinks m-commerce Make decisions,” he said. service. By using has huge potential for growth and And there will be challenges. Synchronica’s hosted RCS could make up more than half of Operators need to organise their service, mobile operators can online commerce by the end of the business so they can bring IBM: Mobile cloud avoid the need to implement decade, with the one-click innovations to customers quickly. their own, costly IMS core transaction model being adopted for “Yes, the scale of their businesses network and can instead will prosper on purchases made on mobile devices. and nature of regulated markets undertake a more cost- He added that the adoption of add barriers, but new solutions can effective and accelerated roll smartphones and cloud-based be found,” Malloy said. intelligent networks out to subscribers. It also allows groups of mobile Orange operators in one country to benefit from a ‘joined up’ RCS experience, irrespective n a bid to increase data roaming I tackles whether they have all obile operators should traffic, Orange has announced it M deployed an IMS core, by make their networks more will extend roaming offers already launching their services “fear” of intelligent if they’re to help available in some countries to other simultaneously to enable drive and support the uptake of parts of its European footprint by the cross-network messaging mobile cloud technology. end of 2012. “There is still fear among roaming RCS as a service between subscribers. CTO for Telecommunications at customers about the bill,” Vincent IBM Global Business Services, Brunet, Executive Vice President of Malcolm Nicholas (pictured) told Consumer Mobile Services at Orange, Mobile World Daily that although told Mobile World Daily. “In some Belgium and France. In France, the increasing mobile capacity is one way countries, customers are turning the alert is set at €100 and customers to support mobile cloud services, d ata functionality off.” are cut off from their data IBM is looking at another approach. The operator’s ‘roaming bundle’ connection when the bill hits €130. “We think that by adding offer, already available in Spain, Unlike in the EU, where a monthly computing capabilities to each layer Belgium and Romania, is to be cap is mandated at €50, there is no of the network, including the radio made available in France, Poland regulation on roaming tariffs for access network that are then and the UK. Targeted at occasional world travel. managed as a distributed cloud and light users, the bundle – Brunet maintains that Orange is computing platform, optimisation comprising a daily package of voice, responding to consumer research can be made more effective for SMSs and data – will be priced and competitive pressures. There is longer,” he said. differently in different markets. In growing regulatory pressure, This approach won’t negate the France, from June onwards, users however, to reduce EU roaming need for more network capacity but will pay around €5 for a daily tariffs and make them more means data can be processed where it Nicholas feels that smarter allowance of ten minutes’ voice, ten transparent. The European is most cost effective to do so, lowering networks have the potential to texts and 10MB data. Commission has drafted new the costs of mobile cloud services and improve the quality of mobile cloud A ‘rest of world’ alert and cap for roaming regulation, scheduled for improving user experience. services and digital content delivery. Orange customers travelling implementation in the summer. A “We think this will become This, in turn, will drive new mobile outside Europe is to be made retail price cap on roaming data particularly relevant as mobile cloud cloud services. “What those mobile available across eight European (€0.90 per MB), never before users are joined by billions of machines cloud services will be is just as hard countries. When outside the EU, mandated, is among the proposals. connecting to the network,” said to say now as it was to predict the Orange customers are alerted when “Pressure on price should come from Nicholas, who spoke in the “Mobile first applications for PCs back in their data bill exceeds a pre- competition and not regulation,” says Cloud: Contending for Content” 1981 or apps for smartphones in determined level. The service is Brunet. “We are always worried session at Congress this week. 2007, unfortunately,” he said. already available in Poland, when retail pricing is regulated.” MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Thursday 1st March PAGE 15
  • 16. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:12 Page 16
  • 17. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:31 Page 17
  • 18. FEATURE | SPECTRUM Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMAMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:31 Page 18 Spectrum: The Lifeblood of the Mobile Industry Mobile data traffic has been growing exponentially, spurred by the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and the widespread usage of mobile applications. With the next generation of Mobile Broadband networks providing higher speed and lower latency, the range of applications and devices will increase and produce a corresponding increase in demand. According to a recent study by Cisco, global mobile data traffic is set to grow from 0.6 exabytes per month in 2011 to 10.8 exabytes per month in 2016, a staggering increase of 1,700 per cent! The study also noted that by 2016, 60 per cent of mobile users, or 3 billion people, will belong to the “Gigabyte Club”, generating more than one gigabyte of mobile data traffic every month. perators continue to invest in O network upgrades to maximise the capacity of their networks. Clearly, additional spectrum will also be required to equipment standards to generate economies of study options for additional IMT spectrum for previous WRCs is either heavily used (3G support this explosive traffic growth, and to scale that drive down equipment costs and decision at WRC-15. By identifying core bands) or currently being awarded (2.6 realise the promise of the totally Connected facilitate international roaming. worldwide spectrum bands for IMT use, the GHz extension bands). While this will Life and the Connected Economy. The future The ITU has supported the development of ITU is further driving economies of scale for continue to drive economies of scale for IMT of mobile depends on operators having next-generation mobile technologies under IMT technologies. and address short-term spectrum needs, timely and reasonable access to the the umbrella of its IMT (International Mobile The importance of IMT to continued more harmonised spectrum will be needed to necessary spectrum resource. The World Telecommunications) family of standards. economic growth and development, ensure that the enabling power of Mobile Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) IMT, as defined by the ITU, is a set of particularly in emerging economies, is well Broadband reaches its full potential. provides a critical mechanism through which standards that extends beyond the GSM documented. IMT will be the main way of The GSMA is extremely pleased that many the mobile industry can gain access to the family of mobile technologies such as EDGE, accessing the Internet in many markets. countries have recognised the need to secure additional harmonised spectrum it requires. UMTS, HSPA, TD-SCDMA and LTE, and Today there are more than 1.7 billion IMT the future of Mobile Broadband and along The WRC is treaty-level negotiation held includes technologies such as CDMA2000, connections around the world, and by 2015, with our members we stand committed to the every three to four years, under the auspices of DECT and WiMAX. this number will more than double to over 3.6 success of the ITU’s work. Spectrum is the the International Telecommunication Union At WRC-12, governments representing billion connections. As such, it is critical that lifeblood of the mobile industry, and by (ITU), with the current WRC-12 having taken more than 150 countries recognised the the ITU take the necessary steps to continue taking action now to secure additional place from January 23 to February 17, 2012. critical role that spectrum plays in bringing encouraging IMT development and spectrum, mobile operators will be better As a global organisation, the ITU plays a key the enabling power of IMT to citizens around deployment. positioned to meet the mobile data needs of role in establishing a framework for the use of the world. Under the leadership of Chairman Mobile users in some countries are just billions of consumers well into the future. We radio spectrum on a global scale. It does this Tariq Al Awadhi, WRC-12 called on the next beginning to reap the benefits of the Digital look forward to working with governments by helping to ensure that radio interference WRC in 2015 to secure additional spectrum Dividend spectrum (700/800 MHz UHF and regulators to identify the spectrum between countries is minimised and by for IMT. The ITU will soon launch an spectrum) that WRC-07 identified for IMT. needed to deliver the vision of providing low promoting harmonisation of spectrum and intensive multi-year work programme to Almost all IMT spectrum identified at cost, ubiquitous broadband all over the world. PAGE 18 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 19. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:31 Page 19 Mobile World Capital - Barcelona Hospitality Suite 1F00 WELCOME TO Visit us at To arrange a visit or for more information go to or contact Founding Partners: MINISTERIO DE INDUSTRIA, ENERGÍA Y TURISMO
  • 20. ANALYSIS | BRAZIL Joss Gillet, Senior Analyst, Wireless IntelligenceMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:31 Page 20 Fast-growing Brazilian operators look ahead to LTE auctions Brazil reached almost 250 million mobile connections by year-end 2011, Brazil mobile connections, Q4 2011 according to Wireless intelligence data, accounting for over a third of total connections in the Americas region. It is now a larger market than Mexico, Connections % 2G % 3G Market Growth, Argentina and Colombia combined. (million) Share annual Vivo 71.55 78% 22% 29% 19% razilian connections grew almost 20 Norte Leste (45 million/18 percent). B percent year-on-year with all the market’s major operators recording double-digit growth. 3G connections Although there are a number of smaller and regional operators in the market, these ‘big four’ account for 98 percent of the country’s TIM Claro Oi 64.08 60.38 45.48 85% 74% 96% 15% 26% 4% 26% 25% 18% 26% 17% 16% accounted for 17 percent of the Brazilian mobile subscriber base. Nextel (NII) 4.15 100% - 2% 25% total at year-end, slightly ahead of the 15 Operators are investing in 3G network percent regional average. deployments throughout the country, with Algar Telecom 0.65 72% 28% 0.30% 6% Mobile penetration stands at 125 percent. Vivos 3G coverage reaching 2,516 Sercomtel 0.08 83% 17% 0.03% -2% The north of the country - including Rio de municipalities in 2011 (of which 1,310 were 246.38 83% 17% - 19% Janeiro - reached 113 percent penetration in added last year) giving it 82 percent 3G Q4 2011, compared to 131 percent in the population coverage. Meanwhile, TIM claims Source: Wireless Intelligence mid-west and south and 142 percent in the 67 percent 3G coverage of the urban state of Sao Paulo. Overall, the north region, population with 3G services present in 488 2010 and Q3 2011, offsetting the declining Meanwhile, the government is gearing up as segmented by the regulator, comprised cities. Similarly, Claro claimed to have contributions from its Spanish (-2.1pp) and to auction-off 4G-suitable spectrum later this 120 million connections by year-end, almost increased its 3G footprint in Q4 2011 (without European (-0.2pp) units. According to the year. Auctions for spectrum at 2.5GHz half of the countrys total connections and providing specific figures) while upgrading its operator, this was due in part to the “high (suitable for LTE) and 450MHz are due to twice that of the two other sub-regions. network to HSPA+, which has been rates of growth driven by a favourable begin in April, while 3.5GHz fixed-wireless However, as is the case in other BRIC instrumental in its 9.1 percent year-on-year economic context and acceleration in the spectrum auctions are due to follow. Much countries, multiple SIM ownership is inflating growth in data ARPU. Overall, such adoption of new services” in Brazil. sought-after 700MHz spectrum could also be penetration rates and diluting real growth. investments in data networks will help the Telefonica’s Vivo added almost 3 million sold before year-end. The market is led by Telefonica’s Vivo BRIC countries overtake the US in terms of mobile net additions in Q3, up 72 percent In recent years, the main operators have all which had 72 million connections at the end total mobile revenue in 2012, by which time year-on-year and 50 percent on the previous moved to merge their mobile and fixed-line of the year, giving it a 29 percent share, we expect them to account for over 40 percent quarter. The operator has been pursuing the businesses to provide integrated followed by Telecom Italia’s TIM Brasil (64 of total revenue in the developing world. higher-value market segments and claims a fixed/mobile service offerings. Telefonica million/26 percent), America Movil’s Claro At Telefonica Group, the organic revenue 37 percent share of Brazil’s contract-based bought out its former partner in Vivo, (60 million/25 percent) and Oi, the mobile contribution from its Latin American division mobile subscribers, and 43 percent in mobile Portugal Telecom, in 2010 partly in order to arm of Brazil’s fixed-line incumbent Telemar increased by 5 percentage points between Q3 broadband. This focus saw ARPU at Vivo rise more closely integrate the unit with its local 3 percent year-on-year to US$13.21 in Q3. fixed arm, Telesp. Meanwhile, America Movil The Brazilian regulator has been able to brought Claro and its fixed-line arm, ABOUT WIRELESS INTELLIGENCE support growth in the market via several Embratel, under one roof last year and spectrum auctions in recent years. The most recently added cable firm Net Servicos de Wireless Intelligence is the definitive source of mobile operator data, recent swathe – largely spectrum left over Comunicacao to its Brazilian portfolio. analysis and forecasts, delivering the most accurate and complete set of from previous tenders - was sold off in Telecom Italia acquired the long-distance industry metrics available. Relied on by a customer base of over 700 of December 2011 and netted the government fibre player, Intelig, in 2009. the worlds mobile operators, device vendors, equipment manufacturers BRL237.8 million (US$132 million). TIM However, the fixed businesses of the and leading financial and consultancy firms, the data set is the most Brasil secured nine blocks of spectrum in the foreign-owned operators continue to trail that scrutinised in the industry. With over 8 million individual data points – 1800MHz band for BRL109.3 million, with Oi of Oi, which remains Brazil’s largest fixed-line updated daily – the service provides coverage of the performance of all acquiring four blocks in the same band for provider by some distance. Oi has 940 operators and 780 MVNOs across 2,200 networks, 55 groups and 225 BRL110.6 million. Sercomtel spent BRL3 concentrated in recent years on integrating countries worldwide. For further information please contact million on a single block of 1800MHz its 2008 acquisition of rival fixed-line firm spectrum while Claro secured a block in the Brasil Telecom, with all its services – both 800MHz band for BRL14.5 million. mobile and fixed - now under the Oi brand. PAGE 20 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 21. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:31 Page 21 Mobile spam is threatening network operators and subscribers around the globe. These GSMA Spam unwanted messages seek to defraud the recipients and consume valuable network resources. Luckily, the GSMA and its experts are keen to prevent these attacks from degrading the valuable services provided by our members. By adopting the GSMA Spam Reporting Service, mobile operators can empower customers to easily report spam without engaging in lengthy service Reporting Service - calls. Once reported, the service analyses the message and quickly provides the information necessary to take decisive action to protect the network and their subscribers from further harm. Because this is a GSMA service, operators have the additional benefit of learning of other Securing the future attacks happening on other networks. This intelligence helps them to keep known attacks off their network and keep spammers from eluding detection. of Mobile Messaging The GSMA SRS offers the powerful combination of customer reporting, data analysis and intelligence sharing that is a key element of effective network security. To find out more, contact our team at or visit our website at or visit us at the GSMA Managed Services stand in Hall 2.1 Stand A68. 6 7 ZONE 4 ZONE 6 ZONE 3 Visit the GSMA Spam Reporting Service at the 4 5 Managed Services Stand: Hall 2.1 Stand A68 2 3 8 1
  • 22. ANALYSIS | INDIA Matt Ablott, Senior Editorial Analyst, Wireless Intelligence www.wirelessintelligence.comMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:31 Page 22 Network shutdowns to reshape Indian mobile market The shock decision this month by India’s Supreme Court to order the India net additions, annual, 2001–2011 cancellation of 122 regional mobile licences could impact almost 10 percent of the country’s mobile users, according to Wireless Intelligence. The licence cancellations will serve to put the brakes on growth in the world’s second- largest mobile market, which is already slowing following regulatory uncertainty in the wake of the so-called ‘2G licensing scam. ince Q1 2008, 120 networks have penetration (on an active users basis) will by S launched across India’s 22 circles, including most of the start-up networks using the 2G licences issued under this stage stand at 58 percent rather than the current projection of 82 percent. According to the latest Wireless controversial circumstances by the office of Intelligence data, total Indian mobile disgraced former telecoms minister, A Raja. connections grew by 19 percent year-on-year Among incumbent operators, six launched in 2011, less than half the 48 percent average networks in additional circles during this growth recorded over the previous three period: Aircel (14 circles), Idea Cellular (11), years. Total yearly net additions in 2011 MTS (21), Tata Docomo (three), Vodafone declined to 141 million from 227 million a (seven) and Loop Mobile (12), while four new year earlier. The slowdown was even more operators have launched: Etisalat’s Cheers pronounced in Q4 2011, where quarterly net Mobile (15), Telenor’s Uninor (15), S Tel (five) additions were recorded at 20 million, and Videocon Mobile (17). Several of these compared to 60 million a year earlier. new operators now face having to shut down “This is evidence that India’s market size within the next four months following the has been inflated and its growth opportunities Source: Wireless Intelligence Supreme Court’s ruling - unless they are able largely diluted, and thus the next step for to buy-back licences in the court-ordered regulators and operators is to re-install a Policy’ announced in the wake of the licensing Meanwhile, the Telecoms Regulatory reauction of the cancelled licences. climate of confidence in the market to scandal; the DoT’s intention to delink future Authority of India (TRAI) has identified that These network launches have helped the stimulate much needed investment,” said Joss spectrum allocations from operator subscriber almost 30 percent of the estimated current market triple in size since 2008 with annual Gillet, senior analyst at Wireless Intelligence. bases; delays in the allocation of additional total of 900 million mobile connections in connections growth peaking in 2009 (51 “This daunting task has been kicked-off by numbering resources; and rule changes country are inactive, putting the total number percent year-on-year), before slowing operators which are slowly easing the long- introduced by operators regarding the activity of ‘active’ connections at about 650 million. dramatically last year. lasting price wars which have brought mobile period allowed for prepaid users. According to the TRAI, rural penetration in Total Indian mobile connections passed tariffs and ARPU in the country down to the Previously, users would see their services India only increased by 17 percentage points 900 million in January and are expected to lowest levels in the world.” terminated if they had not recharged their between 2009-11 to 36 percent, while urban reach 1 billion by year-end. However, the A number of factors have triggered this prepaid cards or placed/received a call within penetration has increased by 58 percentage large share of inactive SIM cards in the slowdown, including regulatory uncertainty a period of 180 days. Late last year, both points to 161 percent over the same period. country’s installed base shows that real ahead of the finalisation of the ‘New Telecom Bharti Airtel and Vodafone reduced this “This is a clear indicator that urban areas period to 60 days while state-owned BSNL have been at the centre of competitive efforts reduced it to 90 days last month. Airtel stated from mobile operators and that demand in ABOUT WIRELESS INTELLIGENCE that this change was necessary in order to rural areas – which to date represent only one free up unused numbering allocations for new third of the countrys total connections – is Wireless Intelligence is the definitive source of mobile operator data, customers given the overall country-wide still largely untapped,” adds Gillet. “However, analysis and forecasts, delivering the most accurate and complete set of shortage. These changes are expected to market uncertainty will remain for some time industry metrics available. Relied on by a customer base of over 700 of have a negative effect on connections growth - or until market consolidation has the worlds mobile operators, device vendors, equipment manufacturers over the coming quarters. materialised. The recent disruption brought and leading financial and consultancy firms, the data set is the most The slowdown has seen many operators by the cancellation of 122 licences will push scrutinised in the industry. With over 8 million individual data points – begin to report negative net additions. In Q4 a number of operators to exit the market updated daily – the service provides coverage of the performance of all 2011, Tata Docomo recorded a 5.3 million while the government’s ‘New Telecom Policy’ 940 operators and 780 MVNOs across 2,200 networks, 55 groups and 225 decline in connections compared to previous – currently scheduled to be published in mid- countries worldwide. For further information please contact quarter, while new entrants Videocon Mobile 2012 – will install new rules surrounding at (-826,398) and Ping Mobile (-32,461) also M&A, taxes, licence conditions and spectrum saw declines. allocations.” PAGE 22 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 23. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:31 Page 23 Visit the destination showcasing the future of our industry for a rewarding experience GSMA – Representing our members, the world’s Mobile Network Operators and the broader mobile eco-system. 6 7 ZONE 4 Come to the GSMA Pavilion to make sure ZONE 6 ZONE 3 Pavilion your experience the very best the Mobile World Congress 4 5 has to offer. 2 3 GSMA Pavilion – Hall 8, Stand C118 8 1
  • 24. ANALYSIS | AFRICA Joss Gillet, Senior Analyst, Wireless Intelligence www.wirelessintelligence.comMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:31 Page 24 Radical new pricing strategies required to support future mobile growth in Africa Africa overtook the Americas to (US$0.03) per minute and limit price Africa mobile connections, Q3 2011 become the world’s second-largest promotions. This has allowed the countrys mobile market at the end of 2011, number-three player Warid Telecom, for Africa World according to Wireless Intelligence, example, to cut voice prices to just UGX60 Connections (million) 620 5,883 but the region remains highly per minute for on-net calls and UGX180 per Net Additions (million) 26 167 dependent on prepaid voice income minute off-net. Rival UT Mobile has also Prepaid 97% 74% and is characterised by pricing wars, recently introduced unlimited on-net calls for Contract 3% 26% low usage and the relatively high UGX500 (US$0.19) per day. One player in the % Connections cost of device ownership. market that has spoken out against the 2G 90% 74% Ugandan price war is MTN, the market 3G 10% 26% frica was the fastest-growing mobile leader, which recently increased both its on- A Quarterly 4% 3% region in the world in Q3 2011, growing net and off-net tariffs. Growth (Connections) Annual 19% 14% connections by 19 percent year-on-year Amid intense competition, customers price Market Penetration 63% 85% (to 620 million) and overtaking the Americas sensitivity is also a growth hurdle for Orange in during the quarter to become the worlds Egypt which, earlier this year, stated that lower Source: Wireless Intelligence second-largest mobile region after Asia-Pacific. ARPU levels are due to tariff inelasticity, There were 26 million new African aggressive promotions and the addition of new However, the study found that this trend is inbound international traffic has fallen and connections (net) added in the third-quarter. "bottom of the pyramid" customers. The not being replicated elsewhere in Africa with prices of outbound calls have increased due to Pricing wars have been affecting contrast between Africa and other emerging users in Gabon paying 80 percent tax on the reciprocation of higher termination prices connections growth in several African mobile markets is aptly demonstrated by recent handset purchases, followed by Niger at 65 by operators in other African countries. For markets, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania figures from Bharti, which entered 15 African percent; and Congo Brazzaville, the example, in Congo Brazzaville, the price of and Egypt. This phenomenon is exacerbated markets following its acquisition of Zain Africa Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, inbound traffic has risen by 111 percent and by the dominance of prepaid users - last year. The operator said that in 2010 its Madagascar and Rwanda all paying more operators report that inbound traffic fell by 36 accounting for 97 percent of the regions African subscribers were averaging 112 voice than 40 percent. It notes that in several percent between May 2009 (when the tax was connections - who are susceptible to pricing minutes-of-use (MoU) per month and African markets, users are paying twice as introduced) and May 2011. There were similar fluctuations and more likely to churn. generating US$7 per month (ARPU). This much tax as they were four years ago. trend s identified in Gabon, Senegal and Ghana. In Kenya, Airtel (Bharti) has reduced its per- compared to 454 MoU and US$5 ARPU in A new type of African mobile tax emerging To date, 3G only represents 10 percent of minute voice calls from KES6 (US$0.06) to as India. The operator described India as a "high is the so-called Surtax on International Africas total connections base, which low as KES1 and has been offering free data usage, low pricing model" compared to the "low Inbound Call Termination (SIIT), which highlights a substantial potential for growth modems since taking over the countrys second- usage, high pricing model(s)" seen in Africa. centrally fixes the prices that operators can that will only be fulfilled if pricing models largest network. Rival yu (Essar Telecom) The Kenyan market also serves as a useful charge when terminating international inbound are rationalised and if investors are responded by introducing modems priced at example of the impact of mobile-specific calls. The GSMA/Deloitte research found that confident that they will generate short-term KES2,599 (US$26.5) with two months free taxation in Africa on price-sensitive demand. where the SIIT has been imposed, the level of return on investments. unlimited browsing while market-leader A recent study commissioned by the GSMA Safaricom had to reduce the price of on-network (conducted by Deloitte) found that mobile SMS to KES1 from KES3.5. Consequently, Airtel handset sales in the country soared by 200 ABOUT WIRELESS INTELLIGENCE managed to double its customer base in 12 percent following the governments 2009 months at the expense of its competitors but decision to slash the 16 percent VAT levied Wireless Intelligence is the definitive source of mobile operator data, was also strongly criticised by Safaricom, which on handset sales, with mobile penetration analysis and forecasts, delivering the most accurate and complete set of asked the regulator (CCK) to set a minimum rising from 50 percent to 70 percent over the industry metrics available. Relied on by a customer base of over 700 of threshold for prices. The market leader warned same period. This suggests that taxation is a the worlds mobile operators, device vendors, equipment manufacturers that such low prices are not sustainable and key contributor to the total cost of mobile and leading financial and consultancy firms, the data set is the most could cost the industry some KES20-26 billion ownership (TCMO) in low-income African scrutinised in the industry. With over 8 million individual data points – (US$270 million) in lost revenue. markets. Indeed, the research found that updated daily – the service provides coverage of the performance of all There is a similar mobile price war taxation as a proportion of the TCMO in 940 operators and 780 MVNOs across 2,200 networks, 55 groups and 225 underway in Uganda where the regulator Kenya has fallen from 25 percent to 17 countries worldwide. For further information please contact recently backtracked on plans to establish a percent over the last five years as the tax floor price for on-net calls at UGX92 burden has been reduced. PAGE 24 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 25. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:32 Page 25 See a living future at the GSMA Connected House, one where everyone and everything will benefit from intelligent wireless connections. Experience a Find out how homes become smart, city and transport networks will be optimised, healthcare reach extended and the growing needs of mobile consumers and businesses met. Explore how mobile is driving innovation in order to deliver economic growth, successful world where products, customer value and new business opportunities. Experience how intelligent wireless connections will create more value, drive efficiency and deliver a richer experience. everything Showcasing key industry milestones, the vision for the future and numerous cutting edge connected solutions over two floors are the GSMA, AT&T, KT and Vodafone, with partners: Accenture, Airbiquity, AQ Corporation, Ericsson, Intel, KTH, Qualcomm, Rsupport, Sony and intelligently Zelitron. Visit the GSMA Connected House and step into a living future. GSMA Connected House, Hospitality Suite CY13, The Courtyard. connects Connected GSMA Connected House, House Hospitality Suite CY13, The Courtyard
  • 26. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:32 Page 26 Serving the underserved through mobile The GSMA Development Fund brings together our mobile operator members, the wider mobile industry and the development community to drive commercial mobile services for underserved people in emerging markets. We identify opportunities for social, economic and environmental impact and stimulate the development of scalable, life-enhancing mobile services. Since the creation of the GSMA Development Fund we have partnered with 35 mobile operators, rolling out 53 services, impacting tens of millions of people across 30 countries. Our GSMA mWomen Programme, which works to reduce the mobile phone gender gap by 50% and provide life-enhancing services to underserved women in developing countries, has recently published ground-breaking research identifying the wants and needs of base of pyramid women. It has also launched the mWomen Mobile Operator Business Case Framework and the mWomen Impact Pathway. All three pieces highlight both the challenges and immediate opportunities for the mobile industry to provide commercially successful, relevant offerings to underserved women. The GSMA Disaster Response Programme, launched at Mobile World Congress 2012, will lead the global mobile community in improving industry-wide coordination, resilience and preparedness for disasters, and will support mobile operators in developing more effective partnerships with humanitarian response agencies and affected populations after crises. We are also driving commercial mobile services in the key areas of health, mobile money for the unbanked, renewable energy base stations, community power, agriculture and learning. To learn more or partner with us please visit: or email: ©2012 GSMA 14:33
  • 27. VILLAGE MAPMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:32 Page 27 Hall 1.0 Level 3 Hall 8.0 Auditorium 1 (Conference Room) Opening Times Ground Floor Bar and Restaurants - Opening Keynote 1: Mobile Operator Strategies Bar and Restaurants Cloakroom EXHIBITION OPENING TIMES (Monday) Cloakroom Damm Bar Hall 1.0, Hall 2 (2.0, 2.1), Hall 6.0, App Planet (Hall 7.0) and - Keynote 2: The Connected Consumer (Monday) Exhibition Exhibition Hall 8.0 Information Desks – Sponsored by - Mobile World Live Extra featuring Facebook (Monday) GSMA Pavilion Monday 27 February ..............................................09:00 – 19:00 - Mobile World Live Keynote featuring Ford Tuesday 28 February ..............................................09:00 – 19:00 Toilets GSMA Sales Office Wednesday 29 February..........................................09:00 – 19:00 Level 1 - Keynote 3: Mobile Operator Strategies in Developing Hospitality Suites Thursday 1 March ..................................................09:00 – 16:00 Hospitality Suites Markets (Tuesday) Information Desk – Sponsored by - Keynote 4: Exploring the Mobile Cloud (Tuesday) Toilets OUTDOOR EXHIBITION AND HOSPITALITY Hall 2.0 - Global Mobile Awards Ceremony (Tuesday) SUITE AREAS Ground Floor Avenue Hall 1.1, Hall 3.0 (3.0 Courtyard, 3.1 Gallery), - Mobile World Live Keynote featuring Google Hall 4 (4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8), Hall 6.0, Accommodation Services – provided by (Tuesday) ATM/Cash Machine Hall 8.0, App Planet (Hall 7.0), Avenue, Zone 3 (Z3), Bar and Restaurants - Keynote 5: Mobile OS & Applications (Wednesday) Exhibition Zone 4 (Z4), Zone 5 (Z5), Zone 6 (Z6) Damm Bar - Keynote 6: Financial Services in a Mobile World Fast Track /Access Monday 27 February ..............................................07:30 – 22:00 Cloakrooms Lost & Found Tuesday 28 February ..............................................07:30 – 22:00 (Wednesday) Wednesday 29 February..........................................07:30 – 22:00 Exhibition - Regional Focus: BRICS & The Challenges of Metro Ticket Machines Thursday 1 March ..................................................07:30 – 16:00 Information Desks – Sponsored by Innovation (Wednesday) Police Station Registration – Sponsored by Restaurant Booking REGISTRATION OPENING TIMES - Mobile Money - NFC (Wednesday) Toilets Service – provided by Saturday 25 February ..............................................09:00 – 18:00 - Mobile World Live Keynote featuring Ericsson VAT Refund/Tax Toilets Sunday 26 February ................................................09:00 – 20:00 (Wednesday) Monday 27 February ..............................................07:00 – 20:00 Mezzanine Meeting Rooms A,B,C & D - Keynote 7: Driving the Mobile Technology Evolution Plaza España Tuesday 28 February ..............................................07:30 – 19:00 (Thursday) Wednesday 29 February..........................................07:30 – 19:00 Level 1 Airport Shuttle Thursday 1 March ..................................................07:30 – 16:00 Room 5 (Conference Room) Metro Station Exhibition Media Centre - Mobile Health: Getting Mobile into the System Taxi Station Networking Lounge (Monday) - Mobile Health: mHealth for the User (Monday) Avenida Rius I Taulet (between upper GSMA Seminars Bar and Restaurants - Mobile Health: Emerging Markets (Tuesday) and lower village) - Mobilising the Retail Business (Tuesday) Hotel Shuttle Buses Hall 3.0/Courtyard - Consumer Devices: Riding the Smart Device Wave Private Shuttle Buses TOILETS FIRST AID CENTRE ATM/Cash Machine (Wednesday) Taxi Station Bar and Restaurants - Embedded Mobile: State of the Market Exhibition Zone 3, Zone 6 CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS SHUTTLE BUS (Wednesday) First Aid - Embedded Mobile: Automotive & Utilities Exhibition CLOAKROOMS TAXI RANK Hall 4.0 (Thursday) National Palace/MNAC - Embedded Mobile: Consumer Electronics Bar and Restaurants (Thursday) Leadership Summit ATM MACHINE VIP PICK UP & DROP OFF POINT Business Centre (Level 8) provided by Room 6 (Conference Room) ONCE Cloakroom (Level 0) - Business Transformation: Operators as Agile FREE WIFI HOTSPOTS INFORMATION DESKS Hospitality Suites LG Businesses (Monday) Hourly Meeting Rooms (Level 8) - Business Transformation: Operators as Intelligent Cupula METRO TICKET MACHINE EXHIBITOR SERVICE DESKS Information Desk (Level 2) – Sponsored by Partners (Monday) TICKET MACHINE Toilets HTC (Sunday, Monday) - Mobile Cloud: Home of the Future (Tuesday) POLICE STATION RESTAURANT BOOKING SERVICE VIP Networking Lounge (Level 0) - Mobile Cloud: Cloud & Network Intelligence Mies Executive Hospitality Suites (Level 1) (Tuesday) NVIDIA (Monday) LOST & FOUND METRO Hall 5.0 - Networks: Network Infrastructure Costs Intel (Tuesday, Wednesday) (Wednesday) Level 0 - Networks: QoE & Capacity (Wednesday) Auditorium 2 (Conference Room) GSMA Meeting Room 32 - Mobile Applications: Apps for All (Monday) Toilets - Mobile Applications: The Future of Voice & VILLAGE MAP Messaging (Monday) Hall 6.0 SPONSORED BY - Mobile Applications: Building for Tomorrow Cloakroom (Tuesday) Exhibition - Mobile Enterprise (Tuesday) Hospitality Suites - Mobile Innovation: A Vision of 2022 (Wednesday) Meeting Rooms: A, B & C - Media & Entertainment: The Future of Mobile Music (Wednesday) Zone 4 - Technology Evolution: Network Architecture Exhibition Evolution (Thursday) VIP Pick-Up & Drop-Off Point Sponsored by - Technology Evolution: Network Operations Paella Restaurant Evolution Sponsored by Auditorium 3 (Conference Room) - Mobile Cloud: Competitive Landscape (Monday) Zone 5 - Mobile Cloud: Contending for Content (Monday) Exhibition - Mobile Advertising: Mobile in the Marketing Mix (Tuesday) Magic Fountain - Mobile Advertising: Social Media (Tuesday) Networking by Moonlight (Monday & Tuesday - Mobile Advertising: The Mobile Advertising 18.30 - 20.30) Ecosystem (Wednesday) - Mobile Advertising: Emerging Markets App Planet (Hall 7.0) (Wednesday) Application Developer Conferences - Mobile Money: Developments in mPayments App Lounge – Sponsored by The App Monetization Exchange (Thursday) Bar and Restaurants - Mobile Money: Emerging Markets (Thursday) Cloakroom Speaker Testing Room Damm Bar Speaker Preparation Room Exhibition Cloakroom First Aid Toilets Hospitality Suites Information Desk – Sponsored by Level 1 Prayer Room Conference Restaurants Toilets Information Desk – Sponsored by Rich Communication Suite, Monday Toilets GSMA Spam Reporting Service, Monday and Level 2 Tuesday Conference Pass Upgrade Desk Mobile Advertising (MMM/MAM), Monday and Mobile World Live TV Studio Thursday GSMA Meeting Rooms 1 & 2 Mobile Broadband - an update on HSPA+ and LTE, Rooms 21,22,23 Monday Medas Restaurant GSMA OneAPI, Tuesday Supplier Offices:- Embedded Mobile Seminar, Tuesday - Exhibition Freighting Mobile Energy Efficiency and Green Power for - Itn International - Lead Retrieval Services Mobile, Wednesday MMU Working Group, Wednesday All information correct as of February 17, 2012 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Thursday 1st March PAGE 27
  • 28. FLOORPLANS | HALL 1MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:32 Page 28 1A23 1A15 1A03 1A55 1A45 1A41 1A27 1A19 1A59 1A07 1A11 1A62 1A56 1A50 1A48 1A40 1B19 1B13 1B01 1A46 1B31 1A70 1B63 1B59 1B55 1B51 1B49 1B39 1B70 1B14 1B12 1B08 1B18 1B22 1C01 1C63 1C53 1C43 1C31 1C13 1C09 1C05 1C67 1C17 1C62 1C58 1C50 1C44 1C34 1C14 1C06 1D01 1D19 1D67 1D45 1D33 1D07 INFORMATION DESK 1D64 1D62 1D56 1E51 1D06 1D68 1D34 1E19 CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS 1D70 1E01 1E67 1E57 1E47 1E43 1E05 1E03 1E69 1E37 1E31 HEIGHT TO UNDERSIDE OF PIPE = 4.6m 1E70 1E60 1E58 1E72 1E56 1E52 1E44 1E38 1E32 1E02 1E62 1E04 1E74 1E54 1E64 1F17 1E68 1E66 1F07 1F61 1F53 1F47 1F43 1F39 1F33 1F25 1F01 1F69 1F05 1F59 1F51 1F68 1F00 CLOAKROOMS 1F62 1F60 1F04 1F44 1F38 1F24 1F20 1F14 1F56 1F02 1F70 1G59 1G31 1G63 1G55 1G49 1G45 1G39 1G19 1G15 1G13 1G05 1G03 1G69 1G61 HE IGHT TO UN DE RS IDE OF PIP E= 1H6 1G38 1G36 1G34 1G32 1G26 VILLAGE MAP 4.6 m 0 1H49 1G48 1H21 1H39 1H33 SPONSORED BY 1PB 1 1H29 1J4 6 1J37 1J33 1J31 1J4 5 1J4 4 1J42 1J36 1J34 1J32 1.1HS51 1.1HS49 1.1HS47 1.1HS43 1.1HS39 1.1HS35 1.1HS25 1.1HS21 1.1HS29 1.1HS52 1.1HS48 1.1HS40 1.1HS36 1.1HS32 1.1HS28 1.1HS24 1.1HS20 1.1HS57 1.1HS62 1.1HS59 1.1HS61 1.1HS65 1.1HS64 ACCESS TO 1.1HS70 1.1HS72 All information correct as of February 17, 2012 PAGE 28 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 29. HALL 2.0 & 2.1 | FLOORPLANSMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:32 Page 29 VILLAGE MAP 2.1EZ11 2.1EZ10 2.1EZ9 2.1E91 2.1E83 2.1E77 2.1E75 2.1E71 2.1E69 2.1E67 2.1E65 2.1E63 2.1E61 2.1E57 2.1E53 2.1E51 SPONSORED BY 2.1E98 2.1EZ13 2.1EZ6 2.1E96 2.1E70 2.1E64 2.1E62 2.1E56 2.1E52 2.1E80 2.1E76 2.1E74 GSMA MEDIA CENTRE 2.1EZ14 2.1EZ5 2.1E68 2.1D59 2.1E94 2.1E60 2.1EZ15 2.1EZ4 2.1E58 2.1D51 2.1EZ16 2.1EZ3 2.1D63 2.1D61 2.1D67 2.1D53 2.1E59 2.1D97 2.1EZ17 2.1EZ2 2.1D75 2.1D71 2.1D69 2.1EZ18 2.1EZ1 2.1D80 2.1D78 2.1D74 2.1D72 2.1D70 2.1D66 2.1D60 2.1D46 2.1D26 2.1D20 2.1D16 2.1D10 2.1D08 2.1D58 2.1C49 2.1D40 2.1D34 2.1D24 2.1C85 2.1C83 2.1C81 2.1C75 2.1C73 2.1A69 2.1A59 2.1C45 2.1C27 2.1C15 2.1C13 2.1C11 2.1C09 2.1C07 2.1C72 2.1C70 2.1C66 2.1C62 2.1C60 2.1C58 2.1C50 2.1C28 2.1C26 2.1C12 2.1C64 2.1C38 2.1C20 2.1C10 2.1B77 2.1B75 2.1B73 2.1B71 2.1B61 2.1B59 2.1B51 2.1B25 2.1B11 2.1B29 2.1B27 GSMA Seminar 2.1B82 2.1B78 2.1B76 2.1B74 2.1B72 2.1B58 2.1B40 2.1B32 2.1B26 2.1B12 2.1B10 Theatre Networking 2.1B22 2.1B20 2.1B16 2.1B14 2.1A85 2.1A83 2.1A81 2.1A79 2.1A77 2.1A75 2.1A73 Lounge 2.1A58 2.1A39 2.1A33 2.1A27 2.1A21 2.1A19 2.1A15 2.1A13 2.1A11 2.1A05 2.1A82 2.1A78 2.1A76 2.1A74 2.1A72 2.1A70 2.1A68 2.1A64 2.1A56 2.1A42 2.1A40 2.1A36 2.1A34 2.1A32 2.1A28 2.1A24 2.1A14 2.1A12 2.1A10 2.1A06 REGISTRATION I The mPowered Brands Theatres and CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS Ambassador Lounges can be found FREE WIFI HOTSPOT on the Mezzanine Level of Hall 2.1 2D01 Powered by Cisco 2D02 2B01 2D03 ACCESS TO 2D05 2A06 2D06 2C05 2C06 2B05 2B06 2A05 MEZZANINE 2A10 2C09 2C10 2B09 2D08 2A14 2B12 ACCESS TO 2C13 2C14 2A16 2B13 2D14 2C15 2A07 2A17 2D15 2C16 2D16 2B16 DAMM 2B17 2H02 2H01 2H04 2G01 2F01 2F02 2J01 BAR 2D20 2C19 2C20 2D23 2A26 2H08 2F07 2H07 2G11 2F08 2B26 2A23 2A25 2G08 2D26 2C25 2C26 2B25 2E07 2J09 2A27 2H10 2F09 2A28 2F12 2G13 2E12 2J11 2G12 2D29 2C28 2B27 2.95m To bottom of unit 2A29 Aircon 2J12 2H11 Unit 2H14 2F14 2B28 2A31 2J18 2E14 2J15 2G16 2D28 2C31 2H19 2G15 2J20 2H18 2G18 2D33 2F13 2B38 2A35 2E17 2E18 2B33 2B39 2A37 2G20 2D40 2C37 2F18 2D37 Ramp 2J21 2B40 2J25 2J27 2F27 2G28 2F28 2J29 2D49 2C46 2B47 2F29 2E33 2C47 2J31 2F32 2E30 2G32 2H34 2A47 2F33 2D51 2B53 2H33 2A56 2G37 2G33 2F36 2E35 2D54 2C53 2J41 2H36 2E38 2F37 2C62 2A58 2B57 2D59 2J49 2J42 2A60 2G38 2E41 2H42 2G39 2F41 2D62 2C63 2B61 2A61 2J46 2A62 2A66 2H43 2H45 2H50 2G41 2D65 2J48 2E46 2B68 2B69 2J51 2H54 2C67 2H47 2D66 2B70 2J50 2G45 2B69-B 2J53 2A70 2H56 2B69-C 2J52 2J55 2B72 2A67 2H53 2E58 2J54 2J57 2B73 2H58 2G50 2E47 2D77 2C75 2C72 2F49 2J56 2B76 2J59 2H57 2H60 2G55 2D82 2A78 2J61 2J58 2B75 2B80 2H61 2G57 2J63 2J60 2H59 2A73 INFORMATION DESK 2C81 2B77 2B82 2H64 2G63 2A82 2J64 2J65 2H62 CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS 2E66 2A86 2J69 2J70 2H69 2H70 2H71 2G69 2G70 2F69 2C88 2B87 2B89 2B90 FREE WIFI HOTSPOT 2D88 2A90 Powered by Cisco 2C115 2C114 2C105 2C103 2C92 2B113 2B112 2B111 2B92 2A92 2A97-B 2C112 2C106 2C102 2C93 2B127 2B110 2A126 2A111 2A110 MEZZANINE 2B115 2C107 2C101 2C94 2B126 2B109 2B93 2A108 2A125 2A112 2B116 2C111 2C100 2C95 2B125 2B108 2C110 2A107 2B117 2A97 2C109 2C96 2B124 2B106 2C108 2B95 2A114 2B119 2A103 2C9 8 2B104 2B98 2A116 2A102 2B123 2A122 2B122 2B100 2A118 2A101 2B120 2A100 CLOAKROOMS 2B103 2B101 2B102 2A120 All information correct as of February 17, 2012 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Thursday 1st March PAGE 29
  • 30. FLOORPLANS | HALL 3.0 & HALL 3.1MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:32 Page 30 CY03 CY01 CY15 CY13 CY07 CY08 CY06 CY02 COURTYARD RESTAURANT CY18 CY20 CY22 CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS FREE WIFI HOTSPOT CY31 Powered by Cisco CY17 CY19 CY21 CY23 CY29 CY25 ATM MACHINE ACCESS TO ACCESS TO ACCESS TO ACCESS TO ACCESS TO 3.1HS71 3.1HS65 3.1HS61 3.1HS51 3.1HS41 3.1HS37 3.1HS35 3.1HS33 3.1HS31 3.1HS29 3.1HS13 3.1HS09 3.1HS05 3.1HS21 3.1HS19 3.1HS17 3.1HS15 3.1HS01 3.1HS72 3.1HS70 3.1HS64 3.1HS62 3.1HS60 3.1HS58 3.1HS56 3.1HS54 3.1HS50 3.1HS44 3.1HS42 3.1HS36 3.1HS34 3.1HS30 3.1HS26 3.1HS24 3.1HS20 3.1HS16 3.1HS10 3.1HS08 3.1HS04 3.1HS02 3.1HS83 3.1HS84 3.1HS86 3.1HS85 3.1HS88 3.1HS87 3.1HS90 CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS 3.1HS91 3.1HS94 ACCESS TO 3.1HS93 3.1HS96 ACCESS TO 3.1HS97 3.1HS98 ACCESS TO 3.1HS100 3.1HS99 3.1HS102 ACCESS TO 3.1HS101 GALLERY 3.1HS113 3.1HS112 3.1HS115 3.1HS117 3.1HS114 3.1HS125 3.1HS126 3.1HS127 VILLAGE MAP 3.1HS129 SPONSORED BY 3.1HS131 3.1HS133 3.1HS138 3.1HS140 3.1HS147 3.1HS149 3.1HS153 3.1HS155 3.1HS161 3.1HS165 3.1HS171 3.1HS175 3.1HS181 3.1HS185 3.1HS187 3.1HS137 3.1HS156 3.1HS158 3.1HS162 3.1HS164 3.1HS166 3.1HS168 3.1HS170 3.1HS172 3.1HS174 3.1HS176 3.1HS184 3.1HS186 All information correct as of February 17, 2012 PAGE 30 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 31. HALL 4 & HALL 6 | FLOORPLANSMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:32 Page 31 4.5HS11 4.5HS01 4.5HS23 4.5HS17 4.8MR8 4.8MR6 4.8MR7 4.5HS29 Business 4.8MR5 4.9HS01 Centre 4.8MR4 4.5HS16 4.5HS04 4.5HS02 Hall 4.5 - 4.7 4.8MR3 4.8MR2 4.5HS14 4.5HS44 4.8MR1 Hourly Meeting Rooms 4.6HS46 56 4. HS 6H 4.7 S4 8 4.6HS38 8 S5 4. 7H 6H 4.7HS59 4.7HS61 4. S5 4.7HS63 0 4.6HS01 4.7HS57 0 4. S6 6H 7H S5 4.6HS02 4. 4.6HS39 2 4.7HS43 Hall 4.8 4.6HS05 4.6HS04 4.6HS36 4.6HS35 4.6HS49 4.7HS47 4.7HS41 4.7HS39 4.7HS35 4.6HS07 4.7HS33 4.6HS06 4.6HS31 4.6HS53 4.6HS09 4.6HS08 4.7HS50 4.7HS48 4.7HS46 4.7HS44 4.7HS42 4.7HS38 4.7HS36 4.7HS32 4.7HS31 4.6HS57 4.6HS27 4.7HS27 4.6HS11 4.6HS12 4.6HS22 4.7HS04 4.7HS06 4.7HS10 4.7HS12 4.7HS14 4.7HS18 4.7HS20 4.7HS22 4.6HS61 4.6HS13 4.7HS01 4.7HS03 4.7HS05 4.7HS13 4.7HS15 4.7HS19 4.6HS15 4.6HS17 4.6HS21 4.6HS23 4.6HS62 4.6HS63 FREE WIFI HOTSPOT Hall 4.0 - 4.1 Powered by Cisco INFORMATION POINT 4.1EHS7 4.1EHS8 4.1EHS9 4.1EHS10 4.1EHS11 4.1EHS12 4.1EHS13 4.1EHS14 4.1EHS15 4.1EHS16 4.4HS31 4.4HS25 4.4HS19 ACCESS TO 4.1EHS6 4.1EHS5 4.1EHS4 4.1EHS3 4.1EHS17 4.1HS01 4.4HS09 4.4HS20 4.4HS16 4.1EHS18 4.4HS30 ACCESS TO 4.1EHS2 4.1EHS19 Hall 4.2 - 4.4 4.4HS07 4.1HS37 4.4HS05 4.1EHS1 4.4HS14 ACCESS TO 4.4HS03 4.1HS14 4.4HS02 CLOAKROOMS 4.1HS02 4.4HS01 VIP Networking Lounge 4.2HS12 4.2HS15 4.3HS40 VILLAGE MAP 4.3HS30 4.2HS18 4.3HS50 SPONSORED BY 4.2HS25 4.3HS02 4.3HS10 4.3HS12 4.2HS40 4.2HS36 4.0HS27 4.0HS19 4.0HS02 4.2HS42 4.3HS01 4.3HS05 4.3HS13 4.3HS15 4.3HS19 ACCESS TO TOILETS 6E01 6E20 6HS10 6HS8 6HS4 6HS84 6HS82 6HS28 6HS24 6HS20 6HS18 6HS14 6E30 6HS80 6C43 6C50 6C63 6C23 All information correct as of February 17, 2012 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Thursday 1st March PAGE 31
  • 32. FLOORPLANS | APP PLANET & HALL 8MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 22/02/2012 09:32 Page 32 VILLAGE MAP SPONSORED BY 7I10 Auditorium A 7H10 7H20 7H1 7H12 7H14 7H16 7H2 7H30 7G7 7G9 7G11 7G4 7G6 7G8 7G10 7H40 Auditorium B Damm Bar (HALL 7) 7F1 7F3 7F5 7F10 7F12 7F14 7F16 7F20 7F24 App Lounge 7E42 7E44 7E52 7E58 7E68 7F89 7F91 7F93 7F95 7F97 7F81 7F83 7F85 7F87 7D36 7E45 7E47 7E61 7E63 7D64 7F80 7F82 7F84 7F86 7D42 7D50 7D56 7E75 7E69 7E81 7E83 7E85 7E87 7D46 7D58 7D60 7D62 7E73 7E80 7E82 7E84 7E86 7C56 7D22 7D35 7D90 7D81 7D83 7D85 7D87 7D45 7D49 7C70 7D20 7C37 7D61 7C18 7E71 7C58 7C38 7D80 7D84 7C28 7C30 7C42 7C44 H 7C62 7C81 7C83 7C34 7C82 7C86 7C87 7C90 7C35 7C69 7C80 7B26 7B28 7C106 7B34 INFORMATION POINT 7B38 7B70 7B80 7B82 7B84 7B90 7B96 7B104 Auditorium C 7B33 CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS 7B42 7B102 7B35 7B68 7A80 7B86 7B92 7B98 7A86 7A96 7A103 7A107 7A112 7A82 7A38 7A72 7A84 7A88 7A90 7A92 7A94 7A98 7A100 7A102 7A104 7A106 PRAYER ROOM CLOAKROOMS FREE WIFI HOTSPOT Powered by Cisco ACCESS TO INFORMATION POINT CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS CLOAKROOMS 8C01 ACCESS TO 8C129 8C115 8C25 8C141 8C139 8C67 8C55 8C167 8C132 8C118 8C78 GSMA 8C66 8C32 8B175 8B171 8C72 8B169 Pavilion SALES 8B145 8B109 8B101 8B91 8B83 8B53 OFFICE 8B127 8B73 8B65 8B79 8B177 8B117 8B71 8B30 8A171 8B76 8B110 8B94 8B70 8B68 8B192 8A51 8A139 8A125 8A115 8A102 8A84 8A159 8A147 8A169 8A77 8A69 8A67 8B178 8A111 8A93 8A167 8A28 8B197 8A150 8A142 DAMM BAR 8A86 8A80 8A76 8A70 8A50 C3 All information correct as of February 17, 2012 PAGE 32 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 33. ZONE 3, ZONE 4 & ZONE 5 | FLOORPLANSMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:12 Page 33 Z3.1 Z3.2 Z4.1 Z4.2 Paella Restaurant VIP Pick-Up & Drop-Off Z5.1 Z5.1 All information correct as of February 17, 2012 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Thursday 1st March PAGE 33
  • 34. FLOORPLANS | ZONE 6 & AVENUEMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:12 Page 34 Z6.1 TOILETS CLOAKROOMS VILLAGE MAP SPONSORED BY CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS ATM MACHINE METRO TICKET MACHINE ACCESS TO ACCESS TO AVENUE ACCESS TO ACCESS TO TOILETS AV105 AV107 AV108 AV109 AV114 AV116 AV100 AV102 AV97 AV99 AV89 AV90 AV91 AV92 AV94 AV95 TOWER AV34 AV33 AV32 AV30 AV29 AV27 AV25 AV23 AV22 AV43 AV42 AV41 AV38 AV37 AV35 AV44 AV47 AV48 AV14 AV12 AV06 AV09 AV01 AV16 AV20 AV10 AV03 AV05 TOWER AV76 AV78 AV79 AV81 AV83 AV84 AV86 AV87 AV71 AV72 AV74 AV64 AV66 AV69 AV55 AV60 All information correct as of February 17, 2012 PAGE 34 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 35. EXHIBITOR LISTINGMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:12 Page 35 COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND Kineto Wireless 1A41 DTS 1.1HS39 Cassis International 2F49 HALL 1.0 Kochar Infotech P Ltd 1J33 EMPIRIX INC. 1.1HS25 Castlabs GmbH 2D51 @-yet GmbH 1B13 Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) 1E05, 1F07 F5 Networks 1H21, 1.1HS64 Cavium, Inc. 2B05 7Layers 1G34 KOTRA HQ 1F07 Gameloft 1.1HS24 cDemo Mobile Solutions 2A97-B Accanto Systems 1J37 Lavandoo Mobile Solutions GmbH 1B13 Informa Telecoms & Media 1.1HS40 Ceedo 2D82 Accuris Networks 1F17 LogMeIn 1G31 Intellect c/o Tradefair Ltd 1.1HS43 CelCite 2B13, 3.1HS44 Adax 1E43 MACH Sarl 1H49 JDSU 1G63, 1.1HS65 CellGuide 2C75 ADECEF 1F56 Mavenir Systems 1G45 Meucci Solutions 1J46, 1.1HS47 Cellint Traffic Solutions 2C62 Adobe Systems Incorporated 1C31, 4.1HS37 MCTEL 1G13 Mobixell Networks, Ltd. 1.1HS51 CellMax Technologies AB 2B06 Aeroflex 1B14 MediaTek Inc. 1C58, 3.1HS161 Radisys 1F01, 1.1HS28 Cellular Italia S.p.A. 2F18 Agilent Technologies 1A46, 1.1HS35 Medisana AG 1B13 Sand 9 1.1HS52 CelPlan Technologies Inc 2D37 AIRCOM International 1A23 METRO GROUP Future Store Initiative 1B01 Tango Telecom 1F17, 1.1HS59 Centile Telecom Applications 2A35 Airspan Networks 1C53 Meucci Solutions 1J46, 1.1HS47 Tektronix Communications 1D67, 1.1HS36 Cerillion Technologies Ltd 2D65 Airweb SAS 1G32 Mformation Technologies 1A56, 4.4HS31 Tensilica 1F39, 1.1HS70 certgate GmbH 2C112 Aito Technologies 1E19 Microsoft Corporation 1D19 The Now Factory 1F17, 1.1HS61 CETECOM GmbH 2D77 AixSolve GmbH 1B13 Mindspeed Technologies 1E57, 3.1HS131 Vantrix 1.1HS48 CGIT 2E47 Altobridge 1F17 Mixem Solutions Ltd. 1E19 Watchdata Technologies Pte Ltd 1C05, 1.1HS32 Cinetix Srl 2A10 AMPHENOL ANTENNA SOLUTIONS 1D56 Mobile World Capital - Barcelona Hospitality Suite 1F00 Cluster Edit 2E47 Anite Telecoms Ltd 1F43 MobileAware 1F17 HALL 2 Coelmo srl 2C111 Anritsu 1B31 MobileMonday Belfast 1E67 Coiler Corporation 2A26 Mobilethink A/S 1F68 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE 2G13 Comba Telecom Systems AB 2E30 AQ Corporation 1E05 Movirtu Limited 1D64 2operate ApS 2A05 COMITE EXPANSION ECONOMIQUE DU VAL DOISE 2E47 Argela 1C13 MTLD Top Level Domain T/a DotMobi 1F17 6WIND 2B122 Commsquare 2H33 Arieso 1D62, 3.1HS62 Muvee Technologies Pte Ltd 1F04 a:k:t: Informationsystems AG 2H71 Communology GmbH 2B68, 3.1HS112 ARM Limited 1C01, 1.1HS57 My Tour Talk 1E67 Acapela Group 2E47 Computaris International Limited 2A60 Ascom Network Testing 1C09 N Diseno Y Arte Digital, SL 1J42 Accel Telecom 2C72 Comsys Telecom & Media - I-New Communicative Solutions 2B82 Ascot International Srl 1A19 N.A.T. GmbH 1B13 Accuver/Innowireless 2B127 ConceptWave Software Inc. 2A112 Astellia 1B08 NEOMTEL 1E05 Ace Technologies Corp. 2F09 Cooler Master Europe B.V. 2A90 AT4 wireless 1H29 NetScout 1G05 AceAxis Ltd 2F07 Coresonic AB 2F13 Automation Engineering Incorporated 1J32 Nexus Telecom AG 1J36 ACT750 2E47 CPC Co Ltd 2C94 Avanquest Software (BVRP) 1B59 Novatel Wireless, Inc. 1A55 ActivNetworks 2E47 Creova 2F49 avinotec GmbH 1B13 NRW.International GmbH 1B01, 1B13 AD4SCREEN 2E47 Crypto Telecommunication Security SA 2F14 Bayer MaterialScience AG 1G49 Nujira Ltd 1C62 ADAPTIT SA 2H61 Crystal Reality LLC 2F69 Benetel 1F17 NVIDIA Ltd 1C34 Adelya 2E47 CTDI GmbH 2H01 Bercut Ltd. 1A45 NXP Semiconductors Netherlands BV 1F14 ADEUZA 2F49 Danish IT Industry Association 2A05 Bluechip Technologies t/a Guardian24 1E67 NXP Software 1A15 ADTECH AG 2B38 Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group 2H33 Bluegiga 1F62 Olaworks Inc 1E05 Advanced Track and Trace 2E47 Dataport Bilgi Islem Çözümleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. 2E66 Booz & Company GmbH AV116, 1F51 OnMobile Global Ltd 1F38 Advantech Co. Ltd. 2G38 DATATRONICS, S.A. 2A86 boxPAY 1F17 Open Idea 1H33 Aeon Consulting 2E47 Davicom, a division of Comlab 2A101 brite:bill 1F17 Opera Software 1C44 Aerotel Medical Systems 2C72 DAXIUM 2E47 Busan Technopark (Senior Product Industrial Center) 1E03 OPTICOM GmbH 1B39 AFD Technologies 2E47 DAZA-T ELECTRONICS COMPANY 2J54 Business Oulu 1E31 ORBIT IT Solutions 1B13 Agence Regionale De Developpement Paris Ile -De France 2E47 D-CAT Technologies 2E66 Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited 1G26, 4.3HS30 P3 communications GmbH 1B70 agenceNTIC Bourgogne 2E47 Defne 2H42 Cambridge Consultants Ltd 1E69 Paper Bag Ltd 1E67 AIPTEK International Inc. 2J18 DELTA OHM 2E47 CBOSS 1D06 Parfield Software S.A.E. 1D33 Aktavara AB 2F13 Deltanode Solutions AB 2A23 CCI - COMMUNICATION COMPONENTS INC 1E62 Peter-Service 1A48 Alberta Canada 2A108, 2A110, 2A97-B Desay Electronics (Huizhou) Co Ltd 2A103, 7F97 Celluon Inc 1F07 Phone Fashion 1F59 Alberta ICT Industry Association 2A110 Dhatim 2E47 CERAGON 1D01 Picochip 1E57, 3.1HS127 Allot Communications 2B53 Dialog Semiconductor AV108, 2F28 CEVA 1F33 Polystar Instruments AB 1E04 ALSETT 2E47 Dialoga Group 2C20 Chips & Media Inc 1F07 Powerme Mobile 1J45 Altai Technologies Ltd 2C96 Dicapac Co., Ltd. 2B109 CM International 1C67 Printechnologics GmbH 1J37 AltiGen Communications, Inc. 2D33 DigiMo Group Ltd 2C72 Comarch S.A. 1F20 Project People Limited 1H60 Alvarion 2A114, 2C25 Digital Receiver Technology, Inc. 2B106 CommProve 1H39 PROTEI 1B49 AM3D A/S 2A05 Digitata 2C105 COMPRION GmbH 1G38 PT 1G15 AMD Telecom S.A. 2E07 DingLi Communications Corp.,Ltd. 2E35 Comptel Corporation 1C06 Qualigon GmbH 1B13 AMOS- Spacecom 2C72 Discretix Technologies Ltd. 2C72, 4.7HS22 ComputaMaps 1C17 RADCOM 1D01 ANT+ 2C93 DocDoku 2E47 Comviva 1E01 Radisys 1F01, 1.1HS28 AnyDATA Corporation 2A78 DORIANE 2F49 Contela 1F07 Redknee 1E37, 3.1HS165, 3.1HS171 Apliman Technologies 2J25 Doro AB 2G01 Convergys 1G69, AV69 Revector 1E58 AppBooster Sweden AB and OptiCaller Software 2F13 Dotemu 2E47 Creanord Oy 1E19 Rightware Oy 1E19 Appsfire 2E47 DragonWave Inc. 2A118 Creative Communication Solutions - Cequens 1D33 Roamware Inc 1E44 AppSpotr by CamClic 2F13 DxO Labs 2E47, 3.1HS88 Crucialtec Co., Ltd. 1G39 Rockshore 1E56 APS DIGITECH HOLDINGS LIMITED 2J61 EASTCOMPEACE SMART CARD CO.,LTD. 2H36 CSIT 1E67 Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG 1E51 Aptilo Networks 2B117 eb Lab 2E47 cVidya Networks Ltd. 1F05 Rsupport Co., Ltd 1E05 AQUAFADAS 2F49 Echovox 2F49 Cypress Semiconductor Corp 1B12, 1.1HS21 S3 Group 1F17 Aquaways Co., Ltd. 2J20 Elan Microelectronics Corporation 2G33 Dasan Networks, Inc 1E74 SAP AG 1B22 AriadNEXT 2F49 Electro Power Systems SpA 2B104 digame mobile GmbH 1B13 Scottish Development International 1E68 Arkamys 2E47 Elite Mobile 2C10 DigitalAria Co Ltd 1F07 Secusmart GmbH 1B13 Arkivator Telecom 2F13 Elliptic Technologies 2A112 Ditech Networks 1E52 sensewhere Ltd 1E64 Artı Teknoloji Kollektif Sti. 2E66 EMSS Consulting (Pty) Ltd 2B70 Dolby Laboratories, Inc. 1C43, 1.1HS72 SES RFID Solutions GmbH 1B13 Artificial Solutions 2F13, 7F86 Encap 2A67 Dream Chip Technologies Ltd 1E72 Sewon Teletech Inc 1F07 Artilium 2H33 Endstream Communications 2J12 Duesseldorf, City of 1B13 Silent Communication 1F02 Artiza Networks, Inc. 2D49 ephoneNet 2E47 E-Blink 1F61 Silicon Vision 1D33 arvato distribution GmbH 2J09 ERCOM 2D66 ECCO Outsourcing 1D33 Singapore Pavilion (SMa) 1F04 Ascade 2F13 Escaux 2H33 Egypt South Africa for Communications 1D33 SK C&C 1F07 Asentria Corporation 2B87 ESET, spol. s r.o. 2G37 Emblacom Oy 1E19 Smardi (Smart design & research institute) 1E03 ASIATELCO TECHNOLOGIES CO 2H45 ESKADENIA Software 2A62 Emirates Data Clearing House 1F60 Smart Villages Company 1D33 Askey Computer Corp. 2B72 Ethrix 2C62 Enterprise Ireland 1F17 Socowave Limited 1F17 Aspiro 2A67 EUPEN - Kabelwerk Eupen AG 2H33 Entre Marketing Ltd 1E19, 1F62, 4.4HS25 Softforum Co., Ltd 1F07 Atchik-Realtime 2G32 Eurocontracts s.r.o. 2J27 Equiendo Ltd 1F17 Solaris Mobile Ltd. 1F17 ATES Networks 2E47 Euromediterranee 2F49 Escher Group Ltd 1F17 SPB Software Ltd. 1A27, 4.1HS25 ATLANTIS INTERNACIONAL S.L. 2F32 Exalt Communications, Inc. 2F36 ESRI Northeast Africa 1D33 SPB TV 1A70 AtomiZ SA 2E47 Exir Telecom 2C19 Etisal International 1D33 Speechstorm 1E67 AUGMENTED REALITY LAB SL 2H47 eZ Systems 2E47 European Communications Engineering 1E19 Spirent Communications 1C14 Ausonia S.r.l. 2F08 Fält Communications AB 2F13 EVISTEL 1A11 Star Arcade 1E19 austriamicrosystems – TAOS 2H02, 4.5HS14 Feedbox 2C62 EXFO Nethawk 1G55, 3.1HS20 STAR FINANZ GmbH 1B01 Avenir Plastic Cards 2F49 FibroLAN Ltd. 2C62 Exomi Oy 1E19 Starhome GMBH 1E32 Avenir Telecom 2C47 Figen Yazilim Evi Ticaret Limited Sirketi 2E66 F5 Networks 1H21, 1.1HS64 Steepest Ascent Ltd. 1E54 Avertim 2H33 FIME 2E47 FeedHenry 1F17 Stream Media Pte Ltd 1F04 Avoca Technologies Inc. 2A97 Fixmo 2A97 Femto Forum 1G19 SwissQual AG 1A07 Avvasi Inc 2A97, 4.6HS39 Flanders Investment & Trade 2H33 Fjord 1E19 Tagit Pte Ltd 1F04 Awex Barcelona Foreign Trade Office 2H33 Flash Networks 2C53 Foxda International Limited 1G61 Tango Telecom 1F17, 1.1HS59 Awex -Wallonia Export & Investment Agency 2H33 FlexGroups 2A102 F-Secure Corporation 1E19 TAWASOL IT 1D33 Awox 2F49 Flixwagon 2C75 FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR LIMITED 1F69, 3.1HS175 Tecnotree Corporation 1C50, 3.1HS187 AWT Walloon Telecom Agency 2H33 Flybits 2A97 FUTURE PRODUCT DESIGN 1J44 Tekelec International SPRL 1F44 Axell Wireless 2C26 Focus Infocom GmbH 2C115 Gigamon LLC 1A03 Tektronix Communications 1D67, 1.1HS36 Azcom Technology 2F01 Forsk 2H18 Giza Systems 1D33 Telecomax VAS for Mobile services 1D33 AzureWave 2C09 Foshan Amplitec Tech Development Co., Ltd 2H69 Globitel/Global Modern Telecom Sol. 1A59 Telenity 1B51 Baboonix LTD 2C75 Foxcom 2C62 GoS Networks 1F17 Tensilica 1F39, 1.1HS70 Baseband Technologies Inc 2A110 Franklin Wireless 2C106 Gyeonggi Technopark 1E03 Testplant 1E60 Beepeers 2F49 Fraunhofer HHI 2E41 Hancom Inc 1F07 The Now Factory 1F17, 1.1HS61 Beepsend AB 2F13 Fraunhofer IIS 2E41 HRS Hotelreservation Service Robert Ragge GmbH 1B13 TIBCO Software SL 1C63 beeweeb 2A29 Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft 2E41 hSenid Software Singapore Pte Ltd 1F04 Tieto Corporation 1F25, 3.1HS153, 3.1HS156, 3.1HS158 Beijing Digital Grid Technology Co.,Ltd 2J69 French Pavilion/Ubifrance 2E47, 2F49 HTC Europe Co Ltd 1D34, Z4.1 T-monet Inc 1F07 Belgium-Belgica 2H33 Frequency 2J01 iBasis 1E32, 3.1HS164 TotalMobile 1E67 BeNomad 2E47 From The Future 2H33 Ibys Technologies S.A. 1G36 TriQuint Semiconductor 1B55, AV97 Berkeley Varitronics Systems 2B80 fSONA Networks Corp 2B73 Imagination Technologies 1D45 tyntec 1B13 Berlin-Brandenburg c/o Berlin Partner GmbH 2D51 Fujian Helios Technologies Co.,Ltd. 2H61 IMImobile Pvt Ltd 1A62, 1B63 Ulticom 1G48 Bewigo Technologies 2E47 FutureCard 2A122 Information Technology Industry Development Agency-ITIDA 1D33 Victory Link 1D33 Birdstep Technology AB 2F13 Futurecom 2B108 initialT Co.,Ltd 1F07 Visa Inc. 1B19 Blackbox Integrated Data Collection 2A108 Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd 2J65 INOVAR 1F47 ViviTouch (Artificial Muscle, Inc.) 1G49 BLiNQ Networks 2A97 FXI Technologies AS 2A67 Inspire Tech Pte Ltd 1F04 Volubill 1B18, 3.1HS162 bluenove 2F49 GEKA Telecom 2E47 Integration Services and Technologies 1D33 Watchdata Technologies Pte Ltd 1C05,1.1HS32 Bluestreak Technology Inc 2A101 GENBAND 2A07 Intelligent Services Solutions (ISS) 1D33 Webroot Inc. 1G03 Bluwan 2B61 Geoimage 2E47 InterDigital 1D07 WeDo Technologies 1J31, 1J34 BMX Computers 2H33 Gintel 2A67 Intivation 1F53 Wellington Computer Systems Ltd 1E67 BoomeRing Communication (2005) Ltd. 2C72 Gionee Communication Equipment Co.Ltd.ShenZhen 2F29 Invest Korea 1E05 Welsh Assembly Government 1E66 Boost Communications 2F33 GLOBO Mobile S.A. 2C05 Invest Northern Ireland 1E67 Wireless Power Consortium 1F62 BRETAGNE INTERNATIONAL 2F49 GO TO MARKETING COMMUNICATION LIMITED 2J46 Invigo Offshore SAL 1E70 WOYC Ltd 1J42 BRGR Media 2F49 GoNet Systems 2C72 IP Access Ltd 1E02 Xceed Technologies 1A40 Brodit AB 2B124 Goome Interactive 2C72 IPProtocol 1D33 XPAL Power Inc. 1G59 Brussels Invest & Export 2H33 Government of Canada 2A107 Iptune Ltd 1E19 Xpress Integration 1D33 Brussels Invest & Export Madrid 2H33 Groupe Elabor 2E47 Ixia 1E47 YOC AG 1B13 Bulkypix 2E47 Groupe Synox 2F49 Ixonos 1E19 Buzzinbees 2F49 GRUPO ORMAZABAL 2C37 Jampot Technologies Ltd. 1E67 JDSU 1G63, 1.1HS65 HALL 1.1 BYKOD 2E47 GSMK CRYPTOPHONE 2D59 Bytemobile 2B77, 3.1HS113, 3.1HS115 H@ND International 2H59 Jibe Mobile 1A50 42 Telecom C&D Technologies 2B89 Haiku 2E47 Jinny Software Ltd 1E38 (Global Sales & Marketing) 1.1HS29, 1.1HS62 C4-Command & Control 2C72 Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd 2J48 JOT Automation 1E19 Agilent Technologies 1A46, 1.1HS35 Calade Technologies 2F49 haploid 2F49 JumpSurf 1F04 ArcSoft Inc 1.1HS49 CallMyName NTTM 2J42 HOBIM 2B57 Juni 1F07 ARM Limited 1C01, 1.1HS57 Callup Net 2D82 Horizon Globex 2B95 Kaelus 1D68, 3.1HS166 Cypress Semiconductor Corp 1B12, 1.1HS21 CAPPTAIN 2F49 Human Factors International 2B111 Kapsch CarrierCom 1F24 Dolby Laboratories, Inc. 1C43, 1.1HS72 Cardtek 2B28 iBeaken 2H33 Keynote SIGOS GmbH 1F70 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Thursday 1st March PAGE 35
  • 36. EXHIBITOR LISTINGMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:12 Page 36 COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND iBwave 2A56 Nomad 3D 2F49 StarVedia Technology Inc 2G70 Do It In Barcelona 2.1B26 ICQ 2C62 Nomadesk 2H33 Stoke, Inc. 2D08 Econet Solar 2.1E57 Idomoo Ltd 2C62 Nordic Semiconductor 2A67 Streamwide 2H50 Elitecore Technologies 2.1A27 Ikivo 2F13, 4.6HS46 novero 2C15 Studio Ama 2F49 Ephone International (S) Pte Ltd 2.1E63 IKT Norge 2A67 NovoSpeech Ltd 2C75 Subex (UK) Limited 2G45 Exadel 2.1A59 IMEC 2H33 Octasic Inc. 2H58 Sud de France Développement 2F49 Fiabee Inc. 2.1B76 implementa gmbh 2H34 Omniware Solutions Inc. 2A97 SUPERTOOTH E.C.E. S.A.S. 2G18 Fiberlink Communications 2.1EZ18 Infinite Peripherals 2D14 Onda Communication S.p.A. 2B17 Surikate 2F49 Flexenclosure 2.1D67 Infobip 2B01 One Smart Star 2C75 Sweden at the Mobile World Congress 2F13 GE Energy Storage 2.1C11 Infonova GmbH 2F12 Ontario Ministry of Economic Development Sweden Mobile Association 2F13 Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1C38 InforUMobile 2C72 and Innovation 2A97, 2A112 SWID 2F49 Genie Networks Limited 2.1A14 Innovation Norway 2A67 Opal 2A92 SwingMobility 2F49 GILDEMEISTER energy solutions 2.1E70 INNPU TELECOM-TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 2J64 Open Cloud Ltd 2C88 SYMENA 2C103 Global Certification Forum (GCF) Ltd 2.1E58, 2.1E59 INSIDE Secure 2D88, AV72 Open Sugar 2E47 Synapse Mobile Networks Nordic AB 2F13 Global Payment 2.1D72 Insight SIP 2F49 OpenSignalMaps & Wi-Ex 2J29 Synchronica plc 2A37 GNSS Technologies Inc. 2.1EZ9 Insiteo 2E47 Optiway 2C62 Systematic Paris-Region Cluster 2E47 GOTrust Technology Inc. (GO-TrusT) 2.1C26 Intecs SpA 2B110 Orca Interactive 2C75 SZ Telstar Co., Ltd 2J57 GSMA 2.1A68, 4.6HS13 Intellicore 2F49 Origin GPS 2C62 Tagattitude 2E47 HCL Technologies 2.1A36, 4.4HS19 Intersec 2D15 P.I. Works TR Bilisim Hizmetleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S 2E66 Tail-f Systems 2F13 HDMI Licensing, LLC 2.1A42 Intracom Telecom 2C46 P2i 2E58 Talkpool 2F13 HealthAlert App 2.1E65 Invest in Bavaria 2C16 Page Up 2E47 Tam Tam Consulting 2H33 Heliocentris Energiesysteme GmbH 2.1E71 Invest in France 2F49 Panorama Antennas Ltd 2B98 Taqua 2A06 Hidalgo 2.1E60 IP Trade 2H33 Partelec 2E47 TATA ELXSI LTD 2D23 iCreation Inc 2.1B27 iPal Interactive Learning 2A97 Partron 2H04 TazTag 2F49 IGS corporation Limited 2.1B29 IPERLINK 2E47 Pass Solutions 2G16 TD Industry Alliance (TDIA) 2A73 iHealth Lab Inc. 2.1E61 IPgallery 2D82 Penna Reklam Produksiyon Organizasyon TE Connectivity 2A61 InAccess Networks SA 2.1D66 IQSIM 2F49 Yazilim Hizmetleri Tic. Ltd. Sti 2E66 Team Cote DAzur 2F49 Inceptum d.o.o. 2.1B16 ISKRATEL 2F41 Perceptiva LABS 2E47 TEAMBLOGGER 2H33 INCROSS Co., Ltd 2.1A10 Israel Export Institute & International 2C62, Phaesun France SAS 2F49 TECHFAITH WIRELESS COMMUNICATION 2J21 Indus Net Technologies 2.1C13 Cooperation Institute 2C72, 2C75, 2D82 Phonitive 2E47 TechnoSpin 2C62 INMESOL, S.L. 2.1B61 Istanbul Chamber of Commerce 2E66 pic2world 2C72 Teclo Networks AG 2A14 InMobi 2.1C64 Istanbul Electrical-Electronics, Machinery and Information Picitup 2C75 Tekora 2E47 IPIX 2.1A76 Technology Exporters Association 2A125 Pixavi AS 2A67 Telco Systems 2D82 ipoque- a Rohde & Schwarz Company 2.1A74 JABLOCOM 2G69 Pixeet 2F49 Telcordia 2B25 iQuest 2.1D34 Jamo Solutions 2H33 PIXOWL INC. 2E47 TeleBilling A/S 2A05 IT Six Global Services 2.1D34 Jasper Wireless 2C110, 4.4HS01, 4.4HS30 Playground 2F49 TeleMessage 2C72 Itude Mobile 2.1E67 JIANGXI JIANGGANGSHAN CKING COMMUNICATION Plugnsurf 2E47 Telena 2A10 IVIO 2.1E91 TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 2J52 Polaroid 2C14 Telepin Software 2A97 Job and Esther Technologies 2.1C49 John Wiley & Sons Ltd 2A100 Pole Star 2E47 Teligent Telecom 2F13 Joyent 2.1A75, 3.1HS90 JPL NASA 2C92 Polycom 2D01, 4.6HS06 Tellabs 2A47 KL Trade Sp. z o.o. 2.1B32 Jungo Ltd 2C75 Pops 2C75 Telmar Network Technology 2G08 Koncar - Electrical Engineering Institute, Inc. 2.1E74 justAd.TV Ltd 2C62 Pordiva 2E66 Tevolys 2E47 Laipac Technology Inc 2.1D63 KATHREIN-Werke KG 2B16 PowerOasis Ltd 2H08 Tierone OSS Technologies Inc. 2A97 Layer 7 Technologies 2.1A79 Kavveri Telecom España SLU 2G20 PRAGMA 2F49 Tongyu Communication Inc. 2C114 Level, Ltd. 2.1D51 Kawet 2E47 Prisma Engineering 2E12 TOPWISE COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD 2J50 Maxcom 2.1D59 KEBTechnology Co., Ltd 2H14 Projektron 2D51 Trango Systems, Inc. 2A126 mCRUMBS GmbH 2.1C60 KINOMAP 2E47 Provence Promotion 2F49 Transatel 2E47 Metis S.A 2.1E68 Komtel Telekomunikasyon Ltd. Sti 2E66 Province of Quebec 2A101 Transfer To 2E47 MicroStrategy 2.1C50, 3.1HS97 Kontron 2A28 PSWinCom AS 2A67 TRANSWITCH CORP 2G63 MobiWork 2.1A81 Lapback AS / Ozonity AS 2A67 Pureagency 2F49 Trendit 2C72 Momac 2.1D58 Largilliere Finance 2E47 Push Science 2A112 Triplay 2C72 MoPub Inc. 2.1A58 LDmobile 2F49 QGate Innovations GmbH 2B39 Trusted Logic 2B12 MoreMagic Solutions, Inc. 2.1D80 Leib ICT 2A116 Qingdao Haier Telecom Co.,Ltd. 2J11 TrustNorway AS 2A67 Movidius 2.1E51, 4.7HS06 Lemonway 2E47 QINGDAO HIPOWER NEW ENERGY GROUP CO., LTD 2H43 Turkcell Technology Research & Development Inc 2B57 NETCOM TECHNOLOGY (HK) LTD. 2.1C81 Life Informatique 2E47 Qosmos 2A70 TXO Systems 2B116 NIS GLONASS 2.1B40 LIN.K 2H33 Qosmotec Software Solutions GmbH 2D49 Ubidyne 2C98 noriba GmbH 2.1D60 LINKRA 2C108 Qowisio 2F49 Ubleam 2E47 NTA GLOBAL 2.1E80 Linktop Technology Co., Ltd 2H62 QuadManage 2C62 UBM TechInsights 2B113 Oblong Industries, Inc. 2.1D16 Linpus Technologies Inc 2B126 Quality Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. 2J51 ULEX Innovative Systems 2F49 Obopay Inc 2.1C85 LitePoint Corporation 2B75 QUTU THERMAL CONTROL SYSTEMS CO., LTD 2B40 Umeox Mobile Limited 2D40 OPENCODE SYSTEMS 2.1B51 LivingObjects 2E47 RAD Data Communications Ltd. 2C72 United Time Technology Co.,Ltd 2J63 Paythru 2.1C75 2E38 RADWIN Ltd 2C62 Upnext Research 2F49 Pearson 2.1A78 Logia Group ltd 2C72 Raycap 2H56 UTEL 2E47 Pentalog Romania 2.1D34 LOGIWAYS 2F49 RCS Rampal Cellular Stockmarket 2C62 UXP Systems Inc. 2A97 Plexstar Inc. 2.1A21 Loyaltek 2H33 RD-GEO 2E47 VASCO Data Security 2H33 Polaris Networks Inc 2.1B12 Lyrtech RD 2A101 RealVNC Ltd 2E14 Vayosoft Ltd 2D82 Pontiflex 2.1A69 Madgic 2E47 Recommerce Solutions 2E47 V-DOCS 2D20 Powerstorm 2.1E75 Maeglin Software/Pleex 2F49 REVE Systems 2A111 vedicis 2C102 Poynt Corporation 2.1C58 Magicsolver 2A25 REZOPEP - MIDI-PYRENEES INCUBATOR NETWORK ASSOCIATION 2E47 VeriFone 2D06, 3.1HS129 Preventice 2.1D61 MailVision Ltd 2C62 RF Window Co Ltd 2D28 Vertex Wireless Co., Ltd 2B101 Procera Networks 2.1A39, 3.1HS170 Mapping Control 2F49 Rivierawaves 2F49 Viaccess 2B69 PT. Konten Indomedia Pratama 2.1C15 Mapyourdream 2E47 Roam4Less 2A97 Vidiator 2D05, 3.1HS58 PT. Sarana Maju Lestari 2.1D08 Marben Products 2D03 Robots and Pencils Inc 2A110 ViewSonic Europe 2H10, 3.1HS54 QIWI Ltd 2.1D74 Materna GmbH Information & Communications 2A27 Rohde & Schwarz Topex 2A58 VISICOM 2D29 QUALTEH 2.1D34 Matrixx Software 2F02 RoutoMessaging 2A82 Vision Objects 2H54 Questex Asia Ltd 2.1E94 MCR Media Group 2C72 Ruckus Wireless 2D62 VitalSignals Enterprises Inc 2A110 Racelogic 2.1B11 Me Plus My Mobile 2E47 Runcom Technologies Ltd 2D82 Vivacoeur 2F49 Ranplan Wireless Network Design Ltd. 2.1A05 Media Mobility 2E47 Saguna Netoworks 2D82 Vivatel Co Ltd 2C101 Raylight Soluciones Tecnológicas S.L 2.1E69 Media5 Corporation 2A101 Sandvine Incorporated 2H57 Vizrt 2F37 Rosberg System AS 2.1A85 Mentum 2G15 Sanjole, Inc. 2C100 VMware 2G39 RouteSms Solutions Limited 2.1A24 Mer Telecom 2C72 Sanopolis 2H33 VNL 2B33 Rx Networks Inc 2.1C28 Mercury Mobile Int AS 2A67 Santok 2C31 Voipswitch 2J49 SAFT 2.1D71 Mesaplexx UK Ltd 2E46 SBS SpA 2H07 VSS Monitoring, Inc. 2B115 Seavus 2.1A83 Midi Pyrenées Expansion 2E47 Scan Engineering Telecom CJSC 2B102 VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland 2G12 Sedco 2.1D20 MIND CTI 2D82 ScanBiz Mobile Solutions LP 2C75 W3C 2A31 Sematron España 2.1B25 MIXXIT 2F49 SCS Cluster 2F49 Watch4net 2A101 SHENZHEN SANJUN POWER INDUSTRIES.CO 2.1A19 Mob4Hire 2A110 SDMO INDUSTRIES 2E17 WaveIP 2C72 SLA Mobile 2.1D78 Mobenga AB 2F13 Secfone AG 2J41 Wavion Ltd. 2A114, 2C25, 2C62 SoftLayer Technologies 2.1B72 Mobile Arts 2F13 Selecom 2F49 Wedge Networks Inc. 2A97-B Solacia Inc 2.1C66 Mobile Systems International 2B90 SENSIRION 2C107 w-HA 2B69-C SOTI Inc 2.1C45 Mobile Tag SAS 2E47 Sequans Communications 2G11 Wind River 2A17, 4.4HS02 Stella Doradus 2.1C27 Mobile Token 2H33 SerVision Ltd. 2C72 WIT Software 2C63 Strastar Communications 2.1A13 Mobilead 2E47 SETELIA 2F49 Wondercode AS 2A67 Swissmed Mobile 2.1E62 Mobilemonday Brussels 2H33 Shaanxi XinTong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd 2B09 Xbrainsoft 2E47 Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. 2.1B82 Mobiletech 2A67 Shanghai BroadMobi Communication Technology Co Ltd 2J55 Xiamen Mobile Communication Technology CO.,Ltd. 2A120 TELECOM REVIEW 2.1E98 MobilitySector 2A108 Shen Zhen Power Idea Technology Limited 2J56 Xtreme labs Inc 2A97 2.1E96 Mobinets (Mobile Networks Solutions) 2H64 Shenzhen Anycool Communications Co., Ltd. 2H70 Yangzhou Jingcheng Electronics Ltd. Co., 2J70 Telnet Redes Inteligentes, S.A 2.1A34 MobiWeb 2A16 SHENZHEN BLEPHONE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 2J60 YOUi Labs Inc. 2A97 Tenesol & EDF Groups 2.1E77 MobPartner 2E47 Shenzhen Ephone Communication Technology Co.,Ltd 2J59 Zoom Technologies, Inc. 2C109 Tessera 2.1D32, 3.1HS65, 3.1HS70, 3.1HS71, 3.1HS72 Mobylla 2H33 Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics (T&W) 2J58 The Logic Group Enterprises Ltd 2.1C72 Moimstone Co Ltd 2B26 Shenzhen Huaptec Co., Ltd 2J53 Mondial Telecom 2H33 HALL 2.1 ThinSlices 2.1D34 Shenzhen Konka Telecommunications Technology Co. Ltd. 2F27 Tom Sawyer Software 2.1E83 Moobifun 2E47 ShenZhen SIMTECH Technology Co.,Ltd. 2B100 ADS PROFESSIONAL EVENT 2.1D34 Transilvania Software 2.1D34 Moota Telecom AS 2A67 Shenzhen Wave Multimedia Co.,Ltd 2J15 Aexio Software Sdn Bhd 2.1B22 UMIC Research Centre, RWTH Aachen University 2.1D53 MOOTWIN 2E47 Shyam Networks (A Division of VNL) 2B47 AIRTAG 2.1B77 UnboundID Corp. 2.1B74 More Mobile Relations 2A67 SIAE MICROELETTRONICA 2D54 Airway Technologies 2.1A40 Urban Green Energy 2.1D69 Mosaik Solutions 2D26 Siemens AG CMT 2H53 Anomalous networks 2.1A15 Utiba Pte Ltd 2.1C73 Mpathix 2A97 Sigma Mediterranee 2F49 APPSCEND 2.1D34 V2R VISION TO REALITY 2.1EZ13 Mr Handsfree (TE-Group NV) 2H33 Siklu Communication Ltd. 2C72 Arista Networks 2.1A77 Verivo Software, Inc. 2.1C20 MTI Wireless Edge Ltd. 2B125 Silicon Image 2C06 AROBS Transilvania Sofware 2.1D34 Vineyard Networks Inc 2.1A72 Multicell 2F49 SILIGENCE 2F49 ARTKLIKK 2.1B59 Vire Labs Ltd 2.1C12 myFC AB 2F13 SIMCom Wireless Solutions Co.,Ltd. 2H19 Arvento Mobile Systems 2.1D26 Visual Fan 2.1D34 Myfeelback 2E47 SimService A/S 2A05 ASICBANK Co., Ltd 2.1E56 VisualOn Inc 2.1D24, 4.7HS05 NAMIKI PRECISION JEWEL CO., LTD 2B120 SIRADEL SAS 2G41 Azimuth Systems 2.1D46 ViVOtech, Inc. 2.1C72 Nanjing Wanlida Technology CO Ltd 2D02 Sisteer 2E47 Batterie plus 2.1EZ6 Vogtec 2.1B20 Napatech 2G28 Skiller Games 2C72 Bima 2.1C83 WaveNET 2.1EZ3 Nash Technologies 2E18 SKYFIBER 2B92 BIOMETRY 2.1A85 Wirecard Technologies AG 2.1D75 National Instruments 2B93 SleepRate by HypnoCore Ltd. 2C75 BIT & Pulse Co Ltd 2.1A11 Yangzhou Mastone Communication & Electronics NAVITEL s.r.o 2H60 Smartadserver 2E47 Bitdefender 2.1C10 Development Co., Ltd 2.1A28 Nedstack PEM Fuel Cells 2C95 Smartcom 2F49 BroadSoft, Inc. 2.1A12, 4.1EHS11 Zoho Corporation (ManageEngine/WebNMS) 2.1B78 Nemotek Technologie 2B112 SMScarrier.EU by interactive digital media GmbH 2G50 CalAmp 2.1A70 Neomades 2F49 SMSGlobal 2C28 Carrier IQ 2.1A33 Hall 3.0 Courtyard Neonode Technologies AB 2J31 SMSTRADE 2B27 Continua Health Alliance 2.1E64 Neosesame 2E47 SNAPKEYS 2C75 Corning Cable Systems 2.1C09 2Embedcom CY03 NET CHECK GmbH 2D51 SNAPP 2F49 Corning MobileAccess 2.1C07 Abertis Telecom CY25 NetComm Limited 2B119 Sofialys 2E47 Cummins Power Generation 2.1E76 Accenture CY17 Netheos 2F49 Sofrecom 2B69-B Cyberplat LLC 2.1D70 ALBEDO Telecom CY03 Netsweeper 2A112 SOLiD Technologies, Inc. 2C67 Cytech 2.1C62 Andago Ingenieria SL CY22 New Media Network 2A67 Sonus Networks 2C13, 4.2HS25 Datapolice ( Formula Factory BV ) 2.1D10 Aplicaciones y Proyectos Tic (Aptica) CY22 Newfield Wireless 2A66 Spaceyes 2E47 Dension Audio Systems Ltd. 2.1B10 Aviat Networks CY08 Newport Media, Inc 2E33 Sphere 3D Inc 2A97 Developing Solutions, Inc. 2.1EZ1 Barcelona Digital Technology Centre (BDigital) CY03 Nexage 2B103 Spinner GmbH 2C81 Digivive Services PVT Ltd 2.1A73 Barcelona Media CY03 NICE Systems 2B76 SPIRIT DSP 2H11 DMD Mobile Sdn. Bhd. 2.1B71 Bharti Airtel Limited CY02 PAGE 36 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 37. EXHIBITOR LISTINGMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:12 Page 37 COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND Brightstar Corp. CY01 comScore 4.6HS52 eBuddy B.V 7C34 Comverse 8B83 Costales, Fernandez y Asociados SA CY25 CounterPath Corporation 4.6HS21 eGain 7D58 CSG International 8A67 CTTC CY03 Cygnus Broadband 4.7HS27 Endomondo 7E63 Duracell Powermat 8B127 Directorate General for Telecommunications and the Deutsche Telekom AG 4.1EHS14, 4.1EHS15 Enough Software 7D62 emporia Telecom Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH & Co KG 8A139 Information Society CY03 Discretix Technologies Ltd. 2C72, 4.7HS22 Enterprise Lithuania 7H2 eServGlobal 8A69 EEN-Enterprise Europe Network CY03 D-Link Corporation 4.6HS38 Enterprise Lithuania IT Cluster 7H2 Ezetop Ltd 8C55 Emovilia CY03 Ecrio Inc. 4.2HS36 ETRONIKA 7H2 Gemalto SA 8A102 Etisalat CY20 Entre Marketing Ltd 1E19, 1F62, 4.4HS25 EVP International 7G7 Giesecke & Devrient GmbH 8B65, AV84 Eurostar Mediagroup CY22 Equinix 4.6HS02, 4.6HS05 Fastaxi SL 7E86 Golla Oy 8A50 France Telecom/Orange CY07, 4.7HS56 Facebook 4.6HS22, 4.7HS35, 4.7HS44, 4.7HS46 FeliCa Networks, Inc 7A107 Google Inc 8C25, 8C32 Fujitsu Limited CY15, 3.1HS125, 3.1HS87 France Telecom/Orange CY07, 4.7HS56 Fiksu 7H12 Gree Inc 8A167, 3.1HS19, 3.1HS21 Fundació i2Cat CY03 GCT Semiconductor, Inc. 4.5HS02 Fon Technology 7E69 GSMA Pavilion - GSMA 8C118 Geeksphone CY22 Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd 4.6HS49, 4.6HS53 fonYou Telecom, S.L 7F5 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd 8A159, Z6.1, Z6.2, Z6.4, Z6.5, Z6.6 Genaker CY03 GSMA 2.1A68, 4.6HS13 Forum Telecom, Inc. 7F16 Innopath Software 8C67 GOVERNMENT OF CATALONIA /GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA CY03 GSMA - Partnership Programme 4.7HS32 Garmin / NAVIGON - a Garmin Brand 7D36 Intel Corporation 8B192, 8B197, 6HS14, 7B28, 4.1HS01 Gowex CY25 HCL Technologies 2.1A36, 4.4HS19 GetJar 7H2 LG Electronics Inc 8B178 GSMA - Embedded House CY13 Hewlett-Packard Company 7C37, 4.6HS04, 4.6HS08, 4.6HS09, GfK 7C69 Morpho, e-Documents 8B76, AV79 IBM CY23 4.6HS11, 4.6HS12, 4.6HS15, 4.6HS17, 4.6HS31, 4.6HS35 Grupo.Mobi 7E71 Motorola Mobility UK Ltd 8A28, 8A51 Ingenia Telecom, S.L. CY22 Ikivo 2F13, 4.6HS46 GSMA OneAPI 7B82 NEC Corporation 8A125, 8A150 INVEST IN SPAIN CY25 Intel Corporation 8B192, 8B197, 6HS14, 7B28, 4.1HS01 HaptiMap 7H14 NewNet Communication Technologies 8A169 JSC Ingenium CY25 Intrinsyc Software International, Inc. 4.7HS01 HeART BIT, Inc. 7A94 Nokia Siemens Networks 8C01 Juniper Networks CY06 Jasper Wireless 2C110, 4.4HS01, 4.4HS30 Hewlett-Packard Company 7C37, 4.6HS04, 4.6HS08, NTT DoCoMo, Inc 8B117, 4.2HS40, 4.2HS42 Mobbeel CY25 Kyocera Communications, Inc 4.5HS04 4.6HS09, 4.6HS11, 4.6HS12, Oberthur Technologies AV66, 8B68 Narada Robotics CY03 LG Innotek Co., Ltd 4.7HS19 4.6HS15, 4.6HS17, 4.6HS31, 4.6HS35 Orga Systems GmbH AV91, 8B70 Naranya CY22 MASTERIMAGE 3D 4.1EHS7 Hidden Brains Infotech Pvt.Ltd 7G4 Powerwave Technologies 8B109 NEAPOLIS CY03 Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. 4.3HS01, 4.3HS05, 4.3HS12, 4.3HS40 HR-Germany / iGRIP 7F10 Qualcomm Incorporated 8B30, 8B53 Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. CY31 McAfee International Ltd 4.7HS42 IGTS 7H2 Rich Communications Ecosystem 8C118 Protección Online CY25 Mformation Technologies 1A56, 4.4HS31 Immersion 7C56 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd 8B169, 8B171, 8B175, 8B177, 8C167 Secretaría de Estado de Telecomunicaciones y para Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI) 4.6HS57 InMobiles BV 7H16 SanDisk Corporation 8B91 la Sociedad de la Información CY22, CY25 Micron Technology, Inc. 4.2HS18 Innova 7C62 Sicap 8B94 Simfonics Iberia S.L. CY22 MIPS Technologies, Inc. 4.6HS36 InQBarna 7E84 SK Planet Co., Ltd 8A147 SITmobile CY22 Mobile World Capital - Barcelona Conference Centre 4.9HS01 Intel Corporation 8B192, 8B197, 6HS14, 7B28, 4.1HS01 SK Telecom 8A142, 8A147 Sixtemia Mobile Studio CY03 Monotype Imaging Ltd 4.7HS36 InternetQ 7B26 Skyworks Semiconductor SAS 8C132 Solaiemes CY22 MontaVista Software, Inc 4.1EHS16 INTSIG INFORMATION CO., LTD 7E45 Symantec Corporation 8A171 Sybase 365 CY18 Movidius 2.1E51, 4.7HS06 Invensense 7B80 Symsoft 8C72 Telenor Group CY19 Movik 4.7HS14 Itero 7H2 Tecore Networks 8C78 Tempos21 CY03 MtekVision Co., Ltd 4.5HS01 Itinerarium 7F83 Teleca AB 8B79 Ubiqua CY25 Murata Electronics Europe 4.7HS38 iTo, UAB 7H2 TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. 8C115 Unkasoft Advergaming CY25 Nanoradio AB 4.7HS60 J1CK Mobile Systems 7B86 Telefonica S.A. 8A115 Urbiotica CY03 Netbiscuits GmbH 4.5HS11 Jabra / GN Netcom 7E58 Texas Instruments Incorporated 8A84 Vodafone Group Services Ltd CY29 NetLogic Microsystems Inc. 4.5HS44 Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) 7A84, 7A88, 7A90, ZTE Corporation 8B145, 8C129, 8C139, 8C141 Zain CY21 NetNumber Inc 4.7HS47 7A92, 7A98, 7A103, 7A104, 7A106, 7A107, 7A112 Zed Worldwide S.A. CY22 Jarbull by Globsis 7F20 NTT DoCoMo, Inc 8B117, 4.2HS40, 4.2HS42 co., ltd. 7A100 ZONE 3 Zhilabs SL CY22 Nuance Communications, Inc. 4.7HS03, 4.7HS18, 4.7HS20 Polycom 2D01, 4.6HS06 Kaspersky Lab 7B38 Ford Motor Company Z3.2 Hall 3.1 Gallery Pontis 4.5HS29 Krusell 7E68 Qtel International Z3.1 QuantumWave Capital 4.7HS48 madvertise Mobile Advertising 7B102 Actix 8C66, 3.1HS16 RealNetworks Inc 4.0HS19 Mail2World, Inc. 7G9 ZONE 4 Antenna Software 3.1HS172 Red Bend Software 4.3HS50 Malcom 7E73 AuthenTec 3.1HS174 ROUTE 66 4.7HS04 mBlox 7D49 HTC Europe Co Ltd 1D34, Z4.1 AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o. 3.1HS138, 3.1HS140 S Technologies Ltd 4.4HS03, 4.4HS05, 4.4HS07, 4.4HS09 mediba Inc. 7A90 ST-Ericsson 7D45, Z4.2 BridgeWave Communications 3.1HS86 Samsung Semiconductor Europe GmbH 4.0HS02 Metasite Business Solutions, UAB 7H2 Business Logic Systems 3.1HS186 Scalado 4.6HS27, 4.6HS61 Microgaming Software Systems Ltd 7H20 ZONE 5 Bytemobile 2B77, 3.1HS113, 3.1HS115 Shazam Entertainment Limited 4.2HS12 millenoki ltd 7B33 CelCite 2B13, 3.1HS44 Sierra Wireless AV44, 4.3HS02 milog Inc. 7A88 Ericsson 6E01, 6E30, Z5.1 Cloudmark Inc 3.1HS133 Sonus Networks 2C13, 4.2HS25 MIPI Alliance 7H10 Cognovo Ltd 3.1HS30 Sprint 4.1EHS10 MOBIBASE 7F3 ZONE 6 Colt Telecom 3.1HS26 SRS Labs 4.7HS10 Mobile Systems, Inc. 7E61 Communology GmbH 2B68, 3.1HS112 MobileKing GmbH 7D42 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd 8A159, Z6.1, Stollmann E+V GmbH 4.6HS62 Critical Path 3.1HS42 MobOn 7H2 Z6.2, Z6.4, Z6.5, Z6.6 SYNAPTICS INC 4.7HS39 CTI Group 3.1HS50 Syniverse AV105, 4.1EHS8 Mocean Mobile 7B34 Deltenna 3.1HS181 Synopsys 4.2HS15 Mokipay Europe 7H2 Avenue DigitalRoute 3.1HS04 The Carphone Warehouse 4.1EHS19 Movilway 7B68 Acme Packet AV48 DxO Labs 2E47, 3.1HS88 TM Forum 4.6HS50 Mozilla 7A38, 7B96 ALCATEL ONE TOUCH AV10, AV12, AV32, AV33, AV34 Evolving Systems 3.1HS98 TomTom 4.3HS19 Mubiquo Apps S.L 7B90 ANADIGICS AV83 EXFO Nethawk 1G55, 3.1HS20 Ubiquisys AV92, 4.1EHS12, 4.3HS13 MultiActiva Mobile 7F81 Aricent Group AV86 Export Development Canada 3.1HS93 Verizon Wireless 4.1EHS3, 4.1EHS4, 4.7HS13, 4.7HS15 NDrive Navigation Systems SA 7C70 Atos AV06 Fujitsu Limited CY15, 3.1HS125, 3.1HS87 Vesta Corporation 4.6HS63 NeoSOFT Technologies 7F95 BelAir Networks Inc. AV03 FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR LIMITED 1F69, 3.1HS175 VIMPELCOM LTD 4.1EHS5, 4.1EHS6 Neosono 7E85 BICS (Belgacom International Carrier Services) AV47 Fundamo 3.1HS168 VisualOn Inc 2.1D24, 4.7HS05 net mobile AG 7D35 Blippar AV35 Good Technology 3.1HS96 Wi-Fi Alliance 4.6HS48 Neustar AV89, 7A86 BlueRun Ventures AV100 Gree Inc 8A167, 3.1HS19, 3.1HS21 Wind River 2A17, 4.4HS02 NewPace Technology Development Inc. 7F89 Booz & Company GmbH AV116, 1F51 Hitachi, Ltd. 2.1D40, 3.1HS41, 3.1HS51, 3.1HS61 Yulong Computer Telecommunication Nokia Corporation 7H30, 7H40, 7I10 Brightpoint, Inc. AV78 iBasis 1E32, 3.1HS164 Scientific (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd 4.1EHS2 NTT Solmare Corporation 7C44, 6HS84 Carbon Diem AV35 Joyent 2.1A75, 3.1HS90 Octopod, Ltd 7B92 Ciena AV09, AV74 Kaelus 1D68, 3.1HS166 Hall 6 Oonair 7C35 Cisco 8A70, 8A111, AV64 Lime Microsystems 3.1HS100 OPENMARKET 7E42 Convergys 1G69, AV69 MediaTek Inc. 1C58, 3.1HS161 ACI 6HS4 openTrends Solucions i Sistemes S.L 7F93 Dell Marketing L.P. AV23 MicroStrategy 2.1C50, 3.1HS97 Aepona 7E44, 6HS8 OtterBox 7D60 Dialog Semiconductor AV108, 2F28 Mindspeed Technologies 1E57, 3.1HS131 Alcatel-Lucent 6C23, 6C63 Planet Media 7C83 Dialogic Inc. AV114 Movile 3.1HS184 Atlantic Provinces 6HS18, 6HS20 Plunge interactive 7F85 eeGeo lTd AV35 Movius Interactive Corporation 3.1HS126 Brightcove 7G8, 6HS28 Podsimka LLC 7A72 Emitac Mobile Solutions AV25 Nextreaming 3.1HS176 Ericsson 6E01, 6E30, Z5.1 Private Planet 7C30 Freescale Semiconductor AV27 NGMN Ltd 3.1HS114 IMA (Israel Mobile and Media Association) 6C43, 6C50 QITLABS 7D83 Freescale Semiconductors UK Ltd AV35 Nielsen 3.1HS149 Intel Corporation 8B192, 8B197, 6HS14, 7B28, 4.1HS01 Qustodian 7F84 Geonovo Limited AV35 Nomor Research GmbH 3.1HS56 MobiTV, Inc 6HS10 Roambi 7C106 Giesecke & Devrient GmbH 8B65, AV84 Oasis SMart SIM 3.1HS185 NTT Solmare Corporation 7C44, 6HS84 RubicPro Ltd. 7F1 Imperial College London AV35 Packet 1 - Greenpacket Sdn Bhd 3.1HS101 Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB 6E01 RUNTASTIC 7F91 INSIDE Secure 2D88, AV72 Peregrine Semiconductor 3.1HS01 Telmap Ltd 7C42, 6HS24 Sennheiser Communications A/S 7D56 Iwireless Solutions AV35 Picochip 1E57, 3.1HS127 Transaction Network Services (TNS) 6HS80 Service2Media 7B35 Location Labs / Safely AV100 PMC-Sierra Inc. 3.1HS08, 3.1HS10 Urban Airship 6HS82 SHIFT inc. 7A106 LSI AV76 Procera Networks 2.1A39, 3.1HS170 ShinobiControls 7G6 Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. AV55 Rambus Inc 3.1HS09, 3.1HS13 App Planet SlashMobility 7E83 Metaswitch Networks AV81 Redknee 1E37, 3.1HS165, 3.1HS171 Sling Media Inc 7E52 AddFleet 7E87 Millennial Media AV42 RGB Networks 3.1HS34 Smaato 7C38 ADEYA SA 7F24 mimoOn GmbH AV109 Sonim Technologies 3.1HS102 SOFT FOR YOU, SL 7F87 Adfonic 7A96 Mobile World Live AV05, AV20 Sycamore Networks, Inc. 3.1HS155 Spicysoft Corporation. 7A98 Adtriple 7E73 Mobilize AV35 Symmetricom, Inc 3.1HS99 ST-Ericsson 7D45, Z4.2 Aepona 7E44, 6HS8 Morpho, e-Documents 8B76, AV79 Tecnotree Corporation 1C50, 3.1HS187 STMicroelectronics 7C18 AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE 7D64 Myriad Group AG AV102 TeleTech 3.1HS147 Synctur 7D87 agmis, UAB 7H2 Neustar AV89, 7A86 TeliaSonera AB 3.1HS31, 3.1HS33, 3.1HS35, 3.1HS36, 3.1HS37 Tajseed Co. Ltd. 7D46 Airpush 7A80 Oberthur Technologies AV66, 8B68 Tessera 2.1D32, 3.1HS65, 3.1HS70, 3.1HS71, 3.1HS72 TeleSoftas UAB 7H2 ALK Technologies Ltd 7C80 Openet AV94 T-GAIA Corporation 3.1HS05 Telmap Ltd 7C42, 6HS24 ANALOG TWELVE Co., Ltd. 7A102 Oracle AV60 Tieto Corporation 1F25, 3.1HS153, 3.1HS156, 3.1HS158 theChanner 7E81 Apadmi Ltd 7C28 Orga Systems GmbH AV91, 8B70 Velocent 3.1HS83, 3.1HS84 Thumbstar 7C28 Apperian, Inc 7G11 PacketVideo AV38 VeriFone 2D06, 3.1HS129 TransferJet Consortium 7D22 appMobi 7E75 Pinger AV01 Vidiator 2D05, 3.1HS58 Upstream Mobile Marketing Limited 7D61 arara inc. 7A92 Renesas Mobile Corporation AV16 ViewSonic Europe 2H10, 3.1HS54 Uwanna Inc 7G10 Artificial Solutions 2F13, 7F86 RFMD AV71 Vlingo 3.1HS24 VALID 7B84 Auris 7F16 Rovi Europe Limited AV90 Volubill 1B18, 3.1HS162 VELTI 7C58 BACKELITE 7D84 SEVEN Networks AV41 Wireless Intelligence 3.1HS85 Vopium A/S 7F12 Baltic Car Equipment 7H2 Sierra Wireless AV44, 4.3HS02 Voxtrot 7A82 SmithMicro Software AV22 Hall 4 Baltic Web Studio 7H2 Vserv Digital Services Pvt. Ltd 7H1 Stream Communications AV35 BCN touch 7E80 WAC Application Services Ltd. 7C82 4G Americas 4.7HS50 BIJUTSU SHUPPAN NETWORK Co., ltd. 7A103 Sub10 Systems Ltd AV35 WIN Information Technology Inc 7B104 Acer Europe S.A 4.1EHS9, 4.1EHS13 BlackBelt SmartPhone Defence Limited 7C28 Syniverse AV105, 4.1EHS8 Wireless Media 7D80 AdaptiveMobile 4.6HS01 BlackBerry by Research In Motion Ltd 7B42 TATA Communications (America) AV99 WorldConnect AG 7B98 Adobe Systems Incorporated 1C31, 4.1HS37 Blinzy Studios 7D81 The Western Union Company AV87 wöwbile Mobile Marketing 7D85 Airvana LLC 4.7HS58 Brightcove 7G8, 6HS28 TriQuint Semiconductor 1B55, AV97 Yospace Technologies Ltd 7D20 Altair Semiconductor 4.6HS23 Business Support Solutions 7C28 Ubiquisys AV92, 4.1EHS12, 4.3HS13 Zyncro 7F82 Amobee 4.3HS15 BuzzCity Pte Ltd 7E47 UK Trade & Investment AV35 Wipro Technologies AV30 Aptina Imaging Corporation 4.5HS16 Canonical 7C87 Hall 8 Wolfson Microelectronics AV95 ASUS Technology PTE. LTD 4.4HS14 CELSYS,Inc 7C44 Atmel Corporation 4.3HS10 Ciklum 7F14 2LK DESIGN LTD 8B192 Wood & Douglas AV35 Audience, Inc. 4.7HS31 CooTek 7C90 Acision Nederland B.V 8A86, 8A93 austriamicrosystems – TAOS 2H02, 4.5HS14 Counterpoint, SL 7F80 Actix 8C66, 3.1HS16 Avvasi Inc 2A97, 4.6HS39 Coyote Systems 7C81 AirWatch 8B110 Aylus Networks, Inc. 4.6HS07 CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. 7A104 Amdocs Management Limited 8B101 Broadcom Corporation 4.1HS02 Deezer 7C86 AT&T 8A77, 8A80 BroadSoft, Inc. 2.1A12, 4.1EHS11 Desay Electronics (Huizhou) Co Ltd 2A103, 7F97 Cellebrite 8B71 Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited 1G26, 4.3HS30 Digimarc Corporation 7B70 Celltick 8B73 Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd 4.0HS27 Down to Moon 7E82 Cisco 8A70, 8A111, AV64 Citibank N.A. 4.1EHS1 eBay Inc 7D90 CLX Networks 8C72 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Thursday 1st March PAGE 37
  • 38. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:12 Page 38 Long Term Evolution (LTE) global forecasts Te erm on (LTE) glob forecasts LTE) bal recasts Networks 5% coverage of 2011 2016 the world’s world’s population 10 million LTE LTE 500 million LTE 0 LTE (2011) connections globally connections globally Asia-Pacific to represent LTE 45% of global LTE connections with more LTE than 200 million LTE connections (2016) Over 50 live LTE LTE Over 200 live LTE ver LTE networks across across networks across more across more North America and 30 countries than 70 countries Western urope e Western Europe represent over two thirds of global LTE conne LTE connections (2011) Spectrum LTE LTE spectrum fragmentation caused by 38 deployed frequency band combinations in 2015 frequency “Spectrum fragmentation has Type Type of frequency band as % of network deployments 2011/15 Frequency fragmentation by % of LTE connections 2011/15 LTE the potential to hinder global LTE LTE roaming if device manufacturers are required to include support for many disparate frequencies in their devices” Joss Gillet, Senior Analyst Wireless Wireless Intelligence By 2015, the majority of regional LTE connections will be dominated by the following frequency bands and combinations (MHz): y LTE w b ed wing nat AMERICAS ASIA-PACIFIC ASIA-PACIFIC P EUROPE: EAST ROPE: EASTERN TERN EUROPE WESTERN EUROPE: ERN ME MEA EA USA/CANADA A 2600 2100 2600 2600 2300 700 850/1700/1900/2100 800/1800 2300 800/2600 2100 700/1800 700/2600 1800 1800 800/900/2600 Devices “The availability of Handsets to account for 20% of the global LTE LTE 20% 0% 33% 3% 50% 50% 0 LTE LTE smartphones is limited by the lack devices market in 2013, 33% in 2014, 50% in 2015 2013 2014 2015 of LTE spectrum LTE harmonisation” Average LTE Average LTE USB dongle dong Devices cost Joss Gillet, Senior Analyst, Wireless Intelligence Wireless VoLTE compatible VoLTE L ibl retail price is US$200, compared to US$500 for twice the average monthly income in x2 x2 networks and devices to be smartphones (2011) US$200 US$500 BRIC countries launched in 2012. © Wireless Intelligence Wireless web: email: twitter: @wi
  • 39. EXHIBITOR NEWS A new consumer survey, willing to spend more, if operators commissioned by Comptel engaged with them more. Corporation, the leading vendor of Comptel offers solutions which Customer Engagement software, combine the ability to collect a large has revealed that two-thirds of amount of data, make sense of them consumers feel neglected by their through advanced analytics, and take mobile operators and that almost engaging action through policy half are likely to churn within the control, charging or service fulfilment. next two years as a result. The survey also reveals how For a copy of the research consumers in United Kingdom, results, please visit ComptelMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:13 Page 39 France, Germany and the United ( at booth States would be more loyal and #1C06. NXP Software is bringing a smile lets you watch videos, talk on Survey Reveals Customers to visitors’ faces with its real-life Facebook Chat, tweet and browse all demonstrations of its LifeVibes at the same time. Or why not hear Need More Love From products. Visitors to its stand (Hall 1, how LifeVibes VoiceExperience and A15) can try out video and voice HD Voice make voice calling crystal Their Mobile Operators solutions designed to wow clear – even with all the noise of consumers in today’s multi-screen, MWC in the background? And to multi-tasking world. You can play share the fun, you can capture and with the latest LifeVibes video upload a smile to Facebook with software. It’s a combined video LifeVibes fast, intuitive media editing player and social control panel that and trimming software. Fujitsu is showing the new quad- at the Fujitsu stand. While youre expertise ranging from core ‘superphone’ with ultra-fast there, experience Fujitsu features supercomputers to tablet PCs. Smile! Experience a OS, along with the worlds thinnest like waterproof performance for 6.7mm waterproof Smartphone, yourself. Fujitsu is the one Come and visit our stand at and much more. You will be able to Smartphone maker with vertically ‘Courtyard CY15’ or contact us “wow” moment with touch and try all the incredible new integrated manufacturing, a global via the Fujitsu website Smartphones and tablets by Fujitsu ICT presence and comprehensive ( LifeVibes software The RFMD® family of high- WCDMA, and CDMA applications; power discrete switch products, the RF1603A is an SP3T switch Fujitsu Delivers Virtuoso Performance which are available in SPDT, SP3T, ideally suited for use in multi-mode and SP4T type architectures, are GSM/EDGE/WCDMA/CDMA/LTE tailored to address coexistence applications; the RF1604 is an issues in WiFi, BT, GPS, and LTE SP4T switch is also suitable for use JDSU introduces limited by information blindspots, PacketPortal now lets you see bands that require extremely high in multi-mode GSM/EDGE/WCDMA PacketPortalTM, an industry first can address the issues of driving the network the way your linearity. These switches have very applications, as well as LTE, and using a revolutionary cloud costs down, maximizing the customers experience it. low current consumption making cellular infrastructure approach to intelligence customer experience and them ideal for use in battery- applications. collection. By decoupling data delivering exciting new tailored Visit the JDSU Booth in Hall 1, powered cellular devices where capture and filtering from services. Powered by an open stand 1G63 to find out more talk time and standby time are For further information or to management and analysis, JDSU value-creating platform combined about the unique PacketPortal critically important. Other possible request a meeting with RFMD at is able to dramatically reduce the with a comprehensive partner solution or visit applications for these switches MWC, contact us at cost, size and complexity of model, PacketPortal delivers the include antenna tuning and information collection bringing right intelligence at the right time cellular band switching. The JDSU unprecedented and massive scale. to any business, monitoring or RF1602 is an SPDT switch Now service providers, no longer management application. designed for use in SV-LTE, PacketPortalTM Compact, Low Loss Redefining Switching for High Linearity Customer, 2G/3G/4G Applications Content & Network Intelligence MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Thursday 1st March PAGE 39
  • 40. EXHIBITOR NEWSMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:13 Page 40 zBoost Your Mobile Phone Notspots Wi-Ex, a leading provider of zBoost eliminates mobile phone devices including iPad and tablets consumer and commercial notspots by increasing the mobile including 3G high-speed data and mobile signal boosters for the signal indoors and eliminating video, instant messaging, pictures home and office, is showcasing its dropped calls. With zBoost, users and more at home and in the zBoost European product line can take full advantage of voice, office. February 29, 2012 – MIPI Alliance chips to share a single memory including the zBoost-ONE UMTS data and Internet services on their today announced the Low Latency chip. Finally, LLI leverages the MIPI 3G Signal Booster and zBoost for iPhone, Blackberry, DROID, Visit us at stand 2J29 Interface (LLI) v1.0 specification for Alliance M-PHYSM physical layer, a home and office. smartphone and other connected Or at mobile devices, which offers a point- high bandwidth approach used for to-point interconnect between the peripheral inter-chip interconnects application processor and in mobile devices. For more modem/baseband processor. Using information, go to this high bandwidth interconnect enables the baseband processor to Hall 7, Stand 7H11 MIPI® Alliance Low access the application processor’s MIPI® is a registered mark of dedicated DRAM memory for MIPI Alliance, Inc. baseband processor operation, thus Latency Interface eliminating a separate, dedicated Media Contact: DRAM chip. Industry estimates Marcia Barnett translate the savings to an 214-868-8861 Specification approximately $2 USD reduction in the total bill of materials for a smartphone. Board space is also Eliminates Memory saved, enabling mobile device manufacturers to reduce footprint. Chip in Mobile In addition, SoC designers can connect multiple chips in a “daisy chained” configuration, allowing the Devices Polystar, a leading supplier of of IMS networks can be tested and Service Assurance, Network verified. Monitoring and Test Solutions, is SOLVER is a powerful stress and launching VoLTE functionality in feature testing tool for SIP, PSTN, the SOLVER load and feature- 2G, 2.5G, 3G, and 4G testing tool. Polystar is the first on telecommunications networks. Its the market to address the rapidly proven combination of ease-of- growing demand for VoLTE use, complexity and capacity has testing. SOLVER will provide its been appreciated by vendors and customers with the powerful tool operators for nearly a decade. to efficiently test voice handling and voice quality of 4G in their labs Come and visit us at stand and networks. Through the 1E04 or contact us via simulation of VoLTE traffic, the functionality, quality and reliability Polystar—first to offer VoLTE test tool PAGE 40 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 41. EXHIBITOR NEWS MACH, the leading provider of cloud-based managed communication services, todayMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:13 Page 41 announced that it will provide a full portfolio of roaming services to Bharti Airtel (‘Airtel’) operations across Africa. Airtel currently operates in 16 countries in Africa. Reducing costs CTS, Crypto Telecommunication built-in SD card 32 GB in encrypted and optimising revenue are Security S.A. presents the most form. NUME uses VoIP technology. fundamental to multi-national powerful hardware encryption Encrypted communication between telecommunications groups – MACH device – NUME. NUME, a small users can be established via 3G offers business intelligence, online portable dual-processor encryptor, network or through CTS company reporting and budget management can be connected via Bluetooth or SIP server, using direct Internet MACH and Bharti Airtel tools which give a full view of roaming cable to any mobile telephone, access via Wi-Fi or WiMax. So businesses and allow executive tablet PC or standard PC. NUME wherever you are, whatever modern management to create strategic provides seamless end-to-end mobile device you have, with NUME Form Strategic roaming policies to achieve this. With protection for you GSM connection, you can be sure that all your private the deployment of MACH’s solutions, using strong voice, data, SMS, MMS information, transactions and Airtel will be able to take a top-down and E-mail encryption. It has conversations are secured. Partnership to Enhance consolidated view of its group-wide compatible implementations for roaming business and determine Come and visit us at stand 1H49 Windows, MacOS, Apple iOS, Come and visit us at 2F14 or group roaming strategies that will or contact us via: Android, Symbian, Blackberry contact us:, Roaming Business improve competitiveness. operation systems. NUME has a Worlds first portable voice and data encryptor Mobile and privacy: Mobile and privacy: Are they mutually exclusive? Are they mutually exclusive? Help find answers to questions like: Help find answers to questions like : Moderator Moderator informed decisions about their personal informed decisions about their personal American Association of American Association of behavioural targeting and giving behavioural targeting and giving information and privacy? information and privac y? Advertising Agencies (4A’s) Advertising Agencies (4A’s) 6 7 users control of their data users control of their data Speakers Speakers ZONE 4 ZONE is respected and protected by those is respected and protected by those ZONE ZONE 6 ZONE 3 ZONE Thursday March Thursday 1 March 4 5 9 : 30 11:00 9:30 – 11: 00 do this in practice? do this in practice? 2 3 GSMA Seminar Theatre GSMA Seminar Theatre This session is for app developers and people This session is for app developers and people 8 1 Hall 2.1 Hall 2.1 implementing mobile apps and ser vices. implementing mobile apps and services. Mobile Free for all delegates Free for all delegates w w /mobileprivacy MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Thursday 1st March PAGE 41
  • 42. PROGRAMMEMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:13 Page 42 DAY 4 Thursday, March 01, 2012 Technology Evolution: Network Architecture Technology Evolution: Network Operations Conference Sessions Evolution Evolution Keynote 7: Driving the Mobile Technology Evolution Jointly Developed with Jointly Developed with 09:30 - 11:00 11:30 - 13:00 14:30 - 16:00 Location: Hall 5 - Auditorium 1 Location: Hall 5 - Auditorium 2 Location: Hall 5 - Auditorium 2 As mobile operators across the globe upgrade their networks to LTE, Even in the near future, operators will need to deliver higher Technology developments and business pressures are destroying the full promise of fast and ubiquitous mobile broadband is becoming capacities, new services and higher Quality of Service to the many old barriers – between networks and IT, voice and data, fixed a reality. However, as demand for data services continues to grow, it customer, while improving efficiency and lowering cost internally. and mobile, telecoms and internet. This change offers operators the will become increasingly important for operators to deploy For most operators, this revolution must be achieved by an chance to manage their networks and services in new ways, technologies which will not only make their networks more intelligent, evolution in their radio, aggregation and core networks. lowering costs and opening up fresh business opportunities. but also make the best use of their spectrum allocations. Mobile operators have already started to deploy heterogeneous However, for operators to take full advantage of these opportunities Network architectures will need to evolve to reflect both the density of network structures combining different generations of wireless requires some radical changes throughout their business, networks these new networks as well as the increased capacity they will carry. technologies, often embedded in an environment of macro-, micro- and IT systems. There are considerable challenges to overcome, not The drive to scale up the deployment of LTE-enabled devices will be and even femto-cells. Furthermore, LTE-Advanced features, new least the management of converged networks, of different wireless just as important, while at the same time LTE Advanced looms large centralised RAN and smart network architectures are currently being technology generations and of an increasingly complex multi-vendor on the horizon with a whole new set of questions and challenges. developed and evaluated. environment. Which factors will determine the technology investments operators make in the coming years? Can the industry do more to work As a result, many of the elements needed to deliver a flexible, Based upon practical experience, this session focuses on how to collaboratively and build greater efficiencies into the R&D and intelligent network already exist or will appear in the near future. evolve mobile network operations effectively. It offers delegates the manufacturing process? How will regulation impact the growth of the The main challenge is to do it right - to bring the pieces of the chance to understand the path towards a new style of network mobile ecosystem? puzzle together in a way that supports an operator’s financial, operations, how to take advantage of its benefits and how to avoid technical and business needs throughout the evolutionary process. the dangers on the way. Join some of the industry’s technology pioneers as they discuss the future This session highlights how industry leaders are working towards of the networks which underpin all that is mobile. this and what steps should be taken. Embedded Mobile: Consumer Electronics - KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: The Case for Embedding Mobile Connectivity MODERATOR: Embedded Mobile: The Market Opportunity 14:30 - 16:00 Gabriel Brown, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading in the Automotive and Utilities Sectors Location: Hall 5 - Room 5 11:30 - 13:00 Warren East Location: Hall 5 - Room 5 As the demand for consumer electronics such as tablets and e- CEO readers goes from strength to strength, mobile network operators ARM The automotive and utilities sectors, amongst others, represent strong must contend with a huge increase in multimedia traffic on their market opportunities for mobile network operators and other service networks. What types of consumer electronics are expected to place Kevin Johnson providers. Embedding telematics into vehicles which use mobile the most demands on mobile networks? What are the different use connectivity to deliver safety and security services, and infotainment cases? How can mobile network operators best meet the growing CEO services such as internet access, live traffic updates and weather reports demand for mobile connectivity while maintaining the same Quality Juniper Networks are becoming increasingly commonplace. Meanwhile, mobile connectivity of Service that consumers have come to expect from their electronic is enabling utilities suppliers to more effectively manage the supply and devices? Dan Hesse demand of consumers’ energy and water. CEO This session will explore the landscape of embedded consumer Sprint Nextel Corporation The market opportunity for embedded mobile in the automotive electronics and the business case for embedding mobile connectivity and utilities sectors will be evaluated in this session. It will also into consumer electronics devices, and will consider the possible Shi Lirong explore the types of services that can be expected in the future and alternatives. President the role of the various players in the value chain in bringing these solutions to market, whilst addressing critical successful factors. ZTE Mobile Money: Emerging Markets - Where are the Opportunities for Mobile Money? Mobile Money: Delivering Innovative Mobile 14:30 - 16:00 Payment Services Location: Hall 5 - Auditorium 3 11:30 - 13:00 Location: Hall 5 - Auditorium 3 Several emerging markets represent strong growth opportunities for mobile money due to the high numbers of unbanked and under- A wide range of mobile payment products and services have been banked customers. Money transfers, bill payments, cash rolled-out globally to date, largely focused on the purchase of withdrawals and forms of micro financing, often through simple but digital goods and services. The mobile payments market is expected secure SMS messaging, are just some examples of mobile money to reach $670 billion by 2015, according to Juniper Research, and services which are proving valuable to consumers in emerging the scope of mobile payments is broadening outside of digital markets, where mobile phone usage is high but where access to goods and services. In light of the expected growth in mobile traditional banking services is limited. payments, service providers continue to look for new ways to innovate and utilise technology to execute payment transactions This session will explore where opportunities exist for mobile money and deliver an improved user experience. services in emerging markets. It will discuss the role of mobile network operators, financial institutions and payment providers and Virtual cards enabling online payments, virtual currencies and credit the challenges in bringing mobile money services to emerging card readers are just some examples of technology innovations in markets. mobile payments. However, delivering innovative mobile payment services is not just about the underlying technology; a streamlined value chain and a customer-focused go-to-market strategy are also critical factors in delivering successful mobile payment services and gaining competitive advantage. This session will explore the latest innovations in mobile payments. It will also address the challenges for the ecosystem as well as the critical success factors in delivering innovative services in the highly- competitive mobile payments space. All details correct at the time of going to print. Please visit the Information Points at Mobile World Congress for any updates or changes to the Conference programme. PAGE 42 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 43. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:13 Page 43 mobile c verage a network roaming coverage map service for your website Come and visit us at the GSMA Pavilion in Hall 8 Collins mobile Coverage is a web based roaming coverage map service made available through CollinsBartholomew’s partnership with the GSMA. Using the latest mapping technology, Collins mobile Coverage combines up-to-date world base maps with unique mobile network coverage data provided by operators from around the world. These seamless roaming coverage maps are delivered straight to network operators’ corporate web pages to help them tell their users where they can use their phones when abroad. Interactive seamless network roaming coverage maps delivered straight to network operator corporate web pages Displays all available roaming partner coverage Modern JavaScript based mapping API with mouse wheel zoom Fast and easy to implement Ability to display network coverage using corporate colours Toggle between GSM and 3G coverage Regular network coverage updates Maintenance free Up-to-date and authoritative worldwide base maps Hosted from secure and reliable web servers Available to all GSM members around the world +44 7787 126660
  • 44. GSMA GLOBAL MOBILE AWARDS 2012MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 19:39 Page 44 Platinum Awards Awards Category Sponsor - Sponsor: Apps of Year PAGE 44 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 45. CONGRESS IN PICTURESMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 19:41 Page 45 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Thursday 1st March PAGE 45
  • 46. ANALYSIS | AUSTRIA Matt Ablott, Senior Editorial Analyst, Wireless Intelligence www.wirelessintelligence.comMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:13 Page 46 3 becomes powerful number-three player in Austria as market consolidates Austria is the latest mature Western Austria mobile connections, Q3 2011 European mobile market to see ABOUT WIRELESS INTELLIGENCE consolidation following the merger A1 Telekom T-Mobile Orange 3 (Hutchison) between the country’s two smallest Wireless Intelligence is the Connections (million) 5.2 3.9 2.2 1.3 12.6 operators, 3 and Orange, while the definitive source of mobile parent of the market leader – Market Share 41% 31% 17% 10% - operator data, analysis and Telekom Austria’s A1 – is also the forecasts, delivering the most subject of takeover speculation. YoY growth 4% 7% -1% 27% 6% accurate and complete set of industry metrics available. Relied % Prepaid 23% 38% 13% 24% 26% ustria is a highly-penetrated and on by a customer base of over A fiercely competitive mobile market so consolidation will be welcomed by the main protagonists. Four competing networks % Contract % 2G 77% 49% 62% 61% 87% 42% 76% - 74% 47% 700 of the worlds mobile operators, device vendors, equipment manufacturers and serving a population of less than 9 million is leading financial and consultancy % 3G 51% 39% 58% 100% 53% clearly unsustainable in a market that is firms, the data set is the most shifting focus from connections growth to LTE Yes Yes No Yes - scrutinised in the industry. With subscriber profitability. over 8 million individual data According to the latest Wireless Source: Wireless Intelligence points – updated daily – the Intelligence data, Austria is approaching 150 service provides coverage of the percent market penetration, making it the The net consideration payable by 3 3 Austria switched on its first commercial performance of all 940 operators fourth most penetrated mobile market in Austria of EUR0.9 billion for Orange LTE network in the country’s capital city, and 780 MVNOs across 2,200 Western Europe behind only Finland, Austria (after the sale of the assets to Vienna, in November. A1 and T-Mobile both networks, 55 groups and 225 Portugal and Italy. Nevertheless, the Austrian Telekom Austria) equates to 6.9x earnings launched LTE in Q4 2010, also in the countries worldwide. For further market still managed to grow by 6 percent (EBITDA). 3 is targeting cost and capex capital. The new networks are now being information please contact year-on-year in Q3 in 2011 with only synergies to the tune of EUR500 million rolled out in other urban centres, including Orange’s customer base contracting slightly from the combination. Graz and Linz. from a year ago (by 1 percent). As the merger involves the two smaller Meanwhile, Telekom Austria, which has The market is also highly advanced with 3G players, the deal should have no problem been struggling financially, appears to be ripe operators in Eastern Europe, notably in connections now accounting for half of the getting regulatory approval. The transaction for a takeover. While the Austrian Bulgaria (Mobiltel), Belarus (Velcom), country’s total (53 percent) and three of the merges third-placed operator Orange and government’s 28.4 percent blocking stake in Slovenia (Si.mobil), Macedonia (Vip), Croatia four local operators having launched LTE. fourth-placed 3 to create a powerful number the firm makes a hostile takeover extremely (VIPnet) and Serbia (Vip). Almost three quarters of Austrian mobile three behind Telekom Austria’s A1 and difficult, an investment vehicle led by notable In the first nine months of 2011, Telekom subscribers are also now on postpaid second-placed T-Mobile. According to the Austrian ‘corporate raider’ Ronny Pecik has Austria reported a 73.2 percent year-on- contracts. latest Wireless Intelligence figures, based on steadily built up a 15 percent stake in recent year decline in net income to EUR68.7 Hong Kongs Hutchison Whampoa, owner Q3 data, the deal would create a combined months and is poised to use its influence to million, while sales dropped 4.1 percent to of 3 Austria, is to acquire 100 percent of entity with 3.5 million mobile connections trigger a shift in Telekom Austria’s ownership EUR3.34 billion. Orange Austria from its current owners and a 27 percent market share. and board make-up. Regardless of what happens to its France Telecom (35 percent) and private- France Telecom and Mid Europa Partners Pecik is reportedly in alliance with shareholder structure – or its Eastern equity firm Mid Europa Partners (65 percent) acquired 3 Austria, formerly known as One, in Orascom Telecom founder Naguib Sawiris European assets – the focus for Telekom for an enterprise value of EUR1.3 billion. 2007 for EUR1.4 billion, in a deal that was and one suggested scenario for the group is Austria in its home market continues to be to However, 3 Austria will then sell on to Orange touted at the time as the “largest industrial that they lobby Telekom Austria to align (or ensure its mobile unit does not cannibalise its Austria assets worth EUR390 million to leveraged buy-out in Austria.” However, possibly divest) some assets in Eastern fixed business. Along with pricing and Telekom Austria. These assets include Austria is now one of several European Europe to Orascom or VimpelCom, regulatory pressures, fixed-to-mobile Orange’s prepaid ‘Yesss’ mobile brand, plus markets where France Telecom is disposing Orascom’s indirect majority parent. Telekom substitution has been a major headache for spectrum and base station sites. of assets it deems as ‘non-core.’ Austria controls a number of mobile the incumbent in the year to date. PAGE 46 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 47. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:13 Page 47 Global cellular connections — 3G 2,000,000,000 2,000,000,000 3G cellular connections will be reached globally in 2012 YoY growth YoY growth YoY net adds YoY Penetration % connections 25 400 28 30 5 40 8 0 % m US $ % % TD-SCDMA TD SCDMA C LTE LTE 5% 2% 2G 3G CDMA WCDMA/HSPA PA 70% 30% 29% 64% ASIA-PACIFIC ASIA-PACIFIC P EUROPE MIDDLE EAST AMERICAS NORTH NORTH AMERICA A AND AFRICA CONNECTIONS 910 (million) 421 340 197 149 YOY GROWTH 49% 36% 28% 22% 9% PENETRATION PENETRATION A 23% 51% 14% 25% 97% © Wireless Intelligence ireless web: email: twitter: @wi
  • 48. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 20:10 Page 48