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Some wonderful Linux softwares for daily use

Some wonderful Linux softwares for daily use



PPT for LUG@IITD,IIT Delhi 9th workshop

PPT for LUG@IITD,IIT Delhi 9th workshop



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    Some wonderful Linux softwares for daily use Some wonderful Linux softwares for daily use Presentation Transcript

    • [email_address] SOME WONDERFUL SOFTWARES FOR EVERYDAY USE By [email_address] Team http://www.lug-iitd.org groups.google.com/group/iitdlug (mailing list)
    • Linux Softwares 1991,Linus Torvalds
    • First Post by Linus Some Histories of Linux begin with this message posted by Linus Torvalds to the comp.os.minix newsgroup on August 25,1991: Hello everybody out there using minix- I'm doing(free) operating system(Just a hobby.won't be big and professional like gnu) for 386 (486) AT clones.This has been brewing since april, and is starting to get ready.I 'd like any feebackon things people like/dislike in minix,as my OS resembles it somewhat (same physical layout of the file-system (due to practical reasons)) among other things............Any suggestions are welcome,but i won't promise to implement them :- ) Linus (torvalds@kruuna.helsinki.fi)
    • Softwares in Linux It is used as an operating system for a wide variety of computer hardware , including desktop computers , supercomputers , [4] video game systems, such as the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 , several arcade games , and embedded devices such as mobile phones , routers , and stage lighting systems.
    • What is the Linux Equivalent Of ...
        • There's a Linux Equivalent of almost every software in the market.
        • They are being improved all the time by volunteers all over the world.
        • If its not there you can always start a new project at www.sourceforge.net !
        • So Lets Begin with a Few ...
    • Office Suites
        • Open Office: Writer, Impress, Calc, Draw, Math, Writer/Web (The best)
        • Koffice : Kword, Kchart, Kpresenter, Kspreadsheet etc.
        • Gnome Office: AbiWord
        • Star Office (prop)
        • Support for MS Office files available!
    • Open Office suite
      • Writer
      • Impress
      • Calc
      • Draw
      • Math
      • Base
    • Web Browsers
        • Netscape / Mozilla
        • FireFox/Ice Weasel
        • Nautilus
        • Opera (prop.)
        • Konqueror
        • Epiphany
    • Programming
        • Anjuta + Glade + Devhelp
        • Kdevelop + QT Designer
        • Eclipse
        • Boa Constructor
        • Graphical Libraries: QT, GTK+, wxwindows, PyQT, PyGTK+, GtkADA, Tk, fox + many more
    • Scientific & special Programs
        • Math Systems: Octave (Matlab like), Matlab(prop.), Scilab, euler, yacas, maxima
        • Equation editor: OpenOffice Math, Kformula
        • 3D Modelling: ProEngineer Linux (prop.), CATIA(prop.)
        • CAD/CAM: Ansys (prop.), qcad, pythoncad
        • GIS: grass, qgis
        • Electronics: geda, ghdl, verilog, sdcc
    • Multimedia Players
        • XMMS
        • Mplayer
        • xine
        • Totem Movie Player
        • Noatun
        • zinf
        • Winamp + many more
    • Other Softwares
        • Desktop environment suites: Kde, Gnome, Xfce, icewm
        • Video Conferencing: Gnome Meeting
        • Screen capture: Xvidcap, Istanbul
        • CD Burning: K3b
        • Dialup: Kppp, Gppp
        • TV Program: xawtv
    • Webcam Utilities
      • Cheese
      • Camorama
    • Applications Of Cheese
    • Electronics Softwares
      • PCB Designer-for designing Circuit boards
      • IVerilog-Simulator for circuit simulations
      • GEDA-Electronic dsign automation tool
      • GNU SIM 8085-Tool for Programming of 8085 microcontrollers and burning utility.
      • Qemulator-Digital multimeter simulation environment
    • SciLab
    • GNUSIM 8085 Microcontroller Tool
    • GEDA
    • Programming Languages Available
        • C/C++
        • Java
        • Python
        • Perl
        • Ruby
        • ADA
        • Fortran and many more
    • Text Editors
        • Kedit
        • Gedit
        • Vim
        • Xemacs
        • Kate
        • Kwrite
        • Console Editors: vi, emacs, joe, jed
    • PDF Tools
        • Acrobat Reader (proprietary software,Bounded under license terms)
        • Kpdf
        • Ghost View
        • gpdf
        • Related tools: pdf2html , pdftotext, Tex2pdf
        • pdf Writers: Ghostscript, KGhostview , Adobe Acrobat distiller (prop), Openoffice export feature
    • Archivers
        • FileRoller
        • Ark
        • tar
        • gzip
        • bzip2
        • TkZip
    • File Managers
        • Nautilus
        • Konqueror
        • Gnome Commander
        • Endeavour Mark II
    • File Downloaders
        • Kget
        • Downloader for X
        • Prozilla
        • Kmago
        • Gnome Transfer Manager
        • QTGet
        • Xget
        • wget (The Best!)
    • Instant Messengers
        • LICQ
        • aMSN
        • Yahoo Messenger
        • Simple Instant Messenger
        • Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (Nearly all IM protocols)
        • EveryBuddy
        • Kopete (Nearly all IM protocols)
    • Development Tools
    • These are some of the Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), editors, and other development tools available for Ubuntu: 1) Anjuta is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C and C++. 2) Bazaar-NG is a decentralised version control system used for Ubuntu development. 3) Bluefish is a powerful editor for experienced web designers and programmers.
    • Eclipse is an IDE for Java and other programming languages. It forms the basis for closed-source programs such as Jbuilder. Eric is a fully featured Python and Ruby IDE. Glade is a User Interface designer for building GNOME applications. IDLE is the Python IDE built with the Tkinter GUI toolkit. KDevelop is a IDE for KDE which supports many programming languages.
    • MonoDevelop is an IDE for writing mono/.net applications in C# and other languages. NetBeans is a Java IDE that features support for CVS and a form builder. BlueJ is a Java IDE, it's a easy way to run Java programs and program components DrJava is a lightweight development environment for writing Java programs.
    • BlueJ BlueJ is an IDE It includes – an editor, which you use to write your programs – a debugger, to help you find your mistakes – a viewer, to see the parts of your program – an easy way to run Java programs and program components – an easy way to view documentation Adapted from notes by http://bluej.org
    • Bluefish: a very quick introduction
        • Bluefish is a powerful editor targeted towards programmers and webdesigners, with many options to write websites, scripts and programming code.
        • Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages, and it focuses on editing dynamic and interactive websites.
        • Support for remote files using gnome-vfs (depending on your gnome-vfs setup, you'll have FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, Samba and more)
    • Eric
        • Eric is a full featured Python and Ruby editor and IDE, written in python.
        • It is based on the cross platform Qt gui toolkit, integrating the highly flexible Scintilla editor control
        • It is designed to be usable as everdays' quick and dirty editor as well as being usable as a professional project management tool integrating many advanced features Python offers the professional coder.
        • Eric includes a plugin system, which allows easy extension of the IDE functionality with plugins downloadable from the net.
    • Kdevelop
        • KDevelop is a free software integrated development environment for the KDE desktop environment
        • KDevelop does not include a compiler; instead, it uses an external compiler such as gcc to produce executable code.
        • The current version, 3.5, supports many programming languages such as Ada, Bash, C, C++, Fortran, Java, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby.
        • Released under the GNU General Public License
    • MonoDevelop
        • MonoDevelop is a free GNOME IDE primarily designed for C# and other .NET languages.
        • The .NET documentation and the Gtk# documentation are built into MonoDevelop for easy access.
        • MonoDevelop comes with built in projects that help get you started with your console, Gnome# or Gtk# application.
        • MonoDevelop has a powerful add-in engine, which complete set of extension points, provides a seamless platform upon which to build your own development tools.
    • Eclipse
        • Eclipse is an open-source Integrated development environment (IDE) written primarily in Java.
        • In its default form it is meant for Java developers, consisting of the Java Development Tools (JDT).
        • Users can extend its capabilities by installing plug-ins written for the Eclipse software framework, such as development toolkits for other programming languages, and can write and contribute their own plug-in modules.
        • Language packs provide translations into over a dozen natural languages.
    • Workbench Terminology Tool bar Perspective and Fast View bar Resource Navigator view Stacked views Properties view Tasks view Outline view Bookmarks view Menu bar Message area Editor Status area Text editor
    • Java Perspective
      • Java-centric view of files in Java projects
        • Java elements meaningful for Java programmers
      Java project package class field method Java editor
    • Java Editor
      • Hovering over identifier shows Javadoc spec
      • The software is copyrighted but freely distributed (i.e., you don't have to pay for it).”
      • http://www.gnuplot.info/
    • What is gnuplot?
      • Versatile visualization tool
        • Command driven, interactive function plotting program
      • Designed for mathematics visualization
        • Student programmers looking to visualize classroom concepts
        • Open source code
      • Multiple Platforms
        • Unix/Linux, Macs, lots of others
        • Windows version has a menu-driven interface
      • Copyrighted but freely distributable
        • Not part of the Gnu’s Not Unix project (emacs)‏
    • Some Useful Links
        • http://www.kernel.org - The official kernel site
        • http://www.debian.org/ - Debian
        • http://www.debianhelp.org – Debian's Help Site
        • http://www.linux.org/ - Linux Online
        • http://www.redhat.com/ Red Hat
        • http://www.sourceforge.net/ - Lots of Projects
        • http://www.linuxnewbie.org/
        • http://www.distrowatch..com/ - Reviews of Different Distros
        • http://www.linuxiso.org/ - Get your ISO D/L’s here.
        • /http://rpmfind.net/ - Get your RPM’s here !
        • http://www.tldp.org/ - The Linux Documentation Project
        • http://www.alsa-project.org - The alsa project page
    • Some Useful Links
      • http://www.linuxquestions.org
      • http://www.distrowatch.com
      • http://www.li.org/linuxhistory.php(for Indepth linux history Archives)
      • http://www.scilab.org/
      • www.lwn.net
      • www.linuxhelp.net
      • www.linuxforums.org
    • Qs? Queries Welcome
    • THANK YOU ARUN SINGH [email_address] http://www.arun.arwachin.googlepages.com