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  • 1. MOBILE WORLD DAILY EXPLORES ANNE BOUVEROT’S VISION FOR THE ASSOCIATION, REVEALING ITS MAJOR AREAS OF FOCUS TODAY AS WELL AS HER PLANS FOR HOW THE GSMA WILL EVOLVE PAGE 30 CHINA APPROACHES 1 BILLION MOBILE CONNECTIONS AS 3G SERVICES GAIN TRACTION PAGE 49 RADICAL NEW PRICING STRATEGIES REQUIRED TO SUPPORT FUTURE MOBILE GROWTH IN AFRICA PAGE 51MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 26/02/2012 19:28 Page 1 BROUGHT TO YOU BY: OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 IN THIS ISSUE FEATURE INTERVIEW – GSMA DIRECTOR GENERAL ANALYSIS: CHINA DAILY By Steve Costello ANALYSIS: AFRICA By Steve Costello DAY ONE • MONDAY 27TH FEBRUARY HTC looks to regain momentum Telefónica and Mozilla unveil device Cont. on P6 f with Android trio platform alliance Tagged Open Web Devices forward to a more advanced stage. By reducing the costs (OWD), the intention is to create a “We didn’t want to move with an associated with the device, it will phone architecture that relies entirely operator consortium as a starting be possible to target the mass- on web technology, with all of the point, because the whole point of market feature phone segment, device capabilities including calling, how we have managed to do this which is currently underserved by messaging, browsing and games really powerfully in such a short smartphone platforms. developed using HTML5 and time is by being implementation- While it is early days for the By Matt Ablott executed via the Firefox web browser. driven,” he said. platform in terms of commercial TC announced its One The partners are also planning to It was reported last week that launches, Domingo said that “we are H smartphone portfolio last night, refreshing its premium line with a trio of elefónica Digital and Mozilla evolve the HTML5 standard to add new interfaces which will enable them to access the full range of Deutsche Telekom is working with Mozilla on the related Boot to Gecko project, with an hoping to have something in 2012.” Telefónica’s research development team started work on and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) powered devices. The smartphone vendor is T will today announce an “ambitious strategy” to create a new platform for HTML5- device features, with the intention of standardising this through W3C. Carlos Domingo, director of announcement likely this week. A prototype device using technology from Mozilla, Telefónica an OWD concept at the start of 2011, developing a prototype for negotiations with potential partners. looking to regain some based devices, with the intention of product development & innovation at and third partner Qualcomm is set to When Mozilla announced its momentum after a tough fourth positioning HTML5 as “the next Telefónica Digital, told Mobile World be demonstrated today. While price Boot to Gecko project to create an quarter, as its current handset major ecosystem for smartphones” Daily that, while it has talked to other points have not been disclosed, open web platform based on its portfolio shows signs of age. and enabling the delivery of operators about the effort, and it has Domingo said that “it’s way cheaper Firefox browser, the companies smartphone-features to devices at been “well received,” the intention to than what is out there – but the embarked on a collaboration that low price points. date has been driving the platform performance is really good.” led to today’s announcement. RCS launches to consumers as ‘joyn’ over-the-top players. It enables services such as enhanced he GSMA this morning made messaging and voice, video calling T several announcements around Rich Communication Services (RCS) – including the and content sharing directly from the phone’s contact book, regardless of the network or device used. were also announced, providing support for “both existing and all-IP LTE networks” in areas such as IP-based creation of a consumer-facing The Spanish arms of Orange, voice and video calling, geo-location brand, joyn. Telefónica and Vodafone have services and cloud storage. The industry body said the new started rolling out RCS and are due “These services will be delivered brand would be used by operators to launch services this summer – to consumers in a seamless way to give a global ‘face’ to RCS and the GSMA said today that and with the level of innovation, services. “joyn will act as a mark of operators in France, Germany, Italy quality of service and attention to assurance to customers that they and South Korea have also privacy that they have come to will have simple and direct access committed to commercial launches expect from their mobile operator,” to enriched voice and messaging in 2012. As well as support from added Bouverot. Learn More: services wherever they are and most of the world’s major Downloadable joyn apps for Visit us at Hall 8, Stand A111 whatever network they are using,” operators, the initiative is also Android 2.3 devices will be said the GSMA’s director general supported by a range of device and available as part of live trials for Anne Bouverot. equipment vendors, including HTC, visitors to Congress this week. The Rich Communications is a major Huawei, LG, Nokia, RIM, Samsung, apps are available for Vodafone play by the operator community to Sony and ZTE. Spain customers via the operator’s BUILT FOR THE HUMAN NETWORK compete more effectively with the The latest RCS specs – version 5.0 – Android store. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 1
  • 2. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:13 Page 2
  • 3. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:13 Page 3 With Travel & Surf take all your friends on holiday! e Worry-frecross surfing a Europe. Enjoy worry-free internet across Europe for the price of a café con leche. Remember to enable your smartphone and buy your Travel & Surf pass so you can share all your best holiday moments straightaway. Send e-mails. Connect with Facebook. Send photos.
  • 4. NEWS @ShowDaily Justin Springham Matt Ablott MANAGING EDITOR: Steve Costello DEPUTY EDITOR: Tim Ferguson Richard HandfordMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 26/02/2012 17:27 Page 4 CONTENT EDITORS: Ian Channing Anne Morris Paul Rasmussen Tweet REPORTERS: Ian Volans Ken Wieland By Tim Ferguson Rick Costello Ford B-MAX brings ALL ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES TO: By Matt Ablott Samantha Burke PUBLISHER: mobile connected Russell Smith, IntuitiveDesign UK Ltd., PRODUCTION MANAGER: 13 North St, Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Maldon, Essex CM9 8TF, UK, car tech to Europe ART DIRECTION & PRODUCTION: email: Servicios Gráficas Giesa, Barcelona PRINTED BY: New look Sony unveils Number Association executive director Gary Machado. smartphones ar maker Ford is to launch its “We think [the B-MAX] will be will initially run Android 2.3 C SYNC voice-activated in-car mobile connectivity system among the most technologically advanced small cars you can buy at ony took the wraps off two (Gingerbread) with an upgrade to Android 4.0 (ICS) available next in Europe with its new B-MAX any price,” said Ford of Europe S new Android smartphones in quarter. The higher-spec Xperia P By Tim Ferguson small family car (pictured), unveiled chairman and CEO Stephen Odell. Barcelona last night – the first sports a 4-inch display, 8MP Whilst care has been taken to ensure that the data in exclusively at this week’s Mobile SYNC is already available in the major devices from the vendor since camera, HDMI/DLNA connectivity this publication is accurate, the publisher cannot World Congress. US but the launch of the B-MAX it bought out Ericsson and took full and NFC. Both devices will launch accept and hereby disclaims any liability to any party to loss or damage caused by errors or omissions SYNC can connect to mobile marks the first time the system has control of the handset business. globally in Q2. Meanwhile, Sony resulting from negligence, accident or any other devices through Bluetooth, features been available in Europe. Unlike Now simply branded as ‘Sony,’ the said that Xperia S – described as the cause. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system or an iPod and flash drive compatible some similar systems SYNC doesn’t Xperia P, Xperia U and the “ultimate HD smartphone” – is now transmitted in any form electronic, mechanical, USB connection and brings a require a subscription or previously-announced Xperia S shipping to markets across the photocopying or otherwise without the prior permission of the publisher. potentially lifesaving feature in registration. form part of the firm’s Xperia NXT globe with the first sales set to take Emergency Assistance, the only As the B-MAX will be one of the series geared towards “connected place in Sony’s flagship Barcelona feature of its kind which is designed more affordable cars in the Ford entertainment experiences” – store this week to coincide with to respond to a crash by using the range, the company hopes it will allowing content to be shared across Congress. A GSM Media Publication customer’s connected mobile help achieve its target of 13 million smartphones, tablets and TVs. All three devices offer access to All content © GSM Media LLC 2007-2012. All rights reserved. phone to call the emergency customers using the SYNC Sony will be hoping the new the Sony Entertainment Network, services directly, in their local technology by 2015, with 3.5 flagship line will help it regain some while films and music are available language, with the location of the million in Europe. There are already smartphone momentum in the face from the Video Unlimited and scene of the accident. four million cars fitted with the of strong competition from rival Music Unlimited stores, “We are confident that solutions technology in the US. Asian Android vendors, which has respectively. In an effort to minimise the environmental impact of enabling vehicles to be connected The B-MAX won’t make its debut seen Sony’s market share in decline Sony completed its EUR1.05 our events, the GSMA created the MWC Green Initiatives programme to promote reduced material to emergency call centres will at a motoring event until the in recent years. billion purchase of Ericsson’s 50 usage and waste at Mobile World Congress. contribute to saving lives in Geneva Motor Show in March and The two new devices both boast percent stake in their former This item is printed on recycled paper. Europe,” said European Emergency will go on sale later this year. a 1GHz dual-core processor and handsets joint venture last week. okia Siemens Networks NSN aims to become N (NSN) CEO Rajeev Suri (pictured) outlined his plans “world’s mobile broadband specialist” for the infrastructure vendor to become the industry’s specialist in mobile broadband. Speaking on the eve of Mobile encompassing NFC, mass gaming, times those we have now,” he said. World Congress, Suri said the mobile money and location services Suri added that operators need to company is quickly changing its over the next five years. He predicted balance their continued network approach to bring together the the “era of sensors” would follow investment with the need to remain resources, expertise and investment with the rise of artificial intelligence, efficient – which has impacted needed to lead customers into “the M2M and intelligent applications. infrastructure companies like NSN. gigabyte revolution.” “These society-defining trends are “These dramatic changes, and the The company also announced it transfers and HD video streaming. Suri said the pace of change in the fuelling the gigabyte revolution that new economic reality demand fast had achieved a record 1.4Gb/s mobile In November, NSN announced mobile industry will accelerate as it we believe will take us to one and fundamental change for vendors session using LTE-Advanced plans to cut 17,000 jobs in a move moves from ubiquitous mobile gigabyte per user per day by 2020, like NSN and we are transforming to technology on 100MHz of aggregated that Suri said was “to improve our broadband to a new economic model downloaded at speeds more than ten meet that challenge,” Suri said. spectrum. The call included large file profitability and cash generation.” PAGE 4 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 5. ADVERTORIALMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:13 Page 5 Redefining Mobile – Marcelo Claure, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Brightstar A Deliberate Pursuit The concept of “redefining” entails changing definitions and setting new expectations. As our industry matures there is a need to sharpen our offerings. This also means broadening our boundaries in the midst of a rapidly shifting environment. I believe the act of redefining our industry is a deliberate pursuit. I know this because I have had the opportunity to see Brightstar transform from a local cell phone distribution company to the worlds largest wireless distributor and a leader in global wireless services Insights from the Wireless Frontier in our industry. This transformation can be attributed to the continuous “redefinition” of our ultimate goal: to stay ahead of industry trends and drive value to our customers despite the unpredictability and volatility of our industry. How have we been able to accomplish this? By fostering and applying four key principles we have discovered through our journey: 1. Exploring new territory – By that I mean moving outside the current boundaries of wireless to include new, and perhaps unexplored concepts. Banking, commerce, and healthcare are just a few of the latest industries merging with mobile. Together they are creating the possibility of mobile x-rays, telemedicine for patients, the idea of a mobile wallet and much more that will present new markets and opportunities. For example, 4. Anticipating the effect – A significant part of our industry focuses on the introduction of new Juniper Research predicts the market for all types of mobile payments will reach $600 products and their capabilities. While this is always exciting, the true “redefining” of our billion by 2013. By broadening our vision and redrawing the “border lines” we are able to industry takes place when we understand the relationship between cause and effect and how explore these new possibilities and redefine the mobile industry landscape. we can respond strategically to our customer’s demands. When we identify the game-changing trends, we look first within our team of experts for a solution. If we don’t own that expertise, we 2. Sharing what we know – We know that the interconnectivity between players in the find the right partner – through acquisition or strategic alliance – to deliver the best solution. industry is more complex than ever before. In order to stay one step ahead of industry Brightstar’s own evolution has come naturally from our ability to anticipate trends and create Each year at Mobile World Congress, we herald the arrival of trends that trends we must endeavor to form alliances and engage in knowledge sharing. innovative solutions that help our customers increase their performance and profitability. hold the promise of transformation. We champion change. We honor Strategically positioned at the center of the wireless ecosystem, Brightstar has certainly modernization. Indeed, this year’s MWC campaign is no different - we are benefited from knowledge sharing with more than 12,000 retailers, 200 manufacturers, The ability to redefine is integral to the success of any participant in the wireless industry. Today, “Redefining Mobile.” 210 operators and 6,400 value-added resellers. These relationships allow us to better manufacturers are required to adapt to a new consumer, providing services that were unheard of understand each environment within the ecosystem and provide the seamless experience several years ago. Retailers are discovering new complexities in mobile sales. Operators are our customers need and deserve. expanding and enhancing their networks for the next generation of 4G customers, while governments and enterprises are seeking simplified solutions for their complex structures. 3. Engaging local expertise – No matter how much or how widely knowledge is shared, we As the industry continues to evolve, where does your company fit within the ever-changing must engage local expertise to effectively drive value across the industry. Wireless will world of mobility and how is it adapting to provide solutions for new challenges while always mean something different to people in different parts of the world, and maintaining those already offered? understanding these differences is vital to applying what we learn from each other. While Brightstar is taking a proactive role in the evolution of the industry and today’s redefinition of we bring some of the most advanced technology to the farthest corners of the globe, it is mobile. We are leveraging our foundation as the world’s largest specialized wireless distributor local knowledge and expertise that makes it meaningful and effective there. To ensure to provide global intelligence and local expertise as markets develop and others emerge. We are we are in touch with the unique challenges of each market and customer, Brightstar has helping key participants overcome obstacles and seize opportunities as they change and develop. grown its workforce to 3,400 employees operating in more than 50 countries and And we are evolving our own services portfolio to address the new and changing challenges our territories. It’s the eyes and ears of these local experts that help our customers navigate customers are facing. Key players in the wireless industry are trusting Brightstar to guide them individual tax codes and regulatory issues, break through trade barriers, and really through their own evolution. We are exploring new territory, sharing our knowledge, engaging understand what drives success in each market. the locals and anticipating the effect. Find out how at MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 5
  • 6. NEWS @ShowDaily Ixia has introduced a new test application to its IxLoad solution to measure VoLTE voice quality end-to-end, from the cell tower through the core network. Operators can easily compare and @ benwood contrast the voice quality of the over-the-top service to @TruTower operator-provided voice services. Special algorithms enable operators to measure the mean opinionMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 26/02/2012 19:15 Page 6 @alexbowker score of voice quality before By Steve Costello going live. The new application also tests the functionality, scalability and Tweet resiliency of LTE @bob hitching infrastructure components and new IMS networks that support VoLTE-based Huawei stakes services. NEWS IN BRIEF... YOUR TWEETS... r j HTC – Cont. from P1 @TelcoGeek VoLTE testing demoed claim on Capgemini is partnering with MATRIXX Software to deliver smartphone And so it begins... My 15th a solution that offers consecutive year at Mobile operators instant visibility, World Congress #MWC12 intelligence, and control of speed crown data services across their Excitement is in the air for mobile networks. MATRIXX #MWC12! Software’s smart charging technology provides a 50-to Wow, heads up, the queues for 100-times efficiency gain At the company’s launch event, previously built its position with cash and registration at the enabling operators to Richard Yu, chairman of Huawei low-cost devices, Huawei sees airport are massive. #mwc12 transform raw usage data Device, said its quadcore technology leadership as important into actionable information smartphones significantly for the future. “We want the best traffic congestion in Barcelona in real-time. This increase in outperformed a quadcore tablet performance in the industry, is nothing compared to the challenges of mobile data real-time scalability enables uawei yesterday unveiled that is already available, which is because our brand is not that H traffic congestion #MWC12 the joint solution to process its Ascend D series significant because it is powered by famous,” he said. usage on a large scale basis smartphones, its new the same Nvidia processor which is Yu said the company is already in The sun is shining, the across all pre and postpaid premium handset line designed to now making its way into the talks with tier-one operators about D coffee is good & the retail consumers, secure it top spot in the speed race, smartphone space. quad availability, and that pricing will restaurant service is enterprises, channels and as it set aggressive sales targets for Yu revealed that the company is be “competitive” when compared to indifferent. It can only be ecosystem partners and the 2012 calendar year. looking to ship 60 million similar products from rivals. Global #MWC12! drive more revenue from 3G The company announced two smartphones in 2012, up from 20 availability is scheduled in the By Matt Ablott and LTE network devices with quad-core processors, million in 2011. Much of the volume second quarter of 2012. investments. the Ascend D quad and D quad XL, (30 percent – 40 percent) will come Yu closed the event by revealing Data information which include 1.2GHz and 1.5GHz from the Chinese market, where that Huawei is readying a tablet device Fabian Nappenbach, director of in real-time chips. They are powered by a customers are shifting to smartphones with full HD resolution and quad-core Product Marketing, EMEA, for the Huawei-made application processor, from feature phones, aided by processor, which will be “not lower company, told Mobile World Daily By implementing 2048 which also includes advanced aggressive operator subsidies. than the iPad 3.” This device will also that the One range is intended to Quadrature Amplitude graphics processing capabilities. The executive said that having include LTE connectivity. be “the one phone you need, but in Modulation (2048QAM) in its three different sizes.” microwave transmission The largest device is the One X, product family NEC claims which has a 4.7-inch screen, and is Ruckus it will be able to deliver up investing in new spectrum. powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core to 40 per cent per-channel “Operators have been historically Nvidia processor. In the middle of capacity increase to its reluctant to adopt Wi-Fi because of the range is the One S, which has a CEO: customers, relative to the its inherent instability within the 4.3-inch screen and is powered by a systems commonly in shared unlicensed spectrum, 1.2GHz dual-core processor. Operators operation today which preferring to focus on their own, The smallest device is the One V, employ up to 256QAM. very expensive and exclusive which has a 3.7-inch screen, with a NEC’s design also supports licensed spectrum,” Lo told Mobile 1GHz processor. warming a full sequence of Adaptive World Daily. “But current, and even Across the board, the devices Modulation in all steps from future, cellular macro architectures feature cameras with F2.0 aperture, to Wi-Fi 2048QAM down to QPSK. simply don’t have the capacity to which is larger than that used in This feature allows scalable support [rising mobile data usage].” competitive devices. This enables By Ian Channing addition of capacity without She added that operators now see more light to reach the sensor – compromising the reach Wi-Fi as “a key component of an speeding reaction times and and availability of integrated mobile data network,” improving low-light performance. transmission links deployed obile operator attitudes combining smarter Wi-Fi, cellular and This is supplemented by an HTC- M in the network. towards Wi-Fi have backhaul technology into a single unit developed imaging chip, which “changed completely” in – managed by a new class of edge enables the manipulation of images recent times, as they look to closely platform called small cell gateways. before they are saved to common Breaking the integrate the technology into their This allows operators to offer Wi-Fi as largest ‘instant-on’ Wi-Fi access file formats. speed barrier networks to alleviate data congestion. a standard radio access technology and mobile data offload service.” The One X and One S both have That’s the opinion of Selina Lo into their existing mobile networks Wi-Fi offloading strategies are set 8MP cameras, while the One V has (pictured), CEO of California-based without any changes to the core. to be a key theme at Congress this a 5MP camera. Wi-Fi vendor Ruckus Wireless, who Last year, Ruckus was the vendor year. Last week, Ericsson The range also includes further claims that data offloading onto Wi- that helped Japanese operator strengthened its standing in the integration of technology from Fi is now being seen as a cheaper – KDDI build what was described at space by acquiring Canadian Wi-Fi HTC’s strategic partner Beats Audio. and no less secure – alternative to the time as “the world’s first and vendor BelAir Networks. The One portfolio offers “Beats Audio tuning throughout the device,” whether using the native music player or a third-party app such as Spotify – Telefónica touts ‘LTE simultaneous users with average speeds of 30Mb/s. The network “whenever it comes out of the audio jack, it will be Beats tuned, whether first’ in 2.6GHz band claims to offer a speed gain of up to that’s for a Beats headset or other ten times that being delivered by headsets as well,” Graham Wheeler, the 3G network with theoretical director of Commercialisation 2.6GHz band. The trial network was peak download speeds of 100Mb/s Product Management for the built by Alcatel-Lucent in their first and upload speeds of 40-60Mb/s. company told Mobile World Daily. outed as the first live test of European LTE win. The trial utilises Telefónica would not be drawn on HTC trumpeted integration with T the world’s ‘smartest 4G network’, Telefónica’s new LTE trial network covers the Fira the first LTE handsets made for the 2.6GHz band: Samsung Galaxy S II smartphones and Galaxy 8.9 tablets. its future Spanish LTE plans but rumours have been rife for some weeks that the company intends to roll cloud content services, for example with Dropbox support integrated across the device. and a five square kilometre area of According to Telefónica, the most out a nationwide network. This would The company has not confirmed central Barcelona. outstanding feature of the network involve expenditure in excess of availability details as yet, but is looking The Spanish operator says this is is the increased capacity it offers, US$394 million to provide coverage to a multi-territory rollout within 60 the first LTE deployment in the with each cell able to support 30 for 65 percent of the population. days of Mobile World Congress. PAGE 6 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 7. NEWS By Ken WielandMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 26/02/2012 17:27 Page 7 Orange unveils performance of this product will be on a par with high-end smartphones.” Santa Clara specifications include Intel-powered eight hours of 3G voice calls and up to 14 days of standby time. Up to By Steve Costello five hours of 3G browsing are also smartphone promised. Other features include high-definition voice, a four-inch screen with a relatively high with Intel to develop the product,” resolution (600x1024 pixels), and a says Patrick Remy, Vice President camera capable of taking ten By Matt Ablott range, owned by France of Devices at Orange. “And though pictures in under a second. O Telecom, will launch an Intel-powered smartphone in France and the UK this summer. the smartphone will join our range of affordable, Orange-branded handsets, it has all the Smartphone penetration across Orange operations in Europe is 50 percent. Remy sees high- The device, says Orange, will be the specifications you would expect performance and Orange-branded first smartphone in Europe to use from a high-performance device.” devices (at lower price points than By Anne Morris the Intel Atom Z2460 chipset. Co- Intel, seeing falling demand from manufacturer brands) as a good branded Orange and Intel Inside, its traditional PC market, is trying to way of getting more customers to AT&T chief: the smartphone goes under the codename of ‘Orange Santa Clara’ muscle into the fast-growing smartphone business. The US giant use mobile Internet services and buy data plans. At the end of 2011, “Our mobile until the commercial name is revealed at time of launch. The goes up against ARM, a relatively small UK-based company, whose where battery performance is less critical than processing power, energy Orange-branded devices accounted for 15 percent of the total number future is ODM (original device manufacturer) is Gigabyte, a Taiwanese company. low-power chipset designs dominate the smartphone market. consumption is an important question surrounding Intel,” says Remy. “We’re of devices sold by the operator in Europe, up from 7 percent the year “We have worked for 18 months “Coming from a PC background, confident, however, that the battery previously. limitless” alph de la Vega, President Data-hungry International Telecommunication Union for next-generation mobile Pakistan to auction 3G R and CEO of Mobility for AT&T, is taking a bullish approach to the state of the mobile devices a hot MWC technologies, while the same figure also cited small cells. Meanwhile, 32 percent claimed hybrid TDD/FDD spectrum next month nation, arguing that “although there LTE networks will be the talk of the are sceptics that question our industry’s future—citing market topic for town this week. Around 20 percent of the survey respondents believe that akistan is to hold 3G auctions saturation or slowing customer growth—I know better.” In an interview with Mobile operators Wi-Fi offload will also feature heavily. The surv ey respondents included senior decision makers from 33 P next month and is aiming to attract 15 million mobile broadband users within the first World Daily ahead of his opening operators in North America, Europe year, the country’s regulator has keynote presentation at Congress and Asia, of which 19 are tier-1 told Mobile World Daily in an today, the executive said: “I know ew data-hungry mobile operators. However, there were exclusive interview. that our mobile future is limitless. But I also know what’s required is a continued investment in the mobile N devices are set to be a dominant theme at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, substantial differences among responses from different regions. In North America, new devices and Dr Mohammad Yaseen, chairman of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), said that three ecosystem—spectrum, network, according to a recent survey among VoLTE came joint top with 63 blocks of spectrum in the devices, applications, consumer operators across the globe. percent of responses. Machine-to- 1900/2100MHz band and another at consumption—by fostering New research from Radisys and machine (M2M) also made the top 800MHz are to be sold off, with “Keeping in view the situation for innovation and taking advantage of Senza Fili Consulting indicated that 48 six, and was voted for by 25 percent licences expected to be awarded to at fixed line broadband in the country emerging technologies and percent of mobile operators believe of operators surveyed. least three operators. Both new and [under 1 percent], we expect that capabilities.” such devices will be one of the hottest Data-hungry new devices also existing market players are invited to during the first year of its De la Vega said that as data traffic topics at the show, while 44 percent came in at the top from European bid and Yaseen said the country’s introduction 3G mobile broadband continues to grow, and demand for cited voice-over-LTE (VoLTE). operators surveyed, with LTE regulatory framework was geared up services will attract approximately video services is on the up, the US “The increasing volume and Advanced, VoLTE and small cells as to facilitate foreign investment. 15 million subscribers with a steady giant will continue its “relentless variety of data-hungry devices is the runners up. Service monetisation is Bids will start at US$210 million for growth afterwards,” said Dr Yaseen. pursuit” of more spectrum. “In the main driver of change in the mobile rated highest in Europe, with 18 the 1900/2100MHz spectrum and He added that the Pakistan meantime, we will continue industry,” said Radisys CTO Manish percent of operators viewing it as a US$155 million for the 800MHz government was looking at the exploring ways to use what we have Singh. “So the fundamental hot topic for Barcelona. licence. In the first rollout phase, mobile sector as a “major more efficiently,” he said. challenge is not demand, it’s the Interestingly, Asia Pacific operators existing operators will need to launch contributor” to the country’s AT&T’s rollout of LTE is business model: how operators surveyed were much more concerned services in four provincial capitals economy. “The telecom sector expected to be “largely complete by monetise their networks. Data plan about the future of networks: 50 and the federal capital within six contributes about 1.5 percent to the the end of 2013,” with customers revenues alone are not enough, so percent think we’ll be discussing months after being allocated, while national GDP on an annual basis already able to access this network the focus needs to shift toward new hybrid FDD/TDD LTE networks, and new players will be given a year. [and] is providing direct and indirect in 26 markets. “We’re thrilled with services that directly increase ARPU, 25 percent are focused on urban small Pakistan is the world’s tenth employment opportunities to more the progress we’ve made with our such as conversational video.” cells and Wi-Fi offload. Only 13 largest mobile market with around than 1.5 million individuals. [The] LTE expansion and the mobile More than a third (36 percent) percent of Asia Pacific operators 113 mobile subscribers at year-end government is putting all emphasis broadband speeds we are realising,” identified LTE Advanced, one of the surveyed believed we’d all be talking 2011 – but has a market penetration on cellular broadband proliferation de la Vega concluded. specifications selected by the about data-hungry handsets. of just 66.5 percent. for further economic growth.” MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 7
  • 8. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:13 Page 8 # " ! " ! ! " " ! ! # " ! " ! ! " ! " ! " ! ! ! " ! " ! ! For more information, please contact us at
  • 9. SYMPHONY TELECA | NFC Andrew Till CTO, SVP and Head of CE and Mobile Linux Business Units, Symphony TelecaMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:13 Page 9 MASSIVE NFC BOOST SET FOR 2012 “Touch-and-Go” Wherever You Go: Is 2012 the Year NFC Takes Off? EXPONENTIAL GROWTH PREDICTED Imagine optimising your in-car controls by tapping your smartphone to the Following are a set of best practices for dash of your car: GPS and Bluetooth capabilities engage, Google navigator NFC will benefit from global exposure during companies considering the integration of NFC: launches, and the mirrors, seat controls, and steering wheel adjust to fit your the London 2012 Olympics. Two of the Partner with NFC experts long before body perfectly. event’s official sponsors, Visa and Lloyds deployment. The functionality must be well TSB, will be offering a special NFC-enabled conceived, carefully coordinated, and expertly hroughout the day, a single touch of your For example, NFC is currently being “Olympics phone” that will allow attendees to deployed. NFC involves different execution T mobile device lets you purchase your piloted as a way to control an organization’s make one-tap payments throughout the site. environments, with components residing in ENHANCING YOUR VERTICAL morning latte, enter the secured parking security access, with an NFC chip embedded Technology experts will be watching closely the back end, on the handset software, and on NFC SYSTEMS REACH VERTICAL OFFERINGS WITH NFC area, and unlock your office door. Once at your in each employee’s smartphone providing a to gauge the success of the world’s first the secure element. This kind of sophisticated MARKETS workstation, one touch aligns your computer specific level of access to a facility. This type “touchless Olympics.” technology requires a development team with environment for maximum productivity. of wireless security could allow a company to In addition to this high-profile boost, big a suitable breadth of knowledge and When you’re ready to turn in for the night, see significant savings over the installation brands such as Barclaycard and McDonald’s experience and a holistic understanding of all you touch a discreet tag next to your pillow to and maintenance of a hard-wired system. are launching awareness campaigns in 2012 execution environments. automatically set your home alarm, mute In the retail industry, Google’s recent to educate consumers about the benefits of Take contiguous technologies into consideration. your phone and turn off Wi-Fi to save battery announcement that Google Checkout is being the technology. NFC deployments must be designed with a clear life, plus set the radio to wake you at 7 a.m. replaced by NFC-enabled Google Wallet has And in addition to the impact of Google Wallet understanding of the payment instruments, the next morning. many retailers looking more closely at this on the consumer population, AT&T, T-Mobile, business models and value chains they’re built This level of ease and control is a reality: technology. As well as offering a fast, secure and Verizon will be launching Isis, an NFC-based on, along with an understanding of the complex these one-touch technologies are all in the pilot transaction process, NFC systems have the virtual wallet and payment system, later in 2012. relationships between these elements. stages or already available on the market. potential to offer retailers powerful marketing Find the right balance between safety and ease Within a few years, Near Field Communications capabilities. Eventually, NFC technology of use. NFC must be designed with a strategic (NFC) has evolved from a promising concept to could enable retailers to anticipate shoppers’ A lack of NFC-enabled handsets on the balance between security and usability in a fully realised technology. needs as they enter the store to offer them a market has held NFC adoption back in recent mind. Veer too far into locked-down security, NFC allows electronic devices to securely more rewarding, customized experience, as years, but according to analyst predictions, and the user experience becomes communicate across short distances. These well as allowing them to push after-purchase this trend is about to reverse. cumbersome. At the same time, users won’t communications can take the form of support and promotional opportunities to Deloitte predicts the number of devices embrace functions unless they know their data, commands, data exchange, authentication buyers. with embedded near-field communications privacy, and financial assets are protected. protocols, and even financial transactions. Interest in the potential for contactless (NFC) will reach 200 million by the end of Aim for “invisible elegance”. Above all, NFC Today, NFC capabilities are cropping up in payment for the transit industry has grown 2012, and that by 2013, 300 million NFC functions must be designed to be unobtrusive. everything from mobile devices to tiny Xperia since the successful rollout of London’s smartphones, tablets, and e-readers will be in The best NFC deployments will be virtually Smart Tags that can be placed anywhere in Oyster, a plastic smartcard travellers can use consumers’ hands. Gartner extends its unnoticeable, weaving themselves undetectably the physical environment to trigger a on the Tube, National Rail, tram, and bus predictions to 2015, when they estimate that into the functionality of the device, reducing customised series of wireless commands. instead of paper tickets. The original Oyster a full 50 percent of smartphones will be NFC- user interaction into a single “magic touch”. For the consumer, NFC offers a new level system was based on RFID but is now being enabled, and NFC semiconductor revenue “NFC offers a level of ease, mobility, and of convenience and ease when conducting a upgraded to support NFC devices as NFC will reach more than US$1 billion. customisation that’s very attractive to consumers wide range of day-to-day activities. proves that it is capable of powering one of and business markets alike,” says Andrew Till, the world’s most complex transportation CTO at Symphony Teleca. “But that simplified networks with a simple tap-and-go system. user experience is supported by incredibly Most recently, Scandinavian Airlines and If your organization is beginning to explore complex back-end functionality.” Andrew points But NFC does more than enhance the Japan Airlines began using NFC technology NFC’s potential for the products and services out that NFC must offer a seamless connection responsiveness of consumer technology. NFC to enable “smart” boarding passes that you deliver to consumer or B2B markets, it’s between several different platforms and capabilities are now rolling out across a wide function as a mobile payment system, important to understand the possibilities and technologies. “To ensure a successful deployment, range of industries, including security, commerce, wayfinder, and booking system for hotels and limitations of the technology and keep the focus you want to make sure you’re placing your NFC retail, automotive, transportation, and logistics. transportation. on delivering exceptional user experiences. development in very experienced hands.” MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 9
  • 10. HEALTH NEWS MONEY NEWS By Richard HandfordMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 26/02/2012 17:27 Page 10 By Richard Handford portal and a selection of apps and content designed for older users. Orange offers entertainment to its patients through its Connected Hospital The idea is to mix a means for seniors to keep in touch with family, to launch service. It recently launched a multimedia terminal made by Philips friends and healthcare professionals with an app store tailored for their connected for patients to receive services such as TV and Internet in their beds. It interests. Doro’s announcement is also a rare counter to the stereotype of pacemaker also offers a Wi-Fi tracking service for valuable medical equipment. older citizens being technology phobic. Orange has so far launched the Doro Experience, which is also Connected Hospital service in Android licensing based, will be France, Poland and Colombia. available for license by third-party range and medical device The third area identified by Doro manufacturers from spring 2012 initially for inclusion in tablets. The software platform includes the Doro O vendor Sorin are to launch a cardiac implant that enables patients to wirelessly upload data opportunities for telecoms carriers. Zylberberg is the app and smartphone-based market for fitness and wellness that is slightly different launches Selection, an app store that contains about their heart condition to a doctor, Services like the one with Sorin or an to the traditional health market as it By Ian Volans health-related apps as well as more according to Thierry Zylberberg, Orange one in the UK that provides is more consumer-oriented. smartphone general interest ones covering areas such as gardening. The store is curated Executive Vice President, Head of France Telecom Healthcare, speaking appointment reminders via SMS he classifies as health management, Zylberberg said this third area “has not yet crystallised” into a market for seniors rather than being open to any app from developers in the same way as with Mobile World Daily. The mHealth connected pacemaker will launch in where the mobile operator’s role is to transport data between patients and which Orange can exploit. Still, the operator has strong Android Market. One of the Europe and the US from this summer. healthcare providers. Separately, just expectations of what healthcare in applications in the new store will The two companies have been before Mobile World Congress general can deliver in terms of future wedish vendor Doro will later enable seniors to access Facebook working together for some time on Orange announced that it will provide revenues. Healthcare is “one of the S this year launch a smartphone for seniors, the company will announce today at Mobile World content sent by family and friends. The PhoneEasy 740 is an Android-based slider. It is the the pacemaker, which enables users’ heart data to be sent to a doctor by 3G, 2G or landline. Currently M2M connectivity for a Qualcomm mHealth service in Europe. A second opportunity, said main pillars of our growth strategy”, said Zylberberg. He points to current revenues generated by services Congress. The Doro PhoneEasy 740 is company’s first smartphone and will patients have to visit a hospital every Zylberberg, comes from moving (including voice) from healthcare based on the Android OS and will be boast a touchscreen and large, well- three or six months to have an data and voice minutes internally for enterprises of slightly less than EUR1 available from late summer 2012. In spaced keypad. It will be 3G-based. implant’s memory downloaded. the healthcare industry in what is billion a year. Looking forward, the addition, the vendor has announced The Doro Experience will be free The proposed service represents essentially an enterprise market. operator’s target is to double Doro Experience which combines user for the first 12 months with a small one of the three distinct areas in Orange delivers information to a revenues from eHealth (not including interface, web-based management charge thereafter. healthcare identified by Zylberberg as hospital’s administrative staff and voice) by 2015. Wearable devices set to networks which enable users to track and share the progress of their different objectives, noted Lindholm. “The aim for a patient is to get better; and the services themselves. “Marketing strategies need to be stimulate mHealth innovation training, provide lessons for mHealth. “Sensors will likely be built into for a consumer, it is normally simply about monitoring their wellness carefully thought out so as not to misinform users,” he said. By Richard Handford By Richard Handford service design consultancy Fjorde. clothing and running shoes, with the levels.” In both cases, simplicity, safety Ease-of-use and cost-saving will In Congress today (Hall 5, Room 5 mobile device serving as a hub for and ease of use, are huge concerns. drive the uptake of mobile health earable devices at 16:00), Lindholm will explore the this network of sensors,” Lindholm Lindholm believes operators services. “By enabling patients and W connecting via mobile phones are set to move mHealth services on from reactive to implications of what Fjorde perceives as a discernable shift from sports performance tracking to overall told Mobile World Daily. “Wearable devices that can track a user’s health 24/7 will open up a whole new have a role to play in the marketing of mHealth but warns that end- users could become confused if the consumers to monitor their health from within the confines of their homes, the overall cost of proactive care, according to Christian wellness tracking. Sports performance category of service innovation.” same services are marketed by healthcare will be driven down,” Lindholm, chief innovation officer at services, often linked into social Consumers and patients have operators, healthcare providers, said Lindholm. Launch Western Union to launch for new own-brand Yellow Phone contactless technology “We see an opportunity to get with Ericsson whereby its much closer to our customers,” said remittance solution will support estern Union will launch Gregg Marshall, Western Union’s the Swedish vendor’s mobile wallet rench vendor Tagattitude is W 10,000 Western Union- branded handsets called Yellow Phones in Uganda as part of global head of mobile services in an interview with Mobile World Daily. The company wants to move from products. Ericsson has just expanded its mobile wallet portfolio. F beta launching its NFC2.0 SDK in Barcelona to the 100- plus companies that have applied to a strategy to create a more personal being a transactions-focused Western Union will also test the company’s new technology. relationship with its customers, the company to one that is more user- announce at Congress that four Despite its NFC2.0 name, the company will announce today at oriented, said Marshall. mobile operators have either vendor’s technology is a software- Mobile World Congress. The Yellow Phone in Uganda is launched, or plan to launch, its based alternative to NFC technology The money transfer firm is looking a feature phone, although Western international remittance service that relies on the audio frequencies to trade on its familiar brand by Union is also looking at the that enables mobile users to send service so users can send funds in handsets. Tagattitude said its giving the yellow and black handsets possibility of offering and receive money directly to their directly from their prepaid, credit approach allows apps to reach all away for free to loyal customers. The smartphones in the future. The phones. The operators are Roshan and debit cards to recipients smartphones regardless of hardware handset will be launched jointly with money transfer service is from Afghanistan, MTN in Uganda, worldwide, it will announce. The or OS. Its technology was launched Ugandan mobile operator MTN. embedded in the handset and also Millicom-owned Tigo in Paraguay service is an alternative for mobile in October 2011. Beta testers will be Western Union is also considering appears on its homescreen. and Vietnam’s mService. operators reluctant to build their able to add the company’s SDK to whether to deploy its Yellow Phone In addition, Western Union will Finally, Western Union is own mobile wallets, said the their apps which range from to other markets globally. also announce today a partnership supplying Italy’s Wind with a new company. payments to social networking. PAGE 10 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 11. SYBASE 365 | MOBILE COMMERCE Diarmuid Mallon, Head Product Marketing, Global Messaging & Mobile Commerce Sybase, an SAP CompanyMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:13 Page 11 MOBILE NFC THE CHALLENGE 2012 is the year of… GAMIFICATION LOYALTY & COUPONING Every year at Mobile World today have greater expectations for a Finally the huge range of external services, such Congress, there emerges a trend, personalised, enhanced shopping experience It was at this event last year, where I heard the as Facebook Check-ins, Google Latitude and service or product that either through multiple channels and value-added best description of the status of Mobile NFC, Foursquare finally gave a rationale to sharing CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT captures the imagination of services. They not only require, but demand “NFC: 2011 will be the year of… transition”. your location, as LBS became integral to social attendees or there is a theme that real-time, customised rewards at various Which is a very accurate description, as Mobile networks, loyalty and information services. The seems to be everywhere you go on stages of the sales lifecycle. This in turn NFC finally broke free of the labs, transitioning challenge, and opportunity, is to now integrated the show floor. Some themes appear creates an opportunity to directly engage from small-scale trials and moved on to Main LBS in to your mobile commerce services. briefly, whilst others such as Location with customers and build brand loyalty Street USA with Google Wallet. Based Services (LBS), and Mobile NFC through mobile marketing. Even with the Google Wallet coming to the LOCATION BASED SERVICES have become hardy perennials. The next generation of consumers UK this year, just in time for the Summer In 2012 we will see companies accelerating increasingly live their life socially. Social Olympics, NFC remains tantalizingly close, activities and experimenting with mobile in order n 2012 we are going to see an ever- networks are their main means of but still years away from mainstream. Cross- to engage their customers. Whether anyone can I increasing number of technologies and services to help in the on-going quest to monetise customer engagement. Closely communication. As this use of social media grows and becomes more pervasive, your customers will see social media as a gateway, operator initiatives such as Isis in the U.S. and the UK’s Project Oscar will do much to move NFC mobile payments closer to the potential completely own a customer is yet to be seen, but there is an opportunity to fully own a customer at a moment in time - for a specific transaction. linked to this challenge is the question “Who a virtual marketplace where the next of a mainstream service. Mobile Commerce, be it through couponing, owns the customer”. This question has never generation wants to conduct all of its What is becoming clearer is that the real loyalty, engagement or payment will be the been more poignant than in the mobile world, activities. Given the more personal nature of potential of Mobile NFC is how it can catalyst for growth in helping the consumer make where operators, device manufacturers, the social media, it will enable businesses to build integrate coupons, loyalty and payment in a choices, while offering value in the form of saving application, service providers, merchants and a community and connect with consumers in near frictionless manner. money or improving convenience. brands all want to be able to claim that a more direct way. This opportunity brings a major challenge ownership. The challenge of social media is two-fold. when identifying solutions and implementing How will this direct relationship with Firstly, whether you have a strategy or not, Gamification is the rather unwieldy term to mobile commerce services. If you look at mobile consumers be created and then monetised? your customers are already talking about you describe using game mechanics to build commerce 5 years ago mobile banking was One of the key ways will be through Mobile on whatever social media service they prefer. loyalty and drive consumer behaviour. Or to offered by banks, mobile payments by operators. Commerce. Today we are seeing an ever- Secondly how do you integrate with your be succinct, make an activity into a game, Today we have banks starting to offer mobile widening range of companies launching business activities, such as customer care. where consumers are rewarded with points payment services, and Operators running mobile mobile commerce services, all with the and prizes, and compete against themselves, wallets with Bill Pay capability. These clear lines of ambition of gaining that direct relationship friends or the wider community. These demarcation have become increasingly arbitrary, with consumers, and thus claiming ‘customer Consumers are always connected, always incentives are used to drive behaviour. and this will only continue in 2012 and beyond. ownership’. reachable via their mobile devices. Retailers Consider retail banking; traditionally your It is no longer possible to think of these in particular have an immense opportunity to banking behaviour has been driven by services one dimensionally. What is a banking become drivers of mCRM and mobile punishments such as overdraft charges and service today, will include payments Given that one of the main inspirations for marketing usage and adaption through late payment penalty fees. With gamification tomorrow. And that payment service will the creation of SMS was to enable direct, couponing. The consumers’ mobile phone you are encouraged and rewarded for positive include remittances or banking in the future. timely communications with the Operator’s has emerged as a channel growth opportunity behaviour, such as making regular savings, or But beyond that, any comprehensive mobile customers, it is not surprising mobile for engagement while increasing revenue making a purchase from a partner retailer. commerce solution will need to extend to be messaging has a long history for interacting options for retailers. a combination of mobile financial services with consumers of services. However it has Mobile couponing creates value for both and mobile CRM services. historically been limited to one-way customers and retailers through its ease of Location Based Services has long been a Mobile commerce solutions will grow in interactions that have been difficult to use and management. Currently in the US, solution looking for a problem to solve. Despite complexity, as they will be formed of lead demonstrate measurable results. mobile couponing is a nascent business LBS services being offered since the late ‘90s, services such as payments or coupons, and Long gone are the conventional days where driver but it’s less popular in Europe. High they never managed to achieve significant enablers such as gamification, LBS and NFC. bricks and mortar stores are the high-touch Street retailers need to understand that momentum. In retrospect, the problem with So for those launching mobile commerce point in a sales-cycle in building consumer location-based marketing and couponing is LBS was clear – price, permission and purpose. services in 2012, they need to ensure the loyalty. You only have to look at the shift in another mechanism in the marketing mix. The advent of smartphones with A-GPS solutions that they create and deploy are built book retailing, as consumers have moved There are many benefits but, none more solved all these challenges in one fell swoop. to stand the test of time. This means building from the large anonymous retailers to stores strategic than the opportunity to deliver Users pushed their location, which both changed a solution that supports not just your initial that ‘know’ their customer – it is only the actionable offers and have the closed loop the charging model – but also solved the (potentially modest) requirements – but also small specialty stores and the likes of analytics to be able to measure behavior permission issues, as users could choose service- one that has the capability to support rich Amazon that continue to thrive. Consumers and success. by-service which they gave their location to. mobile commerce services of the future. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 11
  • 12. APPS NEWS Vincent Hoogsteder, CEO & Co-Founder, Distimo By Steve Costello Time: 14:00 What do you think are the biggest challenges facing app developers today? Moving from testing different business models and platforms towards a longMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 26/02/2012 17:27 Page 12 term distribution and monetisation strategy. The past years have opened great doors for app developers, with several successful platforms having emerged and new ones like TV around the corner. The most difficult thing for a developer is to decide where to place his bets and why, since taking every opportunity out there is not viable for the majority. Is the total number of apps available still an important metric for stores? Yes, the number of available applications is an indicator for both consumer FT: HTML5 enables choice and developer interest. Content is instrumental in selling phones Q&A r these days, therefore I think it is important to track this metric. However, this does not say anything about the quality of apps and consumer adoption. direct engagement Therefore we think measuring actual download and sales volumes is a crucial metric to determine a stores performance. with users Apps for All - How Do you think HTML5 will have a major disruptive effect in terms of app distribution? Apps are Changing No. The past three years have taught us that the app store model, a However, the launch of the our Lives centralised location where a large group of content developers can reach a HTML5 app has not seen the FT consumer audience for content distribution and billing, is the way forward. TML5 enables the Financial shifting away from native features H HTML5 will not change that. Great HTML5 content still needs to be discovered Times (FT) to maintain a completely, with an Android app and distributed. A logical choice will be an app store like model. You also see direct relationship with its launched toward the end of last year. this happening already with web content in the Google Chrome Web Store for customers, while also aiding in its Grimshaw said that the company is example. However, HTML5 will lower the threshold for accessing content quest to deliver content to “pragmatic” about its choices with optimise the app for Android devices, significantly, for example by having a big impact on content download times. consumers whatever device type or regard to HTML5 and native apps. meaning content automatically and platform they use, Rob Grimshaw “Providing FT content across a regularly downloads in the By Steve Costello Is the growth of freemium apps effectively killing-off paid-for downloads (pictured), managing director of range of devices offers an background without the user needing as a business model?, told Mobile World Daily. opportunity for us to reach new to do anything. Native technology There is no silver bullet when it comes to a business model for apps. The The FT has been something of a audiences in countries where we are also allows us to make the most of success of a certain model greatly depends on the type of app, device and bellwether for HTML5 after launching unable to circulate the newspaper. unique [Android Honeycomb] location. The freemium model has shown a great uptake in gaming and an app using the technology, available To do so we have developed a core features for the tablet app including several other categories, but the one-off paid model still works very well for directly through the browser and HTML5 code base which we are the top taskbar navigation, giving navigation apps for example. Additionally, we see great differences in the offering offline reading and automatic able to roll out across multiple users a true, full-screen experience,” performance of freemium versus one-off paid on a country by country basis. updates, in the middle of last year. platforms. Where necessary we Grimshaw continued. Consumer behaviour in content payment differs per country and device. Since the launch of the FT Web App, combine HTML5 with native Mobile was deemed an important the company has seen more than one elements, a method used for the FT channel for the FT, driving 15 Is advertising a viable monetisation option for apps? million visitors with “excellent Android App,” he said. percent of new digital subscriptions Yes, since it correlates to app usage instead of just purchase. Developers that engagement,” Grimshaw said. “We used native elements to and 20 percent of traffic. built a great app can leverage on the time consumers spend with their content. Where do you see the operator fitting into the app ecosystem? Developers Making content billing easier for consumers and leveraging their retail need to support multiple versions of footprint to educate consumers and promote good content. apps increase app development facing resources required to scale. HTML5 shows “some promise” for certain trilogy of types of developers, who are using native wrappers around HTML5 challenges apps, but “not all developers are fully sold on this as a viable mobile platform for their more complex and feature rich apps.” onetisation, discoverability Qualcomm has efforts underway M and fragmentation pose the three biggest challenges to developers, according “to help make web apps equal citizens to native apps” by exposing more functionality from the to Liat Ben-Zur (pictured), senior featured in an app store. “This can hardware and evening-out the director of Software Strategy and bump-up the user base for an app performance differences. By Steve Costello Business Development and developer significantly in just one day.” “We are developing HTML5 API Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. In this regard, a relationship with extensions to provide direct access “Discoverability of course is key for operators can provide a real boost. to our Snapdragon hardware monetisation. With so many hundreds “Operators can specify to their functionality such as camera, of thousands of apps out there, it’s device suppliers that they pull in notifications, file system and getting harder for developers to build certain apps and they can really help extended audio. As such, we apps that rise above the noise because in the marketing efforts of certain anticipate that HTML5 developers so many apps seem to do similar user experiences. Any app developer will increasingly be able to offer things. So how do you really who has been lucky enough to web app capabilities that are on par differentiate, gain visibility and stand receive marketing in an operators with native apps while writing far out? How do you get enough eyeballs prime time TV ad campaign or prime fewer versions of their apps. We to lead to meaningful monetisation position on the operators app store also believe there will be more the shows and then skipping the opportunities?” she said. deck will tell you it’s not a bad place opportunities for web apps to be ads. So they want to drive what we One option for developers is getting to be,” Ben-Zur continued. monetised outside of traditional, call real-time check-ins to shows, an app preloaded on a device, or With regard to fragmentation, the captive apps stores,” she noted. and have some kind of experience that incentivises people to watch television in realtime,” Fisher said. With the company previously Shazam unveils feature updates, having focused its media efforts in North America, the company is alongside European media push In recent months, Shazam has now looking to showcase its offering to potential European partners. announced imminent improvements is readying a feature called Android also been heavily promoting the use “We’re certainly going to be to its core audio recognition Beam, which is powered by NFC of its technology to “tag” audio talking to a range of different edia discovery company technology, in order to make it technology. Customers with from television broadcasts. Noting partners about the whole second M Shazam today announced several planned features for its app, while also telling Mobile quicker to identify tracks – the company is promising results “in as little as one second.” This will suitable devices (NFC hardware, running Android 4.0) will be able to share tags with their friends, and if the fact that customers increasingly use smartphones and tablet devices at the same time as viewing, screen experience, and what we are doing as a company in that domain. We think it is going to be a very World Daily about its plans to initially be made available in the the recipient does not already have Shazam sees its technology as a active topic this year at the show, promote its broadcast tie-in activities Android app, before being rolled out the Shazam app, they will be way to link the two activities. and there’s a lot of interest we’ve to potential partners in Europe. to other major platforms. prompted to download it from “For the broadcasters, they had in terms of people meeting At the event, the company For Android users, the company Android Market. recognise that people are recording with us,” Fisher said. PAGE 12 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 13. ADVERTORIAL A NEW AGE, NEW TRENDSMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:13 Page 13 "User Experience" Leads to a New Flourishing Information Era Over the past twenty years, the information age has developed at a rapid pace, and various technological transformations and applications have grown in both scope and variety. Today, the exponential growth of digitized information, combined with the skyrocketing popularity of mobile networks, has led to a surge in the sheer volume of digital content. Concurrently, as the digital divide has become smaller, people around the world are now able to freely share Connected information and communicate with each other with fewer barriers. This new round of network and technological transformations is marked by an important new factor – user experience, which drives industry development and leads to a more flourishing information era. In todays world, millions of services and applications are close at hand, enabling a constant, 24-hour online digital life. The ongoing pursuit of better user experience drives the development of information socialization. User experience, which originates from the Possibilities for interconnection between individuals, enterprises, and institutions, motivates the pursuit of speed, quality, simplicity, freedom, and sharing. These dimensions of user experience fit leverage frequency spectrum resources to their full potential, and effectively increase Mobile Networks Redefined from the Perspective of User Experience right into human nature. network capacity. To meet the challenges posed by accessing a plethora of gigabit-level small cells, mobile bearer networks require the synergy of media such as optical fiber, microwave, and copper, so that wireless and mobile bearer networks collaborate efficiently Fueled by social informatization and digitalization, particularly by the pursuit of better user to enable seamless evolution. In the face of increasing network complexity, SingleOSS Redefining Mobile experience, the mobile communications field is growing rapidly. It is expected that by 2020, makes end-to-end network management and fault demarcation across domains a reality, Operational Excellence Centered on User Experience smart devices will outnumber people, and the number of applications for smart devices will thus fundamentally simplifying network operations and maintenance. exceed ten billion. There are two concerns for mobile carriers. One is that the traditional business models can no longer suit their needs, so the mobile carriers have to transform themselves by exploiting and developing new business opportunities from the perspective of We need to develop operational capabilities centered on user experience, which help us user experience. The other concern is associated with the following issues: Mobile carriers effectively support the Giga network and ensure user experience. Business growth in have to build large-capacity sites and increase the downlink rates per site to keep pace with smartphones and data services has forced carriers to address challenges in ensuring and the explosive growth in data traffic and signaling. As 20% of the sites bear 80% of the data improving end-to-end service quality, user experience, and customer satisfaction while traffic, mobile carriers have to extend the efficient coverage of high-value hotspots. As continuing to focus on traditional network KPIs. We must change our operational infrastructure networks become increasingly complicated, mobile carriers require efficient philosophies and shift our focus from these KPIs to user experience, from reactive operation & maintenance solutions that can help manage the entire infrastructure network customer service reassurance to active guarantee of network stability and prevention of and that can provide full-range professional service capabilities. As the revenue generated customer attrition, from cost reduction and control to new value creation. by mobile broadband (MBB) businesses does not grow in proportion to investments in In addition, carriers are vigorously integrating IT applications and communications bandwidth, mobile carriers have to improve network utilization and reduce network costs. capabilities to create end-to-end ICT solutions. How can we effectively manage integrated The mobile telecommunications field has transcended the Kb and Mb eras and is now ICT networks? An ICT network that integrates multiple vendors, technologies, and users entering the Gb era. A mobile network offering Ultra Broadband, Zero Waiting and must be managed in a centralized manner. By monitoring topology, key events, and Ubiquitous Connectivity helps bring superior user experiences in terms of speed, quality, resource usage for the entire network, we can effectively evaluate the network and attempt Extending the Scope of Business for Business Success simplicity, freedom, and sharing. Interconnection between individuals, enterprises, and to improve network quality and user experience. A Connected World with Endless Possibilities institutions inspires endless possibilities for "enriching life through communication." Cloud computing is continuously changing the business model of the IT industry, allowing A new round of transformation in information networking is taking place as a result of the industry to shift its focus from selling products to selling services. Cloud computing also industry developments in this new age. Before leaping at opportunities in the industry to offers more business opportunities for carriers. By taking advantage of the increasing Giga Mobile Networks build a connected world, we must pay attention to the following three issues: popularity of broadband networks, carriers can ensure effective network availability for their cloud computing services. On the strength of the cloud platform, we can rapidly provide carriers with traditional communications applications, internet applications, cross- The biggest bottleneck is the bandwidth insufficiency of mobile networks. Compared with fixed industry applications, home applications, and applications for refined utilization of networks, mobile networks still have a long way to go in terms of user experience. We can raise bandwidth. With the aid of the digital shopping mall (DSM), we can increase the revenue the user experience to a higher level only by building gigabit mobile broadband networks. from core businesses, thanks to a first-rate user experience. For long-tailed businesses, we First, the modest capacity of macro NodeB’s and the difficulty in finding locations for can reduce subscriber churn and improve the user experience. By collecting and analyzing installing them are the biggest obstacles to increasing the bandwidth of mobile networks. consumer behavior in a timely fashion, we can launch products and services that best suit Through the GigaSite solution, we can effectively simplify sites, significantly increase user requirements. With the rich communication suite (RCS)/rich communication suite downlink rates, and enable one module to support three frequency bands through enhanced (RCSe), which focuses on users emotional needs, we can build a global social broadband adaptive antennae, thereby meeting the requirements of the MBB era for large network, which serves as an SNS-based emotional experience ecosystem for business capacities, as well as customer requirements for flexible utilization of spectrum. platforms, while improving user loyalty, which makes for better experiences and improved Second, 20% of hotspots account for 80% of network traffic. Therefore, rebuilding of base services for users and the simultaneous exploitation of more business opportunities. stations is crucial so that they support the flexible assembly of small cells, which increase In a word, in the new information era, the explosive growth of users, devices and content capacity and power. The accurate coverage provided to end users through beamforming has causes enormous friction. Huawei believes that Ultra Broadband, Zero Waiting, and significantly improved user experience. Macro base stations and micro base stations in Ubiquitous Connectivity will bring customers the benefits of Speed, Quality, Simplicity, networks of the same frequency often interfere with one another. To ensure service Freedom and Sharing. By bringing individuals, businesses and institutions together, we will experience continuity, we must employ cloud-based macro and micro coordination, also fuel people’s imaginations and enrich their lives with endless possibilities. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 13
  • 14. NEWS @ShowDaily The AppBuilder from Jampot Technologies enables anyone to By Ian Volans build apps for iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows phones in minutes and at a fraction of the cost of traditional app development. People can now bypass the need for developers and huge build fees, and produce their own apps quickly and cheaply. The solution is easy for everyone to use, with no code or technical knowledgeMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 26/02/2012 19:15 Page 14 required. Users can create their app on their PC or Mac desktop, and update on their By Anne Morris iPhone or Android device. Tweet SpeechStorm’s Mobile CEM for Fujitsu applies Japanese feature phone iPhone and Android helps NEWS IN BRIEF... organisations reduce call expertise to European smartphones volumes, make more efficient High speed app use of resources and improve building customer experience by underway with a number of combining effective self-service unnamed European operators. and a unique way of managing ujitsu has announced it will Fujitsu is adopting a dual-platform F interaction with the contact enter the increasingly strategy. The launch device in centre. The solution includes a competitive European Europe is likely to be based on range of out-of-the-box smartphone market by the end of Android Ice Cream Sandwich with applications for common self- 2012. Better known in Europe in the Windows Phone 8 devices following service functions, which, studies enterprise IT sector, Fujitsu has been later. At Congress, the company is show, account for up to 60 a handset manufacturer for more showing an Android handset based Juniper tracks percent of calls to contact than 20 years, supplying all operators on a quad-core NvidiaTegra centres. Providing customers in its native Japan and counting NTT processor. However, fundamental operator M2M with the information they require DoCoMo as its biggest customer. phone capabilities and an emphasis at their fingertips reduces the Robert Pryke, European director on audio quality are central to the progress need for them to call the contact for Fujitsu’s mobile bureau, believes Fujitsu ethos. centre, resulting in significant that the company’s experience in Smartphones will all be NFC- savings for the organisation. Japan’s feature phone market will enabled and will draw on Fujitsu’s provide a valuable springboard into extensive experience with the mong the key topics at Mobile Europe. “Many Japanese feature Japanese FeliCa RFID/NFC Handsets will also incorporate A World Congress this week will By Ian Channing The Accuris Networks phones would have been considered contactless transaction eco-system. Fujitsu’s ‘Human Centric Engine’. be machine-to-machine Mobile CEM AccuROAM solution is claimed smartphones elsewhere,” Pryke told Biometrics will also come as standard. This package of passive (M2M) communications and the oft- application to be the first to offer Wi-Fi Mobile World Daily. As water damage is the most technologies is designed to cited “Internet of things”, but for one offload and roaming on a single Pryke doesn’t under-estimate the common accident to befall mobile differentiate the Fujitsu user Juniper Networks executive it’s not platform. It enables carriers to challenge ahead. Acknowledging phones, and is specifically excluded experience. Noise cancelling just the progress of these service and provide their smartphone and the fluctuating fortunes of Japanese in most mobile insurance policies, technologies enhance audio quality connectivity trends that will be tablet customers with manufacturers in Europe, he said, Fujitsu’s F07D smartphone while a nine-axis gyro censor is interesting but also how mobile service seamless connections to Wi-Fi “Japan is a Galapagos market as far (pictured) has been designed to capable of detecting virtually any providers are approaching them. hotspots both in country and as handsets are concerned. It’s very withstand being immersed in 1.5 movement: if the phone detects that “I will be fascinated to hear how also when traveling abroad difficult to move the technologies metres of water for 30 minutes. the user is walking, it will ring louder people will be talking about M2M without having to enter and designs across.” “Typically in Europe, waterproof has if a call is received, for example. and the ‘Internet of things’ this cumbersome usernames and A dedicated design team for global meant ‘rugged’,” said Pryke.“This is With an eye to future mHealth week,” commented Paul Gainham passwords, verify account products is being supported by local not the biggest USP, but opportunities, all Fujitsu devices (pictured), product and solution details or regularly interact operations in the UK, Germany, waterproofing has become a hygiene are certified through the Continua marketing director at Juniper with a client app. The Spain and France. Discussions are factor at the point of sale in Japan.” Health Alliance. Networks, in an interview with AccuROAM platform enables Mobile World Daily. “How operators subscribers to automatically deal with these issues will reveal if UK mobile and securely access operators users. Users of freeflow will and audio link has been designed to they are making true inroads [to Wi-Fi hotspots by using the experience web page download rates be worn by search & rescue trained creating value-added services], or industry subscriber’s SIM credentials over Stream’s 3G network up to 50 per dogs, or easily transferred to are just in a race to the bottom.” for authentication. cent faster than could be experienced handlers or vehicles. Despite Gainham clearly gets frustrated at on show from a typical ‘consumer’ 3G SIM. One of the main talking points at looking like a Hollywood sci-fi creation with its head mounted the slowness of mobile operators to grasp the nettle of new service trends, Congress this year will be how to video camera, P .A.W.S lets a rescue and says they should now be taking a handle the growing mass of data dog search without any discomfort, proactive approach instead of always Single Wi-Fi platform n recognition of the industry’s traffic. Sub10 System is using the beaming crystal clear video images reacting to what others are doing. “We I growing importance, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is sponsoring a competition to find the largely neglected millimetre Wave (mmW) radio spectrum and technology to serve the growing back to its handler. In these green conscious times a new smartphone app, CarbonDiem, is tell them: you are the only player in the value chain who can control the whole end-to-end experience,” said UK’s most innovative mobile worldwide need for data transport bound to be a hit. Developed by Gainham. “Absolutely the operators company. Nineteen companies have could be the untapped “next big Carbon Hero the new app do have a key role to play, but they been shortlisted and the winner will thing” in wireless communications. automatically detects a user’s mode of have to grab the chance quickly.” be announced here at Mobile World Vision247’s app service for Android transport and calculates their journey’s Juniper Networks’ role is to provide Congress on February 29th. The devices, iPhone and iPad, delivers carbon footprint. Another UK them with the tools to build a strong winner will be showcased at high highly available high video quality developed app, Hailo, allows users to services business. Right now, the key profile UKTI events during 2012. streaming. Personalisation enables the order a licensed London black cab with focus for the network infrastructure The UK mobile industry is on show viewer to programme their own VOD just two key taps on their smartphones. provider is to drive a stronger in Barcelona this week with many of and live channels streaming links into More than 2,500 cab drivers have integration of mobility and security to the entrants for the new competition their player, providing a viewing already signed up for Hailo. Florence create what it terms “trusted mobility”. showing off their products and ideas. experience that deepens engagement is a new intelligent Telehealth system “Security and mobility have been Visit the UK pavilion to check out the with the mobile device. that monitors patients health via separate for a while,” noted innovative products from the UK The image of a St Bernard digging SMS text messaging. It is saving the Gainham. “However, the growing use mobile industry, some of which are an avalanche victim out of the snow NHS millions of pounds by reducing of smartphones by enterprises and highlighted below. gets a hi-tech makeover with the NHS resources needed to manage consumers calls for a more Stream Communications is showing launch of Wood & Douglas’ Portable some of the UK’s most common integrated approach,” as well as what ‘freeflow’, a new extra fast 3G service All-terrain Wireless System, or medical conditions – including Gainham describes as the “IP- and SIM for iPad and Smart Tablet P.A.W.S. This long-range live video diabetes and COPD. fication” of mobile networks. PAGE 14 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 15. ADVERTORIALMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:13 Page 15 REALIZING CONNECTED POSSIBILITIES GigaSite, Growing Huawei, in line with its commitment to MBB development, has launched suites of solutions such as GigaSite and SoftMobile that focus on issues relating to capacity, coverage, management, and QoE monetization. Huawei GigaSite provides higher network capacity through a leading 5 band/3 mode/1 cabinet solution. GigaSite can also be configured using standalone multimode ARUs to SingleRAN deliver a maximum 12-fold capacity. Addressing issues beyond hardware capacity, features like MIMO Prime, interference cancellation, and refarming allow operators to maximize their existing spectrum value. Mobile communications are undergoing constant innovation. We foresee a future of connectivity reaching the next level, an era where end users are not only able to freely communicate with one another, but are also able to wirelessly interact with the things ULTRA BROADBAND around them. The mobile Internet is rapidly gaining market share compared to its fixed counterpart. Mobile internet usage will overtake the fixed internet within the next few years. Forecasts also predict a ten-fold increase in global mobile traffic during the same time. In other words, mobile traffic volume for the whole of 2011 will be comparable to a month’s worth of mobile traffic in 2015. Smartphones alone are expected to generate gigabyte levels of traffic. An increased By Wang Tao availability of do-it-yourself platforms for mobile applications may lead to software that President Huawei Wireless challenges current network capacity. While some reports forecast a potential Although macro sites will suffice for most areas in a network, there may be pockets of ZERO WAITING Network Business Unit superabundance of mobile traffic, such a paradigm may reveal a silver lining for operators. dense traffic or poor coverage requiring additional layers of micro coverage. Huawei’s AtomCell focuses on filling hotspot-blindspots that are bound to occur in urban and indoor areas. The AtomCell solution features a small all-in-one design and flexible backhaul and The ideal user experience, whereby connectivity is defined by immediacy, has still not been mounting that allow for quick deployment and targeted coverage. AtomCell, coordinating Launched in 2009, Huawei’s SingleRAN suite of solutions has been successfully realized. In striving toward this ultimate goal, system capabilities are bound to face with macro cells, provides an ideal capacity coverage solution, making it an optimal choice deployed in roughly 150 commercial networks all over the world. To match pace constraints. To plan for this future reality, existing hardware processing and transmission for operators who put user experiences first. UBIQUITOUS CONNECTIVITY with growing trends in global mobile communications, Huawei now introduces capacities should be augmented every few years. Simplified network management and quick troubleshooting are also primary concerns for the next step in the evolution of capacity requirements, GigaSite. This newest network operators. Huawei’s SingleSON simplified network configuration improves network Huawei MBB solution focuses on Ultra Broadband, Zero Waiting, and performance with adaptive Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (aICIC) for multi-network Ubiquitous Connectivity to bring customers the benefits of Speed, Quality, On a macro level, connectivity has been coordination and Automatic Neighbor Relations (ANR), which improves network Simplicity, Freedom, and Sharing. Huawei’s GigaSite solutions aim to build a trending toward ”anytime, anywhere,” management efficiency. connected world with endless possibilities. requiring widespread coverage combined Focusing on network coordinating, sharing, and profiting, Huawei’s SoftMobile solutions with added capacity in hotspots or weak- enable more flexible services and business models. Huawei helps operators rebuild their coverage areas. Solving this problem means services models from “volume-on-demand” to “experience-on-demand.” Related solutions A NEW BEGINNING new site deployment, which is both like day-pass and turbo boost enhance user experience and promote customer loyalty. expensive and time consuming. Operators will thus seek out economically attractive solutions, allowing them to achieve Huawei’s steadfast commitment to innovative resolution of complex capacity issues has led maximum coverage using minimal means. to a smooth evolution from SingleRAN to GigaSite. Huawei’s MBB solutions enable operators to profit in an increasingly connected world, rife with endless possibilities. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 15
  • 16. FEATURE | CONNECTED ECONOMY Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMAMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:14 Page 16 MOBILE IS DRIVING THE CONNECTED ECONOMY. Mobile: Creating the Connected Economy multimedia messaging services enabled through Rich Communications. Spanish operators including Orange, Telefónica and As an industry, we will focus on growing the Vodafone have already announced their Connected Economy while ensuring intention to launch service during the first interoperability of services across operators, half of 2012 and we expect Germany to networks and countries. We will provide a follow closely behind. single point of trusted customer care to users • We will accelerate the adoption of to address any issues related to their devices embedded mobile technology through our or services. We will ensure the security of our Connected Living programme, extending customers’ services and data. We will respect connectivity to a nearly endless range of and protect our customers’ privacy. That is devices in mHealth, mTransport, mUtilities our core promise. and mEducation, complementing the trends This week there will be more than 60,000 we already see in consumer electronics. people joining us for the Mobile World Congress. As you attend meetings, If we successfully execute on these conference sessions, and walk the floor, take programmes as a mobile industry, as well as a few minutes to reflect on this amazing factor in organic growth, we will experience industry that you are a part of, and consider tremendous increases across all of our critical your role as one of the millions responsible metrics. By 2015, we will add 2.5 billion for creating the Connected Economy. mobile connections to reach a total of 9.1 billion connections globally. We will add 1 The mobile communications industry is a global success story. We have billion mobile subscribers to reach a total of established a truly connected world – today, there are more than 6.6 billion 4.6 billion people. We will add 2.3 billion mobile connections worldwide, accounting for more than 3.6 billion individual Mobile Broadband connections to reach 3.2 “By 2015, we will add 2.5 subscribers globally. There are around 1 billion Mobile Broadband connections, billion connections – and 350 million of these billion mobile and this is expected to grow by an astonishing 36% every year. will be LTE. Total revenues for the mobile connections to reach a ecosystem will reach US$1.9 trillion dollars, ooking beyond the sheer number of • We will continue to make the significant and nearly 10 million people will make their total of 9.1 billion L connections, in 2011 the mobile industry generated US$1.5 trillion in revenues and invested US$189 billion in investments to build the Mobile Broadband and 4th-generation LTE networks that will connect the world’s population to the living in the mobile industry. And staggeringly, in the next four years, between 2012 and 2015, the mobile industry connections globally. We will add 1 billion mobile subscribers to reach a capex. The mobile industry currently Internet. will invest US$793 billion in capital and will employs more than 8 million men and • We will drive the adoption of SIM-based contribute US$2.7 trillion to public funding total of 4.6 billion people. women, and contributes US$617 billion to mobile NFC handsets and services, across the globe. We will add 2.3 billion public funding. A central element in the accelerating mCommerce. Specifically we According to the World Bank, a 10 per cent Mobile Broadband mobile ecosystem, mobile o perators expect to see 1.5 billion SIM-based NFC increase in Mobile penetration drives a 0.6 contribute approximately 1.5% of the handsets sold between 2010 and 2016, per cent increase in a developed country’s connections to reach 3.2 world’s GDP. representing a cumulative transactions GDP, a 0.81 per cent increase a developing billion connections – and But this is just the starting point. The value of over $50 billion. country’s GDP and in low to middle income 350 million of these will GSMA and its members are focused on • We will create a better communications countries, a 10% increase in Mobile be LTE.” developing and enhancing this connected experience, one that will work seamlessly Broadband penetration yields a 1.4 per cent world through a number of key initiatives. regardless of operator or handset, with increase in GDP. PAGE 16 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 17. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:50 Page 17
  • 18. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:50 Page 18
  • 19. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:50 Page 19
  • 20. ADVERTORIALMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:50 Page 20 LTE-ENABLED TRANSPORT LTE-Enabled GSM and UMTS networking, the current mainstream in the mobile arena, are expected to evolve into LTE. In fact, LTE networks are already being deployed on a large scale across the globe. The GSA forecasts that 91 commercial LTE networks will be in service by the end of 2012. In the LTE era, as air interface rates further increase and RNCs disappear, wireless network architecture will be simplified, while a flattened transport network architecture is likely to provide greater bandwidth. However, LTE networks, compared with GSM and UMTS, have some new requirements for the transport network. Mobile Broadband With LTE networks, more accessible FE and GE ports function as the network interface, rather than dedicated E1 ports, while small cells and CSGs are likely deployed in unsecured GIGASITE BACKHAUL locations, and user data encryption is terminated at eNodeB instead of at the RNC. Therefore, these networks are vulnerable to attacks and security threats. In the interests of network security, Huawei has pioneered an end-to-end IP security solution that supports Global mobile broadband traffic is likely to increase by up to 500 times over the next 10 distributed and centralized modes for the IPSec gateway, while providing anti-attack and years. This expansion will require larger-capacity networks and more accurate coverage to service protection schemes. In addition, Huawei was the first to launch its industry-leading provide subscribers with a better user experience and achieve commercial success for IPSec boards, which provide 10 Gbit/s port throughput. Transport Network mobile broadband. Compared with GSM and UMTS, the pressure on LTE air interface bandwidth is alleviated SingleRAN hardware has now become the mainstream wireless access technology. In and TV services can be provided for individual and household wireless terminals. As web TV 2012, multi-mode base stations are expected to account for 90% of all new base station channels and online users increase rapidly, unicast networks face challenges from greatly sales in Europe. However, one SingleRAN site can potentially require more than 1 Gbit/s replicated traffic and therefore multicast should be supported to ease pressure on the connectivity, which means that we are entering the Gigasite era. available bandwidth. To address the issue, Huaweis full spectrum products support evolved Two types of base station are used to provide wireless network coverage: macro base multimedia broadcast multicast service (eMBMS) solutions. In addition, Huawei provides stations, which provide continuous coverage, and small cells (such as micro, pico, femto, professional network pre-evaluation services to assist carriers in rapidly deploying and and Wi-Fi cells), which supplement coverage for hot spots with heavy traffic. Macro base provisioning TV services. stations and small cells can also coordinate to form a multi-layer heterogeneous network The rapidly increasing services supported by smart terminals, location-based services (HetNet), increasing network capacity and providing widespread coverage. (LBS), and the deployment of LTE TDD base stations require high-precision time Since site resources are difficult to acquire, backhaul networks need flexible access to synchronization solutions. Huaweis state-of-the-art IEEE 1588v2 time synchronization In recent years, uptake of mobile broadband subscriptions has rocketed in base stations over various media, such as copper, fiber, and microwave. With the solution is a good choice for replacement of GPS. Furthermore, Huawei is the first to apply parallel with the rise of smart terminals such as Apples iPhone and other development of wireless technologies such as LTE, SingleRAN, and HetNet, one macro site IEEE 1588v2 technology to its xPON and xDSL devices. All Huawei access and backbone Android-based devices. According to Machina Research, mobile broadband requires its backhaul network to provide at least 1 Gbit/s bandwidth, which Huaweis products support IEEE 1588v2 time synchronization and are already in commercial use, phones in use worldwide will grow from 2 billion at the end of 2011 to 9 AnyMedia technology can achieve. including the successful deployment of commercial networks with IEEE 1588v2 solutions billion by 2020. With easy access to cloud services from companies such as AnyMedia technology provides high bandwidth over various media to meet Gigasite for China Mobile. Apple, Google, and Amazon, mobile broadband subscribers are now privy to backhaul requirements. For fiber access, Huawei has taken the lead in providing the Huawei provides an LTE-enabled transport solution, which enables the aforementioned LTE SIMPLIFIED O&M ubiquitous, undifferentiated, high-quality services. However, existing ATN950B, a 300-mm cell site gateway (CSG) router that increases bandwidth from 1 Gbit/s key features to realize end-to-end LTE transport, and support a wide variety of LTE applications. networks are struggling to meet these service needs and provide a Zero-Wait to 10 Gbit/s, while Full Outdoor (FO) OTNs use common public radio interfaces (CPRIs) for user experience. Therefore, it is time for ubiquitous ultra-broadband high-speed backhaul. This means that baseband units (BBUs) can be centralized and network architecture. deployed at convergence nodes. Operation and maintenance (O&M) for mobile broadband networks will become more For microwave, Huawei uses 2.5 Gbit/s E-band in 64QAM mode and IP frame header complex in the future as technologies and All-IP applications multiply, and operating compression to provide 1 Gbit/s+ backhaul over IP radio. Additionally, for copper access, expenditure (OPEX) for carriers will increase, making OPEX and O&M common concerns for Huawei has exclusively launched a prototype that reaches a 1 Gbit/s rate over a single all carriers. twisted pair, providing a solid basis for high-bandwidth backhaul. Network management systems (NMSs) are critical to O&M. Traditional NMSs do not Many carriers deploy small cells for widespread coverage, but how best to deploy them is support cross-domain management, which results in problems such as poor end-to-end a topic of hot debate. Small cells feature low cost and near zero-footprint installation. Two service provisioning efficiency and difficulties in cross-domain demarcation and fault types of outdoor small cells are available. The first leverages existing street cabinets location. The iManager U2000, an integrated NMS provided by Huawei, can manage cross- directly connected to base stations while integrating GE, PON, and copper DSL modules, or domain equipment in a unified manner; perform visualized O&M; and provide end-to-end it can provide frequency division duplex (FDD)/time division duplex (TDD) self-backhaul. The service provisioning, fast cross-domain fault demarcation and location, and alarm second uses zero-footprint FO equipment installed on poles that can evolve to plate suppression functionality. Huawei also enables end-to-end IP/MPLS or multiprotocol label antennas, NLOS (Non Line of Sight), and P2MP. To realize indoor high-density coverage, switching transport profile (MPLS-TP) OAM. All of these simplify O&M greatly, improving plug & play compact routers or FTTx are used. network O&M efficiency and lowering OPEX. PAGE 20 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 21. ADVERTORIALMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:50 Page 21 After findings and results are passed to the charging engine, , the SMART Charging solution will leverage the available information to proactively upsell and cross-sell new products/services on a real-time basis, while Huawei BI also features tariff optimization, which forecasts marketing results and profits for various tariff scenarios and provides INTEGRATED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE recommendations as to which, if any, would be most optimal. Figure 1: Convergent Ordering (BSS+OSS) Smart Service quality & fulfillment assurance With 1% of users now using 50% of traffic, there is a growing need for restrictions on heavy operation and low-value users. A robust and comprehensive PCRF-enabled charging engine will be required to ensure network resource utilization in line with an operator’s QoS policy. Huawei SMART charging differentiates charging by a wide variety of criteria, including location, time of day, traffic level, and function (social media, video, general surfing). Customer expectations change frequently, which makes the continuous refining of QoS a in the necessity in order to keep QoE optimal; operators must develop a service model that correlates the two, but this cannot be done ad hoc, as KPIs must be compliant with industry For most operators, LTE is either in place or on the way, but this is not enough to stay on QoS standards. Correlated, effective procedures and tools will be needed to continuously the good side of consumer sentiment. A new operational model will be needed, with a new monitor and report QoE indicators, which will be compared against benchmarks. Huawei’s business model along with it, which combined will enable increased agility & cost efficiency, Service Fulfillment & Quality Assurance solution does all of the above comprehensively, INCREASED AGILITY & COST EFFICIENCY Integrated customer service connected enhanced monetization capability, and improved user experience. keeping operators one step ahead of the game. In the connected world, if operators wish to keep user loyalties from straying to trendy Operators must provide ubiquitous customer service 24/7, in a flexible manner best suited newcomers, new & dazzling services will need to hit the market as often as Hollywood to the comfort levels of the various customers (in person, over the phone, online). world blockbusters, but this will require a network infrastructure far more flexible than the point- The service center is the primary customer contact point, making it the most vital target for to-point architecture of days past. user experience integration. Huawei’s contact center solution enables operational personnel to SOA is the most promising open architecture on the market, but it cannot be leveraged view and control various services through a single software interface, which saves a lot of the unless operators adopt compliant infrastructure & software; the integration of the latter time and trouble expended now switching between different software suites. can be simplified using the Unified Information model, along with business process While this sounds quite wonderful, it is not the whole story. The more services an operator templates and configurations. launches, the more assistance customers need, which will keep the kiosk/call center staff at Customization of new offerings is always costly and time consuming. TM Frameworx any CSR operator busy playing defense rather than advancing the product. Customers also will In simpler times, circa 2004, ‘kilo’ was the prefix of network traffic. But then, certification/compliance is the industry’s gold standard in this area. Out-of-the-box features and not appreciate the waiting involved with this situation, and the problem will be compounded if phones like the RAZR started dazzling the public, bringing the prefix ‘Mega’ process templates should be fully utilized to reduce implementation costs. Huawei’s BSS/OSS the staff is less than familiar with the issue at hand. A mobile app would seem the ideal way to along with them. But shortly after, Apple did something odd and made a solution is standards-based, meaning that it is compliant with both TMF and SOA, as well as the keep these lines from forming; it would come in the form of a self-help application that would phone, which proved to be something more than the iPod that rings that 3GPP diameter standard for real-time rating and charging, as well as policy management. allow customers to manage their own account. Users would be able to subscribe or cancel people were expecting; and the rest as they say is history, and by the rest, we Considering the sheer number of services that will be created in the near future, a services, view monthly statements, and pay bills via Mobile Money. It would also function as a mean the sanity for the life of a network operator, as network traffic is now common reusable service at the OSS/BSS layer will be needed for all domains and mobile marketing platform, as new services could potentially be demonstrated for users, Effective monitoring, ensured performance growing at a compound annual growth rate of 92%. All those little screens networks that accommodate the current multi-technology environment and is capable of which is far more effective than merely talking about them. we carry with us now are changing how we live our lives much faster than future extension (provisioning, policy management, charging, service/QA, and inventory); the arrival of television or the Internet ever did. A new scale of connection is Huawei Convergent Ordering provides a feasible solution. A common order template for emerging to keep people in the style to which they have grown accustomed. various business areas (mobile, fixed, internet, data, and VAS) is being used and stored in a QoS assurance in a complex infrastructure is always a major concern. To track network IMPROVED MONETIZATION & EXPANSION Welcome to the connected world. single catalog, rendering the ordering process consistent and vendor-agnostic. performance and respond to issues in a timely fashion, operators need another robust solution that reaches any corner of the network instantaneously. Operators would need a series of probes with dashboard functionality that display various QoE indices, and indicate Mobile operators must ensure support for all services & processes across all business any abnormality and the corresponding recommendation in any part of the system. This lines, and support new business models for future services such as app stores, MVNx, and dashboard would be powered by a comprehensive OSS/BSS monitoring platform at the back M2M/cloud services. A converged real-time charging & billing engine is definitely needed, end, and it would be crucial to both operational management and customer expectations. flexible enough to accommodate various charging models for said services. Huawei’s Time is a critical factor in fault handling. If operators are informed of any issue in real time, SMART Charging solution provides the most comprehensive, out-of-the-box, versatile, and immediate action is possible. Otherwise, customer complaints will function as alarms, and instantaneous charging models, including unlimited plans, tiered pricing, bundling, policy- any operator in this position would fade into irrelevance overnight. based charging, and content-based charging. Considering the significant outlays operators have made into their infrastructure, they Furthermore, a powerful marketing tool will also be needed that tailors promotional need ROI before you can say “annual report.” BSS/OSS is being called upon to increasingly information for the terminal end instantaneously, both in terms of the product being offered take on strategic corporate initiatives and make them happen; their implementation will and the media employed (SMS, email, pop-up); Huawei’s business intelligence (BI) solution enable new services, revenue streams and pricing structures that could offset the costs of can help. BI helps operators extract and analyze customer data critical to any operator’s keeping up with network demands and customer needs in the connected world; Huawei marketing efforts. offers all the tools to make this happen. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 21
  • 22. INTELLIGENT TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT | BYTEMOBILE Chris Koopmans Chief Operating Officer Bytemobile, Inc.MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:50 Page 22 POLICY CONTROLS FOR QoE MANAGEMENT Redefining Mobile: The Network is the Issue SERVICE DIFFERENTIATION FOR PROFITABLE REVENUE RESOLUTION = TRAFFIC INTELLIGENT TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT Bytemobile has tracked video resolution by subscriber request over the past Using intelligent traffic management year and found that mobile users are moving quickly from 240p to 360p and technology, operators can map QoE to subscriber 480p video content. They are also demanding higher-quality videos across all expectations without unduly taxing network With intelligent traffic management, device types. As device functionality increases, so does subscribers’ demand resources, while maintaining the best possible operators can determine the type of content on network resources. In 2012, we will continue to see more sophisticated user experience at all levels. For example, during subscribers are accessing and then apply devices supporting higher-quality content come to market. Today, Apple’s periods of network congestion when video content-based policy controls to optimize iPhone 4 and 4S displays offer 640p resolution, while even newer devices stalling typically occurs, adaptive traffic video, as well as music, web images, such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the HTC Titan 2 support 720p content. management ensures that Silver subscribers applications, and software downloads. enjoy continuous play at a lower resolution, while Say, for example, an operator offers its nd it’s not just happening at the device If a mobile data user plays a five-minute Gold subscribers maintain HD quality. This differs subscribers a choice of three QoE levels, as A level. Most YouTube content is available at higher resolutions, and premium content on sites like Netflix is video with high-definition quality on one of the latest LTE devices, it could generate as much as 75MB of traffic – five times that of a 360p video. dramatically from traditional service models based on megabytes and megabits – metrics that are irrelevant to subscriber value. measured by video resolution and data rate. Gold subscribers can access HD video with an unlimited data rate under all network available at an even higher resolution. For the subscriber, that means conditions. Silver subscribers can view SD If the devices are ready and the content is consumption of a 5GB-per-month plan in just video at data rates of up to 5Mbps. Bronze there, then what is the issue? The network is 70 five-minute videos rather than 350 five- subscribers are entitled to LD video and the issue. Mobile operators require the minute clips. For the operator, that means an Consider the service model of the airline mobile broadband access of up to 1Mbps. ability to assess how much more data traffic opportunity to differentiate services beyond industry. Passengers that pay for First Class Using adaptive traffic management, a new device and bandwidth-intensive volume-based data plans. Rather than just the expect certain levels of comfort and service – operators can dynamically assess content content really mean for their network – and number of bytes transferred, operators can priority boarding, a larger seat with more leg and subscriber information in real time. For to plan accordingly. monetize the subscriber’s appetite for quality room, better meals, and other in-flight instance, a Gold subscriber is accessing HD of experience (QoE). amenities. Similarly, passengers that pay for video, using the Netflix app at a data rate of Business Class have higher expectations of 4Mbps. At the same time, in the same cell, a Of great concern is the fact that as device their flying experience than those that buy Bronze subscriber is accessing LD video, capabilities improve, subscriber demand on Economy Class tickets. Passenger appetites using the YouTube app at a data rate of network resources grows disproportionately. With current technology, operators have the for quality drive the airline’s revenue mix and 200Kbps. Currently, the majority of video served over ability to create differentiated data plans whose cost structure to determine profitability. The operator can monetize this traffic mix mobile networks is 360p. At this resolution, a structure transcends mere volume. Using traffic This differentiation can also be applied to by offering the Bronze subscriber the ability five-minute video generates approximately analytics, operators can track mobile data mobile networks, providing operators with a to access HD video at a faster rate for a 10-15MB of traffic. usage patterns and capture QoE information service model based on QoE. Gold limited period of time – essentially a turbo- Bytemobile has found that subscribers with such as web page download speeds, sharpness subscribers receive superior data service at charged, per-hour or per-video option for Android devices tend to request lower- of video content as determined by resolution, First Class monthly rates. Silver subscribers budget-conscious consumers. With data resolution videos – typically 240p – more and smoothness of video play as indicated by receive above-average service at Business optimization technology, the operator can often than those with iOS devices, while the amount of stalling. This provides usage- Class rates. Bronze subscribers receive ensure that this improved quality of service laptop subscribers are least likely to request based QoE measurements for differentiated acceptable service at Economy Class rates. has minimal impact on network capacity and lower-resolution 240p video. As you would data plans such as: For example, with the ability to thereby saves operating and capital costs expect, requests for low-resolution video • Gold: web browsing, email and high- dynamically detect network congestion, the over the long term. generate lower data volume than higher- definition (HD) video delivered with operator can offer better quality of service to Only when operators can monetize, resolution video requests. Although the highest priority Gold subscribers by applying policy controls optimize and analyze the data traffic on majority of iOS and Android devices request • Silver: web browsing, email and standard- to those that opt for Silver or Bronze data their networks will they own the user low-resolution video most of the time, it is the definition (SD) video delivered with best- plans. These controls free up bandwidth in experience. This is key to profitable revenue few requests for higher-resolution video that effort quality order to reduce the impact of congestion on growth in the mobile data landscape of the most impact network capacity. • Bronze: web browsing and email the higher-paying subscribers’ QoE. very near future. PAGE 22 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 23. ADVERTORIALMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:50 Page 23 Truly Managing Customer Experience has Begun importantly, it can provide information for proactive and predictive measures. Additionally, the data can be used to produce a Customer Experience Indicator (CEI) score. This is a patented WHAT ARE THE KEY CONSIDERATIONS FOR SELECTING A USER CENTRIC measure of customer satisfaction using an algorithm of PSPU data and survey results. SOLUTION? Today, most operators use Service Quality Management (SQM) to measure customer A user centric solution requires a significant investment of operator time and money. satisfaction. But the Telecommunications Management Forum (TMF) is redefining SQM. Choosing the right partner is of paramount importance. A great partner can: SQM is great for monitoring the network from an operator point-of-view, but comes up short against the challenge of assuring end-user satisfaction. TMF is evolving SQM to Managed Provide a total product portfolio that covers the entire requirement for multi-vendor, Customer Experience (MCE). This is more than a name change. This is a fundamentally multi-technology networks. To manage complex multi-layered services there is a need to WHAT IS A USER CENTRIC APPROACH? different approach to managing customer satisfaction – a user centric approach. adapt to growing and changing network requirements for managing Next Generation Networks in combination with legacy systems. In many cases to determine the root cause there may be a need to correlate the aggregated indications from multiple sources i.e. A user-centric approach is a disciplined measurement solution for building profitable and applications, devices, to view the total interactive process flow for a particular session. The stable customer relationships -- at an individual level. Today’s SQM is quite effective for collection and interpretation of these indicators require the understanding of all assessing aggregated customer data. But it is not able to maximize customer satisfaction components in today’s multi vendor/technology environment. for individual users. The new approach is like practicing medicine by looking at the health of individual cells. The benefit to operators is obvious. The benefit to users is that the A highly trained and experienced field support group is not only capable of performing the HOW DOES A USER CENTRIC APPROACH WORK? network works as expected, every time. required testing but also skilled in accurately interpreting the results and recommending Trevor Cheung the optimum solution. The entire exercise of gathering data and conducting surveys is Director of HUAWEI SmartCare worthless unless the results can be properly evaluated, correlated, and analyzed to produce service solutions marketing To an operator, aggregated network service levels may seem okay. But while overall meaningful results. These results must be accurate and reliable since they form the network reliability is fine, an end-user may have dropped calls due to a device problem, a cornerstone for the entire exercise and there is no room for error. Once the results have service area issue, etc., “For me, it’s just not working. My web browsing on my iPad at my been analyzed and the service impacting issues have been identified an action plan can be home works, but email on my Droid does not.” Pinpointing problems will rapidly improve implemented. The success of any project relies heavily on the partner having a highly network performance and of course solving customer satisfaction issues and in most cases trained and knowledgeable field support group. Today’s challenge for building a profitable mobile broadband business is to before they happen. Previously, operators used traditional, subjective end-user satisfaction increase capacity and improve end-user satisfaction. Increasing capacity is measures. Today’s user centric approaches enable operators to use additional objective Willingness to commit to a true partnership as this process can only be successful with a straightforward – we all know how to play that game. But improving end-user indicators to assess satisfaction by correlating the true association between end-user collaborated effort with mutually beneficial goals and results. A user centric solution is a satisfaction requires a shift in thinking. context QoE modeling, PSPU service quality management and multi-technology, multi- long term detailed process requiring a joint commitment from both parties to ensure vendor network performance optimization to deliver (a) precise Customer Experience success. The partner must be capable of demonstrating a strong, long term, corporate and Indicator (CEI) calculation (b) Aggregated Per Service Per User-oriented Quality finance commitment. Management and (c) Targeted Business Value Analysis which shall ensure superior customer experience. As a result, the user centric approach is uniquely positioned to link the KPI monitoring Bits and pieces of data are useful only if they create value for the customer or shareholders. with Per Service Per User KQI assessment to enable User Centric Context Modeling and Providing PSPU data to a data miner not only produces quick network fixes, but more result in the collaboration for business excellence. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 23
  • 24. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:51 Page 24 WE’RE TRANSFORMING THE MOBILE INTERNET. Learn more: visit us at hall 8/stand A111. 12:55
  • 25. CISCO | WI-FI Stuart Taylor, Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG)MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:51 Page 25 A NEW MOBILE PLAYER IN TOWN A New Chapter for Mobile? CREATING WINNING STRATEGIES How Wi-Fi Will Change the Mobile Industry as We Know It he growth of mobility—and the way it price structures, higher prices, usage caps, Wi-Fi Network Providers T has changed our lives—is unprecedented. In 97 countries around the world, there are now more mobile devices Given these crucial changes, we believe that Wi-Fi has truly come of age and now realistically represents a viable wireless and the fact that most data plans are device specific are making users evaluate alternatives to mobile access. They do not have their own mobile networks but operate Wi-Fi networks, either in public hotspots or through the extension of home than people.1 The Cisco Visual Networking access network. We have developed six and business broadband services. The Index (VNI) predicts that global mobile data assertions on the future of Wi-Fi and its 6. There Are Several Ways to Make Money primary business models for these providers traffic will increase 18-fold 2011 to 2016, relationship to traditional mobile networks: from Wi-Fi are (1) selling wholesale access to mobile reaching 10.8 exabytes per month.2 Mobile In addition to the traditional business of operators for data offload and (2) selling operators are struggling with how they can 1. Wi-Fi Covers Most of the Places Where building and managing retail hotspots, there access and value-added services to retail provide customers with the mobile We Are are now several other viable wholesale and hotspot owners, and as part of a churn broadband experience they expect in a cost- Research shows that 80 percent of the time, end-user access models where operators can management tool and sales differentiator for effective, scalable, and profitable manner. A people connect to the mobile Internet from make money by charging mobile carriers or their wired broadband services. These number of primary changes in the their home, office, or other indoor location—all other Wi-Fi providers, as well as meet providers need to consider how aggressively marketplace might indicate that the areas that are sufficiently addressed by Wi-Fi. 6 broader strategic objectives such as upselling they build out their networks, develop traditional mobile industry is on the brink of or reducing broadband churn. federations and roaming agreements, and fundamental change: 2. Much of What We Do Is Nomadic, Not Mobile identify new revenue opportunities. The same research revealed that two-thirds of • Massive growth in Wi-Fi-enabled devices: the top activities on smartphones were As the variety and rapid evolution of Wi-Fi Integrated Providers Nearly all personal mobile devices, primarily nomadic rather than mobile. Nomadic business models demonstrate, careful They operate both mobile and wireline including smartphones, tablets, cameras, activities include email, web browsing, and segmentation will be crucial for success in the broadband networks and typically have some and game consoles, are now Wi-Fi-enabled. gaming, but also new activities such as using Wi-Fi market. First, it is important to Wi-Fi capabilities. The primary business productivity tools and making video calls. Wi-Fi understand which devices are involved— model for integrated providers is to use Wi-Fi • Almost half of network traffic growth is is perfectly adequate for these activities. smartphones, sensors, or Wi-Fi-only nomadic for offloading data traffic from their mobile Wi-Fi: Cisco VNI predicts that mobile will devices. Second, a clear understanding of networks to reduce cost, manage churn, and constitute only 8 percent of total IP traffic 3. New Nomadic Devices Will Consume Even customer segments (including mobile differentiate their fixed broadband offers. by 2015, while Wi-Fi traffic will represent Greater Amounts of Mobile Data operators, consumers, business users, and Integrated providers need to consider how to 46 percent.2 While a smartphone typically consumes 24 hotspot venues) is critical to make sure of successfully bundle mobile and wireline times the data of a standard mobile phone, alignment with the best business and broadband, integrate networks, and quickly • Significant growth in Wi-Fi access points: tablets and laptops consume 122 times and operating models. Finally, operators need to and effectively create a pervasive Wi-Fi Globally, nearly a quarter-billion 515 times more, respectively.2 The good news be clear about their strategic Wi-Fi objectives. capability. homes4and more than 4 million public is that most tablets and other data-hungry Given this business and market diversity, Wireless networks will evolve over time, spaces have Wi-Fi access.4 nomadic devices are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing we need to look at the implications and but one thing is certain: Wi-Fi is a critical them to avoid using mobile networks. actions related to developing a successful Wi- element of current and future mobile • A growing move toward free access to Wi-Fi Fi strategy in terms of three different types of networks. The proliferating demand for hotspots: More than 55 percent of all global 4. Consumers Will Happily Use Wi-Fi as a service providers: mobile connectivity means that there is more public Wi-Fi hotspots were free in Q2 2010,5 Substitute for or Complement to Mobile than enough business to go around. Success and many wireline broadband providers Networks Mobile Operators will depend on the coexistence of traditional bundle free access to public hotspot networks The research revealed the startling fact that, on They typically have no Wi-Fi network of their mobile, Wi-Fi, and other next-generation in their home broadband subscriptions. average, U.S. smartphone users were already own or very limited Wi-Fi capability. The wireless access technologies. using Wi-Fi a third of the time to access the primary business model for mobile operators • Wi-Fi is becoming a viable mobile data web, instead of using a mobile network. is cost reduction—using Wi-Fi to offload offload technology. growing data traffic to avoid significant Endnotes 5. Wi-Fi Can Offer a More Cost-Effective outlays in new cellular network equipment. 1. International Telecommunication Union, October 2010. • Wi-Fi is becoming part of a broader Solution and a Better User Experience Mobile operators need to consider how Wi-Fi 2. Cisco Visual Networking Index, 2012. wireless network design: Wi-Fi not only Consumers are rapidly realizing the benefits fits into their overall strategic positioning, 4. IDC, November 2010. complements macro cellular networks, but of Wi-Fi for higher speed, good coverage, and network rollout plans, and customer 5. In-Stat, August 2010. is also a fundamental component of small a better experience—all at a lower cost than propositions and whether they will build or 6. JiWire, June 2010. cell architectures. the traditional mobile network. Complex rent Wi-Fi access. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 25
  • 26. SENIOR SERVICES | EMPORIA TELECOM Eveline Pupeter-Fellner, CEO, EmporiaMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:51 Page 26 Smartphone or USE OF SMARTPHONES: smarter strategy? How operators can bring generations together THE GENERATION GAP without the need for smartphones everywhere: In the past two years the hype around smartphones has rocked the industry. Currently in Europe every other mobile phone sold is a smartphone. However around two-thirds of today’s mobile users are using non-smart CONCLUSION: phones: mainly for voice, text and other features. Even those with smartphones are not necessarily using many of the functions. recently conducted research amongst over TAKING SENIORS BEYOND TALK It is interesting to look at what smartphone 60s on future mobile services people might AND TEXT: A SMARTER PHONE STRATEGY: users are doing on their mobiles. In a recent want and be prepared to pay for. OFCOM survey of UK smartphone users, less In the research, sharing pictures over than half regularly surfed the mobile web and mobile devices, particularly across less than a third regularly listened to music. generations and email capability were two of Only one in five regularly downloaded apps. the top three answers. The third was This suggests that, despite the growth in mapping orientation – not necessarily integrated with the devices, incredibly easy to and grand children. Enhanced interaction smartphone numbers, the take up of services navigation from A to B - but help finding the use and focused just on the functions people between generations based on image sharing on them is still relatively low. nearest bank, pharmacy or taxi rank, want. They will be quick to roll out to a or joined calendar sharing (with emotional This is a worry for the industry. Today’s particularly in unfamiliar surroundings. generation that has the time to use them and and personal reminders) will be at the heart smartphone users are the early adopters – Some people might conclude this suggests the money to pay for them. of these new services and deliver a level of those who embrace technology. If less than that seniors could be a rich potential closeness and intimacy not previously half are regularly using the core features of audience for smartphones. I would take a experienced through mobile. smartphones, what is the likely adoption by different view. Modern society means that families cannot These services will be integrated with the the rest of society? What we have observed through our always be as close as they want to be. easiest phones in the world to use, delivering Of particular interest was the use of partnership with the globally renowned Modern technology can help to bridge these a smart experience on an accessible device. smartphones by the small number of over 55s University of Cambridge Design Research gaps. The target audience, the over 60s, This is not a smartphone, it is a smart that currently use them. Over the last ten Centre, is that older people are some of the often have time and money. What they strategy to enable any user, regardless of age years a lot of effort has been dedicated to most savvy and exacting customers you sometimes do not have is personal contact or technical expertise, to enjoy an enhanced helping older people in three different groups could meet: they know what they want and across the generations of those close to them. experience through mobile. It provides to adopt and use mobile phones: those who they demand it be convenient and relevant. As families become distant, staying in touch operators with the opportunity to deliver have never had a mobile before; those who They are not afraid of technology but they becomes harder. The mobile phone has done services that anyone can experience and have used one but have struggled, and those are not prepared to waste time learning much to help this but we can do much more. enjoy, without having to buy an expensive who simply do not want or need a device with counter intuitive functions and features. The focus now is to enhance our hardware multi-functioned device. more than talk and text. As additional Delivering to this demand has been the with software services and applications that services are developed, we want to deliver guiding principal of our design efforts to date help generations communicate more them to seniors, but which services are most and will continue to be. If it is not possible to effectively. The vision is as simple as the The mobile data revolution is happening, and relevant? make a function incredibly easy to use, then it phones are to use: delivering services that we need to understand that it is happening is not included. connect generations. differently across different customer Imagine the magic of being able to see segments. Smartphones are not the answer grandchildren grow up from a distance in real for everybody, but smart services will always When the over 55s who did have A smarter strategy for the future of the senior time, by sharing images and videos from one enjoy success. Whilst smartphones have a smartphones were asked by OFCOM what mobile market is not ‘smartphones for phone to another over the mobile network. place in the market, the industry would be they used their mobile for, three specific seniors’ but phones that are as smart as they The experience of being able to talk whilst foolish to wait until smartphone penetration functions were most popular: email; need to be and as easy as possible to use. sharing images through the mobile network is is significant before introducing meaningful maps/navigation and taking and sending The vision is to offer devices that are cost only one of several services that are being services to all users. Phones do not need to pictures on phones. This was interesting. We effective, supported by services that are fully developed for customers and their children be any smarter than the services they deliver. PAGE 26 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 27. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:51 Page 27
  • 28. BEYOND IPX | TATA COMMUNICATIONS Allan Chan, Executive Vice President, Tata CommunicationsMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:51 Page 28 Winning at Mobile Broadband — Addressing MONETISE INNOVATION Inter-Provider Challenges DELIVER QUALITY USER EXPERIENCE DRIVE EFFICIENCY Mobile data growth continues to accelerate, fueled by the adoption of Further, operators can consider smartphones, social media and video applications. As more mobile service managed services from experienced third providers move to 4G/LTE to manage this growth in their home networks, parties. This can further streamline inter- the road ahead to support service delivery outside the home network (e.g., provider relationships, end-to-end service for roaming) remains relatively uncharted. IPX has attracted interest as a step delivery, and operations. The industry has CONCLUSION towards inter-provider connectivity for rich media applications. However, IPX a strong track record of leveraging outside is insufficient to address all inter-provider challenges faced by mobile expertise and resources to augment operators. Growing user demands for diverse and unpredictable internal capabilities. This managed option broadband services, along with disruptive technologies, a changing is gaining greater acceptance for inter- competitive landscape and a dynamic ecosystem, are driving operators to provider interconnect functions, such as “do more with less while delivering quality and enabling future innovation” managed roaming hub, managed – all in their quest to win at mobile broadband. international voice termination, security, and revenue assurance. Looking forward, operators should ensure s users demand “more, anywhere, now”, the complexity of interworking multiplies that their service infrastructure can support A and more over-the-top players enter the marketplace, mobile operators are under even greater pressure to deliver services exponentially with an increase in the number of operators and the number of real-time services. the evolution of existing services, such as voice over LTE and LTE roaming, as well as the emergence of bandwidth-intensive more efficiently, while being agile enough to IPX was developed to facilitate effective interactive rich media applications. respond to changing requirements. At the same inter-provider network interconnection, but With significant investment in mobile time, the proliferation of new applications, mobile operators need solutions beyond IPX broadband, operators are looking for ways to particularly in terms of interactive rich to tackle the full range of challenges. User experience is defined by not only create new revenue streams. A multi-service media, challenges operators to enable and So how can operators address the three customer service interactions but also service IP-based network enables operators to roll monetize rapid innovation from a diverse success levers for interconnection to drive delivery experience, including service quality, out new services faster by reducing network ecosystem of players to transcend basic efficiency, deliver quality experience and bandwidth, availability and new service setup time. Value-added application “delivery pipe” status. monetise innovation? offerings. enablement solutions offer opportunities to Winning at mobile broadband requires By enabling their users to reach extended monetise on differentiated user experience operators to examine their strategies across service communities through interworking, across services, particularly for rich media all aspects of business – network, service At the network level, a key challenge is to operators multiply the value delivered. applications. By allowing application infrastructure, operations and business manage service-specific networks while The service delivery experience can be providers to leverage these application arrangements – to optimize on three key adapting to growing bandwidth demand for improved by having the right network enablement or managed operations success levers: efficiency, quality user each application. Operators can drive support. Access to multiple service options capabilities, operators create win-win experience, and innovation. In short, mobile efficiency and improve utilization by over a common network allows operators to scenarios for faster revenue growth. operators need to solve, in parallel, how to consolidating network infrastructure through select the right transport mechanism, with the deliver existing services better with greater shared access for multiple services over a right mix of security and QoS support, to efficiency and build capabilities to quickly common IP-based infrastructure. Scale, deliver the right customer experience. New To drive efficiency, deliver quality user enable future services. flexibility, low costs and multi-service support services can be readily deployed without experience, and monetise on innovation, In addition to tackling these challenges are required functions for the inter-provider separate network infrastructure to satisfy mobile operators need to consider network, within their home networks, mobile operators network as for the core network. user needs with a faster time to market. End- services, operations, and business also recognize the importance of For existing services, driving efficiency to-end QoS management with application- components for mobile broadband inter- interconnection with other operators or translates to consolidating network for enablement functions, such as media stream provider service delivery and management. content providers to deliver services to users shared access, streamlining operations processing and policy management, enhance Opportunities exist to create the right outside of their networks. Effective process, and simplifying interconnect the customer experience by enabling rich interconnect infrastructure beyond IPX for interconnection and interworking between arrangements. For example, access to a media applications such as video and gaming. operators to win at mobile broadband. This service providers, or breaking down the leading on-net mobile service community, as Finally, active network and service level involves leveraging managed operations and “walled garden”, is crucial to accelerating such signaling or video conferencing, allows monitoring and reporting allow operators to service delivery alternatives, along with adoption of new broadband-enabled operators to connect to a network of providers proactively address service availability and smarter infrastructure decisions, simplified applications, such as video streaming, to expand coverage without the complexity of quality issues that could negatively impact interconnect arrangements and application conferencing or multi-user gaming. However, managing bilateral arrangements. the customer experience. enablement. PAGE 28 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 29. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:51 Page 29 Protecting Trust in Your Network Join AdaptiveMobile at the Mobile Security Forum Wednesday 29 February 2012 11:15 to 13:30 including Networking Lunch, Hall 7, Auditorium C. Spaces are limited and attendance requires prior authorisation. Please email to confirm your attendance. Meet with AdaptiveMobile, Hall 4, Level 6, Hospitality Suite 4.6HS01 19:45
  • 30. FEATUREMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:52 Page 30 At the heart o connected w Spectrum Near Field Communications Q: This is your first MWC as Director new connected “things” – the GSMA, General of the GSMA. What do you along with operators AT&T, KT and Anne Bouverot was expect to be the highlights of this Vodafone, has a Connected House here, year’s show? and will be showcasing the latest in appointed Director General embedded mobile technology. A: With more than 60,000 attendees expected of the GSMA in September here this week in Barcelona, Mobile World We will get to learn about the latest Congress 2012 will be a record edition. We developments in mobile technologies and 2011. In this feature have an unparalleled lineup of executives services, such as Near Field in the conference programme, an Communications, LTE and Rich interview, Mobile World exhibition with more than 1,400 leading Communications, among others. And we companies demonstrating cutting-edge will see and hear about how mobile is Daily explores Ms. solutions and services, our Ministerial positively impacting other industries, such Programme with delegations from more as automotive, healthcare and education, Bouverot’s vision for the than 130 countries and international just to name a few, through the conference organisations, and innovative programmes programme, seminars and exhibits. association, revealing its such as App Planet, mPowered Brands and the Forum Series. It is clear that Mobile Q: What are the major areas of focus for the major areas of focus today World Congress is the must-attend mobile GSMA right now? industry event of the year. The future of mobile depends on operators having timely and reasonable access to as well as her plans for how A: The GSMA works on projects and initiatives the necessary spectrum resource. At the conclusion of the recent World I think we will see a lot of new devices that address the collective interests of the Radiocommunication Conference 2012 (WRC-12) in Geneva, the GSMA commended the GSMA will evolve. this week, particularly tablets and mobile industry and of mobile operators in governments representing more than 150 countries attending WRC-12 for recognising smartphones. And we will see many other particular, and there are a handful of the critical role that spectrum plays in bringing the enabling power of Mobile Broadband to citizens around the world. The International Telecommunications Union The GSMA and its members are focused on stimulating the successful global (ITU) has committed to identifying additional spectrum requirements for the deployment of interoperable and SIM-secured NFC services and ecosystems. deployment of International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) Mobile Broadband The market potential for NFC is significant - nearly 1.5 billion SIM-based handsets globally, ensuring that future spectrum allocation is on the agenda at WRC-15. will have been sold worldwide between 2010 and 2016, supporting transactions of “The GSMA is extremely pleased that many countries have recognised the need to more than $50 billion globally over the same period according to Strategy Analytics, secure the future of Mobile Broadband and along with our members we stand and momentum is growing. committed to the success of the ITU’s work,” commented Ms. Bouverot. “By taking More than forty-five of the world’s leading mobile operators have committed to Source: Orange action now to secure more spectrum, mobile operators will be better positioned to support and implement SIM-based NFC solutions and services. Commercial NFC meet the mobile data needs of billions of consumers well into the future. We look deployments are already underway in France, Japan, Korea, Turkey and the UK, with forward to working with governments and regulators over the next three years to trials in many other countries around the world, and we expect to see many more identify the spectrum needed to deliver the vision of providing low cost, ubiquitous commercial deployments coming in 2012. broadband all over the world.” Visit the GSMA Pavilion in Hall 8 for demonstrations of mobile NFC in action, or The GSMA will host a Spectrum seminar on Thursday, 1st March, 11:30-13:30 in the attend the seminar “NFC: Advancing the Mobile Ecosystem” on Tuesday, 28th GSMA Seminar Theatre, Hall 2.1. February, 12:30-15:30 in the GSMA Seminar Theatre, Hall 2.1. PAGE 30 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 31. FEATURE MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:52 Page 31t of a In addition, we work on key subjects such forward to playing a key role in creating Q: The GSMA has announced a major new as helping ensure that applications it. We also have an important role in event in Shanghai this June. What can we respect users’ privacy, and are efficiently helping people understand the power of expect from the show? using mobile networks; we debate how mobile, how it improves our lives in best to ensure that investment in small and also very big ways, as well as A: We are very excited about the upcoming infrastructure and new services can the positive contribut ion mobile makes Mobile Asia Expo – it will build upon the world continue to contribute to the economy; to the global economy. success of our previous Mobile Asia and we look at how SIM cards and Congresses, and reflects the strong and mobile devices can allow men and Q: How do you intend to ensure the GSMA growing influence of the Asian mobile women to carry their identity with them truly represents the global mobile community on the global stage. Our first Rich Communications Connected Living and access places and services… industry? Mobile Asia Expo will be held in the heart fascinating subjects really! of Shanghai in a state-of-the-art facility, the A: Clearly, we are a global organisation. The Shanghai New International Expo Center strategic initiatives that we are especially Q: Looking a little bit further down the line, GSMA unites nearly 800 of the world’s (SNIEC). The event will continue to attract focused on, including Spectrum, Connected what would you like the GSMA to achieve mobile operators - which is really almost the leaders of the mobile industry, but also Living, Near Field Communications (NFC) in the next few years? all of them - in more than 220 countries, executives from retail and brands, as well as and Rich Communications. For instance, in as well as more than 200 companies in mobile-passionate consumers from within Spectrum, we are running an ongoing A: We are moving to a world where virtually the broader mobile ecosystem, including China and throughout Asia – that element global campaign to secure the spectrum everything in our lives will be connected handset makers, software companies, is something new for us, as our events have required to meet the fast growing demand - . by 2020, it’s expected that there will equipment providers, Internet mainly focused on the B2B audience. for mobile broadband. In NFC, we want to be 24 billion connected devices globally, companies, and media and entertainment accelerate the standardised deployment of and around 12 billion of these will be organisations. Our key premise is global It will include many of the things that you mobile NFC using the SIM as the secure mobile – maybe more. This presents standards and interoperability which will see here at Mobile World Congress - a element to provide authentication, security tremendous opportunities, for made the success of mobile possible. thought leadership conference featuring and portability across many different consumers and businesses, for Going forward, we are also strengthening CEOs and leaders from across the mobile handsets. The GSMA is also working to governments, for industries such as the way we work with our members in ecosystem; an international trade exhibition drive the adoption of Rich automotive, healthcare, utilities and key regions of the world, particularly in showcasing cutting-edge mobile products Communications, which enables others, and for operators and other rapidly growing markets, such as Asia, and technologies; and App Planet, our multimedia communications to be delivered players in mobile. Of course, reaching Latin America and the Middle East. We developer-focused programme. But we are in a simple and intuitive way from your this goal will require us to foster a strong are building our presence and driving also introducing some new things, such as address book, across any network and any and broad ecosystem to drive the new initiatives and programmes in these the Deal Hub, a platform that connects device. And in Connected Living, we have adoption of standardised technologies regions, as well as continuing to provide qualified buyers and world-class solution market development programmes to enable and services, as we did in the early days additional support in Europe and North providers face-to-face to do business, and a wide range of devices across the of GSM technology, and it will also America. This is important as both we will have exhibits and programmes that education, healthcare, automotive and require us to collaborate closely with regulatory perspectives and customer will address local “professional consumers” utilities sectors to benefit from the usage of governments and regulators. It’s an expectations can differ somewhat on a who are interested in the latest mobile wireless connectivity. exciting new world, and we’re looking regional basis. technologies and services. Through Rich Communications, the GSMA and its members will be able to provide According to analysis from the GSMA and Machina Research, mobile connected consumers with enriched messaging and voice services including familiar services devices will grow from more than 6 billion today to 12 billion in 2020. This explosive such as text messaging, as well as new services like video calling and the ability to growth will support an addressable revenue opportunity for mobile operators of nearly share documents and photos simultaneously during calls, regardless of the network US$1.2 trillion by 2020 and will also provide significant growth potential for the entire or device used. ecosystem. Mobile operators from the around the globe are supporting Rich Communications - Visit the GSMA Connected House to experience a vision for the future and a range of earlier this year, Spanish operators Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone announced that cutting-edge connected solutions. The Connected House is presented by the GSMA, they would launch Rich Communications services to their customers in the near AT&T, KT and Vodafone, along with partners Accenture, Airbiquity, AQ Corporation, future, with other countries following suit this year. Ericsson, 4NSYS, Herit, Intel, KTH, Modacom, Qualcomm, Rsupport, Sony and Zelitron. The GSMA Connected House is located in Hospitality Suite CY13, The Courtyard. The GSMA will be hosting a Rich Communications seminar on Tuesday, 28th February, 09:30-12:00 in the GSMA Seminar Theatre in Hall 2.1, and will be offering The GSMA is also holding a Connected Day seminar programme, with sessions demonstrations of the services in the GSMA Pavilion in Hall 8. taking place Wednesday, 29th February, in the GSMA Seminar Theatre, Hall 2.1. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 31
  • 32. MOBILE DATA | MACH By Morten Brøgger, Chief Executive Officer, MACHMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 08:59 Page 32 Delivering Service Innovation and Margin OPTIMISING WHOLESALE MANAGEMENT Control in Turbulent Times SIMPLIFYING INTEROPERABILITY The situation facing operators at this year’s MWC is quite similar to last year. Voice service revenues continue to decline, while global mobile data use “In a market where revenues and margins are being squeezed, continues to rise. Indeed, industry analyst firm Informa Telecoms & Media it is no longer acceptable for the mobile communications has predicted that revenues from mobile data will have grown from US$210 industry to lose US$40billion per year to fraud.” billion in 2009 to more than US$450billion by 2015. t is clear that while data services solution to both domestic and international I represent a tremendous opportunity for communications services providers (CSPs), they come with their own set of problems can be achieved in a similar manner. By the introduction of real time policy and charging, domestic subscribers can be challenges. Today, we have uncertainty segmented and charged related to usage or around the global economy and fears that service type, and in roaming, subscribers can MONETISING MOBILE DATA many economies will slip into recession. be handed back control so that they are Compounding this are pressures specific to reassured of their spend and able to select the the telecoms industry, especially around services that they want. MACH’s studies show intensifying service commoditisation and that an additional US$900 million global worries over margin erosion. In some regions, market could be opened up in mobile data PROTECTING REVENUE such as the European Union, these issues are roaming by just removing the fear of bill-shock. exacerbated by regulatory intervention. While most discussion around mobile data Data and content services represent is subscriber centric, another market significant growth streams for CSPs, but a data- opportunity that requires equally specific order to combat next-generation fraud and centric service mix also presents challenges charging and policy control solutions is the manage next-generation revenue assurance with speed to market and margin control. Then wireless M2M sector, a growing opportunity With margins under scrutiny in the wholesale and process integrity, CSPs are faced with a there is the question of network investment. for CSPs to offer both domestic and environment, it is inevitable that CSPs will requirement to handle complex data analysis at While a legacy service delivery environment international M2M services. want to investigate opportunities to high speed. The ability to harness so-called ‘Big restricts innovation, there is less confidence rationalise processes and reduce costs. The Data’ becomes a critical requirement. that investments in 4G/LTE will deliver fast overhaul of roaming and interconnect billing Next-generation fraud protection and ROI. Any move to a next-generation service Interoperability between networks is becoming processes to harness common settlement revenue assurance services are only effective environment will increase complexity with an issue, both for operators and also in terms of and reporting capabilities presents a clear when multiple points of correlation, interoperability and with how CSPs manage user experience. From the CSP side, the cost reduction opportunity. While roaming validation and checking are used to ensure their wholesale partners. It could also lead to introduction of LTE and the rise of Wi-Fi for and interconnect billing are disparate adequate fraud management and revenue revenue assurance issues stemming from offload and roaming increases the requirement processes, there is sufficient commonality assurance processes at the retail and system and process misalignment and the for a seamless approach to service validation and between them to make this practical. The wholesale level. The new generation of fraud continuing threats from fraud. billing information between different networks. approach enables better visibility of costs management and revenue assurance By moving away from an environment In Informa’s Wholesale Interconnect & Roaming and margins in the wholesale environment. It platforms require fast analysis, sophisticated which sees CAPEX as a cure-all for most Futures Survey, which examined the challenges also provides opportunities to combine data visualisation and the sort of problems, to a cloud-based managed service facing roaming and interconnect providers, CSPs ‘Steering of Roaming’ with ‘Optimal Routing’ performance and scalability that have approach with its associated OPEX model, rated the challenge of interworking technologies for a more complete and unified wholesale previously been unavailable. CSPs can find new ways to invest and as their biggest issue. It was higher even than management strategy. While the challenges around ensuring capitalise on the industry trends of today. regulation at 41 per cent. On the other hand, With data and content services revenue growth and protecting margins are subscribers must be able to switch network types contributing so much to the success of CSPs’ significant, they are not intractable. By seamlessly regardless of whether they move retail businesses, this warrants the embracing a cloud-based managed service At home, CSPs need to find new ways of across LTE, Wi-Fi or cellular connections. integration of content partner management approach to the monetisation of mobile data, monetising mobile data. There is evidence that There are also commercial issues to be and settlement in the CSP’s wholesale as well as to the key processes around in home markets the all-you-can-eat model of addressed. For example, can CSPs and WISP management processes. interoperability, wholesale partner data consumption is unsustainable and providers (Wireless Internet Service management and revenue protection, CSPs operators will move to tiered pricing. CSPs will Provider) agree revenue share terms? This will put themselves in a strong position to also turn to offload technologies such as Wi-Fi model is best served by some sort of In a market where revenues and margins are enjoy the fruits that mobile data to prevent overload of their valuable mobile interoperability and settlement hub being squeezed, it is no longer acceptable for consumption growth has to offer, whilst spectrum. As users roam abroad, the challenge approach, managed by a third party. This the mobile communications industry to lose leveraging the OPEX model benefits that a is different with fear of bill-shock preventing would extend the GSMA open connectivity US$40billion1 per year to fraud. Next-generation cloud model can bring. users from switching on data roaming. The hub model to embrace the WISP community. services present new challenges for CSPs. In 1. CFCA 2011 Survey PAGE 32 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 33. ADVERTORIALMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:52 Page 33 TM JDSU PacketPortal We need to move away from categorizing users as subscribers and start thinking about them as customers. Personalized intelligence is needed to examine what services are being used on a regular basis and how these applications help the customer better interact with their friends, families and colleagues. Redefining Customer, Content Today’s systems just don’t provide the granular information service providers need to move their business onto the next level. You get data from billing systems about what you charge for and you get to hear when things go wrong if the customer complains about a service. You can also gather data from network elements which provide some metrics in a particular spot in the network and you get probe based data from key aggregation points in and Network Intelligence the core. This current model is just not keeping up with the unprecedented demands placed ENABLING OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE on it… you end up with noise when what you need is actionable intelligence… something has got to change to remove these major blind spots. Sometimes a solution comes along that breaks the mould. It doesn’t just evolve the model it turns it on its head. That is just what JDSU’s PacketPortal solution has done. With always on remote access to the network edge, service providers can dramatically PacketPortal brings a revolutionary approach to data capture, distribution and analysis. By reduce the time it takes to find, isolate and fix service affecting issues. All your nodeBs, harnessing a cloud approach to intelligent information it revolutionizes the way data is enodeBs, DSLAMs, CMTSs, routers can be always ready to filter intelligent data right down captured, how it is analyzed and offers service providers the ability to now see the network to an individual customer. Because issues can be addressed in real-time there is no need REVOLUTIONARY NEW APPROACH TO DATA CAPTURE AND ANALYSIS the way their customers experience it. to find rack-space or a LAN tap at the network edge and then gather data after the event. We are at a crossroads; an inflexion point. It has never been more exciting to be Fixing that mobile LTE handover issue or that IPTV service problem now takes minutes in the communications industry. Everyone wants to be “always on” – never rather than days. wanting to miss the latest tweet, Facebook update, email, YouTube video – or In the same way it is economically impractical to erect large mobile towers everywhere, it TalkTalk, a UK operator is focused on delivering the best value broadband services to even the next level of Angry Birds! In this age of mobile communications, the is uneconomic to deploy standalone data collection probes everywhere throughout the consumers and businesses. “Partnering with JDSU to take early advantage of challenge for service providers to improve their margins, revenues and service network – and the network edge is exactly where you need to be – close to the customer to PacketPortal’s ability to deliver unique customer intelligence will allow us to exceed our quality is multiplied by the proliferation of smart devices, on-demand videos gather the intelligence you need. If you can decouple the data collection and filtering from customers’ expectations combined with delivering significant operating efficiencies and and social media content. Even though data usage growth is staggering the management, aggregation and analysis and then distribute throughout a cloud-based setting the foundation for innovative and exciting new services”, said Graham Bishop, REVENUE GENERATION bringing huge opportunities it is also ushering in new challenges. network you can dramatically reduce the cost, footprint and complexity of capturing rich Engineering Director, TalkTalk Technology. intelligence about the network, the content and your customers’ experience… this does mean developing unique technology to shrink the capture and filter capability into a micro form factor that can then be embedded in every device… and this is exactly what JDSU has Not restricted to monitoring applications, PacketPortal goes beyond network management, done. In the first version of PacketPortal the data collection capability is embedded in an offering information reach that can provide invaluable insight on customer usage. This SFP (Small Form factor Pluggable), about the size of a USB memory stick. Every network granular information is what service providers need to tailor their network and expand their device connected through optical interfaces has an SFP to interface to the network. These service offerings. For consumers this means a much more engaging online experience with NEW BUSINESS MODEL are standard industry interfaces so now every element can have an embedded probe – and fewer operational interruptions and more exciting services designed personally for them. what this delivers is unprecedented and massive scale on reaching critical information. Once you have remote data collection so dramatically reduced in size, cost and energy consumption it is what you can now do with the information that really opens up new This unique cloud based approach to intelligence gathering positions PacketPortal as a opportunities. You can now get on-demand, targeted and personalized data to support your value-creating platform that can help operators change the way they do business. Now with customer, content and network intelligence. In fact, PacketPortal is an open platform the ability to leverage the invaluable information hidden in the network, a new approach to supporting key applications out of the box, turbo-charging existing applications and also managed services, cloud hosting, content delivery and applications provisioning can be enabling a whole range of new applications through partnering. discovered. Michael Howard, principal analyst of carrier networks at Infonetics Research, shares The JDSU PacketPortal solution represents a unique and revolutionary approach to JDSU’s philosophy. “Service providers are challenged by traffic volumes and logjams, but customer, content and network intelligence. An innovative cloud-based approach to the source and location of these is unpredictable. PacketPortal is a first-of-its-kind embedded data capture, distribution and analysis brings massive scale to solving complex innovation: intelligence embedded in an SFP, that can be used in the ports of network issues while improving margins and revenues. And with an open platform you can enable products placed anywhere in a service provider’s network. With PacketPortal, carriers have today’s and future applications. the flexibility to detect problems, isolate them, and solve them in minutes rather than hours or days -- and use the intelligence for customer analytics.” Now, you can see the network the way your customers experience it. And this is only the beginning. This breakthrough technology can be embedded in a whole range of devices that include mobile handsets, set-top boxes, line-cards and network instruments. Come and visit JDSU here at MWC: Hall 1, Stand 1G63 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 33
  • 34. POLICY CONTROL | AMDOCS David Sharpley, Vice President, AmdocsMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:52 Page 34 Beyond Policy 4.PRE-INTEGRATED SYSTEMS and Charging 1.MOVE OVER 1ST GENERATION POLICY – What’s Next in 2012? 5.CONFIGURATION VS. CODE – OUT OF THE BOX 3.IT’S ABOUT NETWORK + IT INTEGRATION (VS. POLICY + CHARGING) With data monetization topping every mobile operator’s agenda in 2012, options are created and stored, including all policy is taking center stage as a key weapon in the data service arsenal in policy and charging rules. This means enabling rich innovative services. But is policy enough? David Sharpley improved service accuracy by avoiding highlights five key topics that will shape the policy discussion in 2012. discrepancies in service definitions that reside in disparate policy, AAA, BSS, and charging systems. olicy control brings intelligence and volume limits. Instead, they will be anchored P dynamism to the subscriber data experience by controlling what resources or services can be used and under around personalized data experiences that are aligned to customer behaviors, and to the customer’s context – where are they with the Complex and costly integration projects result in lengthy 12-18 month deployment “In 2012, it’s time to think beyond pure policy and charging and think more which circumstances. With bandwidth current plan, are they roaming, what device cycles, impacting the mobile operator’s broadly about how policy management as the primary use case of the are they using, etc. competitive edge. With much attention last 12-24 months, the role of policy is This is where policy comes in – it brings around policy-enabled metered use cases, provides that necessary bridge between network 2.THINK DATA EXPERIENCE VS. DATA evolving, enabling the transition from flat-rate intelligence and dynamism to plans that can such as tiered services and shared wallet, the PLAN plans to innovative dynamic experiences that be targeted at specific user segments, the underlying network control and BSS and IT systems.” appeal to different consumer and business applications they value highly, with dynamic technologies that need to work together, still users. Let’s examine some of the key topics options for new offers and services. For remain in their respective silos, requiring that are shaping the policy discussion in 2012. example, plans with a strong focus on social expensive and customized integration for networking applications, plans that feature each new service. shared quotas and credits for WiFi usage for This requires a unique and revolutionary Many operators are re-evaluating legacy 1st business customers. Policy also enables new approach to truly empower operators with generation policy systems that were uniquely service models, such as temporary upgrades the time to market and innovation edge they focused on tactical use cases to limit bandwidth and in-service promotions – all part of need to be successful, while reducing the consumption for applications such as Bit enriching the data experience. complexity of integrating underlying IT and Torrent, Skype, apply fair usage controls, and network components. For example, pre- provide a single point of enforcement to the integrated systems that feature policy as a Is it possible to deliver use cases out of the network via the gateway. These systems are key technology bridge between the box? The answer is yes – by providing the challenged on two key fronts. First, they are underlying IT and network technologies – business rule logic around the use cases, and unable to support the use case potential that Network access control provides such as subscriber management, charging, a set of configuration options, all supported operators demand, which now requires complementary capabilities to dynamic product catalog and BSS systems. by the productized, pre-integrated interaction in particular with charging and IT policy, including authentication, provided by This means bringing together a foundation technologies required to enable these systems. Second, these systems are not able to the HSS in an LTE network , and multi-access set of proven product technologies, then services. The value to operators is simple: meet the performance demands of increasingly services supported by a AAA solution in a productizing the integration between them no extensive customization, highly complex use cases (what we call the use case 3G-WiFI offload scenario. These solutions and packaging them on a hardware system, differentiated services through rich tax) and the sheer growth in mobile data manage how and under which circumstances all as a single supported product. Complete configuration options, and the advantage of transactions. Some legacy systems will continue subscribers and machines gain access to this with productized APIs that enable rapid time. These examples include tiered to work in the background uniquely focused on networks, acting as the gatekeeper to the integration upstream to provisioning, fault services, upsell, bill shock prevention, WiFi fair usage or bandwidth controls, and subscriber data experience that is shaped by management and other systems, and, offload, LTE data, pay-per-use data services increasingly co-located with more sophisticated dynamic policy. downstream to network elements, and shared data wallet. policy and charging solutions that support a We will see more policy interaction with enforcement points and notification In 2012, it’s time to think beyond policy and broader set of innovative data services. BSS and charging systems as operators seek platforms. The advantages are significant - charging and think more broadly about how to offer shared wallet services, complex first, this approach masks the underlying policy provides the bridge between network roaming controls and new choices in balance complexity of integrating complex policy, and IT systems. The benefits are clear - rich management and prepaid data. In particular, subscriber management, charging and BSS innovative services for consumer and Today’s customers don’t just want a data plan you can expect to see the product catalog systems. Second, it accelerates new data business users and delivered quickly, with – they want a data experience. Simply put, become a primary intersection point for service introductions from inception, through new pre-integrated system options that the data plan paradigm is shifting. Plans will policy control, and the master service testing to live deployment on a mobile simplify and accelerate data service no longer be just about simple per megabyte definition point where all service plans and network, in just a few short months. introductions in a few short months. PAGE 34 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 35. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:52 Page 35 GSMA Rich Communications Rich Communication solutions provide operators with new products and services to excite users and help customer retention. The GSMA’s Rich Communications project has support from the whole industry Ecosystem – operators, mobile phone manufacturers, client software and application vendors. And together, we are launching a single brand to be used by the whole ecosystem to represent Rich Communications solution – See in action for yourself Talk directly to operators who are committed to launching ‘joyn’ and our industry partners who It’s just there, are developing devices and applications for the future. it just works. Contacts who My contact Sharing files I start a call with and decide to and we see have joyn. screen with during chat is a joyn contact... share a video the same video! joyn services simple. which my joyn available. contact accepts... joyn is a Trade Mark of the GSMA 6 7 ZONE 4 ZONE 6 ZONE 3 4 5 Visit the GSMA Pavilion in Hall 8, stand C118 2 3 8 1
  • 36. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT | ACCENTURE Greg Jenko, Executive Director-Accenture Mobility Services, Solutions Architecture & Technology Planning Lead, AccentureMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:52 Page 36 ADDRESSING THE CHALLENGES OF ENTERPRISE MOBILE DEVELOPMENT Mobile Application Development: Challenges and Best Practices An increasing number of both mobile devices and potential applications are MOBILE DEVELOPMENT BEST PRACTICES forcing developers to overcome obstacles through the use of sound practices TURNING CHALLENGES INTO OPPORTUNITIES yourself or a full-fledged toolkit in other Security. Incorporate the platform’s inherent segments of the application development security capabilities but also use other tools Not surprisingly, many of these issues world. For instance, MEAPs tend to have such as encryption for sensitive data. overlap. That’s why developers must look at more full-fledged development environments, (Remember to balance this with power each one in context. with a wider variety of traditional tools such consumption.) as graphical user interfaces, version control, Data Access. Where is the enterprise data and workflow. They tend to have more Testing and User Experience. Test MOBILE DEVELOPMENT OPTIONS users need to access? Is connectivity integration tools and gateways to third-party applications not only for usability, but also for required? Developers have to determine services (such as Facebook and Twitter), as power consumption. They should be tested whether some data will be stored in the well as better technical support capabilities. with multiple browsers and on multiple device’s native file system or accessed solely Which application development strategy carrier connections to ensure that they through a browser (in which instance the developers choose really depends on the accommodate both online and offline usage. device will most likely store no data). application itself. Does it require capabilities The plight of a mobile application native to the operating system? Does it Analytics. Incorporate analytics features that developer these days is a challenging Security. While every mobile device require security features, or support track how users interact with the application. one. New devices are redrawing the manufacturer understands the importance of capabilities, that require a MEAP? Or can it This will not only help identify ongoing boundaries of what users can do. But security, and offers accommodations for it, the be created using an MCAP? Once developers, technical support issues, but also reveal developers must now determine responsibility for protecting data falls squarely in conjunction with line of business whether users are interacting with the what devices to target, how to create on the application developers’ shoulders, so representatives have answered these application in the fashion developers simple yet effective applications, and they must incorporate encryption into the questions, they’ll be ready to begin. expected. how to secure data. application down to the file system level. Encryption helps to ensure that data cannot be Feedback. Develop a capability – whether pilfered from the device, even if it is lost. But at through e-mail, social networking or even ncreasingly too, corporate users are the same time, developers should also consider The best results come from applying the through the application itself – for users to I accessing enterprise data from mobile devices which may be their own or may be deployed by their internal IT department. other options for preserving and protecting data, including programming automatic backup and creating remote “kill” or “wipe” capabilities following best practices in the design and deployment of mobile applications. report bugs and offer insight into what they like and dislike about the application. That means developers may not know what so that data can be erased after it’s reported lost. Methodology. Determining the design the target platform is, requiring either a cross- methodology is key to mobile application platform or multi-platform development User Experience. How is the screen real estate development, especially in a cross-platform Ultimately, consistent application effort. This consumerization of IT also best used? What features should be available? environment where multiple efforts may be development and delivery excellence presumes an element of ease of use, so that Developers have to remember that users on underway simultaneously. Even if the requires the implementation of five steps: developers need to craft applications that are the go are usually looking for specific development toolkits are different, developers easy to use. information, and determine how to make that should verify that they can use common testing 1. Optimize development and testing efforts Overall, mobile application developers information as easy to find as possible. tools, project management and reporting. by accurately identifying which platforms must consider data access, security, offline Developers should also institute a strict policy to target, whether for internal or external capabilities, back-end integration, and regarding use of components across platforms, deployment. transparent synchronization with data with Developers can choose from either native which facilitates maintenance and extensibility 2. Employ consistent and reliable back-end systems. Developers can also development tools or cross-platform tools. across applications on different platforms. development practices across all leading choose from either native development tools Native development tools enable developers platforms. for each of the major mobile devices and to create applications that run on specific Development Skills. Developers should 3. Collaborate extensively. The application platforms (including Apple® iOS, Android™, platforms, such as Apple® iOS, Android®, or confirm that their team has the proper development team should incorporate Microsoft® Windows® Mobile and Microsoft® Microsoft® Windows® Phone 7. In order to breadth and depth: breadth in the needs of coding, testing, graphical design, and user Windows® Phone 7, Symbian®, RIM® take advantage of specific capabilities, application area being targeted, and depth on experience skills to help applications to BlackBerry®, Java®, Linux®, and Meego™) or developers may target the operating system the particular platforms being used. fulfill users’ needs. cross-platform environments such as SAP and the associated development environment 4. Tailor distribution mechanisms AG’s Sybase Unwired Platform and others. to create an application with those features. Design. The best method is to develop a appropriately, whether for initial downloads To accommodate this variety of needs, Cross-platform development tools layered application, where the functionality through managed application stores or developers must determine what kinds of generally fall into two categories themselves: remains consistent across platforms (while still periodic updates. mobile development environments are Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms conforming to each platform’s look-and-feel), 5. Track emerging technologies and maturing available, and which best practices give them (MEAP) or Mobile Consumer Application with modular pieces plugged in underneath. standards to help make applications the greatest chance to achieve success. Platforms (MCAP). In many ways, these two Within those modular pieces, retain identical perform even more efficiently, whether in options resemble the choice between build-it- business rules and application logic. terms of speed or features. PAGE 36 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 37. FEATUREMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:52 Page 37 Features: Time for carriers to look up to the cloud Releasing the Value of Verticals Forward thinkers choose NEC to handle their cloud communications Monetising the mobile cloud MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 37
  • 38. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:52 Page 38 ADVERTISEMENT 3 7 > 6 4BA 5# @ 0 A 2A @ 87 ; 6 A 5@ 12A < @ # @ > : A < : @ 7 6 5@ = BA @ 1> < @ - 7 < = 6 A < @ 0 7 : @ = < > 3 $ @ = BA @ < ; 8B= @ 4B1; 4A , @ *) & ) $ " & & ) ) " %) $ % ) $ $ ) Telefonica SME Segment NEC Customer: citizenM Hotel Group, Glasgow The challenge: citizenM needed a fully hosted, virtualized communications infrastructure for could be deployed in their other hotels quickly and easily. They needed a solution that enabled them to provide complete guest satisfaction. With a major expansion program planned, the solution had to be a long term one, enabling citizenM to expand and execute their growth strategy, regardless of location or timing. Swisscom, a hospitality industry Cloud Solutions telecommunications provider, selected NEC as their partner to provide the solution. @ < 1. @ = BA @ 9 A 8; 6 6 ; 6 8# @ 0 A @ Forward thinkers choose NEC to wanted a close working handle their cloud communications relationship with NEC. It was so close at times that it was he future is brighter and clearer than ever The customer reaction:@ < 1. @ . $ @ - 1; 6 = @ 1? 2; A 0 # @ @ T before for businesses worldwide because Cloud Computing solutions. NEC draw upon their long experience in IT and their experience in the networking and communication world to NEC does things differently to the rest of their competitors - the people that I worked with really understood our operation - the difference is in = BA ; < @ B> . 7 6 @ < A : 1> < 4A : ,@ + * / : @ : = 7 ? @ 0 7 : @ 41. . ; = = A 5@ to a smooth collaboration with our IT personnel. ? ; 6 = A < 6 7 3 @ < A : 1> < 4A : @ 7 6 5@ + * / The NEC Solution: Swisscom selected NEC uniquely provide cloud solutions that combine IT, < 1. @ = BA @ 9A 8; 6 6 ; 6 8# @ 0 A @ 0 7 6 = A 5@ 7 @ 43 1: A @ 0 1< & ; 6 8@ largely based on the strength of the NEC Sphericall communication and network innovations. relationship with NEC. It was so close at times platform. Sphericall is an IP based software switch By making use of their strengths, NEC are not only that lives in a Cloud environment. NEC hosted developing and offering a variety of services, but < A : 1> < 4A : @ 7 6 5@ + * / the Sphericall-based platform within its local also providing the technology and knowledge they - Gustavo Quiroga, Project Manager, Ministry of data centre, with full redundancy including daily have cultivated through establishing systems in Education in San Juan management service, and is providing it as a CaaS their own company. (Communications as a Service) solution. In addition, Here are just a handful of examples of how NEC NEC Customer: Telefonica, Spain they also connect to the SIP Trunking Service has recently helped customers overcome the The challenge: Telefonica are a giant telecoms Provider and undertook all the call rating as part challenges that they have faced, and details of the provider, with headquarters in Madrid. Like nearly of the solution, eliminating the need for citizenM solutions that NEC provided. all telecom providers, Telefonica has recently to engage with third parties and ensuring that all been facing growing pressures on its revenue calls follow the optimum and most cost effective NEC Customer: route. To ensure the constant availability of the San Juan Education Department, Argentina revenue comes from their small and medium communication system, NEC has provided a local The challenge: The San Juan Education enterprise customers, and these customers were ISDN gateway as an emergency backup in case Department had 20,000 employees at 800 increasingly requesting new services to strengthen there is a network failure. This service orientated educational establishments and was growing their business capabilities. They also needed the communications platform delivers scalability, rapidly. They faced the problem of a severe lack services to be available quickly. That is where NEC of connectivity. Some outlying areas even lacked stepped in. continues to expand, it can use the same technology a basic phone service. Without an effective The NEC Solution:@ A 3 A ? 6 ; 47 @ 4B1: A @ + * / : @ 7 7 @ 1 at new hotel sites without incurring further costs. communication solution, the department started to platform as a new business model to boost revenue The customer reaction:@ ; = B@ 0 ; : : 41. @ 7 6 5@ + * / # @ become really slow in answering demands placed we knew we had two well known and proven brands upon them. Information management within the offer an integrated IT and network solution, and only NEC could deliver its SaaS solution quickly initial upfront investment has accounted for 90% of make informed decisions. enough. NEC set up the service infrastructure in = BA @ 0 1< & @ 6 A A 5A 5@ ? @ ? < = BA < @ 5A - 3 1$ . A 6 = @ A 3 : A 0 BA < A , 1< > The NEC solution: NEC delivered a secure cloud only 45 days, defying all expectations. Two key - Michael Levie, CCO of citizenM Hotel Group solution utilizing its desktop virtualization solution technologies enabling NEC to successfully meet (Virtual PC Centre: VPCC) and IP telephony (UNIVERGE) - all based securely in the data centre. > 3 = ; A 6 7 6 4$ , @ BA @ 7 88< A 87 = ; 16 @ : & ; 3 3 @ ; 6 43 > 5A : @ 6 1= @ This solution allowed the Ministry of Education to only technology but also business processes to double the number of end users without making any aggregate and bring applications to the platform. These make it possibly to deploy new applications cloud solution now covers 100% of the territory. very quickly. The multi-tenancy SaaS platform Data is encrypted securely across the system, and allows multiple end users to subscribe to and previously problematic areas, like updating anti- use a variety of application services on the same virus software, are now straightforward with just infrastructure. The end users can access all the one data centre update. This secure cloud solution, applications they wish by using just one window. customized for the Ministry of Education, delivers Telefonica now has a vast array of opportunities to the security and cost-savings of DaaS (Desktop as . A A = @ = BA ; < @ * @ 4> : = 1. A < : @ 5A . 7 6 5: , a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS The customer reaction:@ (@ 0 7 : @ B16 A : = 3 $ @ 7 . 7 A 5,@ (Platform as a Service) methodologies through the I never thought the service infrastructure could data centre. be set up in only 45 days. Since our service was
  • 39. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:52 Page 39 ADVERTISEMENT The Third Wave of Cloud Computing: Releasing the Value of Verticals Telecom Operators have begun to make headway with their Cloud Offerings but the real opportunity lies in the next wave of services. and localization. NEC has partnered with telecom T exclusive domain of large internet players opportunity to grow their own business by creating a model in which they shared more The Cloud Computing model continued to evolve. NEC, along with a number of major telecom operators, has led the way in this evolution as a part of the second wave of cloud computing. operators to build successful cloud programs The approaching third wave of cloud computing is about connecting more than IT resources and services. The next wave will be about bringing model was a new way to deliver IT resources and to step in and build on the infrastructure they had services, and many enterprises experienced the already put in place by expanding and adapting healthcare, education, retail and government. the service models for their existing customers. used, as and when they used them. of data from the cloud. The increasing need to However, security and privacy considerations have in this second wave of cloud computing has been integrate services with process will require a broader kept many enterprises from fully exploiting the the Carrier Cloud services, such as those delivered number of sensors and devices to be connected to on the NEC SaaS Market Place. These services are the Carrier Cloud. Increasingly, we will see machine- had the option to build their own private cloud delivered in a cloud model but with more focus on to-machine (M2M) communications come to the which was a useful compromise but not one that forefront of services focused on industry verticals. A big chance for small business Wider Cloud with NEC Until now, only vertically integrated industries such as healthcare, hospitality, education, Enterprises Developers SMB logistics and retail have required large capital investment in integrated software packages to Hospitals Schools Hospitality Logistics Retails manage their core industry functionalities. This has often meant that traditional IT offerings have left large customer groups, such as SMEs, underserved in these verticals as vendors focus on those segments with higher margins. Expanding ... Healthcare Education Hospitality Logistics Retails M2M Connectivity Iaas Paas Saas Fleet Management Infrastructure Platform Software as a Service as a Service as a Service Digital Signage ID Biometrics Cloud Orchestration “Common Management Layer” for Portal, Ordering, Provisioning, Data Center and Network Management Shinya Kukita, Chief Manager of International Sales at NEC + * / : @ = B; < 5@ 0 7 2A @ / 7 < < ; A < @ / 3 1> 5@ - < 1- 1: ; = ; 16 @ NEC has a proven track record of delivering Big data is a problem that telecom operators are in lets telecom operators address opportunities a unique position to solve. Wherever data is widely like SME. Shinya Kukita, Chief Manager of spread and changing rapidly is an opportunity for to aggregate the package of services most a telecom operator to provide valuable services to 0 7 2A @ 1? / 3 1> 5# @ = BA @ = A 3 A 41. @ 1- A < 7 = 1< : @ 0 A < A 6 = @ @ appropriate for it. The bridge between these new and existing customers. The time for asking invited---so we came up with the second services and the SMEs that have been left out whether the cloud is serious business for telecom wave. But, it is for the third wave that telecom until now is the local telecom operator. operators is over. operators are uniquely positioned to leverage The question that remains is, do telecom operators their communications advantage and their ability Big data, Big Opportunity have a greater role to play in the third wave of to focus on the national markets. Within each The connected world of smart objects, from cloud computing than dumb-pipe provider? With industry, key offerings are company-appropriate mobile terminals to sensors, meters and NEC as their partner, the answer is yes. bundles of applications that include common functionality delivered from cross-industry and rapidly accumulating data. The growing prominence of M2M connectivity, as well as the management, digital signage and biometrics- big data that comes with it, is a problem for which 97 : A 5@ 7 > = BA 6 = ; 47 = ; 16 , @ 2 11:46
  • 40. FEATUREMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:53 Page 40 Time for carriers to look up to the cloud A cloud strategy is critical for the long-term business plans of mobile network operators (MNOs), as they search for innovative approaches to mobile data services and new business opportunities. Yet analysts say MNOs have been slow to adapt to the fast-changing market environment, and have lagged behind in the race to unlock the ‘second trillion dollars of value in the mobile communications industry.’ Anne Morris reports. ccording to Jagdish Rebello, senior A director and principal analyst at IHS iSuppli, MNOs are uniquely positioned to capitalise on mobile broadband opportunities, such as tiered pricing plans, cloud services, mobile commerce and wireless mesh sensor networking of the Internet of Things. “The cloud is clearly a fast emerging market segment that provides new revenue growth opportunities for MNOs,” Rebello said in a report on mobile operator business models published in late 2011. “Besides enterprise Mohr-McClune stressed that the biggest Belarus-based mobile operator JLLC “We are also interested in cloud applications, the consumer cloud market problem for carriers is in attempting to Mobile TeleSystems (MTS Belarus) said it consumer cloud services is also poised for explosive growth as social breach the large innovation lead gained by started its cloud strategy with enterprise networking becomes increasingly a part of the the Apple iCloud product. software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions because the number of digital lifestyle. Companies like Amazon, Paul-François Fournier, executive vice because it sees small and medium-sized smartphones, tablets and other Google, Apple and Funambol are rolling out president of the Technocentre at Orange, businesses as the largest growing segment in mobile devices is increasing services that manage and store user-generated conceded that Apple and others have cloud computing. and purchased content and then sync this created “some great cloud services for “As the next step in cloud service and more and more users are content seamlessly across multiple devices.” consumers”. development we see the launching of email, relying on the cloud as the Communications service providers have so “However, Orange and other MNOs have portal, web-store, hosting, planning, main driver for satisfying their far focused primarily on deploying their fixed also provided compelling cloud services and calendaring, business management services computer needs.” networks to enable cloud-based services for will continue to provide innovative new etc.,” said Vladimir Karpovich, director Vladimir Karpovich, Director General, MTS Belarus enterprise users. Those operators that have services,” Fournier said. “We are still at the general, of MTS Belarus. “We are also both fixed and mobile operations are then also beginning of the development of mobile interested in consumer cloud services more likely to tackle mobile cloud services for consumer cloud services, and our customers because the number of smartphones, tablets Nevertheless, Mohr-McClune stressed that all the enterprise and consumer markets. want personal data services that they will be and other mobile devices is increasing and European carriers should be concerned about As things stand, however, MNOs appear to able to manage, through a third party they more and more users are relying on the cloud the way “cloud” is being positioned to be making only tentative moves with consumer can trust, and come and see around the as the main driver for satisfying their consumers in terms of just one application: cloud services, and are leaving the service corner if they have questions. In this way, the computing needs.” personal data storage and retrieval. And they opportunity to the likes of Apple and Google. MNO can and does play a role, and we see Karpovich acknowledged that MNOs also have so far failed to demonstrate an “In that space MNOs have been woefully that role continuing.” worldwide are seeing huge growth in mobile incremental revenue opportunity from services behind; those doing anything are not Fournier also pointed out that people tend data and bandwidth use, “so they need to that have already been launched. aggressively pushing it,” commented Rebello. to forget that fixed and mobile operators have offset this with new and innovative services But if operators can get this right, the “It surprises me that the big MNOs have not been providing their customers with a wide to increase revenues. MNOs have important rewards appear to be there for the taking. made a concerted effort to push cloud.” array of services that also could be called advantages for providing cloud services…and According to Juniper Networks in a report A new study by Current Analysis highlights "cloud services" before even Apple or Google through their existing customer relationship, published in 2011, high-profile consumer that in the enterprise segment, the “as-a- got into the act. can offer various bundling of cloud and mobile cloud launches from players such as service” term is used as an umbrella concept “In that area, Orange has been providing network services.” Amazon, Google and Apple are expected to for cloud to represent a whole range of multi- email and back up and restore services for In summary, while enterprise cloud generate revenues of almost US$6.5 billion tenant hosted and managed services. “In the many years,” he said. “As an example, services are becoming more sophisticated, it per annum by 2016. Juniper Networks also consumer space, however, carriers are using Orange email services are used every month is still very early days for consumer-focused forecasts that annual revenues derived from the term ‘cloud’ to signify one narrow by more than 14 million Orange customers. cloud services. mobile cloud-based enterprise services are application: data storage and retrieval,” said Orange launched My Content Online in Mohr-McClune noted that carriers expected to reach US$39 billion by 2016 as research director Emma Mohr-McClune. October 2011 in France, Spain, and the UK - considering a consumer cloud push with a mobile network operators increasingly offer Furthermore, added Mohr-McClune, a service that enables customers to store all focus on data storage should be monitoring corporate clients an array of unified carriers are positioning “cloud” in the same documents and photos within the network Telekom Deutschland’s TelekomCloud, communications suites. And IHS iSuppli broad context as Apple iCloud: free storage and access them regardless of their device. “arguably the most mature and fully estimates that spending on public cloud value-add for personal data files to promote There are also already more than 2 million featured of the first generation of ‘cloud’- services by enterprises and consumers will platform and service stickiness, with no clear users of the back-up and restore service branded services currently available from grow from about $25 billion in 2010 to incremental revenue opportunity. provided by Orange.” European carriers.” approximately $125 billion in 2015. PAGE 40 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 41. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:53 Page 41 Winning in Verticals with M2M Cloud Visit us: Hall 8, Stand A125 Also hear us at: LTE Forum Mobile Cloud Forum 28th February, 2012, 11:15, Hall 7, Auditorium C 29th February, 2012, 13:30, Hall 7, Auditorium B Speaker: Speakers: Mr. Keiichi J. Miyahara Mr. Shinya Kukita Corporate Chief Engineer, NEC Chief Manager of International Sales, NEC Dr. Heinrich Stüttgen Vice President, NEC Laboratories Europe Learn how you can partner with NEC. 15:26:43 Uhr
  • 42. 4G TRAFFIC MEDIATION | OPENWAVE Mike Mulica, CEO, Openwave Systems.MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:54 Page 42 STANDARDS-BASED ARCHITECTURES A FRESH START INTRODUCTION Leveraging 4G Service Delivery Gateway to Overcome Data Deluge • How to reduce the cost of content over content delivery capabilities like The definition of the policy charging and rules delivery and enable “fast-path” efficient caching, bandwidth reservation, function (PCRF) component in the policy and transaction processing with cross-service optimization, charging will enhance the charging control (PCC) reference architecture awareness without opening content content owners’ applications and the end- THE ROAD TO MONETIZATION brought subscriber-awareness into mobile payloads multiple times (like content user satisfaction while respecting the data path management. It was also one of the filtering and content insertion). operator needs and imperatives. SERVICE DELIVERY ORCHESTRATION first steps in building a more capable infrastructure. Because traditional traffic All these architectural challenges highlight identification (based on IP address/port the need for a new service delivery Ten years of data path evolution brings us to source/destination and protocol data) is too orchestration function that expands the 3GPP the current state of mobile carrier network limited for managing the growing diversity of TDF entity and enhances the overall PCC design: cluttered. In most cases, this is a Let’s look at some of the ways the internet services and resulting user behaviors, architecture, bringing a holistic capability in result of the progressive proliferation of telecommunications industry has benefitted 3GPP is enhancing the PCC architecture in the SGi path for orchestrating service multiple value-added services proxies, usually from a flourishing mobile broadband Release 11 with a service traffic detection enablement and for selectively on-boarding chained, with even separate data paths for business: The global units shipped of mechanism referred to as Traffic Detection inline services. consumer, enterprise or smartphone devices. smartphones and tablets has surpassed Function (TDF). TDF is responsible for: The new Service Delivery Gateway (SDG) Any incremental requirements take desktop PC numbers . The total number of • Application traffic detection represents the first industry solution to truly increasing amounts of engineering and 3G users is about to hit the billion mark with – Reporting of solicited traffic classification integrate network and application value-added operational effort to be rolled out, as the 35 per cent Y/Y growth . The global mobile (like P2P, VoIP, video...) to the PCRF services into a single platform which provides complexity behind integration rises data traffic growth rate is expected to be so – Usage Monitoring the capability to apply a holistic traffic steering exponentially with the growing number of phenomenal that Cisco VNI Global IP Traffic • Policy control for the detected application and service orchestration management of vendors involved in the patchwork. Forecast is making “Exabyte” and “Zettabyte” traffic: multiple functional enforcements into an The good news is that 4G represents the mainstream vocabulary terms. – Gating integrated infrastructure designed for scale, opportunity for a fresh start. Operators need Thanks to ubiquitous, affordable and – Redirection performance and TCO reduction. The SDG to rethink the way content and applications advanced computing and connectivity – Bandwidth shaping directly addresses the challenges of 4G mobile get delivered through their network. When it capabilities, internet players are on the verge data path architectures by enabling true comes to 4G migration, they should be of creating a new digital era where social, The move is fostering new innovation and service-based traffic steering (i.e. route focusing on three main areas: local and mobile media are converging. standardization activities up in the service layer. efficiently traffic across VAS services based on Unfortunately, it appears as if mobile Enhancements like the enablement of sponsored traffic classification), optimizing control plane • Embrace standards reference architectures operators will not be able to enjoy the party. or subsidized data connectivity, and the extension traffic (across VAS and network service (like 3GPP) that are required for 4G without Mobile operators are looking at their of policy architecture to handle transactional functions) and by implementing service-aware jeopardizing the ability to achieve scale and balance sheets to try and extract lessons from services are reflective of the importance of usage policy rules in an optimum way. contain network costs their still-recent 3G growth: the numbers are preparing 4G network architectures for content- • Mitigate the impact of over-the-top (OTT) not promising. Some operators are even driven and user-driven business models. traffic growth by optimizing content leaving money on the table as mobile The two central benefits of intelligently delivery and enabling new monetization broadband revenues fail to cover their mobile mediating mobile data traffic through this opportunities infrastructure costs. The economic While 3GPP is setting the groundwork for a new service orchestration function are: • Enable more dynamic and targeted constraints are real as is the doubt about solid and future-proof all-IP network business models through customer insights business sustainability given the architecture (Release 11 won’t arrive until late • Increase customer intimacy. Operators are that can be made actionable throughout the disproportion between data volume growth September, 2012), operators must solve some looking for new ways to attract and retain entire data delivery infrastructure rate and incomes. more immediate challenges: end-users, to improve their brand Most major operators acknowledge that positioning and to maximize the top-line The SDG provides to operators the single properly re-designing the mobile network • How to accommodate policy scenarios not benefits through sales of data plans among traffic management framework they need to infrastructure is paramount if they are to yet standardized or incompatible with the diversity of usage patterns and needs. build smart and cost effective 4G data paths with survive the 4G data explosion. Operators existing PCC vendors, where content- the Internet ecosystem in mind. SDG provides a understand that escaping the “dumb pipe” awareness, application metering and policy • More B2B2C opportunities. Future revenue powerful platform for operators to leverage the curse means building a mobile data path that are mixed all together. growth depends on operators’ ability to mobile Internet content business growth and can support unforeseen traffic volumes with a • How to manage congestion in the control transform core network assets into two- momentum in order to drive premium customer tremendous disparity between devices and plane and minimize the number of sided business enablers for the rest of the acquisition and customer retention through content patterns, while cost-effectively signaling sessions for processing mobile ecosystem. Creating an interface that gives innovative and advanced use cases centered on supporting new business models. data traffic on the SGi interface. internet and OTT players some control end-users and content providers. PAGE 42 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 43. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:55 Page 43
  • 44. ENTERPRISE MOBILITY | ANTENNA SOFTWARE Jim Somers, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Antenna SoftwareMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:55 Page 44 Enterprise mobility: the new frontier for network operators A popular narrative has mobile operators unable to pull out of a tailspin been put off by the deep bank of resources successful – 45 per cent of respondents to our caused by a lack of growth in ‘voice’ revenues, and an inability to leverage required. However, we believe that an survey said that the slow speed at which mobile their position on top of the mobile data value chain. In truth, soul-searching increasing number of operators will stake projects came to fruition was a significant over these issues is a thing of the past for most of the networks out there. their claim as enterprise mobility providers in frustration in the implementation of their While they may have been distracted of late by the success of services and the near future. Why? Because a new solution mobile strategies. Solutions which meet these content providers like Apple, Google, and Amazon, the recent conversations to these issues is taking shape – one which stringent criteria will unlock the enterprise we have been having with our operator partners suggest that they are now sees operators forming wholesale space for operators because they will allow looking to develop hugely valuable opportunities which dwarf those partnerships with enterprise mobility them to monetise their relationships and core available in the crowded consumer markets, and reflect their status as titans vendors, and white-labelling those vendors’ resources without requiring them to acquire of the industry. solutions for their own corporate customers. new skills or take on greater financial risk. For this form of relationship to work, the US$173.9 billion. That’s how much Global hose conversations have revealed that consumer-facing mobility projects in the next enterprise mobility solution in question will Industry Analysts, Inc. recently predicted the T many are looking to the trafficking of machine-to-machine (M2M) data to facilitate aggressive revenue growth and 12-18 months. That’s more than double the amount enterprises currently have invested in mobile projects (£269k/US$426k). On need to play to operators’ strengths and minimise their potential difficulties. In practice, this means supplying them with a unified worldwide enterprise mobility market would be worth by 2017. US$173.9 billion: that’s the size of the opportunity I’ve been talking stimulate their networks in the near future. average, UK businesses are planning to launch mobility suite that can handle all seven stages about. Right now, one thing about the nature While many networks are preparing for an three separate new mobility projects in the of the enterprise mobility asset lifecycle: of this opportunity is certain – the network ‘M2M revolution’ by investing in crucial next 12 months, while US businesses are design, build, integrate, publish, run, manage, operators which move to take advantage of it infrastructure and working closely with device planning to launch four in the same period. and analyse, while providing cross platform in the short term will reap the biggest gains in vendors, there is an opportunity for greater These results strongly suggest that network and device support. It needs to be much more the long term. proactivity which few are taking up at the operators that get involved in enabling than just an ‘app platform’ – 45 per cent of the When an enterprise decides to launch a present time. Specifically, by setting mobility for their enterprise customers can IT and business decision makers surveyed are new mobile initiative their first call is to the themselves up as players in the enterprise open up a new, highly lucrative, revenue currently working on or about to start working network operator which supplies its phones mobility space, operators will be in a position stream through the provisioning of apps, web- on a mobile website for their customers, while and connectivity. They shouldn’t have to to provide solutions which would create strong apps, mobile websites, and storefronts, in 36 per cent of respondents said they were make a second call. business cases for the production of M2M addition to boosting revenues associated with doing the same for their employees. Enterprise applications—as well as B2E and B2C apps— the volume of M2M data traffic. mobility is no longer just about apps; we’ve on the part of their corporate customers. Crucially, operators are well placed to take already seen enough to know that 2012 is “network operators that get A few operators have already ventured in up the mantle of enterprise mobility provision. going to be the year in which businesses put as involved in enabling this direction – AT&T in the US, and They already have hard-won experience of much energy into developing mobile websites mobility for their enterprise Swisscom in Europe, for example. On the securing mobile networks, which they can and hybrid web-apps as they do into whole though, operators have feared to tread bring to the task of securing enterprise developing native apps. We also believe that customers can open up a where (investment) angels have rushed in. services (a priority for IT departments across this will be the year in which branded new, highly lucrative, That’s surprising, given the demand that we the board). They are also already established enterprise app and content storefronts emerge revenue stream through know exists in the enterprise. We recently providers of devices and internet connectivity from the shadow of the OEM app stores. surveyed 1,000 US and UK IT and business to the enterprise via their ‘business services’ From experience we know that solutions the provisioning of apps, decision makers, regarding their personal and divisions. Most of all, they are a trusted which operators can wholesale must meet strict web-apps, mobile websites, organisational enterprise mobility activities resource and partner for their customers in the enterprise SLAs and mobile asset management and storefronts, in addition and plans, in partnership with business area of mobile communications. requirements, offer a superlative user to boosting revenues research specialists Vanson Bourne. This Despite this, operators have been reluctant experience, have full cloud-hosting capabilities survey revealed that, on average, CIOs and to make a play for a share of the enterprise and integrate with back-end systems. In associated with the volume business unit leaders are planning to invest mobility market. Those that have looked at addition, they will also have to get apps and of M2M data traffic” £590,000 (or US$935,000) in employee and taking on the whole process themselves have other mobile assets to market fast to be PAGE 44 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 45. 09:14MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:55 Page 45
  • 46. HETEROGENEOUS NETWORKS | RADISYS Todd Mersch, Director of Product Line Management, RadisysMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:55 Page 46 OBSTACLES AND SOLUTIONS The Hitchhiker’s Guide to HetNets KEY DECISIONS FOR OPERATORS AND NETWORK EQUIPMENT VENDORS If you are among the many trying to 2. Managing multimode networks. As 4. A hot zone or “underlay” approach to navigate the expanding universe of operators upgrade their networks from 3G rollouts? Drives decisions on backhaul, “To misquote Douglas Heterogeneous Networks, then to 3G HSPA+ to LTE / LTE-Advanced and Radio Resource Management (RRM), SON Adams, a HetNet is about “don’t panic!” beyond, they are creating a heightened algorithms, and product development the most massively useful WHY HETNETS? expectation of service while supporting phasing. he plethora of products, pitches, and customers on a variety of network-bearers. thing an interstellar T pontification around HetNets is likely to leave you feeling stranded and, frankly, a bit confused. There is a galaxy of HetNets enable improved quality of experience by delivering more bandwidth to each subscriber and they have the Like any new and promising technology, HetNets are not without their challenges – operator can have.” possibilities for HetNets – an unbounded potential to support multiple standards, standards, location, network integration, and 4. Backhaul. Being able to cost-effectively HEADING YOUR WAY – NEED A LIFT? opportunity for operators to maximize the thus allowing them to be leveraged across deployment models. Key obstacles include: backhaul the massive traffic volumes that value of their spectrum and deliver various network types. small cell HetNet topologies enable is a unprecedented quality of experience…and to 1. Interference management. With a dense huge burden on the business case. Solutions do so cost-effectively. 3. Accessing new markets. Embracing small deployment of cells on either shared or include various forms of wireless backhaul, To mis-quote Douglas Adams, the author of cells to deploy HetNets allows operators to dedicated spectrum, there is significant but much of this is unproven today. The The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “A target additional markets, including rural potential for interference – which could good news is that reliability of backhaul in HetNet is about the most massively useful and emergency response services, which greatly diminish the benefits of HetNets and HetNets does not need to be 99.999%, but thing an interstellar operator can have.” previously were either too costly to cover essentially crush the business case. Strategies there remains much work to be done. Seriously, fellow travelers, a HetNet and/or required proprietary network to manage interference include hybrid access Additionally, as we evolve to LTE-Advanced encompasses the idea of a macro wireless technology. control, coordinated SON, dedicated there are network nodes specifically network augmented by – and working with – spectrum (e.g., TDD for small cells, FDD for designed to deliver in-band wireless small cells. The goal is to use a combination macro), and advanced scheduling. backhaul, the Relay Node that delivers of macro, pico, and micro cells to increase improved cell edge performance and coverage and capacity across the whole 2. Multi-vendor interoperability. As more licensed spectrum backhaul capability. This network, particularly in dense urban areas. While the concept of HetNets is relatively intelligence is moved to the base station is mainly an economic issue but decisions It is a concept that can revolutionize a straightforward, the actual incarnation of itself, the challenge of interoperability must be made about the technology mobile operator’s service offering, but it is not that vision remains unclear and the industry increases, particularly with distributed approach to speed time to market. simple. is still far from consensus on strategy and SON. Initiatives to help address this include Is the HetNet galaxy within reach? What implementation. Operators have to make extensions to standards to allow sharing of 5. Cost. Beyond just backhaul, deployment will it take to get from vision to reality? What smart, strategic decisions in the near-term cell loading and related information costs include new requirements with regard challenges must be overcome? Do solutions to shape the approach to HetNet between base stations, as well as operator- to site identification and acquisition, exist to surmount the current obstacles? deployments and to drive product defined algorithms and interop activities. certification and community approval, etc. development: And the boxes themselves must be cost- 3. Security and network integration. Each link effective, both from a per-unit and There are tangible and compelling reasons for 1. What type of small cells to deploy? Single- between small cell and network must be operational (e.g., power requirement) operators to embrace HetNets enabled by or multi-mode (e.g., 3G, LTE, and WiFi). secured, which creates challenges both for perspective. SON is critical to keeping small cells: end-to-end security design as well as OPEX down while integrated silicon and 2. Shared or dedicated spectrum? No longer a scalability. Additionally, the network is now software will help drive down unit costs. 1. Supporting the ever-increasing flow of decision just for a single Radio Access being asked to support a significant number data. HetNets provide a path to delivering Network (RAN); encompasses the issue of of base stations which, especially in the 3G more capacity within a given amount of employing spectrum assets for various case, it was not designed to handle. Enter The prospect of HetNets is quite compelling, spectrum, thereby maximizing utilization of standards. the age of intelligent edge gateways: these yet there is much to be overcome along with this extremely valuable resource. This devices embed multiple functions that many vital decisions still to be made by includes both the technical benefits of cell 3.Centralized or distributed Self-Organizing include security gateways, signaling and operators. With apologies to Douglas Adams splitting – improved reception, increased Network (SON) approach? SON data plane aggregation, device again, “I’ve checked it thoroughly and that bits/Hz/consumer – as well as the ability capabilities and importance are well management, and value added services quite definitely is the answer. The problem, to to use a targeted approach to filling both understood but the deployment strategy such as internet offloading, video be quite honest with you, is that operators coverage and capacity gaps. is not. optimization, and edge caching. don’t actually yet know what the question is.” PAGE 46 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 47. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:55 Page 47 See a living future at the GSMA Connected House, one where everyone and everything will benefit from intelligent wireless connections. Experience a Find out how homes become smart, city and transport networks will be optimised, healthcare reach extended and the growing needs of mobile consumers and businesses met. Explore how mobile is driving innovation in order to deliver economic growth, successful world where products, customer value and new business opportunities. Experience how intelligent wireless connections will create more value, drive efficiency and deliver a richer experience. everything Showcasing key industry milestones, the vision for the future and numerous cutting edge connected solutions over two floors are the GSMA, AT&T, KT and Vodafone, with partners: Accenture, Airbiquity, AQ Corporation, Ericsson, Intel, KTH, Qualcomm, Rsupport, Sony and intelligently Zelitron. Visit the GSMA Connected House and step into a living future. GSMA Connected House, Hospitality Suite CY13, The Courtyard. connects Connected GSMA Connected House, House Hospitality Suite CY13, The Courtyard 19:57
  • 48. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 13:37 Page 48 Mobile World Capital - Barcelona Hospitality Suite 1F00 WELCOME TO Visit us at To arrange a visit or for more information go to or contact Founding Partners: MINISTERIO DE INDUSTRIA, ENERGÍA Y TURISMO
  • 49. CHINA | ANALYSIS Calum Dewar, Analyst, Wireless Intelligence www.wirelessintelligence.comMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:55 Page 49 China approaches 1 billion mobile connections as 3G services gain traction China is on track to surpass 1 billion mobile connections before the end of China mobile connections, Q4 2011 the current quarter, fuelled by growth in 3G which will soon account for a quarter of the country’s connections. China Mobile China Unicom China Telecom Connections (m) 648.7 199.7 125.3 973.7 s China nears the 1 billion connections The three Chinese operators began rolling A milestone, a market penetration level of 72 percent suggests that there is still plenty of room for growth. However, with out the new networks in 2009 following the large scale-restructuring of the telecoms sector that year by the government. Each is Connections, 3G* (m) % 3G* Market Share 51.8 8% 67% 40 20% 21% 125.3 100% 13% 217.1 22% - the vast majority of the untapped market using a different flavour of 3G: TD-SCDMA at Market Share, 3G* 24% 18% 58% - lying in poorer rural areas, the three China Mobile; WCDMA at Unicom; and Net Additions (m) 15.2 10.6 8.4 34.2 operators are rapidly increasing their focus on CDMA EV-DO Rev. A at China Telecom (both Net Additions, 3G* (m) 8.7 9.8 8.4 26.8 pushing 3G to existing mobile users. China Telecoms CDMA2000 1X and CDMA Growth, YoY 11% 19% 38% 16% According to the latest Wireless EV-DO Rev. A networks are classified as 3G Intelligence data, China ended 2011 on 973.7 by the ITU). Source: Wireless Intelligence • *Includes CDMA2000 1X connections as per ITU classification million connections, up about 16 percent After a slow start, Chinas Ministry of year-on-year. The number of 3G connections Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) have been able to migrate more subscribers Unicom continued to increase its 3G market surpassed 200 million in Q4 2011 and recently declared that the new networks had to their respective 3G networks is partly due share throughout 2011 by offering considerable accounted for 22 percent of the total at year- moved to a “large-scale development stage” to them being able to tap into a broader range subsidies on its WCDMA handsets, and last end. Market penetration is up almost 10 during 2011. It notes that the three operators of 3G smartphones compared to what is month launched a three-year contract plan percent from a year ago. jointly invested CNY94.1 billion (US$14.9 currently available for China Mobile’s offering a free iPhone 4S for as little as CNY286 billion) in related equipment in the nine homegrown TD-SCDMA network. per month. However, the inherent risk in this months to November 2011. The Ministry Unicom has been the exclusive provider of strategy is borne out by the operator’s most ABOUT WIRELESS INTELLIGENCE later noted that there were 814,000 3G base the iPhone since 2009, while China Telecom recent results, which put 3G handset subsidies stations deployed in the country by year-end, is thought to be close to launching a CDMA at CNY4.156 billion (US$658 million) for the Wireless Intelligence is the comprising 220,000 TD-SCDMA (China version of the iconic Apple device. But nine months to September 2011 – up CNY2.890 definitive source of mobile Mobile), 270,000 WCDMA (Unicom) and despite reportedly being in discussions with billion (US$458 million) from the same period a operator data, analysis and 324,500 EV-DO (China Telecom). Apple for several years, China Mobile has yet year ago. Unicom will hope that expanding the forecasts, delivering the most 3G is now accounting for almost 80 percent to launch the device officially - though it is lower-cost end of its smartphone portfolio can accurate and complete set of of new connections in the country, according thought to have millions of “unofficial” GSM- alleviate these pressures, but it will be running industry metrics available. Relied to Wireless Intelligence data. 3G net enabled iPhones running on its 2G network. into stiff competition in this area. on by a customer base of over additions in Q4 2011 were estimated at 26.8 The market leader has its own Android- Meanwhile, China Telecom says it aims to 700 of the worlds mobile million out of a total 34.2 million. based proprietary smartphone platform sell 45 million smartphones this year that will operators, device vendors, China Mobile remains the country’s clear called OPhone, while Unicom has a similar be compatible with its EV-DO network, which equipment manufacturers and market leader, with an estimated 648.7 platform known as the Wophone. Both tie-in would account for over half of its forecast 80 leading financial and consultancy million connections in Q4 2011, giving it a 67 with their respective 3G brands and million total terminal sales. The majority will firms, the data set is the most percent market share. However, 3G application stores. be in the CNY700-2,000 price range, and the scrutinised in the industry. With connections account for just 8 percent of But 2011 also saw Unicom diversify into operator also offers bundled deals via its over 8 million individual data China Mobile’s total base giving the market regular Android-based smartphones in a bid fixed-line and broadband businesses. points – updated daily – the leader a much lower share in the fast-growing to offer low-cost smartphones at (or below) Aside from low-cost smartphones, 3G service provides coverage of the 3G sector. Nevertheless, 3G accounted for the key CNY1,000 price point. Unicom said services are also a key battleground – China performance of all 940 operators over half of China Mobile’s net additions in last month it hopes to ship 90 million Mobile’s own app store ‘Mobile Market’ is and 780 MVNOs across 2,200 the quarter. CNY1,000 smartphones this year and a believed to have more than 150 million networks, 55 groups and 225 3G (WCDMA) accounted for 20 percent of further 60 million in the CNY1,000 to registered users, while Unicom offers 3G- countries worldwide. For further the total at second-placed Unicom, while CNY2,000 range. One hugely successful low- specific music and real-time live TV services. information please contact third-placed China Telecom had 26 percent of cost model for Unicom to date has been These kind of services will be crucial in its base migrated to the higher-speed EV-DO ZTE’s Blade V880, which has sold more than generating user ‘stickiness’ ahead of the Rev. A. The fact that these two operators 3 million units since launching last summer. introduction of LTE networks in the country. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 49
  • 50. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:55 Page 50 A commonly supported set of lightweight and Web friendly APIs that allows mobile and other GSMA One API, network operators to expose useful network information and capabilities to Web application developers. GSMA OneAPI is an official profile of the OMA RESTful Network APIs standard. Using our APIs means reduced effort and time to create applications and content is portable across mobile operators. the standard for See for yourself – meet users and technical experts here at Mobile World Congress Developers and operators are welcome to visit us on stand 7B82 to discuss OneAPI opportunities, and see demonstrations from a wide range of companies who have already Network APIs discovered the benefits. Don’t miss the GSMA OneAPI in the conference Panel Session today ‘Operators as Intelligent Partners’ Hall 5, Room 6, 17:30 GSMA OneAPI project member companies demonstrating live on the stand 6 7 ZONE 4 ZONE 6 ZONE 3 4 5 Visit us on Stand 7B82, Hall 7 2 3 8 1
  • 51. AFRICA | ANALYSIS Joss Gillet, Senior Analyst, Wireless Intelligence www.wirelessintelligence.comMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:55 Page 51 Radical new pricing strategies required to support future mobile growth in Africa Africa overtook the Americas to (US$0.03) per minute and limit price Africa mobile connections, Q3 2011 become the world’s second-largest promotions. This has allowed the countrys mobile market at the end of 2011, number-three player Warid Telecom, for Africa World according to Wireless Intelligence, example, to cut voice prices to just UGX60 Connections (million) 620 5,883 but the region remains highly per minute for on-net calls and UGX180 per Net Additions (million) 26 167 dependent on prepaid voice income minute off-net. Rival UT Mobile has also Prepaid 97% 74% and is characterised by pricing wars, recently introduced unlimited on-net calls for Contract 3% 26% low usage and the relatively high UGX500 (US$0.19) per day. One player in the % Connections cost of device ownership. market that has spoken out against the 2G 90% 74% Ugandan price war is MTN, the market 3G 10% 26% frica was the fastest-growing mobile leader, which recently increased both its on- A Quarterly 4% 3% region in the world in Q3 2011, growing net and off-net tariffs. Growth (Connections) Annual 19% 14% connections by 19 percent year-on-year Amid intense competition, customers price Market Penetration 63% 85% (to 620 million) and overtaking the Americas sensitivity is also a growth hurdle for Orange in during the quarter to become the worlds Egypt which, earlier this year, stated that lower Source: Wireless Intelligence second-largest mobile region after Asia-Pacific. ARPU levels are due to tariff inelasticity, There were 26 million new African aggressive promotions and the addition of new However, the study found that this trend is inbound international traffic has fallen and connections (net) added in the third-quarter. "bottom of the pyramid" customers. The not being replicated elsewhere in Africa with prices of outbound calls have increased due to Pricing wars have been affecting contrast between Africa and other emerging users in Gabon paying 80 percent tax on the reciprocation of higher termination prices connections growth in several African mobile markets is aptly demonstrated by recent handset purchases, followed by Niger at 65 by operators in other African countries. For markets, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania figures from Bharti, which entered 15 African percent; and Congo Brazzaville, the example, in Congo Brazzaville, the price of and Egypt. This phenomenon is exacerbated markets following its acquisition of Zain Africa Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, inbound traffic has risen by 111 percent and by the dominance of prepaid users - last year. The operator said that in 2010 its Madagascar and Rwanda all paying more operators report that inbound traffic fell by 36 accounting for 97 percent of the regions African subscribers were averaging 112 voice than 40 percent. It notes that in several percent between May 2009 (when the tax was connections - who are susceptible to pricing minutes-of-use (MoU) per month and African markets, users are paying twice as introduced) and May 2011. There were similar fluctuations and more likely to churn. generating US$7 per month (ARPU). This much tax as they were four years ago. trend s identified in Gabon, Senegal and Ghana. In Kenya, Airtel (Bharti) has reduced its per- compared to 454 MoU and US$5 ARPU in A new type of African mobile tax emerging To date, 3G only represents 10 percent of minute voice calls from KES6 (US$0.06) to as India. The operator described India as a "high is the so-called Surtax on International Africas total connections base, which low as KES1 and has been offering free data usage, low pricing model" compared to the "low Inbound Call Termination (SIIT), which highlights a substantial potential for growth modems since taking over the countrys second- usage, high pricing model(s)" seen in Africa. centrally fixes the prices that operators can that will only be fulfilled if pricing models largest network. Rival yu (Essar Telecom) The Kenyan market also serves as a useful charge when terminating international inbound are rationalised and if investors are responded by introducing modems priced at example of the impact of mobile-specific calls. The GSMA/Deloitte research found that confident that they will generate short-term KES2,599 (US$26.5) with two months free taxation in Africa on price-sensitive demand. where the SIIT has been imposed, the level of return on investments. unlimited browsing while market-leader A recent study commissioned by the GSMA Safaricom had to reduce the price of on-network (conducted by Deloitte) found that mobile SMS to KES1 from KES3.5. Consequently, Airtel handset sales in the country soared by 200 ABOUT WIRELESS INTELLIGENCE managed to double its customer base in 12 percent following the governments 2009 months at the expense of its competitors but decision to slash the 16 percent VAT levied Wireless Intelligence is the definitive source of mobile operator data, was also strongly criticised by Safaricom, which on handset sales, with mobile penetration analysis and forecasts, delivering the most accurate and complete set of asked the regulator (CCK) to set a minimum rising from 50 percent to 70 percent over the industry metrics available. Relied on by a customer base of over 700 of threshold for prices. The market leader warned same period. This suggests that taxation is a the worlds mobile operators, device vendors, equipment manufacturers that such low prices are not sustainable and key contributor to the total cost of mobile and leading financial and consultancy firms, the data set is the most could cost the industry some KES20-26 billion ownership (TCMO) in low-income African scrutinised in the industry. With over 8 million individual data points – (US$270 million) in lost revenue. markets. Indeed, the research found that updated daily – the service provides coverage of the performance of all There is a similar mobile price war taxation as a proportion of the TCMO in 940 operators and 780 MVNOs across 2,200 networks, 55 groups and 225 underway in Uganda where the regulator Kenya has fallen from 25 percent to 17 countries worldwide. For further information please contact recently backtracked on plans to establish a percent over the last five years as the tax floor price for on-net calls at UGX92 burden has been reduced. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 51
  • 52. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:55 Page 52 Visit the destination showcasing the future of our industry for a rewarding experience GSMA – Representing our members, the world’s Mobile Network Operators and the broader mobile eco-system. 6 7 ZONE 4 Come to the GSMA Pavilion to make sure ZONE 6 ZONE 3 Pavilion your experience the very best the Mobile World Congress 4 5 has to offer. 2 3 GSMA Pavilion – Hall 8, Stand C118 8 1
  • 53. VILLAGE MAPMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:55 Page 53 Hall 1.0 Level 3 Hall 8.0 Auditorium 1 (Conference Room) Opening Times Ground Floor Bar and Restaurants - Opening Keynote 1: Mobile Operator Strategies Bar and Restaurants Cloakroom EXHIBITION OPENING TIMES (Monday) Cloakroom Damm Bar Hall 1.0, Hall 2 (2.0, 2.1), Hall 6.0, App Planet (Hall 7.0) and - Keynote 2: The Connected Consumer (Monday) Exhibition Exhibition Hall 8.0 Information Desks – Sponsored by - Mobile World Live Extra featuring Facebook (Monday) GSMA Pavilion Monday 27 February ..............................................09:00 – 19:00 - Mobile World Live Keynote featuring Ford Tuesday 28 February ..............................................09:00 – 19:00 Toilets GSMA Sales Office Wednesday 29 February..........................................09:00 – 19:00 Level 1 - Keynote 3: Mobile Operator Strategies in Developing Hospitality Suites Thursday 1 March ..................................................09:00 – 16:00 Hospitality Suites Markets (Tuesday) Information Desk – Sponsored by - Keynote 4: Exploring the Mobile Cloud (Tuesday) Toilets OUTDOOR EXHIBITION AND HOSPITALITY Hall 2.0 - Global Mobile Awards Ceremony (Tuesday) SUITE AREAS Ground Floor Avenue Hall 1.1, Hall 3.0 (3.0 Courtyard, 3.1 Gallery), - Mobile World Live Keynote featuring Google Hall 4 (4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8), Hall 6.0, Accommodation Services – provided by (Tuesday) ATM/Cash Machine Hall 8.0, App Planet (Hall 7.0), Avenue, Zone 3 (Z3), Bar and Restaurants - Keynote 5: Mobile OS & Applications (Wednesday) Exhibition Zone 4 (Z4), Zone 5 (Z5), Zone 6 (Z6) Damm Bar - Keynote 6: Financial Services in a Mobile World Fast Track /Access Monday 27 February ..............................................07:30 – 22:00 Cloakrooms Lost & Found Tuesday 28 February ..............................................07:30 – 22:00 (Wednesday) Wednesday 29 February..........................................07:30 – 22:00 Exhibition - Regional Focus: BRICS & The Challenges of Metro Ticket Machines Thursday 1 March ..................................................07:30 – 16:00 Information Desks – Sponsored by Innovation (Wednesday) Police Station Registration – Sponsored by Restaurant Booking REGISTRATION OPENING TIMES - Mobile Money - NFC (Wednesday) Toilets Service – provided by Saturday 25 February ..............................................09:00 – 18:00 - Mobile World Live Keynote featuring Ericsson VAT Refund/Tax Toilets Sunday 26 February ................................................09:00 – 20:00 (Wednesday) Monday 27 February ..............................................07:00 – 20:00 Mezzanine Meeting Rooms A,B,C & D - Keynote 7: Driving the Mobile Technology Evolution Plaza España Tuesday 28 February ..............................................07:30 – 19:00 (Thursday) Wednesday 29 February..........................................07:30 – 19:00 Level 1 Airport Shuttle Thursday 1 March ..................................................07:30 – 16:00 Room 5 (Conference Room) Metro Station Exhibition Media Centre - Mobile Health: Getting Mobile into the System Taxi Station Networking Lounge (Monday) - Mobile Health: mHealth for the User (Monday) Avenida Rius I Taulet (between upper GSMA Seminars Bar and Restaurants - Mobile Health: Emerging Markets (Tuesday) and lower village) - Mobilising the Retail Business (Tuesday) Hotel Shuttle Buses Hall 3.0/Courtyard - Consumer Devices: Riding the Smart Device Wave Private Shuttle Buses TOILETS FIRST AID CENTRE ATM/Cash Machine (Wednesday) Taxi Station Bar and Restaurants - Embedded Mobile: State of the Market Exhibition Zone 3, Zone 6 CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS SHUTTLE BUS (Wednesday) First Aid - Embedded Mobile: Automotive & Utilities Exhibition CLOAKROOMS TAXI RANK Hall 4.0 (Thursday) National Palace/MNAC - Embedded Mobile: Consumer Electronics Bar and Restaurants (Thursday) Leadership Summit ATM MACHINE VIP PICK UP & DROP OFF POINT Business Centre (Level 8) provided by Room 6 (Conference Room) ONCE Cloakroom (Level 0) - Business Transformation: Operators as Agile FREE WIFI HOTSPOTS INFORMATION DESKS Hospitality Suites LG Businesses (Monday) Hourly Meeting Rooms (Level 8) - Business Transformation: Operators as Intelligent Cupula METRO TICKET MACHINE EXHIBITOR SERVICE DESKS Information Desk (Level 2) – Sponsored by Partners (Monday) TICKET MACHINE Toilets HTC (Sunday, Monday) - Mobile Cloud: Home of the Future (Tuesday) POLICE STATION RESTAURANT BOOKING SERVICE VIP Networking Lounge (Level 0) - Mobile Cloud: Cloud & Network Intelligence Mies Executive Hospitality Suites (Level 1) (Tuesday) NVIDIA (Monday) LOST & FOUND METRO Hall 5.0 - Networks: Network Infrastructure Costs Intel (Tuesday, Wednesday) (Wednesday) Level 0 - Networks: QoE & Capacity (Wednesday) Auditorium 2 (Conference Room) GSMA Meeting Room 32 - Mobile Applications: Apps for All (Monday) Toilets - Mobile Applications: The Future of Voice & VILLAGE MAP Messaging (Monday) Hall 6.0 SPONSORED BY - Mobile Applications: Building for Tomorrow Cloakroom (Tuesday) Exhibition - Mobile Enterprise (Tuesday) Hospitality Suites - Mobile Innovation: A Vision of 2022 (Wednesday) Meeting Rooms: A, B & C - Media & Entertainment: The Future of Mobile Music (Wednesday) Zone 4 - Technology Evolution: Network Architecture Exhibition Evolution (Thursday) VIP Pick-Up & Drop-Off Point Sponsored by - Technology Evolution: Network Operations Paella Restaurant Evolution Sponsored by Auditorium 3 (Conference Room) - Mobile Cloud: Competitive Landscape (Monday) Zone 5 - Mobile Cloud: Contending for Content (Monday) Exhibition - Mobile Advertising: Mobile in the Marketing Mix (Tuesday) Magic Fountain - Mobile Advertising: Social Media (Tuesday) Networking by Moonlight (Monday & Tuesday - Mobile Advertising: The Mobile Advertising 18.30 - 20.30) Ecosystem (Wednesday) - Mobile Advertising: Emerging Markets App Planet (Hall 7.0) (Wednesday) Application Developer Conferences - Mobile Money: Developments in mPayments App Lounge – Sponsored by The App Monetization Exchange (Thursday) Bar and Restaurants - Mobile Money: Emerging Markets (Thursday) Cloakroom Speaker Testing Room Damm Bar Speaker Preparation Room Exhibition Cloakroom First Aid Toilets Hospitality Suites Information Desk – Sponsored by Level 1 Prayer Room Conference Restaurants Toilets Information Desk – Sponsored by Rich Communication Suite, Monday Toilets GSMA Spam Reporting Service, Monday and Level 2 Tuesday Conference Pass Upgrade Desk Mobile Advertising (MMM/MAM), Monday and Mobile World Live TV Studio Thursday GSMA Meeting Rooms 1 & 2 Mobile Broadband - an update on HSPA+ and LTE, Rooms 21,22,23 Monday Medas Restaurant GSMA OneAPI, Tuesday Supplier Offices:- Embedded Mobile Seminar, Tuesday - Exhibition Freighting Mobile Energy Efficiency and Green Power for - Itn International - Lead Retrieval Services Mobile, Wednesday MMU Working Group, Wednesday All information correct as of February 17, 2012 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 53
  • 54. FLOORPLANS | HALL 1MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:56 Page 54 1A23 1A15 1A03 1A55 1A45 1A41 1A27 1A19 1A59 1A07 1A11 1A62 1A56 1A50 1A48 1A40 1B19 1B13 1B01 1A46 1B31 1A70 1B63 1B59 1B55 1B51 1B49 1B39 1B70 1B14 1B12 1B08 1B18 1B22 1C01 1C63 1C53 1C43 1C31 1C13 1C09 1C05 1C67 1C17 1C62 1C58 1C50 1C44 1C34 1C14 1C06 1D01 1D19 1D67 1D45 1D33 1D07 INFORMATION DESK 1D64 1D62 1D56 1E51 1D06 1D68 1D34 1E19 CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS 1D70 1E01 1E67 1E57 1E47 1E43 1E05 1E03 1E69 1E37 1E31 HEIGHT TO UNDERSIDE OF PIPE = 4.6m 1E70 1E60 1E58 1E72 1E56 1E52 1E44 1E38 1E32 1E02 1E62 1E04 1E74 1E54 1E64 1F17 1E68 1E66 1F07 1F61 1F53 1F47 1F43 1F39 1F33 1F25 1F01 1F69 1F05 1F59 1F51 1F68 1F00 CLOAKROOMS 1F62 1F60 1F04 1F44 1F38 1F24 1F20 1F14 1F56 1F02 1F70 1G59 1G31 1G63 1G55 1G49 1G45 1G39 1G19 1G15 1G13 1G05 1G03 1G69 1G61 HE IGHT TO UN DE RS IDE OF PIP E= 1H6 1G38 1G36 1G34 1G32 1G26 VILLAGE MAP 4.6 m 0 1H49 1G48 1H21 1H39 1H33 SPONSORED BY 1PB 1 1H29 1J4 6 1J37 1J33 1J31 1J4 5 1J4 4 1J42 1J36 1J34 1J32 1.1HS51 1.1HS49 1.1HS47 1.1HS43 1.1HS39 1.1HS35 1.1HS25 1.1HS21 1.1HS29 1.1HS52 1.1HS48 1.1HS40 1.1HS36 1.1HS32 1.1HS28 1.1HS24 1.1HS20 1.1HS57 1.1HS62 1.1HS59 1.1HS61 1.1HS65 1.1HS64 ACCESS TO 1.1HS70 1.1HS72 All information correct as of February 17, 2012 PAGE 54 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 55. HALL 2.0 & 2.1 | FLOORPLANSMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:56 Page 55 VILLAGE MAP 2.1EZ11 2.1EZ10 2.1EZ9 2.1E91 2.1E83 2.1E77 2.1E75 2.1E71 2.1E69 2.1E67 2.1E65 2.1E63 2.1E61 2.1E57 2.1E53 2.1E51 SPONSORED BY 2.1E98 2.1EZ13 2.1EZ6 2.1E96 2.1E70 2.1E64 2.1E62 2.1E56 2.1E52 2.1E80 2.1E76 2.1E74 GSMA MEDIA CENTRE 2.1EZ14 2.1EZ5 2.1E68 2.1D59 2.1E94 2.1E60 2.1EZ15 2.1EZ4 2.1E58 2.1D51 2.1EZ16 2.1EZ3 2.1D63 2.1D61 2.1D67 2.1D53 2.1E59 2.1D97 2.1EZ17 2.1EZ2 2.1D75 2.1D71 2.1D69 2.1EZ18 2.1EZ1 2.1D80 2.1D78 2.1D74 2.1D72 2.1D70 2.1D66 2.1D60 2.1D46 2.1D26 2.1D20 2.1D16 2.1D10 2.1D08 2.1D58 2.1C49 2.1D40 2.1D34 2.1D24 2.1C85 2.1C83 2.1C81 2.1C75 2.1C73 2.1A69 2.1A59 2.1C45 2.1C27 2.1C15 2.1C13 2.1C11 2.1C09 2.1C07 2.1C72 2.1C70 2.1C66 2.1C62 2.1C60 2.1C58 2.1C50 2.1C28 2.1C26 2.1C12 2.1C64 2.1C38 2.1C20 2.1C10 2.1B77 2.1B75 2.1B73 2.1B71 2.1B61 2.1B59 2.1B51 2.1B25 2.1B11 2.1B29 2.1B27 GSMA Seminar 2.1B82 2.1B78 2.1B76 2.1B74 2.1B72 2.1B58 2.1B40 2.1B32 2.1B26 2.1B12 2.1B10 Theatre Networking 2.1B22 2.1B20 2.1B16 2.1B14 2.1A85 2.1A83 2.1A81 2.1A79 2.1A77 2.1A75 2.1A73 Lounge 2.1A58 2.1A39 2.1A33 2.1A27 2.1A21 2.1A19 2.1A15 2.1A13 2.1A11 2.1A05 2.1A82 2.1A78 2.1A76 2.1A74 2.1A72 2.1A70 2.1A68 2.1A64 2.1A56 2.1A42 2.1A40 2.1A36 2.1A34 2.1A32 2.1A28 2.1A24 2.1A14 2.1A12 2.1A10 2.1A06 REGISTRATION I The mPowered Brands Theatres and CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS Ambassador Lounges can be found FREE WIFI HOTSPOT on the Mezzanine Level of Hall 2.1 2D01 Powered by Cisco 2D02 2B01 2D03 ACCESS TO 2D05 2A06 2D06 2C05 2C06 2B05 2B06 2A05 MEZZANINE 2A10 2C09 2C10 2B09 2D08 2A14 2B12 ACCESS TO 2C13 2C14 2A16 2B13 2D14 2C15 2A07 2A17 2D15 2C16 2D16 2B16 DAMM 2B17 2H02 2H01 2H04 2G01 2F01 2F02 2J01 BAR 2D20 2C19 2C20 2D23 2A26 2H08 2F07 2H07 2G11 2F08 2B26 2A23 2A25 2G08 2D26 2C25 2C26 2B25 2E07 2J09 2A27 2H10 2F09 2A28 2F12 2G13 2E12 2J11 2G12 2D29 2C28 2B27 2.95m To bottom of unit 2A29 Aircon 2J12 2H11 Unit 2H14 2F14 2B28 2A31 2J18 2E14 2J15 2G16 2D28 2C31 2H19 2G15 2J20 2H18 2G18 2D33 2F13 2B38 2A35 2E17 2E18 2B33 2B39 2A37 2G20 2D40 2C37 2F18 2D37 Ramp 2J21 2B40 2J25 2J27 2F27 2G28 2F28 2J29 2D49 2C46 2B47 2F29 2E33 2C47 2J31 2F32 2E30 2G32 2H34 2A47 2F33 2D51 2B53 2H33 2A56 2G37 2G33 2F36 2E35 2D54 2C53 2J41 2H36 2E38 2F37 2C62 2A58 2B57 2D59 2J49 2J42 2A60 2G38 2E41 2H42 2G39 2F41 2D62 2C63 2B61 2A61 2J46 2A62 2A66 2H43 2H45 2H50 2G41 2D65 2J48 2E46 2B68 2B69 2J51 2H54 2C67 2H47 2D66 2B70 2J50 2G45 2B69-B 2J53 2A70 2H56 2B69-C 2J52 2J55 2B72 2A67 2H53 2E58 2J54 2J57 2B73 2H58 2G50 2E47 2D77 2C75 2C72 2F49 2J56 2B76 2J59 2H57 2H60 2G55 2D82 2A78 2J61 2J58 2B75 2B80 2H61 2G57 2J63 2J60 2H59 2A73 INFORMATION DESK 2C81 2B77 2B82 2H64 2G63 2A82 2J64 2J65 2H62 CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS 2E66 2A86 2J69 2J70 2H69 2H70 2H71 2G69 2G70 2F69 2C88 2B87 2B89 2B90 FREE WIFI HOTSPOT 2D88 2A90 Powered by Cisco 2C115 2C114 2C105 2C103 2C92 2B113 2B112 2B111 2B92 2A92 2A97-B 2C112 2C106 2C102 2C93 2B127 2B110 2A126 2A111 2A110 MEZZANINE 2B115 2C107 2C101 2C94 2B126 2B109 2B93 2A108 2A125 2A112 2B116 2C111 2C100 2C95 2B125 2B108 2C110 2A107 2B117 2A97 2C109 2C96 2B124 2B106 2C108 2B95 2A114 2B119 2A103 2C9 8 2B104 2B98 2A116 2A102 2B123 2A122 2B122 2B100 2A118 2A101 2B120 2A100 CLOAKROOMS 2B103 2B101 2B102 2A120 All information correct as of February 17, 2012 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 55
  • 56. FLOORPLANS | HALL 3.0 & HALL 3.1MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 21/02/2012 12:56 Page 56 CY03 CY01 CY15 CY13 CY07 CY08 CY06 CY02 COURTYARD RESTAURANT CY18 CY20 CY22 CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS FREE WIFI HOTSPOT CY31 Powered by Cisco CY17 CY19 CY21 CY23 CY29 CY25 ATM MACHINE ACCESS TO ACCESS TO ACCESS TO ACCESS TO ACCESS TO 3.1HS71 3.1HS65 3.1HS61 3.1HS51 3.1HS41 3.1HS37 3.1HS35 3.1HS33 3.1HS31 3.1HS29 3.1HS13 3.1HS09 3.1HS05 3.1HS21 3.1HS19 3.1HS17 3.1HS15 3.1HS01 3.1HS72 3.1HS70 3.1HS64 3.1HS62 3.1HS60 3.1HS58 3.1HS56 3.1HS54 3.1HS50 3.1HS44 3.1HS42 3.1HS36 3.1HS34 3.1HS30 3.1HS26 3.1HS24 3.1HS20 3.1HS16 3.1HS10 3.1HS08 3.1HS04 3.1HS02 3.1HS83 3.1HS84 3.1HS86 3.1HS85 3.1HS88 3.1HS87 3.1HS90 CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS 3.1HS91 3.1HS94 ACCESS TO 3.1HS93 3.1HS96 ACCESS TO 3.1HS97 3.1HS98 ACCESS TO 3.1HS100 3.1HS99 3.1HS102 ACCESS TO 3.1HS101 GALLERY 3.1HS113 3.1HS112 3.1HS115 3.1HS117 3.1HS114 3.1HS125 3.1HS126 3.1HS127 VILLAGE MAP 3.1HS129 SPONSORED BY 3.1HS131 3.1HS133 3.1HS138 3.1HS140 3.1HS147 3.1HS149 3.1HS153 3.1HS155 3.1HS161 3.1HS165 3.1HS171 3.1HS175 3.1HS181 3.1HS185 3.1HS187 3.1HS137 3.1HS156 3.1HS158 3.1HS162 3.1HS164 3.1HS166 3.1HS168 3.1HS170 3.1HS172 3.1HS174 3.1HS176 3.1HS184 3.1HS186 All information correct as of February 17, 2012 PAGE 56 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 57. HALL 4 & HALL 6 | FLOORPLANSMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:14 Page 57 4.5HS11 4.5HS01 4.5HS23 4.5HS17 4.8MR8 4.8MR6 4.8MR7 4.5HS29 Business 4.8MR5 4.9HS01 Centre 4.8MR4 4.5HS16 4.5HS04 4.5HS02 Hall 4.5 - 4.7 4.8MR3 4.8MR2 4.5HS14 4.5HS44 4.8MR1 Hourly Meeting Rooms 4.6HS46 56 4. HS 6H 4.7 S4 8 4.6HS38 8 S5 4. 7H 6H 4.7HS59 4.7HS61 4. S5 4.7HS63 0 4.6HS01 4.7HS57 0 4. S6 6H 7H S5 4.6HS02 4. 4.6HS39 2 4.7HS43 Hall 4.8 4.6HS05 4.6HS04 4.6HS36 4.6HS35 4.6HS49 4.7HS47 4.7HS41 4.7HS39 4.7HS35 4.6HS07 4.7HS33 4.6HS06 4.6HS31 4.6HS53 4.6HS09 4.6HS08 4.7HS50 4.7HS48 4.7HS46 4.7HS44 4.7HS42 4.7HS38 4.7HS36 4.7HS32 4.7HS31 4.6HS57 4.6HS27 4.7HS27 4.6HS11 4.6HS12 4.6HS22 4.7HS04 4.7HS06 4.7HS10 4.7HS12 4.7HS14 4.7HS18 4.7HS20 4.7HS22 4.6HS61 4.6HS13 4.7HS01 4.7HS03 4.7HS05 4.7HS13 4.7HS15 4.7HS19 4.6HS15 4.6HS17 4.6HS21 4.6HS23 4.6HS62 4.6HS63 FREE WIFI HOTSPOT Hall 4.0 - 4.1 Powered by Cisco INFORMATION POINT 4.1EHS7 4.1EHS8 4.1EHS9 4.1EHS10 4.1EHS11 4.1EHS12 4.1EHS13 4.1EHS14 4.1EHS15 4.1EHS16 4.4HS31 4.4HS25 4.4HS19 ACCESS TO 4.1EHS6 4.1EHS5 4.1EHS4 4.1EHS3 4.1EHS17 4.1HS01 4.4HS09 4.4HS20 4.4HS16 4.1EHS18 4.4HS30 ACCESS TO 4.1EHS2 4.1EHS19 Hall 4.2 - 4.4 4.4HS07 4.1HS37 4.4HS05 4.1EHS1 4.4HS14 ACCESS TO 4.4HS03 4.1HS14 4.4HS02 CLOAKROOMS 4.1HS02 4.4HS01 VIP Networking Lounge 4.2HS12 4.2HS15 4.3HS40 VILLAGE MAP 4.3HS30 4.2HS18 4.3HS50 SPONSORED BY 4.2HS25 4.3HS02 4.3HS10 4.3HS12 4.2HS40 4.2HS36 4.0HS27 4.0HS19 4.0HS02 4.2HS42 4.3HS01 4.3HS05 4.3HS13 4.3HS15 4.3HS19 ACCESS TO TOILETS 6E01 6E20 6HS10 6HS8 6HS4 6HS84 6HS82 6HS28 6HS24 6HS20 6HS18 6HS14 6E30 6HS80 6C43 6C50 6C63 6C23 All information correct as of February 17, 2012 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 57
  • 58. FLOORPLANS | APP PLANET & HALL 8MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:14 Page 58 VILLAGE MAP SPONSORED BY 7I10 Auditorium A 7H10 7H20 7H1 7H12 7H14 7H16 7H2 7H30 7G7 7G9 7G11 7G4 7G6 7G8 7G10 7H40 Auditorium B Damm Bar (HALL 7) 7F1 7F3 7F5 7F10 7F12 7F14 7F16 7F20 7F24 App Lounge 7E42 7E44 7E52 7E58 7E68 7F89 7F91 7F93 7F95 7F97 7F81 7F83 7F85 7F87 7D36 7E45 7E47 7E61 7E63 7D64 7F80 7F82 7F84 7F86 7D42 7D50 7D56 7E75 7E69 7E81 7E83 7E85 7E87 7D46 7D58 7D60 7D62 7E73 7E80 7E82 7E84 7E86 7C56 7D22 7D35 7D90 7D81 7D83 7D85 7D87 7D45 7D49 7C70 7D20 7C37 7D61 7C18 7E71 7C58 7C38 7D80 7D84 7C28 7C30 7C42 7C44 H 7C62 7C81 7C83 7C34 7C82 7C86 7C87 7C90 7C35 7C69 7C80 7B26 7B28 7C106 7B34 INFORMATION POINT 7B38 7B70 7B80 7B82 7B84 7B90 7B96 7B104 Auditorium C 7B33 CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS 7B42 7B102 7B35 7B68 7A80 7B86 7B92 7B98 7A86 7A96 7A103 7A107 7A112 7A82 7A38 7A72 7A84 7A88 7A90 7A92 7A94 7A98 7A100 7A102 7A104 7A106 PRAYER ROOM CLOAKROOMS FREE WIFI HOTSPOT Powered by Cisco ACCESS TO INFORMATION POINT CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS CLOAKROOMS 8C01 ACCESS TO 8C129 8C115 8C25 8C141 8C139 8C67 8C55 8C167 8C132 8C118 8C78 GSMA 8C66 8C32 8B175 8B171 8C72 8B169 Pavilion SALES 8B145 8B109 8B101 8B91 8B83 8B53 OFFICE 8B127 8B73 8B65 8B79 8B177 8B117 8B71 8B30 8A171 8B76 8B110 8B94 8B70 8B68 8B192 8A51 8A139 8A125 8A115 8A102 8A84 8A159 8A147 8A169 8A77 8A69 8A67 8B178 8A111 8A93 8A167 8A28 8B197 8A150 8A142 DAMM BAR 8A86 8A80 8A76 8A70 8A50 C3 All information correct as of February 17, 2012 PAGE 58 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 59. ZONE 3, ZONE 4 & ZONE 5 | FLOORPLANSMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:14 Page 59 Z3.1 Z3.2 Z4.1 Z4.2 Paella Restaurant VIP Pick-Up & Drop-Off Z5.1 Z5.1 All information correct as of February 17, 2012 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 59
  • 60. FLOORPLANS | ZONE 6 & AVENUEMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:14 Page 60 Z6.1 TOILETS CLOAKROOMS VILLAGE MAP SPONSORED BY CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS ATM MACHINE METRO TICKET MACHINE ACCESS TO ACCESS TO AVENUE ACCESS TO ACCESS TO TOILETS AV105 AV107 AV108 AV109 AV114 AV116 AV100 AV102 AV97 AV99 AV89 AV90 AV91 AV92 AV94 AV95 TOWER AV34 AV33 AV32 AV30 AV29 AV27 AV25 AV23 AV22 AV43 AV42 AV41 AV38 AV37 AV35 AV44 AV47 AV48 AV14 AV12 AV06 AV09 AV01 AV16 AV20 AV10 AV03 AV05 TOWER AV76 AV78 AV79 AV81 AV83 AV84 AV86 AV87 AV71 AV72 AV74 AV64 AV66 AV69 AV55 AV60 All information correct as of February 17, 2012 PAGE 60 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 61. EXHIBITOR LISTINGMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:14 Page 61 COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND Kineto Wireless 1A41 DTS 1.1HS39 Cassis International 2F49 HALL 1.0 Kochar Infotech P Ltd 1J33 EMPIRIX INC. 1.1HS25 Castlabs GmbH 2D51 @-yet GmbH 1B13 Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) 1E05, 1F07 F5 Networks 1H21, 1.1HS64 Cavium, Inc. 2B05 7Layers 1G34 KOTRA HQ 1F07 Gameloft 1.1HS24 cDemo Mobile Solutions 2A97-B Accanto Systems 1J37 Lavandoo Mobile Solutions GmbH 1B13 Informa Telecoms & Media 1.1HS40 Ceedo 2D82 Accuris Networks 1F17 LogMeIn 1G31 Intellect c/o Tradefair Ltd 1.1HS43 CelCite 2B13, 3.1HS44 Adax 1E43 MACH Sarl 1H49 JDSU 1G63, 1.1HS65 CellGuide 2C75 ADECEF 1F56 Mavenir Systems 1G45 Meucci Solutions 1J46, 1.1HS47 Cellint Traffic Solutions 2C62 Adobe Systems Incorporated 1C31, 4.1HS37 MCTEL 1G13 Mobixell Networks, Ltd. 1.1HS51 CellMax Technologies AB 2B06 Aeroflex 1B14 MediaTek Inc. 1C58, 3.1HS161 Radisys 1F01, 1.1HS28 Cellular Italia S.p.A. 2F18 Agilent Technologies 1A46, 1.1HS35 Medisana AG 1B13 Sand 9 1.1HS52 CelPlan Technologies Inc 2D37 AIRCOM International 1A23 METRO GROUP Future Store Initiative 1B01 Tango Telecom 1F17, 1.1HS59 Centile Telecom Applications 2A35 Airspan Networks 1C53 Meucci Solutions 1J46, 1.1HS47 Tektronix Communications 1D67, 1.1HS36 Cerillion Technologies Ltd 2D65 Airweb SAS 1G32 Mformation Technologies 1A56, 4.4HS31 Tensilica 1F39, 1.1HS70 certgate GmbH 2C112 Aito Technologies 1E19 Microsoft Corporation 1D19 The Now Factory 1F17, 1.1HS61 CETECOM GmbH 2D77 AixSolve GmbH 1B13 Mindspeed Technologies 1E57, 3.1HS131 Vantrix 1.1HS48 CGIT 2E47 Altobridge 1F17 Mixem Solutions Ltd. 1E19 Watchdata Technologies Pte Ltd 1C05, 1.1HS32 Cinetix Srl 2A10 AMPHENOL ANTENNA SOLUTIONS 1D56 Mobile World Capital - Barcelona Hospitality Suite 1F00 Cluster Edit 2E47 Anite Telecoms Ltd 1F43 MobileAware 1F17 HALL 2 Coelmo srl 2C111 Anritsu 1B31 MobileMonday Belfast 1E67 Coiler Corporation 2A26 Mobilethink A/S 1F68 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE 2G13 Comba Telecom Systems AB 2E30 AQ Corporation 1E05 Movirtu Limited 1D64 2operate ApS 2A05 COMITE EXPANSION ECONOMIQUE DU VAL DOISE 2E47 Argela 1C13 MTLD Top Level Domain T/a DotMobi 1F17 6WIND 2B122 Commsquare 2H33 Arieso 1D62, 3.1HS62 Muvee Technologies Pte Ltd 1F04 a:k:t: Informationsystems AG 2H71 Communology GmbH 2B68, 3.1HS112 ARM Limited 1C01, 1.1HS57 My Tour Talk 1E67 Acapela Group 2E47 Computaris International Limited 2A60 Ascom Network Testing 1C09 N Diseno Y Arte Digital, SL 1J42 Accel Telecom 2C72 Comsys Telecom & Media - I-New Communicative Solutions 2B82 Ascot International Srl 1A19 N.A.T. GmbH 1B13 Accuver/Innowireless 2B127 ConceptWave Software Inc. 2A112 Astellia 1B08 NEOMTEL 1E05 Ace Technologies Corp. 2F09 Cooler Master Europe B.V. 2A90 AT4 wireless 1H29 NetScout 1G05 AceAxis Ltd 2F07 Coresonic AB 2F13 Automation Engineering Incorporated 1J32 Nexus Telecom AG 1J36 ACT750 2E47 CPC Co Ltd 2C94 Avanquest Software (BVRP) 1B59 Novatel Wireless, Inc. 1A55 ActivNetworks 2E47 Creova 2F49 avinotec GmbH 1B13 NRW.International GmbH 1B01, 1B13 AD4SCREEN 2E47 Crypto Telecommunication Security SA 2F14 Bayer MaterialScience AG 1G49 Nujira Ltd 1C62 ADAPTIT SA 2H61 Crystal Reality LLC 2F69 Benetel 1F17 NVIDIA Ltd 1C34 Adelya 2E47 CTDI GmbH 2H01 Bercut Ltd. 1A45 NXP Semiconductors Netherlands BV 1F14 ADEUZA 2F49 Danish IT Industry Association 2A05 Bluechip Technologies t/a Guardian24 1E67 NXP Software 1A15 ADTECH AG 2B38 Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group 2H33 Bluegiga 1F62 Olaworks Inc 1E05 Advanced Track and Trace 2E47 Dataport Bilgi Islem Çözümleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. 2E66 Booz & Company GmbH AV116, 1F51 OnMobile Global Ltd 1F38 Advantech Co. Ltd. 2G38 DATATRONICS, S.A. 2A86 boxPAY 1F17 Open Idea 1H33 Aeon Consulting 2E47 Davicom, a division of Comlab 2A101 brite:bill 1F17 Opera Software 1C44 Aerotel Medical Systems 2C72 DAXIUM 2E47 Busan Technopark (Senior Product Industrial Center) 1E03 OPTICOM GmbH 1B39 AFD Technologies 2E47 DAZA-T ELECTRONICS COMPANY 2J54 Business Oulu 1E31 ORBIT IT Solutions 1B13 Agence Regionale De Developpement Paris Ile -De France 2E47 D-CAT Technologies 2E66 Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited 1G26, 4.3HS30 P3 communications GmbH 1B70 agenceNTIC Bourgogne 2E47 Defne 2H42 Cambridge Consultants Ltd 1E69 Paper Bag Ltd 1E67 AIPTEK International Inc. 2J18 DELTA OHM 2E47 CBOSS 1D06 Parfield Software S.A.E. 1D33 Aktavara AB 2F13 Deltanode Solutions AB 2A23 CCI - COMMUNICATION COMPONENTS INC 1E62 Peter-Service 1A48 Alberta Canada 2A108, 2A110, 2A97-B Desay Electronics (Huizhou) Co Ltd 2A103, 7F97 Celluon Inc 1F07 Phone Fashion 1F59 Alberta ICT Industry Association 2A110 Dhatim 2E47 CERAGON 1D01 Picochip 1E57, 3.1HS127 Allot Communications 2B53 Dialog Semiconductor AV108, 2F28 CEVA 1F33 Polystar Instruments AB 1E04 ALSETT 2E47 Dialoga Group 2C20 Chips & Media Inc 1F07 Powerme Mobile 1J45 Altai Technologies Ltd 2C96 Dicapac Co., Ltd. 2B109 CM International 1C67 Printechnologics GmbH 1J37 AltiGen Communications, Inc. 2D33 DigiMo Group Ltd 2C72 Comarch S.A. 1F20 Project People Limited 1H60 Alvarion 2A114, 2C25 Digital Receiver Technology, Inc. 2B106 CommProve 1H39 PROTEI 1B49 AM3D A/S 2A05 Digitata 2C105 COMPRION GmbH 1G38 PT 1G15 AMD Telecom S.A. 2E07 DingLi Communications Corp.,Ltd. 2E35 Comptel Corporation 1C06 Qualigon GmbH 1B13 AMOS- Spacecom 2C72 Discretix Technologies Ltd. 2C72, 4.7HS22 ComputaMaps 1C17 RADCOM 1D01 ANT+ 2C93 DocDoku 2E47 Comviva 1E01 Radisys 1F01, 1.1HS28 AnyDATA Corporation 2A78 DORIANE 2F49 Contela 1F07 Redknee 1E37, 3.1HS165, 3.1HS171 Apliman Technologies 2J25 Doro AB 2G01 Convergys 1G69, AV69 Revector 1E58 AppBooster Sweden AB and OptiCaller Software 2F13 Dotemu 2E47 Creanord Oy 1E19 Rightware Oy 1E19 Appsfire 2E47 DragonWave Inc. 2A118 Creative Communication Solutions - Cequens 1D33 Roamware Inc 1E44 AppSpotr by CamClic 2F13 DxO Labs 2E47, 3.1HS88 Crucialtec Co., Ltd. 1G39 Rockshore 1E56 APS DIGITECH HOLDINGS LIMITED 2J61 EASTCOMPEACE SMART CARD CO.,LTD. 2H36 CSIT 1E67 Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG 1E51 Aptilo Networks 2B117 eb Lab 2E47 cVidya Networks Ltd. 1F05 Rsupport Co., Ltd 1E05 AQUAFADAS 2F49 Echovox 2F49 Cypress Semiconductor Corp 1B12, 1.1HS21 S3 Group 1F17 Aquaways Co., Ltd. 2J20 Elan Microelectronics Corporation 2G33 Dasan Networks, Inc 1E74 SAP AG 1B22 AriadNEXT 2F49 Electro Power Systems SpA 2B104 digame mobile GmbH 1B13 Scottish Development International 1E68 Arkamys 2E47 Elite Mobile 2C10 DigitalAria Co Ltd 1F07 Secusmart GmbH 1B13 Arkivator Telecom 2F13 Elliptic Technologies 2A112 Ditech Networks 1E52 sensewhere Ltd 1E64 Artı Teknoloji Kollektif Sti. 2E66 EMSS Consulting (Pty) Ltd 2B70 Dolby Laboratories, Inc. 1C43, 1.1HS72 SES RFID Solutions GmbH 1B13 Artificial Solutions 2F13, 7F86 Encap 2A67 Dream Chip Technologies Ltd 1E72 Sewon Teletech Inc 1F07 Artilium 2H33 Endstream Communications 2J12 Duesseldorf, City of 1B13 Silent Communication 1F02 Artiza Networks, Inc. 2D49 ephoneNet 2E47 E-Blink 1F61 Silicon Vision 1D33 arvato distribution GmbH 2J09 ERCOM 2D66 ECCO Outsourcing 1D33 Singapore Pavilion (SMa) 1F04 Ascade 2F13 Escaux 2H33 Egypt South Africa for Communications 1D33 SK C&C 1F07 Asentria Corporation 2B87 ESET, spol. s r.o. 2G37 Emblacom Oy 1E19 Smardi (Smart design & research institute) 1E03 ASIATELCO TECHNOLOGIES CO 2H45 ESKADENIA Software 2A62 Emirates Data Clearing House 1F60 Smart Villages Company 1D33 Askey Computer Corp. 2B72 Ethrix 2C62 Enterprise Ireland 1F17 Socowave Limited 1F17 Aspiro 2A67 EUPEN - Kabelwerk Eupen AG 2H33 Entre Marketing Ltd 1E19, 1F62, 4.4HS25 Softforum Co., Ltd 1F07 Atchik-Realtime 2G32 Eurocontracts s.r.o. 2J27 Equiendo Ltd 1F17 Solaris Mobile Ltd. 1F17 ATES Networks 2E47 Euromediterranee 2F49 Escher Group Ltd 1F17 SPB Software Ltd. 1A27, 4.1HS25 ATLANTIS INTERNACIONAL S.L. 2F32 Exalt Communications, Inc. 2F36 ESRI Northeast Africa 1D33 SPB TV 1A70 AtomiZ SA 2E47 Exir Telecom 2C19 Etisal International 1D33 Speechstorm 1E67 AUGMENTED REALITY LAB SL 2H47 eZ Systems 2E47 European Communications Engineering 1E19 Spirent Communications 1C14 Ausonia S.r.l. 2F08 Fält Communications AB 2F13 EVISTEL 1A11 Star Arcade 1E19 austriamicrosystems – TAOS 2H02, 4.5HS14 Feedbox 2C62 EXFO Nethawk 1G55, 3.1HS20 STAR FINANZ GmbH 1B01 Avenir Plastic Cards 2F49 FibroLAN Ltd. 2C62 Exomi Oy 1E19 Starhome GMBH 1E32 Avenir Telecom 2C47 Figen Yazilim Evi Ticaret Limited Sirketi 2E66 F5 Networks 1H21, 1.1HS64 Steepest Ascent Ltd. 1E54 Avertim 2H33 FIME 2E47 FeedHenry 1F17 Stream Media Pte Ltd 1F04 Avoca Technologies Inc. 2A97 Fixmo 2A97 Femto Forum 1G19 SwissQual AG 1A07 Avvasi Inc 2A97, 4.6HS39 Flanders Investment & Trade 2H33 Fjord 1E19 Tagit Pte Ltd 1F04 Awex Barcelona Foreign Trade Office 2H33 Flash Networks 2C53 Foxda International Limited 1G61 Tango Telecom 1F17, 1.1HS59 Awex -Wallonia Export & Investment Agency 2H33 FlexGroups 2A102 F-Secure Corporation 1E19 TAWASOL IT 1D33 Awox 2F49 Flixwagon 2C75 FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR LIMITED 1F69, 3.1HS175 Tecnotree Corporation 1C50, 3.1HS187 AWT Walloon Telecom Agency 2H33 Flybits 2A97 FUTURE PRODUCT DESIGN 1J44 Tekelec International SPRL 1F44 Axell Wireless 2C26 Focus Infocom GmbH 2C115 Gigamon LLC 1A03 Tektronix Communications 1D67, 1.1HS36 Azcom Technology 2F01 Forsk 2H18 Giza Systems 1D33 Telecomax VAS for Mobile services 1D33 AzureWave 2C09 Foshan Amplitec Tech Development Co., Ltd 2H69 Globitel/Global Modern Telecom Sol. 1A59 Telenity 1B51 Baboonix LTD 2C75 Foxcom 2C62 GoS Networks 1F17 Tensilica 1F39, 1.1HS70 Baseband Technologies Inc 2A110 Franklin Wireless 2C106 Gyeonggi Technopark 1E03 Testplant 1E60 Beepeers 2F49 Fraunhofer HHI 2E41 Hancom Inc 1F07 The Now Factory 1F17, 1.1HS61 Beepsend AB 2F13 Fraunhofer IIS 2E41 HRS Hotelreservation Service Robert Ragge GmbH 1B13 TIBCO Software SL 1C63 beeweeb 2A29 Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft 2E41 hSenid Software Singapore Pte Ltd 1F04 Tieto Corporation 1F25, 3.1HS153, 3.1HS156, 3.1HS158 Beijing Digital Grid Technology Co.,Ltd 2J69 French Pavilion/Ubifrance 2E47, 2F49 HTC Europe Co Ltd 1D34, Z4.1 T-monet Inc 1F07 Belgium-Belgica 2H33 Frequency 2J01 iBasis 1E32, 3.1HS164 TotalMobile 1E67 BeNomad 2E47 From The Future 2H33 Ibys Technologies S.A. 1G36 TriQuint Semiconductor 1B55, AV97 Berkeley Varitronics Systems 2B80 fSONA Networks Corp 2B73 Imagination Technologies 1D45 tyntec 1B13 Berlin-Brandenburg c/o Berlin Partner GmbH 2D51 Fujian Helios Technologies Co.,Ltd. 2H61 IMImobile Pvt Ltd 1A62, 1B63 Ulticom 1G48 Bewigo Technologies 2E47 FutureCard 2A122 Information Technology Industry Development Agency-ITIDA 1D33 Victory Link 1D33 Birdstep Technology AB 2F13 Futurecom 2B108 initialT Co.,Ltd 1F07 Visa Inc. 1B19 Blackbox Integrated Data Collection 2A108 Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd 2J65 INOVAR 1F47 ViviTouch (Artificial Muscle, Inc.) 1G49 BLiNQ Networks 2A97 FXI Technologies AS 2A67 Inspire Tech Pte Ltd 1F04 Volubill 1B18, 3.1HS162 bluenove 2F49 GEKA Telecom 2E47 Integration Services and Technologies 1D33 Watchdata Technologies Pte Ltd 1C05,1.1HS32 Bluestreak Technology Inc 2A101 GENBAND 2A07 Intelligent Services Solutions (ISS) 1D33 Webroot Inc. 1G03 Bluwan 2B61 Geoimage 2E47 InterDigital 1D07 WeDo Technologies 1J31, 1J34 BMX Computers 2H33 Gintel 2A67 Intivation 1F53 Wellington Computer Systems Ltd 1E67 BoomeRing Communication (2005) Ltd. 2C72 Gionee Communication Equipment Co.Ltd.ShenZhen 2F29 Invest Korea 1E05 Welsh Assembly Government 1E66 Boost Communications 2F33 GLOBO Mobile S.A. 2C05 Invest Northern Ireland 1E67 Wireless Power Consortium 1F62 BRETAGNE INTERNATIONAL 2F49 GO TO MARKETING COMMUNICATION LIMITED 2J46 Invigo Offshore SAL 1E70 WOYC Ltd 1J42 BRGR Media 2F49 GoNet Systems 2C72 IP Access Ltd 1E02 Xceed Technologies 1A40 Brodit AB 2B124 Goome Interactive 2C72 IPProtocol 1D33 XPAL Power Inc. 1G59 Brussels Invest & Export 2H33 Government of Canada 2A107 Iptune Ltd 1E19 Xpress Integration 1D33 Brussels Invest & Export Madrid 2H33 Groupe Elabor 2E47 Ixia 1E47 YOC AG 1B13 Bulkypix 2E47 Groupe Synox 2F49 Ixonos 1E19 Buzzinbees 2F49 GRUPO ORMAZABAL 2C37 Jampot Technologies Ltd. 1E67 JDSU 1G63, 1.1HS65 HALL 1.1 BYKOD 2E47 GSMK CRYPTOPHONE 2D59 Bytemobile 2B77, 3.1HS113, 3.1HS115 H@ND International 2H59 Jibe Mobile 1A50 42 Telecom C&D Technologies 2B89 Haiku 2E47 Jinny Software Ltd 1E38 (Global Sales & Marketing) 1.1HS29, 1.1HS62 C4-Command & Control 2C72 Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd 2J48 JOT Automation 1E19 Agilent Technologies 1A46, 1.1HS35 Calade Technologies 2F49 haploid 2F49 JumpSurf 1F04 ArcSoft Inc 1.1HS49 CallMyName NTTM 2J42 HOBIM 2B57 Juni 1F07 ARM Limited 1C01, 1.1HS57 Callup Net 2D82 Horizon Globex 2B95 Kaelus 1D68, 3.1HS166 Cypress Semiconductor Corp 1B12, 1.1HS21 CAPPTAIN 2F49 Human Factors International 2B111 Kapsch CarrierCom 1F24 Dolby Laboratories, Inc. 1C43, 1.1HS72 Cardtek 2B28 iBeaken 2H33 Keynote SIGOS GmbH 1F70 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 61
  • 62. EXHIBITOR LISTINGMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:14 Page 62 COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND iBwave 2A56 Nomad 3D 2F49 StarVedia Technology Inc 2G70 Do It In Barcelona 2.1B26 ICQ 2C62 Nomadesk 2H33 Stoke, Inc. 2D08 Econet Solar 2.1E57 Idomoo Ltd 2C62 Nordic Semiconductor 2A67 Streamwide 2H50 Elitecore Technologies 2.1A27 Ikivo 2F13, 4.6HS46 novero 2C15 Studio Ama 2F49 Ephone International (S) Pte Ltd 2.1E63 IKT Norge 2A67 NovoSpeech Ltd 2C75 Subex (UK) Limited 2G45 Exadel 2.1A59 IMEC 2H33 Octasic Inc. 2H58 Sud de France Développement 2F49 Fiabee Inc. 2.1B76 implementa gmbh 2H34 Omniware Solutions Inc. 2A97 SUPERTOOTH E.C.E. S.A.S. 2G18 Fiberlink Communications 2.1EZ18 Infinite Peripherals 2D14 Onda Communication S.p.A. 2B17 Surikate 2F49 Flexenclosure 2.1D67 Infobip 2B01 One Smart Star 2C75 Sweden at the Mobile World Congress 2F13 GE Energy Storage 2.1C11 Infonova GmbH 2F12 Ontario Ministry of Economic Development Sweden Mobile Association 2F13 Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1C38 InforUMobile 2C72 and Innovation 2A97, 2A112 SWID 2F49 Genie Networks Limited 2.1A14 Innovation Norway 2A67 Opal 2A92 SwingMobility 2F49 GILDEMEISTER energy solutions 2.1E70 INNPU TELECOM-TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 2J64 Open Cloud Ltd 2C88 SYMENA 2C103 Global Certification Forum (GCF) Ltd 2.1E58, 2.1E59 INSIDE Secure 2D88, AV72 Open Sugar 2E47 Synapse Mobile Networks Nordic AB 2F13 Global Payment 2.1D72 Insight SIP 2F49 OpenSignalMaps & Wi-Ex 2J29 Synchronica plc 2A37 GNSS Technologies Inc. 2.1EZ9 Insiteo 2E47 Optiway 2C62 Systematic Paris-Region Cluster 2E47 GOTrust Technology Inc. (GO-TrusT) 2.1C26 Intecs SpA 2B110 Orca Interactive 2C75 SZ Telstar Co., Ltd 2J57 GSMA 2.1A68, 4.6HS13 Intellicore 2F49 Origin GPS 2C62 Tagattitude 2E47 HCL Technologies 2.1A36, 4.4HS19 Intersec 2D15 P.I. Works TR Bilisim Hizmetleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S 2E66 Tail-f Systems 2F13 HDMI Licensing, LLC 2.1A42 Intracom Telecom 2C46 P2i 2E58 Talkpool 2F13 HealthAlert App 2.1E65 Invest in Bavaria 2C16 Page Up 2E47 Tam Tam Consulting 2H33 Heliocentris Energiesysteme GmbH 2.1E71 Invest in France 2F49 Panorama Antennas Ltd 2B98 Taqua 2A06 Hidalgo 2.1E60 IP Trade 2H33 Partelec 2E47 TATA ELXSI LTD 2D23 iCreation Inc 2.1B27 iPal Interactive Learning 2A97 Partron 2H04 TazTag 2F49 IGS corporation Limited 2.1B29 IPERLINK 2E47 Pass Solutions 2G16 TD Industry Alliance (TDIA) 2A73 iHealth Lab Inc. 2.1E61 IPgallery 2D82 Penna Reklam Produksiyon Organizasyon TE Connectivity 2A61 InAccess Networks SA 2.1D66 IQSIM 2F49 Yazilim Hizmetleri Tic. Ltd. Sti 2E66 Team Cote DAzur 2F49 Inceptum d.o.o. 2.1B16 ISKRATEL 2F41 Perceptiva LABS 2E47 TEAMBLOGGER 2H33 INCROSS Co., Ltd 2.1A10 Israel Export Institute & International 2C62, Phaesun France SAS 2F49 TECHFAITH WIRELESS COMMUNICATION 2J21 Indus Net Technologies 2.1C13 Cooperation Institute 2C72, 2C75, 2D82 Phonitive 2E47 TechnoSpin 2C62 INMESOL, S.L. 2.1B61 Istanbul Chamber of Commerce 2E66 pic2world 2C72 Teclo Networks AG 2A14 InMobi 2.1C64 Istanbul Electrical-Electronics, Machinery and Information Picitup 2C75 Tekora 2E47 IPIX 2.1A76 Technology Exporters Association 2A125 Pixavi AS 2A67 Telco Systems 2D82 ipoque- a Rohde & Schwarz Company 2.1A74 JABLOCOM 2G69 Pixeet 2F49 Telcordia 2B25 iQuest 2.1D34 Jamo Solutions 2H33 PIXOWL INC. 2E47 TeleBilling A/S 2A05 IT Six Global Services 2.1D34 Jasper Wireless 2C110, 4.4HS01, 4.4HS30 Playground 2F49 TeleMessage 2C72 Itude Mobile 2.1E67 JIANGXI JIANGGANGSHAN CKING COMMUNICATION Plugnsurf 2E47 Telena 2A10 IVIO 2.1E91 TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 2J52 Polaroid 2C14 Telepin Software 2A97 Job and Esther Technologies 2.1C49 John Wiley & Sons Ltd 2A100 Pole Star 2E47 Teligent Telecom 2F13 Joyent 2.1A75, 3.1HS90 JPL NASA 2C92 Polycom 2D01, 4.6HS06 Tellabs 2A47 KL Trade Sp. z o.o. 2.1B32 Jungo Ltd 2C75 Pops 2C75 Telmar Network Technology 2G08 Koncar - Electrical Engineering Institute, Inc. 2.1E74 justAd.TV Ltd 2C62 Pordiva 2E66 Tevolys 2E47 Laipac Technology Inc 2.1D63 KATHREIN-Werke KG 2B16 PowerOasis Ltd 2H08 Tierone OSS Technologies Inc. 2A97 Layer 7 Technologies 2.1A79 Kavveri Telecom España SLU 2G20 PRAGMA 2F49 Tongyu Communication Inc. 2C114 Level, Ltd. 2.1D51 Kawet 2E47 Prisma Engineering 2E12 TOPWISE COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD 2J50 Maxcom 2.1D59 KEBTechnology Co., Ltd 2H14 Projektron 2D51 Trango Systems, Inc. 2A126 mCRUMBS GmbH 2.1C60 KINOMAP 2E47 Provence Promotion 2F49 Transatel 2E47 Metis S.A 2.1E68 Komtel Telekomunikasyon Ltd. Sti 2E66 Province of Quebec 2A101 Transfer To 2E47 MicroStrategy 2.1C50, 3.1HS97 Kontron 2A28 PSWinCom AS 2A67 TRANSWITCH CORP 2G63 MobiWork 2.1A81 Lapback AS / Ozonity AS 2A67 Pureagency 2F49 Trendit 2C72 Momac 2.1D58 Largilliere Finance 2E47 Push Science 2A112 Triplay 2C72 MoPub Inc. 2.1A58 LDmobile 2F49 QGate Innovations GmbH 2B39 Trusted Logic 2B12 MoreMagic Solutions, Inc. 2.1D80 Leib ICT 2A116 Qingdao Haier Telecom Co.,Ltd. 2J11 TrustNorway AS 2A67 Movidius 2.1E51, 4.7HS06 Lemonway 2E47 QINGDAO HIPOWER NEW ENERGY GROUP CO., LTD 2H43 Turkcell Technology Research & Development Inc 2B57 NETCOM TECHNOLOGY (HK) LTD. 2.1C81 Life Informatique 2E47 Qosmos 2A70 TXO Systems 2B116 NIS GLONASS 2.1B40 LIN.K 2H33 Qosmotec Software Solutions GmbH 2D49 Ubidyne 2C98 noriba GmbH 2.1D60 LINKRA 2C108 Qowisio 2F49 Ubleam 2E47 NTA GLOBAL 2.1E80 Linktop Technology Co., Ltd 2H62 QuadManage 2C62 UBM TechInsights 2B113 Oblong Industries, Inc. 2.1D16 Linpus Technologies Inc 2B126 Quality Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. 2J51 ULEX Innovative Systems 2F49 Obopay Inc 2.1C85 LitePoint Corporation 2B75 QUTU THERMAL CONTROL SYSTEMS CO., LTD 2B40 Umeox Mobile Limited 2D40 OPENCODE SYSTEMS 2.1B51 LivingObjects 2E47 RAD Data Communications Ltd. 2C72 United Time Technology Co.,Ltd 2J63 Paythru 2.1C75 2E38 RADWIN Ltd 2C62 Upnext Research 2F49 Pearson 2.1A78 Logia Group ltd 2C72 Raycap 2H56 UTEL 2E47 Pentalog Romania 2.1D34 LOGIWAYS 2F49 RCS Rampal Cellular Stockmarket 2C62 UXP Systems Inc. 2A97 Plexstar Inc. 2.1A21 Loyaltek 2H33 RD-GEO 2E47 VASCO Data Security 2H33 Polaris Networks Inc 2.1B12 Lyrtech RD 2A101 RealVNC Ltd 2E14 Vayosoft Ltd 2D82 Pontiflex 2.1A69 Madgic 2E47 Recommerce Solutions 2E47 V-DOCS 2D20 Powerstorm 2.1E75 Maeglin Software/Pleex 2F49 REVE Systems 2A111 vedicis 2C102 Poynt Corporation 2.1C58 Magicsolver 2A25 REZOPEP - MIDI-PYRENEES INCUBATOR NETWORK ASSOCIATION 2E47 VeriFone 2D06, 3.1HS129 Preventice 2.1D61 MailVision Ltd 2C62 RF Window Co Ltd 2D28 Vertex Wireless Co., Ltd 2B101 Procera Networks 2.1A39, 3.1HS170 Mapping Control 2F49 Rivierawaves 2F49 Viaccess 2B69 PT. Konten Indomedia Pratama 2.1C15 Mapyourdream 2E47 Roam4Less 2A97 Vidiator 2D05, 3.1HS58 PT. Sarana Maju Lestari 2.1D08 Marben Products 2D03 Robots and Pencils Inc 2A110 ViewSonic Europe 2H10, 3.1HS54 QIWI Ltd 2.1D74 Materna GmbH Information & Communications 2A27 Rohde & Schwarz Topex 2A58 VISICOM 2D29 QUALTEH 2.1D34 Matrixx Software 2F02 RoutoMessaging 2A82 Vision Objects 2H54 Questex Asia Ltd 2.1E94 MCR Media Group 2C72 Ruckus Wireless 2D62 VitalSignals Enterprises Inc 2A110 Racelogic 2.1B11 Me Plus My Mobile 2E47 Runcom Technologies Ltd 2D82 Vivacoeur 2F49 Ranplan Wireless Network Design Ltd. 2.1A05 Media Mobility 2E47 Saguna Netoworks 2D82 Vivatel Co Ltd 2C101 Raylight Soluciones Tecnológicas S.L 2.1E69 Media5 Corporation 2A101 Sandvine Incorporated 2H57 Vizrt 2F37 Rosberg System AS 2.1A85 Mentum 2G15 Sanjole, Inc. 2C100 VMware 2G39 RouteSms Solutions Limited 2.1A24 Mer Telecom 2C72 Sanopolis 2H33 VNL 2B33 Rx Networks Inc 2.1C28 Mercury Mobile Int AS 2A67 Santok 2C31 Voipswitch 2J49 SAFT 2.1D71 Mesaplexx UK Ltd 2E46 SBS SpA 2H07 VSS Monitoring, Inc. 2B115 Seavus 2.1A83 Midi Pyrenées Expansion 2E47 Scan Engineering Telecom CJSC 2B102 VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland 2G12 Sedco 2.1D20 MIND CTI 2D82 ScanBiz Mobile Solutions LP 2C75 W3C 2A31 Sematron España 2.1B25 MIXXIT 2F49 SCS Cluster 2F49 Watch4net 2A101 SHENZHEN SANJUN POWER INDUSTRIES.CO 2.1A19 Mob4Hire 2A110 SDMO INDUSTRIES 2E17 WaveIP 2C72 SLA Mobile 2.1D78 Mobenga AB 2F13 Secfone AG 2J41 Wavion Ltd. 2A114, 2C25, 2C62 SoftLayer Technologies 2.1B72 Mobile Arts 2F13 Selecom 2F49 Wedge Networks Inc. 2A97-B Solacia Inc 2.1C66 Mobile Systems International 2B90 SENSIRION 2C107 w-HA 2B69-C SOTI Inc 2.1C45 Mobile Tag SAS 2E47 Sequans Communications 2G11 Wind River 2A17, 4.4HS02 Stella Doradus 2.1C27 Mobile Token 2H33 SerVision Ltd. 2C72 WIT Software 2C63 Strastar Communications 2.1A13 Mobilead 2E47 SETELIA 2F49 Wondercode AS 2A67 Swissmed Mobile 2.1E62 Mobilemonday Brussels 2H33 Shaanxi XinTong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd 2B09 Xbrainsoft 2E47 Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. 2.1B82 Mobiletech 2A67 Shanghai BroadMobi Communication Technology Co Ltd 2J55 Xiamen Mobile Communication Technology CO.,Ltd. 2A120 TELECOM REVIEW 2.1E98 MobilitySector 2A108 Shen Zhen Power Idea Technology Limited 2J56 Xtreme labs Inc 2A97 2.1E96 Mobinets (Mobile Networks Solutions) 2H64 Shenzhen Anycool Communications Co., Ltd. 2H70 Yangzhou Jingcheng Electronics Ltd. Co., 2J70 Telnet Redes Inteligentes, S.A 2.1A34 MobiWeb 2A16 SHENZHEN BLEPHONE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 2J60 YOUi Labs Inc. 2A97 Tenesol & EDF Groups 2.1E77 MobPartner 2E47 Shenzhen Ephone Communication Technology Co.,Ltd 2J59 Zoom Technologies, Inc. 2C109 Tessera 2.1D32, 3.1HS65, 3.1HS70, 3.1HS71, 3.1HS72 Mobylla 2H33 Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics (T&W) 2J58 The Logic Group Enterprises Ltd 2.1C72 Moimstone Co Ltd 2B26 Shenzhen Huaptec Co., Ltd 2J53 Mondial Telecom 2H33 HALL 2.1 ThinSlices 2.1D34 Shenzhen Konka Telecommunications Technology Co. Ltd. 2F27 Tom Sawyer Software 2.1E83 Moobifun 2E47 ShenZhen SIMTECH Technology Co.,Ltd. 2B100 ADS PROFESSIONAL EVENT 2.1D34 Transilvania Software 2.1D34 Moota Telecom AS 2A67 Shenzhen Wave Multimedia Co.,Ltd 2J15 Aexio Software Sdn Bhd 2.1B22 UMIC Research Centre, RWTH Aachen University 2.1D53 MOOTWIN 2E47 Shyam Networks (A Division of VNL) 2B47 AIRTAG 2.1B77 UnboundID Corp. 2.1B74 More Mobile Relations 2A67 SIAE MICROELETTRONICA 2D54 Airway Technologies 2.1A40 Urban Green Energy 2.1D69 Mosaik Solutions 2D26 Siemens AG CMT 2H53 Anomalous networks 2.1A15 Utiba Pte Ltd 2.1C73 Mpathix 2A97 Sigma Mediterranee 2F49 APPSCEND 2.1D34 V2R VISION TO REALITY 2.1EZ13 Mr Handsfree (TE-Group NV) 2H33 Siklu Communication Ltd. 2C72 Arista Networks 2.1A77 Verivo Software, Inc. 2.1C20 MTI Wireless Edge Ltd. 2B125 Silicon Image 2C06 AROBS Transilvania Sofware 2.1D34 Vineyard Networks Inc 2.1A72 Multicell 2F49 SILIGENCE 2F49 ARTKLIKK 2.1B59 Vire Labs Ltd 2.1C12 myFC AB 2F13 SIMCom Wireless Solutions Co.,Ltd. 2H19 Arvento Mobile Systems 2.1D26 Visual Fan 2.1D34 Myfeelback 2E47 SimService A/S 2A05 ASICBANK Co., Ltd 2.1E56 VisualOn Inc 2.1D24, 4.7HS05 NAMIKI PRECISION JEWEL CO., LTD 2B120 SIRADEL SAS 2G41 Azimuth Systems 2.1D46 ViVOtech, Inc. 2.1C72 Nanjing Wanlida Technology CO Ltd 2D02 Sisteer 2E47 Batterie plus 2.1EZ6 Vogtec 2.1B20 Napatech 2G28 Skiller Games 2C72 Bima 2.1C83 WaveNET 2.1EZ3 Nash Technologies 2E18 SKYFIBER 2B92 BIOMETRY 2.1A85 Wirecard Technologies AG 2.1D75 National Instruments 2B93 SleepRate by HypnoCore Ltd. 2C75 BIT & Pulse Co Ltd 2.1A11 Yangzhou Mastone Communication & Electronics NAVITEL s.r.o 2H60 Smartadserver 2E47 Bitdefender 2.1C10 Development Co., Ltd 2.1A28 Nedstack PEM Fuel Cells 2C95 Smartcom 2F49 BroadSoft, Inc. 2.1A12, 4.1EHS11 Zoho Corporation (ManageEngine/WebNMS) 2.1B78 Nemotek Technologie 2B112 SMScarrier.EU by interactive digital media GmbH 2G50 CalAmp 2.1A70 Neomades 2F49 SMSGlobal 2C28 Carrier IQ 2.1A33 Hall 3.0 Courtyard Neonode Technologies AB 2J31 SMSTRADE 2B27 Continua Health Alliance 2.1E64 Neosesame 2E47 SNAPKEYS 2C75 Corning Cable Systems 2.1C09 2Embedcom CY03 NET CHECK GmbH 2D51 SNAPP 2F49 Corning MobileAccess 2.1C07 Abertis Telecom CY25 NetComm Limited 2B119 Sofialys 2E47 Cummins Power Generation 2.1E76 Accenture CY17 Netheos 2F49 Sofrecom 2B69-B Cyberplat LLC 2.1D70 ALBEDO Telecom CY03 Netsweeper 2A112 SOLiD Technologies, Inc. 2C67 Cytech 2.1C62 Andago Ingenieria SL CY22 New Media Network 2A67 Sonus Networks 2C13, 4.2HS25 Datapolice ( Formula Factory BV ) 2.1D10 Aplicaciones y Proyectos Tic (Aptica) CY22 Newfield Wireless 2A66 Spaceyes 2E47 Dension Audio Systems Ltd. 2.1B10 Aviat Networks CY08 Newport Media, Inc 2E33 Sphere 3D Inc 2A97 Developing Solutions, Inc. 2.1EZ1 Barcelona Digital Technology Centre (BDigital) CY03 Nexage 2B103 Spinner GmbH 2C81 Digivive Services PVT Ltd 2.1A73 Barcelona Media CY03 NICE Systems 2B76 SPIRIT DSP 2H11 DMD Mobile Sdn. Bhd. 2.1B71 Bharti Airtel Limited CY02 PAGE 62 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 63. EXHIBITOR LISTINGMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:14 Page 63 COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND COMPANY NAME STAND Brightstar Corp. CY01 comScore 4.6HS52 eBuddy B.V 7C34 Comverse 8B83 Costales, Fernandez y Asociados SA CY25 CounterPath Corporation 4.6HS21 eGain 7D58 CSG International 8A67 CTTC CY03 Cygnus Broadband 4.7HS27 Endomondo 7E63 Duracell Powermat 8B127 Directorate General for Telecommunications and the Deutsche Telekom AG 4.1EHS14, 4.1EHS15 Enough Software 7D62 emporia Telecom Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH & Co KG 8A139 Information Society CY03 Discretix Technologies Ltd. 2C72, 4.7HS22 Enterprise Lithuania 7H2 eServGlobal 8A69 EEN-Enterprise Europe Network CY03 D-Link Corporation 4.6HS38 Enterprise Lithuania IT Cluster 7H2 Ezetop Ltd 8C55 Emovilia CY03 Ecrio Inc. 4.2HS36 ETRONIKA 7H2 Gemalto SA 8A102 Etisalat CY20 Entre Marketing Ltd 1E19, 1F62, 4.4HS25 EVP International 7G7 Giesecke & Devrient GmbH 8B65, AV84 Eurostar Mediagroup CY22 Equinix 4.6HS02, 4.6HS05 Fastaxi SL 7E86 Golla Oy 8A50 France Telecom/Orange CY07, 4.7HS56 Facebook 4.6HS22, 4.7HS35, 4.7HS44, 4.7HS46 FeliCa Networks, Inc 7A107 Google Inc 8C25, 8C32 Fujitsu Limited CY15, 3.1HS125, 3.1HS87 France Telecom/Orange CY07, 4.7HS56 Fiksu 7H12 Gree Inc 8A167, 3.1HS19, 3.1HS21 Fundació i2Cat CY03 GCT Semiconductor, Inc. 4.5HS02 Fon Technology 7E69 GSMA Pavilion - GSMA 8C118 Geeksphone CY22 Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd 4.6HS49, 4.6HS53 fonYou Telecom, S.L 7F5 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd 8A159, Z6.1, Z6.2, Z6.4, Z6.5, Z6.6 Genaker CY03 GSMA 2.1A68, 4.6HS13 Forum Telecom, Inc. 7F16 Innopath Software 8C67 GOVERNMENT OF CATALONIA /GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA CY03 GSMA - Partnership Programme 4.7HS32 Garmin / NAVIGON - a Garmin Brand 7D36 Intel Corporation 8B192, 8B197, 6HS14, 7B28, 4.1HS01 Gowex CY25 HCL Technologies 2.1A36, 4.4HS19 GetJar 7H2 LG Electronics Inc 8B178 GSMA - Embedded House CY13 Hewlett-Packard Company 7C37, 4.6HS04, 4.6HS08, 4.6HS09, GfK 7C69 Morpho, e-Documents 8B76, AV79 IBM CY23 4.6HS11, 4.6HS12, 4.6HS15, 4.6HS17, 4.6HS31, 4.6HS35 Grupo.Mobi 7E71 Motorola Mobility UK Ltd 8A28, 8A51 Ingenia Telecom, S.L. CY22 Ikivo 2F13, 4.6HS46 GSMA OneAPI 7B82 NEC Corporation 8A125, 8A150 INVEST IN SPAIN CY25 Intel Corporation 8B192, 8B197, 6HS14, 7B28, 4.1HS01 HaptiMap 7H14 NewNet Communication Technologies 8A169 JSC Ingenium CY25 Intrinsyc Software International, Inc. 4.7HS01 HeART BIT, Inc. 7A94 Nokia Siemens Networks 8C01 Juniper Networks CY06 Jasper Wireless 2C110, 4.4HS01, 4.4HS30 Hewlett-Packard Company 7C37, 4.6HS04, 4.6HS08, NTT DoCoMo, Inc 8B117, 4.2HS40, 4.2HS42 Mobbeel CY25 Kyocera Communications, Inc 4.5HS04 4.6HS09, 4.6HS11, 4.6HS12, Oberthur Technologies AV66, 8B68 Narada Robotics CY03 LG Innotek Co., Ltd 4.7HS19 4.6HS15, 4.6HS17, 4.6HS31, 4.6HS35 Orga Systems GmbH AV91, 8B70 Naranya CY22 MASTERIMAGE 3D 4.1EHS7 Hidden Brains Infotech Pvt.Ltd 7G4 Powerwave Technologies 8B109 NEAPOLIS CY03 Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. 4.3HS01, 4.3HS05, 4.3HS12, 4.3HS40 HR-Germany / iGRIP 7F10 Qualcomm Incorporated 8B30, 8B53 Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. CY31 McAfee International Ltd 4.7HS42 IGTS 7H2 Rich Communications Ecosystem 8C118 Protección Online CY25 Mformation Technologies 1A56, 4.4HS31 Immersion 7C56 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd 8B169, 8B171, 8B175, 8B177, 8C167 Secretaría de Estado de Telecomunicaciones y para Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI) 4.6HS57 InMobiles BV 7H16 SanDisk Corporation 8B91 la Sociedad de la Información CY22, CY25 Micron Technology, Inc. 4.2HS18 Innova 7C62 Sicap 8B94 Simfonics Iberia S.L. CY22 MIPS Technologies, Inc. 4.6HS36 InQBarna 7E84 SK Planet Co., Ltd 8A147 SITmobile CY22 Mobile World Capital - Barcelona Conference Centre 4.9HS01 Intel Corporation 8B192, 8B197, 6HS14, 7B28, 4.1HS01 SK Telecom 8A142, 8A147 Sixtemia Mobile Studio CY03 Monotype Imaging Ltd 4.7HS36 InternetQ 7B26 Skyworks Semiconductor SAS 8C132 Solaiemes CY22 MontaVista Software, Inc 4.1EHS16 INTSIG INFORMATION CO., LTD 7E45 Symantec Corporation 8A171 Sybase 365 CY18 Movidius 2.1E51, 4.7HS06 Invensense 7B80 Symsoft 8C72 Telenor Group CY19 Movik 4.7HS14 Itero 7H2 Tecore Networks 8C78 Tempos21 CY03 MtekVision Co., Ltd 4.5HS01 Itinerarium 7F83 Teleca AB 8B79 Ubiqua CY25 Murata Electronics Europe 4.7HS38 iTo, UAB 7H2 TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. 8C115 Unkasoft Advergaming CY25 Nanoradio AB 4.7HS60 J1CK Mobile Systems 7B86 Telefonica S.A. 8A115 Urbiotica CY03 Netbiscuits GmbH 4.5HS11 Jabra / GN Netcom 7E58 Texas Instruments Incorporated 8A84 Vodafone Group Services Ltd CY29 NetLogic Microsystems Inc. 4.5HS44 Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) 7A84, 7A88, 7A90, ZTE Corporation 8B145, 8C129, 8C139, 8C141 Zain CY21 NetNumber Inc 4.7HS47 7A92, 7A98, 7A103, 7A104, 7A106, 7A107, 7A112 Zed Worldwide S.A. CY22 Jarbull by Globsis 7F20 NTT DoCoMo, Inc 8B117, 4.2HS40, 4.2HS42 co., ltd. 7A100 ZONE 3 Zhilabs SL CY22 Nuance Communications, Inc. 4.7HS03, 4.7HS18, 4.7HS20 Polycom 2D01, 4.6HS06 Kaspersky Lab 7B38 Ford Motor Company Z3.2 Hall 3.1 Gallery Pontis 4.5HS29 Krusell 7E68 Qtel International Z3.1 QuantumWave Capital 4.7HS48 madvertise Mobile Advertising 7B102 Actix 8C66, 3.1HS16 RealNetworks Inc 4.0HS19 Mail2World, Inc. 7G9 ZONE 4 Antenna Software 3.1HS172 Red Bend Software 4.3HS50 Malcom 7E73 AuthenTec 3.1HS174 ROUTE 66 4.7HS04 mBlox 7D49 HTC Europe Co Ltd 1D34, Z4.1 AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o. 3.1HS138, 3.1HS140 S Technologies Ltd 4.4HS03, 4.4HS05, 4.4HS07, 4.4HS09 mediba Inc. 7A90 ST-Ericsson 7D45, Z4.2 BridgeWave Communications 3.1HS86 Samsung Semiconductor Europe GmbH 4.0HS02 Metasite Business Solutions, UAB 7H2 Business Logic Systems 3.1HS186 Scalado 4.6HS27, 4.6HS61 Microgaming Software Systems Ltd 7H20 ZONE 5 Bytemobile 2B77, 3.1HS113, 3.1HS115 Shazam Entertainment Limited 4.2HS12 millenoki ltd 7B33 CelCite 2B13, 3.1HS44 Sierra Wireless AV44, 4.3HS02 milog Inc. 7A88 Ericsson 6E01, 6E30, Z5.1 Cloudmark Inc 3.1HS133 Sonus Networks 2C13, 4.2HS25 MIPI Alliance 7H10 Cognovo Ltd 3.1HS30 Sprint 4.1EHS10 MOBIBASE 7F3 ZONE 6 Colt Telecom 3.1HS26 SRS Labs 4.7HS10 Mobile Systems, Inc. 7E61 Communology GmbH 2B68, 3.1HS112 MobileKing GmbH 7D42 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd 8A159, Z6.1, Stollmann E+V GmbH 4.6HS62 Critical Path 3.1HS42 MobOn 7H2 Z6.2, Z6.4, Z6.5, Z6.6 SYNAPTICS INC 4.7HS39 CTI Group 3.1HS50 Syniverse AV105, 4.1EHS8 Mocean Mobile 7B34 Deltenna 3.1HS181 Synopsys 4.2HS15 Mokipay Europe 7H2 Avenue DigitalRoute 3.1HS04 The Carphone Warehouse 4.1EHS19 Movilway 7B68 Acme Packet AV48 DxO Labs 2E47, 3.1HS88 TM Forum 4.6HS50 Mozilla 7A38, 7B96 ALCATEL ONE TOUCH AV10, AV12, AV32, AV33, AV34 Evolving Systems 3.1HS98 TomTom 4.3HS19 Mubiquo Apps S.L 7B90 ANADIGICS AV83 EXFO Nethawk 1G55, 3.1HS20 Ubiquisys AV92, 4.1EHS12, 4.3HS13 MultiActiva Mobile 7F81 Aricent Group AV86 Export Development Canada 3.1HS93 Verizon Wireless 4.1EHS3, 4.1EHS4, 4.7HS13, 4.7HS15 NDrive Navigation Systems SA 7C70 Atos AV06 Fujitsu Limited CY15, 3.1HS125, 3.1HS87 Vesta Corporation 4.6HS63 NeoSOFT Technologies 7F95 BelAir Networks Inc. AV03 FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR LIMITED 1F69, 3.1HS175 VIMPELCOM LTD 4.1EHS5, 4.1EHS6 Neosono 7E85 BICS (Belgacom International Carrier Services) AV47 Fundamo 3.1HS168 VisualOn Inc 2.1D24, 4.7HS05 net mobile AG 7D35 Blippar AV35 Good Technology 3.1HS96 Wi-Fi Alliance 4.6HS48 Neustar AV89, 7A86 BlueRun Ventures AV100 Gree Inc 8A167, 3.1HS19, 3.1HS21 Wind River 2A17, 4.4HS02 NewPace Technology Development Inc. 7F89 Booz & Company GmbH AV116, 1F51 Hitachi, Ltd. 2.1D40, 3.1HS41, 3.1HS51, 3.1HS61 Yulong Computer Telecommunication Nokia Corporation 7H30, 7H40, 7I10 Brightpoint, Inc. AV78 iBasis 1E32, 3.1HS164 Scientific (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd 4.1EHS2 NTT Solmare Corporation 7C44, 6HS84 Carbon Diem AV35 Joyent 2.1A75, 3.1HS90 Octopod, Ltd 7B92 Ciena AV09, AV74 Kaelus 1D68, 3.1HS166 Hall 6 Oonair 7C35 Cisco 8A70, 8A111, AV64 Lime Microsystems 3.1HS100 OPENMARKET 7E42 Convergys 1G69, AV69 MediaTek Inc. 1C58, 3.1HS161 ACI 6HS4 openTrends Solucions i Sistemes S.L 7F93 Dell Marketing L.P. AV23 MicroStrategy 2.1C50, 3.1HS97 Aepona 7E44, 6HS8 OtterBox 7D60 Dialog Semiconductor AV108, 2F28 Mindspeed Technologies 1E57, 3.1HS131 Alcatel-Lucent 6C23, 6C63 Planet Media 7C83 Dialogic Inc. AV114 Movile 3.1HS184 Atlantic Provinces 6HS18, 6HS20 Plunge interactive 7F85 eeGeo lTd AV35 Movius Interactive Corporation 3.1HS126 Brightcove 7G8, 6HS28 Podsimka LLC 7A72 Emitac Mobile Solutions AV25 Nextreaming 3.1HS176 Ericsson 6E01, 6E30, Z5.1 Private Planet 7C30 Freescale Semiconductor AV27 NGMN Ltd 3.1HS114 IMA (Israel Mobile and Media Association) 6C43, 6C50 QITLABS 7D83 Freescale Semiconductors UK Ltd AV35 Nielsen 3.1HS149 Intel Corporation 8B192, 8B197, 6HS14, 7B28, 4.1HS01 Qustodian 7F84 Geonovo Limited AV35 Nomor Research GmbH 3.1HS56 MobiTV, Inc 6HS10 Roambi 7C106 Giesecke & Devrient GmbH 8B65, AV84 Oasis SMart SIM 3.1HS185 NTT Solmare Corporation 7C44, 6HS84 RubicPro Ltd. 7F1 Imperial College London AV35 Packet 1 - Greenpacket Sdn Bhd 3.1HS101 Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB 6E01 RUNTASTIC 7F91 INSIDE Secure 2D88, AV72 Peregrine Semiconductor 3.1HS01 Telmap Ltd 7C42, 6HS24 Sennheiser Communications A/S 7D56 Iwireless Solutions AV35 Picochip 1E57, 3.1HS127 Transaction Network Services (TNS) 6HS80 Service2Media 7B35 Location Labs / Safely AV100 PMC-Sierra Inc. 3.1HS08, 3.1HS10 Urban Airship 6HS82 SHIFT inc. 7A106 LSI AV76 Procera Networks 2.1A39, 3.1HS170 ShinobiControls 7G6 Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. AV55 Rambus Inc 3.1HS09, 3.1HS13 App Planet SlashMobility 7E83 Metaswitch Networks AV81 Redknee 1E37, 3.1HS165, 3.1HS171 Sling Media Inc 7E52 AddFleet 7E87 Millennial Media AV42 RGB Networks 3.1HS34 Smaato 7C38 ADEYA SA 7F24 mimoOn GmbH AV109 Sonim Technologies 3.1HS102 SOFT FOR YOU, SL 7F87 Adfonic 7A96 Mobile World Live AV05, AV20 Sycamore Networks, Inc. 3.1HS155 Spicysoft Corporation. 7A98 Adtriple 7E73 Mobilize AV35 Symmetricom, Inc 3.1HS99 ST-Ericsson 7D45, Z4.2 Aepona 7E44, 6HS8 Morpho, e-Documents 8B76, AV79 Tecnotree Corporation 1C50, 3.1HS187 STMicroelectronics 7C18 AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE 7D64 Myriad Group AG AV102 TeleTech 3.1HS147 Synctur 7D87 agmis, UAB 7H2 Neustar AV89, 7A86 TeliaSonera AB 3.1HS31, 3.1HS33, 3.1HS35, 3.1HS36, 3.1HS37 Tajseed Co. Ltd. 7D46 Airpush 7A80 Oberthur Technologies AV66, 8B68 Tessera 2.1D32, 3.1HS65, 3.1HS70, 3.1HS71, 3.1HS72 TeleSoftas UAB 7H2 ALK Technologies Ltd 7C80 Openet AV94 T-GAIA Corporation 3.1HS05 Telmap Ltd 7C42, 6HS24 ANALOG TWELVE Co., Ltd. 7A102 Oracle AV60 Tieto Corporation 1F25, 3.1HS153, 3.1HS156, 3.1HS158 theChanner 7E81 Apadmi Ltd 7C28 Orga Systems GmbH AV91, 8B70 Velocent 3.1HS83, 3.1HS84 Thumbstar 7C28 Apperian, Inc 7G11 PacketVideo AV38 VeriFone 2D06, 3.1HS129 TransferJet Consortium 7D22 appMobi 7E75 Pinger AV01 Vidiator 2D05, 3.1HS58 Upstream Mobile Marketing Limited 7D61 arara inc. 7A92 Renesas Mobile Corporation AV16 ViewSonic Europe 2H10, 3.1HS54 Uwanna Inc 7G10 Artificial Solutions 2F13, 7F86 RFMD AV71 Vlingo 3.1HS24 VALID 7B84 Auris 7F16 Rovi Europe Limited AV90 Volubill 1B18, 3.1HS162 VELTI 7C58 BACKELITE 7D84 SEVEN Networks AV41 Wireless Intelligence 3.1HS85 Vopium A/S 7F12 Baltic Car Equipment 7H2 Sierra Wireless AV44, 4.3HS02 Voxtrot 7A82 SmithMicro Software AV22 Hall 4 Baltic Web Studio 7H2 Vserv Digital Services Pvt. Ltd 7H1 Stream Communications AV35 BCN touch 7E80 WAC Application Services Ltd. 7C82 4G Americas 4.7HS50 BIJUTSU SHUPPAN NETWORK Co., ltd. 7A103 Sub10 Systems Ltd AV35 WIN Information Technology Inc 7B104 Acer Europe S.A 4.1EHS9, 4.1EHS13 BlackBelt SmartPhone Defence Limited 7C28 Syniverse AV105, 4.1EHS8 Wireless Media 7D80 AdaptiveMobile 4.6HS01 BlackBerry by Research In Motion Ltd 7B42 TATA Communications (America) AV99 WorldConnect AG 7B98 Adobe Systems Incorporated 1C31, 4.1HS37 Blinzy Studios 7D81 The Western Union Company AV87 wöwbile Mobile Marketing 7D85 Airvana LLC 4.7HS58 Brightcove 7G8, 6HS28 TriQuint Semiconductor 1B55, AV97 Yospace Technologies Ltd 7D20 Altair Semiconductor 4.6HS23 Business Support Solutions 7C28 Ubiquisys AV92, 4.1EHS12, 4.3HS13 Zyncro 7F82 Amobee 4.3HS15 BuzzCity Pte Ltd 7E47 UK Trade & Investment AV35 Wipro Technologies AV30 Aptina Imaging Corporation 4.5HS16 Canonical 7C87 Hall 8 Wolfson Microelectronics AV95 ASUS Technology PTE. LTD 4.4HS14 CELSYS,Inc 7C44 Atmel Corporation 4.3HS10 Ciklum 7F14 2LK DESIGN LTD 8B192 Wood & Douglas AV35 Audience, Inc. 4.7HS31 CooTek 7C90 Acision Nederland B.V 8A86, 8A93 austriamicrosystems – TAOS 2H02, 4.5HS14 Counterpoint, SL 7F80 Actix 8C66, 3.1HS16 Avvasi Inc 2A97, 4.6HS39 Coyote Systems 7C81 AirWatch 8B110 Aylus Networks, Inc. 4.6HS07 CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. 7A104 Amdocs Management Limited 8B101 Broadcom Corporation 4.1HS02 Deezer 7C86 AT&T 8A77, 8A80 BroadSoft, Inc. 2.1A12, 4.1EHS11 Desay Electronics (Huizhou) Co Ltd 2A103, 7F97 Cellebrite 8B71 Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited 1G26, 4.3HS30 Digimarc Corporation 7B70 Celltick 8B73 Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd 4.0HS27 Down to Moon 7E82 Cisco 8A70, 8A111, AV64 Citibank N.A. 4.1EHS1 eBay Inc 7D90 CLX Networks 8C72 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 63
  • 64. EXHIBITOR NEWS A new consumer survey, willing to spend more, if operators commissioned by Comptel engaged with them more. Corporation, the leading vendor of Comptel offers solutions which Customer Engagement software, combine the ability to collect a large has revealed that two-thirds of amount of data, make sense of them consumers feel neglected by their through advanced analytics, and take mobile operators and that almost engaging action through policy half are likely to churn within the control, charging or service fulfilment. next two years as a result. The survey also reveals how For a copy of the research consumers in United Kingdom, results, please visit ComptelMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:14 Page 64 France, Germany and the United ( at booth States would be more loyal and #1C06. CTS, Crypto Telecommunication built-in SD card 32 GB in encrypted Security S.A. presents the most form. NUME uses VoIP technology. powerful hardware encryption Encrypted communication between device – NUME. NUME, a small users can be established via 3G portable dual-processor encryptor, network or through CTS company can be connected via Bluetooth or SIP server, using direct Internet cable to any mobile telephone, access via Wi-Fi or WiMax. So Survey Reveals Customers tablet PC or standard PC. NUME wherever you are, whatever modern provides seamless end-to-end mobile device you have, with NUME Need More Love From protection for you GSM connection, you can be sure that all your private using strong voice, data, SMS, MMS information, transactions and Their Mobile Operators and E-mail encryption. It has conversations are secured. compatible implementations for Windows, MacOS, Apple iOS, Come and visit us at 2F14 or Android, Symbian, Blackberry contact us:, operation systems. NUME has a Worlds first portable Fujitsu is showing the new quad- at the Fujitsu stand. While youre expertise ranging from Clear Route for Data core ‘superphone’ with ultra-fast there, experience Fujitsu features supercomputers to tablet PCs. voice and data encryptor OS, along with the worlds thinnest like waterproof performance for 6.7mm waterproof Smartphone, yourself. Fujitsu is the one Come and visit our stand at and much more. You will be able to Smartphone maker with vertically ‘Courtyard CY15’ or contact us touch and try all the incredible new integrated manufacturing, a global via the Fujitsu website Smartphones and tablets by Fujitsu ICT presence and comprehensive ( Fujitsu Delivers Virtuoso Performance Wi-Fi Offers Operators JDSU introduces limited by information blindspots, PacketPortal now lets you see An online survey by MACH Lokdeep Singh, CTO at MACH, Roaming Monetisation, PacketPortalTM, an industry first can address the issues of driving the network the way your demonstrates that operators commented: “Wi-Fi is obviously a using a revolutionary cloud costs down, maximizing the customers experience it. stand to benefit from a large key access technology for mobile MACH Survey Finds approach to intelligence customer experience and untapped market in data roaming data when abroad. Operators should collection. By decoupling data delivering exciting new tailored Visit the JDSU Booth in Hall 1, simply by employing Wi-Fi. The look at how they can successfully capture and filtering from services. Powered by an open stand 1G63 to find out more YouGov research has shown that market new Wi-Fi offerings to management and analysis, JDSU value-creating platform combined about the unique PacketPortal 24 per cent of smartphone/tablet address the untapped market of is able to dramatically reduce the with a comprehensive partner solution or visit users have never accessed mobile smartphone and tablet owners cost, size and complexity of model, PacketPortal delivers the data abroad. Of those that have, currently not using data roaming.” information collection bringing right intelligence at the right time 45% have not used 3G at all, and JDSU unprecedented and massive scale. to any business, monitoring or 43% prefer to connect over paid- Come and visit us at stand 1H49 Now service providers, no longer management application. for Wi-Fi. or contact us via: PacketPortalTM Redefining Customer, Content & Network Intelligence PAGE 64 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 65. EXHIBITOR NEWS with the LTE / WCDMA 2 x 40W competitive price” RRH Product (RRH) product range. Manager Chris Simmonds “This product is built using our AceAxis leads the world in the Generation 2 technology – so it is development of multi-mode, multi- smaller, lighter and now has band, multi-standard remote radio greater power efficiency. In heads and subsystems, which are addition Gen 2 technology currently deploying with OEMs in AceAxis, a world renowned radically reduced internal cable USA, Asia and Europe. leader in TD-LTE, WiMAX remote connections, making significant radio head (RRH) products, today improvements in reliability. All-in- Find out more on our exhibition announces the launch of their new all we believe this is the best stand in Hall 2, stand 2F07. FDD family of products, starting technology available, at a veryMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:14 Page 65 AceAxis Launch LTE/WCDMA 2 x 40W RRH Jinny Software, a global supplier optimise MMS broadcasting as well of messaging, call completion and as manage campaigns, and all on mobile advertising solutions to the same platform.” wireless carriers, today announces Play does not just promote the successful deployment of a person-to-person (P2P) MMS robust, scalable MMSC at the fast- usage; they also use application-to- growing Play mobile operator. person (A2P) MMS campaigns to With 7 million subscribers, Play is support and increase their revenue. one of the most powerful brands in “We are pleased to support Poland. “Play has grown extremely Poland’s Play as they innovate and Openwave rapidly since we launched in 2007,” grow,” says Richard Choi, Jinny says Andrzej Miłkowski, Director of Chief Commercial Officer. “This Appoints Network Planning and System deal underscores our commitment Engineering at Play. “We give to helping market leaders move Jinny Software Industry subscribers value for money, while their businesses into the future.” also continuously innovating our services. Jinny is a natural partner To find out more about Jinny’s Delivers Powerful Vet Mike for us, as their MMSC solution is market-leading MMSC, visit the highly flexible and innovative. The stand in Hall 1, at Stand 1E38, or Mulica as MMSC includes modules to visit Openwave’s new CEO, Mike MMS solution for Mulica, is an established leader in MIPI Alliance today announced a complexity, reduces chipset space the wireless industry with extensive CEO battery interface for mobile devices and improves cost margins. For executive leadership experience in Play in Poland which improves consumer safety, more information, go to high-tech companies. In 2007 the provisioning with choices made by battery performance, lessens the . To see a working World Economic Forum named him the end customer, via their device, battery’s environmental impact. The demonstration of the specification, a Technology Pioneer, reflecting his at the time of first use. robust, scalable and cost efficient visit the MIPI Alliance booth in Hall 25 years in the technology and Pre-paid or contract customers single-wire communication 7, 7H11 at Mobile World Congress. communications industry – can now be offered choices when interface is the first standard to including four years as a top sales they switch on a new phone: pick a address these key issues. Mobile Hall 7, Stand 7H11 executive with Openwave and its number from a list of suggestions, device users can now look for smart MIPI® is a registered mark of predecessor firm search for a number containing batteries with longer lifetime, safe, MIPI Alliance, Inc. “Openwave is at a pivotal point in MIPI® Alliance favourite digits. environmentally-friendly battery its history. The company has That’s only the start: in the chemistry as well as increased Media Contact: innovative products and a unique future carriers will deliver a safety through temperature Marcia Barnett intellectual property portfolio that Enables Smart, Safe, A one-size-fits-all wireless different user experience to monitoring and decreased risk of 214-868-8861 helped define the mobile internet service is no longer enough to different devices; offer different counterfeit products. Plus, as we know it today; we will compete in many markets – tariffs, location or device members of the mobile device leverage both to maximize the Performance- personalisation and choice are dependent promotions, and third ecosystem – OEMs, chipset company’s value to our customers, essential. party offers – and configure these suppliers, battery slave IC suppliers partners, shareholders and the Evolving Systems’ Dynamic SIM centrally for instant availability. and battery pack manufacturers – broader industry.” Enhanced Batteries Allocation TM is a personalisation will benefit from a commonly solution used by wireless carriers Evolving Systems - Hall 3.1 Suite accepted battery interface that Contact Openwave at in many countries. It drives service 98 - saves design and manufacturing for Mobile Devices Offering More Personalisation to Mobile Users MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 65
  • 66. EXHIBITOR NEWS Wi-Ex, a leading provider of consumer and commercial mobile signal boosters for the home and office, is showcasing its zBoost European product line including the zBoost-ONE UMTS 3G Signal Booster and zBoost for home and office. zBoost eliminates mobile phoneMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:14 Page 66 notspots by increasing the mobile signal indoors and eliminating dropped calls. With zBoost, users can take full advantage of voice, data and Internet services on their iPhone, Blackberry, DROID, smartphone and other connected devices including iPad and tablets The RFMD PowerSmart 4G is a including 3G high-speed data and zBoost Your Mobile multi-mode, multi-band RF video, instant messaging, pictures platform for LTE smartphones, and more at home and in the office. tablets, ultra books, and M2M devices. At the heart of Visit us at stand 2J29 Phone Notspots PowerSmart 4G is the industry’s Or at first RF configurable power core, consisting of industry-leading VSWR-tolerant power amplifier technology co-designed with patented power-management technology. In 2011, our revolutionary PowerSmart 3G RF platform was the first of its kind to provide OEMs the ability to build a truly global and cost-effective smartphone platform, and The RFMD® PowerSmart 3G is now shipping into millions of smartphone and PowerSmart® data devices. PowerSmart 4G, now the third generation of the 4G RF PowerSmart family, meets the Polystar, a leading supplier of this new offering Polystar widely varying needs of mobile Service Assurance, Network addresses the challenges of this Platform operators and, most importantly, Monitoring and Test Solutions for ever-changing mobile data provides the capability to efficiently the telecom market, is launching environment and delivers true move as the user moves—between its next generation of Mobile Data end-to-end visibility into voice and data, between mobile Service Assurance Solution. subscribers’ behaviour, device operators, and between regions of The complex ecosystem with the usage, service quality and the world. With the globalization of wide range of mobile interactive performance of 4G/LTE networks. cellular communications, there is services and “always-on” behavior The new scalable platform will now a global RF platform. force network operators and handle today’s bandwidth service providers to proactively demands, as well as support For further information or to manage the outrages traffic future data explosion and service request a meeting with RFMD at volumes and correspondingly migration from the circuit to the MWC, contact us at adjust their daily operation. With packet world. Polystar launches next generation Mobile Data with the latest LifeVibes video software. It’s a combined video player and social control panel that Service Assurance solution lets you watch videos, talk on Facebook Chat, tweet and browse all at the same time. Or why not hear how LifeVibes VoiceExperience and HD Voice make voice calling crystal clear – even with all the noise of MWC in the background? And to share the NXP Software is bringing a smile 1, A15) can try out video and voice fun, you can capture and upload a to visitors’ faces with its real-life solutions designed to wow smile to Facebook with LifeVibes demonstrations of its LifeVibes consumers in today’s multi-screen, fast, intuitive media editing and products. Visitors to its stand (Hall multi-tasking world. You can play trimming software. Smile! Experience a “wow” moment with LifeVibes software PAGE 66 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 67. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:14 Page 67 Monday, 27 February – Thursday, 1 March Learn more The GSMA Seminar Theatre, located in Hall 2.1 Open to all Mobile World Congress attendees, GSMA Seminars provide insight and developments on key GSMA industry initiatives. Please join us at one or more of the following about our sessions: Seminar Programme Monday, 27 February Disaster Response: Programme Launch & Working Group 09:30–12:00 industry at Mobile Spam: Eroding consumer trust? Tuesday, 28 February Rich Communications Ecosystem – retaining customer relevance 12:30–15:00 09:30–12:00 GSMA NFC: Advancing the mobile ecosystem 12:30–15:30 Green Power for Mobile and Community Power from Mobile 16:00–17:00 Mobile Agriculture: The market opportunity 17:30–18:30 Wednesday, 29 February Seminars Connected Living Seminars Exploring new business impacts Mobile Health: From deployment to a sustainable business The need to apply new business models 09:30–10:50 11:05–12:25 12:40–14:00 Transforming children and young people’s lives 14:30–16:00 GSMA mWomen 16:00–18:30* Mobile and Development Intelligence 16:30–18:30 Thursday, 1 March Complimentary Mobile and privacy: Are they mutually exclusive? 09.30–11.00 for all delegates Spectrum – It’s everybody’s business 11:30–13:30 *Location: Hall 2.1, Room A (mPowered Brands Theatre) 6 7 ZONE 4 ZONE 6 ZONE 3 The GSMA Seminar Theatre, 4 5 located in Hall 2.1 2 3 8 1
  • 68. PROGRAMMEMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:15 Page 68 DAY 1 Monday, February 27, 2012 Keynote 2: Conference Sessions Conference Sessions The Connected Consumer 11:30 - 13:00 Opening Keynote 1: Location: Hall 5 - Auditorium 1 Mobile Cloud: Mobile Operator Strategies Competitive Landscape From desktop PCs and games consoles to smartphones and tablets, 9:30 - 11:00 Internet connectivity is now a pre-requisite for most consumer 14:00 - 15:30 Location: Hall 5 - Auditorium 1 electronics devices. With so many consumers connected to multiple Location: Hall 5 - Auditorium 3 While the mobile industry remains robust despite a turbulent global devices, content providers, advertisers and brands are experiencing Gone are the years when a competitor was a competitor and a economic climate, the world’s mobile operators face many critical issues an unprecedented access to end users, but the fragmented and partner was a partner. In today’s fluid competitive scenario, mobile which will define the future growth of the industry. Perhaps one of the personal nature of the mobile Internet poses a challenge to these operators must compete and collaborate amongst themselves and most pressing is how to balance the need for continued investment in players as they plan which engagement channels, strategies and with other industry stakeholders. Software and Internet players are growth opportunities and the challenges presented by a competitive business models will drive growth and justify investment in the partners in the morning and competitors in the evening as the lines marketplace, limited spectrum resources and highly discerning digital space. Meanwhile, fixed and mobile Internet service of competition blur. customers. providers, as well as equipment manufacturers will be challenged to provide a seamless online experience to increasingly tech-savvy and This session will address the challenges that this hyper-dynamic The plethora of mobile connected devices and new services in the demanding consumers. competitive scenario bring to mobile operators as well as the entire market today provide a tantalising glimpse into the future of mobile, ecosystem. Business relationships are going beyond joint-ventures, but much still needs to be done in order to deliver on the promise. This How can stakeholders from different elements of the broad mobile M&A and strategic partnerships and in this scenario risks and session will explore a range of issues such as: How can operators ecosystem work together to deliver the services which will match opportunities are greater than ever. continue to evolve their business models as disruptive services challenge the technological innovations we are seeing in the consumer the status quo of traditional revenue streams? What opportunities does electronics space today? Join industry leaders from the world’s the entry of mobile technology into new verticals provide operators retail, advertising and mobile companies as they discuss the future Business Transformation: with? How can operators remain at the forefront of the technology of the connected consumer. Operators as Agile Businesses innovation that has made our industry one of the key growth drivers of the global economy? KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Join the CEOs of the world’s leading operators as they discuss the Jointly Developed with MODERATOR: strategies that are shaping the mobile industry today and well into 14:00 - 15:30 Ben Wood, Chief of Research, CCS Insight the future. Location: Hall 5 - Room 6 Brian Dunn KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Compared to Over the Top competition, traditional communications CEO service providers have at times been slow to act and react to changing Franco Bernabè Best Buy Company Inc market conditions. However, there are striking demonstrations of Chairman, GSMA business agility within the communications world as service providers are Chairman & CEO, Telecom Italia Group John Donahoe adapting their legacy infrastructures to tackle new requirements. These President & CEO successes have been based on becoming a flexible enterprise through Anne Bouverot eBay identifying and interpreting relevant data to make quick business Director General decisions. To continue to overcome diminishing profit margins, service GSMA Michael Roth providers must become more responsive to their business environment Chairman & CEO and their consumers. Ralph de la Vega IPG In this session, we examine key success factors, pain points and President & CEO Mobility case studies to help service providers deliver the agility and AT&T ingenuity they need to seize business opportunities and maximise their revenues. Li Yue Mobile World Live Extra President China Mobile Mobile Applications: Apps for All - How 13:20 - 13:50 Location: Hall 5 - Auditorium 1 Apps are Changing our Lives Vittorio Colao 14:00 - 15:30 Chief Executive Featuring Facebook CTO Bret Taylor, Mobile World Live Extra is a Location: Hall 5 - Auditorium 2 Vodafone special session heading up the Mobile Application stream. This session will be broadcast on Mobile World Live TV and on Apps are integral to the way many of us now live, work and play. From the games business to gamifying business, apps exist for everything from throwaway fun through to essential work tools. Bret will discuss how Facebook is working to enhance the Some apps we pay for, some we don’t. Some we probably don’t distribution and discovery of applications across mobile platforms even think of as apps, since they fit so seamlessly into the way we live our lives. Bret Taylor CTO Overall, the apps business is booming; Gartner forecasts US$15.9 billion end-user spend on apps in 2012. But reports also suggest Facebook that half of apps make less than US$3k each. Given the months of work that can go into producing an app, this kind of return on investment can’t be sustainable long term. How should the apps ecosystem evolve to support development? This session will look at two sides of the app equation: first, the money question – what is the most sustainable way to build an apps business model? And second, a discussion of how the world works for developers and a look at the type of apps that are out there changing the way we live. All details correct at the time of going to print. Please visit the Information Points at Mobile World Congress for any updates or changes to the Conference programme. PAGE 68 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 69. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 26/02/2012 17:27 Page 69 SETTING THE NEW STANDARD For almost a century, Opal has provided the very best in vending for prepaid telecom products. Now, the very best gets better. Reduces prepaid distribution costs Captures cash with full accountability Real time top-ups to handsets or PIN based sales. Reduces consumer wait times and enhances customer service Sells prepaid top-ups, SIMs, handsets and MORE Sells even when your store is closed (7x24) SEE WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS AT BOOTH 2A92 HALL 2 | 10 Compass Court, Toronto, ON Canada M1S 5R3 Tel: (416) 646-5232 Fax: (416) 646-5242
  • 70. PROGRAMMEMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 26/02/2012 17:27 Page 70 DAY 1 Monday, February 27, 2012 Mobile Applications: Conference Sessions Mobile World Live Keynote The Future of Voice & Messaging 16:00 - 17:30 Mobile Health: Getting Mobile into the System Location: Hall 5 - Auditorium 2 18:00 - 18:45 Location: Hall 5 - Auditorium 1 - What We’ve Learnt so Far Voice and messaging, those most fundamental of all mobile services, are The Mobile World Live keynotes will once again feature the industry’s 14:00 - 15:30 changing. Mobile network operators used to be the undisputed rulers of leading lights, sharing their visions for the future of mobile technology. Location: Hall 5 - Room 5 voice and messaging on the go. Occasionally there was a challenge to These special stand-alone evening sessions are a break from the Most of the successes in mobile health to date have been built from their primacy – VoIP made a few headlines and mobile IM was a US traditional format, and are the only Mobile World Congress conference the bottom up: small but impactful projects that help communities with frontrunner for a while – but global mobile voice and SMS usage was sessions to be broadcast live over the internet and via Mobile World anything from increasing access to health information to improving robust. Live TV. maternal care. But the real step change for mobile health will come However, the popularity of smartphones, wifi offload and unlimited The GSMA Mobile World Congress and Mobile World Live are from national and international scale, which means, in many cases, data plans has helped make it cheap and easy for consumers to get proud to host the Ford Motor Company’s executive chairman Bill getting mobile into existing government and private health systems. their voice and messaging from someone else, and operators have Ford Jr. in the first of the 2012 Mobile World Live keynotes. There are still many and varied systemic barriers to scaling mobile health, begun to report the impact. During 2011, Ford unveiled a number of prototype and concept but progress is being made. The US Food and Drug Administration But this isn’t just about a battle between mobile operators and over- technologies that demonstrated the company is already on the path recently began to approve mobile health applications and is expected to the-top players. It’s a story of partnerships and changing consumer to achieving its vision of the connected future. issue guidance on mHealth devices in 2012. It is just this sort of progress behaviours, of richer communications and new business models. This that is vital to building confidence to invest in mHealth. session will bring together key players in this evolving marketplace to Bill Ford’s presence at the 2012 Mobile World Congress will mark ask whether there has been a shift in the balance of power, and what the first time Ford executive chairman has delivered a keynote This session will look at what has been done to date to get mobile mobile voice and messaging will look like in years to come. technology speech in Europe. health integrated into and supported by large health systems. Players from across the ecosystem will offer case studies from their own Join this special session to discover how Ford is working towards experience and will discuss what still needs to be done to get the Mobile Health: mHealth & The User - improving the motoring experience through technology innovation most from mHealth. and ubiquitous connectivity and share in Bill Ford’s vision of the Building Trust, Creating Demand connected future. 16:00 - 17:30 Mobile Cloud: Location: Hall 5 - Room 5 Contending for Content KEYNOTE SPEAKER: For mobile health to be a success, its proponents must find ways to 16:00 - 17:30 optimise mobile for users of existing health services: health Bill Ford Jr. Location: Hall 5 - Auditorium 3 practitioners, patients and consumers. It should, put simply, meet Executive Chairman The huge number of cloud solutions available today is only set to their needs. These needs will not only be direct health improvements Ford Motor Company grow in the future as the adoption of smartphones, tablets and but will also encompass complex and interrelated questions of other media devices increase rapidly. The increase in mobile data operational efficiency, accountability, and life and working style. End capacity requirements due to the cloud presents some challenges users must also trust that mobile health will deliver what it promises. for mobile network operators and other service providers in This session will question the extent to which health practitioners, optimising content delivery. How can mobile network operators and patients and consumers in different markets are ready and willing to other service providers ensure the most efficient use of their use mobile health. It will discuss the way patients and consumers networks and other assets to successfully deliver cloud-based perceive different uses of mobile in health, from wellness apps and content and monetise cloud solutions profitably? social networks through to enterprise apps and remote-monitoring This session will discuss mobile cloud content delivery models and will devices. Speakers will also discuss how to market the mobile health assess how mobile network operators and other service providers can message, and will examine approaches to branding and promotion best leverage their assets to maximise their opportunities in the value of mHealth services from different levels of the value chain. chain and monetise mobile cloud solutions successfully. Business Transformation: Operators as Intelligent Partners Jointly Developed with 16:00 - 17:30 Location: Hall 5 - Room 6 With the spread of the mobile Internet, smartphones and the emergence of M2M, the role of service providers within an increasingly complex value chain has evolved and as new devices emerge, more change is on the horizon. This evolution exposes service providers to the needs of new industries; those service providers that can work with and support these needs will thrive while the slowest will fall by the wayside. Service providers’ networks, billing relationships, data handling and wealth of information offer magnificent opportunities for would-be partners to take advantage of. However, the challenge for service providers lies in presenting these in useful formats to support creative and lucrative partnerships. The success of OTT players is testament to past shortcomings in this area. How can service providers rise to the technical and business challenges of becoming intelligent partners to diverse industries? This session examines the hurdles to overcome and outstanding examples to follow. PAGE 70 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  • 71. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:15 Page 71 mobile c verage a network roaming coverage map service for your website Come and visit us at the GSMA Pavilion in Hall 8 Collins mobile Coverage is a web based roaming coverage map service made available through CollinsBartholomew’s partnership with the GSMA. Using the latest mapping technology, Collins mobile Coverage combines up-to-date world base maps with unique mobile network coverage data provided by operators from around the world. These seamless roaming coverage maps are delivered straight to network operators’ corporate web pages to help them tell their users where they can use their phones when abroad. Interactive seamless network roaming coverage maps delivered straight to network operator corporate web pages Displays all available roaming partner coverage Modern JavaScript based mapping API with mouse wheel zoom Fast and easy to implement Ability to display network coverage using corporate colours Toggle between GSM and 3G coverage Regular network coverage updates Maintenance free Up-to-date and authoritative worldwide base maps Hosted from secure and reliable web servers Available to all GSM members around the world +44 7787 126660
  • 72. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:15 Page 72 The Global Cellular Industry Balance Sheet $1,100,000,000,000 $1, 00,000,000,000 Total revenues generated by mobile operators worldwide will hit US$ 1.1 trillion in 2012 Total rev Voice services Voice services still represent 20% Developing 2012 2007 70% of total revenues despite 33% economies are encouraging data trends data driving the non-voice n-voice ata-only data-only growth and will services rvices ervices services represent 40% In 2012, over 33% of total revenues of global services globally will come from non-voice services revenues 70% services including data-only services which will in 2012 40% 33% represent close to 20% of total revenues Developed world timeline: outs outsourcing sourcing measures measures network 2008 Global EBITDA Capex was squeezed sharing “Macroeconomic 21% to preserve cash flows, preserve volatility” 2% and profits were profits were “Healthy balance sheets Cost saving often quoted maximised through through served served as a cushion initiatives Earnings in Earnings cost saving initiatives. Global Cash Flow h against global financial 28% turmoil” consolidation cons solidation economies of scale 7% 2008 Global Joss Gillet, Senior Analyst, recession recession Wireless Wireless Intelligence awakening Global Capex e 15% -3% 3% 2010-11 Operators talk about 2008 2009 “Macroeconomic improvement in core markets” Revival in network Market saturation, spending led by regulatory pressure regulatory pressure Global EBITDA Global Capex 15% LTE, HSPA+ PA+ LTE, HSPA+ and roaming (MTR and roaming Total Total revenues revenues stalled -1% 1% -0.3% 0 3% mobile WiMAX cuts) and higher at 2% -3% 3% deployments are customer costs are having a negative 2009 2010 2009 2010 margins. impact on margins. Today the Today in th developing world: The region will soon Further network investments are needed in pass 5 billion 16% 16% However, However, 3G only on order to turn immature data opportunities in cellular connections accounts for low-ARPU markets into profitable segments. and 100% market 100% 16% of regiona regional There is an urgent need for further network penetration. connections. sharing agreements as well as more affordable devices, services and spectrum. services rvices © Wireless Intelligence Wireless web: email: twitter: @wi