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Mega-Whats 2009 Questions

  1. 1. The Karnataka Quiz Association presents MEGA-WHATS 2009 The National Open Quizzing Championships
  2. 2. MEGA-WHATS 2009 in association with QFI Chennai Bombay Quiz Club Boat Club Quiz Club, Pune Kutub Quizzers SEQC, Goa Hyderabad Quiz Club Grey Cells, Kerala And the quizzing community in Kolkata
  3. 3. <ul><li>OPERATING COVENANTS </li></ul><ul><li>All mobiles off—till the answers are given out </li></ul><ul><li>Quiz will be run for approximately 100 minutes followed by answers & correction </li></ul><ul><li>We will cycle through the questions only twice and no special requests to repeat questions will be entertained </li></ul><ul><li>No negative marking anywhere in the quiz </li></ul><ul><li>No half-points anywhere </li></ul><ul><li>**-questions (which are two-pointers) will separate ties—but you need to get both parts of such questions right for them to count as star-questions </li></ul>
  4. 4. FORMAT Section Description Remarks Section - I <ul><li>Total 50 Qns </li></ul><ul><ul><li>30 Qns - 1-pointers </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>12 Qns - 2-pointers & starred </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>8 questions – Theme (1-pointer) </li></ul></ul><ul><li>No negatives anywhere. </li></ul><ul><li>70 points Total. (30+24+8+8=70) </li></ul>The theme questions are scattered across Section I and are not identified as theme questions. There is a bonus of 8 points for cracking the theme. Teams may enter their theme guess against Qn# 51 Section -II <ul><li>5 questions each with 5 parts (ABCDE) </li></ul><ul><li>Total 5x5 = 25 points </li></ul>No negative marking Section-III <ul><li>5 clues to crack for one point each </li></ul><ul><li>The five answers are 5-letter words and anagrams of each other. </li></ul>No negative marking
  5. 5. Section I 50 Questions 12 two-pointers Some eight of the questions form a theme +8 for cracking the theme No negatives
  6. 6. 1. Why did the Russian word for Union (a version, perhaps) become a household name in India about twenty-five years ago?
  7. 7. 2. A 9-letter word derived from the Latin for “to run around” is applied to one species of this beast of burden . The Latin form is still used as one part of the biological name. Which word ?
  8. 8. 3. (**/2-pointer) This trophy is named after a sportsman and has been won by China, Korea, & Indonesia since its institution in 1989. Identify the trophy. Also identify the architectural tribute in its design. Both parts for getting stars. 1 point per answer. Big Visual next slide
  9. 10. 4. The Swedish newspaper Afton Dagbladet carried this picture of Kristin Enmark and Birgitta Lundblad in 2003 to mark the 30 th anniversary of the June 1973 event that made them sort of famous. What are we talking about? Bigger pic next slide
  10. 12. 5. (**/2-pointer) She went in search of a famous Padukone in 1989—and later turned the documentary into a book . Identify this writer and her subject .
  11. 13. 6 . “ Conventional electro-magnetic energy meters did not record consumption if the load was very small. The indicator tended not to move when at night there was no other electrical load.” What misnomer popular in India does the above quote explain?
  12. 14. 7. In which European country did a Nazi-clone known as the Arrow Cross Party rule for a short while under this flag?
  13. 15. 8. (**/2-pointer) This is a photograph of the main thoroughfare in an Asian city around the 1930’s . Identify the city . The thoroughfare takes its name from a Urdu word meaning ‘to stop or prevent’ —the sense in which the word is used in India is also applicable to the thoroughfare in relation to its surroundings . Name the city and the thoroughfare . ( Bigger pic next slide)
  14. 17. 9. At the Manifest Station , you could catch a train from the city X to Parisn’t, or Sans Francisco, or Hong Gone, or Romeless, or Helsunki, or No York, or even to Lost Angeles. Name the work of children's literature (X) where all this is possible.
  15. 18. 10. She made legal history when the case she filed against a pickle manufacturer named George Isaac resulted in a Supreme Court decision in 1986 . Who? Full name please
  16. 19. 11. What exotic culinary item from Asia takes its name from the fact that it tastes best when it has been taken from oak logs/oak trees ?
  17. 20. 12. Either identify the subject of this song or name the album ?
  18. 21. 13. (2-points/**) Which sad story of friends-turned- business-rivals does this picture narrate? (ID both individuals) Next slide for bigger pic.
  19. 23. 14. (2-points/**) This is one of the four portraits that Godfrey Kneller painted of a late 17 th /early 18 th century personality. Kneller was later commissioned to do about forty portraits, for which the specification was that they must be less than half-size (36x28 inches) but must include the hands . This gave rise to a term in art , specifically in portrait-painting . Identify celebrity and provide term . Next slide for bigger pic.
  20. 25. 15. (**/2-pointer ) This statue of a writer stands outside the beach house where he wrote one of his most overtly autobiographical works in 1962 . The location also inspired the title of that work. Identify Work and writer? Bigger pics in subsequent slides.
  21. 28. 16. In 2003, MF Hussain made use of these posters for a painting that protested the US invasion of Iraq . Which film ? Bigger pic next slide.
  22. 31. 17. (**/2-pointer ) The clip (Audio) caused a famous 20 th century moment when Lenin declared that listening to it caused him to lose some of his revolutionary ardour . This incident inspired a director to start work on a film about a Government spy whose views begin to change when he is put on the job of monitoring a bunch of artists. Which film that did well at film festivals & won many awards thus came into being? (1Point) ID the piece (1Point) Big pic next slide
  23. 32. Still from the film
  24. 33. 18. The first use of this phrase goes back to 22 September 1792, when the Republic was proclaimed in France . The Convention decided that all public documents would be dated ____ ____ of the French Republic. Previous calendar reckonings were no longer valid. Fill in the Blanks (2-word answer please)
  25. 34. 19. What contest have these ladies just completed?
  26. 35. 20. (**/2-pointer) This proposed link across an 18-mile stretch of sea takes its name from the two regions that it links . Name the structure and the two countries that it links. Expected completion=2020. Bigger pic next slide.
  27. 37. 21. This dummy, named Stooky Bill —from Glasgow slang for anything made of wood —had to be used in the 1920s for the first set of experiments because the heat generated by the equipment was too great for human subjects to bear . Whose experiments ? Big Pic – Next Slide
  28. 39. 22. This photograph was in the news earlier this year. Identify the man in the picture. Full name please Big Pic – Next Slide
  29. 41. 23. (**/2-pointer) What phrase denoting a kind of ultra-realism in representation is traced back to a direction given by the sitter for this portrait to the artist Peter Lely ? Also identify the subject of the portrait . Next slide.
  30. 43. 24. Which Mulk Raj Anand novel has a title that evokes the tea gardens in Assam where the narrative is set?
  31. 44. 25. This expression was first used in a song on a TV episode, within a sort of rap parody by the 'Bhangra Muffins'. It's about who they are and what they do, with their catchphrase popping up in several lines (&quot;And ya uncle says do your studies, we say ____ ____ _____!&quot; &quot;And even though we're bruised & bloody, we still say uh ____ ____ _____&quot; &quot;And if they look like teletubby just say hey po, ____ ____ _____” What memorable three-word phrase are we missing?
  32. 45. 26. “An ancient connection exists between public business and the______ ____ as between its huge overarching shade and its deep intertwining roots . In South-East Asia, and Java in particular, the shade was a place of learning and a site where rulers vowed justice. Those are Asian values to which ____ will happily subscribe.” Justification issued in 2009 for what decision? Both dashes are more or less the same thing
  33. 46. 27. (**-2-pointer) “ That unfortunate homonymy has never ceased to haunt me - like a ghost&quot; he once wrote. &quot;Not a year goes by without my receiving an order for jeans - usually from Africa.&quot; Identify this European thinker whose best known work was translated into English as A World on the Wane . This book begins with the celebrated lines “I hate travels and explorers” . Identify thinker—full-name—and name the book .
  34. 47. 28. (**/2-pointer) Denmark's separatist problems come from two territories--one, a groups of islands favours separation because their position on whaling is not respected . The other simply says that it is big enough to take care of itself. Name both.
  35. 48. 29.Conspiracy-theorists see in it the Runic letter for death while people who disapprove of the hippies have described it as a chicken’s foot . The looniest interpretation comes from the ultra-conservative John Birch Society, which describes it as a Satanist device—‘ an upside-down, broken cross ’. What ?
  36. 49. 30. One part is actually a reference to the story of Tristan and Isolde- -we must remember that Tristan deceives the senile King Mark of Cornwall. The other keyword is both part of a toast , but is also meant to imitate the screeching of gulls and other sea birds. It is quite possible that the author who was living in Zurich at that time, also had the German word for Cottage Cheese in mind while creating this word. Full quote please ?
  37. 50. 31. A 1962 book by Robert Ettinger resulted eventually in a business enterprise where the leaders are Alcor and CI , based in Michigan.. They refer to their clients as patients —perhaps a really terrible pun--and have charged them between 75000 USD to 100000 USD for services provided. One of the key challenges these companies have had to deal with is crystal-formation . Their response has been to research chemicals to replace naturally occurring material that could form crystals. What field ? Specific one-word answer please.
  38. 51. 32. Connect: Bigger pics coming. No individual ID required.
  39. 55. 33. One of the less significant events of 2006 was the modification of a name to include the number 134340 . What are we talking about?
  40. 56. 34. Which water-body where India has a biosphere reserve takes its name from an island/district in Sri Lanka ?
  41. 57. 35 .(2pointer **) This person is testing an instrument favoured by Yemeni Jews. Name the instrument and the animal from which it is sourced .
  42. 59. 36. This question is here only because this is the first ever question Arul answered in a KQA quiz (way back in 1985). What sport ?  Next slide, for bigger visual.
  43. 61. 37.The area marked in brown is one of the biodiversity hotspots of the world. It takes the first part of its name from the vegetation found here and the latter part from the Khoisan word meaning hard or dry . Identify.
  44. 63. 38. This unique lily takes its name from a hill range in North East India . In 1982, a National Park was established to protect this species , among others. Identify .
  45. 65. 39. Sometime in the 1830s, Edwin Beard Budding , who worked in a woollen mill near Stroud, the baize capital of England, saw a rotary-cutter at work on fabric and decided to apply the same principle in another context. The result revolutionized several sports . What did he invent ?
  46. 66. 40. One was caused by the tour of South Africa by the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, the second by the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the third was in revenge, though the official reason was “ Americans whipping up chauvinist hysteria ”. What are we talking about?
  47. 67. 41. The herbs English Mace and Yarrow are known for their medicinal properties. As a result, they are called A. millefolium and A.ageratum . After which character from Greek myth who was taught these arts by centaurs are the plant so named?
  48. 68. 42. What long name was used for this coin?
  49. 70. 43. “ It is said that they used the powers of absolution entrusted to them to frighten or cajole the penitent into political actions approved by them. It was said that they were masters of casuistry, able to argue that sins considered mortal were not really so; that they were willing to condone any crime; that not only were their consciences' elastic but they promoted the elasticity of the consciences of others; because no special habit was prescribed for them, no one even knew who they were; since they were unknown, all sorts of conspiracies were attributed to them. The ____ menace was as firmly believed in in the 16 th and 17 th centuries as the Communist Menace in the 20 th .” Historian Stewart Easton writing about whom ?
  50. 71. 44. Aficionados of this product will tell you that if you want quality stuff, everything depends on the relationship between the two B’s—Bean, and Burn . What product?
  51. 72. 45. This European poem originally had just a one-word title , given by the poet because it began in sadness and ended in supreme happiness. Contemporaries used a complimentary term while referring the poem which over the years has become part of the title. Which poem ?
  52. 73. 46. These seeds are called X in Latin. When food critics write about this Indian ingredient in Britain , they are quick to reassure their readers that these seeds have nothing do with a local celebrity. Give me the biological name.
  53. 75. 47. Jonathan Hutchinson and Hastings Gilford described this rare medical condition in 1886 and 1897 respectively. Since they were working independently, the condition is often referred to by both their names. What do we call this condition which results from a genetic mutation leading thus to an unusable form of the Lamin A protein ? Single word answer pls.
  54. 76. 48. Identify this controversial movie from 2004. This still was also used on the poster.
  55. 78. 49. In the next slide you will see two illustrations of the puppets Nanette and X --popular among French children during the early 20 th century. When American soldiers fought in France during World War I, children would run up and give them these dolls as good luck charms. This explains how X’s name travelled back to the US, specifically to Hollywood, soon after. What name ?
  56. 80. 50. According to Gordon Pirie , who was both a devout fan and an arch rival : X and Y had the gayest, merriest house he ever visited—they romped like children or like beautiful young animals in the perfect fitness of body. Once in fun, X threw Y into a stream, and Y suffered a broken ankle. While the foot was in plaster, X ran with Y on his back, to get a little extra practice. Their other favourite pastime was to throw a javelin full tilt at each other, aiming to catch it above their heads and return it as fast as possible. Name this power couple . Both names required for a point.
  57. 81. 51. Enter your Theme Guess here.
  58. 82. Section II AZED Each question has five letters A-E which require identification Please mark your answers as 51 A-E 25 points (5x5)
  59. 83. 52. The name A given to this planet B in its twilight aspect has in turn led to the coining of a term for evening prayers C . C is part of the name of a compromised femme fatale D , last played by Eva Green, whose name is also a pun on a compromised city. C is also used in the two-word term E which is applied to the rebellion in 1282 against the Angevin kings of Italy.
  60. 84. 53. The1988 book A opens with a musical duel featuring these two songs B and C . B is from the 1955 film D while C normally provides the finale to an event E that normally occurs on the Second Saturday in September . B C
  61. 85. 54. This word A is derived from Greek for high up in the air. B , a form of the word A , is used for A s before they enter our world. The term A can be used only after B s enter our world. Another form of A , called C , is used for these objects when they reach the ground successfully. In Yucatan, a small town of 5000 people D lends its name to the biggest known such event. The term E is normally used for A s when they are brighter than the visible planets.
  62. 86. 55. Ignore Rekha. Identify A, B, C and D. Also provide the connect E. A B C D
  63. 87. 55 A
  64. 88. 55 B
  65. 89. 56. Located on Videy Island in the country A , the structure B is built in the shape of a wishing well and is marked by the use of several lights that converge to form a single beam and mirrors. This structure bears inscriptions such as Shanti Ki Kalpana Kare in Hindi and Samadhaanatthai Ninaiyungal in Tamizh. The structure is normally in operation between 9th October and 8th December, two crucial dates in the life of C , who is considered something of an icon. The structure B takes its name from a 1971 song D . The artist E located this structure in the country A in appreciation of their skilful use of geothermal energy.
  66. 90. Section III 5 clues to crack for one point each The five answers are 5-letter words and anagrams of each other. POINTS ONLY FOR THE SPECIFIC WORD!
  67. 91. 57. 5 letters Bunch of guys who you could say were Veni and Vidi but definitely not Visi.
  68. 92. 58 . 5 letters : Nebulous Dutchman, also possessive.
  69. 93. 59. 5 letters . What he does, perhaps?
  70. 94. 60. 5 letters Turn a Latin stalk to find a section of your body
  71. 95. 61. 5 letters Where the man came from?
  72. 96. MEGA-WHATS TEAM Research: Arul Mani With a Little Help from: Venky, Mitesh Agarwal