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  1. 1. SEMICONDUCTOR GIANT ANNOUNCES NEW PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE MEDFIELD PLATFORM PAGE 4 SOUTH KOREAN VENDOR UNVEILS SECOND NOTE DEVICE PAGE 4 BIG FOUR US OPERATORS BACK GSMA INITIATIVE PAGE 5MWC12 Daily DAY3_DAY3 28/02/2012 20:20 Page 1 BROUGHT TO YOU BY: OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 IN THIS ISSUE By Matt Ablott INTEL GETS DEEPER INSIDE MOBILE SAMSUNG HITS NEW NOTE WITH TABLET LAUNCH CARRIERS LAUNCH SPAM REPORTING SERVICE DAILY DAY THREE • WEDNESDAY 29TH FEBRUARY By Tim Ferguson Google: “There will be an Android in every pocket” Cont. on P4 f down prices: “A mobile experience for Android,’ which he described at least at the level of today will be as a “product that brings together oogle’s Eric Schmidt available to almost everybody, at a for the first time these two G yesterday called for the technology community to build-out connectivity to the fraction of the price. In 12 years, handsets are going to be 20 times faster, which means phones that technology worlds.” Using the browser on a Galaxy Nexus smartphone, he showed-off estimated 5 billion of the world’s population who had “never done a cost US$400 now will be available for US$20. If Google gets this right, new pre-caching techniques, horizontal and vertical tab Operators Google search” – while at the same there will be an Android in every scrolling, navigation synching with agree mobile time announcing plans to bring the pocket. At our current growth rate, desktop Chrome, and linking firm’s Chrome and Android units this is possible.” previews to aid navigation. content must closer together. In his third visit to Congress in But Schmidt warned that his vision was at risk from censorship “We got the UI right in Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS); and you can see the pay its way By Paul Rasmussen as many years, Google’s executive and over-regulation, noting that benefits when you marry the Chrome chairman warned that a new digital Google’s products are blocked “in on top of that UI,” added Schmidt. divide will emerge if the about 25” of the 125 countries opportunities and freedoms where it operates. “Today 40 “In 12 years, obile operator execs offered by the Internet were not extended to all. He claimed a new technological “middle class” is countries engage in online censorship in some form, up from just four a decade ago,” he said. handsets are going to be 20 times faster, which means phones M yesterday said the industry needs to change user perceptions and the emerging that will play “a decisive “Even in the US we have seen way mobile content is paid for role in changing society.” worrying legislative and regulatory that cost US$400 after giving too much away in This will be underpinned by a proposals in recent months.” now will be available the past. “universal smartphone revolution,” Google’s Hugo Barra had earlier Schmidt said, as Moore’s Law drives given a live demo of ‘Chrome App for US$20” Sub-$50 smartphone data will replace voice as the main revenue earner,” said the CEO. needed for emerging “We’ve seen smartphones drive up ARPUs by at least 10 per cent.” The VimpelCom CEO added that markets smartphone penetration in Russia had reached 10 percent, and that younger people were especially keen to access the Internet via a mobile device. he CEOs of Bharti Airtel, The market conditions are T VimpelCom and Telefónica Latin America have called for the industry to drive down the slightly different in Latin America, said the chairman and CEO of Telefónica’s Latin America cost of smartphones to trigger the business, Santiago Fernández greater use of mobile data. Valbuena. “Smartphone penetration Speaking during Tuesday’s is growing fast, and we expect keynote session, Sunil Mittal, mobile broadband to contribute chairman and MD of Bharti Airtel, around a third of all data traffic by said that the cost of smartphones He added that the penetration of 2013. But to continue with this must start to fall and come much smartphones was only around 5 growth we also need affordable closer to the price of feature phones percent in India today, and much smartphones.” 10th Anniversary Offer seen today in India. less in Africa. Mittal upped the stakes by calling 10% discount on all reports “The difficulty we have moving Jo Lunder, CEO of VimpelCom, for the GSMA to support a to the end of March 2012 forward to the next business model echoed this call, adding that ‘small campaign for a US$50 smartphone. Quote MWC10* is the lack of a cheap smartphone,” screen’ devices would dominate “I hope when I return to the Mobile *Normal terms apply said Mittal. “A US$50 device would how residents in emerging markets World Congress next year such a Tel: +44 1256 830001 dramatically alter the landscape.” would access the Internet. “Mobile device will exist.” MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Wednesday 29th February PAGE 1
  2. 2. MWC12 Daily DAY3_DAY3 23/02/2012 16:55 Page 2
  3. 3. MWC12 Daily DAY3_DAY3 23/02/2012 16:56 Page 3 With Travel & Surf take all your friends on holiday! e Worry-frecross surfing a Europe. Enjoy worry-free internet across Europe for the price of a café con leche. Remember to enable your smartphone and buy your Travel & Surf pass so you can share all your best holiday moments straightaway. Send e-mails. Connect with Facebook. Send photos.
  4. 4. NEWS @ShowDaily By Anne Morris Justin Springham Matt Ablott MANAGING EDITOR: Steve Costello DEPUTY EDITOR: Tim Ferguson Richard HandfordMWC12 Daily DAY3_DAY3 28/02/2012 19:33 Page 4 CONTENT EDITORS: By Ken Wieland Ian Channing Anne Morris Paul Rasmussen Tweet REPORTERS: Ian Volans Ken Wieland Rick Costello Intel Best Buy CEO: Mobile ALL ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES TO: payWave, Visa’s mobile payment technology. It means OEMs Samantha Burke PUBLISHER: (original equipment manufacturers) surcharge on tablets gets Russell Smith, IntuitiveDesign UK Ltd., delivering NFC-enabled PRODUCTION MANAGER: 13 North St, Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Maldon, smartphones can more easily widens digital divide Essex CM9 8TF, UK, support payWave. ART DIRECTION & PRODUCTION: email: deeper He Shiyou, executive vice Servicios Gráficas Giesa, Barcelona president and head of the terminal division at ZTE, said the Chinese supplier would launch onsumers are paying a high inside C PRINTED BY: its first Intel-powered smartphone price for tablets that connect during H2 2012. Vishal Shegal, co- to the mobile Internet, and founder and director at Lava one leading retailer in the US is mobile International, a small feature-phone manufacturer, would introduce an Intel Inside smartphone into the calling on the industry to resolve this issue or risk a widening of the digital divide. Indian market during the early part “Thirty years ago, the digital of Q2 2012. divide largely referred to the gap aul Otellini, chief executive “We’re taking our legacy of between people who had access P of Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor company, chose Mobile World Congress to computing and bringing the best of it into smartphones,” said Otellini. The Intel chief pointed to to a computer and those who did not,” said Brian Dunn, CEO of US retailer Best Buy. “Five years announce a string of new benchmark testing that showed ago, the smartphone redrew the partnerships for the Medfield Atom processors, in mobile devices, lines between digital haves and to work together to solve this platform, aimed at the mobile outperforming rivals in browsing have nots.” issue…or such devices will remain j Cont. from P1 device market. speed, graphics and energy Now, consumers are increasingly out of reach for many consumers.” In addition to Orange, which consumption. “We take battery life demanding a variety of lightweight, Second, Dunn called for mobile unveiled Europe’s first Intel- seriously,” stressed Otellini. highly portable devices ranging operators to better align device powered smartphone on Monday The partnership announcements from tablets through to hand-held plans with actual bandwidth usage, Whilst care has been taken to ensure that the data in using the Atom Z2460 chip, Otellini in Barcelona come only weeks after gaming devices, “but only a small and provide greater clarity on what this publication is accurate, the publisher cannot announced deals with Visa and ZTE Intel unveiled multi-year strategic percentage of those devices are plans include. Finally, he said there accept and hereby disclaims any liability to any party to loss or damage caused by errors or omissions in a press conference held Monday alliances with Motorola Mobility actually connected via mobile are too many locked devices, which resulting from negligence, accident or any other evening. Lava International, a and Lenovo, a Chinese PC maker. today”, said Dunn. has the effect of driving prices up cause. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system or young handset company targeting The Lenovo K800 smartphone, Dunn suggested that this is and preventing consumer from transmitted in any form electronic, mechanical, the fast-growing Indian market, is using Medfield, is scheduled for because the customer proposition having the best plans and devices to photocopying or otherwise without the prior By Anne Morris permission of the publisher. also to use Intel Atom processors launch by China Unicom during Q2 has not yet been properly suit their needs. for its first move into smartphones. 2012. developed. Dunn added that Cisco CEO John The pulling power of Otellini was As demand flattens in Intel’s “First, there is usually a Chambers recently predicted there A GSM Media Publication on display as top executives from traditional PC market, the US chip significant up-charge for a device would be 10 billion connected All content © GSM Media LLC 2007-2012. the US chip giant’s latest partners giant is desperate to gain market that connects to the mobile devices by 2016. All rights reserved. joined the Intel chief on stage. John share in the fast-growing Internet,” he said. “Tablets are a Fellow keynote speaker Michael Partridge, President of Visa, spoke smartphone business. And good example. In the US we Roth, CEO of advertising group of a “multi-year strategic alliance” according to Otellini, the company typically see an additional US$130 IPG, cited GSMA figures that said with Intel. The first phase of that is making large strides in that charge for that device versus one there were already 9 billion alliance includes the certification of direction. “Our rate of that only connects via Wi-Fi.” connected devices in 2011, with 24 In an effort to minimise the environmental impact of The GSMA’s Government our events, the GSMA created the MWC Green Intel’s Smartphone Reference improvement in smartphone silicon That is a price hurdle that is billion expected to be connected by Leadership Award (part of the Initiatives programme to promote reduced material Device (powered by the Atom technology is double Moore’s Law,” simply too high for many people, he 2020, creating a US$4.5 trillion usage and waste at Mobile World Congress. Global Mobile Awards 2012) was This item is printed on recycled paper. processor Z2460) for use with he said. commented. “I believe we all have market. this week awarded to the Government of the Republic of Colombia. Here, Diego Vega Molano Samsung aims to (left), Colombian minister of said. He added that tariff plans will information and communications “We have to come to terms with change to more accurately reflect become top three technology, receives the award the reality that we may have spoiled resources used by addressing from Tom Phillips, chief consumers by giving things away speeds and volumes. government and regulatory LTE network vendor too fast. And that’s not an easy thing But over-the-top (OTT) players affairs officer at the GSMA. to come back from,” said Telefonica also need to play a role, according to Latin America chairman and CEO Mittal. “If we have to build the Santiago Fernández Valbuena in highways, there has got to be a tax Korean company now has eight Tuesday’s keynote. on highways. You cannot have commercial LTE contracts – all Bharti Airtel chairman and MD automobiles running on these amsung has set out its long- outside of Europe to date - and has Sunil Mittal noted that this practice has led to operators being viewed as the “bad gatekeepers” when highways which are paying nothing,” he said. One approach could be to impose S term goal for LTE, saying its target is to be one of the top three global infrastructure vendors deployed “tens of thousands of base stations”. He said the vendor has a “double-digit” market share services don’t meet expectations. interconnect charges on OTT to in this market in 2013. By 2015 the now, and aims to increase that “The fact is that nobody really allow operators to make pricing Korean vendor is targeting a top further this year. sees it from the other way – that more reasonable and fund spectrum three spot within the entire mobile He is also confident that YouTube is consuming massive and network investment. “We need infrastructure sector, now that it Samsung will be able to achieve its amounts of bandwidth on the to open up a debate for the right has finally added GSM to its target through organic growth: “We network. And somebody has got to model,” Mittal added. product mix. already have the entire product line pay for that. If Google, Facebook It will have its work cut out: the and can achieve it on our own,” he and others are not going to pay for LTE market is already dominated said. He added that the vendor sees it, it will be transferred entirely onto “We have to come by Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent and considerable benefits from the fact customers,” Mittal said. to terms with the Nokia-Siemens; according to that it is now one of the few VimpelCom CEO Jo Lunder said reality that we may Infonetics Research, Alcatel-Lucent vendors to have both a device and consumers need to be re-educated have spoiled was edging slightly ahead of networks division. about the cost of services. “Now the Ericsson in the LTE equipment Samsung said it had sold 1.7 challenge is really to make them consumers by segment in Q2 2011. million LTE devices in Q4 2011 understand that if you want higher giving things IP Hong, VP of marketing at and had 41 percent of the market, quality [or] higher speed, you pay away too fast.” Samsung, said during a roundtable making it the market leader in more but you’re going to get it,” he at Mobile World Congress that the this field. PAGE 4 Wednesday 29th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  5. 5. NEWS By Anne MorrisMWC12 Daily DAY3_DAY3 28/02/2012 18:29 Page 5 Samsung hits new ‘Note’ with tablet launch By Ken Wieland images on the screen. company expects to sell more than According to Juha Park, senior double the number of smart outh Korean equipment vice president in the Samsung devices this year compared to last S manufacturer Samsung unveiled the second device in its Note line-up at Congress this global product management group, Note “is a product category that links the phone and the tablet”. year, when it sold 97 million smartphones and between 6 million and 7 million tablets. week, and also made it clear that it “We created a new Park said sales of the first Galaxy views the “Note” range as a new category…that is based on usage Note have so far reached 2 million category that is not dependent on and not the form factor,” Park told globally, and the target is to reach By Matt Ablott the form factor. Mobile World Daily. “I believe other sales of 10 million this year. The Android 4.0-based Galaxy vendors will follow our lead.” Also at MWC, Samsung unveiled Note 10.1 is a tablet-sized follow-up Indeed, Samsung is keen to the Galaxy Beam, a projector to the 5.3-inch device that was increasingly show itself as a leader smartphone that allows users to launched last year and also comes in the mobile networks and devices display and share photos, videos with the S-pen technology that market, and not just a follower of and other content stored in the allows the user to draw pictures and others. Park added that the device onto any flat surfaces. North The service works by enabling end users to report spam or UK Broadband launches world’s American potentially harmful messages back first 3.5GHz TD-LTE network to the operator via a short code carriers ‘7726’, which corresponds to the word ‘SPAM’ on most phones. For says Nicholas James, Broadband’s CEO (pictured). UK launch spam Android smartphones users, the K Broadband, wholly- James expects dongle-sized ‘Mi- reporting service is available as an app. The move by the North American operators to adopt the service is U owned by Hong Kong’s PCCW, switches on its TD- LTE network in London today. In Fi’ devices to be available from 1 September. Using LTE for backhaul, and connecting customers’ existing tool seen as a pre-emptive strike by the carriers against the problem, as the doing so, the operator becomes the first in the UK to launch LTE devices with Wi-Fi, the UK Broadband chief expects Mi-Fi region already has one of the services. It also claims a world first. devices to stoke network demand. lowest incidences of mobile spam No other operator has launched a The company then intends to roll in the world. commercial TD-LTE network in the out more base stations across he ‘big four’ US operators, “By having major mobile 3.5GHz band. London and other UK cities. channels capable of delivering LTE T By Paul Rasmussen and Tim Ferguson Verizon Wireless, AT&T, operators in North America actively The network is, however, a small “We are talking to one mobile Advanced speeds. Initial downlink Sprint and T-Mobile – plus participating in the service, one. Comprising 12 base stations from network operator in the UK which is speeds over the UK Broadband Canada’s Bell Mobility – have rolled spammers and fraudsters will find Huawei, UK Broadband reach is interested in dropping high capacity network, estimates James, will out the GSMA’s Spam Reporting this region an even more difficult limited to one London borough in targeted areas,” adds James. average out at 40Mbps. Service (SRS), allowing them to target for their malicious activity,” (Southwark). Services are also The Mi-Fi suppliers are not yet When 800MHz and 2.6GHz share intelligence and protect said GSMA CMO Michael O’Hara. currently restricted to fixed broadband named, but the devices will be multi- spectrum is auctioned in the UK, subscribers against spam and "Mobile security threats such as replacement, where Home Hub units, mode, supporting TD-LTE, LTE- expected next year, James does not fraudulent messaging. spam, virus and phishing are also supplied by Huawei, provide Wi- FDD and 3G. By mid-2013, James expect that the UK Broadband The SRS, which is powered by becoming more critical as businesses Fi access and LTE backhaul. anticipates that 3.5GHz LTE-enabled business model will be squeezed. By Ian Volans technology from Cloudmark, claims and consumers increasingly access “We operate a wholesale smartphones will become available. “Ofcom [the UK telecoms regulator] to provide participating operators sensitive information via business model, and we already UK Broadband has 124MHz of believes MNO capacity will all be with live, online reports that flag smartphones," added AT&T’s chief have one home broadband service 3.5GHz spectrum, enabling the used by 2016, so we will still have a attacks in progress. security officer, Ed Amoroso. provider signed up as a customer,” deployment of 6x20MHz wide capacity advantage,” he says. Keynotes: Regulators could YouTube 600 million video streams a day to mobile devices. delivers Speaking in a session on the learn from African approach 600 million competitive landscape for mobile cloud on Monday afternoon, Varela told delegates that smartphones aren’t the only catalyst for growth. the CEO. “African governments and regulators have been delightful.” help, starting with enabling efficient spectrum allocation and allowing mobile “To provide a great YouTube experience we thought you had to overnments across Africa VimpelCom CEO Jo Lunder also for productivity gains through video be at the smartphone level,” Varela G have been more realistic when it comes to spectrum pricing, compared to what has emphasised the importance of regulatory support for operators in developing markets. “We need a infrastructure rationalisation and sharing schemes. Regulators should also create streams told delegates. “We’re now seeing feature phones that have fantastic HTML5 browsers. HTML5 is happened in India, said Sunil Mittal, healthy mindset from the regulatory conditions to stimulate the use of proving to be an incredible driver of chairman and MD of Bharti Airtel. “Indian operators spent US$25 bodies,” he said. “If you look at history, regulation mobile broadband and to allow for meaningful returns on infrastructure a day mobile views.” Feature phones have been billion acquiring spectrum licences to a large extent has been good. I investment by reviewing taxation particularly important in Brazil – we paid too much for too little, think now we’re moving into a new that operators are subject to. “This where smartphones are heavily and considerably more than was stage of development,” he added, is a combined effort and I hope the rancisco Varela, director, taxed. The roll-out of 3G is paid by European operators,” said Mittal. “African states, meanwhile, have imposed much lower pricing saying that investment needs to be more incentivised. Lunder outlined the areas in regulatory authorities understand this,” Lunder added. “If they can facilitate a business environment F global platform partnerships, at revealed to Congress & games YouTube, that the stimulating rapid growth in India. “Two markets we are most excited about are India and for the necessary spectrum,” said which he feels regulators could like that, money will come in.” online video service is delivering Brazil,” said Varela. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Wednesday 29th February PAGE 5
  6. 6. NEWS @ShowDaily NEC and Private Planet have announced a global collaboration agreement which adds Private Planet’s cloud computing platform to NEC’s set of cloud solutions. By Anne Morris The result is a turnkey personal cloud solution for mobile and telecom operators that can be deployed within just 14 weeks. Adding Private Planet to NEC’s cloudMWC12 Daily DAY3_DAY3 28/02/2012 19:18 Page 6 solution gives users the ability to view, store, edit and THE WINNERS OF THE 2012 GLOBAL MOBILE AWARDS communicate their personal (WITH INQ AS PLATINUM SPONSOR) ARE: data across all their Tweet connected devices through a modern personal cloud- focused user interface. It supports iPhone, iPad, Deutsche Android smartphones and NEWS IN BRIEF... GSMA ANNOUNCES WINNERS tablets, BlackBerry, Windows Telekom CEO: OF THE 17TH ANNUAL PC, Mac and Linux. NEC and Private Planet to Cloud a game GLOBAL MOBILE AWARDS collaborate changer for Best Mobile App for Consumers Best Mobile Innovation for Automotive, Winner: Rovio Entertainment Ltd. - Transport or Utilities Angry Birds Rio Winner: Ford Motor Company Ltd. - Connection Manager from MNOs Ford SYNC with Emergency Assistance Emotum makes mobile and Best Mobile App for Enterprise wireless connection Winner: Citrix Systems - Citrix Receiver Best Mobile Money Innovation Winner: Etisalat, MasterCard and management easier for Judges Choice - Best Overall Mobile App Oberthur Technologies - Etisalat service providers, giving a obile operators have been M Winner: WhatsApp Inc. - WhatsApp Commerce completely customisable criticised by some for their solution to complement all Most Innovative Mobile App Best Mobile Innovation for Publishing slow response to the cloud The GSMA yesterday announced the winners of the 17th Annual Global Winner: SwiftKey Winner: Financial Times and Assanka - deployment strategies. The but, for the CEO of Deutsche need to be intelligent in order to Mobile awards, held at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The The Financial Times Web App Connection Manager is Telekom, the cloud represents a provide a quality of experience that winners were honoured in an afternoon ceremony hosted by comedian and Best Mobile Advertising & Marketing songwriter Tim Minchin. feature rich, yet simple to Campaign Best Smartphone new opportunity for MNOs to make is suited to the service. However, he Winner: Brandtone - Carling Black Winner: Samsung - use for both users and the most of their assets and change was careful to add that this did not Label "Be the Coach" Samsung Galaxy S II Minchin entertained nominees and attendees with a surprise performance of operators and has been their place in the value chain. mean that networks should be a song specially composed for the awards presentation, with ingenious lyrics specifically designed to Innovation in Mobile Advertising Best Feature Phone or Entry In his Tuesday keynote at Mobile discriminatory. based around mobile communications. Cherie Blair, champion of the GSMA’s Winner: Poken, the Leading CMS for NFC Level Phone provide a consistent user World Congress, Rene Obermann “The pipe cannot be just dumb in mWomen programme, joined Tim on stage to co-present four awards within the Winner: Nokia - Nokia C3-00 By Steve Costello experience across Windows strongly refuted any suggestion that times of capacity constraints,” he ‘Social and Economic Development’ category. Mobile Marketing & Advertising and Mac operating systems. Agency of the Year Device Manufacturer of the Year operators would continue to provide said. “The smart pipe is the Winner: [am.o.bee] Winner: Samsung It is device, connection and the “dumb pipe” in a cloud world, future...with different levels of network agnostic, working saying that the more complex service connectivity,” and the Best Enterprise Mobile Service Best Mobile Tablet seamlessly on 2G, 3G, 4G, demands from different cloud ability to manage traffic. Winner: Fiberlink - MaaS360 Winner: Apple - Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi and Ethernet services ranging from M2M to the Obermann was clearly treading Best Consumer Mobile Service Best Embedded Mobile Device networks. “Internet of Things” will lead to a delicately around the issue of Winner: Google - Google Maps for Android (Non-Handsets) new way of evaluating connectivity. “discriminatory” networks, but Winner: AT&T - Garmin GTU 10 Best Network Product or Solution for “You cannot do that with a dumb fellow keynoter Ben Verwaayen, Serving Customers Best Mobile Broadband Technology Simplifying New from Mesaplexx is the pipe,” said Obermann. “Connectivity CEO of Alcatel-Lucent, was a little Winner: Turkcell - Turkcell TiklaKonus Winner: KT - KTs Premium WiFi mobile xCube which utilises radical matters,” and is the critical element more blunt: “I am stunned by the Solution broadband radio filter technology to Best Product, Initiative or Service for in the whole cloud equation. fact that we have to say non- Underserved Segments Best Infrastructure Technology significantly improve the Obermann said mobile can discriminatory in this industry; it’s Winner: Safaricom - Grundfos Winner: Alcatel-Lucent - lightRadio performance of active therefore no longer be just “best ridiculous,” he said. “This market Network antenna systems and enable effort”; adding “bigger pipes” is also will have to develop a form of mWomen Best Mobile Product or increases of up to 65 percent Service for Women in Emerging Markets Best Technology Breakthrough not the solution to the rising tide of choice for the consumer on quality. Winner: Etisalat, Qualcomm, D-Tree Winner: Vodafone Group PLC - Quad in LTE network capacity. The data. He said the new connectivity Without it, this market can simply International and Great Connection Inc. Rate Technology: an evolved path xCube is a cool running, low requirements mean that networks not do all the things we need it to.” - Etisalat Mobile Baby doubling the efficiency of mobile voice loss, high isolation filter that Best Use of Mobile in Emergency or Best Cloud Based Technology improves sensitivity and Alca-Lu and Cisco chiefs talk Humanitarian Situations Winner: Appcelerator - Titanium handles much more power. Winner: UBL Omni - transparent and Integrated Development Platform These benefits, combined efficient Cash Disbursement service cloud opportunities – and threats after the 2009 IDPs Crisis and the 2010 Best Technology Product or Solution with its compact size, enables Flood Crisis for Safeguarding and Empowering AAS vendors to deliver 50 Customers percent more power output The Green Mobile Award Winner: Cloudmark - Cloudmark Winner: Flexenclosure - E-site Mobile Messaging Security Suite for the same input, delivering he chief executives of T significant increases in range Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco Best Mobile Health Innovation GSMA Chairmans Award and capacity. With more Joint winners: KDDI, NTT DOCOMO, took to the stage yesterday Winner: Etisalat, Qualcomm, D-Tree power output and less heat International and Great Connection Inc. INC. and SOFTBANK MOBILE to discuss the challenges to service - Etisalat Mobile Baby being generated, multi-band providers of moving to the cloud, Government Leadership Award and multi-technology while noting that on the flip-side, Best Mobile Innovation for Winner: Government of the Republic of solutions can come within Education or Learning Colombia this also creates opportunities for Winner: OnPoint Digital - reach. those able to adapt. CellCast Solution Alcatel-Lucent’s Ben Verwaayen LTE capacity gains said that the biggest change the industry has seen in recent years has been the recognition of individual customers with distinct needs, rather was a telco,” Verwaayen continued. than using a one-size-fits-all approach. John Chambers of Cisco also “If you look to the technology noted the cloud opportunity, with pipeline, it’s truly amazing what is the caveat that there will be losers coming up. The numbers will dwarf as well as winners. everything you’ve ever seen. But “Cloud and mobility change the the relevance of that is not in the industry. It will introduce a decade big number, the relevance of that is long run in terms of innovation and we enable people to make choices, job creation. However, it will be one choices focused on number one,” that will leave anyone behind who he said. doesn’t move rapidly and reinvent But the evolution of the market themselves,” he said. has also opened new options for “The opportunities will proliferate operators. “You can choose as an rapidly, but it will also leave behind operator whether you go for access those companies who fail to move. and transport, or you can be a Average is over,” he continued. service provider. You can choose Chambers also noted that there will whether your differentiation is in need to be a change for the way that A panel of judges searching for the most promising ‘Best New Mobile price or in capability. You can vendors operate. “The ability to move Handset, Device or Tablet at Mobile World Congress 2012’ will select a shortlist choose whether the public will see fast here, I think, is very key. You’ll see of nominees, and a winner that will be announced on the morning of Thursday you as an innovator, or low-cost.” it in a combination of doing it 1st March, 2012 at Mobile World Congress. Both the shortlisted nominees and “Those choices were never there internally, internal start-ups, strategic the winner will be announced via Mobile World Live TV and on the Global before, because a telco, was a telco, partnering, and acquisitions.” Mobile Awards website. PAGE 6 Wednesday 29th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  7. 7. MWC12 Daily DAY3_DAY3 23/02/2012 16:57 Page 7
  8. 8. MWC12 Daily DAY3_DAY3 23/02/2012 16:57 Page 8 Making a Difference We know that making a small difference in someone’s life, can change their life forever. Imagine being unable to call your loved ones to let them know you’re alright? During the revolution in Tunisia, Tunisiana, a Qtel Group Company, gave every prepaid customer one dinar credit a day for five days so people could still be in touch with their family and friends. Qtel - Qatar | Nawras - Oman | Navlink - UAE | Wataniya - Kuwait | Nedjma - Algeria | Tunisiana - Tunisia | Wantaniya - Maldives Wataniya - Palestine | Bravo - Saudia Arabia | Asiacell - Iraq | Starhub - Singapore | Lao Telecom - Laos | Mfone - Cambodia Indosat - Indonesia | wi-tribe - Jordan | wi-tribe - Pakistan | wi-tribe - Philippines 4:29 PM
  9. 9. QTEL GROUP | NETWORK SHARING Dr. Nasser Marafih, Chief Executive Officer, Qtel GroupMWC12 Daily DAY3_DAY3 23/02/2012 16:57 Page 9 Beyond Passive Sharing: A New Era of Network Collaboration Network sharing is arguably the single most significant long-term cost initiative an operator can undertake. owever, it also poses a significant H question for all operators. If we are not in the business of building and running our own network, where is it that we deliver value for our customers? If we do not compete on our network’s quality, where can we compete most effectively? In truth, while the arguments for reducing CAPEX and OPEX spending through sharing are clear, many companies have needed a “burning platform” to be pushed into agreements that see two operators share their network resources. Many of the agreements we have seen in Europe have been driven by the sense that – with revenues stagnating – network-sharing is the clearest opportunity to increase profits, reduce total cost of ownership and create shareholder value. The degree and methods of sharing have varied, depending on the regulatory and competitive landscapes, but the commercial necessity is a constant across these territories. The legal complexities are also a factor. However, beyond these financial benefits, realities of this industry. As operators, we are For emerging markets, particularly those Successful network-sharing requires a solid there is the wider issue of working together to all facing new entrants and increasing continuing to enjoy sustained growth, the contractual foundation, clarity over roles anticipate and manage new customer demands competition, as well as new innovations that push toward network-sharing has been less and responsibilities and a clear means of and competitive threats. Shared networks threaten revenue. urgent, and slower progress has been made. conflict resolution. mean shared investment risk, particularly in Five years ago, few operators anticipated In the Middle East and North Africa, for Most importantly though, the move developing areas such as LTE and 4G the transformative impact of smartphones example, there have been discussions, but toward network-sharing requires a mindset Broadband networks. We have learned that it is and data devices on our industry. Moving limited action on the ground. Southeast Asia shift from executive management. There more effective to begin sharing networks at the toward a more collaborative business model has seen more activity with a few agreements needs to be a common view, from both start of a roll-out than it is to try to bring legacy will provide greater focus, and enable us to signed. parties, of the business case that underlines networks together – the new wave of manage these competitive threats. It provides Of course, the comparatively slow progress the move to network sharing. This requires investment required for 4G provides us with the us with a shared platform to negotiate with is a reflection of the challenges and time, dedication and hands-on problem opportunity to do just that. non-traditional players, who increasingly complexities of network-sharing. Technical solving, with senior management fully In this way, we can position network- prefer to negotiate on a country-by-country and engineering issues are clearly present but engaged in the process. sharing as a driver of a better customer basis, rather than directly with operators. are not usually the most significant hurdles In ‘green field’ situations the reduction in experience. The prime objectives of network- Our industry is built upon cooperation as which need to be overcome. roll-out CAPEX generates immediate cash-flow sharing must not only be to realise savings much as it is competition. Roaming, The role of the regulatory authority, for benefits with the savings from lower network but also to offer the highest level of network numbering and shared operating standards example, is critical. While regulators have OPEX providing an even greater long-term quality to customers. Collaborating enables are all examples of areas where operators allowed spectrum sharing in Europe, many benefit. However, it is often difficult to address us to introduce better networks more quickly worked together to create operational authorities in emerging markets have taken a the new build opportunity in isolation and there and enables us to reach a wider base of excellence. narrow view of competition and have not is likely to be a short-term rise in CAPEX to re- customers more effectively. We are open for partnerships and believe assisted operators with the regulatory work, at least some of the time, the legacy Network-sharing ultimately provides us they will play a major role in determining the enablers for network sharing. network of the sharing partners. with a mechanism to adapt to the new next wave of success in our industry. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Wednesday 29th February PAGE 9