Tourism strategy for a city in Turkey


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I have been asked by a few of you on the application of Issue-based consulting methodology in developing strategy. Here's a sample of a Tourism sector strategy developed a few years ago for a city in Turkey. This file is intended to (a) demonstrate the application of the Issue-based Consulting methodology (b) provide a guide on how to work through a strategy development project, incl. the issue mapping, key aspects to analyze, and the reporting approach

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Tourism strategy for a city in Turkey

  1. 1. 01st April 2010Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyFinal ReportArun K Cavale, Market Insights Leader, IBM SingaporeBenny Rajan, Business Analyst/IT Specialist, IBM IndiaKetelyn Paulussi, Corporate Internal Auditor, IBM Brazil
  2. 2. 2 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyTable of Contents1. Introduction Pages 3 - 72. Tourism Market in Turkey Pages 8 - 143. Tourism Value Chain Analysis Pages 15 - 184. Strategic Analysis of Tourism Sector in Gaziantep Pages 19 - 235. Tourism Marketing Pages 24 - 316. Unique Selling Proposition & Offering Development Pages 32 - 377. Transportation & Connectivity Pages 38 - 428. Competition Pages 43 - 469. Pricing Pages 47 - 5210. Hospitality Infrastructure Development Pages 53 - 5711. Human Resources Capacity Development Pages 58 - 6112. Tourism Policy and Governance Pages 62 - 6413. Recommendations Pages 65 - 9914. Follow-on Projects & Focus Areas Pages 100 - 10515. Annexure 1 - Project Development Roadmap Pages 108 - 12016. Annexure 2 - Business Case Analysis for Relative Pricing of Cities Pages 121 - 12417. Annexure 3 - Strategic Options Assessment Pages 125 - 12918. Annexure 4 - Curriculum for Human Resources Capacity Build-up Pages 130 - 13819. Annexure 5 - List of Major Congresses in Turkey for 2010 Pages 139 - 141
  3. 3. 3 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy1.0 Introduction
  4. 4. 4 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyBusiness Impact: We estimate that there is a potential to grow tourism revenue by 82%, ifall 4 strategies are executed together4Sponsor: Mr. Kursat GONCU, Secretary General, Gaziantep Chamber of IndustryTeam: Arun K Cavale, Benny Rajan, Ketelyn PaulussiExecutive Summary: Strategy Plan for Congress Tourism to drive overalltourism growth in GaziantepProject Description / ObjectivesTo develop a strategy plan for the development andpromotion of the tourism sector in Gaziantep, esp. in theniche area of Congress tourismKey InsightsKey markets include Europe, Russia/CIS, Middle East, butmostly domesticGaziantep needs a concerted marketing effortCulture is the Unique Selling Proposition for Gaziantep –and needs to build on itDirect flight connectivity is key to build a strong tourist baseSupply of hotel rooms is a bottle-neck that limits largercongress eventsThere is a shortage of trained resourcesRecommendationsThere are 4 strategies available: Attract, Retain, Up-Selland Cross-sellThere is potential to grow tourism revenues by 82%, if all 4strategies are executed togetherOffering development, Marketing, Human Resourcesdevelopment and Tourism governance platform are the 4key prioritized actions1. Introduction
  5. 5. 5 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyProject ScheduleM T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T1 19 days2 IBM Team Meets 1 day3 Initial Client Meeting 1 day4 2 days5 Objective Setting, Team & Plan 1 day6 Identify Issues 1 day7 3 days8 Define Hypotheses 1 day9 Define Key Questions, Data Specs 2 days10 Build Draft Storyboard 1 day11 5 days12Create Data Matrix & InterviewGuides 2 days13 Conduct Interviews 4 days14 7 days15Analyze Data & DevelopRecommendations 9 days16 Revise/Refine/Complete Storyboard 6 days17 2 days18 Final Presentation 1 day19 Follow-up 1 day8-Mar 15-Mar 22-Mar 29-MarTask NameTourism Sector Strategy ProjectDefinition StageStructure StageData Gathering StageSynthesis StageBuy-In StageID Duration10th Mar (VISIONING WORKSHOP)11th Mar (ISSUE DISCOVERY WORKSHOP - I)12th Mar (ISSUE DISCOVERY WORKSHOP - II)1. Introduction
  6. 6. 6 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy2.0 Tourism Market in Turkey
  7. 7. 7 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyTurkey’s tourism industry accounted for 2.8% of GDP and generatedemployment to nearly 437,000 people in 2008Source: BMI Turkey Tourism Report 1Q10n/a56.2%16.0%2.2%20,8432011fn/a61.5%18.8%3.3%20,1242009fn/a59.4%17.4%2.6%20,4262010fn/a437423462Direct industry employment,‘00014.8%14.5%17.9%19.8%Contribution to export of goods54.2%59.1%71.6%73.2%Contribution to export ofservicesEmployment2.0%2.8%3.1%3.5%% Contribution to GDP21,31420,37020,64918,520US$ Million2012f200820072006Tourism expenditureTourism Expenditure and Economic Impact, 2006-20122. Tourism Market in Turkey
  8. 8. 8 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy4.80.3 0.2 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 EastEuropeMiddleEastNorthAmericaAfrica East Asia Australia SouthEast AsiaSouthAmericaSouthAsiaOthersForeignTouristArrivals(Million)2007 2008 2009Europe, UIS & Middle East constitute over 90% of the tourist traffic.CAGR2007-098.0% 6.6% 6.8% 10.1% 2.9% 28.1% -9.3% 8.3% 16.0% 21.6% 9.6% 16.9%Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in Turkey, 2007 – 2009** ProvisionalKey markets for Turkey2. Tourism Market in TurkeySource: Republic of Turkey - Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  9. 9. 9 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyThe top 5 countries constituted over 45% and top 10 constitute 62% of thetotal tourist traffic in 20094. 0.90.7 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.5 0.5 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4*)Foreign Tourist Arrivals in Turkey by Nationality, 2009Source: Republic of Turkey - Ministry of Culture and TourismGermany17%Russia10%UK9%Bulgaria5%Others54%Iran5%* Provisional2. Tourism Market in Turkey
  10. 10. 10 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyRussia, UK and Iran are the fastest growing tourist markets for Turkey01000200030004000500060002008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014GermanyRussiaUKIranNetherlandsBulgariaFranceGeorgiaUSUkraineCAGR 2008-20142.6%5.0%6.6%6.6%4.0%0.9%3.5%4.3%6.8%-0.8%2. Tourism Market in TurkeySource: BMI Turkey Tourism Report 1Q10
  11. 11. 11 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy0.06%396634,88610Italy0.04%365932,8098Francen/an/a995,3817Georgia0.02%4892,426,7493UK0.01%1301,406,6044Bulgaria0.04%5411,383,2615Iran0.02%1771,127,1506Netherlands0.13%878667,1599USA0.09%23,24927,077,114Total Foreigners0.02%6362,694,7332Russia0.06%2,5194,488,3501Germany% ofTourists toGaziantepNumber ofTourists toGaziantep*Number ofTourists toTurkeyRank in 2009NationalityGaziantep gets less than 0.1% of the foreign tourists that come toTurkeySource: Republic of Turkey - Ministry of Culture and Tourism,Gaziantep Tourism Office for Gaziantep numbers* Number of tourists who stayed in Gaziantep, 20092. Tourism Market in Turkey
  12. 12. 12 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyDomestic tourists have become a sizeable segment worthy of being targetedSource:, UN Statistics Division, Turkish Statistical Institute,Ministry of Culture & Tourism,,0004,0006,0008,00010,0002000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008-30%-20%-10%0%10%20%30%Per Capita GDP - US$ Per Capita GDP growthDomestic per capita incomes are increasing6.416.41983 2001Domestic tourism in Turkey, 1983 – 2001 (million)CAGR = 5.4%697 706 705 679 651 608 6381,233 1,2611,3561,2301,1731,109 1,071 1,1126552001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008Domestic tourists spend more than foreign tourists1. Rising income levels2. Improved transportation3. Better education and culturally inclined4. Better facilities5. Increased tour operators and travel agenciesKey reasons for increase in domestic tourism are:2. Tourism Market in TurkeyUS$ ForeignerDomestic
  13. 13. 13 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy3.0 Tourism Value Chain Analysis
  14. 14. 14 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyTourism industry yields value-add, creates employment and generatesincome across the entire value chainHoliday PlanningTravel &TransportationAccommodation Food Entertainment Shopping VisitExperienceTravel &TransportationTour OperatorsTour GuidesMarketingmaterialSelf-helpInformationFlightsTrainsShip / YatchBusTaxiCyclesTramsCarHotelResortGuest HouseHome StayRestaurantFood StallsCoffee ShopFast FoodHome StayFestivalsBar / Pub /DiscoAmusementParksCruisesShoppingCentresShopsSouvenirsSuperMarketsFlea MarketsHistoricalSitesMuseumsBeachesEco SitesFaith SitesAgroTourismMeetingsTrade &BusinessFlightsTrainsShip / YatchBusTaxiCyclesTramsCarSource: Internal team analysis3. Tourism Value Chain Analysis
  15. 15. 15 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyMore importantly, tourism industry is just the tip of an enormous tourism“iceberg” with the largest number of beneficiaries located below the surfaceTransportAccommodationTravel intermediariesFood, EntertainmentShoppingMeeting venuesOther travel related servicesTourism IndustryTourism Economy Food & Beverage supply LaundryservicesOil/Gas supplyWholesalers Printing/publishingUtilitiesFinancial servicesSanitation servicesFurnishings & equipmentsuppliersSecurity servicesRental carTransportation administrationAdvertising & promotionShip buildingMedical servicesGlass productsIron/SteelComputersConcrete, Mining, Chemicals,Textile, Leather products etc3. Tourism Value Chain Analysis
  16. 16. 16 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyBrand promiseCustomerbuysCustomerpreparesfor visitCustomertravels &arrivesCustomerexperienceCustomerreturnsA destination’s value is determined through the collective experiencesdelivered at every point through out the visitor’s travel programAdvice, information,sales knowledge, easeof booking, price, etcVisa, internet,information, etc,Airport, airline,immigration, roads,forex, transport, etc.Attractions, service levels, shopping,accommodation, food, friendliness,roads, transport, infrastructure, safety,environment, etc.Airport, Taxes, CRM, regularcommunication, etc.Awareness, Promotion, Images,Endorsements Sounds, Language, etc.Source: Internal team analysis3. Tourism Value Chain Analysis
  17. 17. 17 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy4.0 Strategic Analysis of Tourism Sector in Gaziantep
  18. 18. 18 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategySWOT Analysis for Gaziantep suggests that there is a high potential fortourism growth that can be realized with a proper marketing effortINTERNAL EXTERNALPOSITIVENEGATIVEStrong industrial investmentsIncreasing disposable incomesYoung populationGateway to middle east countriesDiverse attractions – Historical,museums, religious, cuisineFriendly and warm peopleStrengths OpportunitiesThreatsWeaknessesCooperation between variousstakeholdersCloser relations and opening ofborders with middle east countriesEU accessionRecovery in global economyFocus on education and moreuniversity-industry collaborationImage of the region – Unsafe andconservativeMarketing awareness and effortsVision and professionalismLack of trained resourcesVolatile political situation in Syriaand IraqThe country as a whole is at riskfrom terrorismPossible appreciation of the Liraagainst the USD and the Eurocould dampen tourism growthIncreasing competition from othercities4. Strategic Analysis of Tourism Sector
  19. 19. 19 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy5,5243,6552,519878636 609 541 519 518 489 488 396 365 252 232SYRIAIRAQGERMANYUSARUSSIAAUSTRIAAZERBAYCANENGLANDS.ARABIAITALYFRANCESPAINCANADA2009Gaziantep tourism is predominantly domestic; Syria, Iraq & Germanyare the key international tourist originsSyria, Iraq & Germany are the biggest foreign markets for GaziantepDomestic tourists dominateForeign Tourist Arrivals in Gaziantep by Nationality, 2009Key markets for Gaziantep,50% of total foreign arrivalsForeigners9%Domestic91%4. Strategic Analysis of Tourism SectorSource: Republic of Turkey - Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  20. 20. 20 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyIn conclusion, the key geographical markets for Gaziantep include Europe,Russia/CIS and the Middle East, but mainly domestic market.Domestic MarketMiddle EastEastern EuropeUSA &CanadaWestern Europe Russia & CISHigh Priority Low Priority4. Strategic Analysis of Tourism Sector
  21. 21. 21 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyOur analysis covers all the major areas that contribute to the issue1. MarketingGaziantep2. Unique SellingProposition3. Transportation&Connectivity4. Competition5. Relative Pricing6. TourismInfrastructure7. HumanResourcesCapacity8. TourismGovernanceTourismSector Growth4. Strategic Analysis of Tourism Sector
  22. 22. 22 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy5.0 Marketing : Perception is the reality
  23. 23. 23 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyAwareness about Gaziantep as a tourist destination is low, esp. withinternational touristsTour operator awareness is lowAwareness about Gaziantep is less than 5% (based on interviews with tour operators)Awareness is limited by lack of proper promotion effortsMajor Turkey tourism related websites do not promote Gaziantep sufficiently“There was a big fair in Berlin, and this happens every year, but there was no material /presentation/promotion done for Gaziantep. We also don’t do any promotion to the tour operators inIstanbul” (Tour operator #1)“The biggest international tourism fair happened in Istanbul on Feb 14th 201. Gaziantep had thebiggest stall / space, but wasn’t promoted properly. A lot of travel agencies from Europe were there,but there was no presentation from Gaziantep” (Tour operator #2)Tour operators in Gaziantep are mostly family businesses, and they lack the budget as well as thecapacity to promote the citySource: Interviews with tour operators / TURSAB, Internal team analysisGaziantep as a city is not popular on the web5. Tourism Marketing
  24. 24. 24 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy24There is no single website that provides complete information on Gaziantepon the InternetSource: Internal team analysis5. Tourism Marketing
  25. 25. 25 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy25Information on Gaziantep tourist attractions is not easily available forpotential tourists (even if they are aware of Gaziantep)Source: Internal team analysisTour operators in Istanbul – the biggest tourism hub in Turkey - do not carry much information aboutGaziantep as a destinationOnly 10 out of 60 tour operators in Gaziantep have a web presence – and they do not provide enoughinformationLocal tour operators do not provide enough info(Audit of the websites of leading tour operators in Gaziantep)(Audit of the websites of leading tour operators in Istanbul)Major tour operators do not provide enough infoWebsitesAnyinformation?Gaziantep asa main point ?Where toeat / to go?Mainattractions?Hotelbooking?Transportation? Total ScoreRepublic of Turkey 2 3 2 2 3 3 1 1 2 2 3 3 2Go Turkey 2 3 3 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3Lonely Planet 2 3 3 2 1 2 2TOTAL AVERAGE 2(Audit of the top 5 Turkey tourism web sites in Google searchMajor tourism websites lack enough information about GaziantepNone of them hasdetailed informationabout GaziantepGood infoPoor info, no detailsNo info at all1235. Tourism MarketingTour Operator English? Any info?Hotelbooking?Sightseeing?TotalScoreZeugma Tour 1 1 1 2 1Kantara 3 2 3 3 3Turaltour 3 2 3 3 3M.S.C.Turizm 3 3 3 3 3Bistur 3 2 3 2 2.5TOTAL AVERAGE 2Tour OperatorPackagesincludingGaziantep?PackagesforGaziantep?Gaziantepinformation?Total ScoreETS Tour 1 3 2 2Tatilsepeti 2 3 3 3Ani Tour 1 3 2 2Bookingturkey 2 3 3 3TOTAL AVERAGE 2
  26. 26. 26 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyInternational+Domestic TouristsHotels* Website? English? CapacityInfo?Transaction-enabled?WeightedScoreWeightage 50% 10% 30% 10% 100%Tugcan Hotel 1.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.5Grand Hotel Gaziantep 5.0 5.0 4.0 3.5 4.6The Anatolian Hotel 1.0 1.0 1.0 0.0 0.9Dedeman HotelGaziantep5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0Royal Hotel Gaziantep 5.0 0.0 1.0 0.0 2.8Tilmen Hotel 5.0 0.0 5.0 4.0 4.4Hotel Buyuk Velic 4.0 5.0 1.0 3.0 3.1Ibis-Novotel Hotel 4.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 4.5Ravanda Hotel 5.0 5.0 5.0 4.0 4.9Gaziantep Average 3.9 2.9 3.0 2.7 3.4Elements of Infrastructure Promotion & Info availabilityInformation on Gaziantep hotels is not easily available for potential tourists(even if they are aware and have enough info about tourist attractions)* 4 and 5 Star Hotels OnlyScoring methodology:0 = No Capability1 = Poor Capability2 = Below Average Capability3 = Average Capability4 = Good Capability5 = Excellent CapabilityScoring methodology:0 = No Capability1 = Poor Capability2 = Below Average Capability3 = Average Capability4 = Good Capability5 = Excellent CapabilitySource: Web search of named hotels on, followed by capability audit on website (where available)Average Capability(Audit of Gaziantep hotel infrastructure information on the Internet)Information around hotel infrastructure is not completeSource: Internal team analysis5. Tourism Marketing
  27. 27. 27 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyHighestLowest= Gaziantep27Tourists perceive Gaziantep as an unsafe destination due to itsproximity to troubled areasDistribution of Average Fatalities due to terrorism, 1990-2006South East Anatolia has been a victim of terrorism for yearsSource: “Analyzing the determinants of terrorsim in Turkey using geographically weighted regression”,Universitat de Barcalona“Of course, foreign tourists think it’s unsafe. Even domestic tourists have safety concerns, when theymake online reservations, they call up hotel to ask if it’s safe from terrorism here. This is because of alack of awareness about Gaziantep, they equate this to Iraq. In fact, people in Istanbul are generally lessaware of South east Anatolian region, and make judgments without being aware” (Hotel Manager #1)“Gaziantep is generally clubbed under GAP when a package is sold. The other cities in GAP aregenerally unsafe. So when tourists look at the GAP cities in the package and see Gaziantep, they thinkGaziantep is also unsafe” (Hotel Manager #2)Gaziantep is near Syria & Iraq5. Tourism Marketing
  28. 28. 28 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyWorkLocationKey PersonsNativeLocationSame (NoLobby)Different (NoLobby)Different SameEventLocationWhile membership in large organizations is necessary, Lobbying power is nota big driver for congress destinationsLobbying ExistsLobbying exists if:We found no evidence to suggest that lobbying plays a role in deciding thecongress event destinationCongress When?Local HostOrganization Key PersonEventLocation Work LocationKey PersonsNativeLocation59th International Congress ofEuropean Society forCardiovascular Surgery 15th AprilHeart & HealthFoundation of Turkey Dr Oztekin Oto Izmir Izmir Izmir4th Annual InternationalConference on HealthcareQuality, Accreditation andPatient Safety 24th FebruaryAssociation of HealthAcademicians Dr Seval Akgun Antalya Ankara Ankara5th Automotive TechnologiesCongress, OTEKON 2010 07th June Uludag University Dr Ferruh Ozturk Bursa Bursa BursaNational Immunology Congress 07th MayNational ImmunologyFoundation Fulya Ilhan Elazig Elazig KayseriDermatologic Diseases andIssues Symposium 21st JuneCerrahpasa MedicalFaculty & Hospitaland University ofAtaturk Yalgin Tuzun Erzurum Istanbul Ankara7th Mediterranean Meeting onHypertension & Atherosclerosis 14th AprilThe Turkish Society ofHypertension &Atherosclerosis Serap Erdine Capadoccia Istanbul GankeriNational Management Congress 21st May University of Adana Huseyin Ozgen Adana Adana AdanaEducational Issues Symposium 26th April University of Bolu Atilla Kilig Bolu Bolu BoluMeeting on PharmaceuticalSciences 24th JuneFaculty of Pharmacy,Izmir University Varol Pabuccu Izmir Izmir Izmir17th Coal Congress of Turkey 2nd - 4th JuneChamber of MiningEngineers Dr Tugrul Unlu Zonguldak Zonguldak ZonguldakSource: Internal team analysis based on publicly announced 35 major congresses in Turkey for 2010For lobbying to exist,event location must be same as keyperson’s native locationANDDifferent from work locationSample of major congress events in 2010 in Turkey outside of Istanbul and Ankara5. Tourism Marketing
  29. 29. 29 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyGaziantep needs a prioritized marketing effort to promote andmanage its image as a tourist destinationConclusion #15. Tourism Marketing
  30. 30. 30 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy6.0 Unique Selling Proposition : What is the singular idea for Gaziantep?
  31. 31. 31 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy3131Major destinations have clearly defined USPs, but Gaziantep lacks astrong USP for tourismSource: Internal team analysis6. USP & Offering Development
  32. 32. 32 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy3232Gaziantep’s local cuisine is a key strength, but not sufficient on itsown as an USP“No one goes to Italy just to eat Pizza”World over, Gastronomy is considered as a plus factor, butnot a singular tourism driverNot commercially viable to build the tourism industry solelyon cuisineSource: Internal team analysisMake it an Organized Industry – Informational tour tofactoriesImprove presentation of the food and ServiceCuisine is not a viable USP… ..but can be a strong plus within the overall packageThere are several Gaziantep cuisine restaurants in Istanbul and other places6. USP & Offering Development
  33. 33. 33 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy3333Gaziantep’s organized industrial zone – the biggest in the region – isa big strength, but not sufficient to bring tourists in the long-termSource: Internal team analysisGaziantep has key industrial strengths.. ..but they can only bring limited touristsCongress tourism is an effect, not the real reason for tourists to arriveIndustry base has the potential to attract only congress tourists, and doesn’t appeal to other touristsThey can only host and attract limited number of congress events, and hence limited congress touristsThe real reason why congress events come to any city is because of the other attractions the city has tooffer e.g. cultural, historical, adventure etc“If it’s just a requirement for conference halls and venues, all conferences would happen only in Istanbulor Ankara; Nobody will go out anywhere else. They go out to other cities for something more than justmeeting halls. For Gaziantep, it is cultural attractions” (Salih Efiloglu, Director, Tourism Office)TextilesCarpets ~ 80% of Turkey’s outputNon-woven fabric ~100% of Turkey’s outputAgro Food ProcessingMachinery ManufacturingGrinding / Milling / ElevatorsPlastics & ChemicalsConstruction MaterialExports about $3.2B every year to 158 countries13 companies in ISO top 500 companies listPotential new congress events that can be attracted ona every year basis:Textile / Carpets = 1 per yearMachinery = 1 per yearOthers are non-regularAverage congress event size is 300~500, plus familiesAverage no. of tourists is 700~800So, total additional tourists per year due to theseindustrial congresses = 1500 ~ 2000 people6. USP & Offering Development
  34. 34. 34 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy3434Faith & Cultural tourism is Gaziantep’s biggest draw and its USPGaziantepImage of GaziantepTransport/HotelInfrastructure inGaziantepTourist Attractionsin GaziantepCost Attractivenessin GaziantepOrganized IndustryPresence inGaziantep0123456- 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0Performance Score (Lower is Better)ImportanceRank(Lowerismoreimportant)The biggest strength for Gaziantep is its cultural attractionsPresence of tourist attractions is the #1 most important criterion forcongress tourists, and is also Gaziantep’s #1 biggest strengthSource: Survey of tourists who visited the International Mosaic Symposium6. USP & Offering Development
  35. 35. 35 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyFor congress or otherwise, Gaziantep needs to build on its culturalheritage as its key value propositionConclusion #26. USP & Offering Development
  36. 36. 36 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy7.0 Transportation & Connectivity: Where do you want to go today?
  37. 37. 37 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyNumber of Direct Flights per day fromIstanbul37282510Izmir Antalya Ankara GaziantepNo direct flights from major tourist markets such asMiddle EastThere are direct flights from several European countrieswhere Gaziantep diaspora exists – but they don’t bringtourists (only family visitation trips)Other cities have around 3 times more flights fromIstanbul than GaziantepGaziantep’s poor connectivity with other touristdestinations prevents it from being added into pre-existing itineraries and packagesGaziantep has insufficient or no direct flights and has poor connectivity withother major tourist destinations that are already part of a tourist’s itineraryPoor connectivity with other major tourist citiesGaziantep has very few flights from IstanbulDirect flights per dayFromGaziantepto Capadocia 1to Izmir 9to Antalya 8Source: Interviews with TURSAB, Internal team analysis7. Transportation & Connectivity
  38. 38. 38 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyGaziantepImage of GaziantepTransport/HotelInfrastructure inGaziantepTourist Attractionsin GaziantepCost Attractivenessin GaziantepOrganized IndustryPresence inGaziantep0123456- 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0Performance Score (Lower is Better)ImportanceRank(Lowerismoreimportant)38Direct flight connectivity is an important decision factor for tourists, andincreasing the number of direct flights can increase tourist arrivalsSource: Survey of tourists who visited the International MosaicSymposium“Direct flight is one of the most importantissues. If we increase the number of directflights, it will increase the tourist arrivals.Plus our costing would also reduce “(TURSAB interviews)“The chartered flights from Germany isbeing handled by Oger Tour. Thesechartered tourists will come, but if we canget direct flights (commercial), we canincrease volumes and reduce costs”(TURSAB interviews)7. Transportation & Connectivity
  39. 39. 39 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyGaziantep has adequate intra city transportation facilities for touristsTaxis per 1000 people1.381.531.041.340.91GaziantepAntalyaAdanaIstanbulMersinGaziantep has sufficient number of taxis… also about 35% cheaper than AntalyaSource: Interviews with Taxi unions of different cities Source: Interviews with Taxi driversTop-5 TouristAttractions in each city Gaziantep Antalya#1 Zeugma (50 km)Aspendos Theatre(60 km)#2Rumkale (45 km)Olympos AncientMountain (70 km)#3 Handicrafts Bazars(10 km)Kaleici Marina (15km)#4 Yesemek Open AirMuseum (35 km)Phaselis AncientCity (50 km)#5Museums (5 km) Duden Falls (30 km)Approx. taxi fare tocover above locations,starting from city centre160 - 170 YTL 250 YTL7. Transportation & Connectivity
  40. 40. 40 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyDirect flight connectivity is important to build a strong tourist base inthe long termConclusion #37. Transportation & Connectivity
  41. 41. 41 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy8.0 Competition from other cities: Battle for the tourist wallet
  42. 42. 42 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyPlaceNumber ofCongressShare byCityIstanbul 13 30%Antalya 5 12%Izmir 4 9%Ankara 3 7%Bursa 3 7%Erzurum 2 5%Adana 1 2%Aydin 1 2%Bolu 1 2%Capadoccia 1 2%Denizli 1 2%Elazig 1 2%Gaziantep 1 2%Isparta 1 2%Konya 1 2%Kutahya 1 2%Mugla 1 2%Tekirdag 1 2%Zonguldak 1 2%TOTAL 43 100%42There is strong competition from other cities for congress events andGaziantep will have only 1 from a total of 43 congresses in TurkeySource: Kongre Merkezi websiteCongress events for 2010The top-5 cities (Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara,Bursa) together account for 65% of all congressesin 2010The other 14 cities each have small fragmentedshares, leading to strong competiton between themAntalya will be hosting 5 congresses, Izmir 4 andGaziantep only 1.Although Istanbul is the most expensive place, 13congresses will be hosted in thereThe full list of congress events is on Annexure 4: List of congresses for20108. Competition
  43. 43. 43 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyDemand potential, Good hotel infrastructure andimage of the city are the most important factors fortour operators when they build / offer a package fortourists – and Gaziantep is seen to be weak inthese areasGaziantep’s best performance is inareas that are less important to touroperatorsAntalya has better relativeperformance vs Gaziantep across allareasGaziantepHotel Infrastructurein GaziantepTourist Attractionsin GaziantepTransportConnectivity inGaziantepCost Attractivenessin GaziantepImage of GaziantepDemand forGaziantep01234567- 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0Performance Score (Lower is Better)ImportanceRank(Lowerismoreimportant)AntalyaDemand for AntalyaTourist Attractionsin AntalyaTransportConnectivity inAntalyaCost Attractivenessin AntalyaImage of AntalyaHotel Infrastructurein Antalya01234567- 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00Performance Score (Lower is Better)ImportanceRank(Lowerismoreimportant)Source: Interviews with TURSAB representatives and tour operatorsTour operators are more likely to promote and sell packages to destinationsother than Gaziantep8. Competition
  44. 44. 44 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyGaziantep has to contend with strong competition from other cities fortourists – and has to differentiate itself through an unique value propositionand strong marketing-led demand generation efforts to gain greater share ofthe marketConclusion #48. Competition
  45. 45. 45 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy9.0 Relative Pricing : It’s all about money, honey!
  46. 46. 46 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyGaziantep is a relatively cheaper option for congress tourists* Average prices for 5 stars hotelsTotal Cost (‘000 TL) - Congress for 300 people* Details of this business case are on Annexure 2- Business Case Source: Internal team analysis9. Relative Pricing!" #$%&() # (%&*() # )& # $& # $((&+( #)&$ # ,%&)) # %+&%, # $& # (&( # %*%&,% #$& # %%&++( # *&) # $+& # $& # &*( #221 TL192 TL388 TLIstanbul Gaziantep MersinKey assumptions:300 people2 daysKey assumptions:300 people2 daysGaziantep is 102% cheaper than Istanbul & 15% cheaper than Mersin
  47. 47. 47 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyFlights are more expensive to Gaziantep than to competing citiesFlights from Istanbul to Gaziantep are 18% more expensive than to IzmirFlights from Istanbul to Gaziantep are just 2% more expensive than to Antalya* Round trip flightsSource: Sun Express, Turkish and Onur airlines website.9. Relative Pricing- #././.0 /1 23 +* %%* %%- %+* %,4 %$ *, %%,05 ! %% # %( # %)( #
  48. 48. 48 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyHotel accommodation is cheaper in GaziantepSource: Hotel websites9. Relative PricingAccomodation Gaziantep Mersin Izmir AntalyaAverage 5 star hotel 135 TL 193 TL 227 TL 158 TLAverage 4 star hotel 108 TL 116 TL 140 TL 99 TLAccomodationAverage 5 star hotel Average 4 star hotelGaziantep MersinIzmir Antalya
  49. 49. 49 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyFood, shopping and entertainment options are cheaper in GaziantepPersonal shopping may be more than 52% moreexpensive in Istanbul and more than 35% inIzmir and Antalya, when compared withGaziantep.Food is more than 90% more expensive inIstanbul and from 58% to 64% more expensivein Izmir and Antalya.Source: Internet research on local chains stores9. Relative Pricing6 - * # % # %$ # %, #" , # % # %$ # % #! 7 %, # $ # $ # #5 - , # % # % # %+ #- $ # , # ( # ( #! + - , # * # % # % #1 # , # $ # $ #$ # $$ # ( # $ #! , # %% # * # % #% # %) # % # % #2 5 5 %+ # # %, # #3 & # &, # & # $& #0 TL100 TL200 TL300 TL400 TL500 TL600 TL700 TLFood Entertainment Shopping (personalarticles)Gaziantep Antalya Izmir IstanbulBased on average prices for the same basket of goods / services
  50. 50. 50 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyGaziantep is a relatively more cost-effective tourist destination – andthis is a key strength against competitionConclusion #59. Relative Pricing
  51. 51. 51 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy10.0 Hospitality Infrastructure Supply and Demand
  52. 52. 52 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyCategory HotelTotal seats forconferences(biggest hall)TotalaccommodationsLESS: Non-Conferenceguests @60%occupancyRoomsavailableforConferenceguestsADD: LocalGaziantepattendees@15%NetMaximumCapacityGRAND HOTEL GAZIANTEP 400 90 (54) 36TUGCAN HOTEL 500 141 (85) 56THE ANATOLIAN HOTEL 1000 131 (79) 52DEDEMAN HOTEL GAZIANTEP 1000 300 (180) 120ROYAL HOTEL GAZIANTEP 200 85 (51) 34RAVANDA HOTEL 110 86 (52) 34TILMEN 70 83 (50) 33IBIS-NOVOTEL HOTEL 650 92 (55) 37KALELI HOTEL 100 70 (42) 28TOTAL / BIGGEST CONFERENCE ROOM 1000 1078 (647) 431 65 4965 STARS4 STARSCurrent capacity of hotel rooms limits the size of congress events to a maximumof 500 attendees. More rooms are required to accommodate larger eventsSource: Internal team analysisAlthough the conference rooms are available for 1000 atendees, the number of rooms are only sufficient toaccomodate around 500 people congressTo accomodate 1000 attendees for a conference, the city has to increase the number of rooms from 1078to 2174.By 2011, 4 more hotels (both 4 & 5 stars) will be built in the city, adding 430 roomsThe new capacity (1508 rooms) will still be able to accommodate a maximum of 700 people event10. Hospitality Infrastructure Development
  53. 53. 53 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyHotel Industry views Gaziantep as a less favorable investment destinationcompared to Antalya and other key competitorsGaziantepTalent Availability inGaziantepTourist Attractionsin GaziantepTransportConnectivity inGaziantepCost Attractivenessin GaziantepImage of GaziantepDemand forGaziantep01234567- 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0Performance Score (Lower is Better)ImportanceRank(Lowerismoreimportant)AntalyaDemand for AntalyaTourist Attractionsin AntalyaTransportConnectivity inAntalyaCost Attractivenessin AntalyaImage of AntalyaTalent Availability inAntalya01234567- 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00Performance Score (Lower is Better)ImportanceRank(Lowerismoreimportant)Demand potential and Good transportconnectivity are the two most important factorsfor hotel investors – and Gaziantep is seen to beweak in these areasGaziantep’s best performance is inareas that are less important toinvestorsDemand potential is the single mostimportant consideraton for investors – andAntalya has a strong performanceAntalya has better relativeperformance vs Gaziantep acrossall areasSource: Interviews with Hotel Managers from 5 and 4 star hotels in Gaziantep10. Hospitality Infrastructure Development
  54. 54. 54 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyRestaurant listing in the Michelin Guide is not a key business driverand does not offer a competitive advantage over other citiesListing in the Michelin guide is a “good-to-have”, not a must haveNo restaurant anywhere in Turkey is included in this guide – this suggests that this is not a source ofcompetitive advantage eitherSource: Michelin Guide websiteKP10. Hospitality Infrastructure Development
  55. 55. 55 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyThere is a mismatch between capacities of hotel rooms vs conference halls.The supply of hotel rooms is a bottle-neck for hosting larger congressevents. Again, marketing-led demand generation is key for hotels to invest increating additional room supplyConclusion #610. Hospitality Infrastructure Development
  56. 56. 56 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy11.0 Human Resources Capacity : Leading with people
  57. 57. 57 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy5757There is a shortage of trained personnel to provide services to touristsOnly about 5 % of all tourism industry professionals (excl. hotels) are trained (source:Interviews with TURSAB)There is a shortage of at least 60% trained resources in the industry (source: Interview withBaran Ucaner)In the hotel industry, only 30% of current staff are trained and 70% are untrainedThere is at least 30% shortage of trained staff in hotelsHospitality industry is not a preferred choice of career for most people in Gaziantep,including trained resources (who shift to other occupations)English or other languages is less understoodSource: Interviews with Hotel managers, TURSAB, Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Office etc11. Human Resources Capacity
  58. 58. 58 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy5858More training programs are needed to increase the resource pool across thetourism value chainThere are 2 formal vocational courses being offered byGaziantep University:One in High school (17 Organizations participate) – 4YrsOne in University (210/year) – 2 YrsChamber of Commerce offers basic training coursesVocational courses on languages (Russian etc).Training for cashiersHotels have their own internal trainingBody language, social behaviorTugcan hotel employees are being sent to Cyprus fortemporary training on foreign languagesDedeman hotel has human resources team that travelsto all their hotels to deliver trainings (4 trainings per year)All hotels have HR teams, but very lean and capable ofdelivering only basic trainingTURSAB organizes training for the tour operatorsTrainers from AnkaraTicketing systems2 trainings last yearThere are some training resources available... ...but are hindered by systemic issues / barriersPeople who get trained from the University take up otheroccupations or move to other citiesInternship issuesDon’t get trained very wellInternships should be taken seriouslyTrained resources are not job readyLegal issues in organizing trainingTourist guide training can only be offered by theMinistry of Culture & TourismWas organized once in 2002 and once in 2007There is a lack of quality trainers in GaziantepPresence of non-licensed and untrained tour agents (IATAlicense being misused)Source: Interviews with Hotel managers, TURSAB, Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Office etc11. Human Resources Capacity
  59. 59. 59 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyHuman resources capacity is one of the biggest areas forimprovement – there is a shortage of trained resources across theentire tourism value chainConclusion #711. Human Resources Capacity
  60. 60. 60 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy12.0 Tourism Policy and Governance: Managing for success
  61. 61. 61 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy6161Absence of a single tourism platform hinders coordinated planning,organizing and funding of developmental effortsSource: Internal team analysisThe various tourist attractions are currently being managed independently by different organizationsTourist Attraction Managed byZeugma Ministry of Culture & TourismRumkale Ministry of Culture & TourismYesemak Open Air Museum Ministry of Culture & TourismGaziantep Archeological & Mosaic Museum Ministry of Culture & TourismGaziantep Ethnological Museum Ministry of Culture & TourismMedusa Glass Works Museum Privately ManagedGaziantep Cuisine Museum Metropolitan Municipality of GaziantepGaziantep Herosim Museum Metropolitan Municipality of GaziantepGaziantep Independence Museum Sahinbey MunicipalityBayazhan City Museum Metropolitan Municipality of GaziantepMevlevi Museum Wakf (Private) ManagementHistory of Culture University of GaziantepInfrastructure development and marketing efforts require significant funding – a single organizationmay not have enough fundsHaving a single tourism platform enables fund pooling and better budget management12. Policy & Governance
  62. 62. 62 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyA single tourism development & governance platform is essential tomanage sustainable developmental efforts and the funding requiredfor itConclusion #812. Policy & Governance
  63. 63. 63 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy13.0 Recommendations
  64. 64. 64 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyTourism Development Strategy vs Actions FrameworkInfrastructureHuman ResourcesTourism Governance PlatformAttract10%moretouristsCross-sellotherattractions-increaseaveragestayby0.5daysUpsell10%morevalueRetain15%moretouristsinGaziantepMarketingInfrastructureDevelopmentOfferingDevelopmentEnabling ActionsEnabling ActionsStrategies13. Recommendations
  65. 65. 65 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy106.010.610.632.915.9-204060801001201401601802002009 Attract Retain Upsell CrosssellTourismRevenue(MillionLira)Our recommendations include identification of 4 different strategy initiativesfor increasing tourism revenueChart titleSource: Internal team analysisThrough effective Marketing,both Attract & Retain initiatives can beachieved to yield a combinedincremental revenue of 28.6 million Lira13. RecommendationsSee Annexure 3 – Strategic Options Assessment for more details
  66. 66. 66 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyWhat are these 4 strategies?AS-IS:Gaziantep gets less than 0.1% of theforeign tourists who come to TurkeyCOULD BE:Increase the number of tourist arrivals(Domestic + Foreign) in Gaziantep by 10%ATTRACT STRATEGY RETAIN STRATEGYUP-SELL STRATEGY CROSS-SELL STRATEGYAS-IS:Only about 42% of all foreign tourists who arrivein Gaziantep actually stay in Gaziantep hotelsThe rest go to other citiesCOULD BE:Increase the number of tourists (Domestic +Foreign) who stay in Gaziantep hotels by 15%AS-IS:A tourist spends approx. 220-270 TL perdayCOULD BE:Increase the average spending per day by10%AS-IS:Foreign tourists stay 1.8 daysDomestic tourists stay 1.6 daysOverall, average stay per tourist is 1.62 daysCOULD BE:Increase the overall average stay by 0.5 days13. Recommendations
  67. 67. 67 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyCross-sell, i.e. increasing the number of days of stay, has the largest impacton tourism revenue. Attracting more tourists is the “low hanging fruit”Change Effort / TimeChange Effort / TimeLow HighLowHighChangeImpactRetainUp-SellCross-SellAttract13. RecommendationsSee Annexure 3 – Strategic Options Assessment for more details
  68. 68. 68 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyWe estimate that there is potential to grow tourism revenue by 82%, if all 4strategy initiatives are executed togetherTourism Revenue(Million Turkish Lira)No. of Tourists who Stay inGaziantep HotelsRevenue per Tourist(Turkish Lira)No. of Tourists ArrivingRevenue per Touristper Day (Turkish Lira)Average No. ofDays of StayMetricAs-Is Could Be106.0262,145 331,613532,920193.1 82%586,212 10%404.4 582.4250.0 275.0 1.62 2.12Weighted average: Foreigners = 1.80, Domestic = 1.60Ratio of Staying vs Arriving49% 57% 15%27% 44%10% 0.5Retain StrategyAttract Strategy Up Sell Strategy Cross Sell StrategySource: Internal team analysis13. RecommendationsEstimatesSee Annexure 3 – Strategic Options Assessment for more details
  69. 69. 69 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyStrategy grid : Activating the Strategies via Actions1. Attract2. Retain3. Up-Sell4. Cross-SellStrategyActionsMarketing Infrastructure*HumanResourcesTourismPlatformLow HighRelevance RatingOfferingDevelopment* Includes transportation & hospitality infrastructure13. Recommendations
  70. 70. 70 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyProduct / Offering development, Marketing, Human Resources capacitydevelopment and Tourism governance platform are the 4 most important andprioritized areas for actionChange Effort / TimeChange Effort / TimeLow HighLowHighChangeImpactMarketingHuman ResourcesInfrastructureNew OfferingTourism PlatformIMMEDIATE PRIORITY MID/LONG TERM PRIORITY13. Recommendations
  71. 71. 71 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyA – GaziantepB – DiyarbakirC - AdanaD – HatayE – AdiyamanF – YesemekG – SanliurfaH – KahramanmarasI – RumkaleJ – ZeugmaK – KarkamisL – Euphrates ValleyM – AleppoN - OkassiyeA – City CentreB – Prophet Yusha Tomb/Omariye MosqueC – Duluk (ancient city)D – Mevlevi MuseumE – Gaziantep City MuseumF – Gaziantep Castle (Heroism Museum)G – Ethnography MuseumH – Archeology & Mosaic MuseumDevelop a package of attractions centered around GaziantepWithin 50 km of city centre50 km – 100 km from city centre100 km – 150 km from city centreSource: Internal team analysisRecommendations Actions New Offering Development13. Recommendations
  72. 72. 72 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyThe potential tourism served area for Gaziantep is within 150 kmsradius from the city centre.2552513No. oftouristattractioncentresDistance fromGaziantep citycentre (Kms)How attractive is the centre? % of total attractions forGaziantepHigh Medium Low00 – 50 1 11 1 13/25 = 52%50 – 100 2 2 1 5/25 = 20%100 – 150 0 1 1 2/25 = 8%150 + 1 2 2 5/25 =20%Total attractionswithin Gaziantepserved area4 16 5 100%80% of all attractions that a tourist can cover out of Gaziantep are located within 150 kms from the city centreWe recommend that this 150 kms radius be defined as the catchment area or tourism served are for GaziantepTourism infrastructure development needs to be prioritized starting from the inner most circle and going outwardSource: Internal team analysisRecommendations Actions New Offering Development13. Recommendations
  73. 73. 73 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyGaziantep’s cultural heritage needs to be developed as its USP. A more detailedfollow-on project is recommended for product / offering developmentRecommendations Actions New Offering DevelopmentTheatre festival(s) at the Zeugma Open AirMuseumdepiction of stories from the Greek days(Seleukas Nicator, Gypsy Girl etc)Daily open air play at the Gaziantep castleDepiction of stories from the resistanceRegular cultural & folk music eventsCreate new arts & cultural eventsCreate multiple walking tours around the cityDevelop a package of cultural attractionsHistory tour (“Red Route”)Museum & Culture tour (“Blue Route”)Cuisine tour (“Green Route”)Infrastructure additions require signages anddirection boardsIdentify a list of attractions in and aroundGaziantepDevelop 2-day, 3-day packages aroundGaziantep (150kms radius)Package to ensure tourist stays in Gaziantepand makes day-trips to attractionsProvide sufficient transport options to enablepackageCreation of “duty-free” eventsEstablish mechanism to select / pre-approve major congress eventsExplore the possibility of alcohol duty-waiver for such congress eventsInvest in developing Rumkale as both cultural,as well as adventure tourism destination;Adventure tourism generates repeat visitorsOther areas to consider13. Recommendations
  74. 74. 74 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyStrong marketing promotion is the best way to get short-term resultsCase study:Pre-2002Conceptualized in 2002External ad agency – Ogilvy &MatherIntegrated marketing communication tocreate a distinctive identityShowcased different aspects of Indianculture and history like yoga, spirituality etcNo.1 ranking in Travel+Leisure readerssurvey (2003)Amongst the Top-5 favorite destinationsglobally - Lonely Planet (2004)In 2005, India emerged as the fastest-growing market in Asia Pacific in terms ofinternational tourist spendingResultsBefore 2002, the Indiangovernment regularlyformulated policies andprepared pamphlets andbrochures for thepromotion of tourism;however, it did notsupport tourism in aconcerted fashion. As aresult, the countryattracted very fewtourists.4%7%27%13% 14% 14%-6%14%5%-1% -4%19971998199920002001200220032004200520062007CAGR (1997-02) = 0.1% CAGR (2002– 07) = 16.4%Pre-2002 Incredible !ndiaSource: Bureau of Immigration, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of IndiaYTY Growth in Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in IndiaRecommendations Actions Marketing13. Recommendations
  75. 75. 75 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyThere are a few marketing related options we recommend for furtherassessmentRecommendations Actions MarketingPromote local hotel / hospitality infrastructureDevelop the hotel websites – target a minimumof level 4 (see slide 28)Co-marketing with tour operators – local andnationalUse marketing to retain more touristsUse marketing to up-sell valueUse marketing to attract new touristsMarketing promotion to target higher-valuetourist segments (currently, mostly made up ofday tourists from Syria, Iraq)Promote the package of tourist attractions ineach hotel through multilingual info brochuresIncrease promotion of local arts and handicrafts -sell valueIdentify and enlist brand ambassadors forGaziantep across important and popular fields toinfluence image (see slide 78)Broaden the promotion of cuisine (see slide 79)Develop a dedicated web portal for Gazianteptourism with all the information that a touristneeds (See slides 80 – 84)Attractions, hotels, reservations, flight info, sampletours etcIncrease participation in major targeted congresseventsPromote 2-day, 3-day package options allcentred around Gaziantep to encourage extra0.5 day stayPromote events around GaziantepUse marketing for effective cross-sell13. Recommendations
  76. 76. 76 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyPopular fieldsGaziantep has a few celebrity brand ambassadors who can be used aspositive image influencersTurkey(Domestic Tourists) Mehmet Barlas(Powerful, Influential,Journalist)Hincal Uluc(High societyjournalist)Nurullah Saglam(Trainer)GermanyCenk Guvenc(Player)Kenan Dogulu(Singer)Middle EastArif Erkin(Actor)Edip Akbayram(Folk Singer)Italy & FranceCelal DoganFormer Mayor)Ahmet Umit(Novelist)Politics Pop Celebrity Football MusicSinan Tuzcu(Actor)Hazal Kaya(Actress)Hazal Kaya(Actress)MoviesKeyMarketsRecommendations Actions Marketing13. Recommendations
  77. 77. 77 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyGaziantep has a rich and wide range of local cuisine that needs to beuniformly promoted to retain tourist interest.Source: Internal team analysisLahmacun Baklava Ciger Kebab Cig KofteMercimekCorbasiBurmaKadayifAsure Sobiyet Katmer DolamaYuvalama Firik Pilavi Patlican KebabiGavurdagSalatasiKurutulmusSebze DolmalariEtli Bamya Antep Ezmesi Simit Kebabi Sogan Kebabi AlinazikBeyranYeni DunyaKebabiIc PilavEzogelinCorbasiMuhammaraRange of local cuisineExtentofpromotionHighLowGaziantep has a rich and wide range of cuisine, but only a few are actively promotedTourists are overexposed to a handful of dishes, leading to “culinary boredom”Lack of awareness about the wider cuisine is a lost opportunity for GaziantepWell promoted Under promotedRecommendations Actions Marketing13. Recommendations
  78. 78. 78 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy78We recommend creation of a dedicated travel / tourism portal for Gaziantep85 % of web surfers use search engines tofind what they are looking for on the webSource: http://www.boozallen.comInternet has had a significant impact on the business of travel and tourismNo. of people who consult online customer reviews & checktravel blogs before making their buying decision hasincreased significantly over the past yearsRecommendations Actions Marketing13. Recommendations+41%0%Revenue of 4 Largest European OLTAs (Billion Euros) Revenue of 4 Largest European Tour Operators (Billion Euros)
  79. 79. 79 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy79Creating and managing a single portal < > haswide ranging benefits: Increased awareness, promotion, information etcCheaper promotion on the webIt is much cheaper than brochures, newspaper/magazine/TV/Radio advertisementLets your business reach more peopleSave you lots of money and help you to identify more potential customersInformation can be delivered in real timeThe information on the website is up to date and much more accurate than paperinformationUse the city as brand to promote your businessMake everyone know your business is an indispensable part of your cityHelp you to find new opportunity and new business modelsExplore online transaction businessCollaboration with each otherTo compete against the internet rivals, you have no choice but fight using internetRecommendations Actions Marketing13. Recommendations
  80. 80. 80 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy80Based on assessments carried out on leading tourism portals, we identifiedkey features and attributes that need to be built into the Gaziantep portal (1/3)Multi-language optionsDomestic market – TurkishAn exact replica of the content – English, German, Arabic etc.Performance and ease of usageCapable to withstand the loadEasily reachable from search enginesInformation about cityContribution of the city to Turkey (GDP, Industry etc).Historical Importance of the cityHighlight the hospitality and stability of the region.Mention the List of consulates in the cityLinks to the Municipality website, links to GAVAE, Links to chamber of Industry/CommercewebsiteList of DestinationsHistorical and Religious referencesImages and Videos – Archaeology/Mosaic Museum, Rumkale, Zeugma, Food, Shopping, Hotel ,fairs, Congress facilities , Heroism/Independence Museum etc3-D Tour of the CityRecommendations Actions MarketingKey features to be included in the Gaziantep tourism website13. Recommendations
  81. 81. 81 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy81How to reach Gaziantep?Information about countries that do not require Visa to Turkey.Visa requirements to Turkey – Links to embassy for various countries.Links to major airline website for International – Turkish AirlinesLinks to major airline website for National – Turkish Airlines, Onur, SunExpressTaxi Reservation facilityHotel Reservation FacilityLinks to all major hotel website showing the details of the facilities and RatesDaily or Weekly eventsConcerts, Local bands/dance forms, TheatreRestaurants and DiningList of RestaurantsShoppingBazaars, Shopping mallsRecommendationsBased on assessments carried out on leading tourism portals, we identifiedkey features and attributes that need to be built into the Gaziantep portal (2/3)Actions MarketingKey features to be included in the Gaziantep tourism website13. Recommendations
  82. 82. 82 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy82Available Packages and booking the same.Day Itinerary – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3Segments of TourismEach segment and packages associated with details on responsibleCongress Tourism, Faith Tourism etcGetting around the cityTaxi service, Public TransportationHelp DeskMaps,Holidays,Weather,Currency,Festivals,FAQsCareers in TourismCourses in TourismInvestor Information, Research, Studies, Indicators and StatisticsRecommendationsBased on assessments carried out on leading tourism portals, we identifiedkey features and attributes that need to be built into the Gaziantep portal (3/3)Actions Marketing13. Recommendations
  83. 83. 83 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyAn integrated 360omarketing plan is recommended to address the variousareas such as awareness, promotion and image managementOur analysis suggests that Marketing is one of the most critical gaps for GaziantepA detailed marketing plan is recommended as a follow-on project for the next IBM CSCteamMarketing plan project to cover areas such asConsumer behaviorTourism product development (as described earlier)SegmentationTargetingPositioningCommunication & Media strategyRecommendations Actions Marketing13. Recommendations
  84. 84. 84 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyWe recommend an end-to-end training framework that helps maintain a steadypipeline of resources trained for the tourism sectorUniversity / Technopark based programfor managementskills in TourismCommunity /University basedprogram foradvanced skills inTourism.Community basedprogram for EntryLevel trainingAll programs will be governed and driven by the Common Tourism platform in Collaboration withMunicipality, Chamber of Industry/Commerce, and University/Techno parkRecommendations Human Resources Capacity BuildActions13. Recommendations
  85. 85. 85 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy85Tourism-in-school program is targeted at creating basic awareness at schoolsPROGRAM DETAILED DESCRIPTIONTourism in schoolsprogramTarget audience for the program are students from the junior high school or seniorprimary school level.Conduct as a joint project with the provincial Governor and Ministry of EducationIn conjunction, with Ministry of education basic training to be leveraged to the teacherson the importance of tourism.Include tourism projects at school level linking with Geography or Social Science. Ex.Mapping the various tourism destinations, A day at the museum etcLaunch an annual competition where learners compete, based on a theme that is linkedto the presentation materials (e.g. local culture for tourism, local nature for tourism,etc.). Competitions could be quizzes, drama, songs, art competitions etc.Winners announced and rewarded at the annual tourism awardsDevelop or purchase basic presentation materials that explain the key tourism conceptsin a “fun” mannerRecommendations FoundationalHuman Resources Capacity BuildActions13. RecommendationsRefer to Annexure 4 for more details on the curriculum for the program
  86. 86. 86 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy86Community-based program for tourism awareness is aimed at delivering abasic level of awareness amongst the general publicPROGRAM DETAILED DESCRIPTIONCommunity basedprogram for tourismawareness andentrepreneurship.Target audience for the program are mainly general publicDevelop a basic tourism awareness and entrepreneurship program consisting of easy touse presentation /workbook materials, posters etc. that explain key concepts of thetourism industry (e.g. tourism benefits and responsibilities, the requirements of a healthytourism industry, importance of community involvement, importance of nature andculture, tourism safety, etc.) as well as concepts of tourism entrepreneurship ( opportunities in tourism, planning a new business, basics of financialmanagement, financing, marketing and sales, etc.)Launch a drive among the business community, NGO’s and the population at large inthe area to commit to a tourism entrepreneurship training program over a period ofabout three months on a part time basis, using electronic communication wherepossible.Sharing the tourism information to the general public through the mediums like Radio,TV, Newspaper, Internet etc.Training sessions could be linked to fun events such as tourism team quizzes about theregion with prizes.Recommendations FoundationalHuman Resources Capacity BuildActions13. RecommendationsRefer to Annexure 4 for more details on the curriculum for the program
  87. 87. 87 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy87Community-based program for entry level is mainly aimed at tourism industryparticipantsPROGRAM DETAILED DESCRIPTIONCommunity basedprogram for entry level.Target audience for the program are mainly players in the Tourism economy thatsupports the operations e.g. Cab drivers, Hotel staffs, Caterers etc.Trainings to be based on the practical issues in Tourism and it can be driven byMunicipality in partnership with University. The objective should be for participants todevelop a tourism business concept while undergoing the training session, i.e. focusingon the practical application of issues taught.Link to project workgroups and local tourism service centers where possible.Provide all persons who have undergone the basic training with some form ofrecognition e.g. a badge or certificate.Run an annual entrepreneurship competition as part of the program (could be linked toschools competition) focusing on the most innovative tourism business idea, requiringentrants to submit a basic business plan for evaluation. Entries could be done byindividuals or community groupings who have participated in the program and prizesshould be substantial.Reward winners during the month of September at the Tourism awards function.Recommendations Entry LevelHuman Resources Capacity BuildActions13. RecommendationsRefer to Annexure 4 for more details on the curriculum for the program
  88. 88. 88 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyUse this simple sticker in each taxi to facilitate simple communicationRecommendations Entry LevelHuman Resources Capacity BuildActionsHesapLütfenNerede ?TamamTe ekkürlerHavaalanıBu ne kadar?Yemek/ restoranEvetHayırAlı gitmek istiyorumMerhabaTurkishBILLPLEASEWHERE?OKTHANK YOUAIRPORTHOW MUCH DOES THIS COST?FOOD/RESTAURANTYESNOSHOPPINGI WANT TO GO TO ‘________’HELLOEnglish13. Recommendations
  89. 89. 89 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy89Community / University based program for the advanced level is aimed atdeveloping advanced tourism skills for current / potential managersPROGRAM DETAILED DESCRIPTIONCommunity / University /Techno park basedprogram for advancedskills in tourism.The target audience for the program are mainly,Existing operational staff in hospitality, travel and public sector businesses andorganizations;Potential new entrants (school leavers, etc.) at operational (technical) level;Current and potential tourism managers.This program will help,To identify the Go-To space in Tourism based on the skill of the individual.Drawing the academicians at the University on revisiting the curriculum for the TourismcoursesResearch on the marketing prospects for the city.Run competition on the University to bring out the best idea related to Tourism.This program should also help to discuss the practical issues in the Tourism Industryand should enable the participants to come out with solutions to these problems.Recommendations Advanced LevelHuman Resources Capacity BuildActions13. RecommendationsRefer to Annexure 4 for more details on the curriculum for the program
  90. 90. 90 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy90The management level program is designed for executives and top officebearers within tourism related organizationsPROGRAM DETAILED DESCRIPTIONCommunity / University /Techno park basedprogram forManagement level.Target audience for the program are the top office bearers of the organizations that areinvolved in Tourism and Tourism economy.This level of training will give guidance for the Industry leaders to,Standardize the process across the Industry and comply with the sameReceive insights into latest innovationsEnsure quality on the products that are delivered by their organizations.Be part of the best in Tourism Industries across the globe.Recommendations Management LevelHuman Resources Capacity BuildActions13. RecommendationsRefer to Annexure 4 for more details on the curriculum for the program
  91. 91. 91 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy91We recommend setting up of a single tourism governance platform that willlead all planning, organizing and funding of tourism development effortsMUNCIPALITYLOCALGOVERNANCECITYCOUNCILTOURISMDEPARTMENTCHAMBEROFINDUSTRIESCHAMBEROFCOMMERCEGAZIANTEPTOURISMDEVELOPMENTCOUNCILGAZIANTEP TOURISM DEVELOPMENT COUNCILOBJECTIVESDevelopment of Tourism in the CityEnable coordinationTransparent communicationFormulate Tourism Vision/StrategyTo facilitate investments in ResourcedevelopmentTo provide sustainability in the actions.CHARACTERISTICSAssociated to GAGEVChaired by MayorRepresentations from all the major playersincluding City council and UniversitySupported by an advisory body that includesof representatives from Hotel,Transportation, Travel operators etc.Includes an execution body that will help tobring the plans into actionOwn responsibility for effective marketingand promotion of Gaziantep tourismOwn, operate and manage the singleGaziantep tourism web portalRecommendations Tourism Governance PlatformActions13. Recommendations
  92. 92. 92 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy92Gaziantep Tourism Development Council – Organizational structureRecommendations Tourism Governance PlatformActions13. Recommendations
  93. 93. 93 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy93Gaziantep Tourism Development Council – Roles and ResponsibilitiesOrganizational Body Role ResponsibilitiesGaziantep Tourism DevelopmentCouncil (Comprised of 8-15representatives from GAGEV, CityCouncil and University)Strategist and Visionary To lead the development of the tourismindustry by providing insights into theStrategy/Vision for the sector.To evaluate the areas of investment,communication, marketing and humanresources in a holistic wayCollaboration Catalyst To provide the needed synergy in the tourismsector by creating the infrastructure ofcooperation and collective actionTo coordinate the development of the tourismsectorTo determine and realize common strategiesand activitiesTo facilitate cooperation among associationsin the tourism sector and inhabitants ofGaziantepFuturistic perceptiveness To provide sustainability of the works carriedout for the permanent and long-termdevelopmentRecommendations Tourism Governance PlatformActions13. Recommendations
  94. 94. 94 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy94Gaziantep Tourism Development Council – Roles and Responsibilities:Advisory BodyOrganizational Body Role ResponsibilitiesAdvisory Body (Comprised of 10representatives from various Tourismeconomy industries, academicians,Journalists, Art, Crafts etc)Advisory Advices the council on itsdecisionsIssue Excavator Brings on the table the currentissues based on their experienceand tracks the same to getresolved.Case Analyst Analyzes the issues that thetourism industry currently facesand provides insights into these.Evaluator Evaluates the actions taken basedon the recommendationssuggested by theRecommendations Tourism Governance PlatformActions13. Recommendations
  95. 95. 95 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy95Gaziantep Tourism Development Council – Roles and Responsibilities:Centre for Tourism planning and ExecutionOrganizational Body Role ResponsibilitiesCentre for Tourism planning andExecution (Full –time employeesworking professionally with skillsrequired for their job role)Project Management Expert Preparing projects for developing tourismindustryCo-operation with University of Gaziantepon training.Determination of priority areas forimprovement of the infrastructure of thetourism sector, and providing the necessaryorganizations with the consultancy supportrequired for their field works,Investment/Finance Expert Determining of suitable tourism investmentareasPromotion for investment for to the nationaland international investorsPreliminary research and feasibility studieson creating functionality for cultural assetsPreliminary research and feasibility studieson alternative tourism investmentsTaking preliminary steps for improvingpublic/private sector partnershipRecommendations Tourism Governance PlatformActions13. Recommendations
  96. 96. 96 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy96Gaziantep Tourism Development Council – Roles and Responsibilities:Centre for Tourism planning and Execution (Contd.)Organizational Body Role ResponsibilitiesCentre for Tourism planning andExecution (Full –time employeesworking professionally with skillsrequired for their job role)Tourism Planning Expert Preparation of the Gaziantep TourismMaster PlanDetermination of action plansDivision of labourImplementation planLaying out the process and guidelinesfor tourism activitiesIdentifying the roles and responsibilitiesof each of the players in the Tourism andTourism economyMarketing & CommunicationExpertCommunicating the Roles andResponsibilities to all the major playersin the IndustryCreating a communication/promotionstrategyImage/brand buildingCreating communication/promotionmaterialsOrganization of Events (seminars,expositions, meetings, tours etc.)Recommendations Tourism Governance PlatformActions13. Recommendations
  97. 97. 97 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy97Gaziantep Tourism Development Council – Roles and ResponsibilitiesCentre for Training and Quality in TourismOrganizational Body Role ResponsibilitiesCentre for Training and Quality inTourism (Full –time employeesworking professionally with skillsrequired for their job role)Training Expert Determination of the demands and requirementsof the sector for trainings and arranging trainingprograms periodicallyPublicity events to raise public awarenessTraining for the sustainability of traditionalhandicraftsTraining for tourist guidesStatistics Expert Data gathering for the number of tourists that visitthe City of GaziantepData gathering for the number of tourists visitingvarious locations.Analysis of the Data for Infrastructure planningQuality / Auditing Expert Validates the existing facilities and processes withthe standards being followed around the globeAudits the various sections of the tourismeconomy.Recommendations Tourism Governance PlatformActions13. Recommendations
  98. 98. 98 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy9814.0 Follow-on Projects Recommended
  99. 99. 99 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyFocus areas in Offering DevelopmentFollow-on Projects New Offering DevelopmentDeveloping themed walking tours (History, Museum, Cuisine)3.0Creating “duty-free” events4.0Developing adventure tourism offerings in Rumkale and Gaziantep Castle5.0Developing theatre events2.0Developing 2-day, 3-day packages centered around Gaziantep1.0Focus AreasSl. No.14. Follow-on Projects
  100. 100. 100 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyFocus areas in MarketingFollow-on Projects MarketingTargeting of higher value tourist markets8.0Targeting tour operators7.0Web site development3.0Increase participation in targeted congress events4.0Planning communication for targeted congress events5.0Brand ambassadors enlistment & endorsement6.0Improve & promote local hotel websites9.0Marketing & communication plan2.0Brand development1.0Focus AreasSl. No.14. Follow-on Projects
  101. 101. 101 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyFocus areas in Infrastructure DevelopmentFollow-on Projects Infrastructure DevelopmentDetailed evaluation of the hotel infrastructure against global benchmarks3.0Promoting investment in new hotels4.0Improving transportation connectivity, including direct flight connectivity5.0Listing of sites in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites2.0Developing guidelines for a world class tourist infrastructure at Rumkale &Zeugma and create a pilot implementation of the same1.0Focus AreasSl. No.14. Follow-on Projects
  102. 102. 102 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyFocus areas in Human Resources DevelopmentFollow-on Projects Human Resources DevelopmentProviding English language options in Restaurants, Historical sites etc3.0Roll-out basic English language taxi stickers across all public transport4.0Implementing training programs2.0Developing more detailed Human Resources training program & curriculum1.0Focus AreasSl. No.14. Follow-on Projects
  103. 103. 103 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyFocus areas in Tourism Governance PlatformFollow-on Projects Tourism Governance PlatformEstablishing of common database, metrics and scorecards4.0Developing and managing of Website3.0Training on auditing and benchmarking5.0Identification of roles, responsibilities and funding models2.0Establishing of the Gaziantep Tourism Development Council1.0Focus AreasSl. No.14. Follow-on Projects
  104. 104. 104 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy104Annexure
  105. 105. 105 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy10515.0 Annexure 1 : Project Development Roadmap
  106. 106. 106 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy106Project SummaryStrategy Plan for the Development of Gaziantep Tourism Sector Gaziantep Chamber of IndustrySponsor Mr. Kursat GONCUSecretary General, Gaziantep Chamber of IndustryLeadTurkey Team 3Start8th March 2010End1st April 2010Objective and ScopeClient Objectives: To develop and promote the tourism sector in Gaziantep, esp. in the niche area of Congress tourismScope: Congress tourism i.e. Event based tourism for art, music festivals, food festivals, business events etcBarriers: Top 3 barriers to achieving the above client objective are1. Marketing-related: Lack of awareness / promotion and the unfavorable image of the region2. Absence of Lobbying power at the highest levels to influence decisions in Gaziantep’s favor3. Infrastructure-related: Lack of quality Human Resources to work in the Tourism SectorEngagement Objectives: To develop a strategy plan for Congress Tourism to drive overall tourism growth in GaziantepMost Valuable Insights: (a) Success stories from other cities in the Tourism sector (b) Insights into the possible training (human resourcedevelopment) programs for the Tourism sector (c) Identify pipeline of congresses that can be conducted in Gaziantep (d) Identification of travelagencies for targeting - conducting Informational tour for these agencies (e) Identify Funding opportunities for the tourism sector.Stakeholders and AdvisorsBaran Ucaner, SME – EU Funded Projects, Gaziantep Chamber of CommerceEylem Akinal, Deputy Secretary General, Gaziantep Chamber of IndustrySema Marangoz, Director – Dept. of Foreign Affairs & Tourism, Metropolitan Municipality of GaziantepMehmet Bulent Ozturk, Member, Tourism Information OfficeOzgur Cinkay, Member, Tourism Information OfficeSermest Capan, Director of Commerce Office, Gaziantep Chamber of IndustryOzlem Caliskan, Project Manager, UNDP TurkeyJane Jamieson, VP, DOTProject TeamArun K CavaleBenny RajanKetelyn Paulussi15. Annexure - 1
  107. 107. 107 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy107Analysis InventoryInventory of Existing AnalysisMersin Tourism Development Strategy (Turkey Team 1)Mersin Tourism Marketing Plan (Turkey Team 2)Turkey Tourism Reports (BMI)Tourism Strategy of Turkey – 2023 (Ministry of Culture & Tourism)Gaziantep Toursim Report 2009 (Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce)9th Development Plan 2007-2013 (Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce)Protecting Cultural Heritage of Southern Anatolia and Tourism Development PlanGAP Strategy Plan 2008-1215. Annexure - 1
  108. 108. 108 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyIssue Discovery Workshop helped identify all issues related to the objectiveachievement15. Annexure - 1
  109. 109. 109 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy109Issue Tree MappingPricingHospitality InfrastructureSupplyHuman ResourcesCapacityTourism policy andGovernanceMarketingGaziantep’s Differentiation/ USPTransport Connectivity w/key citiesCompetitionS1 S3 S4S5 S6 S7 S8S2To develop a strategy plan for Congress Tourism todrive overall tourism growth in GaziantepEngagement Objective15. Annexure - 1
  110. 110. 110 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy110Hypotheses and Summary of AnalysisDo tourists see Gaziantep as unsafe? (FGI)Is that a big barrier? (FGI)Tourist arrivals in Safe vs Unsafe areas (Team)What do you think can help solve the issue? (FGI)Tourists perceive Gaziantep as an unsafe destination– and tourists avoid unsafe destinations no matterhow attractive it isList of key congress events (35 events) (Ibrahim)Where are they happening? (Ibrahim)Who are the sponsors (organizations) for these events? (Ibrahim)Who are the key people in these organizations – and where do they come from?(Ibrahim)Is there a link between where they come from and where the events are held(evidence of lobbying)? (Team)Any key lobbyists in any of these organizations from Gaziantep? (Baran, Eylem)Lobbying is key and Gaziantep suffers from a lack oflobbying power in key organizationsIdentify key attractive areas (films, music, Football) in Turkey and in key touristorigin countries (Ibrahim, Baran)Identify key brand ambassadors for Gaziantep in these areas (Ibrahim)Can they be convinced to endorse Gaziantep? (Baran, Tourism Dept)There are a few celebrity brand ambassadors forGaziantep who can e used as influencersMarketingIssue Hypotheses Key Questions / Required InformationAwareness about Gaziantep as a tourist destinationis lowList of recent Gaziantep congress events (Baran, Eylem)How they were promoted? (Baran, Eylem)How effective were the promotions? (Baran, Eylem)Is Gaziantep included in the major Turkey tourist guides? (Tourism Dept, Team)Information about Gaziantep is not easily availablefor potential touristsInformation around hospitality infrastructure on the web (Team)Details on tourist attractions on the web (Team, Tourism Dept)Do key tour operators carry info about Gaziantep (Baran, Tour FGI)15. Annexure - 1
  111. 111. 111 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy111Hypotheses and Summary of AnalysisIdentify attractions around Gaziantep 100km / 150km/200km radius (Ibrahim)A package of attractions can be builtaround GaziantepIdentify places of faith & cultural attractions in & around Gaziantep (Tourism Dept)How popular are they? Tourist numbers. (Tourism Dept)Where are the target markets for faith & cultural tourists? (Tourism Dept)What is the biggest draw or attraction? (Tourism Dept, Municipality)Tourist numbers for that single draw – is it sustainable? (Municipality, Tourism Dept)Faith & Cultural tourism can bedeveloped into an USPKey organized industries in Gaziantep (Eylem)How many congress events can they attract? (Eylem, Baran)Tourist numbers (Baran, Eylem)Is it enough to meet objectives? (Team)Gaziantep’s organized industrial zonecan be used as a USP for congresseventsUSPIssue Hypotheses Key Questions / Required InformationMajor destinations have clearly definedUSPs, but Gaziantep lacks a strong USPList of top tourist cities in the world and their USP (Team)Does Gaziantep have an USP today? (Tourism Dept, FGI)What are the things that come to mind when you think of Gaziantep? (Tourism Dept,FGI)What is Gaziantep’s biggest draw – what attracts most tourists today? (FGI, TourismDept, Municipality)Segment Gaziantep tourist arrivals by Cuisine, faith & cultural, industrial etc (FGI,Municipality, Tourism Dept)Cuisine is a big strength and can bedeveloped into an USPIdentify list of popular dishes from Gaziantep (Ibrahim)Where are they popular? (Tourism Dept, FGI)Will tourists pay to travel for cuisine? Is it commercially viable? (Tourism Dept, FGI)15. Annexure - 1
  112. 112. 112 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy112Hypotheses and Summary of AnalysisNumber of taxis / (population + Tourists) (Municipality, Chamber ofIndustry) in Gaziantep vs Antalya vs IzmirAverage cost of a day tour of top-5 city attractions by Taxi: compareGaziantep vs Antalya (Ibrahim)Gaziantep has good intra city transportationoptionsIdentify most popular tourist destinations in Turkey (Tourism Dept,Ibrahim)Distance (& time) of Gaziantep from these destinations (Team)Flights between these destinations & Gaziantep (Tourism Dept, TourFGI)Gaziantep has poor connectivity with other majortourist destinations that are already part of thetourist itineraryTransportation &ConnectivityIssue Hypotheses Key Questions / Required InformationGaziantep has insufficient direct flights frommajor tourist originsIdentify major tourist origins (Team)Identify list of direct flights, origins, frequency (Tourism Dept, Tour FGI)For each major origin, compare tourist numbers vs no. of direct flights(Team)Identify direct flights to Mersin, Antalya (Tourism Dept, Tour FGIIbrahim)Calculate ratio: no. of flights per 1000 tourists (Team)Direct flight connectivity is an important decisionfactor for tourists, and increasing number ofdirect flights can increase tourist arrivalsHow important is it to have direct flights to tourists? (Tourism Dept, TourFGI)Tourist arrivals from origins with direct flights vs origins without directflights (Team)Questionnaire sent to Baran (Baran)Compare with Antalya: Regression analysis b/n direct flights vs Touristarrivals (Team)Before direct flights vs after direct flights, how has the tourist arrivalchanged? (Tourism Dept, Tour FGI)15. Annexure - 1
  113. 113. 113 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy113Hypotheses and Summary of AnalysisIssue Hypotheses Key Questions / Required InformationCompetition fromOther CitiesThere is strong competition from other citiesfor congress tourism, as well as for CentralGovernment fundingHow many congress events happen in Turkey in 2009, 2010? Split byInternational vs Domestic, Sizes (Baran, Eylem, Ibrahim)How many congress events in Gaziantep in 2009, 2010? Split byInternational vs Domestic, Sizes (Baran/Eylem)What is the share of Gaziantep? (Team)Share by International vs Domestic events, Size of events (Team)What is the level of Government funding that Gaziantep currentlyreceives and how is it compared to other cities? (Baran/Eylem)Travel agencies are more likely to promote /sell packages to other cities than to GaziantepHow many packages are being currently offered for GAP orGaziantep vs packages to other regions by an operator in Istanbul?(Tourism Dept. / Tour FGI / Tursab)What are the key considerations for a tour operator while building apackage? (Tour FGI)How does Gaziantep score on these considerations? (Tour FGI)How does competition (Antalya, Mersin, Izmir) score in theseconsiderations? (Tour FGI)Is there any incentive offered for selling packages that includeGaziantep or other cities? (Tour FGI)15. Annexure - 1
  114. 114. 114 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy114Hypotheses and Summary of AnalysisIssue Hypotheses Key Questions / Required InformationPricing Gaziantep is a cheaper option for congresstourismIs there an existing business case for analyzing the relative priceposition of congress tourism in Gaziantep? (Baran/Eylem/TouristDept./Travel FGI)Example business case analysis for Gaziantep vs Mersin vs Istanbul(Team)Flights are more expensive to Gaziantep thanto other competing citiesCompare the flight costs to Gaziantep against Antalya and Mersinfrom Istanbul/Ankara (Team/Tour FGI/Ibrahim)Compare the International travel costs to Gaziantep vs Ankara vsIstanbul. (To include Middle East Nations) (Team/Tour FGI/Ibrahim)Hotel accommodation is cheaper in Gaziantepcompared to competing citiesIs there any comparison for the cost of hotel room betweenGaziantep and other important congress tourism destinations?(Baran/Eylem/Tourist Dept./Travel FGI)Hotel accommodation analysis for Gaziantep vs Mersin vs Istanbul(Team)Food, shopping and entertainment options arecheaper in Gaziantep compared to competingcitiesCost Analysis for Gaziantep vs Mersin vs Istanbul (Team)15. Annexure - 1
  115. 115. 115 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy115Hypotheses and Summary of AnalysisIdentify no. of good hospitals, no. of private wards / beds (Eylem)Number of ambulances (Eylem)List specialist medical care facilities available (Eylem, Team)Adequate medical infrastructure exists forcongress touristsHospitalityInfrastructureSupplyIssue Hypotheses Key Questions / Required InformationGaziantep has enough rooms in 4 & 5 star hotelsto meet the short-term demandIdentify list of 4 & 5 star hotels (Team)Calculate no. of rooms available (Hotels FGI)Calculate Peak season capacity: Tourist numbers vs High Season vsaverage stay to find out if supply meets peak tourist demand (Team)Identify demand side – how many congress events planned inGaziantep for 2010, 2011? (Baran, Eylem)How many people & rooms are required for these events? (Baran,Eylem)Calculate how much more demand can the current supply fulfillbased on estimates of demand growth (Team)Identify new hotel projects in pipeline and estimated supply addition(Team, Hotels FGI)There is sufficient number of conference /convention halls in 4 & 5 star hotels to meet theshort-term demandIdentify list of 4 & 5 star hotels (Team)Calculate no. of convention halls (Team, Ibrahim, Hotels FGI)Identify demand side – how many congress events planned inGaziantep for 2010, 2011? (Baran, Eylem)How many people & convention halls are required for these events?(Baran, Eylem, Hotels FGI)Calculate how much more demand the current supply fulfill? (Team)Identify new hotel projects in pipeline and estimated supply addition(Team, Hotels FGI)15. Annexure - 1
  116. 116. 116 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy116Hypotheses and Summary of AnalysisLoyalty issues (Hotel FGI)Average salaries of Front desk managers in hotels Gaziantep vs Antalya vsIstanbul (Hotels FGI)Speed of response (Ketelyn)Poor employee satisfaction anddevelopment in local hotels is impedingsuperior service delivery to touristsNumber of international tourists coming from non-turkish speaking regions (Team)Collect hotel menus, guides, photos of museum displays where English is notpresent (Team)English or other languages is lessunderstood, posing language barriersbetween tourists and personnelQualitative commentsGet photos and quotesThe local people are naturally friendly andwarm towards touristsHumanResourcesCapacityIssue Hypotheses Key Questions / Required InformationThere is a shortage of trained personnel toprovide services to touristsEstimates of how many trained people are required in Hotels, Tourist guides,Attraction centre personnel with knowledge of city & history (Baran, FGI, Eylem,Tourism Dept, Municipality)Estimates of how many trained people are currently available (Baran, FGI, Eylem,Tourism Dept, Municipality)Number of educated graduates vs Non-graduates in Hotels (Hotels FGI)Number of graduates every year from local colleges (Eylem)Average rate of migration of graduates from Gaziantep (Eylem)Are Hotels and hospitality industry firms a preferred career option for trainedgraduates? (Hotels FGI)There is no formal training program forparticipants across the tourism value chainIs there a formal training program on tourism? (Baran, Tourism Dept)Is tourism a course in local colleges? (Tourism Dept, Eylem, University)Number of training programs per year by hotels (Hotels FGI)Number of training programs per year by Tour operators (Tours FGI)15. Annexure - 1
  117. 117. 117 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy117Hypotheses and Summary of AnalysisTourism Policy &GovernanceIssue Hypotheses Key Questions / Required InformationA single tourism platform is required foreffective development of tourismIdentify all organizations with tourism on their agenda (Team)List all attractions: who manages what attraction? What role does eachplay in managing common attractions? (Baran, Tourism Dept, Eylem(Is there a common platform? (Baran)Is there a common funding pool? (Baran)Compare with Mersin platform and show advantages (Team)Individual tourism development projects lackcontinuity and follow-upIdentify all tourism development reports, researches and projects doneso far (Team, Baran, Eylem, Tourism Dept, Municipality)Are their linkages between them? (Team, Baran, Eylem, Tourism Dept,Municipality)What actions have been taken on previous reports? (Team, Baran,Eylem, Tourism Dept, Municipality)Is there funding collaboration on follow-through work? (Team, Baran,Eylem, Tourism Dept, Municipality)15. Annexure - 1
  118. 118. 118 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy11816.0 Annexure 2 : Business Case Analysis for Relative Pricing of Cities
  119. 119. 119 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy119Business Case assumptions, list of hotels, number of rooms,conference center and daily pricesAssumptions to the Business Case1) 300 people attending 2 days congress2) 5 star hotels3) Meals will include breakfast, lunch and dinner at a local chain4) Transportation will include: transportation from/to airport and any transportation to restaurants and congress facility if applicable16. Annexure - 2!!" # #! # !$ !! !$ !%# & () * +, - ) * +809" 4 2# 0: 09 2; . / %%$<) )&+<"2"2 09 4 2# 0: 09 2; & 0 %)<, %%& <*12, - *12/.. 3 ))%< ))&+)<,. 4, ))%< )(&$%<; 0 03 ,$< +&)$*<&5 , $(<+ ))&+)<*, - *03. &, %*<( %+&$%,<+
  120. 120. 120 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy120Total costs per hotel0: 09 2; 281916. Annexure - 2LirasFlight from Istambul to Gaziantep 45,300.0Hotel accomodantion at a 5 stars hotel - 2 days 68,040.0Daily Meal (lunch and dinner) - 2 days 30,000.0Transportation 28,800.0Congress room and facilities 9,240.0TOTAL 181,380.0DEDEMAN HOTEL GAZIANTEPLirasFlight from Istambul to Gaziantep 45,300.0Hotel accomodantion at a 5 stars hotel - 2 days 74,844.0Daily Meal (lunch and dinner) - 2 days 30,000.0Transportation 28,800.0Congress room and facilities 23,100.0TOTAL 202,044.0GRAND HOTEL GAZIANTEP5 STAR HOTELSLirasFlight from Istambul to Gaziantep 30,000.0Hotel accomodantion at a 5 stars hotel - 2 days 115,668.0Daily Meal (lunch and dinner) - 2 days 36,000.0Transportation 30,000.0Congress room and facilities 9,240.0TOTAL 220,908.05 STAR HOTELSHilton Mersin
  121. 121. 121 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy121Total costs per hotel1096=#16. Annexure - 2LirasHotel accomodantion at a 5 stars hotel - 2 days 264,600.0Daily Meal (lunch and dinner) - 2 days 45,000.0Transportation 30,000.0Congress room and facilities 89,208.0TOTAL 428,808.0LirasHotel accomodantion at a 5 stars hotel - 2 days 264,600.0Daily Meal (lunch and dinner) - 2 days 45,000.0Transportation 30,000.0Congress room and facilities 96,642.0TOTAL 436,242.0Conrad Hilton5 STAR HOTELSHilton IstanbulLirasHotel accomodantion at a 5 stars hotel - 2 days 163,800.0Daily Meal (lunch and dinner) - 2 days 45,000.0Transportation 30,000.0Congress room and facilities 52,878.0TOTAL 291,678.0LirasHotel accomodantion at a 5 stars hotel - 2 days 231,336.0Daily Meal (lunch and dinner) - 2 days 45,000.0Transportation 30,000.0Congress room and facilities 89,208.0TOTAL 395,544.05 STAR HOTELSGrand HyattPlaza Hotel Istanbul
  122. 122. 122 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy12217.0 Annexure 3 : Strategic Options Assessment
  123. 123. 123 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyStrategy EquationTourism Revenue = No. of Tourists staying in Gaziantep x Revenue per TouristNo. of Tourists staying in Gaziantep= (No. of Tourists arriving in Gaziantep x % of arrivals who stay in Gaziantep)Revenue per Tourist = (Revenue per Tourist per day x Average no. of days of stay)Tourism Revenue = No. of Tourists arriving …..(ATTRACT)x% of arrivals who stay in Gaziantep …..(RETAIN)xRevenue per Tourist per day …..(UP-SELL)xAverage no. of days of stay …..(CROSS-SELL)17. Annexure - 3
  124. 124. 124 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyAssessing the value of strategyRevenue Pay-off for individual strategyStrategyTargetIncrease Pay-offIncrementalRevenue(million TL)Attract Strategy 10% 10% 10.6Retain Strategy 15% 15% 15.9Upsell Strategy 10% 10% 10.6Cross Sell Strategy 0.5 31% 32.9Revenue Pay-off when 2 or more strategies are executed in combinationDomestic + Foreign touristsDomestic + Foreign touristsAttractStrategyRetainStrategyUpsellStrategyCross SellStrategy Pay-offIncrementalRevenue(million TL)Attract Strategy x 10% 10.6Attract Strategy x x 27% 28.6Attract Strategy x x x 39% 41.3Attract Strategy x x x x 82% 86.917. Annexure - 3
  125. 125. 125 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyWe estimate that there is potential to grow foreign tourist revenue by 78%, ifall 4 strategy initiatives are executed togetherTourism Revenue(Million Turkish Lira)No. of Tourists who Stay inGaziantep HotelsRevenue per Tourist(Turkish Lira)No. of Tourists ArrivingRevenue per Touristper Day (Turkish Lira)Average No. ofDays of StayMetricAs-Is Could Be10.523,249 29,41055,12818.6 78%60,641 10%450.0 632.5250.0 275.0 1.80 2.30Ratio of Staying vs Arriving42% 48% 15%27% 41%10% 0.5Retain StrategyAttract Strategy Up Sell Strategy Cross Sell StrategySource: Internal team analysisForeign TouristsEstimates17. Annexure - 3
  126. 126. 126 Gaziantep Tourism Sector StrategyWe estimate that there is potential to grow domestic tourist revenue by 83%,if all 4 strategy initiatives are executed togetherTourism Revenue(Million Turkish Lira)No. of Tourists who Stay inGaziantep HotelsRevenue per Tourist(Turkish Lira)No. of Tourists ArrivingRevenue per Touristper Day (Turkish Lira)Average No. ofDays of StayMetricAs-Is Could Be95.6238,896 302,203477,792174.5 83%525,571 10%400.0 577.5250.0 275.0 1.60 2.10Ratio of Staying vs Arriving50% 58% 15%27% 44%10% 0.5Retain StrategyAttract Strategy Up Sell Strategy Cross Sell StrategySource: Internal team analysisDomestic TouristsEstimates17. Annexure - 3
  127. 127. 127 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy12718.0 Annexure 4 : Curriculum for Human Resources Capacity Build-up
  128. 128. 128 Gaziantep Tourism Sector Strategy128Annexure: Curriculum for Community based tourism program forEntry LevelTRAINING SUGGESTEDTOPICAUDIENCE DISCUSSIONITEMSDURATION &LOGISTICSPARTICIPANTEPROFILECommunity BasedTourism Training forEntry LevelBasics ofEntrepreneurshipCourse open tocommunity,preference for familybusinesses withyouth involvementbut not restrictedWhat isentrepreneurship?Examples ofsuccessfultourismentrepreneurs –success storiesfrom andelsewhereTourism businessideasHow to start aB&B business –basic guidelinesHow to start atouring business –basic guidelinesBasics offinancing, cashflow management, administrationand marketing3 weeks of 3-hourevening classes(45 hours)Presentation aspractical aspossible, usingreal case studiesand successexamplesOutcome shouldbe business ideaas entry forcommunityentrepreneurshipcompetition20 participants percourseAcross agegroups, butpreference foryoungerparticipantsLinked tocommunityentrepreneurshipcompetition (seeabove) with prizedfor winners insupport of winningbusiness ideas18. Annexure - 4