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Go Ogle Section One Key

  1. 1. Go Ogle 2009 The 4th Online Quizzing Championship Karnataka Quiz Association
  2. 2. <ul><li>The Rules </li></ul><ul><li>5 Sections </li></ul><ul><li>We close the quiz at 0700hrs IST on 2 nd Jan </li></ul><ul><li>Post your answers using the comment function </li></ul><ul><li>Sign off with your name and email address if you are not a blogger/on Open ID </li></ul>
  3. 3. Section One Long Connect: 16 slides The answer to each question is a name One point per correct answer. Four points for the connection.
  4. 4. 1. Break object on her tail!
  5. 5. ANSWER Greta Garbo Anagrams of Grate and Gabor, from Zsa-Zsa
  6. 6. 2. Halve the man to join a capital but doctrinaire president.
  7. 7. ANSWER Marilyn Monroe From Marilyn Manson plus President Monroe—after whom the Monroe doctrine and Monrovia are named
  8. 8. 3. Get meaner by 50% due to a rich diet.
  9. 9. ANSWER Marlene Dietrich From Meaner +L and Diet Rich
  10. 10. 4. Oi! Made Jig? Go.
  11. 11. ANSWER Anagram for Joe DiMaggio
  12. 12. 5. Find a hero after the batsman bashes the lady and loses an article.
  13. 13. ANSWER Bradman+Lorna minus the letter a yields an anagram for Marlon Brando
  14. 14. 6. Who they’re collectively hankering after.
  15. 15. ANSWER Poster for the film Come Back to the Five-and-Dime, Jimmie Dean, Jimmie Dean! Therefore, James Dean
  16. 16. 7. Put them in the same room for unlikely offspring.
  17. 17. ANSWER Grace Jones and R. Kelly yield Grace Kelly
  18. 18. 8. Tell us who she ain’t, not who she is.
  19. 19. ANSWER Jean Harlow, as portrayed by Gwen Stefani in T he Aviator
  20. 20. 9. What you’d get if he woke up and looked too long at the other picture!
  21. 21. ANSWER Fred Astaire If Fred Flintsone stared too hard at the stairway, he would simultaneously be Fred A-stare and Fred A-stair.
  22. 22. 10. Where Nell gets Geeky.
  23. 23. ANSWER Pic of Gene plus Grace Kelly=Gene Kelly Also Geeky Nell is an anagram
  24. 24. 11. Who you might get if her past self ever meets these boys!
  25. 25. ANSWER Ginger Rogers Geri Halliwell, formerly Ginger Spice, plus Jolly Rogers.
  26. 26. 12. Nice poster.
  27. 27. ANSWER Rita Hayworth in Gilda
  28. 28. 13. Bad joke by way of answer
  29. 29. ANSWER Lauren Bacall The place of work is called Bacall Centre and the line is from To Have and to Have Not .
  30. 30. 14. Experience some ‘fashion anxiety’ while you check her legs out. Another one didn’t blanch at all while playing her.
  31. 31. ANSWER Kate Hepburn You could refer to fashion anxiety as a sort of ‘hep burn’. Cate Blanchett portrayed her once
  32. 32. 15. Tribute to whom?
  33. 33. ANSWER Lana Turner, the original Sweater Girl
  34. 34. 16. Sort out her alter-ego with this object.
  35. 35. ANSWER Bette Davis Jennifer Beals plays Bette Porter in The L Word . Plus the Davis Cup.
  36. 36. 17. Greta Garbo, and Monroe Dietrich and DiMaggio Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean On the cover of a magazine Grace Kelly; Harlow, Jean Picture of a beauty queen Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers, dance on air They had style, they had grace Rita Hayworth gave good face Lauren, Katherine, Lana too Bette Davis, we love you
  37. 37. ANSWER Icons of style who are named in the lyrics of the Madonna number Vogue.
  38. 38. Section Two 20 visuals One point for each correct answer
  39. 39. 18. Identify the artist.
  40. 40. ANSWER China Mieville, from the book Un Lun Dun
  41. 41. 19. When 2003 met 2008! Explain!!
  42. 42. ANSWER Sometime in 2008, a crowd gathered at Liverpool Station, sang Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up, and left . The term Rickmob was thus coined—combining the neologisms Rickrolling and Flash Mob.
  43. 43. 20. These outfits are both named in tribute to which character?
  44. 44. ANSWER Betty Boop
  45. 45. 21. The kid on the right is dressed up to look like whom?
  46. 46. ANSWER Willy Wonka
  47. 47. 22. What’s the occasion?
  48. 48. ANSWER Blondie weds Dagwood Bumstead
  49. 49. 23. Who has been edited out of the panels?
  50. 50. ANSWER Henry, created by Carl Andersen. He went eventually from conversation to silence.
  51. 51. 24. What familiar object originally had just 24 teeth and six bars till experts advised that one of these was also needed to make it real?
  52. 52. ANSWER The Rotary Club chose a wheel to be their logo. A keyway was added to the design after some engineers cribbed about how their logo was inaccurate.
  53. 53. 25. Probably the disease with the most poetic name. Some part of it is definitely long.
  54. 54. ANSWER Huanglongbing Disease, literally Yellow Dragon Disease, because the leaves of affected trees turn yellow. Also known as Citrus Greening
  55. 55. 26. Ad to mark the 30 th anniversary of?
  56. 56. ANSWER David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust album.
  57. 57. 27. Who chose the symbol on the extreme right for himself?
  58. 58. ANSWER Edmund Hillary
  59. 59. 28. Where did this gent do duty for decades?
  60. 60. ANSWER Esky, the Esquire mascot.
  61. 61. 29. Her unusual story caused the French to put her in an ad. Who and what story?
  62. 62. ANSWER The singer Suzy Solidor, who nursed the ambition of being painted by all the great painters of her time. She eventually set up a nightclub where all these paintings were put on display.
  63. 63. 30. Tribute to whom/what?
  64. 64. ANSWER Albert Hoffman, who synthesised LSD
  65. 65. 31. His other invention was in the opposite direction. This is worth a saying.
  66. 66. ANSWER Hiram Maxim who designed the Maxim Gun.
  67. 67. 32. What is the picture laughing at?
  68. 68. ANSWER The struggle between votaries of the Abacus and those of the Hindu-Arabic numerical system.
  69. 69. 33. Mountaineer's playful? You can’t be blamed for thinking that! Tsk tsk. Or something similar.
  70. 70. ANSWER Shipton’s Arch Also called Tushuk Tash
  71. 71. 34. Biologists agree that they’re hot when in the water. To Answer Question, give a gizmo.
  72. 72. ANSWER Thermus aquaticus is the source of the TAQ polymerase enzyme-- the Polymerase Chain Reaction machine works using this enzyme. Answers need to mention the PCR machine
  73. 73. 35. Not the best guy to take a screen test with, or any other, if you ask me.
  74. 74. ANSWER Takashii Miike, who directed Audition
  75. 75. 36. Poison-shields, or so they say. Think six!
  76. 76. ANSWER Bezoar
  77. 77. 37. The dozen that exist owe more to this recent material and to some spinning tool rather than to ancient workers who imagined the body in entirely different ways. Which dozen?
  78. 78. ANSWER The so-called Aztec Crystal Skulls were found to have been turned out by some machine featuring a spinning disc mechanism and the liberal use of carborundum . Take that, Indy.
  79. 79. Section Three Arbit at Heart Two points for each correct answer 4-point bonus if you can explain everything.
  80. 80. 38a. Go carefully from one to seven The trick is to view it like stairs: boy may have stumbled down while nursery girl stood watching. The cracked heads were vinegar mended. On no account should you attempt the linear. The logic of the line falls apart when burning conscience prompts bluster, not baluster. Hit the deck !
  81. 81. ANSWER As per the advice given, you could go from the first word in Line 1, to the second word in line 2 and so on till you get the sentence ‘the boy stood on the burning deck’.
  82. 82. 38b. Go again! More than one guy was definitely involved
  83. 83. ANSWER If, shudders, it were possible to have more than one He-Man, it is equally possible that some people could call them He-mans.
  84. 84. 38c. No other go! Damn. If only she had a house!
  85. 85. ANSWER If Bianca Castafiore had a house, the Spanish element in her regrettably small fan following would perhaps refer to it as Casa Bianca.
  86. 86. 38d. Felicia Hemans wrote the poem Casabianca, which begins with the lines “The boy stood on the burning deck/Whence all but he had fled”. The inspiration for this poem was the death of Giocante Casabianca along with his father on board the French ship L’Orient.
  87. 87. Section Four 10 connections to figure out Explain your connection for two points Full points only if you establish the connect 5-point bonus if you crack all 10
  88. 88. 39a. A real-life story connects this visual to some of the objects in the other picture. What might the story be?
  89. 89. 39b. The objects.
  90. 90. ANSWER A: John Mortimer, who created Rumpole of the Bailey, with Leo McKern, who played the chap. B: Pulley-blocks used on ship masts. Mortimer was hired to defend Virgin Records in an obscenity trial caused by the release of the Sex Pistols album Never Mind the Bollocks . Mortimer defended the title by getting etymologists to testify that the offending word was part of normal vocabulary and was even applied to the bullock-block—a pulley-block used in the top-masts of Royal Navy ships
  91. 91. 40a. Connect this slide to the next.
  92. 92. 40b .
  93. 93. ANSWER The statue is that of Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai who wrote the novel Chemmeen . The film Karuthamma takes its title from the name of the heroine of Chemmeen.
  94. 94. 41a.What dis-connects these people?
  95. 95. 41b.What dis-connects these people?
  96. 96. ANSWER Zadie Smith and Umberto Eco . Both of them have a work titled On Beauty
  97. 97. 42a. What small detail connects lady and gent in the foreground in the next slide?
  98. 98. 42b. Connect cont’d.
  99. 99. ANSWER Indira Gandhi and Sam Rainsy. They headed political parties that were known by the names—The Indira Congress/Congress I and the Sam Rainsy Party.
  100. 100. 43a. So, what noise did he hear? See below.
  101. 101. 43b. Cont’d
  102. 102. ANSWER Richard Knerr, part of the duo that founded Wham-O, the toy company. They named the company after the sound produced by their first product—a slingshot
  103. 103. 44a. Obligatory 1980s question. Connect:
  104. 104. 44b. Connect cont’d
  105. 105. ANSWER General Manoel Belgrano, Argentinian historical figure after whom the General Belgrano— the ship that was sunk during the Falklands conflict—was named.
  106. 106. 45a. Either connect or complicate using another writer’s name
  107. 107. 45b. Either connect or complicate using another writer’s name
  108. 108. ANSWER (a)Alice Keppel, mistress to Edward VII, with her daughter. Her daughter Violet Keppel, later Trefusis, went on to have a passionate love affair with (b) Vita Sackville-West. Virginia Woolf makes references to all of this in the novel Orlando.
  109. 109. 46a. Weapon and Victim perhaps?
  110. 110. 46b. Weapon and Victim perhaps?
  111. 111. ANSWER The Airbrush, used in Stalin’s time as a tool by which people inconvenient to the regime could be removed from photographs. Leon Trotsky was airbrushed out of this photograph of Lenin and Stalin.
  112. 112. 47a. Three-part connect. Tell us how.
  113. 113. 47b. Part Two!
  114. 114. 47c. Part Three.
  115. 115. ANSWER Alberto Vargas, illustrator famous for creating the Varga Girl. He also designed the poster for The Sin of Nora Moran and the cover of the album Candy-O by The Cars.
  116. 116. 48a. Connect gent to the other two slides
  117. 117. 48b. Connect cont’d
  118. 118. 48c. Connect cont’d
  119. 119. ANSWER The film (b) Baby Doll was based on a play by (a) Tennessee Williams. It also is the term used for outfits such as the ones worn by the women in the cartoon (c).
  120. 120. Section Five 20 questions One point for each correct answer
  121. 121. 49. If a strumpet went East, you'd find a novelist. His mother went to America and found that the common form of her name caused much sniggering. She wrote that Americans were obsessed with cows. Name the literary pair .
  122. 122. ANSWER Trollop+e=Trollope Anthony Trollope and his mother Frances, who wrote the book The Domestic Manners of Americans .
  123. 123. 50. Begin on a Chinese hairstyle, follow it up with a bit of a turn. Then smash the ego of a retired Pakistani bowler. This is how we get to a not-so-fictional country.
  124. 124. ANSWER Q+U+Imran (Khan) - I (Ego) =QUMRAN Both the location of the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as the name of a fictional country in the Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister series
  125. 125. 51. Make a sortey and return to town with six weights!
  126. 126. ANSWER Sortey is an anagram for Troyes, from where the idea of Troy weights takes its name.
  127. 127. 52. Legit or not, legs are all her camera got: Jacko’s gay neighbour is thus a word I wot. I can hear the sound of approaching relatives too.
  128. 128. ANSWER Approaching relatives=kin near Greg Kinnear, who played Jack Nicholson’s gay neighbour in As Good As It Gets, has seen his surname become a word meaning to photograph celebrities surreptitiously. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee made an attempt to do so when she saw Kinnear on a plane, and managed to get a great shot of his legs. For more: http://obsidiankitten.blogspot.com/2008/10/yarn-harlot-makes-kinnear-verb.html
  129. 129. 53. What Yank unit is 31 gees to drink, and 42 to burn?
  130. 130. ANSWER The barrel. The standard American beer barrel is 31 gallons while the a barrel of crude holds 42 gallons.
  131. 131. 54. What the girdle, the roof and the unforgettable singer have in common?
  132. 132. ANSWER Girdle, from pelvic girdle/pelvis=Elvis Roof as in Gabled Roof=Clark Gable Nat Cole sang Unforgettable All of them shared the nickname King.
  133. 133. 55. Which four-legged little thief is also a verb meaning to bring to light?
  134. 134. ANSWER The ferret derives its name from a Latin word meaning thief. To ferret something out would be to bring it to light.
  135. 135. 56. CV: hosted a Cold War counterpart to CERN. Identify .
  136. 136. ANSWER CV=105 Chemical element No. 105 is named Dubnium, after Dubna, the town where Kurchatov did some great work . Dubna was home to the JINR, some kind of Soviet-era counterpart to CERN
  137. 137. 57. The quiet one’s message to God could have read Yu Staff Lover!
  138. 138. ANSWER George Harrison, the quiet Beatle, wrote a song titled Savoy Truffle . The inspiration was apparently Eric Clapton’s sweet tooth. Yu Staff Lover can be rearranged to provide this title .
  139. 139. 58. Goodfellow has a sporting audience, in short.
  140. 140. ANSWER Robin Goodfellow is the name sometimes used for Puck, of A Midsummer Night’s Dream fame. A puck is also used in ice-hockey
  141. 141. 59. Who pings the lads for a good sport and great company?
  142. 142. ANSWER Pings the lads will yield Spalding, the sports accessories company.
  143. 143. 60. Never short of things to do when you form a line, eschew moss, throw a top, or smash something. What are we looking at here?
  144. 144. ANSWER Music Magazines: Form a line=Q Eschew Moss: Rolling Stone throw a top = Spin, & Kerrang! = The noise heard when you smash a guitar!
  145. 145. 61. Sounds like two French months, but is actually one place, with a river on both sides.
  146. 146. ANSWER Majuli, the world’s largest riverine island, takes its name from a phrase with that meaning
  147. 147. 62. A 1726 reason for six inches never amounting to very much.
  148. 148. ANSWER Swift published Gulliver’s Travels in 1726. Lilliput and so on.
  149. 149. 63. O harm UK Tram for something the Italians banned. Four words.
  150. 150. ANSWER O harm Uk tram is an anagram for Omar Mukhtar, the Libyan fighter who organised resistance to the invading Italians during World War II. The film based on his life was titled Lion of the Desert : Italy banned the film for some time on the grounds that it was insulting to their army.
  151. 151. 64. An escaping sibilant turns French novelist into gas-lover from another field.
  152. 152. ANSWER Proust – s=Prout. William Prout proposed the theory that Hydrogen, or more specifically the Hydrogen atom, constitutes what he described as ‘primary matter.’
  153. 153. 65. Bilingually, you could say he is a father. After his wife died, he became a unit.
  154. 154. ANSWER Am Pere, or Ampere
  155. 155. 66. When Kael’s acolytes learn to use the Internet, the best reward is something to wear over the shoulder.
  156. 156. ANSWER Pauline Kael’s imitators were called Paulettes. If they got net-savvy, you could call them e-Paulettes. So, Epaulettes.
  157. 157. 67. Ailment that’s given several districts in Uganda a bad name.
  158. 158. ANSWER The West Nile virus/disease
  159. 159. 68. Whack a fraudulent Tibetan mystic or an Indian number-cruncher and find a cheesy city.
  160. 160. ANSWER Either Lobsang RAMPA or PARAM would yield Parma
  161. 161. Section Six Themes: Super and Sub One point for each correct answer 4-point bonus for each theme and 6-points for the super-theme
  162. 162. Section Six Theme One Four questions One point for every correct answer
  163. 163. 69. Which character connects them?
  164. 164. ANSWER George Smiley Rupert Davies (L) played him in the film version of The Spy Who Came in From The Cold. Alec Guinness (R) played John Le Carre’s spy in several TV adaptations.
  165. 165. 70a. Connect the three pictures:
  166. 166. 70b.
  167. 167. 70c.
  168. 168. ANSWER A: The Basavanna statue in Bangalore B: The Empire of Mohammad Bin Tughlaq C: Gizmo created for Tipu Sultan CONNECT: The Girish Karnad Plays Tale-Danda, Tughlaq and Dreams of Tipu Sultan
  169. 169. 71. Identify him or provide the derisory name given to the movement he founded.
  170. 170. ANSWER John Wesley, founder of Methodism
  171. 171. 72a. Identify either the leader or the movement.
  172. 172. 72b.
  173. 173. ANSWER John Wycliff and the Lollards. The map depicts areas of their influence.
  174. 174. 73. Enter your theme guess under this number
  175. 175. ANSWER Lincoln College at Oxford University was founded by a Bishop of Lincoln to roll back the Lollard tide. Wesley was a fellow at Lincoln when he began the movement that was later termed Methodism. Girish Karnad is an alumnus as also John Le Carre, who based Smiley on Vivian Green, one of his tutors at the college.
  176. 176. Section Six Theme Two Four questions One point for every correct answer
  177. 177. 74. What’s the cartoon about?
  178. 178. ANSWER The Russo-Japanese War of 1905.
  179. 179. 75. Identify movie.
  180. 180. ANSWER Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  181. 181. 76. What are we looking at?
  182. 182. ANSWER The Panama Canal
  183. 183. 77. A famous defence!
  184. 184. ANSWER Fort McHenry, near Baltimore. The defence of this fort during the 1812 war with Britain inspired Francis Scott Key to write The Star Spangled Banner
  185. 185. 78. Enter your guess for Theme Two under this number
  186. 186. ANSWER Theodore Roosevelt wrote a history of the 1812 war titled The Naval War of 1812 . He was also responsible for the building of the Panama Canal. Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, seen on the poster, was the first designated US National Monument –one of TR’s ideas. He won the Peace Nobel in 1906 for negotiating a settlement of conflict between Russia and Japan.
  187. 187. Section Six Theme Three Four questions One point for every correct answer
  188. 188. 79. Identify building in the foreground.
  189. 189. ANSWER Watergate
  190. 190. 80. Who’s the man on the platform in this photograph?
  191. 191. ANSWER John Philip Sousa
  192. 192. 81. Who, caricatured in the last year of his life?
  193. 193. ANSWER Art Buchwald
  194. 194. 82. Who is the subject of the cartoon?
  195. 195. ANSWER Richard Nixon
  196. 196. 83. Enter your guess for Theme Three under this number
  197. 197. ANSWER Washington Post Their journalists broke the Watergate story. Sousa composed a piece titled Washington Post. Art Buchwald’s column in the paper was syndicated worldwide. The caricature of Nixon is by Herblock, the celebrated cartoonist who spent all of his career at the same paper.
  198. 198. Section Six Theme Four Four questions One point for every correct answer
  199. 199. 84. Which country’s flag?
  200. 200. ANSWER The Confederate States of America
  201. 201. 85. Identify the lady.
  202. 202. ANSWER Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane
  203. 203. 86. Identify the younger man.
  204. 204. ANSWER Bill Clinton
  205. 205. 87. Map of?
  206. 206. ANSWER Faulkner’s Yoknopatawpha
  207. 207. 88. Enter your guess for Theme Four under this number
  208. 208. ANSWER Jefferson Jefferson is the county seat of the imaginary territory that Faulkner created. It is also Bill Clinton’s middle name. Grace Slick sang for Jefferson Airplane while a Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States during the Civil War.
  209. 209. 89. Enter your guess for the Super-theme under this number
  210. 210. ANSWER